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Ask the Reader: What Words Inspire You? (winner goes on the new LYL shirt & gets a free one!)

Scott Maya Bay Thailand

We’re creating new LYL shirts – and I want you to design them!

Fun news today! We just released a new comment system on LYL that I think is going to make it a lot more engaging for our community to interact with each other, share ideas and join in on discussions. And to celebrate that, we’re launching a comment contest like we’ve never done…

And the winning comment will end up as the design of our next Live Your Legend shirt!

Here’s all you have to do to participate: 

  1. Leave your favorite short inspirational quote, saying or phrase as a comment. It should relate to the LYL movement of finding and doing work you love, surrounding yourself with the people who make it possible and making your difference in the world – the more creative, the better! You’re welcome to leave up to three separate sayings, but be sure you leave them as separate comments. Since these are going on a shirt, try to keep them under 10 words, and ideally only 2-5 words.
  2. Vote on at least two other comments that resonate with you (and leave a comment on at least one of them). Your comment will not count unless you vote on other comments. Vote by clicking the up arrow at bottom left of each comment that looks like this “^”. Please be kind and don’t use the down arrow – no sense in making others feel badly.
  3. The comment with the most votes from all of you wins – and will be designed onto the next run of LYL shirts in the coming weeks!
  4. If you’re the winner, you get a free shirt! In fact, you’ll get two free shirts. :)

Even if you don’t win, your inspiring saying might still be used on future shirts or posts, so give this your best effort!

But you only have until this Friday at midnight PST to enter and vote.

Why am I doing this?

Because more than anything, Live Your Legend is a community. Far and away the biggest factor that separates LYL from so many other sites on the web is, well… YOU. You are the LYL Family, Movement & Revolution.

Blogs are traditionally one-way streets, and I’ve never liked that. The real power in having over 100,000 Living Legends from every country in the world is the brilliance and magic you all have to share with each other (and me!).

That’s why we built our Connect With Anyone private community and forum, why we have multiple Facebook groups for creativity and accountability and why my team and I have poured our heart and soul into the Live Your Legend LOCAL movement and the huge updates and new technology coming in the next few weeks. It’s also why everything we’ve built has started from you all asking for it.

Which is the reason I’ve also spent much of the past month redesigning the LYL site – for the first time since launch over 3 years ago – which should go live in the next few weeks! (A huge thanks to Corbett and Chase at Fizzle who are doing the real genius work.)

And it’s why we’ve added this new comment system that, in conjunction with our other projects, should help make the discussion much more two-way.

So that’s why I’m asking you to design the next version of the LYL shirt. You all are incredibly talented and together, you have a lot more fantastic ideas than one person ever could. And because I want you to feel as deeply connected to our movement and revolution as possible. After all, we are family here!

Once our new shirts are designed, we all can go out across the world and photograph ourselves having Living Legend adventures in our new threads – kinda like the pic of me above on a longtail boat headed toward Maya Bay in Thailand or the one below from a fly fishing trip with my dad in Eastern Russia.

Now let’s get to it! 

  1. Click here to leave your 1-3 inspiring sayings or quotes as comments.
  2. Vote (and comment) on at least two others.
  3. Become a part of the future of LYL!

I cannot wait to see your comments – and to watch LYL continue to transform into its own ecosystem of community, connection and potential. That’s always been my dream.


In case you’re wondering, here’s some of the cool stuff coming up in the next 3 months for LYL:

  1. Totally redesigned website and community experience – including all new in-depth LYL Transition Case Studies from our community members
  2. Launch of a brand new technology platform for LYL Local
  3. An invitation to apply to become a LYL Local host in your hometown
  4. A very comprehensive and open article on My 2014 Stress Management Campaign
  5. A new workshop on how to make your first $1,000 using your talents & passions (while still working full time)
  6. The second annual LYL Local global party with meetups on the same day all across the world – which will kick off the trip Chelsea and I are taking around the world to visit many of you!
  7. And a few other things…

And guess what? With the exception of the workshop, all of this will be totally free to you. Hope you like it. :)

Now, go leave your comment of inspiration and let’s make some new shirts!

I just left my inspiration idea as the first comment.

And here are a few more in-the-field pics. The first one is during a fly fishing trip with my dad deep in the Kamchatka Peninsula in Eastern Russia – don’t worry, it’s all catch and release (they barely even let you touch the fish out there – with monsters like this I can certainly understand why!)…

Kamchatka Rainbow catch & release

And two of our closest friends, who I roped into a little shoot last weekend: Jared (my roommate from Sevilla) and Cheryl (my high school Junior Prom date)…

Jared Cheryl Scott LYL

And because Jared taught me how fun a good flexing pic can be…

Do something that matters and flex

Now, inspire us with your comment below!

Oh, and if you like the LYL shirts in these pictures, we only have a few left.

You can grab one of the last few here

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Serendipity 101: How I Create Luck (take this ONE golden step)

Choosing the lucky path

“…when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

– Paul Coelho, The Alchemist

Today we’re talking about luck, which is especially close to my heart, since Luckey is my middle name. For real – it’s my mom’s maiden name (spelled “Luckey”).

Also, the below article is a lot shorter than usual, so to add to the fun, I’ve linked to a handful of our most popular articles on the topics discussed. Take some time a soak them in. Now, time to get lucky… ;)

Have you ever seen the people who just seem lucky – all the time?

Their projects always seem to just work out, they meet the right people, get the right breaks and things just flow.

Well, I don’t buy it. Telling other people they’re luckier than you is an excuse. It’s hiding behind selfish fear.

Sure, there’s blind luck involved in everything. But these consistent “success” stories always have a pattern.

I believe that pattern – that formula for being lucky – comes down to one practice…

Show up.

Know the people who inspire you.

Know the authors and influencers you want to meet.

Know who you are, the things that excite you and the difference you want to make.

Know your everyday elevator pitch.

Know the unique ways you can help people.

Know the things, ideas, people, places and events you care enough to make time for.

Have the courage to share your work, even when it’s not ready – because it never is.

Then show up.

First, show up mentally…

Step into the person you are and you know you want to be, which is someone who shares himself and inspires others with the ideas and difference he wants to make.

Be the person who doesn’t try to puff out his chest or offer a facade to the world. Instead, be someone who decides to refresh the world by being unapologetically and vulnerably you. Because when you’re you, you give the people you’re with permission to be them. That’s often the greatest gift.

Then show up in the real world…

Instead of finding excuses for being too busy with things that probably don’t matter, find reasons to meet that friend or friend of a friend for lunch, to attend that last-minute event, or say hello to the interesting person sitting in the seat next to you on the plane.

Adopt the expectation that the time you invest will be worthwhile.

Believe that you’ll meet the person who will help get you to the next step – and just as importantly, the one who you can inspire to take their own step.

Because when you expect magic to come from the things you do, and you lean into that belief, magic starts to show up. “Coincidences” start to become commonplace.

You recently decided to sign up for a marathon, and the next day, you happen to sit next to a 60-year-old 10-time marathoner on the park bench.

You finally commit to starting your book, and that night, the father of your daughter’s preschool teacher turns out to be an editor – whom you only met after dragging yourself to that open house.

A failed business leads to your life’s work.

The “lucky” ones don’t fail any less than you do. In fact, they probably fail a lot more. But to them, it’s not failure. They do something with it. They’re habitually resourceful.

This is what I call serendipity – fortuitous luck – or as Webster puts it, “the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way”.

They’re the coincidences that can’t be explained. The luck that starts to feel normal.

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

If you go to an event thinking it will be a waste of time, it will be.

If you show up excitedly wondering who you’re going to meet, you’ll connect with someone worthwhile.

If you think the world is out to get you, it is.

If you lean into possibility and embody what matters to you, the world will be in your corner.

When we know who we are and consistently show up and represent that to the world, our conversations change. The people we hang around and those we attract are those who align with that vision.

People notice. Doors start to open. The red carpet begins to appear.

And it all starts with that decision to show up.

That’s why our LYL Local in-person communities have become so powerful for our hosts and attendees. They didn’t show up to meet their new best friend or business partner. They never dreamed they’d finish their book or get their wife to finally understand why they’ve taken the road less traveled. But every one of those things have happened – numerous times around the world.

LYL members didn’t come because they were guaranteed or expected a world-changing experience. They just showed up because something inside them said that’s what needed to happen. These were the people they knew they should be around. Then came the luck. And the more they showed up, the spiral of serendipity grew.

In a few minutes, I’ll be landing in West Palm Beach, Florida, to trade ideas (i.e. learn from) 20 entrepreneurs from around the world for a 3-day, in-person mastermind session.

I only know one person who will be there, and everyone has more experience than I do – by a looong shot.

The timing of this event was awful. I’ve been on the road or entertaining guests for nearly 30 days straight and I only have two months left before Chelsea and I leave San Francisco for our year around the world – to see many of you (I’m not complaining, trust me!).

But I’ve been around long enough to know what happens at gatherings like this.

And that’s why I can’t wait for these wheels to touch down and see what comes of it.

To be clear, this is not me handing out a prescription to run yourself into the ground by saying “yes” and showing up to everything under the sun.

I’m suggesting you get crystal clear about how you want to show up so that you can say “no” to everything that’s not you and say “Hell, yes!” to the actions that change everything.

So, what’s one way you can show up in the next week? Tell us in the comments.


P.S. There are BIG things coming for Live Your Legend Local very soon. We’ve been working crazy hard behind the scenes to set up a totally new platform that I believe is going to transform the way in which all of us can connect – in the real world and online. Hosts to hosts, attendees to attendees and everything in between.

I think this is going to totally change the trajectory of LYL Local. And the best part? As always, it’s totally free to all of you. Because we believe that surrounding yourself with passionate inspiring people in the real world is a fundamental right. And we’re doing all we can to facilitate that. More details coming soon!

Image credit: My wife exploring the path of serendipity along a small beach trail on the island of Paros in Greece. Follow more of our adventure on Instagram


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