money from passion

“Live your passion. Do what you love. Help people. The rest takes care of itself.”

- Anonymous

Important Context Note: The below is a free lesson from Live Your Legend’s award-winning Live Off Your Passion Guided-Discovery career course. The lesson is part of one of our more advanced modules on “Profiting from Your Passion.” 

A lot of readers have been able to use the below actions to make at least some money from their passion within a day or two, no joke. I hope it helps…


Creating Money from Passion…

I recently watched a 20/20 episode called Generation Youtube.

I was so inspired I could hardly sleep.

It was the ultimate adrenaline shot of what’s possible. (Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find the online recording of it anymore, but try Googling it and see if you have better luck – it’s very worth your 38 minutes.)

The show got me thinking, there are so many freakin’ ways to make money from things that interest you.

In fact, do you know what the most important ingredient was in all the case studies they profiled of people killing it on YouTube?

Was it experience? No.

Was it fame? No.

Was it education? No.

The most important ingredient was that these people were massively interested and passionate about what they were broadcasting.

Whether it was the fit Czech woman giving Crossfit lessons, Salman Khan teaching algebra, an 18-year old teaching girls how to properly apply mascara, the Boston College grad doing comedy or Obama Girl talking about her crush on the President, they all had an unstoppable fire in their belly.

Seeing all this got me thinking two things:

1. The world is drawn to people sharing their passion – We have got to spend more time doing the things that excite us. The world will be better for it.

2. There are so many damn ways to make money doing what you love – assuming you’re able to choose something, focus and get after it.

To give you a feel for what’s possible, I wanted to provide some ideas with the goal of getting you to immediately start making money from what excites you – I’m talking like tomorrow. These are not suggestions to get you to retire early or to crush it online. They are simply ways to make some form of money from your talents and interests.

The first hurdle in Living Off Your Passion is realizing it’s possible to get paid to do what you enjoy. To show yourself that you’re capable of helping people and they are willing to pay you for it.

Whether it’s $1, $15, $100 or $1,000, the point is to make the massively huge leap from earning exactly ZERO from what you enjoy doing, to earning something.

People will find value in what you have to offer. But you’ll never know unless you start offering it.

10 Proven Actions You Can Take Today to Make Money from Your Passion Tomorrow (seriously, tomorrow):

1. Charge for an hour of work as a consultant. Find the people or businesses who desperately need your advice. Whether it’s social media, knitting or business strategy. People start businesses every day who don’t know the first thing about, well just about anything other than their specific business topic. Look around.

2. Charge for an hour as a coach. To be honest, there’s not much of a difference between a coach and a consultant, but in our case let’s consider a coach someone who helps with personal, life topics, and a consultant someone who does more strategic and/or business work.

Go out and help someone declutter their house, maximize their schedule, get on a few more dates, lose 15 pounds – anything is fair game. Personal topics like these are massive pain points for just about everyone you cross paths with (no one’s perfect). People are very willing to pay for a solution.

Find the ones who genuinely need it. Send out an email to a group of friends asking if they know someone who needs help (people often won’t nominate themselves), call some of your passionate people and connectors, ask around your office, put up an ad on craigslist or mention it on your blog if you have one. You don’t need to mount a massive marketing effort, we’re just looking for one client.

The only difference between you and a coach or a consultant is they have a client. You can change that. 

3. Host a seminar or workshop. Pick something that excites you or grab one of your most life-changing books. Outline the key messages and actions and make a simple powerpoint deck out of it. Then make a workbook to go along with it.  I once did this for one of my most impactful books, How to Win Friends and Influence People. Everyone could use a refresher with stuff like that.

Promote the event the same way as mentioned above. Choose something really close to your heart that you constantly talk and learn about so that you don’t have to do much preparation (the more prep, the more likely you’ll put it off). Ideally a topic you could stand up and speak passionately about right now if asked to.

Worried about not getting enough participants? If you only get a few, then make it intimate. If you only get one? Looks like you got your first coaching client. Nice work.

4. Create a video interview series. Start interviewing inspiring people. Not only is it something other’s want to watch but you getting to interview and connect with rockstars is the best part. Jonathan Fields has done an amazing job with this at The Good Life Project. These could later be packaged up and sold as a stand alone product.

5. Create an online course. Have some fun with it like Jules Clancy’s Virtual Cookery School over at of Stone Soup. Or go really deep like Corbett Barr and Chase Reeves have done with Fizzle – their private community and video training library for online entrepreneurs. Or check out our own Live Off Your Passion course. Develop these once and they help people and make money for a long time to come.

6. Teach someone one-on-one. Tutor someone on a topic you know inside and out. Parents are always looking for the person who can provide a breakthrough for their child. Do it in person or better yet, get virtual with it. Check out eduFire, Udemy, TeachStreet or Mindflash for teaching folks one-on-one or one-to-many. Start teaching one person at a time and then grow from there. You could also use these as a platform for the seminar you developed above.

7. Write a guide. Maybe it’s a PDF report or eBook. It doesn’t have to be that long – it just must be massively helpful. My buddy Leo of Zen Habits has been known to write a short, very specific, and super helpful eBook inside of a few hours. He can have it online in a matter of days and in his case, making big money from it.

You might even already have a lot of the content from what you’ve written on your blog, journal or elsewhere. If you have good stuff, use it. Don’t dwell forever on making it super long. Just focus on helping with one specific topic. Package it up and sell it.

8. Create a podcast. Put together a talk or interview and put it up with a price on it. Then promote it a bit. Either do this with new content or take your existing work and turn it into audio and upload it to iTunes. Pat Flynn has done a great job with this at Smart Passive Income (10 million downloads and counting). Also check out John Lee Dumas’ Entrepreneur On Fire podcast that now gets millions of downloads a month.

9. Outsource yourself. Showcase your talents. Get a seller’s account on sites like Elance, Odesk and Fill out your bio and get your services on the market! Fiverr could be a fun, very easy and unintimidating place to start – everyone sells their services starting at five bucks. Even if someone doesn’t hire you right away, being on these sites is a huge credibility builder as you reach out and talk to others doing the things mentioned above. When you market your services, be sure to provide a link to your profiles on these sites (and any other work you have online). It will impress.

10. Film a video. These are best for visual tutorials like fitness or computer instruction. Amber Zuckswert has knocked it out of the park with her virtual pilates classes at Epic Self and Laura Roeder built a seven-figure business inside of two years by teaching non web savvy folks how to use Twitter and Facebook.

So there’s an idea or two to get you going…


“But I don’t have a massive blog following or audience!”

I know. I know. A lot of what I mentioned above involved the web. I couldn’t help myself with how much more leverage and reach you get online. But by no means do you have to start online. In fact sometimes it’s better not to so you can get a better feel for your audience and offering via face to face work.

Leo Babauta hammered this home in his recent post Become a God of Learning Your Trade. Online or off, the key is to throw things at the wall as fast as you can. See what sticks. Let the world tell you. Build accordingly.

But still, you say how is this useful if I don’t have an online following? Who will buy my stuff? First off, I bet you can find at least one person to buy what you have. Second, when it comes to the Internet, you don’t need an audience. You just need to know someone who has an audience.

If you’ve surrounded yourself with passionate people and found the right models I bet you know someone with an audience. Offer them 50% or more of the sales of your digital product and ask them to promote it. Do a free webinar or Q/A with their audience to get them fired up.

Or try your luck at buying a little traffic through something like Facebook ads, just to get your talents in front of some fresh eyes. A friend, Rick Mulready, is super talented at helping entrepreneurs with Facebook campaigns.

For just about every reason you come up with for why you can’t do something, there’s always someone who can figure out how you can. Be the optimist and get creative.

It all comes back to that first dollar. 

Remember, the key with this exercise is not to make a fortune tomorrow, it’s to build confidence that you’re more valuable and in demand than you think. It’s designed to inspire and motivate yourself to take the all important first step.

Force yourself to make yourself marketable.

You’ll never start if you don’t ASK.

It’s time to start charging people. 

A couple years ago I was a on a call with my business coach and we were discussing plans regarding growing and starting to make more money from the things I was creating.

I asked her for some ideas.

She calmly responded,

“Scott I think it’s time for you to start charging people.”

My stomach immediately dropped as I spewed out endless fears and reasons why I couldn’t… and people wouldn’t… and what if…

She stopped me and said, “Scott, you’ve been spending the last 10+ years learning about this stuff and helping everyone that approaches you. They’re getting results and they appreciate it. It’s time to start charing people.”

Eventually I started to get rational and began thinking through what this meant.

I had no idea what to start charging people. Or what specifically the offering would be.

She told me “just charge whatever you think will be a fair price for what you’re offering. The people who really need and want it will be happy to pay for it. If to you that means starting by charging $5, then so be it. If you think you’re worth $500, that’s fine too. You will know what’s right.”

That night I did some research on coaching rates from friends and mentors of mine and I wrote up a list of ways a I could help people. Then I listed it on this site.

Do you know what happened?

People began to sign up. Almost immediately they were writing me asking for help. Within a few weeks I had more clients than I could handle.

Suddenly I became a coach.

Something I had dreamed about for over five years suddenly came true. Not because something magical happened. Not because I won some award or passed some test. But simply because I decided I wanted to be one and I had the training, experience, understanding and most importantly, the passion to help people.

Then I asked if anyone needed it.

Many of the people among Generation Youtube are making $200-$300,000 a year, if not a lot more. Not because they were trying to, but because they started offering their talents to the world. That’s it.

So like I said, it’s time to start charging people. 

Who are you going to help first?


Need more help on how to Live Off Your Passion? 

The above post is a free lesson from our flagship Live Off Your Passion Guided-Discovery career course: An Unconventional Guide to Finding Passion and Building a Career around Work You Love. It’s been completed by thousands of people and even won #1 Personal Development Product of 2011 when first released (It’s been updated A LOT since then). You can learn more about the full course and try it out risk-free here. I’d love to hear what you think!

Images courtesy of  Johan & Stuck in Customs

  • Jon Wilburn


    So good! Thanks man. I have been researching and learning alot recently about online marketing, attraction marketing and a slew of other things. I’m working on launching something cool and unique, but it does scare the hell out of me at the same time. But, each day I work on it a little more. You have been an encouragement in this area. Thanks for blazing a trail.


    • Scott

      My pleasure Jon. Congrats on what you’re building! Can’t wait to see what it is. Btw, one thing that can help the fear A LOT is to get your product out to customers as soon as possible so they can be a part of the building phase. This also happens to dramatically increase the odds of success. Put together a minimal viable product and share it with a small group of prospects. Get their feedback. See what you learn.

      Have fun with it!

  • Jeff Munn

    Thanks for the kick in the butt, Scott–

    This post hits me so much right where I am–just getting “out there” with a website and blog, doing some coaching and some writing for other folks, but still struggling to get an audience. I’ve done 2 of the 10 things that you identify. Touched on some others but haven’t fully taken the leap. This inspires me to do that.

    I think your reminder is a good one–that the ideas we have can inspire others but it’s not just the ideas. It’s telling others about the ideas, with passion and presence, so that they can spread the word, too.

    Thanks for helping me with my mission,

  • David Siteman Garland

    Scott – Awesome post (and thanks for the mention!). Hope this will kick a lot of peeps in the (insert the blank). :) Can’t wait to get our discussion up!

    • Scott

      Dude, it was our passion discussion that spurred this baby on! So thank you for that!

  • Julio Peironcely

    Scott, nice post again.

    I see two groups in your 10 ways of making money: selling information products and selling yourself in a consulting-like fashion (coaching, mentoring, outsorcing,…). These are all very valid options, which I also find often around the cyberweb.

    Do you have any tips or ideas on how to do the same for products that are not informational or educational?


    • Scott

      Absolutely. The reason I mentioned the two camps I did is because you literally can have those up and on the market in a day’s time if you really want. That was part of the fun of this article. But, sure there are all kinds of other options. Selling a widget can be huge. Tim Ferriss calls this a ‘muse’. He has a few chapters on it in his book and all kinds of stuff on his blog including a ton of case studies. He’s my model when it comes to this stuff. Take a look and see what you think.

  • Amber Zuckswert

    Scott- First of all thanks for the shout out. This post is a wonderful reminder and the fuel I need to stay motivated and inspired in all my virtual teaching endeavors.
    ps…blogger pilates needs to happen asap :D

    • Scott

      To be honest, you were the first case study that came to mind when I thought about writing this. I love what you’re doing. I think your skills are perfect for what you’ve created both on and off the web.

      And yes, SF bloggers pilates has to happen. Maybe a little holiday session??

  • Charlotte Rains Dixon

    Wonderful chapter with a great reminder about how important it is to follow your passions. Can’t wait for the rest of the book.

    • Scott

      Can’t wait to share it with you Charlotee. Only a couple weeks to go!

  • Andre Hoefs

    Like it, unfortunately, your inspiring movie is not allowed in Europe;

    “You appear to be outside the United States or its territories. Due to international rights agreements, we only offer this video to viewers located within the United States and its territories.”

    Maybe there is another way?

    • Scott

      Oh bummer. As of now I do not have a solution for this. But if anyone out there in the US is willing to download it and upload it again maybe that would work. Anyone?? Although, that might not be allowed… Going to have to let you guys sort that one out and I don’t want to get the cyber ninjas mad at me.

      Really too bad you can’t see it though. I’m sure it will get up soon.

  • John Beadle

    Thanks scott,

    I’d be curios to learn more about your business coach as well. whats the biggest difference you seen between a coach and a mentor (in regards to the person receiving the advice).

    I’ve heard some great things about having a coach regardless of how successful you already are.

    • Scott

      My coach really has made all the difference. The real difference between and coach and mentor is that a coach is accountable and there for you no matter what, as much as you want and you are most likely to listen to her because you’re paying her.

      Seriously. Often times, we discount the information we get from friends and mentors and colleagues simply because it’s free. Even it it’s incredible advice. The act of paying changes the perceived value in a big way.

      Other than that, I happened to stumble on my coach, who used to be my neighbor in Santa Barbara, who’s been friends with and working with Tony Robbins since they were like 20. The fit seemed perfect for me so I went after it. But more importantly than skill set or anything else is plain and simple accountability.

  • Tania Tyler | Whole Living Today

    Thanks Scott. Just left a job on Monday because I knew I was torn between a regular paycheck and living my passion. Scarey, but I also know that if I put the same effort into my own passions and share my gifts then the financial flow will be there.

    Thanks for pointing out Leo’s recent post “Become a God of learning your trade”. It was an idea I had a while back… to create a blog that documents my journey to becoming an author.

    Thanks for all the inspiration you share!

    • Scott

      YEAHHHH Tania! Another one breaks free. Huge congrats to you. Seriously. That is not an easy step to take. And your rationale is perfect. If people worked as hard on their passions as they are willing to work building someone else’s dream at a company, imagine what they could create. You’re about to find out. Keep us posted!

  • Marya | Writing Happiness

    Scott, this is excellent. One thing I am going to start straightaway is to finalize my ebook. I have been postpoing it for ages for two reasons you have dismissed; it’s concise (but meaty) and I do not have a huge audience. I especially related to the part about starting with the first dollar, how it helps to grow confidence and trust in self – gold! Many thanks.

    • Scott

      Right on Marya! To be honest, sometimes a more concise eBook can be a lot more attractive because people can picture themselves crushing through it in one sitting. So don’t let that hold you back. If the value’s there, that’s all that matters. And as for the audience, the interesting thing is that having something for sale on your site immediately bumps your credibility up a few notches, which will increase visitor loyalty, which will increase readership, which will increase the odds that they tell others, which will grow your audience.


  • Peggy McPartland

    Great information, Scott! You make it sound so simple. It’s so easy to come up with reasons not to do it but pretty hard to maintain them in light of your encouragement. Thanks for sharing this chapter and your inspiration. I can’t wait to read the rest of your book.

    • Scott

      That’s exactly what I was going for Peggy. Let’s kill all the reasons not to do something by making it extremely approachable and simple. Small victories win the war!

  • David Damron

    Hey Scott–

    It’s crazy how incredibly true (and easy) your thoughts are.

    I look back to when I started The Minimalist Path (eventually, sold it) and remember just talking about simplifying my life. Within 6 months, my fan base was HUGE. Why? Because I was just passionate about it. I started selling products that helped others and I ended up making a healthy living off the site.

    I am back at it with and will, hopefully, be able to recapture the momentum that I have experienced before and you mention here.

    My advice to others…follow Scott’s steps here. I have experienced their truth in my own experience.

    David Damron
    Running Somewhere

    • Scott

      That’s what I’m talking about David! Nothing beats living proof. As for your current project – if you can do it once, now that you know it’s possible, I have a feeling this one will crush it pretty quick. I love the brand by the way. Can’t beat the barefoot mentality!

  • Avadhut l FinanceWalk

    Hey Scott,

    I am unable to watch the video. I am not in the US.

    The link says “You appear to be outside the United States or its territories. Due to international rights agreements, we only offer this video to viewers located within the United States and its territories.”

    Any other way?

    • Scott

      So sorry. I hope this will get solved soon! See comment above.

  • Avadhut l FinanceWalk


    The article’s time is perfect. I am looking to promote my career coaching services. Yes, I liked the idea of first dollar from zero. It gives you confidence.

    Building your own product is one of the best ways you can earn money. I have experienced it.

    Thanks so much.

    • Scott

      Excellent! I of course love your business too. If we can get enough people on the right track, so crazy things might start to happen…

  • Maia

    Hello Scott,
    it’s the first time I visited your blog and found it very inspiring.

    There are so many things that we can just do that don’t cost us anything, just our determination to do them.

    I do believe that everyone has something they love doing and are meant to be doing and if they don’t know what it is yet, it’s there waiting for them to be discovered.

    • Scott

      Welcome to the party Maia! If you believe what you just told us (and it’s clear that you do), then you are indeed at home here! That’s what this community is all about. I hope you’ll stick around. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and welcome to the adventure!

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  • Justin | Mazzastick

    I have to agree with the passion part. Passionate people are always successful people at whatever they do.

    I would love to live in a world where people do what they love for a life.

    • Scott

      Well we’re starting to get there Justin. One person at a time. I promise to do my part if you promise to do yours!

      Here’s to a different world…

      • Justin Harmon

        Cheers to that!

        I’m also doing my part. To a better world!(beer held up)

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  • Anthony

    Hey scott for some reason i am following my passions but don’t make any monye. It’s been over a year. What should I do to make money? Have I missed any of your points? Life Coaching for Kids

    • Scott

      Well Anthony, you solved the first major issue most folks are facing–finding what you love. Congrats! Now is the fun part-finding the right models to emulate. You have to find the people who are doing similar things and doing really well with it and model them as closely as possible. There’s a number of modules in my upcoming How to Live Off Your Passion ecourse I’m releasing in a couple weeks. I hope it helps! Be sure to get on the pre-launch list if you haven’t. You’ll get early access and get a nice discount.

      To big things!

  • Scott Mackes

    Scott, great article. I found your site via Think Traffic, and I’m glad I did. You’re doing an awesome job here and I look forward to following along. I was excited to find out you are a value investor, I too subscribe to the investing methods of Ben Graham and WB. Keep up the good work.

    • Scott

      Thanks Scott. Glad Corbett sent you this way! Fun to meet a fellow Buffett fanatic too. That message and approach is so powerful.

      Welcome to the adventure!

  • Tamsin@nudgeme

    Hi Scott

    Just got to know your blog recently and felt compelled to comment on this post – just from the comments alone you can see what a great job you’re doing on helping people to see that there is a way to get past the “lack of time or money” to do, x, y or z debate: some great tips.

    Just adding to your point on coaching v mentoring – coaching is all about facilitating the person being coached to move forward in the direction they want to go, an independent sounding board to listen, support and encourage: I see a mentor more in terms of someone mentoring on a specific area or topic, be that business or personal. Just my two penny’s worth..!

    Look forward to hearing more about your up coming course…

    ATB for now Tamsin

    • Scott

      Great points Tamsin. Thanks for sharing. Agreed. A coach and a mentor have two very important and different roles in one’s quests. Both roles need to be filled in order to have a real shot at doing epic things. Glad you’ve joined the adventure –there are big things to come…

      And can’t wait to hear what you think of the course. Only a week or so left!

  • Aaron | My Music

    Yep, unfortunately people don’t often see value in something they get for free, but slap a price tag on it and you can be sure that they’re going to read it if it’s an ebook, and use it if it’s software.

    I wish folks would change that “if it’s free it can’t be much good” type of thinking.

    • Scott

      It is wild how our psychology works with that. I’ve even had friends who have asked for coaching and I’ve said that I strongly recommend they pay for it (while I’m happy to help them for free) if they want to really get something out of it. We always want to get our money’s worth. If it’s free then well, not much action and behavior change come as a result.

      That’s a big part of why I think this upcoming couse is going to be so powerful. It contains similar ideas to the blog but does a much much deeper detailed dive on how to take action and get results. I think it’s really going to help us on our paths!

      Your point reminds me of a story I once heard from Robert Kiyosaki where he launched his Cash Flow 101 board game for something like $19.95 and it totally flopped since people saw it as a mildly interesting board game about finance. Then he decided to relaunch it and position it as the in depth fun education in personal finance and self study course that it was. He charged $199.99 for it. It proceeded to fly off the shelves.

      Something to consider…

  • Vesone


    I found your site through your interview with David Siteman Garland, and I have to say, your site is awesome. I also have your course, which I’m currently making my way through.

    I think I’ve realized (with the help of your course) what I’d really like to be doing. I have a passion for health and nutrition and have recently really embraced that passion by beginning my own transformation, health-wise.

    One key component I find alot of people are missing is motivation on occasion (myself included), I find that before and after shots of people changing their lives really helps me, but I haven’t seen a site dedicated to transformations that isn’t directly linked to buying a “health program.”

    So essentially, I’d like to take people’s stories (pictures and possibly a sound bite) and create videos set to “movie trailer” music, and use after effects to give more life to an already great story, to help inspire others. I have no agenda with this, I don’t want people to buy into a certain program or anything, I just want it to be a source of inspiration, however, I’d like to do something like this full-time eventually, and I’m having trouble thinking of a way to monetize it.

    I’m not at my goal yet, so I don’t feel I could offer coaching, this particular audience wouldn’t be interested in after effects tutorials, so I’m thinking I’d have to eventually create my own guide to how I transformed once I get there…I don’t know if that makes any sense.

    How would you go about monetizing or applying one of your techniques above to this particular niche, I’ve been trying to figure it out for a couple weeks, and I’m stuck.

    Thanks again for all you’re doing with this site.

  • Stuart Dobson

    To be honest, all of these except 9 fall into the same category – TEACH. Only 9 is DO. I was hoping for more examples of how to actually market one’s skills and how to create money making opportunities from my passion – rather than simply passing on knowledge.

    Maybe something for a future article?

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  • invest liberty reserve

    This is the exact 10 Proven Actions You Can Take Today to Start Making Money from Your Passion Tomorrow journal for anyone who wants to attempt out out most this matter. You mention so such its nearly exhausting to debate with you (not that I truly would want…HaHa). You definitely put a new acrobatics on a topic thats been graphic near for life. City substance, only extraordinary!

  • Nikki Montembeault

    I can’t tell you how appreciative I am of the work that you do. Every post leaves me with an idea, a spark of inspiration, a question I need to ask and answer, or an idea of how to bring my consulting business to the next level. You have become an invaluable resource, please, keep up the awesome work!

  • Wasili


    I am particulary interested with action point number 3. Is it possible to share the work book you did from “How to win friends and influence people”?.
    I would like to have a go at this one. Thanks

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  • brand

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  • youtube

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  • amalia

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  • Timothy

    That is some awesome advice. I can’t wait to start using the 10 steps and see what the results are. I too had the fear of charging people, But am slowly overcoming that. Thanks for sharing!

  • Emmanuel

    I have the talent of knowledge impartation but i find it difficult to charge my students.What do i do to overcome this difficulty on my part?

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