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Our home away from home in Tuscany

I’ve spent the last two weeks in Tuscany.

Our family rented a house in a small town in the Italian countryside and most of our days have been spent exploring hillside towns, cooking long meals (with ungodly amounts of pesto) and hauling numerous empty bottles of local wine down the hill (the garbage men are starting to wonder…).

As discussed in an article a couple weeks back, for the most part I’ve been doing ‘nothing’ and it’s been everything one could imagine.

From the outside looking in you could easily think a trip like this has been terribly unproductive from a business perspective.

I couldn’t disagree more.

Part of my yearly routine involves at least a few sessions away like this. In fact, I think it’s the most valuable part of living on purpose, building a business and keeping yourself doing work that matters.

It’s the only true way I’ve found to get your face out of the minutiae and fifty-item task lists that keep you from thinking global about what you want to create and the impact you want to have on the world. Big ideas like that don’t happen when you’re crammed in your office stuck in your daily environment.

That’s just not how the mind works. It’s certainly not how mine does.

In the last two weeks, among other things, I’ve come up with two new book ideas, the framework for a comprehensive course on living off your passion, some strategies on how to communicate it to all you and about 25 article ideas. I’ve actually found a pretty sweet spot to do my thinking too…

My little hillside office in the vines

Time like this is a requirement.

It’s time away, the more foreign place the better, that get’s your mind to consider the things that truly matter to you. To recognize the passions you take for granted and the purpose that may have been calling you for years, but had long gone ignored.

All this has got me thinking…

We need all the help we can get when searching for what excites us.

Over the past couple years of attending seminars hosted by Tony Robbins, talks from the Dalai Lama, social change summits with tomorrow’s leaders, reading hundreds of books, working with coaches and being a coach for many others, I’ve noticed one thing consistent with finding your passion and doing work that matters…

The people with the best questions win.

The gurus are not the people with the best answers to things. Who are they to know what’s going on inside your head anyway?

The gurus are the ones with the best questions.

The questions that dig to a place in your mind you’ve never explored.

Over the past year or so I’ve compiled a list of these passion-revealing questions. And I’ve come down to a list of the top 27 that will help you find your passion and live on purpose.

Download the free workbook: 27 Questions to Find Your Passion

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Take these seriously.

These questions can be some of the most powerful material you come across out here on the web, as long as you’re willing to do one thing…

Take the time to answer each question with the respect they deserve.

Don’t just read through them in 30 seconds and think you’ve done something worthwhile.

Print them out and take them with you for the next couple weeks wherever you go. When you have some down time, pull them out. Give them real thought.

Take them on your next adventure to Italy (or wherever you decide to go). Leave the books and computer behind. It’s time to think about what matters.

These questions will find your passion if you let them.

Just share this page using the “Share to Get” button below to grab your free copy. After sharing this article on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll immediately have access to the free 27 question PDF.

Come back and tell me what you learn!

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**Update: For those who’d rather not share

Judging by some of the comments below, it sounds like some of your aren’t comfortable using the Twitter or FB share options. That’s totally fine and that does not mean you shouldn’t get access to this killer workbook!

So that everyone gets to benefit from the workbook, if sharing is not your thing, I’ve added the PDF to the Epic Work Toolkit which is free to all Live Your Legend email subscribers. All you have to do is use the form below to enter your email and subscribe. Once you confirm your subscription you’ll be sent a link to the free 27 Passion Questions PDF as well as all the other killer tools in the toolkit.

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My only intention with this post and workbook was to offer up more free value to further help all of you do work you LOVE. This should allow all of you to enjoy it!

  • Sandy

    Hi Scott,
    I’d love to read this but don’t use FB or Twitter. Any way you’d consider allowing us to “share” with friends via email instead? I love your site and have others I know would be interested but we tend not to use social media outlets. Thanks for all you do!

    • Gary

      I second Sandy’s post. Any way to allow us to “share”via email? Thanks!

      • Nestor

        I third Sandy’s post. I don’t use facebook or twitter but would love to share amongst family and friends via email.

        • Trish

          I don’t use those sites, either, especially after getting stalked on FB. While interested in the questionnaire, I have serious reservations about this approach.

          Please just let us know if there’s a non-FB / non-Twitter option so I can determine how to proceed.


    • Scott

      Thanks everybody for chiming in regarding your comfort (or lack thereof) with sharing this post on Twitter or Facebook. By no means did I mean to ask any of you to do something you weren’t comfortable with. This was just another way for me to offer up something totally free to all you that I feel is massively valuable on our journey to do work we LOVE.

      As a solution for those not comfortable with sharing, I just added an update to the end of the post announcing that I added the free 27 Passion Questions Workbook to the Epic Work Toolkit that’s free to all subscribers. You’re welcome to access it that way as well. I hope that’s a useful solution for all of you.

      Most important to me is that you get your hands on these tools I create and use them to your benefit.

      Thanks so much for speaking up guys. Your feedback and contribution is what makes this site what it is!

      Here’s to asking the right questions and doing work that lights us on fire!


      • Loma

        Thanks for the alternative option! Can’t wait to get started.

  • Cassie

    I agree completely with Sandy. Personal growth and Passion are private and personal. Requiring FB or Twitter contact info is an invasive marketing strategy. It does not represent “Best Practice”. It does not serve CSR. I believe you are losing participation and exposure to a genuine, authentic audience. Your choice.

    • Scott

      Thanks Cassie. Just added an update to the post so that all you guys can have access to it. Check it out or go to this link to get access to the free PDF.



  • http://www.roadmaptome.galaxy42.ca Carrie

    Wow. I have to say I love your little office in the vines, that’s just breath taking.

    I came across your site a few weeks ago by accident when I was really struggling to find my way through some decisions I needed to make and your site really has made a difference.

    After reading some of your posts and giving things a lot of thought those decisions were not so tough anymore.
    It also got me on the right path and really has made me a lot happier and things keep getting better as I go forward.

    Thank you!

    • Scott

      This is amazing to hear Carrie and I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to hear that you’re making big progress and Live Your Legend has been able to help.

      We’re here to help any way we can.

      To big things!

  • joe b

    Hi Scott-
    Love the share, hate the FB and Twit option….

    • Scott

      Thanks Joe. Just added an update to the post so that all you guys can have access to it. Check it out or go to this link to get access to the free PDF.



  • Tom


    Do you think your audience is telling you something?

    I agree with the others about sharing in Facebook or Twitter.

    • Scott

      No question Tom. The feedback has been helpful.

      I Just added an update to the post so that all you guys can have access to it. Check it out or go to this link to get access to the free PDF.




  • http://www.thedynamiclife.com Hugh

    Thank you for this, Scott! I love thought-provoking questions like these. If we’re in the right mindset to sit down with them, they force us to pause, take a step back, and look at the big picture. I couldn’t agree more with you about getting out of your element, be it physical, mental, emotional, or all of the above, and thinking big-picture. Thanks again.

    • Scott

      Now were talking Hugh. Can’t wait to hear what the questions bring front of mind for you!

  • Aravind

    Loved your posts, liked your marketing strategy. But I would like to keep these two separate.

    Isn’t there anything un-facebook in this world ?


    • Scott

      Thanks Aravind. Just added an update to the post so that all you guys can have access to it. Check it out or go to this link to get access to the free PDF.




      • Aravind

        Hey Scot thanks for the quick response. Its rather late here in India, but I don’t want to miss your book even to sleep. Accessing right away. Thanks again.

  • http://decidaserfeliz.com Caio Cesar Santos

    Hi Scott,

    I agree about FB and Twitter. My suggestion is that it could be optional for those who want to share their information.

    Congratulations for this amazing blog!



    • Scott

      Thanks so much Caio! You’re right.

      I just added an update to the post so that all you guys can have access to it. Check it out or go to this link to get access to the free PDF.




  • Rachel

    I agree with the others. I did try to use the FB link but nothing worked. Please make this available to those who don’t wish to use the social network approach!

    • Scott

      Thanks Rachel. Just added an update to the post so that all you guys can have access to it. Check it out or go to this link to get access to the free PDF.




  • http://www.spaupyourlife.com/heather2paiges Heather

    Can’t wait to find some quite time and participate!!

    • Scott

      Awesome. Enjoy it Heather!

  • nadine

    Hi Scott, tried sharing with twitter but it did not work. Any other option?

    • Scott

      Weird. There are definitely a few tweaks with the share for some reason. I think I have them sorted out.

      I just added an update to the post so that all you guys can have access to it. Check it out or go to this link to get access to the free PDF.



      • nadine

        Dear Scott,
        I have tried the Twitter option again and it worked immediately without any problems. Thank you! Look forward to reading your workbook.

  • Sandy

    Just want to say Thank You, Scott for providing the alternative access. I really appreciate your listening to the feedback and being responsive. Very classy!

  • http://zanidyer.blogspot.com/ Zani Dyer

    Thanks Scott for these thought-provoking questions. I’m going to give them the time they deserve. Every time I look at the latest job postings I decide I’m just not ready to go back to work yet. Yesterday, while watching the waves (of the Pacific) I remembered that I quit my job because I was looking for something entirely new. I just have no idea what that looks like just yet.

    Follow my progression at zanidyer.blogspot.com

    I will share your 27 questions there as I do not use facebook, either.

  • http://happymumsathome.com kirri

    Always love sharing your work and can’t wait to get stuck in to these questions! BTW – That leafy spot that you got to call your office? Im so getting one of those!

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  • http://executivecrossroads.com/ Executive X

    Thanks for the generous sharing, Scott. I think these questions around passion are great.

    I really like asking what your naturally curious about. Another fun way to ask this is, “what is the last thing you find yourself ‘googling’ each day?”

    Will be retweeting.

  • http://www.mychildsgardener.com michelle bross

    I couldn’t agree more…time “doing nothing” is the most productive kind of work we can do. I just returned from a Mindfulness Retreat in the Rockies with Thich Nhat Hanh. It was not the answers, but the questions he asked, that touched my soul and moved by spirit. Looking forward to your questions.

  • http://blai.se joel

    would love to read your 27 questions PDF

  • Kathy

    I’ve tried to subscribe to the email updates, but can’t get it to work. I never got the email from you that has my confirmation in it, so I’m stuck. Can you help?

    • Scott

      Shoot Kathy. That just won’t do ;) We need to get you access! For some reason the confirmation email can got to spam every once in a while. Can you be sure to check your spam and also add my email “scott [at] liveyourlegend [dot] net” to your address book? If you don’t find it then please shoot me a note and we’ll sort it out.

      Thanks so much for joining us!


  • http://www.suzimorris.biz Suzi

    I have downloaded the PDF and loved your collection of 27 questions to find your passion. I am writing an article on the topic of “finding your passion” on my blog, and would like to offer your PDF as a resource to my readers. It already contains a link to your web site, but I would also write a recommendation and a link in the blog post. Hoping you agree that this is a good idea. :)

  • dumbodriver

    Okay, I signed up but don’t see how to download the 27 questions. Help!

    • Scott

      Shoot – I want to be sure you get these! If you still haven’t gotten the link to download the questions, please shoot me an email and I’ll get them right over to you!

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  • http://www.lynnlovesart.com Lynn

    Came across this through Leo’s blog (which I LOVE!). Some great info here… I just joined your list via the link above so I could download the 27 questions, but it just sent me to some “pre-launch” page, with no link to the PDF. Did I miss it somehow?

  • http://www.lynnlovesart.com Lynn

    ** Nevermind!! I got the link in a separate email… looking forward to digging in – thanks!! **

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  • Yona

    Hi Scott,
    I watched your TEDx talk and came straight to your site. Thabk you for inspiring!
    I would LOVE to share this article with everyone I know on my Twitter AND Facebook pages but not via CloudFlood. Is there any other way I can share and get access to the 27 Question without going through CloudFlood?

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