How to Build a Team


“Find people whose strengths are your weaknesses, surround yourself with those people and build something together. ”

No One Does Anything Alone

I once heard someone say, “Every time I hire someone, I make more money.”

While this might often be true, I’ve learned something far more powerful…

Every time I hire someone, I make a bigger impact.

Every time I hire someone, I help more people do work they love.

So today is all about the importance of building the right carefully-chosen passionate team.

If you’re going at it alone right now or you know you need some type of help, think about the people you’d love to have in your corner. Imagine what would be possible if you didn’t have to fly solo and do every single thing. With today’s tools for finding passionate, affordable and talented full- and part-time team members and freelancers, there is no excuse for continuing to tell yourself the lie that you can and should do it all on your own.

The basic rule of thumb is simple: Find people whose strengths are your weaknesses, surround yourself with those people and build something together. 

Here are the very basic steps and fundamentals to building the right team:

  1. Communicate a belief and vision about how you want to help the world.
  2. Find people who wholeheartedly believe in your vision. Ideally, you’ll find them through the community you’ve developed. You MUST share a common Why.
  3. Focus on strengths. Know everyone’s strengths and weaknesses well enough so that everyone spends most their time on their strengths. Make sure there are other people whose strengths are your weaknesses.
  4. Give them room to run. Once you both believe in the same vision, give them the freedom and trust to run with their ideas.
  5. Show them how much they mean to you by how you compensate, the time you spend mentoring and developing them and the interest you take in their life, goals and dreams. Do all you can to make them better.
  6. Make magic together.

A lot of people think I do all of this at Live Your Legend on my own.

That could not be farther from the truth.

Over the past year or so, I’ve been fortunate to have crossed paths with some people whose passions and talents have allowed us all to put the Live Your Legend vision and movement on steroids. I don’t how I somehow found them or they found me, but because of them, so much more is possible.

So today is all about the team that supports and builds upon what used to only be a distant dream.

Please welcome them with open arms…

Meet the Official Live Your Legend Team – The People Who Make it All Possible

Debra Russell – The Coach

Debra RussellI began working with Debra about five years ago. She started out as a neighbor and friend, and I quickly discovered that she had known Tony Robbins for the past 29 years, used to be the general manager of his company and lead his seminars with 4,000+ people in one room. The experiences Debra has had and the depth at which she understands people and the issues we face, both business and life, will blow your mind. Her stories about Tony are also pretty hilarious.

Debra has been my coach for all things business and life ever since I quit my job in 2008. She’s opened my world up to more possibility and dreams than one could imagine. I don’t believe LYL, or many other things in my life, could have seen the light of day without her. You will hear a ton more from Debra later this week when I publish a video interview about her and Tony’s secrets to getting massive results through goal setting, keeping momentum and their favorite productivity hacks. Debra lives in Thousand Oaks, California, and you can read all about her at I am so glad she’s in my corner.

Liz Seda – Mastermind Maven & Master of Almost Everything

Liz SedaI’ve known Liz for about six months, and I already don’t have a clue what I’d do without her. Liz is an ex-process engineer from Proctor & Gamble (the company I couldn’t even get an interview with when I graduated university), turned entrepreneur at A Life On Your Terms. Liz wrote me a note on Facebook a few months ago asking if it’d be okay if she helped put our private Facebook group at LYL into mastermind groups based on their goals, interests and time zones … all for free. You can imagine my response!

She proceeded to knock the cover off the project, so I asked if she’d do the same for our How to Connect with Anyone course. She jumped at the chance and proceeded to literally quadruple the value and benefit of the course by putting nearly 300 members from 25 countries into just under 50 mastermind groups. This girl defines over-deliver.

I have since hired Liz to help me with, well, just about everything. She is now fielding/filtering all Live Your Legend e-mails before I see them. There’s just too many for one person to handle, and now we’ll be able to help a ton more of those of you who reach out to us. She’ll also be managing all website coding tweaks and maintenance, will have a huge role in the live real-time product creation case study we’ll be launching soon, and will be helping me head up many of the projects I mentioned in last week’s post.

Every day that I talk to Liz, I learn she knows how to do yet another thing that I don’t have a clue about. She’s caused my productivity to go vertical, and finally has allowed me to focus fully on the things I’m actually good at!

You’ll hear plenty more from Liz when she publishes a guest post on LYL in the next couple weeks on How to Create the Ultimate Mastermind & Surround Yourself with the People who Won’t Let You Fail. Liz is way more of a mastermind expert than I am at this point, and I cannot wait to share this with you, especially since it will include the totally free 52-page Ultimate Mastermind Workbook PDF download that she’s been creating over the past two months. LYL’s potential just cranked up a few notches, thanks to Liz. I’m excited for you all to get to know her a lot more in the coming months! Liz, her husband and their dog live the dream out in North Carolina.

Glen Stansberry – Master of Development & Design

Glen StansberryGlen has been developing and designing websites most of his life, and he’s damn good at it. He just finished the full redesign of Jonathan Fields’ Good Life Project site and his Full-Immersion Good Life Project Coaching Program, which launched last week. Since Jonathan referred me to Glen last year, he has turned into my go-to guy for everything tech and design related. He designed, coded and built our full Connect with Anyone course, as well as the fully redesigned Live Off Your Passion course page. As a bonus, he also loves A/B testing and has since made some tweaks on Live Your Legend that have led to over a 120% increase in conversions from visitors to email subscribers. This guy is a genius.

He’s also the co-founder of Gentlemint (like Pinterest for guys), which was just ranked one of PC Magazine‘s top 100 websites of 2012. And to top it off, Glen was the co-founder of the Life Remix Network, a mastermind group of sorts that he started a few years back. Its members include Chris Guillebeau, Leo Babauta, Gretchen Rubin, Jonathan Fields, Danielle LaPorte and J.D. Roth – who joined long before anyone knew who those guys were. I think I might ask him to be my stock picker next. He and his family live out in Kansas and the rest of his crazy story can be found on on his site.

Cherilyn DeVries – Editor & Master of the Written Word

Cherilyn DeVriesCherilyn is the founder of Got Your Back Editing and has spent time as a ghost writer and copy editor for great authors. She wrote me nearly two years ago thanking me for the work I was doing at Live Your Legend and let me know she’d be happy to be my pro bono editor for an upcoming project. That was weeks before launching our first course, Live Off Your Passion, and her kind offer turned into her copy editing over 250 total written pages (she even FedExed printed pages with handwritten notes!). She is now my hired go-to proofreader and copy editor for everything. Very little of my work goes live before she’s done a full pass to be sure it’s ready for prime time.

Cherilyn, her husband and boys lives along the Whitefish River just outside of Kalispell, Montana. Her love for family, adventure and health is amazingly refreshing, and I recently found out she was crazier than I am when she told me about her New Year’s swim in the near-freezing river in her backyard.

Glenn McElhose – Master of All Things Video

Glenn McElhoseFirst off, yes, it does get confusing having two Glen’s on the team. At least one has more n’s… When it comes to video, Glenn is a genius. That’s probably why he is the go to video guy for Tim Ferriss, Kevin Rose, Leo Babauta and Jesse Jacobs of Samovar. He’s the guy who shoots all of Tim and Kevin’s Random Shows – even when they were out tea tasting in China. He also recently did a video segment of Dr. Shinya Yamanaka, winner of the 2012 Nobel Prize for Medicine, which ended up featured in TechCrunch. All his work can be found on his site, Dirt Salad.

I first started working with Glenn when were building How to Connect with Anyone. We did a two-camera HD video shoot in his studio to create over 20 video lessons for the course. The quality and creativity of his work put Connect with Anyone on a totally different level – especially when he added animated bullets and notes to all the lessons. I am now using him for our live case study product creation project, as well as the new Live Off Your Passion LIVE course I’ll be releasing in a few months. A big lesson for me last year was that engages an audience better than good video. I’m thankful to have found Glenn.

Mike Paradise – eBook & Graphic Design Ninja

Mike ParadiseMike is the founder of Blakkbox Design, and knows how to make magic when it comes to print and online graphics. He wrote me an e-mail a while back thanking me for all the work I’d done at LYL and offering to do some design work for me totally for free – by kindly mentioning how some of the pieces of the Passionate Work Toolkit could be even more helpful with the right design overhaul. He then went on to design our Connect With Anyone Creed, 2013 Goal Setting Workbook and plenty more to come. Mike spends most his time in St. Louis.

You might also enjoy checking out Mike’s blog, The Way of Man, which covers his perspectives on evolutionary health & well-being, with the goal of building a more humanistic planet one man at a time.

Chelsea Dinsmore – Chief Balance Officer & Master of Health

Chelsea DinsmoreI’ve never met someone more present, balanced and worry-free than Chelsea. Thankfully, she also happens to be my wife. She is brilliant at getting me to see the big picture when I tend to get a little crazy, like during launches and TEDx talks. She’s also a certified yoga instructor, she manages and teaches at the San Francisco Dailey Method fitness studios and has a delicious mostly-plants recipe blog called Food-Life Balance. Health isn’t really a choice at our house, and we love it! She also just became mildly famous when she “starred” in the recent Dailey Method Fitness DVD (feel free to pick up your own copy!).

So many of the things in my life wouldn’t exist without Chelsea. She helps me in more ways than she could ever realize, just by being who she is. If you really want something special, check out her Sweet Potato and Kale Casserole recipe and my favorite, the Vegan Lettuce Wraps.

I am so damn grateful.

The Team Changes Everything

Nobody does anything meaningful all alone.

Behind every accomplishment, every business, every movement and every single thing, big or small, that has even a chance at impacting the world, there is a team who makes it possible.

For a while, I used to think I could do everything on my own. I used to think it’d be so much simpler that way.

I was wrong.

Because of these people (and all of you), this movement at Live Your Legend is going to become so much more than I could have imagined. It already has.

And just wait until you see all that we have planned this year!

So who do you want in your corner?

Your perfect team might be two or it could be 2,000. Find the people who make you better.

Then start building something that matters.

Thank you, guys. I’d be nowhere without you.


For the comments: Please welcome the LYL team with open arms. Then tell us one person who’s either on your team or you really want on your team. Who can you not do without??

**3 Important Updates from Scott [1/24/13]:

After a bunch of responses on this post, I realized a few things need clarifying…

1. The Right Team Allows Me to Better Connect with All of YOU

The most exciting thing about starting to have some help over here at LYL is that it allows me to focus on the one thing I’m best at — using my strengths and talents to connect with you all and help you in any way possible. It’s easy to lose connection as a movement grows, but with the right people in your corner, you can take that intimacy to a whole new level. That was why I was so proud to tell you about the team. Because of them, I get to spend more time with you!

2. Start Helping People, then Build Your Team

Many of you mentioned that our last post on the LYL Team intimidated you. I am sorry for that. My intention was the absolute opposite. I just wanted to give full transparency and credit to those who make this movement possible.

So often people get a false impression of how things actually happen, then the wrong expectations lead to disappointment, which leads to giving up. Transparency is always our #1 goal here — to tell it like it is so you can go out and have a real fighting chance at doing the same!

My team was exactly one person (well, two including Chelsea and Debra) for five years — until last year. And it was with just that team of one person and one laptop when LYL had its biggest growth. Even if you don’t have the resources to bring on a team right now, you can still likely find friends and volunteers eager to be in your corner. Chelsea and my mom were my “official” editors until I had the money to hire Cherilyn. Make do however you can.

The most important thing is that you do everything in your power to create things and help people in a way only can. Stay committed to that, and your team will start to appear out of the woodwork. 

It’s not fair for you guys to think it’s all me, when there are people who prop me up in all kinds of ways. That is the case with anyone doing something meaningful.

Life is not meant to tackle on your own!

That’s why I wrote the next post about Who’s Behind Tony Robbins.

3. None of these people are full-time with LYL (I wouldn’t mind it, but to be honest, I probably couldn’t afford them ;)) – although some may be full time in the future. Whether you get someone’s help for an hour a month or 120 hours a month, either way it’s a team and we need them.

Just wanted to clarify!

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31 Responses to “6 Steps to Building a World-Changing Team (Plus, the Official Live Your Legend Team Revealed!)”

  1. This is weird, but reading this article left me feeling kind of intimidated. Interesting.

    Still, A pleasure to meet the LYL team!

    • This is a normal biological response pattern seen when one is confronted with unbounded levels of awesomeness. I get it all the time. ;) Hahah pleasure to meet you as well!

    • Jonathan Kraft says:

      I’m left feeling overwhelmed as well. You’re not alone there…

      • Very interesting guys. That was certainly not my intention. As always, at LYL we try to be as transparent and up front as possible. So often people get a false impression of how things actually happen. They just see a guy publishing stuff on a blog and think that’s all it is. Then expectations get all screwed up and they might get frustrated by something that in reality is totally normal to experience along their path. Sure the long hours of writing and creating is where it starts and without the guy working his face off to help people, nothing else would be possible. But over time you realize where your time is best spent and you slowly start to expand from there.

        Remember one important thing: My team was exactly 1 person (well two including Chelsea) for 5 years up until last year. This stuff doesn’t happen overnight. But over time it certainly can – as long as you’re intentional about it, what your strengths are and where you could use help. My biggest goal of this post was full transparency. That is always #1 and LYL. And second to that was to give massive credit where it’s due – it’s not fair for you guys to think it’s all me, when there are people who prop me up in all kinds of ways. That is the case with anyone doing something meaningful. Hope that makes sense.

        The key is to keep helping people. The rest will start to work itself out :). Life is not meant to tackle on your own!

    • Liz Seda says:

      Wow how strange! I’d be interested in hearing more about that.
      It’s great to meet you Darius and you Jonathan.

  2. Jonathan Kraft says:

    I’ve hired a lot of people – consultants mostly, who have taken away from the business much more than they’ve contributed to it. That is not the case now… now I have a great team. But that takes time and process to get there… for some more than others. I was raised and taught to be an employee. Being an employer of the time, talents, skills, and interests of others is definitely something that takes time and focused attention. I’m still working on it – a lot.

  3. Iris Barzen says:

    Seems like you found some bad ass ninjas to work for you, Scott.

    Yes, ninja skills can be intimidating but also very inspiring :)

  4. linac says:

    I’m in the beginning stages and like you I feel I can do everything myself…and I often do. However, I’d like to one day have a personal assistant that is as cool/efficient/awesome as I was when I was a personal assistant. The only thing I need right now is a mentor.

  5. Wow, Scott, what a team! It’s going to be pretty exciting to watch how this community grows in the next couple of years. Congrats!

  6. Angela says:

    It’s nice to meet your team. I was also very interested in Liz Seda, I follow her blog. I think her story can give the people like me, who are just starting out, with little to no budget an insight into how you can get to know ‘the big guns’ in your niche. Reach out to people who you would like to get to know, offer them your services, as Liz did. Now she’s a part of the team at Live Your Legend. How cool is that! What Liz did, wasn’t really that hard, she just knew how to do it and Scott didn’t. (No offence to either of you) Just pointing out that sometimes, we devalue what we have to offer because it’s ‘easy’ and second nature to us, we sometimes assume everyone else knows how to do it as well. I think when you’re starting your business it’s a good idea to learn how to do as much as possible yourself. It serves 2 purposes. 1) It cuts costs BIG time. It also empowers you, when you figure out, all by yourself how to put that opt in form up on your website, when you write your own content, from scratch and you get your first ‘like’ etc etc. 2) When and if (I think this is a personal choice) you want to bring people on board you can explain exactly what it is that you are needing them to do so you can “Make magic together.” The people on my team that I could not do without, my Mother and my daughter :-)

    • Liz Seda says:

      Hey Angela! Excited to know you follow my blog :). It’s true that only a few months ago I’d quit my job with only two months in savings and hadn’t even heard of Live Your Legend. With enough hustle and if you offer value at every corner, you’re going to get noticed eventually.
      I also agree that doing things yourself in the beginning is a great idea. I tried outsourcing way to early and dumped a lot of money because I didn’t fully understand what I was asking them to do. Great points Angela.

  7. Love this Scott and was wanting to know who’s been on your team for a while, because although you’re a miracle worker, we all know the power a team can bring to your vision. So love seeing who’s making this all even more of a reality. I too am going to feature my team on my site as it’s really grown and I love that you can have a virtual team all over the world, sometimes not even meet them for a year (like my awesome Virtual Assistant) but you all work together on making an impact.

  8. Leah Hynes says:

    It’s quite reassuring to know that you don’t do everything alone Scott!! And what fun would that be anyway right? Great to put some faces to names too (Liz…where is your sombrero lady he he!?!?).

    In answer to your question…

    I could not do without my beautiful Team Amigas (sorry I couldn’t choose just one of them!).

    After reflecting on your post it makes sense now why our team has worked so well:

    1. Because they believe what I believe (THAT right there is HUGE!). We describe our ‘why’s differently but they are fundamentally the same.

    2. We trust each other and are supportive of each other in all areas of our lives

    3. We complement each other’s strengths and have learned through LYL and CWA how to recognize what we are good at and what we should get others to do

    4. We are not precious about our ideas or taking the limelight. We are a team and we believe in each other.

    5. We hold each other accountable and maintain momentum purely because there’s more than one of us. It’s not so scary when you make a big change together.

    Fantastic post Scott and congratulations on the wonderful team you have at LYL. You all do amazing work that gives us the courage to keep making the impossible

    Smiles and massive high-fives,

    • Liz Seda says:

      Leah! I forgot about the hat! I should have given Scott that picture, as it would have reflected my true authentic self. :).
      I’m so in love with the Amigas! I can’t wait to meet you in a few months!

  9. Nikki Smith says:

    Wow, what a stunning team!

    Congratulations Scott and a BIG WELCOME to your team of Liz, Glen, Mike, Glenn, Cherilyne, Debra, and Chelsea.

    Nikki here, I am a Connect With anyone participant and for anyone feeling overwhelmed by Scott’s post and team…. you might want to consider jumping onto his next course. If you are already on the course and I haven’t recognised you, my apology.
    Scott, watch out here comes another semi testimonial!…The CWA course is truly fantastic!! It is inspiring and supportive and with so much detail you can run with the content straight away. For example, you are taught step by step how to do what Liz has done herself in spectacular style! Here’s to an exciting 2013! From the fourth Amiga! Time to come out from behind my sombrero!

    • Wow! What an amazing testimonial. There is nothing ‘semi’ about that! Thank you. Thank you. It’s been awesome to have you a part of the course and the community Nikki and I love hearing about your success – congrats to you! I can’t wait to launch CWA to another group of students later next month…

    • Liz Seda says:

      Thanks Nikki! You do know that you’re a complete star in the CWA course right? :). Not even close to kidding!

  10. Amit Amin says:

    Hello LYL team. Thank you for being awesome!

    So who do you want in your corner? I want Chelsea. I’ll treat you better than Scott. I promise.

  11. Kate Marolt says:

    This is great! I love that you have connected to people so aligned with your purpose. It’s really cool to see names I both recognize and don’t, and to see the way each individual’s unique gifts create a much stronger whole for the vision than any one person could. Thanks for sharing everyone with us!

  12. My VA Feb is the only reason I can even approach Living My Legend.

  13. How is it that i am just discovering you??? This is nuts…I love what you stand for. This is what i call LivingUrBliss. Which is so perfect because as you liveurbliss you give others permission to do the same. I understand how powerful this post is because without the right group of people or as Napoleon Hill says in Think and Grow Rich- A mastermind group is essential because it can take you to the next level. The right mastermind group can manifest the unimaginable, the impossible much quicker than if you were doing it by yourself..I can not wait to learn more from Maven.

  14. This is a great post! And I totally get it. My website partner and I have been a 2-person team since 2011, then we started generating income on our green smoothie website in February 2013. Since then we have been slowly growing our team to help with the high volume of emails, website comments, etc (we have over 65,000 email subscribers, 35,000+ Facebook fans, 135,000+ Instagram followers), so in order for us to keep creating products that add value and are of service to our fans, we need help to hold down the fort. I truly believe that we are in this world to co-create and be in community with one another. Thanks for sharing this. Your team looks like a killer dream team. I am a huge fan of masterminds, and I love that you talk a about this. I’d love to connect, brainstorm, support you and your wife. I live in Walnut Creek just 25 miles east of San Francisco. :-) My husband and I love connecting with other powerhouse entrepreneur couples. A million hugs to and you rockstar team!

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    with almost all important infos. I’d like to see more posts like this .

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