The First Steps Workshop and Action Plan

“The distance is nothing; it is only the first step that is difficult.”

- Madame Marie du Deffand

Today’s an exciting day!

After learning a ton from you all in the past months, we’re announcing our first live online workshop – and registration just opened!

In two weeks, I’ll be hosting a 2-hour workshop that’s focused specifically on developing a detailed action plan for starting to do work you love.

My goal is to provide you with the most useful tools and process that my work and research have found, and take you from “just dreaming” to taking real and measurable action – all based on real results.

Most importantly, this 2-hour class is designed to be super practical. The strategies should be easy and fun to apply, and by the end you’ll have a step-by-step Action Plan to put to use immediately.

Full details are below, but if you already know that you want to join the workshop, scroll to the bottom of this post and reserve your spot.

Here’s what you need to know…

Who Will Find This Workshop Useful?

If you want to do work that matters but you’re stuck with no idea what to do next, this workshop’s for you.

You and I thrive on progress. Everyone does. We hate spinning our tires, feeling lost, alone and confused. We want to be the person who acts on our ideas instead of being mired in frustration.

Your presence in the Live Your Legend community proves you want to do something meaningful – so you can apply your natural talents, passions and strengths in a way that makes some type of a difference. You want to wake up excited to bring your passion into the world instead of following some meaningless scripted path that society handed you.

You’re here because you want to make an impact, large or small.

That might take shape as a new job or a little side passion project that turns into a new job. Maybe you’ll create your own gig or you’ll go to work for someone else. It makes no difference – we all want to do work we genuinely care about.

But there’s something keeping you from getting started. There’s some force preventing you from actually taking the first real step and transitioning from thinking and reading to testing and doing.

I can’t tell you how many people I meet who hear what I do for a living and say, “Oh man, I could use your help. I really don’t like what I’m doing.”

Then I ask them what they’ve done so far. Their response? “Um, nothing yet.”

It’s so sad and so frustrating because there are thousands of books and tools on the topic. Yet they haven’t opened a single one. And the reasons are always the same: “I have no idea where to start.”

This workshop is designed to change that.

Here’s the thing – it can be confusing, terrifying and downright debilitating to take the first steps. I know because I’ve been there. So have thousands of our customers and community members. But we’ve also learned how to work through them.

I’ve created in-depth courses on how to find and do work you love and how to surround yourself with the people who make it possible. But recently, I’ve realized we need to start much earlier in the process. And we need a specific Action Plan to tie it all together.

What if you don’t have a clue what the first step is?

And what if you don’t have the confidence to take it, even if you did know?

That’s what this Action Plan Workshop is designed to provide.

My goal is for you to leave with clarity, confidence and certainty about the steps to take to make the transition possible. You’ll have a tangible plan for immediate action.

Because action builds confidence and confidence creates results.

Why Am I Teaching This Workshop?

Because the first step is always the hardest. Always.

Over the past eight years, I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to make the transition from work you can’t stand to exciting work that actually means something.

I started out as a small and miserable cog in the wheel of a Fortune 500 company. I quit after seven months in search of something I could actually screw up. That’s how bad it was.

Then I set out on a quest to figure out what went wrong for me. I also went in search of the key principles that inspiring, passionate workers have in common but the rest of the working world seems to be missing.

It eventually lead me to craft Live Your Legend’s proprietary Passionate Work Framework, which I’ll cover in detail during the workshop.

The quest started out as personal, but as I made my own discoveries, more people asked for help.

Of the people I met with, 80% would quit their job within two or three months to go on to pursue something more meaningful. More importantly, they were actually happy.

I’ve since worked with hundreds of people one on one and thousands through our community at Live Your Legend.

I created Live Your Legend as a home base and resource hub for those of us dedicated to making our own impact. It’s a community for people who are finding and doing work we love and surrounding ourselves with the people who make it possible.

We now have over 60,000 people from 193 countries use our career and connection tools on a monthly basis – and over 1.3 million have seen our TEDx talk on How to Find and Do Work You Love.

It’s been a humbling adventure, and most importantly, thousands of people have started making their own difference in the world.

What Will The First Steps Workshop Cover?

We will address two main problems in this workshop:

1. Where do I start and how do I stop putting this off!?

Since getting started and making initial progress are the hardest and most confusing stages, they will be our pure focus during our two hours together.

We need tools and a proven process not just for making progress but also for startup momentum. We’ll talk about why so many people never take the first step and how you can, without wrestling with resistance. We’ll make the first steps so small and doable that progress will become a near certainty. No more procrastination and “not enough time” excuses.

2. What’s my action plan for making progress going forward?

If the steps aren’t clear, you probably won’t take them. We’ll walk though our Passionate Work Action Plan and even give you a copy so you can fill it out based on your own situation. The goal is to create simple, small steps and wins that actually happen.

But those are just the highlights. Here are 10 more things you’ll learn in the workshop…

10 More Things You’ll Learn from the First Steps Workshop

  1. Finding a compelling and personal reason to motivate real change and overcome your fear of the unknown
  2. How to safely start the career change process long before you quit your day job – so you don’t have to take a huge financial, family and personal risk
  3. Our three most productive exercises for identifying your passion(s) and experimenting with new ideas
  4. Finding the “action allies” that can give your goals a 5x more likely chance of succeeding
  5. Locating the right people to model for guidance and inspiration
  6. Tapping your community to identify your unique talents and strengths, and discovering how your current job can be your most productive discovery tool
  7. Applying the Passionate Work Framework and methodology to your specific situation
  8. Examples and case studies of people who got started and made a successful transition
  9. Finding the time in your schedule and building your daily and weekly “career change habit” – no matter how busy you are
  10. The one action I took to get myself to finally create this workshop after thinking about it for months. Yup. I put off taking action sometimes, too. ;)

This is what you’ll get out of the session:

  • A proven framework for discovering your passions and moving forward
  • A new sense of confidence, certainty and self-assurance that you know what to do next and that you’ll actually do it
  • The step-by-step Passionate Work Action Plan to put to use immediately to start creating change

I know everyone’s situation is a little different, so I wanted to provide a more universal action plan that you can mold to your own situation. Think of this as a choose-your-own adventure for creative career change and making your own discoveries.

Event Details

Event: 2-hour First Steps Workshop

Agenda: 90 minutes of class time followed by 30 minutes of questions and answers.

Date: Wednesday, May 14 at 12 noon Pacific Standard Time (PST) / 3pm EST

Cost: $29

How will you attend?

Attending is super easy. You’ll be able to participate from anywhere you have a screen and an Internet connection. I will email details to all registrants the day before and the day of the event.

What else is included?

  • Full recording and download of the video, audio, and slides from the event and Q&A session for your own use.
  • Associated checklists and Action Plan workbook
  • List of top online resources and tools for finding and choosing a passion

My Personal Guarantee

I want you making progress — simple as that. If you don’t leave the workshop with a useful, clear and actionable road map for making change, you are welcome to a full refund. That’s just how we roll. All I ask is that you tell us why so we can continue to improve. I trust you to be honest about the value you receive and effort we put in.

I also wanted to price it so anyone who needs help getting started could participate. That’s why it’s only $29.

Come join us below!

<<Click here to reserve your spot in the online workshop.>>

A Few Common Questions:

How Will This Workshop Be Different Than Your Weekly Articles?

1. Depth. As you can see from above, this will be a very comprehensive workshop. We can go much deeper in a 2-hour session than I ever could in one article. That allows us to give real focus to taking action. I’ll also be including new information, tools & techniques that I’ve yet to share on Live Your Legend, like finding your “action allies,” which can make a massive difference.

2. Tools & Worksheets. We’re creating a cool Action Plan to go with the training. It’s something we’ve never done before. That way you’ll know exactly how to put everything to use!

3. Live 30-Minute “Anything Goes” Question & Answer. This is the big one and the part I’m most excited about. Instead of interacting with LYL content passively as you would in a blog post and comments, you’ll get to ask questions and get feedback real time, kind of like a group coaching call. And I’ll cover anything you want!

What if I can’t make it to the live workshop?

No worries! You’ll get a full recording of the event (including the question and answer session) and all related tools, worksheets and resources. That way you can take the workshop when it’s best for your schedule. So even if you can’t be there live, you’ll still get a full recording and resources page sent to you a few days later.

What if I’ve already taken (or am currently taking) Live Off Your Passion?

If you’ve already taken LOYP and are making big progress, you’re probably good to go. Awesome.

But if you’re having trouble taking action and making meaningful progress, this could make for a powerful jump-start. I’ll also be covering things that haven’t been covered in any of our courses. And you’ll get access to a new set of tools and the live question and answer session with me, which I don’t usually offer. So if you’re still looking for some deeper guidance or momentum, I’d join the workshop.


Okay, team —  those are all the details. Can’t wait to dive into this stuff with you all.

Remember, action creates confidence and confidence creates results.

Here’s to finding momentum and making real progress!


P.S. Since the live workshop has a capacity limit, we’ll be taking registrations on a first-come, first-served basis. And no matter what, all registrations will get access to all the recording info and tools once we’re done.

Click here to reserve your spot for $29 and join us for the fun!

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10 Responses to “Announcing The First Steps Workshop! A Detailed Action Plan to (Finally) Start Doing Work You Love”

  1. Anna says:

    Hi Scott,
    Congrats and well done on putting so much needed workshop together. I’ve no doubt it will be a great tap on the shoulder to people playing with the idea of doing what they really feel passionate about; like your TED talk was to me a while back.
    Go on & smash it :)

  2. Great thing you are leveraging your knowledge towards organising this live workshop. Workshops have been proven to be super-effective, and I can see the same in this.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Scott,
    Really love your work. I gave a talk tonight here in Belfast on “Finding your Passion, living your purpose.”
    We are so on the same page on this stuff it’s crazy.
    I’m lucky in that I have done work that I really really enjoyed and know how good that feels. Now ready to help others do the same, negotiate the bumps in the road along the way and live their real dream.
    I believe one of the most destructive phrases ever invented by man was “let’s live THE dream.” I chased THE dream too and it ended in tears.
    THE dream doesn’t exist, it’s an illusion. It’s YOUR real dream that matters.
    Can’t wait to chat about how I can spread your wisdom.
    Richard Wasson

  4. Alberto says:

    Amazing article. I didn´t know this blog but I will start reading you =)

  5. Emmanuel says:

    Hi Scott!

    I’d like to say a big thank you for everything you put out there. I’m 16 years old, and your Live Off Your Passion Course is really pushing me to start doing inspiring things. I’ve always been what I consider to be an explorer, and I’m about to start a (french) blog: my goal is to start a real revolution, so that young people (under 25) can start living with purpose and passion in order to change the world. I really understand their problems very well, and I think that school is really killing us. I want to let them know that it’s possible to actually discover what they love to do and to start doing it right away!

    Keep doing what you do, and I hope that you can see my comment and tell me what you think ;)

  6. Nancy says:

    HELP!!! I am registered for the webinar at noon today on May 14 and did not receive my log-in details. Feeling stressed (and it is my birthday today). Can you please provide asap!!

  7. Tododalmcox says:

    The idea of making super-short-run
    personalized labels and tags for weddings, parties, home cooks, entrepreneurs, basement brewers and winemakers was first imagined in January of 2000 by Jeanne Williamson.

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