What could be possible with the right people?

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family: Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.

- Jane Howard

Ok, it’s time for some fun!

We’re keeping this one simple. Next Tuesday morning is the private Insider’s Team launch of How to Connect with Anyone (main launch is Oct. 16th), and today I want to give our entire Live Your Legend community the chance to win free course access for life. Think of this as a scholarship of sorts.

**Plus, the first 20 people to comment will get $10 off the course if you decide to join when the course goes live. 

All I want to know is how you could most benefit from the How to Connect with Anyone course.

To enter, all you have to do is answer one question in the comments by this Friday at midnight PST, and on Monday I’ll announce the winner.

Here’s your one question:

How would your life be different if you had the help of anyone you wanted?

What project would you build? What would you do differently? Anything goes – just tell us why having a passionate and supportive group of people in your corner is so importnat to you.

That’s it. Take 30 seconds right now to answer that in the comments below (email readers click here). I can’t wait to hear your story! I even plan to include some of them in the course content!

Our biggest most ambitious project yet…

This is by far the most ambitious project I’ve taken on, and I’m literally buzzing with excitement to get it out to you guys.

And I could not have done it without the 10,000+ responses, ideas and bits of feedback you’ve given me over the past months. I built what you asked for. Thank you for that.

How to Connect With Anyone is more than just an online course.

It’s a comprehensive and interactive private community with step-by-step tools, scripts and videos, with live interaction and webinars, to teach you a proven framework for getting the attention of and befriending industry leaders, as well as (and much more importantly) forming a tight and trusted community of peers, mentors, partners and supporters necessary to build your ideal business or career.

No matter if you’re an introvert, don’t know what to say, feel like you have nothing to offer, or live in the middle of nowhere, we’re creating this course for you.

I actually spent over seven hours yesterday with my video guy Glenn shooting 21 studio-quality videos for the course. It’s going to be interactive. It’s going to be engaging. And most importantly, it’s going to be really freakin’ fun!

As most of you know by now, I believe there is no more powerful predictor of success than the people you choose to surround yourself with. You simply cannot have the impact you were meant to make, nor fully Live Your Legend, if the people around you don’t inspire, support and bring you to a new level.

The people around you must show you the impossible can be your new normal. In fact, that’s why I created Live Your Legend in the first place.

With that said, let’s get back to this week’s contest. 

Just answer this one question in the comments below (I actually listed a few similar questions to give you a better feel):

What would you do with the right people in your corner?

What could be possible? How could you benefit from How to Connect With Anyone? Why do you most need the course?

You must answer this by this Friday at midnight PST in order to be eligible, and I will announce the winners next Monday before our Insider’s Team launch.

The winner will get free access to How to Connect with Anyone – for life!

Btw, here’s some of what the course will include, just to give you an idea of how huge of a project this is…. 

  • The full 4-week 12-module interactive How to Connect with Anyone online curriculum, with private login
  • Specific word-for-word scripts, dialogues, videos, presentations, case studies and activities that focus on taking action and actually making contact
  • Comprehensive interactive accountability exercises, tools and check-ins
  • A suite of online resources and top websites for making real connections
  • A team of over a dozen experts and top connectors who share their best strategies for standing out and building meaningful relationships both online and in-person. Some include Keith Ferrazzi (Bestselling author of Never Eat Alone), Brian Johnson (CEO of en*theos), Derek Sivers (Founder of $100m business, CD Baby) and Chris Guillebeau (Creator of World Domination Summit & The $100 Startup)
  • Private access to an ongoing community of supporters and our live community forum for getting real-time help, sharing stories, getting feedback, creating mastermind groups, hosting live meetups and making real-time connections ($200 value)
  • Four weekly live webinars to discuss progress and get solutions to your challenges ($600 value)
  • Bonus #1: How to Email Important People 28-lesson eCourse ($97 value)
  • Bonus #2: How to Use Twitter to Connect with Influencers eCourse ($97 value)
  • Bonus #3: Sales and influencing 101 ($97 value)
  • Lifetime access & free updates for life ($500+ value) – this is a flagship course that will be updated a lot in the future and you won’t have to pay a dime for any of them
  • And a few special things we’ll mention during the launch ;)

Like I said, this project has taken on a life of its own!

So all I want to know is…

What could be possible if you had the support of anyone on the planet to help make your project a success?

With the right people in your corner, what would you build or create?

Would you finally write that soon-to-be bestseller? Would you start a charity to solve the clean water crisis in Africa? Would you finally leave that soul-sucking job? Would you launch that career or start that business you’ve always talked and dreamed about? Or would you just have a lot more fun?

Have fun with this. Dream big. The more specific the better. Tell us exactly what you’d do with the right people in your corner.

All I want to know is how you think you could benefit from the How to Connect with Anyone Course. 

Share in the comments (answers must be in by this Friday at midnight). The most honest, fun, real, engaging response wins the life-time scholarship. We’ll announce that on Monday.

And remember, the first 20 people to comment will get $10 off the course if you decide to join when the course goes live. 

I can’t wait to hear your story and I REALLY can’t wait to show you this over the next two weeks!

Thanks for everything guys,


P.S. If you’re not a part of the pre-launch Insider’s Team yet, you can still join us here and you’ll get early access to the course at a special price.

For everyone else, keep an eye out for our main launch on Tuesday October 16th. It will only be open for 3 days.

P.P.S. Also, next week I’m publishing our second Living Legends Reader Spotlight, where I’ll profile 10 of your projects to our whole community (and one gets a one-on-one coaching session with me). You would not believe the submissions we’ve gotten over the past month. So damn inspiring!

Now take 30 seconds and give us your contest response below

  • http://malexperience.com/ Graham Phoenix | Male eXperience

    This is a tough one, Scott! No limits, no caveats, no buts! I’m putting on my own condition which is that they have to be alive and active.

    I work with men, helping them to grow and develop. I help men deal with the crises of mid life when everything seems to fall apart. This often comes from a lack of certainty and courage in their lives.

    The one person who has made more impact than anyone else on men is Eben Pagan. As David DeAngelo he has created a multi-million dollar business out of his ‘Double Your dating’ products. Recently he got married to a woman he did not meet on a date. I would love to get together with Eben and work with him to shift what he teaches to men. He, in turn would open up access to so many men who need help.

    I would love to see the course helping me to plan and organise meeting up with Eben, connecting with him and helping him to see how important my work is and what he could do to bring it to so many men.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how this amazing course can help me along this road.

    • Robin

      Art has a way of making people “feel”. I want to create and display art that makes people “feel”. Hopefully they feel happy, but, others want to remember something; they want the memory even if it causes some pain or sadness.
      I would like to spend time with someone who uses digital media so I can quickly create my templates (things like corel painter, photoshop etc.) before I paint and then be able to create prints of those that evoke the best feelings (to provide to hospital waiting rooms, patient rooms, doctors offices).
      I would like to spend time with someone who could teach me how to put on low cost, high volumn shows so everyone had the opportunity to enjoy a variety of art (my father does wood work, my mother works with fabric, my son is an animator, painter and drawer, my husband is a “jack of all trades” and I paint and draw).
      To me it is not the money that would make me feel rich it is the smiles on peoples faces!

  • http://www.byjanet.net/purple Janet

    I think relationships are the glue, or the bread and butter of business. not just relationships with other entrepreneurs but of course, relationships with your clients/customers.

    If I could connect with anyone I could really launch my business and not just be a hobbyist. I’ve been making about $8,000/yr on my passions/side hustle and I think it’s time I play big. The hardest part has been figuring out what I want to do in the first place.. creating the right branding with it and realizing that what I started to build may not even be what I want. The whole “lets break it and start over” thing resonates with me. So the rebrand/relaunch would help with the support of relationships and acknowledging that I want to become the type of leader that hosts webinars, creates videos, a signature product/ecourse, does interviews and the whole 9 yards.

    I would contact people to collaborate on my first ebook as a way to launch my business. And also realize that my blog can be a business and not hide from that..

    • http://www.brightlittlesocks.com Iris

      Hey Janet,

      good to see you hear. If you’re interested in relaunching, there’s an interview Corbett Barr did with Scott about the relaunch of his blog. You can find it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTwkNfkJ2FE

      As you might know I’m doing the Start A Blog That Matters course which is also targeted towards bloggers who want to relaunch. Liz Seda has done it too, maybe you can ask her for her opinion.

      I hope that helps :)

      Looking forward to see you evolve and grow.


      • http://www.byjanet.net/purple Janet

        thanks so much, Iris!! That’s so helpful.. I’ll have to check it out. Good luck on your launch.. you seem to be quite productive with it!!

        • http://www.brightlittlesocks.com Iris

          Glad I could help :)

          I’m glad I seem productive. :P I’ve been incredibly busy with the launch and can’t wait to share my blog with you and the world.

          Big HUG!

  • http://www.itstartswith.com Sarah Kathleen Peck

    Oooh, you had me at “contest”! I love what you’re doing here, Scott, and I figure I might as well enter. I always value what you produce.

    In terms of learning, I would benefit most from learning how to navigate, prioritize, and strategize the most effective use(s) of my network. Not all connections are made the same, and I struggle with some of the more nuanced follow-up steps of networking. After connecting, how to you strengthen the relationship? How do you maintain it? How do you say “no” if the relationship isn’t a priority (and it feels like a sin just to write that, but it’s really difficult!)

    A recent example: there are more than 500 people who donated to a cause I worked on. If I were to take each person out for coffee, that would be two meetings per day for an entire year–that’s a lot of time. How do I spend time with the people I want to spend time with, while also knowing when to reign in?

    Another tool or skill I’d love to learn is how to change the perception of yourself as you change and grow. When I started out, I knew very few people, and I still sometimes embody that self-perception: I think I’m just an average joe, standing on the side of the room, with little value to offer. I know that’s no longer true, but catching up my mindset and cultivating the new mindset and persona is still a challenge for me.

    So, if I could connect with anyone, I’d love to connect with some of the most talented leaders and thinkers in the world and ask them to share some of the vulnerabilities of their journey: did they always know that they would be successful? What do they do to maintain strong connections? What are the pitfalls of becoming well-networking? How do you become a quick study?

    I hope I win, but if not — I also hope these comments are helpful. Would love to chat more with you about these ideas next time I see you!

  • Tracy

    I have been an artist my whole life, but always had a job..because i didn’t think i was good enough, bright enough, the right kind of artist, to go for it. PLUS, I did NOT have the support I needed as I was growing up. Father died when i was 15, he was an artist, as well as a successful business man. He actually had my first piece of art framed and hung on the wall, when i was in grade school! This piece of art i created on one of his cardboard inserts in his dry cleaned shirts he’d get back from the cleaners..:) What i remember hearing when i was growing up from my mother was, she wouldn’t want to tell me i was good, because it might give me a big head..HA!
    I applied and got accepted, by myself, into the College of Art and Design, Minneapolis MN, in 1978,79..I was drinking,doing drugs trying to hide my emotions at the time..and didn’t finish even one quarter..I was ALWAYS afraid to ask questions for fear of looking stupid, so i said nothing..just thought i should know these things..(Wrong i know).
    I quit abusing myself with alcohol and drugs when i was 27. I am 55. Anyways, I am currently working on a great design surrounding yoga and alternative therapies..mainly yoga right now, starting small with greeting cards, I’d like to see my art on wall cover, fabric, gift wrapping and more..What i would do with a great support team, is grow my art into a positive, happy, diverse business. In turn i would LOVE to support many deserving people/charities, that involve just to name a few..abuse, drug and alcohol abuse, bullying, low self esteem,alternative therapies,many things i have encountered in the past. Oh and cancer too..I think that is everything..:) I was laid off from my last job in March 2009,two weeks later my husband was diagnosed with brain cancer, he died two years ago June 17th, 2010. I recently got a job, so i could help pay for the production of greeting cards. I have my cards in one store in the twin cities..and have sold them to many people. I am positive and happy, i just get scared..and stop. I don’t want to stop..I want to keep going! I have two kids, both great guy’s,ages 16 and 26..Thanks for the opportunity to share my story.

  • Brian

    I’ve been a high performer my whole, but I’ve constantly felt held back by certain individuals in my life. It took a lot of growing to decide to let relationships go. The biggest thing missing, has been people with a similar mindset. Most people aren’t trying to be negative, but having everyone brush off your ideas all the time wasn’t always easy.

    If I had an inner group, which I’ve already started to build, that was willing to take action and support “impossible” dreams and ideas, it would make me that much better.

    I already have a friend that picks a new goal for the week with me, but connecting with high-powered people will help me strive to be like them.

  • Bill Franks

    I would like to be able to spend time with Elizabeth May, the leader and only elected member of the Green Party of Canada. She is a truly inspirational person who believes passionately that what she is doing will have a positive effect on the future of our planet.
    Elizabeth is a lawyer by profession and she has definately taken the road less travelled. I would like to learn how to have more of a values driven life where I know that I am helping the common good with what I contribute with my time and talents.

  • Megan

    Hmm… if I had the help of anyone I wanted… I’d probably be working my dream job (or at least towards it, it’s tough to break into it) and feeling really fulfilled and like I finally met my goals. Simple as that. I don’t dislike the life I have right now, but deep down inside I know it’s not the life I wanted for myself.

    There are some pretty amazing stories though. Whoever wins definitely deserves it!

  • Laura

    I would have more confidence and I would try things that the unsupportive people in my life laugh at me for even thinking about.

  • http://unitedboomersofamerica.com Bill

    After interviewing more than 1,000 workers and hundreds of Hiring Managers, a multi-media expert would help me reach millions of workers announcing a new “Hiring Breakthrough System” to replace the Traditional Hiring System approach that no longer works.

  • Kevin

    I’m an author. Therefore, I immediately think that a high caliber agent would be the best kind of connection I could ever have. Heide Lange represents one of my favorite authors who continues to write bestseller after bestseller, Brad Thor. I’ve actually had the honor of meeting Brad Thor and the opportunity to ask him some questions and like him, I’m willing to do the grunt work to get the job done. What I lack is the network of people to take my completed work from my laptop to bookstores.

    I’m certain that if I had the backing of a quality agent like Heide Lange, my stories would find the support they need to come to life and reach audiences everywhere. Then doing what I loved could be more than just a passion. It could become my way of life opening up doors I’ve only dreamed of.

    • http://www.brightlittlesocks.com Iris

      I really enjoyed reading your story as I secretly want to be an author myself (and I will one day!). So cool that you got to connect with your big idol.

      I wish you all the best to get your books published!

  • http://www.conquertheedge.com Katie

    This is an excellent question! And I must say that if I had the right, amazing people in my corner, I know exactly what I would do!

    My whole life I’ve been inspired by people who’ve broken the boundaries and who have done things differently. The people who challenge the norm and pave their own way. They’ve been my inspiration and my motivation. One of these people is my grandfather who lost his leg in WWII and became the first U.S. amputee skier at a time when people thought it was impossible.

    Every time I think: How will I do this? How can I accomplish this? I think of my grandfather who somehow learned to ski on one leg without ever having set foot on ski slope. If he can do something most people thought never could be done, I remind myself: I can do that too.

    So, if I had all the right people in my corner, I’d make his life story into a movie–something I’m working on now. Especially, because I think it would truly inspire and change people’s lives and the way they live.

    • http://www.brightlittlesocks.com Iris

      Hey Katie,

      I just took a look at your site and what can I say, I subscribed. Really impressed by the design of your site and the amazing content!

  • Svetto

    Hey Scott,

    First of all I want to thank you for inspiring me to live the life I’ve always dreamed for. Every time some doubts like “come on, what you want to do is not possible” come to my mind, I just open your blog, read a random article and these doubts go away. I already have some content written for my blog which I’m launching in a month. Taking action is the key!

    Now, straight to the question – if I had the help of anyone I wanted I would create an online business or some kind of passive income source that can support me, so that I can become a full time volunteer and help people all around the world. That’s my dream, that’s my legend and I’m going to find a way to live it.

    Thank you once again.

  • http://www.bethterrence.com Beth Terrence

    Hi, Scott. One of my visions and goals has been to bring holistic resources to addictions treatment and recovery as I feel incorporating a holistic approach that really supports the integration of body, mind, emotion and spirit, is one of the missing links in current treatment programs. There is some change in this area but it is still somewhat limited. I have had the opportunity to work in this area and have developed some specific programs that can be offered as an adjunct to existing treatment and recovery programs. I would like to develop this more fully as program and create resources such as books, audios and videos that can support this work for both organizational and individual benefit. I would also like to create a training program to expand the reach of this program both nationally and internationally.

    Thanks for the opportunity to share. Even in writing this vision, I can feel the energy of opportunity and expansion arising. I really appreciate all that you to support others in carrying their visions forward.

  • Traci

    The help I need is someone to hold me accountable for doing what I say I need, want and should to do. For the most part I am motivated but certain aspects of my life lag behind because I proscratinate because of fear and comfort with what is. Someone pushing me would allow me to take my career to the next level through networking public speaking etc

  • Ashley Lauren

    To be honest…i knew in less than 30 seconds what i would really like. I actually don’t want the help for my own benefit per se..but to help the person that is the most important in my whole life: my mom.

    She has been doing so much work on herself the last years and she is the person I admire every day for her strenght and wisdom.
    Due to feeling that she has falied in her life (failed her family, job) she sort of slipped into a depression that nearly killed her spirit.
    She lost all trust in and sense of herself and didnt know how to get out of it. Until she came acros Dr. Pauls Mind OS programm.
    In hindsight she tells me that he saved her life and gave her back some of the energy she had lost.
    So Dr. Paul brought her back to life from a zombie state, but who really mad an impact on her, and has every since was a featured coach named: Rori Raye.

    She bought two of her programs and has shared them with me and I have to say that Rori Raye has changed our lives, but especially given my mam the freedom to allow herself to feel and be a woman. To be vulnerable, femiine and to be able to set boundaries for herself. And to be able to cry. That she is allowed to have feelings and doesnt always have to be person in control.

    So….If I had a wish,…I would wish for my mam to be able to spend some time with Rori Raye. That she could be with a woman who knows where she is coming from and who is able to give my mam the trust and knowledge back that she is just the most amazing person.

    ….this is what i would want if i could pick one person.

  • http://www.olilewington.co.uk Oli Lewington

    I’m a filmmaker and a transplant recipient; I want to help people live the life they want to live and I want to inspire them to do just that by making compelling and remarkable films about people who have done it before – faced down adversity and ploughed on regardless, turned their lives around and made the change they wanted to see.

    I want to show people that you don’t have to wait until you face a life-or-death decision to take control.

    Connecting with anyone will help me find those stories and make examples of people from the highest echelons of society and fame to those who are quietly and simply living their legends.

    And, of course, if I can connect and engage a rabid fan base ahead of time, I can probably raise even more funds to do all of this with.

  • http://delisatoole.com Delisa

    I would choose a cheerleader. I have always been “the cheerleader” for someone else. The systems/organizational person that makes dreams come true. For the first time in my life, I am pursuing something on my own. It is so different! I realize what a critical part I played in the past. I never had doubts as to what one could accomplish, I was always confident we could do anything. Now, I am constantly fighting self-doubt. I realize that it is easier to believe in the strengths and gifts of someone else, more than yourself.

  • http://wildprairiecomputers.com Mark Barton

    I think with the ever growing concern in healthcare that the major emphasis has been on IT and less on process change. Less on patient involvement. Less on the Doctors being able to take care of the patient. Isn’t that why they went to medical school? I want to help drive change even if it’s a small change in the org I currently work for. So many people have become disenfranchised with life as we know and lock themselves into the same old routine every day. I want to help people break free.

  • http://morethanadventure.com/ Kurt Swann


    Am working on a project to give talks to school kids about skydiving. Provide photos, videos and a bring along a parachute to show them how it works etc. The purpose wouldn’t necessarily be to convince them to skydive but to encourage them to think of life as being full of all kinds of adventures/opportunities.

    I’ve got other ideas for projects, both for-profit and charity. But each time I think of the possibilities, I realize how much more could be accomplished if I had better “connecting skills.” That’s where your course comes in :)

    I have a question . . . . I’ll be traveling during some of the 4 week time period. If I can’t make all the live webinars would that be a problem?



  • Clinton

    If I had the help of anyone I wanted, there would be no limit to what I can do.

  • http://www.creativesouljuice.com Hobby

    Being a late bloomer and in mid-life, I’ve got a lot I’d like to share and experience, and somewhat limited time to do it. So I’d like advice from the top and to work with the ones who’ve done it more quickly and efficiently than I have. I realize the tortoise won the race… but I’d like to enjoy more sooner with a pace that allows me to enjoy the speed. I’d like to run the race with you, too, Scott… lots of respect and admiration for what you’ve put together so far.

  • Erica

    Scott you truly are an amazing person. Reading through everyone’s comments had me second guessing about posting. I have nothing grand or even wonderful planned like most that posted. But then I remembered something you said to me….Be you!

    After many years of second guessing and bad decisions I became afraid of life. In terms of learning…I would love help developing lasting connections and building my “tribe.” How to priotorize my time with those new connections.

    Most importantly how to step out of my own shadow…Being an introvent means I have to have time to process before crafting something amazing. I need help explaning this to people.


  • http://www.mydebtmarathon.com Rachel

    My dream is to teach about the arts and humanities. As I’ve pursued this dream, I’ve also realized that I want to design educational programs, courses, and a website that demonstrates how art history can be integrated in classrooms to enhance curriculum, hook students, and demonstrate ideas through visuals. I’ve already started some aspects of my vision though I have so much still to do. I would love to connect with people who could help me with the website, grant writing, and personal development. Scott, your site inspires me daily to remind myself that the impossible is possible and that the opportunities will be revealed in the right time but to happen I have to affirm within positive expectations and do the diligent work required. Thanks for living your legend!

  • Brian Ball

    Connecting is often about discovery. Several of my success stories include initiating conversations with random strangers. If not for getting out and connecting, I would never have met Austin Sarner, the guy who co-created AppZapper with me. More recently, I completed an Olympic distance triathlon that got started when meeting a gal at a coffee shop here in SF.

    I like the idea that everything you want in life can be gotten with and through other people.

    Even for experienced people, a course that allows me to “work through” the ideas of connecting and use deliberate practice to hone my skills and confidence will be invaluable.

    I look forward to understanding the psychology of connections and the whys behind our internal motivations. I anticipate getting insight into emotional cues and how I can use them to connect with people on levels I wouldn’t know about unless I learned them here.

    I want to explore the spectrum of connections from total strangers to deep connections during emotionally charged events.

    I’m glad somebody is putting this together as a course. I’m glad we’ll be surrounded by like-minded people that we can share ideas, experience and stories with.

    Most of all, I’m excited that a small group of us will make a difference in the world because we had the courage to take action.

    • Seahorse

      Hello Brian,

      I enjoyed reading your post.

      I really connected with your statement about “conversations with random strangers” as this has happened to me on several occasions.

      I tend to be an observer rather than an activist, so more often than not I am the one who is approached. But, when I do follow that impetus to respond on a deeper level, I find the outcome is that much more rewarding.

      Perhaps it is due in part to the possibility that taking a step into the unknown creates an exhilarating and emotionally charged connection and one has to wonder at the role integration plays in this exchange. Maybe behavioral phenotypes influence human interaction or maybe it’s the other way around. Still, I think each personality type has something to offer – the initiator and the responder – as we communicate with one another.

      I too find the subject of psychology a fascinating field of study yet, I hesitate to limit it to the sphere of human interaction because I find the subfield of evolutionary physiology quite relevant to the process as a whole. However, I digress…wishing you the best of luck in the contest tomorrow.

  • Ravi

    If time, money and support were not a problem, I would kick off an initiative to make everyone on the planet aware of who they could be if they, like me had all the support they needed.

    As I write this I’m wondering – but what about those who want to subjugate others against their will. But that’s an implementation issue. I’m assuming this question is about where would I want things to be, not how we will get there.

  • Christina

    “What could be possible if you had the support of anyone on the planet to help make your project a success?”

    Anything is possible if you really put your mind to it. I’m very much a free thinker and have a very strong creative drive. I do not believe in “sheeple” mentality, and I NEVER fit into conformity of the 80%.

    If I had successful people in my corner, I’d could really do anything. I would stomp out all negative connotations and stereotypes about being successful. I’d push for encouraging others to pursue happiness. Success isn’t just about financial gain.

    I’d move mountains.

    I never had a strong, positive influence until I started attending college for the first time. At 27, I discovered that YES I can have dreams and goals and passions.

    I CAN do damn near anything if I worked hard for it. I never felt like that before. Honest. I came from a broken home, and I am sure there are a lot of people like me with the same story, or even a worse one.

    I am not afraid to admit that I have a heavy past, that there were terrible negatives. I stopped letting that crap hold me back, and damnit, I’m going to do what I want to do. I want to be free and happy, and proud to do the things I do.

    If I had the right, successful people, I would like to reach out to people like me. I would like to help spread the word that it’s ok to have a passion, and it’s okay to dream and just be yourself.

    My main passions are art, and design. I am currently re-enrolled into an Associates degree. I really hope to make changes, and I hope I could pursue further degrees.

    If I can get to the right people, and be able to tell me story and share my talents and skills, I could really do anything.

    …like move mountains.


  • http://virtuaza.com Patricia

    Hi Scott, and thanks for asking :)

    I’m about to start a community where international/multicultural points of view will be the center of interest, this project will be centered around blogging.

    With your help, Scott, this might make me live my legend, and with Corbett Barr’s help, I want my project to be a blog that matters, and with Chris Guillebeau’s unconventional strategies, I would expand this project to be a peace movement, helping others to feel being citizens of the world.

    See you soon Scott, very soon :)
    Patricia (Switzerland)

  • Don Davis

    I know that I have missed the cutoff, but I am completed to answer anyway. I would love to help others find their God given talents. Many of us work and live according to someone else “script”. I want to help others to write their own script and to have the courage to act out that script. Thanks for all of your efforts as they are making a difference in my life.

  • Don Davis

    oops……that should say I am compelled to answer antway.

  • Ngoc Khong

    Wow, thank you for giving us this amazing opportunity!

    This is a huge question.

    With the right people I would do a few things successfully.

    First, I would create a project to deliver coaching to people. Actually, I plan to start my life coaching & career consultant project in January next year, right before my final semester at university. I have had this plan in my mind for a long time even before your course announcement. The project will be targeted to the students who don’t know yet what they want to do in the future and need direction, just like me some time ago. In the long term I would change to target to fresh graduates and some others, I think. :D With advice from experts and support from friends, the project will be a success. Moreover, I hope to find a mentor soon. :)

    Second, I would understand other people better. This is the best thing that the course would bring. I would understand other people better. Thus, I could really connect with them, and serve them better. Both in personal life and business (my project).

    Third, I would write a book. I’m still not sure what I’ll write, but I have a goal of writing one in the future. I guess I’ll have to connect with publishers, journalists and other authors also! But at the moment I think it’s enough for me to just write my own blog and connect with other bloggers. When my blog’s content is good enough, when the right moment comes, the book will come too.

    FYI, I am going to attend a conference of Marie Forleo, an amazing businesswoman. The conference is gonna take place from Oct 26-28. I guess I am the only one who-hasn’t-graduated-yet among 300 men and women who are creators, entrepreneurs, authors, etc. I’m gonna have a chance to talk to them and learn a lot from them. This is amazing but I also feel slightly scared. Darn it, I definitely need your course, Scott!

    Anyway, I think all of us here deserve to be winners, but the number is limited, so I just wish the best for all.

    Thank you a lot, Scott.

    • Seahorse

      Hello Ngoc,

      Thank you for your comment to my post.

      I tend to operate from a limitless point of view and because of this family and friends jokingly (and lovingly) refer to me as a “new renaissance person”. The reason I mention this is because with so many opportunities to choose from, individuals entering the workforce are faced with an even more confusing array of options, and which direction to follow. Add to that expectations to live up to whatever models of success they have been exposed to, and you get a very complex and stressful road to travel, on the way to finding a suitable career for life.

      I believe the service you will provide will be most beneficial to those who are looking to find their niche in life before they end up doing something just to make ends meet while they dream about what they wish they could be doing instead.

      Good luck with the launch of your new career in January, your future book, and Scott’s contest tomorrow.

  • http://www.unpluggedrecreated.com Justin Harmon

    Hey Scott,

    Honestly, I would want the exposure. Having someone that is well connected, who also believes in the message I want to offer to the world. That is, to change the world so that everyone has fulfillment in life.

    Someone, like yourself who is doing it right now. Who understands what it takes and knows that it is about connections. Being able to have access to others, who can share the message with the people they know, on and on and on… This will allow my message to spread and benefit the lives of those that need to hear it, can learn from it, and start their own.

    I don’t want to go on a rant, but in a nutshell, I am spreading the message of what is possible, giving inspiration and hope to those that can use it, to change their lives and believe in what is possible for their lives and the lives of others, and show them how to do it.

    The message is simple, yet eludes so many of us because of our day to day lives, the environment that surrounds us, lack of confidence, self-esteem, the media, the system in general, etcetera. I just want to show the world that anyone can do what they dream of. It’s not just a special privilege given to the elite. Yes, it takes hard work and yes it’s about who you know, but entirely possible.

    Inspire, lead, and show the way. The world is about connection and so is everything else. Changing lives isn’t impossible, it’s necessary.
    Here’s to a better world.


  • http://bigstatebiglife.com Lorena

    What a great idea Scott!

    I recently had an interesting revelation, but to understand it you first need to know a little bit more about me. I am an EMS Helicopter pilot flying in Alaska. Pretty freakin cool right?

    But here’s the thing- although I may have a badass profession, I don’t actually *feel* that badass. Landing on the side of the road and flying someone to the hospital all while managing the challenging weather conditions and reassuring the family it’ll be okay is just what I do. It feels normal.

    On the other hand when I read and follow people like Leo Babauta, Danielle LaPorte, Chris Guillebeau, Justine Musk, Jonathan Fields, Brene Brown (and even you Scott), I think “Wow, those people really *are* badasses. They’re dreaming, thinking and living BIG lives.”

    But here the revelation- I bet those people don’t really feel that badass. It’s just what they do. Being their badass self has become normal. But I bet it wasn’t always that way. What shifted for them? How?

    What I realized is the people that I see as “badass” have learned how to manage uncertainty, the fear of failure, and have let go of “playing small” in their lives.

    How amazing would the world be if we could all learn how to do that?

    We’d be unstoppable.

    I’d like to “meet” and talk with those people and others and put together an e-course called “Unleashing Your Inner Badass” and create a community of courageous individuals living a Big Life.

    Virtual high-five Scott. You’re living a Big Life and inspiring us to be living one too- a testament to the power of community. Awesome.

    With gratitude,

  • http://prelaunch.ashleyjosephine.com Ashley Josephine

    Hey Scott. Truly appreciate and enjoy reading your work and watching your progress.

    What could be possible if I had the support of anyone on the planet? I will bring yoga to the military. Not that it isn’t an option already, but I would ingrain it. People in the military can really benefit from yoga – it’s been proven through scientific studies and is currently being funded around the country (of course, funding is always an issue and so many programs are at risk of being cut). And as much as I’m interested in helping our country’s service members achieve peace of mind amidst all the stuff they come up against, I’m actually more interested in the wives. If I could have access to anyone to help me make this a reality, I need the supper of the wives. To gain the trust of the wives and to ensure them that yoga is not a cult, a religion or any other number of negative soul-sucking ploys, I need access to successful, influential women who are industry leaders and who buy in to yoga as a helpful lifestyle tool.

    It has been my experience that the woman is the foundation of the family. When she is not functioning, the rest of the family suffers. Military wives go through some things that almost no one else will ever have to go through in their life and yet the support that is offered to them is often lackluster. This course will benefit me in so many ways and help me reach the most amount of people possible to help empower women and redefine the stereotypical, stress-filled military lifestyle. Not only will I learn how to find the wives, but I want to connect with the powerful and influential industry leading women who can help support my mission.

    Only when we take care of ourselves can we effectively and efficiently serve and take care of others. Yoga teaches us to take care of ourselves and does it at the same time.

    I’m here to live my legend. And my legend is empowering women through yoga, meditation and other resources online.

    Oh and one more thing. You don’t have to be flexible to do yoga. I promise.

  • Jcmanthorpe

    I so love what you are doing Scott, you are true leader with compassion for others, a role model I want to be, so I aiming to be that person I want to be and gather and express those attributes of this special person I want to become.

    I will do this by sharing what I know in my area of passion, living consciously and taking full responsibility of our own health to optimal health, fitness and well-being.

    I will share my knowledge and expertise in this area as a mentor, coach and inspiration for others to do the same, and help make a difference in their life’s via long-term health and well-being.

    To answer your questions:
    What would you do with the right people in your corner?
    Create a huge transformational change in the way we live our life’s from living unconsciously and putting our health and well-being in the hands of others, to being consciously aware of our own responsibility for our health and well-being, and a knowing of how to live healthy life’s with ease.

    I intend to gather like-minded people to form a community of change in the way we view our own health and well-being so to obtain optimal health and long-term wellness by conscious healthy eating, consciously moving our bodies and fully loving ourselves as we are, and be the person we want to be for others.
    The community will provide great value information – a knowledge base, mentoring, motivation and inspiration to help people transform into healthy vibrant people of knowing how to live optimal healthy life’s via natural environmental friendly ways that create great community of health and wellness seekers; where they are really expressing their true authentic self and living consciously aware of how to live by their own means and be doing what they love that uplifts them.

    What could be possible?
    All is possible, I can envision a world of happy authentic healthy conscious people living how nature intended, living with nature and not against it, and enjoying healthy long life’s of joy and excitement with the energy and vitality to fully live life to he full.
    How could you benefit from How to Connect With Anyone?
    I would benefit as I would learn how to connect authentically and effectively with like-minded people who share my passion, so I am able to build the transformational change I so much want to see in the world
    Why do you most need the course?
    True authentic and powerful ways to connect with people that share my vision and passion to create change in the area of health and well-being and living consciously, so I can start to get this rolling. To learn what the best kind of people I need that can help me for my vision and business.

    Thanks again Scott for the marvelous opportunity to part of this.


  • Eddie

    How would your life be different if you had the help of anyone you wanted?

    Thanks for asking!

    My life would be full of opportunities to build strong relationships with passionate people as I collaborate with them on their personal and professional development. I’d get tips on how to build a thriving coaching service where I can share the truths I’ve found on my journeys and humbly help in their great causes and dreams.

  • http://jeffandjillwentupthehill.com Jill

    I’m glad you stated “Now take 30 secconds and . . .” because nothing that involves writing takes me 30 seconds. Which is why I rarely post things, respond to things, etc. It shouldn’t take an insane amount of time to do this and yet it does. For me. THIS is what I want to learn to get past. So here I am responding. It’s already been more than 30 seconds but that’s ok. I’m still writing and will eventually hit the “submit comment” button. A feat for me. :)

  • Kaxxina

    I’m not sure who exactly I would approach to help me with this, but being a big fan of Japanese rock music (specifically visual Kei) I would love to work as a private English tutor for the lyricists who are trying sooo hard to write decent English lyrics and failing quite magnificently to write better lyrics to help them expand their fan bases worldwide! Communication is very important in all fields and although music is a language in its own right, some kickass lyrics on top of it would just propel the bands farther! Example of a song that tries hard to have good English lyrics but fails can be seen here: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nhk5m2AY_Xc

  • http://www.nancydacosta.org Nancy Da Costa

    I think that it would be uplifting to be more connected to others who also have big dreams and are working towards them. So many times in life, we have no one cheering us on, telling us to follow our dreams. A lot of times, we’re told to just be “realistic” and get a real job, or drop it and get real because you have to make a living. Personally, no one in my close circle of friends fully understands what it is I want to achieve, and though they mean well they just can’t relate. Furthermore, other people in my life, while no mal intentions are meant, tend to be naysayers. It really helps with morale to have a group of people who are in your corner and who uplift, and in fact have achieved and are achieving big things. If I had the help of anyone I wanted, I would ask for help in finding my clarity to my purpose in life (something I’m still fuzzy about). I know I like independence, I like to question things, and I like being in control of my life, and of my health. I also like to relax in the sun and by the beach if I can. Not sure how that all molds together but that’s kind of the life that I am moving towards, and I need all the help and support I can get (and I am always supportive of other people’s good intentions as well :-).

  • http://www.dancingblindman.com Geoff Hetherington

    Hi – I’m an Australian Business Mechanic (I diagnose tune-up and repair businesses with a view to giving the owners control back of their lives)on a mission to help 1000 small businesses survive & thrive beyond their first 5 years.
    I’d love to connect with Michael Porter and tap into his network to develop programs and meaningful training to achieve my goal and so that 1000+ families can live larger lives…

  • http://www.ashtonfourie.com Ashton Fourie

    I would eradicate poverty.

    First I would connect you, Simon Sinek, Marcus Buckingham, and a friend of mine. I would combine your passion approach, with Sinek’s Purpose approach, with Marcus Buckingham’s Strengths approach, with a friend of mine’s “Skills Map,” to build the most useful process of designing a life and career based on aligning your Purpose, Passion, Values, Strengths, Skills and Education.

    Then I would work with Bill Gates; Mark Shuttleworth, and Neville Isdell to build a strategy for redesigning the way small businesses are started in developing countries and the way capital is made available for these.

    With Warren Buffet, Julie Hanna of Kiva and Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn and Kiva, we would design a global investment scheme that will enable anyone to invest large or small amounts of resources (money, things, skills, time, passion – any resources) into businesses in the developing world, in a way that connects the economies, but also connects the people across the current economic and socio-political barriers.

    The leaders of Harvard, MIT, Robert Kennedy College, and the University of South Africa will help us to create a learning centre that is absolutely focused on teaching people the skills they need to succeed, not just academic knowledge – in the form of online video material, reading, case studies, local seminars, etc.

    We would then work with Larry Page and Sergey Bin, founders of Google, and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, to create an online system that can help entrepreneurs, workers, organisations, and investors connect to each other based on their profile of purpose, passion, values, strengths, skills and education. It will also help people based on their profile, and organisations and businesses, and teams in businesses, based on their profiles to connect with the most appropriate learning to practically help them succeed in that which they are doing, and give them tons of tools that are practical, easy to use, and easy to find.

    And with with Bono, and investment from Warren Buffet and Bill Gates, we would start creating “Impact Centres” where we roll out a physical version of what we are doing on-line, in communities throughout the developing world systematically building through these the skills the people need to run effective economies, and access to the resources they need to succeed.

    By the time we’re done:
    1. Most people in the world would be doing work they love, either in large companies or in small businesses they started, with organisations who share their purpose and passion.
    2. Every community in the developing world that is currently caught in poverty traps and totally disconnected from the world economy, will have its feet firmly planted on at least the first or second rungs of a well designed economic ladder, with access to all the skills and resources to systematically keep climbing that ladder.

    And although my passion and focus is on the developing world, all these tools will work just as well in the already developing world, to help people develop things they love doing.

    So I will eradicate not only physical poverty, but also the mental and emotional poverty that comes from doing work you hate.

    I’m already busy working on all of this. But if I had the help of everyone I wanted, we could definitely make this a reality in our lifetime.

    • Eva J

      Wow! All my best wishes!

  • http://www.women-lead.org Claire

    I would make sure there was a leadership development organization available for young women in every single country around the world.

    I started my organization, Women LEAD, at the age of 20 in 2010 because I believe the lack of women leaders around the world is unacceptable. Only 20% of the world’s political leaders are women, and I want to change that.

    Since 2010 we’ve been working in Nepal to empower more than 200 young women leaders. With the right community and support group, I KNOW I could replicate this model anywhere in the world.

    The young women I work with in Nepal are passionate, visionary changemakers. I believe every young woman should be given the opportunity to become a leader if she wants to be one.

    I want to see women hold 50% of leadership positions. I believe it’s possible.

  • http://twitter.com/rockyourd Mark

    I think with a mentor or just someone in my corner with a non-conventional outlook on the world of work and life, I’d be far more bolder in my actions, more riskier, more open to failing fast. They would help me get clarity on my priorities. Thanks Scott!

  • Mike Boomhour

    Save the Barn
    The barn was originally built in 1897, with an addition added in the 1920’s according to best estimates from an expert from the local historical society. It’s an incredible piece of architecture, a slice of history, a building with its own soul and attitude. It stands boldly on my property knowing it is near its end. I have to save the barn. Over a hundred years ago, a community came together to build this barn by hand, with their own blood and sweat. I envision it in my head. What must it have been like using an axe to make a 50 foot tree into a square beam? It’s incredible what they were able to accomplish and a shame to see it standing on its last legs as it is now. I need to save the barn.
    I need to raise money for restoring the barn and I need the right people to show me how to do it correctly.
    I want this barn to be part of my legacy. Something that I can leave behind that may last another 100 years. Something positive I can give back to the community, to history, to anyone that cares or is interested.
    In order for me to save the barn from demise I would need a timberframe expert and financial supporters.

  • http://www.positivelypoetry.com Katie

    Hi Scott,
    The vision I have is to create a website and subsequent program for local villages in the South Pacific at my present location to inspire others in the way they assist and donate. There are thousands of visitors to these islands most of whom want to do their part to help. A mention by one of the resorts that toothbrushes were needed for example resulted in thousands of toothbrushes being donated in a short time span. Imagine what can be achieved if the bigger issues and projects especially relating to healthcare and nutritional education are given an inspired focused voice and planning? I would then use this model and expand this program to other sites around the country and world.

    I would also fast track my learning and the creation of a successful self development blog as well as publish the book that I am currently writing about the journey of recovering from CFS to inspire and motivate others and allow me to earn a living doing what I love.

    • Eva J

      It’s amazing as you said what just getting the word out there does for a cause. I’ve seen it myself as I’ve done that a few times as well and been stunned… part of it I think is that people don’t ask, or they don’t know who to ask.. That was always one of my problems who do I ask for help from. How do I find those people. I love your idea and vision. If there is anything I coud ever do to help you spread the word about a cause let me know. I would help you as best I could.

  • Bhavi Bhosle

    Wow, it would be really awesome to have a person from whom u need help. This will depend upon the suggestions and the aspirations of that personality really works or give 100% result i.e. u get it done, may be getting ur dream job, may be doing ur work passionately, earning passionately. If one holds lot of qualities, lot of capability, qualifications, all sorts of potential but done know the right place or where to use it and how to earn out of it. The biggest question I am dealing today is choosing a profession where I can work paassionately and go on succeeding endless and never turn back……
    Scott your idea of Live Legend is very pleasing, I would like to be a part of it and I would like to connect to the professionals who can guide me in right direction as I m a MSc Microbiologist.

  • Stephanie

    I would start by really learning how to connect with myself. This website has already started to do that and it has made me crave a mentor for my life. I know I want to make a change for myself and for others, I am tired of my wellbeing being pushed to the outskirts of my life, I’ve realised this needs to be the other way around and I am trying to work out a way to make it happen.

    As for projects, a mentor or a community of mentors would help me clarify my ideas. I believe in the power of creativity and that all people have something to say and I am thinking about ways to create a more playful and creative community. My head is busy with thoughts but I lack confidence and clarity, this is what I am seeking right now and this website is a big part of that process for me so thank you.

  • http://www.jordico.com Daniel Jordi

    If I were able to connect to anyone I would be able to have a much larger influence and be much more effective with that I’m trying to accomplish.

    It would be possible for me to get my message of “Making it easier for potential employers and potential employees to connect based on values, passions and interests, to create a more fulfilling work environment” throughout the world.

    The events that we are hosting would be larger and have more effective communication because the speakers would be high level opinion leaders. The blog on jordico.com would spread much wider and faster because the message would be in front of opinion leaders.

    In conclusion, the whole change process that enables my vision of the future of recruitment and employment being a model based on values, passions and interests, would be pushed forward much quicker.

  • http://wfb.holger-moller.de Holger Moller

    I am a career consult in Germany (area of frankfurt). If I had the support of anyone, I would first build up a center for new work in my region, where people were tought and trained to find their calling and to fullfill their mission and to find or create jobs to do meaningful work. If this step would successfully be done, I would multiply the concept and step by step built other centers all over Germany.

    • http://www.brightlittlesocks.com Iris

      So great to learn about your mission. I live near Frankfurt and I’m glad to hear that there are people on a mission to spread the concept of doing work that matters in Germany as well. :)

  • Theo

    I’d learn how to write inspiring books.

    Books are the cheapest way to change lives. I love efficiency and quickness. Inspiring books can spread a message like fire.

    I would like to get Paulo Coelho’s to help me to become a successful writer.

    • Eva J

      Oh, Theo! I totally sympathize with you. I love Coelho’s writing and have tried to write things like him, but nothing I write sounds all that good. I’m hoping when I’m on my third or fourth career to finally have that kind of voice in my head that can help me write this stuff… and you’re right, it comes with having a good community of people to talk with. I’m so glad you shared your comment. Good luck with your path!

  • http://www.brightlittlesocks.com Iris

    Having the support of anyone I wanted… that’s hard to imagine! I think I would stop messing around and start to do things that matter, both to me and to the world around me.

    I would take on new projects that I could never realize on my own. Just to give you an idea:

    I’d write so much epic sh*it that Bright Little Socks becomes the go-to resource for people who want to feel alive and change the world.

    I’d fly around the world to visit the people that have inspired me and changed my life.

    I’d go shopping with Siobhan O’Connor and Alexandra Spunt from No More Dirty Looks and they’d recommend me lip sticks.

    I’d partner with Wendy Nguyen to create the most fashionable collection of wardrobe staples (fairtrade & organic of course!) the world has ever seen.

    I become a bestselling fiction author, because my childhood idol J.K. Rowling helps me write the plot.

    I’d live on some tropical island and learn how to do kite surfing from a teacher I’ll be friends with who is specialized in women who think they can never rock kite surfing.

    I’d visit Jesse Jacob’s Samovar Tea Lounge and discuss tea with him.

    I’d go on a boat trip with Warren Buffet and discuss Europe’s financial & political situation.

    I’d visit Jesse’s Tea Lounge again to meet up with Scott Dinsmore and discuss world change with him.

    I’d get a Master’s degree in positive psychology and discover something that makes it easy for me to teach people who to be happy.

    I’d be an amazing life coach because my amazing life coaching friends teach me how to do it.

    I would not only constantly inspired but become an inspiration myself.

    I would do the impossible.

    You see: My life would be a party! :)

    Thanks Scott for all you do!

  • http://www.ruthridgwayfineart.co.uk Ruth

    I would use the help and support to grow my pastel portraits and creative journals business to the point where I could leave my full time job pushing paper and commuting for 16 hours a week. This would enable me to be at home for my elderly parents and volunteer to work with teenagers coming out of care or youth offending centres and women suffering from domestic violence to gain sufficient experience to produce a programme that could get across my passionate belief that you are not limited and it doesn’t matter where you start from or how old you are you can create a creative worthwhile life connected to a like-minded community. Too many people don’t dare to dream let alone take the steps towards fulfilling that dream. I am only recently realising just how powerful we can be when we have self-belief and that self-belief sometimes needs to come from having someone who believes in us. I am sad that it has taken me 55 years to get to this point but all the more passionate about making sure that other people learn this before I did or at the point in their lives when it can produce the most inspiring new direction. My own experience tells me that this is often when you are at your lowest ebb. I want this to be a supportive community for those who feel that they have no worth or have lost their way with a programme and a website. I would like to achieve enough that I could stand up and speak about what I believe in and have some credibility. Only once you have done it do you have the right to say to others “you can do it too”.
    Thank you for giving me an opportunity to put my beliefs into words, this is the first time I have really pinned them down and I’m still not sure where they have come from but I so very happy. I very nearly did not comment but felt I just had to this time.

  • Kristine Adamsone

    First of all I wanted to say big thank you for doing this amazing job and helping us others to fulfil our dreams and to believe that everything is possible. Once we believe it and once we have right people around us to help us and support us there is nothing we can not achieve!!!
    If i had people who could help me achieve my dream then they would be Kathy Pike, Neall Donald Walsh and Martha Beck (of course there are 100 more people i would love to work with but these 3 have very great impact on me) My dream was always to help others to find their purpose and live their life to the fullest. I want to help people to remember who they are and why they are here on earth because without that knowing we may feel that we are lost in this big world. My purpose is not to help only people who can afford to pay for the advice, I want to go out there and share this knowledge with everyone-small and big,black or white-with each and every living being on this planet:)I wish to be life coach and i want to use alos horses for my program too because i believe also all animals are great teachers and they bring lot of wisdom for us to learn.
    I can’t say that my life has been easiest one but at least my life tought me the best lessons I can ever ask. Through dedication and hard work on myself I learned to be the person i am today and i am so proud of myself so I also want to show people that in every obstacle there is possibility and we can always learn something valuable. I know what i want to do in life but i wish i had recourses and right people to show me the best way how to achieve my goal faster. I am also working on writing book but also that’s something i would need help with how to do it right. I have never felt my calling so strong as it is now and i am ready to do everything what it takes to find a way how i can help others to live their dream life. Thank you again for this opportunity!!!

    • http://www.simplemindfulness.com Paige | simple mindfulness

      I LOVE your mission Kristine! And I completely agree about the horses. I’ve seen how they can transform lives while I’ve volunteered with a variety of programs that do this.

  • http://www.simplemindfulness.com Paige | simple mindfulness

    With access to people like Richard Branson, Oprah, Tim Ferriss and a host of others, I would stop working jobs where others determine (and limit) my schedule and value. I spread my wings and soar, showing as many people as possible what they’re really capable of and giving them the tools to be those amazing people.

    The messages we’re fed from the time we’re born put so many invisible limitations and fears on us that we assume that we’re supposed to be normal, average, mediocre. Imagine a world where people (especially children) were in a environment that supported exploration and experimentation for finding their passions and blessing the world with them.

    I think we’re all put on this earth to help others by expressing the gifts we were born with. It’s up to us to figure out what those gifts are and express them. Society supports the opposite of this and the comments from many readers here support that.

    I want to break people out of the matrix and show them what’s really possible. Surrounding myself with the most powerful people on earth would give me the support, guidance and reach to accomplish this mission.

    • http://www.brightlittlesocks.com Iris

      Love what you’re doing Paige. Keep the great work up!

  • AWY

    I am blessed with great clients and great opportunities and a great way to spend my hours during the day helping people make their businesses successful. And we do a pretty good job at it as well. My challenge is that there is so much for me to deal with that tend to wallow around and not get the most important items done. Then things build up and overwhelming and paralysis sets in. As much as I will resist it, I need help getting things prioritized and executed and stop, as Robbins says, majoring in minor things. I have lots of baggage that I need to jettison and finding a mentor, confidant, coach and friend to help with that would be a defining moment for my company and my life.

  • http://www.legendarylearningnow.com Jamie M

    I am a serious introvert, and though I like people, I tend to hide away more than I should.

    The problem is, I feel very strongly that I need to help my community (and other communities) transition to a post-carbon energy future. There are other people working on this, with whom I would love to connect, but I need a little extra push.

    I also need to figure out which way is the best way for me to contribute. I suspect that meeting more kindred spirits will give me a reality check, and help me define my future work.

  • http://girlaftercollege.com Udo, the Girl

    I’m envisioning Marie Forleo or Gabriel Bernstein as my coach.

    1. I would be earning more money because I would have the wisdom to know how to prioritize tasks that achieve greatest results

    2. With a portion of that money, I would hire a personal assistant to keep my organized and rebuild my reputation as a reliable partner.

    3. I would then have more freedom and connections to perform dance art AND offer my other services.

    • Ngoc Khong

      Great! I’d also like to have Marie Forleo as my coach. Your action plan is really specific. Good luck with your dream, girl!

    • Eva J

      That’s pretty awesome that you know who you’d ask for help from and get coaching form. Really awesome! Thanks for sharing! Good luck with your dream!

  • Seahorse

    “How would your life be different if you had the help of anyone you wanted?”

    I would feel so much better about myself…that I am actually using my many talents (which are being wasted on a daily basis) to do something useful and life-affirming in this existence. After reading Scott’s blog for several months and doing some of his online exercises I finally quit my job after five years and followed my heart by moving to the SF area (a place I now call home aka heaven on earth) and I’m trying to network so that I can find situations where I can bloom instead of stuffing down those desires to use my gifts.

    “What project would you build?”

    It may sound a bit trite but the fact is I love kids, puppies, and kittens and they all love me back. But I feel the most passionate about children all over the globe; yes…I said globe. I can’t explain it but I feel very strongly about every child that is alive on the planet today. I would love to build a visual self-esteem network (I already have a name – “e-magi-nation” – that is satellite based so that kids could communicate with each other from all over the world. We have the internet and television, but that only reaches into the homes, schools and other places of learning to those who have computer access. This would be something that somehow puts access in every place on the planet, down to the tiniest village on earth so kids can talk to each other, one on one (language translator logistics tbd).

    I think that when we see how others exist on a daily basis, it affects the way we operate on a very subconscious level and this can influence the way we behave and how we treat others. “I believe that children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way”; this very profound statement found in a very moving song created a strong desire in me a long time ago: An impetus to try and reach all the children of the world to let them know that in a time riddled with stress and strife, originality can co-exist peacefully with unity in numbers…that they don’t have to be afraid to change the course of history for a better future, that they can embrace being different with celebration in their heads as well as their hearts.

    “What would you do differently?”

    What we need is a paradigm shift to reinforce the fact that we are all the same under our different lives and daily circumstances. And it should start with the little ones; the ones who will be making the decisions for our planet in the future. I would design content to be more kid-friendly with an emphasis on a more universal theme, for example material that highlights commonality regardless of daily situation i.e. their similarities; whether their pet is a llama or a cat, someone still has to care for it, or their differences; i.e. whether they work in school or work in the market..both situations teach life skills meant to help them get on in the world.

    There are lots of programs out there but what a child sees is often very different from what an adult does; many programs have an adult bias and viewpoint which is brought down to the kid-level and that seems to be the “norm” when I look at material for kids and programs about kids. If I had others in my corner who saw the world the way I do, awe-inspiring, full of opportunity to learn something new at every corner, scary sometimes, but often just so big and full of promise for good things when approached with a loving heart, I bet we could start something so “revolutionary” that one day our future would look so bright to the grownups as well; the kids already know it in their hearts, they just need the daily affirmations to reach their heads.

    “Anything goes – just tell us why having a passionate and supportive group of people in your corner is so important to you.”

    Why is it so important to me? Well I have visions of just how beautiful our planet is and the feeling that deep down inside everyone has a voice just waiting to be heard by another. I am convinced that there is a way to achieve world peace if we could stop fearing those perceived differences we see in others and start understanding how similar we truly all are inside; and this begins with the children – our future. Call it the warm fuzzies, but I believe in the words of Walt Disney, “anything is possible”.

    • Ngoc Khong

      I definitely agree with you that we need to stop fearing our differences. Just wanna add my 2cents that, instead, we should treasure the differences between us, because that make the beauty of life.
      And yes, to make the world peace vision possible, we have to begin with the children – and us also. Wishing you all the best!

    • Eva J

      This sounds like a pretty wonderful world out there that you’re dreaming of. Keep dreaming! and good luck on your journey as you work to make it a reality!

    • http://www.spokenheart.org Jodie

      Congratulations on your win Juliet (aka Seahorse). Can’t wait to see what the future holds for the participants of “e-magi-nation.”

      I too have a passion to empower the children of the world. I would love to meet you and be a brainstorming/sounding board for your project. I live about 30 minutes south of downtown San Francisco, so I can come into the city to meet you, if you’re game. Samovar Tea Lounge is a great meeting place, I have some good (meeting) memories there. ;)

      You can reach me via my website. Just click on my name above and it should take you there. If not, go to http://www.spokenheart.org

      Hope we can make this happen,

      • Seahorse

        Hello Jodie,

        Thank you for your comment and kind offer to assist with my project.

        I am very new to the area so I have never been to the Samovar Tea Lounge, however, I always welcome the opportunity to try new things so a get-together sounds like fun.

        At the moment I am engaged in the start of the CWA process but perhaps we can arrange something for next week if you’re available. I’ll give you a call. :-)

        • Jodie

          Hi Juliet,
          I received your call, but your number was blocked, I can’t return it. I also received your email (via my website) but you didn’t leave your email address. I just wanted you to know that I am attempting to reach you, but am having a difficult time without contact info.


  • JP

    I would make a living by using my strengths to help people. “Help” would come in the form of identifying how my strengths can meet someone’s needs/wants, and finding my tribe.

    Thanks, Scott!

  • http://www.gemmautting.com Gemma Utting

    Thank you for this opportunity to respond!
    I’d love to meet with Sal Khan (of http://www.khanacademy.org) to spearhead a learning module of free learning resources about how to be in relationships. Schools never teach the important stuff – how to know yourself, understand your feelings and needs, how to realyl listen, how to share, how to forgive, how to love, how to raise kids. I love the free on-line learning environment of Khan and think it is time to broaden the repertoire. Warmly, Gemma (a relationship therapist who’d believes it is time to teach these skills up-front rather than having couples have to pay me for help after years of pain!)

    • Eva J

      Yes, yes, yes! I have thought the same thing. I’m interested in having people learn about self-awareness so that they can identify the processes that helpt hem to learn, to achieve, and oddly enough to take that one step further… to see how something like an equation for pressure and volume relates to something they are doing in the kitchen or when they are riding a bike, etc. Because that skill isn’t just about the inner life of emotions, but it’s also applicable to learning tough conceptual subjects that come with equations and an abstract side. I hope to hear more about your dream and your vision of the world as you make it a reality. I hope our paths cross sometime!

  • http://humbleobserver.net Christopher

    Gratitude for you Scott.

    If I could have anyone in my corner, I WOULDN’T ask for any business help. I already know I’m going to make it big silly.

    What I would do, though, is make friends with people who want to experience life.

    I want to play bongos for a professional ballet, but I don’t know how to play bongos. I want to give $1,000 to a stranger walking down the street just to see the look on his face when I hand him the wad of cash. I want to learn how to crack a safe so I can put my teenage mutant ninja turtle figurines in people’s safes so I can laugh at their reactions. And, I want to ride a bike!! A tandem one!!

    All of these fun stories require sidekicks with unconventional plans. You know, troublemakers.

    • Eva J

      Christopher, If you ever need a troublemaking pal, let me know. I’d be happy and willing to join you on these journeys. Wishing you all the best!

  • Aaron

    By having the right group of people helping me in areas such as developing deeper, more meaningful relationships with people who understand the true meaning of friendship and, in developing a career that I am so good at, that I would be difficult to ignore, that would make a huge difference in my life!

  • Leah Hynes

    Hey Scott

    Thanks for all that you do to help us live our passions…your excitement and zest for life is truly inspiring.

    So, what could I achieve with the help of anyone I wanted? Here are my thoughts:

    – I would have more moments of courage to do things differently to the mainstream until doing something that matters is just my way of life
    – I would go part-time in my current soul-destroying job and have the guts to give my passion more time, not just mental energy
    – The voices in my head to stay safe would get quieter and quieter because they would be outnumbered not only by my voice but my incredible support crew!
    – I would be more often energised and pumped to live my legend every day
    – I’d be less scared because I’m not alone in this journey
    – I would turn thoughts into action more often, it would become routine
    – My mind would be opened up to new ideas and different perspectives
    – I’d be challenged in a really positive way by my support crew
    – I’d uncover my passion with more momentum

    …and finally…I’d make some awesome, inspiring, positive, wonderful, life-long friends – what could be better than that!?

    Never stop doing what matters!
    Leah :)

  • http://agentlerebellion.com Naz Laila

    A thousand best wishes for your upcoming project Scot.

    My believe that the best way to spend our precious time is by serving others, helping them at their most difficult time, when they are sick or endangered physically or vulnerable mentally. If I can get the help of any one ( in-fact will need the help of many people) then I will start a program to teach people the basic life saving first aid skills in my native country ( Bangladesh) and slowly will extend that to other developing countries. It is heart breaking to know that many lives can be saved and changed just with these very basic skills without the need of any cutting edge or complex medical expertise. Also making people aware of their true potential and helping them to find their life purpose can transform so many lives and I plan to do that in a small steps by reaching out , sharing my life experience (with my upcoming blog, A gentle rebellion).

  • Hope

    What would I do with the right people in my corner? I want to prove that young people (in the twenties) can find out their purpose in life and be able to lead passionate and driven lives where they make a difference. Not just to survive, but live. To use what i know and my resources ( the time, money and contacts etc) to help the people around me.

  • Jill

    What would I do if I had the help of anyone I wanted? Wow. So many ideas and people flooded my mind while reading this post.

    I’ve grown more interested in filmmaking over the years. I’d like to create work that makes people think, stirs them up, admire the beauty of life. A couple of years ago, I had the opportunity to work on a local nonprofit’s film as a camera operator. That experience, along with learning photography and sitting in on a screenwriting analysis workshop when I can due to family obligations. But I see all this as preparation.

    Anyway, I’d love to spend time with Ken Burns. Two of his films, “The Civil War” and “Baseball” had me glued to the TV, and I’ve never found either subject interesting. His storytelling ability draws viewers in, makes them want to care. With his attention to detail, he captures the best images to convey the story, whether black and white footage, still photos or vividly colored video. Watching “The National Parks” made me want to get to the nearest one right after the latest episode ended. And “Prohibition” helped flesh out an event in history that’s been largely glossed over in the past.

    I want to observe his process, watch how a project of his goes from conception to “American Experience.” Learn from a real master. And if there was a possibly I could actually work on one with him, well, be still my beating heart!

    Hope that made sense.

    • Eva J

      I totally understand this feeling. I also had a similar dream. I’d love to hear more as you continue to pursue your dream. Maybe someday we could find a way to make a Ken Burns (you’re right, he’s the best!) style film about education and get people motivated to help create some of the changes I and other people here on the blog are interested in from charities, helping people with psychological or physical illnesses/disorders, to fixing the world and making it a better place in other ways.

      • Jill

        Hi Eva,

        Sorry to respond late. Can you imagine being able to create these films? WOW!

        I’d love to hear more about your dream too. Can we stay in touch?

  • Tamara Staples

    If I could connect with anyone, I would enlist the help of those who have successfully run nonprofits to grow my nonprofit to help fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue sufferers. We are waiting for approval of our 501(c)3. We are building a new interactive website that will serve to educate and support patients. These illnesses are devastating. I know because I have both myself and have been mostly house and bed bound for two years. However, I have a passion for making sure that no one suffers in silence and that they get the education they need to best manage their illness.

  • http://www.eugeneyiga.com Eugene

    If I had the help of anyone in the world, I’d raise awareness about the problem of worldwide illiteracy, specifically the fact that one billion people entered the 21st century unable to even write their names and the fact that 40% of people in Sub-Saharan Africa are illiterate. Reading and writing are my two greatest passions, which is why it really pains me to know that so many people can’t experience the joy I’ve found in words.

  • http://theoneeffect.com/ Chris Reynolds

    Genius Scott, Genius!!!

    If I had the opportunity to connect with anyone, I would first make sure that everyone I connected with benefited to make a win/win situation for those involved. Not just any win/ win situation, but a situation where the people involved have a life changing experience, a situation where the level of value of all parties involved is blown through the roof. To me that is what connection should be about, not just a monetary driven focus, but an experience that provides so much value that it leaves the participants knowing that their lives will be better because of the connection.

    Currently a small group of friends and I have a goal of building a sustainable farm in a village in Peru. This farm is for the children of the village. Currently, the children of this village suffer from extreme malnutrition. The malnutrition leads to poor performance at school, stunted growth, sickness, diseases and sadly sometimes even death. The problem is hands down lack of education. This farm is going to be not only the children’s source of health, but also serve as an education center where they take time during school to work and learn on the farm themselves. They will learn how to grow a variety of food, and the importance of these types of foods to live a healthy life.

    Currently, we are raising funds to build the farm, in addition we are having donors and anyone interested come to Peru after Thanksgiving to participate in the project. We will be working side by side with the families and children of the village. We will be experiencing life on their level, and most importantly we will be sharing in the giving experience. What we are doing is helping each other build something that is bigger than ourselves on both levels, giving to those in need while at the same time experiencing reciprocity on a level that can’t help but change the lives of those involved. Even those that support us, but won’t be able to make the trip to Peru, will have the opportunity to experience this project by constant updates that we will provide.

    Giving is one of the best feelings a person can experience. This project is about helping each other believe that each and everyone of us can make a difference in the world if we choose to. So, with the ability to connect with anyone for anything, I would hands down connect with people that have the desire in their hearts to experience an adventure like this. People that can come to Peru, experience life on this level, and return after the project in awe from experiencing something so great that it wipes the despair from their hearts and brings tears to their eyes.

    I would connect with those people.

    Saludos from Peru,
    Chris Reynolds

  • http://www.herviewphotography.com Darlene

    Wow open ended? I’m not sure exactly WHO would help me with this miraculous change, which is part of the issue I have I guess – where to even look for help?

    What could I do with help from anyone, sky’s the limit? Well my bigger dream is to leave part-time in my current city (Edmonton, Canada) where my family is – and the rest of the year somewhere warmer. Ideally I want to go live somewhere like Peru or Africa or somewhere that I can also make a difference. I see guys like Scott create Charity:water and guys like Jeremy Coward who stared Help Portrait, and guys like Colby Brown that created The Giving Lens (http://www.thegivinglens.com). That’s the sort of things I want to do, but start my own version of it. I don’t know what that looks like yet but using my skills and talents (photography) to help others.

    I currently do some photography for a local inner city charity when they need it, and volunteer to help at some of their events in other capacities. I’m also helping organize our city’s Help Portrait this year. (www.help-portrait.com).

    Bottom line – live somewhere warm when it’s cold here, doing something that uses my passion to help others.

    • http://www.brightlittlesocks.com Iris

      Hey Darlene,

      from what I know about you by now you are definitely going to make a difference. You’re on fire :)

  • Sidney Williams

    Hey Scott!

    My first goal for connecting is to further the efforts of Ben’s Friends, an online support group for people with rare diseases (There’s a short video here: (http://www.bensfriends.org/). It was started by Ben, one of my closest friends and my business partner on other ventures; he was diagnosed with an AVM, which resulted in the need for immediate brain surgery. Luckily, he made it out of the surgery and is fine today. Ben’s Friends started with a support group called AVM Survivors and today has branched out into over 30 different websites covering a variety of diseases. Organically, it has grown to over 20,000 members.

    There’s a downside though, the website’s advertising brings in very little income, only a few hundred dollars per month. The name remains a relatively hidden gem out there. Expansion, maintenance, proper marketing, and awareness campaigns are all tough to accomplish because of the limited means. This means two things: guerrilla tactics – to expand awareness at low-cost and to increase funds.

    The success has come from organic growth over several years, but I wonder how many more people would be helped had corners not needed to be cut. We’ve relied on daily maintenance mostly from Ben and several online, outsource workers. I, as well as a few others, have spent a lot of time on strategy. Monetarily, crowdfunding has been very successful, but much of it still relies upon friends of members, providing some limitations to the method.

    I’ve totally strayed from connecting :) My thought with connecting is to connect to those with audiences; namely, for purposes of raising awareness, specifically when a crowdfunding event is happening. Whether bloggers or B-list celebrities, making them “Ben’s Friends” or “Friends of Ben’s Friends,” notifying the large Ben’s Friends audience for every new “celebrity friend” on-board, as well as placing the celebrity’s name and picture on the home-page of Ben’s Friends. I wouldn’t want to pressure anyone to notify their audience, but I’d rather let them know a campaign is happening, without asking them for anything. Good things tend to happen when people make a decision to act on their own good-will.

    Later, this could be extremely useful (assuming we had some minor celebrities on-board) to get media attention, which I’ve had some successes with via HARO. In fact, to take it one step further, outside of supporting the organization, it’d be extraordinary (but extremely challenging) to raise money to donate to fight the diseases themselves.

    As a virtual connector, though – I’m definitely a challenged-student. Believe me, I’ve tried many times, so I’m aware of feedback or lack-thereof. I’ve never had anything but success in-person and over-the-phone, but online, I’m not sure whether it’s my wording, timing, or targets, but my methodology definitely needs an oil-change or tune-up (or maybe a new car) :)


    P.S. This thread of comments just became the best source of connection that I’ve seen – everyone laid out exactly what they want to do. That might be an indirect tactic to help people in the future figure out who to connect with.

  • Angel

    I’m in love with education in general, but with democratic education specifically. I find it frustrating that too little people know about this kind of education, which truly seems to make sense in every level. With anyone possible backing me I would insert the viability of this type of education into the local education dialogue and also start a democratic school while also helping other people make the move to a democratic participation in school and a democratic mentality in our kids and youth.

  • Jurie-Jan Botha

    I would cycle, sail and hike across the world encouraging mindfulness, compassion and sustainability (which kind of comes automatically after the first two) through simple actionable steps and techniques. I would like to connect with everyone, through everyone, so that we may all liberate ourselves from the suffering we bring upon ourselves and one another, and embrace our ascension with the confidence of unobstructed consciousness.

  • Maureen

    How would my life be different if I had the help of anyone I wanted?

    This may sound strange to the more outgoing people in this audience but I’ve found solace and contentment living a quiet, hidden life for a long time now. I haven’t done anything grand or great. I’m currently a web designer who is pretty good at discovering meaning in messes and drawing that out. Sitting at a desk working quietly on some project is contentment in my book. But something is missing. I haven’t had a really good conversation with a colleague for ages. I haven’t felt ‘connected.’ I’m stuck in somewhat of a rut. Passionate people inspire me like they do others in the LYL community. I want to be connected and inspired again. I want to be energized…recreated so that I can work and live better. That’s vague, I know, but this is an introspective work in progress for me. I realize that I can’t inspire myself. I need the help of someone or possibly a group of people. That’s what draws me to LYL.

    Thanks for asking, Scott, and for all you have shared with us to date.

  • Eva J

    I want to be pursuing how best we can move 21st century STEM teaching so students really appreciate the role science plays in everyday life, how we can help everyday people understand science and scientific thinking in a more intuitive and deep fashion, and how (in a generation that is going to grow up with Khan Academy and MITx videos) higher education can (in its physical space as colleges and universities) add value, provide deep learning, and stay relevant. So what would I do if I could get anyone’s ear… I’d start with talking to the president of MIT. I thought and spoke to a class I was taking about what to do with MITx videos and Khan Academy videos about a month before they did exactly what I proposed in class: make it possible to take exams, do problems, create a study group, and start finding a way to give people certificates or even maybe degrees using it, etc. Because I was that close and that dead on with what they did I know I am thinking on the right track, but I don’t know how to reach the right people. So this is what I’d do with your course. I’d figure out how to reach the right people. Someday I’m going to be a game-changer in education in this country. I’ve been thinking about how to change education in America since I was 16. I’m 35 now and so far only been too scared and unable to get anyone’s attention or anyone to help me to do anything about this. It starts with finding a new way to do higher education teaching in science/tech/engineering/math, but is just as much about all the other fields of study. I start with STEM because that’s the field that has changed how they teach the least. Part of the focus is on the process so that the material is less obtuse. My education revolution builds on figuring out how to effectively use technology so a generation of people who are on twitter, the web, google everything, and on smartphones can learn how to stand on the shoulders of giants … but do so in a smart way, learning what’s really important to know and how to think about it. (I’ve got ideas, and want to talk with other people who have ideas, because I know mine aren’t the only good ones out there, so I need to figure out how to reach those people.) From there it goes forward to changing school for younger folks, but you have to have the ones in college to experience education differently, because they’re going to become the teachers fo tomorrow. When those people get into classrooms they’re going to be helping us change education. I’m envisioning communities of students who interact in classrooms with each other, learning the material in ways we haven’t ever done –not much more of the traditional lecture at people stuff. It’s also a head fake though, because students are going to learn also what it takes to interact well with one another, how to be fair, kind, and courteous because the classroom is engaging and the priority is on being responsible. That’s my dream. That’s why I want to have a passionate and supportive community, helping me transform education in America.

    • Seahorse

      Hello Eva,

      Thank you for the lovely comment regarding my post.

      As an optimist I am blessed with the gift of hope so in my mind’s eye I always see the glass as half full and try to make the best of any situation.

      When it comes to the topic of education, it would appear that many people are concerned with the manner of instruction still being used to educate the youth as well as students at institutions of higher learning.

      I wish you the very best in your endeavour to transform the educational system and also with Scott’s contest tomorrow.

  • Renee Giraudo

    I would launch my nonprofit focused around the progression of sustainable development through the implementation of innovative technology and the preservation of ancestral knowledge. In Belize in 2008 I gave my neighbor a hose. This garden hose that I took for granted my whole life changed the quality of Ms. Alicia’s. My neighbor was raising five children under the age of ten on less than $50 USD per month. Ms. Alicia’s children had two sets of school clothes so she did laundry by hand every day. With no electricity or running water Alicia traveled down a muddy hill numerous times a day to fill her water bucks in order to fulfill her family’s most basic needs. This hose and nozzle meant Alicia no longer carried water; the hose did it for her. As an engineer I solve problems everyday but none of my solutions have the impact of the hose. My goal is to continue my service work in Belize providing simple solutions that have huge impact.

  • Faith

    In the last twelve months, I have had my electricity shut off three times, my water turned off, and almost lost my home to foreclosure. For some, a year like that would be, out of the ordinary, a bad year to remember. For me, years like that have been my life since adulthood. I cannot tell you how many times I have suffered through winters without heat, spent days without electricity and saved my home from foreclosure in the last two decades of my life.

    When I graduated from high school, my teachers, parents and peers believed that a successful life was in my future. I thought so too. However, I have been unable to finish a full year of college, I have been chronically under-employed, and have not made more than $11,000 a year in the past 10 years.
    I have been able to set up and run small businesses that never earn me money, yet I have helped other people achieve their success through their own businesses. Everyone who meets me, and knows me thinks that I am intelligent, and they are impressed with the spirit in which I take on new challenges (despite the fact that they never develop in the way that they should).

    It was in May, when I was trying to prevent my home from sheriff sale, that I realized that under the severe stress I was having trouble filling out the forms needed to save my home. I was unable to correctly dial the phone numbers to make the calls I needed to make, and I was unable to explain clearly and in the proper order what my objectives were.

    Then as, I began to go through old paperwork to find my deed, I began to look at my old report cards. I noticed a pattern in the comments made by all my teachers from first grade through high school, despite having excellent grades. And, as soon as I saved my home for the umpteenth time, I set out to find someone to perform
    neuropsychological testing on me for free. I eventually found a psychiatrist who specializes in learning disorders, and two weeks ago I went through 6 hours of testing.

    It turns out that I am dyslexic with a serious math learning disability. I always thought that dyslexics couldn’t read or write, but that is not always the case. It is a more complex disorder than that. It seems that an undiagnosed learning disability can destroy someone’s life much like drugs can destroy an addict’s life. When I think of how many times my family almost ended up homeless because of this…

    I am about to start a journey that I hope will improve my quality of life, and in turn the lives of those I encounter. If I had the resources I needed, I would not have to struggle long and hard to do the simple tasks that other people do without thinking. I would have help, people to enhance my strengths, and offer the guidance I need to make my own projects successful and profitable, instead of me just helping others. It is painful to watch others as skilled as I am thrive, while life leaves me behind.
    If I had help, I would be able to tell my story, and it would be a story of inspiration, instead of one of failure and frustration. Thanks for reading this!

  • http://www.slicedupfor.me James Holder

    I’ve already almost overbooked myself on interviewees for my serialization project, found potential side-work, and enough dates to put a squeeze on my calendar, all thanks to just reaching out in the last couple of weeks! I can’t even imagine what could come next, well, besides the founding of a multimedia empire.

  • http://www.spokenheart.org Jodie Schmeltz

    Well I know I’m not on of the first 20 to enter, since it’s 11:50pm on Friday night, so let’s shoot for the win ;)

    I believe every human being is entitled to their ultimate human potential. As an aspiring human growth coach it’s my passion to help those who seek that birthright, to find it. Empowerment programs like the one on my drawing board (www.spokenheart.org ), cost money to run…, lots of money. So I would use Scott’s course to connect with the people who can empower me into success and thus become an example for others who want to create the same. My working process would be to share the power of this course to those that need it, but can’t afford it, in order to generate a cycle of success that never existed before. (Teach them how to fish, don’t just feed them a fish.)

    My empowerment program is intended for women, children and young adults who are victims of unfortunate circumstance. Those who want to break free of their financial challenge and escape survival mode, to embark on their “ultimate potential” journey.

    My “anyone” connection would have to be a crazy billionaire philanthropist who is as passionate about empowering lives as I am. My first choice would be Richard Branson. He understands and sees the potential in human empowerment, and has the seed money to get this vision and organization off the ground. There’s many other branches of my vision, I just don’t have time to go into them here.

    Winning this contest and course would be a strong accountability tool for myself and the LYL community. I would owe the community a successful testimonial down the road. Also if I won, I would share my wealth and be available to brainstorm with those LYL’ers that may not be able to afford the course, and teach them how to fish (for connections – of course.)

    Yikes, it’s time to hit the send button, it’s almost midnight. Good luck to all!

  • http://www.duffallen.com Deirdre Duff-Allen

    Hi Scott,
    First, thank you for the contest and your work.
    My project, ‘cancertainly…’ is a five part essential program for people impacted by cancer. I would love to be able to attend this course because my attempts to contact Craig Ferguson for ‘cancertainly laugh’ have gone unanswered, as well as ‘cancertainly inspire’ emails to TV production companies for a show about connectivity to Source. The other three parts include wishing, creating and exploring.
    It would be huge to get the support in one of these programs to grow the next…because I believe the ways to overcome this disease, not only for the patient, but with the entire circle is using laughter, inspiration, creation, wishing and exploring.
    And I’m the proof. I used and created these programs from personal experience…as the transplant cancer survivor, as a daughter, and as a friend.
    Yes, I am looking for a vehicle to reach the public and I know it will be accomplished with the right connection. Fran Drescher, Bill and Guilianna Ransic, Wayne Dyer, John Hendricks….to name just a few who would be thrilled to participate…if I could only get their attention.
    I see ‘cancertainly’ as a pebble in the pond and the ripple effect will literally shift and rock the world of cancer as we now know it.
    Thank you for this opportunity and talk with you soon,

  • Laurie

    Hi Scott & LYL Community,

    I know that my comment does not qualify for the contest–darn, I cannot believe I overlooked this–but I am inspired and wanted to share my blooming vision. I would love to meet Alice Walker, social activist and author, and learn how I can better further social causes in my local area of Houston and beyond.

    Last week, I was moved to tears when I learned about the horrible living conditions in East St. Louis; I couldn’t believe that that level of poverty exists in the United States–with all of our resources. Though I cannot go and work as a Community Planner or Activist in East St Louis (yet), I know that I can help connect underserved people with resources within my local community. And that is a start. Further, I want to partner with people to elevate living conditions and social justice globally–wherever I can best serve.

    Alice Walker met Martin Luther King Jr when she was a college student, and she credits him with her decision to return to the South and join the Civil Rights Movement. I would love to just sit at her feet and learn from her about taking action to make changes in the world that count. I would love to one day continue a legacy through sharing that I had met Alice who inspired me to make connecting people to community and resources my mission.

  • Christine

    Hi Scott. I was at the TEDX Golden Gate event yesterday and really loved what you had to say.

    I am a mother of 4 children, ages 4-14. For the last almost 15 years my passion has been raising my children. I strive to be the kind of parent that doesn’t get in the way of their children finding and pursuing their own passion. I want to be the type of parent that supports their respective paths. Culture works against this idea. And our children spend a great many hours being enculturated in our schools. I think that our current education system and Universities as business model doesn’t do much to help developing children and adolescents begin to understand what it is they can do with all of their varied talents and interests. If I had the help of anyone I thought helpful and necessary to pursuing my goal, I would work on developing a High School curriculum that is supported by the findings of positive psychology and people who work on the pursuit of passion such as yourself. While the word revolution is strong, that is what is needed in education. I would ask for the help of the following people; SIr Ken Robinson, Daniel Pink, Shawn Achor, Madeline Levine, Alice Waters and experts in the fields of adolescent neuropsychology. Harnessing the passions of these people and focusing on the necessity of changing how we educate our youth could lead to real change that could influence and impact the lives of so many people. Thanks Scott and thank you to the LYY community. Christine

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  • http://www.KindleStation.com Hazel Lau

    If I had the help of anyone I wanted, I want to

    1. Further develop my current side business, Kindle Station so that it’s take off completely and start making consistent profit. 70% of the profit will be used as “seed money” to fund no 2.

    2. Launch a platform/ community where I’m able to connect children book authors/ educators with illustrators, designers, animators, app developers together (something like ooomf.com but more). It’ll be a platform/ learning vault where the clients are able to find the best talents for developing and launching their projects; at the same time we are also building a pool of talents (the groups mentioned above) which I’m intending to help them how to be their own brands and market their talents by conducting training with experts who already done that.

    (There are basically 3 groups of people I’m connecting to: the clients – genuine authors with good stories to tell to the world; the developers – talented people with skill sets needed to produce a children book/ app. the masters – a group of top performances/ experts who have “been there done that” to teach, help and guide these 2 groups of people.)

    3. Start an organisation (?) – I haven’t figure out this entirely but this is something I want to give back to the society. Like how Khan Academy is changing the world’s perspective about education, I hope to provoke awareness learning through technology.

    If children nowadays are raised in an environment that is surrounded by tablets, smart phones and high technological gadgets, how are we able to leverage this for better use in today’s education? It’s not just about a formal education because a lot of countries already have interactive teaching as part of the educational system. (It’s the teachers who don’t know how to utilise this.) It will be beyond that – children will be learning how to learn effectively (nope, not for scoring As), how to master the skills about acquiring new skill sets, how to pursue their own passions and more!

    This goal is actually “too big” for me to talk about and I get a little uncomfortable about sharing this actually. That’s why I need people to back me up. ;)

    But with everything and resources I would gained from 1. & 2., I believe this no 3. can be done.

    I know it’s kind of like a lot of goals that I’m trying to achieve here but “the dots are connected”.

    I’ve to start from somewhere. This is where I started Kindle Station, it’s a business that puts my sister’s and my skills into good use to exchange for money and resources in the shortest amount of time. Through this business, I’m expecting to come across experts and resources that I need for building no 2 and similarly, pile up what we have from no 2. and make no 3. a reality.

    And there is this one master skill that I need to learn across all the 3 goals that I want to do – How to Connect with Anyone.