Tell us your Passion Project

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

― Paulo Coelho, Alchemist

Today is A Fun Day…

This morning I turned 31 years old – and while I plan to spend the day outside playing, I first wanted to celebrate with all of you.

So I hope you’re up for a party!

One of the most amazing things about the past few years, and this past year specifically, is our community that all of you have created at Live Your Legend. It’s no question one of the most exciting, fun, rewarding and inspiring parts of my life.

And I want to say thank you.

So I’ve decided I want to give away 31 copies of my favorite book, The Alchemist

I don’t believe there is any more inspiring book out there for pursuing dreams and spending your time doing the things that matter to you – and to the world.

I read it for the 7th time while sitting next to a small river in Thailand last month, and it became even more obvious why the Live Your Legend name and movement was born out of the story told in this book. After all, the story is about a boy who’s pursing his Personal Legend – the work he can’t not do. The project, passion and adventure he can’t help but pursue.

While traveling I decided that even though it’s already sold over 30 million copies in 65 different languages, I wanted to get a few more out to the world…

Starting today until this Friday at midnight PST, I am hosting a simple Ask the Reader comment contest.

I will choose 31 of the people who leave a comment and mail each of them a free copy of The Alchemist.

All you have to do is answer the below two questions in 3 sentences or less:

1. What is your Passion Project?


2. What could Live Your Legend & I do to help you take the next step to make it successful?

Email readers click here to answer the questions.

Our primary goal at LYL is action and progress.

It always has been.

For you to discover your talents, skills and passions, and find a way to build a career around adding value to the world in your own unique away. That is what we consider a Passion Project. It could be anything – as long as it matters to you. If you don’t have one yet then tell us what you want it to be.

Every Ask the Reader post has a specific purpose.

The reason for these two questions is to understand the specific ways you’d like help in making progress toward pursuing your passion, creating value for others, building upon your idea and simply making progress towards doing what matters.

So many of us find excuses that kill our progress. That’s how ideas get lost and dreams stay dreams.

We want to change that.

We Want to Make Progress a Certainty

Over the next month we will be creating a very simple and inexpensive service to help you get results. It will be part accountability, part learning, part group coaching and all action. The pure focus will be on helping you make your Passion Project a reality.

Your answers to this question will help both you and me tremendously.

And I hope you would answer this question regardless of there being a free copy of my favorite book involved – after all, hearing from you is the only way we can really help you Live Your Legend.

I just wanted to add to the fun this time around!

And if you’ve already read the book and you win a copy, please give it to someone who needs it.

Thanks is only the beginning…

I love to spend this day each year around people I love, and outside reflecting on all the things I have to be grateful for.

So today I just wanted to say thank you.

I hope you enjoy your birthday gift as much as I do.

I can’t wait to read your responses!


Now head down to the comments, and in 3 sentences or less, answer these two questions:

1. What is your Passion Project? 

2. What could Live Your Legend & I do to help you take the next step to make it successful?

The contest lasts until Friday at midnight. We will announce the 31 winners next week.

Email readers click here to answer the questions and claim your free copy of the Alchemist.

  • Bobbi Klein

    Hi Scott,

    Happy Birthday! My passion project is writing about happiness and sharing it with people all over the world compiling all of my findings into a book.

    Live your Legend and you could help me find a way to make enough money before the book is released to pay for my current bills and the ability to connect with others who have completed similar projects. Most of all continued motivation that the project can happen as money is only a small hiccup.

    Thanks for all that you do,


  • Jamie Alexander

    To turn lucid dreaming into the most popular hobby in the world that everyone does each night.

    Maybe in-depth interviews with successful people building business in their own strange niches/passions telling us how they did it.

    Happy Birthday!

  • tsliker

    Happy Birthday!

    1. My passion project is educating and enabling small businesses and helping them reach their potential throught the Web. My business, Broadstreet Consulting ( is all about helping these small businesses grow.

    2. LYL can help by continuing to provide motivational content as I immerse myself further and further into this passion.

    Thanks for the support…

    Tom S

  • Radim Pavlíček

    1. My passion project is to live my life. It is so simple.
    2. Small interviews 2-3 minutes reading text with people who were down and have a business now that works.

  • Fred Naude

    1.My passion project would go something like this – an interactive, animated story project to educate and make learning fun for kids. Help them to play while learning.
    2. Some real testimonials and maybe a ask me anything session, to ask questions and get feedback.

  • Vincent Nguyen

    Happy Birthday, Scott!

    1. My passion project is online marketing and creative writing. The two sort of go hand in hand because starting up my website has taught me a lot about both. It even landed me a few internships because I leveraged the skills i learned from it. I really want to be able to do this in the future.

    2. I could use help in figuring out ways to make this a passion I can focus almost all of my time on to be able to sustain a decent living. I don’t mean make six figures or anything because money is definitely second to passion for me.

  • Terry Downs

    1. My passion project is to inspire and teach people to live the adventure they have always dared to dream but thought was impossible and then inspire others to do the same. Experience the extraordinary and use this to find balance within.

    2. I am looking to build a base of 1000 people who have adventures they want to go and live but need help developing a strategy and executing their plan. I am looking to chronicle these people, develop written and video records, and guide them on their journey and start a revolution of people living the adventures they always dreamed.

  • disqus_Nj2zJt6uAT

    My passion project is to reinvent and adapt how I go about making a bigger difference (e.g. raising money for an organization, creating a foundation giving money).LYL can help take me to the next step by continuing to innovate content and provide fresh ideas – to not only talk about about finding and running with our passion, but also to hold us accountable to the passions we choose, how we are making a difference with them, and how we might make a bigger difference with them.

  • Annde Artist

    Happy Birthday Scott!

    1. What is your Passion Project?
    My passion is horses and art and blending the two into artistically crafted riding. I would also love to teach other people with their horses the same thing that i feel in my heart.

    2. What could Live Your Legend & I do to help you take the next step to make it successful?
    I would be happy to be part of your journey and share my knowledge with you and all of your fans

  • Glenn Costa

    1. My passion is adventure and adventure coaching. I want to get as many people as possible to go into the wild. The outdoors is the cure for “Nature Deficit Order”
    2. I plan to open a bicycle shop, specializing in touring bikes, I would love to be part of network of like minded folks starting from 0 and working on their goal business.

  • Tom Thieman

    My passion project would be to devote my time and resources full time to helping those kids orphaned by natural events from the tsunami years ago. I’ve done work there for five days and knew that wasnt enough.

    Live your Legend could investigate and donate directly to them with note that Tommy T lead you there. Note that 100% goes to them, any participant bears the cost to travel and lodge and credit goes to Kris E. for founding such a non-profit.

    I hope you have a happy birthday that expresses what resonates with your greatest day of creativity!

  • Tanner Colton

    Happy Birthday Scott! Hope you
    have a great day and while you thank us, it is me who has you to thank for so
    much. So, thank you sir!

    1. Unboxed Lives is my passion project. This is the nonprofit organization my
    wife and I started that utilizes a holistic training program to facilitate the
    empowerment of communities in developing countries. We believe that each person
    and community possess the tools and skills to improve their own life and it is
    our goal to mobilize people, break down barriers, and support people creating
    real change in the world.

    2. The next steps for us are ones that involved so much work and determination
    so LYL can help by continuing to provide inspiration and tools by which to help
    us make this happen. We have taken so much from you guys already, I just hope
    we can help as many folks as LYL has. Thanks again Scott!

  • Alan Jackson

    Thanks for the opportunitiy!
    1. My passion project is to build an empowerment coaching & consulting business.
    2. Live Your Legend & Scott, have already helped get the boat sailing and I hope you will be able to continue to offer your personal inspirations / motivations, and provide specific info and resources on starting a business!
    All the Best,
    Al Jackson

  • Jennifer Marshall

    1. My passion project is to create a website that will lead others to people/information that will help them open up their lives and live their true purpose. I have researched this subject for several years now. Now, I just need to know the best methods to get started and to promote the heck out of it.

    2. Live Your Legend could help me figure out how to build this business with integrity and logic.

  • Araz

    1. to make people aware that they can accomplish more, aim higher. That their dreams and passions are beautiful things that reflect who they are and it’s worth getting excited about. To inspire them to take action towards their goals to make their lives better. To celebrate their achievements

    2. help me develop an action blueprint to make it happen


  • Matt Sullivan

    1. My passion project is to teach others how to start and sustain a family enterprise. This would mean including the entire family in a business that compliments the gifts of the parents and children. Everyone has a part to play. This is what we are developing in our home and it is beautiful…not perfect, but awesome.

    2. My family and I are launching a podcast network to display our passion. I could use help in accountability. I see it. I feel it. We are working on mapping it out, but it is the FEAR of…no one listening. I know that is not true, but that is the fear.

    Thanks Scott. Love your work.

    God Bless,

    Matt Sullivan

    Family Enterprise Network

  • Kellye Kuh

    Happy birthday, Scott!

    1. My passion project is to educate young people (high school) on spirituality and the gifts it provides through practice. I’d also like to become one of the first openly Christian electronic music producers and create spiritual music including yoga and meditation soundtracks.
    2. I’m still not sure if I’m built for this dream (I’m about to take your course!), but I think LYL could help me develop the resources to build a program around spirituality and find an efficient way to target young people. I also need to learn how to produce music. :)

  • Sage Herman-Joy

    Happy Birthday, Scott!

    1. My passion project is to find a balance of fun and joy with meaningful work. Specifically that is helping children through my new tutoring business- which combines both of my goals! Right now my path is learning how to balance everything and do it all wholeheartedly (marriage, my business, my dogs, friends, family, my health and my community).

    2. I could use support with being accountable on a daily basis in terms of putting the time in to growing my business. I get a lot out of hearing about what other people are experiencing while starting a small business. I would love to give and receive inspiration and support to/from others in a similar situation.

  • Anthony A.J. Watson

    Hey Scott, Happy Birthday! Excited for you and all the success that you’re having, particularly enjoying Thailand. My wife and I spent 3 weeks in Bangkok, Koh Samui and Chiang Mai for our honeymoon last May and it was life changing experience.

    1. A group of friends and I started an “Intentional Living Community” about 12 months ago where we set annual goals we want to achieve and do monthly experiments as we try to live our lives more purposefully. Right now we’re using Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits as the basis for each month’s experiments. Then we get together on a monthly Google Hangout and chat about what worked and didn’t, what we learned, and support each other. It’s been a pretty cool experience so far, and excited to see how things continue to grow.

    2. I guess the biggest thing that I/we struggle with is I think this idea has real legs and that many other people would be interested in it. The questions becomes when will it make sense to think about trying to make money off of this idea vs. it just being something that this small group uses to help us live better lives?

    Thanks again for having the courage and commitment to push forward with this group and the great resources you share.

    • Sandra Campbell

      are you blogging about this?

  • Adam Carroll

    1. My passion project is to finish a documentary called “Broke, Busted & Disgusted” which highlights the fact that our higher education system is churning out 20-somethings drowning in debt that prevents them from actually going out and Living their Legends until far later in life.
    2. Live Your Legend can help by identifying stories that need to be told in our documentary of people who want to pursue dreams and passions, but are caught up in a never-ending battle with debt.

    Happy Birthday, Scott!

  • Karen Mason

    Happy birthday Scott!

    1) My passion is to provide inspiration, ideas and practical support for business professionals seeking something more from their career (

    2) Quite simply, I need help to raise my profile and get known by my target audience.

  • Cesar Melendez

    1. My passion in life is to open a bar were I can express my love for food and friendship. I am working on the project plan and I will do what ever it takes to make it come true!!!

    2.- As long as Live Your Legend community stays with me, I will feel motivated and persuaded to continue my journey!!! Please keep the network flowing =)


  • Brendan O’Hara

    1. MY PASSION: Create a blog that educates men on how to upgrade their look with fashion/style and grooming/beauty products advice.
    2: WHAT COULD LYL & I DO TO HELP YOU TAKE THE NEXT STEP TO MAKE IT SUCCESSFUL?: Offer me some advice on creating the blog and making money with it.
    PS: Happy Birthday!

  • Blair

    Hey Scott,

    My passion project is to help people achieve their goals regarding fitness and nutrition and to be the best they can be. A part of this entails running my own online fitness business within the next two years.

    How LYL can help is by continuing to provide resources and articles that help me focus and move in that direction. I would love to see more interviews with authors and successful people including in the fitness industry. It’s great to hear people’s stories and see how they got to where they are.

    Have an AWESOME Birthday!

  • Anthony Schneider

    Hi Scott, for me it’s quite simple:

    1) To develop all the skills necessary to be the best opera singer I can be, at the wonderful Academy of Vocal Arts in Philadelphia

    2) To get a free membership to “Connect with Anyone” in order to get the skills necessary for connecting with others and being able to raise the money necessary to attend this great school

    It’s a bit of a cheeky ask really, but having been accepted at this awesome place, I really need the skills that you outline in your course in order to get people on board.

    If you do have a few minutes, I wrote about my audition experience here (Again, cheeky I know!)

    • Anthony Schneider

      Oh, and happy birthday!

  • disqus_3vjlTNaLBg

    1. My passion project is to create a non-profit adult education center in my town that empowers adults to achieve their GED and improve their English Language Skills. The center will focus on quality affordable classes taught by professionals.
    2. LYL can help me continue to move the ball forward in this project. I’m at a point where I need a founding board of directors and find it a challenge to convince others of my passion and why they should devote their time and energy to the project.

  • Matthew G. Bailey

    1. What is your Passion Project?

    To build a movement and create a platform to help people live more limitless lives. To help them find their limiting beliefs and tear them apart. To help them achieve things they never thought they would. To do this by living authentically, which has always been to live limitless, engage people, and use my “powers” to help others do the same.

    2. What could Live Your Legend & I do to help you take the next step to make it successful?

    Help me with ways to write engaging and inspiring articles by teaching me how to follow formulas and how to find topics. To teach me how to engage people and build a following, which will then snowball and reach more people. To teach me what products to create that will be most effective in helping others while also providing the means for me to dive fully into the business.

  • Gloria Jimenez


  • dswood1

    1) Radiant health has become my passion project, from a non-traditional
    (not western or allopathic) viewpoint. I want to combine the best of
    the best in many alternative disciplines available on the web into one
    resource to make this information more easily assessable.

    2) I’d love to know LYL’s thoughts on 1) it’s viability and 2) what direction/path I should take to implement.

  • Jenny

    1. My passion project : To build a world community with purpose for a better, greener and healthier world. I want to share with people to be aware of global warming, pollution, and mother nature. Basically, to make a better place for the next generation.
    2. I hope Living Your Legend could encourage / motivate me to reach out and communicate effectively with the world with step by step idea of building a solid community.

  • Rae Reinhart

    1. My Passion Project is through a community service organization I run called Project Green and White through Michigan State University. It helps give the children in two schools in the Lansing, Michigan area (over 750 students) opportunities/events that they wouldn’t have otherwise due to the unsafe environments they live in; Safe Halloween, Ice Skating, Book Drive, Community Days.
    2. Live Your Legend could help through volunteering for our big final event on April 20th in Lansing at Lewton Middle School in which me and over 100 volunteers will be helping paint their school, clean the surrounding neighborhoods, and play games or do crafts with the kids from the school!

  • Gloria Jimenez


  • Tisha White

    1. What is your Passion Project?
    My passion project would be creating a writing career so I wouldn’t depend on my current job
    2. What could Live Your Legend & I do to help you take the next step to make it successful?

    Guidance, tools, workshops, how-to’s! These are all wonderful things

  • david brydges

    The world poetry passion project is to inspire one million poets to pledge and share their passion in their communities.

    Second part is how to implement a strategy for its realization and way to co-empower others to live their legend through this project.dave

  • sailaja k

    Happy birthday Scott!

    1. Do things that make me come alive. And, do the same for others that i encounter.

    2. LYL: Provide a forum for all readers to discuss/motivate.


  • Paul Wangsvick

    1) To increase high school graduation rates among our nations most impoverished communities. And I’d like to focus on Bay Area schools first.

    2) Advice, networking opportunities among LYL members and supporters, as well as assistance locating potential investors to finance a full fledge operation to target one school district at a time.

  • azmat

    Happy Birthday Scott !

    1. My current passion project is: . It is a personal development audio website (similar to but focusing on personal growth). My goal with this business is to inspire people and give them practical tips to go after their dreams, achieve their goals and be surrounded by a supportive community.

    2. I feel I have learned a lot from Live Your Legend. I love how active and positive this community is. At the end of the day all that matters is how much of a positive impact I can have on an an individual’s life. I feel I have a great opportunity to do this with my passion project. I would love to learn how I can create these same values of passion, community, and positivity with my project. I would love feedback on different ways I can motivate and inspire people. How I can keep people accountable and help them get tangible results. Find ways to over deliver value. By achieving these goals with your help, I know I can deliver something that can have a meaningful and lasting impact on people’s lives.

    Thanks again for all your work. Now go have some birthday cake haha.

    Thank you!

  • Brandon Olsen

    1- My passion project is Thrivelife Home Design.

    The place we call home has a profound effect on our ability to do the things we were born to do, our ability to THRIVE!

    Our consumeristic culture has taught us that the measure of success is $$$. How much can we earn and what can we do with it. We are told that in order to be viewed as successful we need to have something to show for it. The huge ass house. The flashy cars and a whole lot more that we don’t really care about and that don’t truly enrich our lives.

    “Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like” Will Smith

    I believe that the true measure of success is our happiness. Nothing against having a well paying job and owning things. Having these things as a means to pursue passions and true happiness is what life is all about. Having these things for the purpose of living up to others expectations kills our sense of self worth and drive.

    My homes are designed with one simple principle in mind. LIFE. Our home should be a place that most inspires us to live the lives we’ve always dreamed of but have been held back.

    Part of my work consists of helping others to free themselves from the chains of this materialistic culture and focus on the people and things they love. Some people are more prepared than others to make this transition and each persons /families experience will be different.

    2- Scream! Get the word out! Don’t be satisifed with this corrupt script society has written for us. Simplify your lives and help others to do the same. Eliminate the things that complicate and dilute your life so you can make space and time for what you love. This all starts at home!

  • Joel Zaslofsky

    Despite the fact I’ve read a ton of your other book recommendations, The Alchemist isn’t one of them yet. Seems like that needs to change this year. I’ll get mine from the public library Scott, but I’m stoked you’re offering up a bunch of copies to other folks to own.

    I’m just leaving a comment to say happy birthday today! My passion project – turning Value of Simple into a viable, long-term business – is already underway. You and the LYL crew are already doing plenty to make that happen and I won’t ask for anything more right now. Heck, I couldn’t *handle* anything more right now!

  • Tam Le

    This is the first time I am saying this out loud but my passion project is to fund raise money to help publish Vietnamese Children’s books through Room to Read by getting fun, intelligent and awesome people to offer time to do a webinar and people can watch and join via a donation. By learning from great people you also give kids the opportunity to learn.

    LYL can assist by keeping up the great work they do. Your articles are motivating and resources invaluable. However, Scott I wouldn’t say no if you offered to be a part of the speaker line up.

  • Jeff

    1) To empower small groups of people to work together in order to restore the natural commons on a local and regional level in order to recreate ecological balance.

    2) LYL can continue to generate ideas about how to get out and stay out of the economic “survival” mindset.

    Thanks, great question, and happy birthday.

  • Olufemi Omotayo

    Happy Birthday, man!

    1. My passion project is to provide entrepreneurs with empowering information and resources that will help them make progress in life. I’ve already started this with here in my country but not satisfied with the result so far.

    2. I’m already grateful for the resources you share on a regular basis. I will do more with specific guidelines to attracting audience and income.

  • Jo

    Woop woop! You share your birthday with Emilie Wapnick!

    1. My Passion Project is bringing lifestyle design to young people who wouldn’t otherwise stumble across it, to inspire them to take control of their own lives and to live on purpose, currently via my blog,

    2. My main obstacles at the moment are fear and a lack of self-belief, so insights into how people like yourself started out and dealt with the what’s-in-your-head side of things would help me persevere when my brain tells me I’m foolish to even try.

    Cheers, Scott!

  • Taylor Letterman

    I want to impact my generation by helping them discover their passion and purpose in life. The world is changing daily at an extremely fast pace and the millennial generation has a huge opportunity to make difference in all we do. My generation seeks out meaningful work, but sometimes lack the passion and drive to make change happen.
    I want to find some way to ignite that passion and strengthen the millennial drive to do social good.

  • RohS

    Happy Birtday Scott. Thank you for being an inspiration to us all.
    1. What is your Passion Project?
    My passion project is to live life to the full. To overcome fears that have stopped me from living before and push the boundaries to my dream of making a difference in this world.
    2. What could Live Your Legend & I do to help you take the next step to make it successful? Show me the tools to push the fear boundaries and help me believe in my dream of living life.

  • Ben Fanning

    My Passion Project is to help executives reignite their passion for the corner office at my site I’ve doing these through my weekly newsletter, blog, speaking, and coaching.

    My Main Obstacle is to finish the book I’ve started to get out this out on an even larger scale. It’s about digging deep, finding the time, and focus.

  • Dinos

    My passion project is to help as many people as possible to achieve real freedom in life and be able to do things that they like. The first step is to show to as many people as possible how they can easily become financial free if they want and then to work in projects that are meaningful for them.

    From LYL I’d like to help me how I can spread the world about one simple and easy thing that can help me achieve their financial goals.

    All the best,


  • Lifespotting!

    Hi Scott,

    Happy birthday!

    Thanks for asking the questions – they are questions I’ve been percolating on for a while now.

    1) My passion project is Lifespotting! A place for people to find beauty in moments when it’s hard to see that there is so much surrounding us. It a place to inspire people, get them thinking about being more and doing more. I originally started the project on Tumblr ( for me – I was going through a really rough period in my life and needed to stop feeling like a victim and stop the pity party. I’ve since set up a site ( as well as FB page and Twitter.

    2) How I see this evolving is something I’m flexible on. This isn’t a project I do for money at the moment and I don’t want the idea of making money from it to change the basic idea of it. So far I’ve allowed it to grow organically. I definitely want to develop the project and spread the word and build a community, but eventually I think I’d like to set up something (still looking different ideas) where proceeds can go to various non-profits. I love supporting girls, education and entrepreneurship but I’d also like to see a more personal connection between giving to those who don’t have and the people who want to help. I see this project evolving until I have the right thing that supports my initial idea yet grows to be even more. Perhaps LYL could help me play around with various ideas I do have to see which would work best.

    Thanks for holding the space for everyone to share here.

    Wishing you a fabulous day celebrating YOU!


  • Ben Murray

    1. I love great coffee and would love to start my own coffee roasting business.

    2. Leverage the helpful spirit of the LYL community by being able to connect – find folks with expertise you need and offer your expertise to those who could use it.

  • Tommy

    Happy Birthday Scott! Thank you for what you are doing with your life
    1- My passion project is to use my humour and love of music to help touch and inspire the world, be it as musician or acting
    2- I am hoping LYL can help by getting some ideas of how to go about getting contacts and steps to get there in practical terms. I am tired of dreaming about my dreams and want to take action. In frequent but little steps, I think this is the key!

  • Christina Perez

    Building my own freelance business is my passion project. Connecting with others to expand my knowledge, utilize my skills in art and design to help others/communicate/promote ideas, or just generally helping others would help me become successful.


    Happy 31! You’re not much older than I am!

  • Lara Buelow

    1. What is your Passion Project?
    I seek to help myself and others develop unity between mind and body. By clarifying how our mental experience translates into our physical one, I connect people to creating a life they love.
    2. What could Live Your Legend & I do to help you take the next step to make it successful?

    Sit down with me and discuss the nuts and bolts of starting my business in person and online. Introduce me to a few badass people and give me advice on how to best take advantage of the World Domination Summit.

  • Stephanie

    1. What is your Passion Project?

    To write novels and create works of art/films that will challenge, resonate, and inspire others to live more meaningful lives

    2. What could Live Your Legend & I do to help you take the next step to make it successful?

    Find ways to motivate/stay on task instead of procrastinate

  • KeErica

    Happy birthday to ya! *singing*

    My passion is to create an organization that high school students and college students may come to for resources to get scholarships and connections with colleges across the US. I want to be the one that has direct connections with admission offices and financial aid offices at the actual colleges.

    Live your Legend could help me with this by connecting me with people in these offices at various colleges.

  • Marty

    Happy Bday! Scoot hope you have fun and enjoy your day. My true passion in life is Playing Poker I want to be able to Travel while doing what I love. I also like to write so I’m hoping to inspire others by showing them they can do what they are passionate about, and truly find bliss. is my newest project.
    I want to be able to build a life and my Passions, because I’m sick and tired of everyone telling me I have to settle including myself. Even though I don’t have alot of money I have a lot of truly awesome experiences.
    Some of those have been living on the street, waking up on a rooftop to the sounds of a cruiseship horn as an alarm clock In Key West. I learned that you don’t have to have a lot of money, To do what you love and have the time of your life.

  • Anthony Aramini

    Hey Scott, happy birthday; I hope you’re enjoying your day!
    1. My passion project is an integration of meditation, fitness and personal development to help my audience and loyal fans to become the strongest version of themselves. I educate, motivate, inspire and assist people to creating ultimate vitality within their lives; whether it be creating healthy habits or hitting specific fitness goals, while learning to live in the present, to enjoy the true beauty of life.
    2. I’d love for Live Your Legend to somehow collaborate with fitness so I can share that wonderful opportunity with my followers; it would definitely change their lives. I’m sure once they were introduced to this community, more lives would be impacted for the better!

  • Timothy

    Happy birthday, Scott!
    My true passions in life are loving my fiancee (wife in 59 days) and creating video games; I sold my first game at age 12 but money demands have pulled me away from my passion. Live Your Legend has (and will continue to!) help me by surrounding me with people who remind me that what seems impossible is not as daunting as it seems, to counter all of the people around me who tell me I can’t do it.

    Thanks for these resources, really. You are an inspiration!

  • Hugh Kimura

    Happy Birthday Scott.

    1. My Passion Project is helping people from around the world to improve their lifestyle and the lives of others through holistic trading.

    2. Sometimes it tough to believe that my goals are possible, so I think just having a support group with guidance from people who are already successful would be very beneficial.

  • Wes Brooks

    31, happy birthday!

    1. What is your Passion Project?
    My passion project is creating technology that people will adopt that wil help save lives in times of emergency. I really like combining my love of marketing, Internet technology, and teaching to create something useful and compelling to reach masses amounts of people and help change their lives.

    2. What could Live Your Legend & I do to help you take the next step to make it successful?

    LYL can help me prioritize, focus, and keep the true reasons that I am working on my projects in view. Sometimes after a long project, the actual goal gets a little fuzzy and its important to step back and look at the big picture, and not end up working for work sake.

    Great blog btw, glad I found it!

  • ruthenium66

    Happy birthday, Scott–wishing you the best day and year ever! My passion project is to provide a one-to-one and group practice to allow people to overcome external and internal shame and blame and discover their gifts and strengths, using writing for insight. I would love to have the support of a peer group within Live Your Legend community to keep my inner light burning if I start to get off track. My work with people will be unique in that someone can, for the first time, express feelings in the presence of a caring, trained person (I have a master’s in counseling) who promises absolute confidentiality but because that expression is on paper, the writer can choose whether…and when…to share what’s written. We may even explore writing on paper that can disappear (melt in water, be eaten…really!) So the heavy weight of secrets kept in is lifted but without having to go from silence to speaking in one step. What is spoken is received as a gift of trust and I will reflect and respond as both a trained listener and as an equally vulnerable fellow traveler. I will offer this in person, possibly online as well. To further prepare myself, I am studying the presenter’s manual for Brene Brown’s Connections course (and doing all the exercises and talking them over with someone so I’m not using clients to work out my own stuff) and taking part in monthly supervision and exploration meetings for those offering poetry or other writing therapy. In other words…I’m really serious about doing this, bringing my heart, my humor, my patience, my creativity, my gentleness…whatever needs to be brought. What I need most is a circle of support in doing it (my husband, family, and friends do support me, but not in the way a group of peers could.) Actually, I’ll take a square of support…a triangle…even a dot of support…it’s all something I’ll gratefully and joyfully accept. Thank you for allowing me to express my project!

  • Shannon Lagasse

    1. My passion project is to keep developing myself and teaching what I know, what I’m learning, to other women. I want to teach them how to love themselves and accept themselves unconditionally. How to heal their relationship with their body and with food.

    2. LYL is, and continues to be, an inspiration to me to take action, get going, and get out there. I would love to hear more success stories on how to put yourself out there. Perhaps a way for LYL fans to connect (in person would be sick!)

  • bodphila

    My Passion Project is to empower single women near or over 40 years old to live life fully now, and to help advance single as a legitimate lifestyle (whether it’s by choice, chance or circumstance).

    If it’s possible at all, I am sure Live Your Legend can help me figure out how to help people who don’t think they have a problem or who are looking at the wrong problem. What I mean is, most single women think their only problem is how to get married. I think the problem is that we don’t pay attention to the wonderfulness of our lives today, that we don’t seek out experiences, and heck, we don’t even buy furniture because we are waiting for… Prince Charming? All the while we suffer from massive self-esteem issues because the whole world tells us we are supposed to be married and if we are not, there is something wrong with us. I want to ease the suffering.

    How do you take on the world?

  • Jeffrey Bunn

    Have a legendary birthday Scott :)

    1.) My passion project is to develop a non-profit website that puts a monetary price on productivity and contribution. The gist is: be productive and ship something of value to the world, or be unproductive/lazy and enable others to contribute.

    2.) LYL is fantastic for motivation and clarity. I’d love if LYL could focus on tools – the specific tools that helped you and help your community to achieve their goals.

  • Christine M-S

    Happy Birthday, Scott!!! It’s my birthday as well but 48th as opposed to 31st!! I hope you are having an awesome day outside!! Thank you for all you do to inspire others! I am in awe of your spirit & enthusiasm & you always inspire me!!

    My Passion Project is a little bit muddled still, but the main point is that I want to motivate & inspire others to live their dreams & passion! I am a therapist working w/ at-risk youth in the Bay Area & my job gets overwhelming at times b/c my kids’ lives are so chaotic that the counseling I do seems ineffective at times. I would love to have a program that inspires & supports at-risk youth to believe in themselves and fulfill their potential! Due to family circumstances they often fail to see a bright future or to even have positive dreams for their lives.

    LYL & you could help me get to the next level in this project by helping me flush out my vision and getting more concrete with my next steps. I want to create a community for these kids rather than leaving them behind b/c working w/ them is too depressing at times. I’ve been told my skills are going to waste b/c these kids’ lives need more than I can provide. Yet rather than walking away, I want to be a part of the bigger solution that can make a difference for these kids cause I believe in them & their potential. I’m just not sure how to make all this happen.

    Thank you

    • Thomas

      Hi Christine,

      I will be moving to the Bay Area next week and would like to help you. I will be
      starting an organic vegetable nursery and will be working with others in the urban gardening movement.

      Through the growing of just a single tomato plant or other vegetable, they can
      learn so many things.

      These kids are so very fortunate that you are on their side. Teaching them is a
      very demanding and mentally/physically draining profession. So many people
      burn out and just give up.

      Give me a call in two week and I will have more time to talk and try to help you. Just contact me through the member’s section.

      • Christine M-S

        Thanks, Thomas! What a coincidence as the elementary school I am at has a garden and they just lost funding for their gardener for next year & I was thinking about starting a garden club!!! Will be in touch! Good luck w/ your move! You’ll love it here!

        • Thomas

          Hi Christine,

          Can you give me a call? Would like to find out how I could help you with our club.

          With gratitude,

          Thomas (805) 845-2115

  • Guillermo Mirandes

    My passion is to make math and science cool, to teach kids that they can accomplish anything they set their minds to and to open up possibilities for people who have the ability to positively impact the world.

    Live your Legend could help me by giving me the tools to enjoy and live life to the fullest, without focusing on the small things I face every day. I’m a student and I’m pretty frustrated with myself because I don’t yet have the attitude to change the world like I dream about doing.

    • Thomas

      Hi Guillermo,

      Some day you will be a fine math and science teacher if you just keep focused on what you just wrote. The are/were countless student like me who grew up with no interest in math or science because we thought it was too hard to understand. My teachers taught from the book and didn’t take the time to understand how I thought.

      No one believed in me. YOU believe in the greatness of each of your future students. You are already ahead of many of those in the teaching profession because you are open to the fact that each of us learn differently. Students
      are not ginger bread children who are cranked out, but individuals who are
      great in their own way.

      You cannot achieve greatness without building on the “small” things that may seem trivial but when taken over the decades of your life, will lead you to the greatness and the ability to change the world.

      Just remember that by helping one student learn to enjoy math or science,

      you have already changed the world for all of us.

  • Ansa Smit

    Scott, blessings for the next year of your life.

    1. I’m a teacher and my passion project is to host kids camps for Grade 7 children during holidays, equipting them to live life with passion and purpose. (I would love to guid them to Live their Legend the moment they finish school)

    2. Mmmmm. I’m already using a so much from your site. I would realy love a 27 Questions to find your passion for KIDS, it would be fantastic if they can find/realize their dream before they have to make subject choices for secondary school.

    Thanks for your passion.

  • Eric Young

    1. I want to help people build online businesses doing what they love. I will build customers an optimized website, with a marketing and sales funnel that cashflows. I want to serve customers that know their passion, but are still stuck at their day job and need some helping setting up the tools to put their passion to work helping others.
    2. LYL could help by setting up groups of entrepreneurs who can meet at a convenient time for the members of the group. A mobile compatible interactive meeting space like Skype would work well. I think most of us would love a support group, but time is at a premium, so having a group that can meet at a time that works for everyone is critical.

    • Thomas

      Hi Eric,

      Would like to see how you could help me build my website. It will be It would be great to be a part of group of
      entrepreneurs working together to support each other.

  • Mike

    First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    My passion (along with my twin brother’s) project is to create a website and a culture/community that is similar to Live Your Legend mixed with Soul Pancake but aimed at young entrepreneurs. People who want to take the first steps in business. These people need to know WHO they are before they can create their legend, and we give them tools and resources that have helped us and others find their core values and their passions and then help them start the business of their dreams.

    LYL can help for sure! The resources here are very helpful to myself and others and I will most likely affiliate the products. ALSO I would love an opportunity to have a Google Hangout with Scott. This will help launch us and fulfill a dream/bucket list activity.
    Love your work Scott, and our own of course ;)

    Mike Tielemans -Twincome

  • Jen

    Happy Birthday Scott :)

    1. My passion project has been a dream of mine since I was a kid – to rescue dogs from unsuitable living conditions (like those in parts of Mexico) and from overcrowded and “high-kill” city shelters (like the South Los Angeles shelter). I want to train them and find them families and companions whose lives they can enrich.

    2. LYL: I don’t know where to begin. I have no money and no connections within the dog/pet industry. My background is online in web dev, seo, ux, etc. and I have connections to artists and photographers. I also don’t know how to make a project like this profitable at all, let alone highly profitable to the point where I do not need a supplemental income to live comfortably.

    Your blog continues to inspire me and remind me that this is possible. :)

    • Melania Jones

      That’s such a wonderful idea, Jen. I love dogs, too. Thinking about what you wrote on their conditions literally brings tears to my eyes.

      I am sure there are many for-profit organisations who would like to get financially involved in such a great project. You will figure it out. Everything will fall into place.

      • Jen

        Thanks for the support Melania! I really appreciate your thoughtful comment. :)

  • Gail Cassidy

    My passion is to create a place for “community” for senior citizens in every town, a place where they are able to build relationships, find greater satisfaction in life, live with intent, passion, and integrity, and keep reinventing themselves–in order words, to know they are still special and still have value. I hold Legacy Workshops at senior residences where each person responds to questions about their pasts, remembering positive, uplifting memories, all of which is recorded on CD’s for them to keep. I’d like to see a place in every community where this could occur. There is nothing worse than feeling useless.

    Live Your Legend readers and you could give me ideas on how to convince towns, Y’s, churches, temples, gyms, schools–anyplace to create space and encourage and welcome senior citizens to participate.

  • Mike Tuttle


    My Passion Project is to show people that it is possible to live life on their own terms, deliberately designing the kind of work they do, things they buy and families they raise. I want to do this, in part, by providing regular-person examples of those who have already accomplished this in one or more areas of their own lives. You can help me by pointing me to such people, where they hang out, etc.

    (By the way, just making me answer this question was a huge help. I’ve been struggling for some clarity on this venture. Thanks a million!)

  • Sofia Silva Eastmond

    Happy birthday, Scott!!!

    1. I’ve recently created a project called Goddesses in the world. The first milestone is a community event to celebrate femininity and the goddesses women are in the world. It generated 100% from people’s contributions in talent, time, creativity and existing resources. It’s a pop up event in a vacant site in the quake-stricken city of Christchurch. It will have performances, workshops, activities and an art exhibition, to showcase the accomplishments of awesome goddesses in the community. It also has contributions from the younger generation of goddesses. And the message is one of ownership of one’s power, that we can be or have anything we want, and to celebrate who we already are. All proceeds will go to this awesome charity, which was created by a fabulous 12 year old!

    2. As I said, this is just the first milestone. From here, I would like the project to expand. I can see us creating a network of people that want to impact the community and the world, entrepreneurial programs ran by successful business owners, programs for youth, etc. I also have a passion for coaching and empowering people to succeed. And I love the world of business – I have a lot of experience in sales, marketing and business planning.

    So… You could help bring some clarity to all of this, i.e. how do I turn all of this into a successful business??

    Thanks and happy birthday!!!

  • disqus_jT0fzdBsLi

    Hello Scott Happy Born-day..and many more!!!!!

    My passion is to educate, empower and inform ex-offenders on how to identify and embrace “change”. Learning to identify their “passions” and wanting to embrace them…realizing that their lifestyle was one of “choice” and not chance”. Learning that your past does not equal your “future”. Making a commitment to become “givers” and not “takers” in our society. All of these in a format that is not degrading nor forced upon them, but by making them aware that if they want better “choices” in life they have to make better decisions that offer and bring about these opportunities.

    LYL has has empowered my passion to this and I thank you sincerely, How do I present this to make it happen and to whom?

    Continued success to you Scott and your staff. i celebrate your “Greatness”…!


  • Nora DeBora

    1. My Passion Project is transitioning from my 9-5 corporate professional life into a self made Health and Wellness Consultant/Entrepreneur. I’ve already started this by obtaining my yoga certification, currently in school for Holistic Nutrition and building by networks.

    2. In order to succeed in this career transition, LYL is helping me gain the strength, courage and skills that I need to understand how to drive my passion into action! Your tools, motivational articles and resources help me bring my ideas and confusion into focus.

    Bring it on!

  • Hassan

    Happy Birthday Scott, I hope you live to be a 100 years old.

    1. My passion project is dropping out of high school, taking charge of my own education, helping others do the same and sharing my adventures along the way.

    2. How to drop out and build a successful life any way with out a four year degree.

  • Melania Jones

    Happy Birthday Scott. Hope you have a wonderful one. At this moment I am “supposed” to write a monthly business report at my “normal” job. But I prefer to make this post.

    1. My passion project is to become a successful advisor on delivering outstanding service (to oneself AND to others) within the luxury goods sector. I underline this particular sector because I am passionate about well made beautiful products with a story behind them. In this role I provide either one-to-one manager coachings on how to overcome personal obstacles or hold public seminars all over the world. This role will allow me to get the best out of people who are equally passionate about succeeding.

    2. LYL readers and you could encourage me to hold on to this project. I always “seem” to be passionate about something and then find a good excuse to drop it. Fact is that I love advising and I love delivering exceptional customer service(Isn’t it a contradiction that I ought to deliver a report (service) but prefer doing something else? Does this passion depend on the kind of service I would provide? Everything in regards to paper work and procedures seem to keep me from my passion to provide exceptional service.
    However, I lose focus and then courage. As you can see now as an example…

  • Carly Hanson

    Happy Birthday Scott!

    1. My Passion Project is to become a public speaker and trainer teaching peer to peer relations and mediation skills to college students. I have started the process, but it is slow-going so far.

    2. How LYL can help? I think helping to bring LYL users together physically would be excellent! E-forums are great, but I really think getting people close geographically to have meetups to discuss their projects and passions would be awesome!

  • Dexter Cousins

    My passion project is to create more time to spend with my two very young kids so they grow up realising that time spent doing what you love with who you love is the greatest currency there is.
    What I like Scott is sincerity in why people are pursuing a dream. It’s all about the moments – Happy birthday Scott it’s all down hill from here, I sure find it easier going downhill than uphill.

    • Nola Collie

      Hi Dexter, this post I thought was a stand out one. It is a great currency.I can from experience say that being aware of what you love and sharing it with your children develops similar experiences for them as they grow older. You only ever hope that values you hold dear are embraced by your children. They learn from watching you walk the talk. Take the time, the investment is priceless. (my 2 are 26 and 22 years old now, and love the same experiences that they shared with as children)

  • Kirri White

    I still have my well used copy of ‘The Alchemist’ that my dad gave me as a kid. I remember being puzzled the first time I read it, surprised the second time and enlightened and amazed the third!

    Happy B-Day Scott and thanks for helping me maintain a connection to my passions.

  • Alberto Gomes

    Happy Birthday Scott,

    Let me thank you for being my inspiration!

    My passion project is to empower people to listen to them selves and to live their own uniqueness. For that I’m currently on level 3 of counselling skills and will start a neuronutrient therapy course.

  • Erik Lokensgaard

    1. Make an ewok village school in the forest canopy for storytelling workshops AND biomimicry design.

    2. Provide the connections to assemble a stellar teaching team as well as scholarships for promising students.

  • Casey

    Happy birthday!

    1) My passion project is to become a “yogapreneur” (starting with teaching and branching out from there).

    2) Bay Area LYL’ers can help by coming to my classes!

  • Caleb Winebrenner

    Happy Birthday!

    My passion is using storytelling and applied theatre in communities — right now that means giving immigrant youth a way to articulate how they miss home but still are hopeful about a future in America, and giving teachers the tools to use the arts in their classroom and capitalize on how a good story or theatre can engage and motivate students. In the future, I hope to not only keep teaching, but to develop youth programs, coach teachers, and run workshops for other teaching artists.

    LYL can be a big part of this growth for me. Believe me, I’ve read a lot of blogs about living your passion. Most say, “Follow this formula,” and “buy my product.” While this has its place, I love that LYL is more about questions that you (Scott) as of us — “What is it you want?” “Why does this matter?” “What gives you the faith to do it?” The material in LYL doesn’t ask us to follow a template, it asks us to listen to our instincts and honor our gifts — with clarity, discipline, excitement, and grit. So I love it.

    Now, I’m off to plan lessons for tomorrow!

  • Kelli McIntosh

    1. My passion project has been inspired by my 7-year old son with multiple disabilities. Because I am living a life I never expected, as a mother with a child with special needs, I desire to encourage other mothers/families through writing, speaking, and art. My first project is to write and illustrate a children’s book for the young siblings of a child with special needs.

    2. LYL can help by continuing to motivate me to pursue my passions. I have tried to convince myself for the last 10 years that it is possible to make a living doing work I love but have never done anything about it. But when I accidentally discovered Live Your Legend two weeks ago, I have set a goal to make this finally happen!

  • Becky Hirst

    Happy Birthday! I haven’t yet decided what my passion project is- I do know that I am a very creative person and I want to do something with that. Up until recently, after reading a very inspirational book titled, “Stop Playing Safe: Rethink Risk. Unlock the Power of Courage. Achieve Outstanding Success,” by Margie Warrell, the thought of making changes in my life hadn’t even entered my mind. I am now learning how to better define my sense of purpose and am pursuing more inspiring goals. I am getting closer to change!

  • Robert-Jan Zimmerman

    Hello Scott,

    Congratulations, Enjoy your day to the fullest!

    1. Providing excellent Crane Barge Services in the Port of Rotterdam (the Netherlands) to highly demanding customers for high value and time-sensitive goods (with focus on fruit & fruit juice importers).

    2. Provide a continuous stream of thorough ‘INSPIRATION’ (let me handle the perspiration on no 1)


    Robert-Jan Zimmerman / Mercurius Shipping Group

    ( )

  • Ann K.

    I would like to inspire others to better themselves while continuously working to improve my own abilities through public and motivational speaking. You and Live Your Legend could help to show me how to get started, because I know I have the capabilities and I just need a few more ideas on where to begin! Thank you and best wishes on your birthday.

  • Linda Buchner

    Happy 31st Birthday, Scott!
    1.) My passion project is a non-profit I started two years ago (almost 3 now!) called MINDDRIVE, and we work with at-risk high school students through hands-on experiential learning with projects that engage them in math, science, technology, etc. We’ve built 4 electric cars so far and these students are coming ALIVE with their successes.
    2.) I would like to learn how to balance my life again – this is about 10 times harder than any other job or dream I’ve had! I don’t want to burn out – I love these kids and the successes we’re having but I can’t compromise the good life either…
    Help! :)

  • Laure Merlin

    Happy birthday Scott! May your years continually better one another.
    1) my passion project is so spread positive parenting values, help parents to act upon their best abilities and thus children to grown nurtured, safe&secure. I conceptualized an app (collaborative, plus community building) for this, got the French specialist of the field in it with me, and I’m working nights to startup and get it to the market soon. I want to start a worldwide conscience and effort to act upon these values of mutual respect and understanding for harmony.

    2) I need passionate partners and mentors, and money to start really instead of making business plan and contest one after another to grab some cash… I’m sure LYL is helping,I need to learn how to have my brain switch on (focus) and off (be present to my family and friends), find a real balance, forgo obsession? I’m sure you personally can help by forwarding my project to would be donors.
    31 years of thanx for all the help you’ve given me already!

  • Fariha Naveed

    1. My passion project is to be able to apply my recent 200 hour yoga certification to teach yoga at shelters/women recovery programs aimed at providing safety and security to survivors of domestic violence, abuse, rape, etc. I’d like to be able to create themes around classes using certain poses as a means to facilitate healing, self-discovery, and a roadmap to apply new ways to survive, thrive, and endure. I’d like to start a blog to share my experiences so other people can benefit (other yoga teachers, students, and anyone interested in this field of work)

    2. I believe with certainty that all the resources I need to get started are on this website. At this current moment, everything sounds good in theory, it’s just taking that first step to tap into my creative energy to look for inspiration and certain themes. Huge thank you for the call to action on this fun project – this is also the first time that I’m putting one of my passions out there in the universe. Happy Life Celebration to you

  • Pooja Dang

    1) I have a postcard project dedicated to help people declare their dreams (

    Request a postcard and answer the question: What would you dare to do if you knew you could not fail? Once you identify what is really important to you – what is the one thing you’d do if success was guaranteed, you start doing something about it, you start moving toward your ideal life. You start living your awesome.

    2) By getting the word out to this fabulous community! I imagine a world where we are surrounded by people going after and living their dreams! Thank you Scott for all your inspiration and for making me realize that this is possible.

    Happy Birthday! Make it AWESOME. big HUGS.

  • erica blazer

    Happy birthday!
    1. My passion project is to obtain my yoga certification and advanced health and wellness certification so that I may help others change their lives and strengthen their foundations. Ultimately want to take yoga to schools and show children the benefits of a yoga practice.
    2. LYL provides resources and networking already which is invaluable. With all of the resources available, I believe the next step for me is to put the step forward and continue to absorb and utilize the information LYL provides.

  • Jenny Ann Fraser

    My passion project is creating an online environment to teach people what I learnt through my own personal quest to love myself and understand my own intrinsic worth and the intrinsic worth in all others. What I have figured out would help anyone who ever worries about being enough and I have to share it!
    What LYL could do is simply continue with the fantastic content which has taught me so much in just a short time.
    In fact, the question “if you had a cure for cancer would you be afraid to put it out into the world?” (Loosely paraphrased of course.) changed my entire perspective. Living my own legend now seems less like risk taking and more like doing the right thing.
    Thank you Scott and happy, happy birthday!

  • Michelle Marcus

    1) My passion project is my website I am trying to help everyone I know find a job if they are unemployed or find a better job. I try to teach people about LinkedIn and all my other sources of where to find jobs so they can learn how to take control of their job search.
    2) Along with all the inspiration that you currently give me, I am always looking for ways to monetize my business so that someday I can do this full time as well as learning how to reach more people…more networking…so I can help more people, not just the STL area.

  • Dax Andersen

    1. My passion is to find old wood objects and use them to make useful or decorative things that people would like to buy. An example would be I took an old door and cut it in half and made it into a tall corner shelf, or transformed a crib into a bench that you could sit in
    2. How would be the best way to get this kind of a passion out there and make money doing it.

  • Guest

    Happy Birthday brother!

    1. Passion Project = Educating, developing, and inspiring the true leader in all of us towards a greater understanding that each and every one of us possess tremendous amounts of potential and proclivity. (Similar to what you do). Our impact and influence radiates beyond our visual world and own understanding.

    2. LYL Assistance to Success = The phenomenal impact that you have already made is immeasurable and GREATLY appreciated. Lately it seems that I am in need of a mentor and mastermind group in order to develop, guide, and pursue the innovative ideas that consistently arise in my mind.

    **Go ahead and deduct the additional sentences from my overall evaluation/score :)

  • Rachael Shores

    My Passion is to collaborate my art with other people’s visions and passions to create personal art for others. I also want to create passive income with licensing these images and selling prints.

    I need help in organizing and prioritizing my ideas, finding new and fresh ideas on how to market, how to find my audience, how to word what I offer. I feel I need more business training and skills.

    Maybe LYL could help me see my weaknesses as a disorganized artist (who has the limiting belief that artists have poor follow-through and poor business skills) and flaky and turn those into business marketing assets.

    Encouragment is nice, practices to prevent panic and staleness. Action plans, I know you already deal with that but MORE is never too much :D

    I have already read through some of these comments and they are so inspiring.

  • DC

    My passion project is to bring Universal Laws down from the “spiritual” realm and make them socially normative. I envision a world where everyone says “Yes” to achieving the impossible.

    All I really need is some feedback on my ideas–am I crazy?

  • Mike Routen


    First off, Happy Birthday!

    My passion project is to sail around the world with my family on our 34′ sailboat, earning our way though the pictures we take of the beauty we find all around us.

    LYL can continue to help us find our voice and give us the tools to become who the world needs us to be.

    Thank you for all you have already done, and for all that is still to come.

    In Gratitude,


  • Yuichi

    Happy birthday and have another awesome year :)

    1. My Passion Project is “Find what I love to do for my life”. I’m still searching for what I love to do, what I should do for myself to be trully happy and satisfied since I was burnt out before by being workaholic.

    2.I love how you put your passion into this blog, I especially love to see videos & interviews more than blog posts because I can feel the passion and the energy, and I’m get motivated to take an action!

  • Kai Lossgott

    :) Party hard, Scott!

    1. My passion is to connect diverse ideas and groups of people in order to uncover new and unusual knowledge areas, eg the synergies between art and environmental science. At the moment I am inspired to facilitate collaborative book-making sessions to help people capture the synergies that appear when historical traditions collide, and to start an independent publishing network printing exclusively on recycled materials.

    2. I’m not sure what you can do. People lack follow-up and taking action, but I do feel you provide some systems, at least the ones that have worked for you, that help to at least inspire that. What is stopping them? Information overwhelm, option paralysis. Instead, I can tell you how I’m helping myself. In my life I have focused on developing tools that have enabled me to make effective decisions on what to do, and more importantly, what to leave out. I am working on making space in my life and on being available for others, as I easily get pre-occupied.

  • Adam Willemse

    Hi Scott

    Happy birthday!

    I am very much interested in coaching and presenting life enriching workshops. Thanks to me stumbling upon LYL, I have started writing my workshops! It give me energy and motivates me tremendously.

    The downside is that I am scared to quit my day job. At the moment it is killing my soul, and I have to decide before next week whether I will hand in my resignation or not. I have to work three months notice, and the next chance to quit is only in three months time again. I don’t think I can handle another six months. What LYL can do for me is to help me build my faith in myself and my abilities, to be able to make the jump and live my passion.

    Warm regards


  • Vimal

    Belated Happy Birthday!!

    1. To achieve Rank in Indian Administrative Services Exam and serve the people by using my power and abilities. Complete my current research that I believe wl definitely add value to our society, and also publish my book about peace.

    2. I need the messages, stories and all other materials from you that we are getting now, so that I could go through it and it’s adding fire in me to overcome the hurdles.

  • Joel Warby

    Happy Birthday Scott (for yesterday), hope you enjoyed Thailand!

    In answer to your questions, see below…

    1) I devote all of my time (outside of the *temporary* 9-5) towards a blog I started just this year called Xenium ( I am trying to teach young people how to reach their potential, I have a personal goal of moving to live in the Caribbean within one year, location dependant and Xenium will fund this. I believe that young people can achieve literally anything they wish, they just need to realise it so hopefully thats what I can achieve with Xenium.

    2) After being a follower of LYL for some time I know that most areas of how to be successful have been covered, something I know I would be very interested in however would maybe a weekly newsletter about any articles / resources that you have been influenced by / motivated by. I think most people following you know how to be more successful, maybe the barrier to it is the motivation to actually take the first step, afterall this is the most important one on any journey.


  • AJ Martin

    Happy Birthday!
    1 – My passion project is an adventure leadership training center. Why stop learning and growing when you’re finished with college? It should be a lifelong pursuit, and this project would help people grow, find out who they are, and launch them into a future they thought they could only imagine.
    2 – LYL could help me with exposure, programming ideas and possibly with some interested clients.

  • Jean Worsley

    Hi Scott, Happy Birthday!

    1. My passion project is my blog talking about innovation in my trade to run alongside my business, I want it to become an authority blog for the trade and I love working on it!

    2. Your free resources were incredibly inspirational and helped my husband who has recently come on board with the business, we’re a happy husband and wife selling team!

  • Nick Christian

    Happy birthday!
    My passion project is to help others achieve career success through helping them understand and conquer the job search process. I do this now, but tied in with a bunch of other stuff. So I am working on getting rid of the other stuff by going out on my own. What I need is to put more of the information I glean into action.

  • Alexandra Kamins

    Happy Birthday, Scott!! I hope you get to live it up :D

    1. My passion is helping people achieve their dreams. I’m starting a non-profit called Black Mountain SOLE–self-organized learning environment–so we can offer the kind of education that actually teaches students how to succeed in their OWN goals (not a state-sponsored curriculum) and in the real world.

    2. LYL has already helped by giving me the encouragement to keep making my passion a reality and believing that we SHOULD get to do what we love as our careers. But more than that, I desperately want to use the LYL resources to teach our students how to achieve their dreams!

    Best wishes,

  • Tammi Gaw

    Happy birthday!
    1. My passion project is to broker relationships between athletes and philanthropic programs they want to support or create. Having worked with athletes and also in international development, I am focused on making sure those efforts are ethical and sustainable (partnerships, accounting transparency) and that they engage the groups on the ground in a dignified way. Too many western charities swoop in assuming they know what’s needed in local communities and they are often mistaken or wrong. It can be done right, and my passion is to help make sure it does!

    2. LYL has already been wonderful. I greatly appreciate the resources you put in our hands, the daily word you feed into our lives, and knowledge about other individuals who highlight who hold themselves to the same standard that you do.



  • Ben Overmyer

    Happy Birthday!

    1) I want to turn my tabletop game side business into a full-time job. This is hard, because the industry isn’t exactly swimming in profitability.

    2) Somehow, keep me on task and energized to work on it past my comfort levels.

  • Ryan Bulmer

    Happy Birthday Scott!

    My Passion Project: Is too simply leave a job
    that doesn’t currently ignite my fire and to transition into a venture that does.

    What can LYL do: Continue to write articles that
    motivates, inspires and shows me that this transition, finding a venture/job
    that ignites my fire, is possible.

  • Francis

    Have a wonderful celebration of life!
    1. My passion project is to create a Healing center. This center will create physical space to give way to psychological and spiritual healing to everyone who wishes to come. It intends to be built inside a self sustaining and biodynamic farm.
    2. My dream is so big to me that Im lost where to start. If I could have directions and support perhaps I could start little by little.
    Thanks for the reply

  • Debashish Das

    Wish you a very Happy Birthday, Scott.
    1. My passion project is to help other people find their passion. When I discovered my passion, it felt like I had been sleepwalking my whole life and had just woken up. I want others to experience this freedom and happiness.
    2. Thank you so much for having created this website and LOYP course. It changed my life. I want to seek help to organize an outreach program for the LOYP course. I will create small modules from the sections and do a few exercises with a group of people to get them acquainted to the idea of finding and living off their passion. I want to spread the passion for passion.

  • Darrell

    1. My passion is to work out of my home writing and helping animals.

    2. Unlike some below i do think LYL continuously sells a lot of hype and/or courses: I would like to see more concise suggestions, not 10 different items/downloads to sift through.

  • Guest

    Scott Feliz Cumpleaños! :)

    1. What is your Passion Project?
    As a LYL student :) I start that as a biologist, and science educator, I want to form part of non traditional science education projects and also communicate science and Nature´s amazing stuff through a blog. Last week I won a scholarship to attend a course on “how to communiate science”. I´m very inspired by Maria Popova (, considered one of the 100 most creative people in bussiness 2012, her blog it´s amazing!

    You and the CWA community could help make contact with people who are doing something similar as I never blogged before and help me with suggestions, feedback and support so as to make this real!.

  • Ana

    Passion Project?
    doing the LYL e-course I start to realize that a a biologist, and science
    educator, I want to form part of non traditional science education projects and
    also communicate science and Nature´s amazing stuff through a blog. Last week I
    won a scholarship to attend a course on “how to communiate science”. I´m very
    inspired by Maria Popova (, considered one of the 100 most creative people in bussiness 2012, her blog it´s amazing!

    You and the CWA community could help make contact with people who are doing something similar as I never blogged before and help me with suggestions, feedback and support so as to make this real!.

  • Gary Sonnenberg

    1) My current passion project is creating a simplified way for collectors to collect US postage stamps. The generally accepted method of following a traditional catalog is much too hard for beginners.

    2) I’m not sure what more you could be doing than what you already are. Sorry, I’m not much help here.

  • Mirna Garcia

    1) To end world hunger by 5:30, eastern time zone. By simply selling clothes online to my fellow college (or bargain loving) peeps and giving 50% of the money of each clothing item bought to an organization that feeds starving families and teaches them how to grow their own food.

    2) Thank you so much for all the inspiring, motivating, and informative articles you give me. Once I get my website up, it would be tremendous help if LYL helped spread the word about my plan.

  • Serenity Dad

    Happy 31st Birthday Scott! I was pursuing my first true passion project at 31 (helicopter pilot) and I am now moving onto my second.

    1. My Passion project is to provide the resources, inspiration, and eventually coaching to help individuals (focus on men) to manage stress and anxiety. Our society is becoming more anxious and stressed as we become further removed from
    the natural world and our true selves.

    2. Connecting with your community and getting constructive feedback from you on my approach to this topic would make all the difference. Thank you!.

  • Rosalind Webber

    Happy Birthday! Hope you had an LYL day..
    1) My passion project – to create a buzzing community through a blog devoted to girls who live with a naturally big bust and small body shape. I design clothes for this niche and I want the blog to give access to stunning fashion, community and likeminded women that they otherwise wouldn’t have because it just doesn’t exist. This project allows me to be all that I am: entrepeneurial, creative…and a total introvert.
    2) LYL can help me put away all my excuses and get this off the ground. It can also, of course, help me by spreading the word to a community of brilliant people.
    Loving your work, Scott! Looking great on TED.

    • Michael Harmon

      Great idea Rose. This could really fly. -fellow flapper

  • Joe

    Happy B-Day Scotty!
    Warning I went over the 3 sentence limit.

    1. My project is to find MY passions. This may be selfish, but I spent the past 24yrs of my life not knowing who I wanted to be or what I wanted do. After making the biggest mistake of my life and spending 4 years in the military I realized I had become part of an organization I completely disagreed with and I became deeply depressed and ashamed of what I was doing. I spent years in an environment of negativity and I was constantly focusing on negative thoughts, and letting fear and anger control how I made decisions. I came to the point where I didn’t want to live anymore, and that scared the crap out of me. After that I slowly began to turn around and I knew I wanted to do something with my life.

    2. I would like to spend the rest of my life discovering and pursuing my passions, enjoying life, and giving back some how. I believe I have something great to give this world, but it is buried deep inside and I have to dig it out. The problem is with so much information, advice and distractions out there I am completely overwhelmed. I spend a great deal of time planning but not doing. I would greatly appreciate help with developing a simple plan and taking action steps.

    P.S. Thanks for developing LYL, with more communities like this we can make amazing things happen!

    • Michael Harmon

      Yo, Joe. You rock, cousin. Seems like the hardest step is the first one and you gotta be on 3 or 4 by now, huh? A few points:

      1) Our past can kill us. Do not have one! Again, DON’T have a past. You don’t need one. We’re born every day, a babe to who can do or be anything at all, if we don’t have to do what we did before. Make your past a reference book that you have written to use enthusiastically whenever the need arises, but one that sits on a dusty bookshelf for the most part. It ain’t you.

      2) Find your peeps. Find the folks that your heart needs to be with, (just be sure it’s not the ones that make you feel good about not feeling good about yourself. Take it from me, sometimes hard to tell the difference.)

      Onward and upwards. -M

      • Joe

        Thanks for the encouraging words. Yeah one lesson I’m learning is I gotta surround myself with cool, positive, and motivated individuals.

        • Jer Miller


          Michael is absolutely correct. I think that you have come to find how pertinent a positive and supportive association truly is (something I am still continuing to learn). Life is supposed to be a continuous process of learning and growth. I know that you have something phenomenal to offer this world, and I believe that you’ll find it.

          I actually have a similar story to yours–my daughter was born when I was overseas and my entire life changed and scattered.

          I am very interested in hearing more of your story if you are willing to share it? I’d love to communicate the things that have assisted me in striving for the best. Feel free to contact me via email ([email protected]) or on Facebook (Jer Miller). If I don’t respond for some reason, keep trying!

          You’re awesome bro. Keep your head up because I know you’re here for a reason. Find people that see more potential in you than you see in yourself. They will help you FLY.


  • disqus_cW6I0n9gep

    Happy birthday, Scott ! Greetings from France !

    1. I have a passion for literature, music & the arts, culture & the history of ideas in general (be it philosophy, psychology or neuroscience). I’d love to start a blog where I’d be free to share personal ideas & reviews about what I’d seen, read and been to, either weekly or fortnightly. I’d also like to provide a space where readers could ask questions about any cultural topic they might be interested in, so that I could give them the information they need & guide them to the right source. I’ve always been very keen on general knowledge and I think it’d be a great way of sharing and enriching one another’s lives. It may sound like utopia, but that’s the plan… (after all, I must be French for a reason – we’re a nation of idealists & dreamers !)

    2. Your blog already provides great, helpful resources for me – which I am truly grateful for. I guess the only things I really lack are methodology, a little accountability, a few computing skills and the support of a well-meaning community, but since I’ve recently joined the Live Your Legend movement, I’m hoping it’ll make all the difference in allowing me to connect and exchange with every individual traveling the same path – each in his own way…

    Kindest regards,

  • Michael Harmon

    Yo, Scott. Happy B-day, Bruh.

    1) My passion is to promote what I see as the proper neurological survival traits in the human species based on the paleolithic model. Recent discoveries indicate that the emergence some ten centuries ago of the neolithic, property-driven social narrative is terminally detrimental to the species’ survival in precisely those ways that contradict our prior paleolithic evolutionary path. I want to establish a fiercely egalitarian, technically astute, paleocetric community and entice the world to join it.

    2) I would like to see an area on your site that acts as a clearing house for uber-dreams with radical global implications to stop the destructive juggernaut that we’ve become. A kind of mix and match, what works and what doesn’t, what might make the transition and what never had a chance type of forum for crazy, long-shot, revolutionary social aspirants. (Hmmm. Maybe this should be up in #1 and you just link to my site? …and thus dreams evolve.)

    -Mike (Props on the site, Scott. A major tool (no pun intended)).

  • Diana Willis

    Happy 31st Birthday! My passion project would encompass 2 things. First, I would love to share my story of being a single parent and finding joy in the simple things by loving, giving and serving others in a book. In the midst of loosing what I thought was everything material wise and pride, I have gained more than I ever thought possible. I am also interested in starting a ministry for girls, Cheer 4 Christ where we use our platforms to love, give and serve. Thanks for always bringing so much insight and wisdom daily with all you do!! Diana

  • Ryan J Riehl

    Scott, normal people don’t give gifts on their birthday. Are you sure you’re not a hobbit?

    1. The current Passion Project that I’m pursuing is to create a website and community for people suffering from arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and/or autoimmune diseases (still working out the details). I want to help people find relief and rebuild their lives through whole health treatments.

    2. Help us organize local, in-person mastermind groups.

  • Stephanie Arsoska

    Happy Birthday!

    1.My passion project is to encourage children to engage with stories – reading, listening and creating them. I have just started a website.
    2. Keep doing what you are doing, I always take action after reading your posts. I would love to hear more stories about people succeeding despite restrictions such as childcare issues/illness/financial etc. Seeing how others moved beyond obstacles creatively would be really inspiring and helpful.

  • Rebecca Reid

    I’m passionate about creating an awesome life in its second half, and I want to build a website/blog that connects others who want to do the same. LYL can help by creating some method of accountability, so that I will do it, not just dream about it.

    Three sentences or less. :-)

  • Jack Blake

    My Passion Project is to launch my own website that hosts all of my articles about using sport psychology in CrossFit. I want to become a sport psychologist and my course doesn’t allow to truly show my love of writing and using my skills. I’ve written some articles but have never taken the final step of publishing them online.

    I’ve only just discovered Live Your Legend but the passion and enthusiasm that you show towards allowing people to follow their dreams is awe-inspiring and incredibly motivational. The posts I have read have each opened my eyes to new ways of thinking and has made me realise what I want to do with my life and how I should just go for it!

    I truly thank you Scott.


  • Tom

    Happy Birthday Scott… So generous of you Thanks so much!

    With over 135 comments already (!!) I’m not sure this will be seen, but it’s worth a try…

    1) My passion is crafting brilliant thoughts into words, and making those words beautiful…in other words – book publishing :)

    2) I am bootstrapping a BOUTIQUE, Creative Publishing Platform as we speak. You can optin to receive lifetime discounts here:

    I’m hoping to have it up and running by May. I already have 2 killer artists/authors I’m working with and I’m working my butt off to make their words beautiful.

    It’s all handcrafted, by the way…I consider what I do truly artisan. It’s just me and the author…I take their words and craft and build something they can be proud of. And we sell it under the name Insurgent Publishing, because every idea is unconventional, counter status-quo, and completely unconventional (you’ll see what I mean in a few months :)

    Thanks for taking the time to read!!

  • Roseann C. Julien

    Happy Birthday Scott! I hope you had a great one :) These are great questions. Even if I don’t win a copy of the book, I’m glad you asked about this because I’m doing your CWA course and have just recently started “telling my story”. This is what I’ve been using so far…

    To answer your questions: my passion project is called the “Impossible Entrepreneur”. The purpose of the project is three-fold: 1- identify and connect with entrepreneurs who overcame obstacles on their path (e.g. physical like Jon Morrow or Jean-Dominique Bauby; mental/circumstantial like Ashley Ambirge or Jonathan Fields); 2- identify the things that helped them move past these obstacles; 3- share this knowledge with aspiring entrepreneurs who are challenging their own “impossible” tasks.

    I’ve already started reaching out to people, and have gotten a few positive responses, but LYL can help by providing names and/or introductions to anyone you know personally who has challenged their “impossible”. There is much to be learned from people who tried and haven’t quite made it, so I’m not limited to superstars like Tim Ferris (although it would be awesome to meet him ;-)).

    Thanks again for asking, and happy 31st to you!

  • Kevin Wood

    My passion is to build a tribe of people who are passionate about living more spiritually attune lives and want to create world changing work (art) from that place. I’ve planted the seeds at, but could use some help watering them.

    To help this vision become a reality, I could use help with strategies to grow my tribe, ideas for new forms of publishing, accountability so I follow through, feedback on my projects and editing to make sure my words are as powerful as possible, and reaching the people I need to reach.

    It’s so awesome to see everyone’s projects on here!

  • Thomas

    Happy birthday Scott!!

    1,. What is your Passion Project?

    Through my company and its website, our goal is to build a learning community based on teaching others the values of producing
    their own organic produce, learning how to use them in healthful recipes, and
    enjoying eating “real food.” We will be an organically certified nursery producing
    heirloom tomatoes and ethnic vegetables, have cooking classes in our certified
    kitchen, and exposing them to the taste of their own homegrown produce.

    2. What could Live Your Legend & I do to help you take the next step to make it successful?

    Through your support, you could encourage each of the members of the
    members of the CWA to go to a garden center and purchase several vegetable
    plants and them with a friend(s). You could ask everyone to send me records of
    how many pound of produce they produced during this growing season. In the Fall we could announce how much organic produce the CWA had grown and
    shared with others.

  • Thomas

    Happy Birthday Scott!!!

    1. What is your Passion Project?

    Through my company and its website, our goal is to build a learning community based on teaching others the values of producing
    their own organic produce, learning how to use them in healthful recipes, and
    enjoying eating “real food.” We will be an organically certified nursery producing
    heirloom tomatoes and ethnic vegetables, have cooking classes in our certified
    kitchen, and exposing them to the taste of their own homegrown produce.

    2. What could Live Your Legend & I do to help you take the next step to make it successful?

    Through your support, you could encourage each of the members of the
    members of the CWA to go to a garden center and purchase several vegetable
    plants and them with a friend(s). You could ask everyone to send me records of
    how many pound of produce they produced during this growing season. In the Fall we could announce how much organic produce the CWA had grown and
    shared with others.

  • Pablo Sanchez

    Scott, Happy Birthday!, And thank you for throwing this reader contest!

    1. My Passion project:

    In Sept of 2011 I entered a challenge posted by Michael Ellsberg on Tim Ferriss’s 4HWW blog on how to hack into a career with no previous experience. This obviously didn’t apply to every career, however my dream of creating 60 second animated cartoon videos – to promote and explain people’s startups or business (either for them to get funding or to grow their business), fit in pretty well with this challenge. I have since been living that dream of creating explainer videos for startups and businesses. I have created several videos, connected with terrific visionaries, mentors and with clients that just love this service. All through word of mouth. This continues to be my dream & passion project, and I plan to continually improve the quality and value that this service brings to my clients.

    2. Help With:

    Expanding the reach of my service, improving its value in terms of ROI for my clients, explore other avenues yet untapped that are related and in alignment to this craft.

    BTW, I just bought Paulo Coelho’s latest book: Manuscript Found In Accra. Can’t wait to get that in the mail. It is my second dream to win your giveaway. My new life goal in a nutshell; (Change the world, Win the Alchemist book). Shameless, I know. Here’s to living your personal legend!

    Happy Birthday Scott!



  • Ben Johansen

    congratz man :) My mission is to remove the notion: Utopia, from the dictionaries. To make something up to be unreachable is just stupid. Going for the paradox!

  • Shailendra Rana

    Hi Scott! You inspire me :) Wish you a super Birthday!

    1. I would like to create an inspiring and useful workshop for youth on ” What can i do in my Life” and help them find their calling and channelize their energies towards their goal.

    2. Live Your Legend can help by providing guidance and insights into building a fantastic program which is instrumental in changing lives at a young age!

  • Karen

    1. What is your Passion Project?: To start a travel business in the next 1 year with a profit of S$1m.

    2. What could Live Your Legend & I do to help you take the next step to make it successful?: Guide me how to start this up.

  • KRogers

    1. My passion project is creating an organization that helps teen parents understand that they can still follow their dreams and create a rewarding life while supporting their young family. Many teen parents become so overwhelmed that they slip into the cycle and actually end up parenting more than one child during their teen years. I hope to make an impact in their lives after the first pregnancy.

    2. I am incredibly grateful for all the resources that Live Your Legend shares. I would love even more stories and interviews with people that have “achieved” their passion projects. I put achieved in quotes because I know it’s always a journey and, hopefully, we never really reach the end. But these success stories really help to keep me inspired and on track.

    Thanks for all you do!

  • Steve Moakley

    My passion project is to use my photography to tell stories of positive change and progress happening in the world. I want to shine a light on the good that people are doing for each other while at the same time fostering a message that we are all human, more similar than we think, and by working to help others we can make the world a better place, one small community at a time.

    I already have the photojournalism skills; I am hoping LYL can help me gain exposure for my current crowdfunding campaign to attend a photography for non-profits workshop in Cape Town, South Africa, this June.

  • Chloe

    Hi Scott!

    1. My passion project is to create a forum, online community, and live event series that give people the practical tools and consistent motivation to achieve their “impossible” goals.

    2. Finding your website was a turning point for me as I spent so much time trying to convince myself that I really didn’t know what my passion was. Now that I’m clearer than ever on what burns inside of me, I’m hoping your LYL community can be a helpful resource on how to build an online community of my own.

    Thank you for giving us all an opportunity to share our passions with you!


  • Sebastian Thalhammer

    Happy birthday from me as well. My passion project is where I am writing all about the exciting activity of holding your breath and dive down to incredible depths.

    That sport is my actual passion outside the online life and LYL could help me providing the lifestyle and the information to other people who also want to experience something outstanding. There’s no substitute of doing things than just talking about, right?

  • Leo Glass

    Hi Scott! Happy Birthday! Thank you for being an inspiration every day. Back in June I started following Live Your Legend and using the free resources. Because of the work you’re doing, I was inspired to start thinking about whether or not I was living for me and my dreams or someone else’s. I saved some money, sold some freelance work, quit my job and moved a few states to being my new life. Here’s what I’m doing:

    1. My passion project is to redefine the way stories are told through computer and mobile entertainment. As someone who has always avidly wrote fiction, drama and played computer games, I’ve always yearned to ask larger questions about humanity through a medium like interactive software. And now I’m doing it! I left a career in non-profit management and curriculum design to start my own company as game director, designer and lead programmer. I found other people like me who share a passion for game design, recruited them as cofounders and am rapidly working toward building a prototype. We’ve even received some seed money and grants, as well as placed second at a StartUp Weekend Competition! When I first told people I was going to quit a steady, well paying job to make video games, everyone thought I was crazy. In addition, they also said I could never find people who share my passion and have the skills in Nebraska. We’re not only proving that games can be produced in the Midwest, but that anyone can be anything they want to be: They just have to act.

    2. Live Your Legend is already doing so much to help me every day just by being you. Your purpose serves people in an intimate way I’m not sure you even realize. One of the first things I did was go to the free resources and fill out the GoalSetting Workbook. It not only helped me organize my thoughts about my passion, but realize that I was more skilled than even I thought in an industry I’ve never officially worked in. Thanks to the clarity it provided, I started to look for skills that curriculum design taught me that readily apply to making games and immediately found that I was more ready to ‘just do it’ than I had originally thought. If you could do anything better, I think it would be to more intimately focus on people who have been inspired by LYL much like this contest. Could you add more feature stories to the site from people who’ve been impacted so people can see that the power to change their lives is right in front of them?

  • Paola Hoger

    1. My passion is dog training. I want to provide pet owners with the tools to have happy, well behaved, safe dogs that are a wonderful addition to their families.
    2. Focus, goal setting and time management. I feel overwhelmed with information and ideas and I can’t seem to get focused enough to get anything done.

  • Brittany

    1. I am a singer/songwriter-musician, have been playing and writing songs since I was 5, and it has always been my passion to make music my career.

    2. What I would need to be successful is someone to believe that I can do it, email me once a week to be like “what are you doing this week to make progress?” and to make me accountable for the goals I set for myself.

  • Gracyan

    My passion project is Bike Service which I’m launching this month. It’s a small workshop but I want to provide the best possible service for local bikers.

    LYL already pushed me to do what like most and in the future I’m wainting for more inspiring ideas.

  • Innocent Fulgence

    Happy Birthday Scott!!!

    1. What is your Passion Project?

    Together with very close friends we started a model boys secondary school and its website, our motto is “learn & serve”. We started with only 3 boys in 2006. As of now 2013 we have 400 boys. We are growing slowly and gradually. There are more challenges everyday especially human capital, getting the best facilitators to teach our boys how to become the best thinkers in our nations.
    2. What could Live Your Legend & I do to help you take the next step to make it successful?

    Through your support, you could help us have more electronic books, hard copies as well as any other electronic gadgets like lap tops and ipads to help our boys learn more about technology.

  • DC

    Happy Birthday Scott! 31 … your are just a puppy!

    My passion project is a to extend the university curriculum for a segment of new graduate allied health professionals to help them find and acquire ideal employment. This group has positions listed on US News and World Reports best jobs in America, yet as a Recruiter, I see hundreds of these in-demand professions struggle to find employment they want simply because they do not know how to identify and obtain it. The assistance I need is basic but complicated … overcome my fear. This project would seen as a direct conflict of interest by my employer and I have responsibilities and mouths to feed. I have wanted to do this for almost a year, yet every time I pump myself up to get into it … reality sinks its fangs in and I return to pushing a company agenda … not my own. I believe the ability to communicate with someone that has overcome similar obstacles and succeeded in the relatively same space will provide the confidence needed to make a positive impact in the community that I am involved. I love watching and hearing a young professional’s reaction when they land something they clearly desire … professionally, there isn’t much that puts a bigger smile on my face. When that happens, I have helped create someone’s happiness. I would love to develop a community’s happiness, one new grad at a time … everyday.

  • Bruno Bonte

    Hello Scott,

    My Passion Project is to built Conscious Businesses.

    Advising Companies from Top level CxO’s to Field workers what it means to be a Conscious Business.
    Business become more valuable ( in money terms ) but at the same time Full of Values.

    People in Conscious Organizations:

    Take responsibility for their lives.
    Value human values over material success (essential integrity).
    Communicate with Authenticity ( with honesty and respect)
    Listen to others with Humility
    Disagreements are solved with constructive negotiations (create Win – Win)
    Live up to commitments
    Accept their emotions and express them constructively ( emotional mastery).

    They have grown personally.

    2. How do I put this is a product offering or service offering.

    How do I let the world know what puts me on fire

    Basically guidance how to put these ideas into a business that creates income.

  • Kerry Bodenhausen

    Hello Scott,

    I don’t think I was able to post from my phone, so if this is a duplicate message, I apologize.

    My passion is to help my community of Springfield, MO in getting people out of poverty. The challenge is creating a plan to show the public, service providers and clients that mentoring is the only true way to assist people from chronic poverty into middle (or upper) class. Getting out of poverty is not just finding the resources – it’s an entire lifestyle change, not unlike using a personal trainer to get fit. You can’t just go to the gym once or twice and expect the same results as those who put in regular time and effort. You have to change ingrained behaviors and thought patterns.

    An important part of the challenge is how to communicate effectively and respectfully with the population who actually need these services.

    I know you can help channel my efforts.

    Thanks for all you do,

    Kerry Bodenhausen

    [email protected]

  • Danielle Rondeau

    Hi Scott,

    First things first Happy birthday!! This is an amazing thing you are doing – hats off to you. You constantly blow my mind with your ideas and geniune caring!

    Ok so, my passion project is this: getting rid of stress in the professional world! No small task I know. I’m terrified but also really excited. (you may have read all of this before since I started taking your course on How to Connect with Anyone and its in the forums somewhere but here’s a short recap) The course has given me so much courage and inspriration. In the last few months I have gained the courage to share my personal stressful experiences with others, ask for help, and have started reaching out and offer support to others. I have gone down to working part time and started a blog on getting rid of stress – – with a focus on lawyers, as I am a lawyer myself. My main goals for the year are to start offering services to lawyers and other professionals for money (i.e. learn how to consistently believe in myself and get over my fear of asking for money) and to work on my personal fears and stressors some more so that I am consistently living the principles that I wish to share with others – like authenticity, vulnerability, being self-aware, and taking action in line with my core values instead of getting caught up in what I think I “should do” and thinking that I am not enough if I don’t do or have or become certain things. So basically my passion project goals are – live the stress free dream, share the stress free dream with others, and make that into a business for myself.

    How can Live Your Legend help? I first want to say that you are already helping me in so many ways – through the Connect with Anyone course and community, the amazing free resources on your site, and your blog posts. In fact this blog post actually arrived in my inbox at just the right time – a time of self doubt – and your generosity and genuine caring caused me to change my perspective on the day and my situation. It has inspired me to do 31 days of living with intention. Each morning I get up and set my intention for the day and try my best to live by it, and check in with it throughout the day so I don’t get caught up. Its going so well and I hope I will continue it for even longer than the 31 days. So other than doing what you are already doing (which is amazing!) anything focused on overcoming fears would be greatly helpful to me.

    Thanks again for everything and hope you had a wonderful birthday!!


  • Rachel S


    1. My passion project is to eventually start my own business through which I can help companies and organizations figure out how to best utilize their talent and resources, and better brand their vision internally through great leadership to create a stronger, more driven community amongst their staff.

    2. Live Your Legend and CWA have both already been a HUGE help in getting me started in this journey. My mastermind group is fully-supportive of my vision to create a blog on these topics because I love writing and story-telling, and work it up to becoming a site that is so useful and successful that I can convince business professors and leaders in business to interview with me on topics they believe are essential [and often forgotten] in business leadership!

  • Tracy Dimond

    Hi Scott!

    A VERY HAPPY 31st Birthday Scott!

    I already have the awesome book and also re read it, so you can send it to someone else on your list..:)

    1. My passion project is and has been, to get my happy colorful diverse art into the world to make the world just a bit better with my positive diverse images..and in the process help non profits that would benefit from my artwork, by creating original illustrations for thier use in any way that helps to make a difference/raise awareness, for their cause, I have not figured out which charties, but know that i want to help as many as i can!

    2. Live Your Legend has already helped me in so many ways, What comes to mind is.. one on one mentoring/coaching..I love the LYL website, however,for ME, it gets to be a bit too many wonderful people and projects and ideas,i get a bit ADHD and lost in it all..I start to read and get a bit overwhelmed by all the information…I love it..Its great!! So don’t get me wrong..It’s awesome what you are doing!! Keep on doing it!! Maybe one on one matching of some kind, where i can help someone and they can help the mastermind groups only one on one..Thanks! Have a WONDERFUL DAY!

  • Judith

    1. My passion project is to inspire and teach people how to use language in ways that can change the store of available reality. I am talking about teaching people how to consider their own stories, rewrite their narratives, and look at literature as a way to save themselves from despair as well as dream a hero’s journey for themselves (such as recorded in “The Alchemist”.)

    2. LYL and CWA can keep me on task with sharing my story, as well as providing a community that puts value on dreams and can help me trust the innate value of my passions.

  • Matt Shortis

    Happy Birthday!

    1. My passion project is to use health, nutrition, fitness, and fitness as a means to cultivate self appreciation, love, confidence, fun, and joy in the lives of others.

    2. Live your legend already provides great info, support, and motivation; I would love to learn more about taking my passion from a one on one environment to a web environment to make a greater impact :)

  • Nancy Taylor

    Happy Birthday!

    Our passion project is to inspire people to live minimally, and to earn a living by selling recycled clothing and goods,

    What we need is a big swift kick in the pants to get started. We need 1 item, 5 items to do today….to get started. We read and discuss and plan, but can’t quite get started. UGH!

    Would love a copy of the book. Thanks what you already do!

  • T.J.G.

    Hey Scott!

    My passion project is to do my singer/songwriter music full time.

    How you can help me do that? Honestly, I’m not sure! But I can better define the problem. I know exactly what to do and what specific steps I can take to make this happen and get my music out there (submit my songs to TV and movie listings, write songs for download, put videos on YouTube, etc). But I’m not DOING any of those things! I don’t seem to have nearly the energy that you have (which is awesome, by the way :-)), and I feel that’s part of the problem. I have a nice paying ‘normal’ job, and the security and complacency that offers is another piece of the puzzle, but I need help feeling motivated and passionate about my passion. Maybe a program that’s part inspiration, part accountability, and part ‘how to really get to know the people in your industry (occasionally hanging out at coffee shops isn’t cutting it, lol). THANKS, and Happy Birthday!

  • Kacie Erickson


    Except, not the glitter, I’m not a glitter kind of girl.

    1- My passion project, through f*bomb + sass infused business coaching, is to catapult people towards the realization that their chase of the status quo, is keeping them from building work + life they want, and guide them with the tools, hand-holding, and some seriously uncomfortable jokes to get them there ;)

    2-I’ve got most things by the balls [okay okay, that was a bit crass, even for me] but I’d love to see/hear more on building community- it’s an insanely undervalued business tool and feel like I’m not mixing it up enough in that arena.

  • Glenn Tobias

    My passion project is to spread the word about our cutting-edge LINK (Linear Interactive Neural Kinetics) youth athletic training program. The non-athletic realize heretofore unknown athleticism; the gifted athlete heads straight to the moon; the athletically blind are given sight (no, really! I’ll explain given the chance).
    We’d love help getting heard and seen; it’s time to make kids more confident and more injury resistant through a life of sports.
    Clever my use of run-on sentences to keep it to 3, don’t you think? :)

  • Glenn Tobias

    And Scott, thank you and happy birthday. I just turned yet another guy on to your website. I’m 56 and was tired. Thanks for playing a role in re-energizing me to fulfill my passion in the 2nd half!

  • Kshitij Gondhalekar

    My passion is to make entrepreneurship something everyone can pursue

    LYL can help me do it better by continuing the awesome work it does while taking some of the paid and affiliate courses to the bottom of the pyramid, and adding some flavour touching upon low income group customers

  • Kacey Gabriel Klaus

    1. My passion is teaching real results for financial freedom, fitness, and business through automation, systems, and discipline so that any one person can positively affect the world and live their dreams.

    2. I would love to read more about actual examples and actions steps. Real life vs. theory.

  • Rachael Shaw

    Happy belated birthday!
    1.I would like to help as many women I can see how powerful,important, and amazing they are. It seems that there are many who don’t know or believe this about themselves.
    2. I have not found a way to reach a large scale of women but I am working on building my skills and reach to be able to reach my goals.

  • Ted Williams

    Happy Birthday, Scott!

    I have been in sales and marketing for years, while dreaming of one day being a writer of travels and food. So, last year I finally made the blind leap by quitting my job and walking the Camino de Santiago (500 mile walking trek across northern Spain). It was the place I was able to rediscover myself and realign my priorities.

    1. What is my Passion Project?

    I’m now writing a book of the experience from an adventure travel, food and friendship perspective with a road map on the preparation and transition for others to follow. I’m also looking into doing guided walks for those that might want a helping hand.

    2. What could LYL and you do?

    I would welcome help in maximizing my network. Obviously, consistency is the key and I believe a stronger support network leads to a stronger focus on the passion and therefore a higher likelihood for habitual action through the product of accountability. I wonder if setting up a series of category based chatrooms to help LYL members network more effectively on similar passions would help evolve the LYL environment.

  • Johnston Ho

    1. My passion project is to educate and inspire people to become better people. Im working towards becoming a personal trainier and youth speaker. I hope by using my past of failure, depression and doubt that i can provide people a better future.

    2. It would give me a better chance and better vision of how i can achive my goal

  • Mike Tomasello

    My passion project is to launch the Sofia Project, a non-profit in the country of Colombia (from the US) and eventually other countries that provides undergraduate scholarships to underprivileged young women and pairing them with mentors that will guide them throughout university and their future career to help create the future leaders that will create an economic impact and give back within their countries. We just finished the wireframes for the website and hope to go live this month and give our first full-ride scholarships in the fall. This has been 3 years in the making!

    2. To be honest, I am not sure how LYL can help. The articles and motivation by sharing the best practices and projects of others in the LYL community has been inspiring.

  • Shu

    Happy birthday Scott!

    1. My passion project is helping people become more social and confident. My message is that core confidence comes from discovering one’s identity and pursuing one’s purpose. My methodology is a structured system that addresses both internal and external patterns in one’s life.

    2. One, LYL helps by providing inspiration and insight. Two, I hope to find a community that can help me build my vision. Lastly, I hope to partner with LYL to create a series of workshops that addresses physical confidence, social awareness, and rapport building.


  • Guest

    1. What gives me great passion and inspiration is seeing other people transform their bodies and being able to live a healthier lifestyle. In order to spread my passion i knew i needed to be an example by transform myself, something i have struggled with for years. I feel people are inspired to transform once they’ve seen someone overcome their struggles and achieve their dreams through their why. And that’s why i’ve decided to hold myself accountable to the world and my passion by creating my website to inspire and teach others to juice fruits and vegetables and live a healthy and fulfilling life.

    2. Scott is one of my biggest inspirations to taking massive action, something i’ve been afraid to do for so long. Even something simple as the LYL Toolkit has played a major role in my project creation. I recently dropped out of University (more than half-way through my course) to live my dreams and travel the unconventional way. I don’t know for certain where my future leads me, but i know without a doubt LYL and this community will be a major influence and inspiration along the way.

    Thank you Scott, and Happy Birthday! Love your work! All the best to the LYL Commmunity :)

    Kind regards,


    P.s if you want to get inspired to transform your body and lifestyle by juicing fruits and vegetables , subscribe to email list at

  • Markado Escano

    1. What gives me great passion and inspiration is seeing other people transform their bodies and being able to live a healthier lifestyle. In order to spread my passion i knew i needed to be an example by transform myself, something i have struggled with for years. I feel people are inspired to transform once they’ve seen someone overcome their struggles and achieve their dreams through their why. And that’s why i’ve decided to hold myself accountable to the world and my passion by creating my website to inspire and teach others to juice fruits and vegetables and live a healthy and fulfilling life.

    2. Scott is one of my biggest inspirations to taking massive action, something i’ve been afraid to do for so long. Even something simple as the LYL Toolkit has played a major role in my project creation. I recently dropped out of University (more than half-way through my course) to live my dreams and travel the unconventional way. I don’t know for certain where my future leads me, but i know without a doubt LYL and this community will be a major influence and inspiration along the way.

    Thank you Scott, and Happy Birthday! Love your work! All the best to the LYL Commmunity :)

    Kind regards,


    P.s if you want to get inspired to transform your body and lifestyle by juicing fruits and vegetables, subscribe my emaill list at

  • Zuwena

    Happy Birthday Scott!

    My Passion Project is a book that I have written about a woman’s attempt to answer two questions: Why should you live? If you could start over, what would you do differently?

    LYL could help by starting a book club that could list books written by followers of the Live Your Legend blog and/or favourite books that have inspired your readers. For you, it was the Alchemist, what other books have inspired your readers to follow their dreams?



  • Aakarsha Pandey

    Happy birthday Scott. Just want you to know that you have changed my life ; your ted talk that is. So thank you!:)
    1. My passion project is to learn how to give really good massages, in order to learn how to become a masseuse. I think that it is one of my skills that I do no matter whether people pay me for it or not , people thank me for it.

    2. This is just one of the things that I ‘think’ I will be good at or that I am passionate about, however I have taken up this job which involves me travelling for 7 months. I ve just taken it up. And I leave day after. Plus I love doing so many other things, I love music and dance too. The way I would like live your legend to help me is to really help me look for what I am most passionate about and which is the work I can’t not do. And help me STAY on that path and keep doing what I love doing.

  • Rishi Desai

    Namste Scott and Wish you a Happy Birthday.

    1. I want to start a dialysis centre for the people who are suffering from Kidney related disease and want to expand it across India. I’ve seen quite a lot of people who cannot afford this expensive treatment and end up losing their precious life because of unaffordability. I could not become a Nephrologist or a doctor but still I want to help people (I am an altruist) and by helping people I want to add value in their life and in my own life.

    2. I’ve just completed my MBA and I don’t know how should I pursue the purpose of my life therefore You and Live Your Legend at least can guide me through your writing and networking to make my dream come true.

  • Damien Welter

    My Passion Project is called “Awaken the Revolution!”, and will be a blog created for the purpose of Awakening as many people as possible to their true potential and God/Universe given talents in a way they can create wealth ( in all areas of their life, Physically, Mentally-Emotionally, Relationships, Sex and Dating, Time, Contribution, Entertainment, Creativity, etc.) for themselves and their loved ones. I am already very inspired by your quick and amazing progress, and if I had to ask of you one thing it would be your very best piece of advice to Enjoy this process as quickly as possible! Thanks Scott, Look Forward to All the Legends to be Lived as we move forward evermore.
    Damien Welter

  • Patricia Leah-Charles

    Although I have yet to specifically define what my passion project is, my heart tells me that my passion lies in making other people feel good; especially those people who might not get the opportunity to feel “indulged,” like senior citizens and the underprivileged. I have consider pursing a career as an esthetician because I believe I could be personally fulfilled making a living doing this work. Also, I would have the skills to be able to freely give the gift of pampering to others.

    LYL can help me fulfill my passion project by providing tools that will help me to define what my true talents are what so I can determine what career path I should take. Also, tips that can help me build the confidence needed to pursue my passion project would be much appreciated, too.

    Thanks and Happy b-day!

    Tricia Charles

  • mateusz rybinski

    My passion project is to travel the world on only
    $1000 per month and interview extraordinary people. I want to influence
    young people to start building something great early in life. So by asking the
    right questions, I believe that I can influence people to take action and make
    this world a better place.

    I hold also a deep belief that to change the world,
    you first need to see it. So I want to break all the excuses people tell themselves
    and prove that is possible the travel on as little as $1000 and still experience
    the world.

    What this wonderful community can do?

    To help me find extraordinarily people in this world.
    I start my quest in Stockholm, Sweden and will in three months start to travel
    down to Germany and France. Wherever great people exist, there is where I will
    go. If you know someone extraordinarily, please just email the name (I can
    google from there) to: [email protected].

  • Dane Reisenbigler

    Happy Birthday! Also, thanks for the TED talk. I listen to it before big projects and when I’m in deep thought

    1. I want to be an outstanding comedian

    2. I need some motivation.. Coming from a family of sucessful businessman and doctors.. it’s a strange thing to discuss with my family, however being a comedian is something I’ve wanted to be since a child watching Comedy Central Presents. Thanks again for the supporting articles, videos, and overall tips.

  • Polina

    Scott! Happy Birthday!

    Even though this is late, I had to comment.

    Currently my primary passion project is creating a very RAD caricature company. The goal is to make people smile, giggle and remember special moments! LYL has been a big part of my personal development for over 2 years now and it has given a lot of empowerment. That’s why, I want to say thank you, happy b-day and mail YOU a caricature! By mailing back to the address that was on the tube for Connect With Anyone poster. Would that work?

    Secondary passion project brewing in my mind is bigger than I can possibly imagine now. The idea is to bring creative, talented, inspired people together and make something bigger than ourselves. Creative collectives have potential beyond imagination! I have always dreamed to be surrounded by people who are creative.
    The purpose of this collective is also to inspire others to be more creative, philosophical and take the road less traveled in life to simply see where it takes you.
    I am extremely passionate about this! There, I have said it for the first time ever!

    Thank you!

  • Tracey Crosswell

    Happy birthday Scott.

    I only just got this email, not sure if I am late for the draw…I woud love a copy. I briefly googled it (as you mentioned it in notes to the free workbooks) while writing in the online free resources for the ‘does what you’re doing actually matter’ and the goal setting workbook.

    1. My Passion Project: to create accessible resources, whether that be online, workshops, internships, centers, in schools, – to educate Everybody on healthy lifestyles. I am a qualified teacher and have a passion for Natural Medicines & Alternative healthcare options, and for healthy lifestyle choices. I am frustrated in hearing people say “I’m (overweight, unfit, don’t know what is healthy,etc)” and use these as excuses for not making healthy choices, and also continuing the cycles into the next generations. I want to create this accessibility through a Health Coaching Concultancy Service/Business – to educate on the better, healthier options and accessibility to ALL. “Give a person a fish, feed them for a day; Teach a person to fish, feed them for a lifetime” – this is my motto for my business/passion project.

    2. What could you & LYL do to assist? Choose me as a recipient of one of the copies of The Alchemist ! ;P ;)
    In my year plan, I am going to complete the LYL online course; choosing me as a recipient would be a huge bonus kick-starter!

    Thanks for LYL Scott. You are inspiring for doing this, a ‘practice what you preach’ kinda person – this truly makes the difference.

  • KJP

    My passion project is to travel the world telling people’s stories, while supporting my family.

    Help me take the next step by guiding me on how to get started and showing me how to overcome my fear of walking away from the security of my traditional job.

  • James

    My passion project right now is music — mainly music production. I think performing live would be my dream!

  • Anita

    Hi Scott

    My passion is helping, supporting and working with ‘type A’ career women who believe that they have more to give but are feeling lost or stuck. I was once one of these women and the only way I could find the right ‘people/support/advice’ was online and it was people like you, Leo, Marie Forleo and Jonathan Fields who really allowed me to believe that following my passion was the best way I could help others.

    I’ve identified my niche area and I have left the corporate world to start my own business – I am very very new to the world of self-employment but I am just past the stage of actually trying to find my passion. I would love to continue to receive great advice and wise counsel from LYL ;-)

  • Camila Mendes

    Happy Day of Your Birth Scott! :)

    – Passion Project: > in particular, our WIDExperiences, which are “coaching/idea-accelerator adventure retreats” in exotic places to help people craft a plan to achieve their professional goals while being wonderfully inspired, reconnecting with nature, and doing something way of out their comfort zone together with like-minded peeps.

    – How LYL can help: We need a Mastermind Group! These groups could put people together according to the “legend” they’re pursuing (in our case, coaching). A few categories and a few groups within each category could be created (depending on demand) and people could apply to enter these groups (so they’d likely have to be moderated to ensure everyone participating fits the group and is a contributing member). :)

  • LifestyleOutlaws

    Happy Birthday Scott… hope you had a great day (which of course you did by the sound of it)…

    1. Provide the inspiration and resources for people to live their ideal life through entrepreneurship.

    2. Expose my ideas and resources to people like us and see what appeals to them.

  • Kartika

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