LYL Goals 5 years ago

Dreaming Big: The Live Your Legend ten-year vision, long before the name even existed. Circa 2008… (Click to enlarge)

“If you can’t you must, and if you must you can.”

― Anthony Robbins

This week is all about YOU.

I want you to take 20 seconds and share your most important goal with our community in the comments at the end of this post.

Plus we have a cool new comment systems we’re testing that we hope will help more people jump into the discussion and connect with each other. Please try it out!

Hopefully, you’ve already had time to complete our 100% free Goal Setting & Action Workbook. But either way, I know you have at least one goal you could list.

Live Your Legend is not a resource to read about ideas. 

Live Your Legend is a community whose sole purpose is to inspire you to take action to do the work that most matters to you and to the world. And then to provide you the tools to make it possible.

If you don’t take action on those ideas and tools, then everything we do here is for nothing.

So today is about accountability.

Studies in psychology and persuasion constantly prove the same thing: The more we talk about things and the more we commit to others, the more likely it is that we’ll make them reality.

Robert Cialdini, author of Influence, calls it Commitment & Consistency, and we all succumb to it every single day. From Cialdini’s Wikipedia: If people commit, orally or in writing, to an idea or goal, they are more likely to honor that commitment because of establishing that idea or goal as being congruent with their self-image.

If We Must, We Can.

Tony Robbins has always said, “If you can’t you must, and if you must you can.” Think about the power in the statement. If we know we must do something, we do not question if it’s possible. We skip right past that step and start thinking of how to make it a reality.

On and to add to the fun, I am publishing a video interview with Tony’s ex-General Manager in the next week or so where we’ll dig deep into musts, momentum and accountability. Stay tuned!

For now it’s time to get clear on what is a MUST for each of us.

If 2013 is the year everything changes (and indeed it is), then please join us in sharing at least one of your musts in the comments. Bonus points for telling us why it’s a must, and for commenting on one other reader’s goal as well.

To get the party started, here are my biggest plans for 2013, separated by personal and business, although the two tend to feel more and more the same these days. ;)

As I do every week during my weekly planning, I’ll start with my personal mission and purpose:

Mission: To be an explorer. Make discoveries and put a dent in the world! Live a happy, generous, grateful, calm, unrushed and passionate life, with extraordinary relationships and better the lives of others. No regrets.

Purpose: To let my passion, energy and love for life be a guiding light to teach and inspire those around me to live the life they deserve and live to their highest standards.

visions become reality

Building & Helping the Live Your Legend Community – My 2013 Goals:

1. Launch a real-time fully-exposed case study on how to take a physical product from idea, to market testing, to manufacturing and to selling — all by using today’s online tools. This is going to be our biggest project EVER, and we are going to take you along for every step of the ride. Keep an ear out for the launch of the new site to track this project as well as what the physical product will actually be. I could not sleep this weekend because I was so excited for it.

The goal is to provide a very detailed road map for breathing life into your own idea and how to do it in a very low-risk way. We believe that with the right environment, anyone can be inspired to turn their ideas into action and reality. We want to provide that environment and the process to make it possible.

Imagine what would start to happen if we could reframe failure so that the only way to fail is if you never start. Where success is defined by whether you take a shot at your dream or not. Just wait until you see what we have in store — and we are going to want you involved in a very big way!

2. Launch two more live classes for our How to Connect with Anyone interactive course and community. The next opening will be around February 20th. There will be very limited spots and last time they sold out in under three days, so keep an eye out and be sure to sign up for the pre-launch group here!

3. Begin to partner with some of the biggest, most respected and influential people in the world to inspire others to do work that makes them come alive. The first person on my list to get on board is Taylor Swift (and this is not just because I’m a big fan of her story and music). The influence she has on the coming generation is more powerful than most anyone in the world. Imagine if that power could be focused on further helping kids pursue their dreams. I don’t know how I’ll do this, but I believe it will happen. If anyone knows Taylor, please let me know!

4. Do a full redesign of Live Your Legend to better focus our message, our ability to help all of you and add in a large free community network portion so all you can better connect.

5. Publish The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Ideal Mastermind Group – a comprehensive beautifully-designed 52-page interactive workbook to show you how to surround yourself with the people who won’t let you fail. That’s coming in a few weeks thanks to our newest team member, Liz Seda, who I’ll tell you plenty more about soon. This tool will also be 100% free.

6. Host a large Live Your Legend LIVE event like we did at Samovar last year. But bigger and better…

7. Launch the Live Your Legend LIVE Field Kit – a series of documents and tools that will serve as a complete guide for anyone to host a LYL LIVE meetup or event anywhere in the world. I know a lot of you have asked for this and I hope we’ll have it done soon!

8. Create a fully redesigned version of our Live Off Your Passion career course, complete with membership site, HD videos, interactive community and step-by-step modules — very similar to how we’ve structured How to Connect with Anyone.

9. Create a comprehensive resource for exactly what to do before, during and after you quit your job to live your legend. This will include everything from how to pick the right health care package, what to do with your 401k, what budget and expenses to expect and ton of other stuff. I constantly get asked about this and it’s about time I leverage what my partners and I have learned in the investment and entrepreneurship world to offer you the resource I wish I had when I quit.

10. Create a service and/or more tailored tool or coaching program to help those making the very daunting transition from hating their job to doing work that matters.  It will cover the items above (and lot’s more) in a more personalized way. I’m not exactly sure how we’ll do this, but I know there’s a way, and we want to help as best we can. There’s too much I’ve learned from running an investment partnership for nearly five years that you all should get to hear about.

11. Host a contest to choose a handful of people and projects to mentor and support as you pursue what matters most to you. Think The Voice TV show, but for changing the world. Going to be SO fun!

12. Build and solidify a team at Live Your Legend that makes all of this possible. I’m excited to say that I can no longer run Live Your Legend on my own. I’ll be announcing some big additions to our team soon.

And a few things from the personal side:

1. Explore Thailand, Croatia and Greece with my wife and family, and hopefully get out fly fishing with my dad on the Kamchatka Peninsula in eastern Russia.

2. Take a weekly breakdancing class with my wife. The perfect date/workout/adventure combination!

3. Learn to surf. Ideally through a surf camp in Mexico or Costa Rica.

4. Run a 50 mile footrace.  Still on the fence on this one. ;)

So that’s a taste of what I have in mind…

As you can probably tell, I think 2013 is going to be HUGE for all of us. And in case you’re wondering, YES, writing out the above makes me a tad terrified, but knowing that I have all of you in my corner is what makes it even remotely possible. And that makes me crazy excited!

No one does anything alone.

Together anything is possible.

Now it’s your turn.

What’s your most important goal of 2013? Tell us your biggest MUST in the comments!

Just one sentence is all we ask for. Get accountable to what matters. Let us know your plans so we can find a way to help.

And for bonus points leave a response of encouragement for someone else too!

Time for some magic,

- Scott

P.S. Email readers please click here to comment

Here’s something I think will be a huge help for many of your goals…

Over a year ago, one my of my closest web friends and entrepreneurs, Corbett Barr, told me he had this huge and terrifying dream of creating a resource and community for teaching people how to build honest online businesses around their passion. Each week since then we’ve traded ideas as he built upon this vision.

And after months of private beta-testing, his dream, his MUST, is finally live and it has blown my mind. The name of this new site is Fizzle and as of this morning at 9am it’s finally open to the public.

Straight from Corbett’s mouth, here are the important details:
  • Fizzle is online business training (everything from core business concepts to tech/how-to to product comparisons and more)
  • From experts including the Fizzle Team (Corbett Barr, Chase Reeves and Caleb Wojcik) and special guests (including Leo Babauta, Pat Flynn, Brett Kelly and more).
  • In easy to watch videos broken into bite-sized chunks
  • Built for you to learn at your own pace all alongside a supportive, vibrant community
  • For one low monthly price

Oh and I also did a super fun 5-hour video shoot with them on the basics of How to Connect with Anyone, which just went live yesterday!

Fizzle is so new that they don’t even have an affiliate program set up yet. That means I will be getting exactly zero dollars for promoting it today. But that doesn’t matter to me because this is the best online training I’ve seen and you all have to hear about it!

The full Fizzle course library can be found on the main Fizzle page here.

They’re also offering a special 50% first month discount for 24 hours starting today at 9am today.

Congrats to Corbett and his team for building such a needed resource. Can’t wait to hear what you guys think!

Ok now please leave a one-sentence comment and tell us your big goal for 2013!

P.P.S. Oh and the final round of World Domination Summit tickets go on sale starting right now. By far my favorite event for meeting fellow entrepreneurs and world changers all year. They sell out fast. Grab a ticket here.

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186 Responses to “Ask the Reader: What One Goal Is a MUST for You in 2013? (Plus the surprising plans for LYL)”

  1. My biggest “must” for 2013 is to build myself a following of a few thousand people.

    I’m amazing at making products (particularly software/web-apps) but I’ve never been so amazing at finding people to use them. This year is about learning how to engage people and to create products that they really want. Through learning to build a following, I’ll be learning how to find and engage an audience.

    Best of luck yourself this year, Scott

  2. Philip O'Meara says:

    Be gigging once every week (at least) with my new band, Claude Canvas. Make an album greater and even more passionate than my last one (listen to tracks 2, 4 and 11 for representation, the whole thing is free). To live with the burning passionate creative fire I have within me and not suppress it. To live is if I was 19 again and stop regretting the last 10 years, but focus on the next.

  3. Kate Marolt says:

    Launch my course and coaching program with a re-brand to work with other people to quit making excuses and start taking action. Stay tuned!

  4. Rachel Denning says:

    Get my business rocking!

  5. Kim says:

    Double the size of my local cleaning business!

    • Aaron Koral says:

      Kim: That sounds like a terrific goal! I wish you well in your endeavor this year, and know it’s small buisness owners like yourself who keep our economy from going under! God luck!

  6. I am finally admitting that what I have always wanted to do is write. My goals for 2013 are to complete the three novels I have in rough draft and publish them. Draft a new novel during the month of November. One novel must be completed by the end of February so that I can take advantage of a book review offer.

  7. Erin Waterman says:

    Change the story inside my head from struggling single mom to strong person with capacities and skills to build my fledgling service, To go deep into ecopsychology training in order to share those tools with others.

  8. MariannePage says:

    Complete my Business Process Bootcamp Pilot (‘From Whacky Races to Formula One’) with 3 customers, by end August 2013

  9. MariannePage says:

    …oh, and publish my book! (Just finished first draft) :)

  10. Gail Palubiak says:

    I *must* start a movement to change how companies and people interview. Corporate and personal success will come to those who embrace a “solution provider” mindset and away from the old-school ‘hiring manager/candidate’ mindset.

    I *must* move to Colorado by October.

    BTW, I can’t get rid of your pop-up so I couldn’t submit my comment in IE9, I had to open Firefox.

  11. Leon Gaban says:

    My 2013 Goal (besides running a Spartan race and Marathon): Make huge strides with my blog, relaunching it in a few months and starting the path down the road to working for myself ;)

  12. Write 12 Kindle books, aiming for 1 each month.

  13. Candice says:

    Create a non-profit community resource hub connecting passionate people with volunteer work they love :)

    • John G says:

      A fantastic idea Candice. I wish you all the best.

    • Kelly says:

      Yes! I would totally use that. The ones out there that I’ve found just haven’t really worked that well for me…

    • Excellent, Candice. I run the local fibro/cfs support community and I am just starting to try to understand how we could get volunteers interested in helping with our community. There is such a huge need.

    • Ryan says:

      Nice one Candice, its what society needs. People giving back and making our community a community.

    • Kaka XVII says:

      That’s great! I started something similar last year but it hasn’t taken off quite yet. I’d love to hear about your ideas. :)

      • Candice says:

        Sounds wonderful! I would love to hear how you started/launched it!

        • Kaka XVII says:

          We started out as a group of likeminded individuals mainly from the office where I used to work. We taught English to kids (beneficiaries of an Non-Government Organization) every Sunday. That’s how we started. :)

          I live in the Philippines and there are a number of NGO’s here. Some of them have the financial resources but do not have the right manpower to effectively implement some of their programs. So I aim to fill that need (hopefully create an entire brigade all over the country, albeit slowly). I dream big, don’t I? LOL.

          I have a few projects lined up. It’s not official yet. And there’s going to be some difficulty because I’m moving to a different island soon. But I’ll do what I can.

          What about you? What’s your aim? :)

    • Kaka XVII says:

      Don’t you guys want to make it worldwide? :)

    • leeorr says:

      Sounds like a great idea!

    • Vimal says:

      Good idea Candice, wish you all d best dear frnd and may God bless U.

  14. leeorr says:

    Earn money from creating entertainment online (youtube videos, music, etc.)

    • azmat says:

      That sounds awesome leeorr. Any ideas about what you want to create? Do you have anything ready to share ? Best of luck!

      • leeorr says:

        Thanks! Nothing to share yet, but I’m thinking of 3-5 minute comic musical videos.

        • azmat says:

          Comic musical videos are always fun. I don’t even watch musical videos anymore because they all are the same. So adding some humor will definitely make it more enjoyable and unique. Are these videos for your own music or for other people? Best of luck.

          • leeorr says:

            I don’t really mean “music videos” for the most part… more like short musicals (i.e. there would exist a narritive, a few short songs (originals or parodies), etc…). At least thats part of the vision, I’ll see how it goes..

          • azmat says:

            That sounds really interesting and unique. Best of luck!

  15. Natoya Hopkins says:

    Apply to medical school! Find out how to start a non-profit business for homeless, go on my first missions trip with my church to the Yucatan p. in Mexico, go on an unpaid internship to Washington, D.C. to explore the Obamacare Administration, go to London to learn differences in International Medicine. Whew, for me thats alot but Im going to check in more here and really use the tools and Im sure it’s going to happen, especially with you guys!!!

    And Phillip, Im going to not dwell on the last ten years either! Now is what we make it!!

  16. If I was to choose a single goal, that is an absolute must, then it has to this:

    To build a core of 100 or more people, who have completed 2Have2Be2Do Life design system, shared their results and committed long-term.

    This is a must, because the system needs further testing, polishing and would also enable me to help and advice these core people along the way.

    Simply put, it has to be done and I will do this in 2013, no matter what :)

  17. Bardia says:

    My goals are to get back to 180lbs with a maximum of 11% body fat. Eat healthy, more fruits and vegetables. Finalize my blog and start inspiring people!

  18. Fizzle Co. says:

    My goal is to focus on one thing, care about it, stick around and make it count. I’ve got my thing, no for the sticking around part. Thx for the shout out Double D-more. You’re a real gent. ^CR

  19. Jo says:

    WOW! This year is going to be incredible!

    Can’t wait for so much of that.

    I absolutely HAVE to be earning at least a part-time income from working for myself (hopefully design work for bloggers) because I need to become independent, but also because I do not want to become one of those people who complains everyday about their job. That simply cannot be my future.

    I hope you call us out on these in 12 months!

    • Bardia says:

      Thats great to hear! I might actually be looking to have a simple logo design done! add me on facebook :) Bardia Rezaei

    • Jen says:

      Best of luck with 2013, earning a living from your passion is a great one! I know exactly what you mean about people who complain about their job, so negative when there is a whole world waiting to be explored!

  20. Coral Levang says:

    Last year I had goals that were put on the back burner, because I fell ill and was diagnosed with Stage IV Neuroendocrine (NET)/Carcinoid Cancer.

    My goal for 2013 is to ramp up and realize the dream I’ve had for many years–to publish a book and to make the rest of my “living” as an inspirational speaker. I’ll start by committing to no less than a weekly blogpost on my blog, “Beyond Life’s Challenges” (must learn more about how to use wordpress better).

    Thank you for your encouragement and leadership, Scott.

  21. Teresa Ruminski says:

    Make big strides towards a trip to Antarctica in the next two years! This encompasses a lot of specific financial goals and self-discipline.

  22. Kelly Dodge says:

    My last kids head off to college this fall. I’m hoping that by August I can figure out what something to do or be. I’ve been searching for years and have no clue.

    So my big Must is to maybe find a big Must… /shrug

  23. My biggest goal is to grow my community of people thriving to make a drastic change in their life and be happier than they ever dreamt of! Thanks Scott for this inspiring post, as usually!

    • Brian Hermelijn says:

      Keep it up with that goal! Goals like those are what inspire others to change, and become who they have dreamed of becoming!

  24. Gregoor Dewancker says:

    Make a killer thesis :)

  25. Allison says:

    I MUST leave my current job by the end of 2013. I don’t know what I’ll be doing instead, but I MUST be doing something different.

    • azmat says:

      Best of luck Allison. I know leaving a job can be tough. I left my job two years ago and I’ve been living off passive income ever since then. It’s tough but it’s definitely possible. Do you have any ideas about what you want to do next? All the best!

      • Allison says:

        Thanks! Well I only have a vague idea at this point of what I’d like to be doing. One thing I’m sure of though is that I want to always have multiple streams of income to rely on. I don’t want to chain myself to one thing. I am still working through the specifics of what that will involve. What did you do to leave your job and create some passive income?

        • azmat says:

          Hey Allison. Having multiple streams of income is definitely the right way to approach this. I started out by doing affiliate marketing and online lead generations. I also had a few offline projects as well that were joint venture.
          The best way to do this is to simply start. There are a lot of resources out there that can help you (living your legend and smart passive income being a few of them). You will never know what to do until you actually start doing it.
          Aim to get just $5/month. If you can get to that then you can get to $10/month, $100/month, $1000/month etc. But it starts with taking the first step. So don’t delay. Best of luck!

    • Katie says:

      I’m with you on this! I don’t know what I will be doing either but I know I need a change. Let’s take this year to figure it out and get it done. Best of luck to you!

      • Allison says:

        Yeah this year has to be the one! No more ‘I’ll do it later” or “I’ll apply for that position tomorrow”. We can do this Katie!

    • Vimal says:

      yes friend, my goal also almost the same, anyway I made my mind to leave d current job this year. If not, then I am sure I cannot put any dent in this world. V MUST b doing something good & something different.

    • My “must” is similar to Allisons, but a bit simpler… I MUST find a job. I graduated from college 13 years ago and am still looking for full time work. I just need to find anything, whether it’s something I’m passionate about (or even care about for more than a paycheck) is irrelevant at this point. I’m looking at being homeless within a month, so any full time job that can pay the bills is my must…

      • Summer Perkins says:

        Been there, done that, couldn’t afford the t-shirt. I’ve been laid off twice in the last four years. It’s nearing time to take any old job just to avoid being unemployed, because unemployment makes it harder to get hired.

    • Eric says:

      Same thing here, and also feeling lost about what I will do to make up that income plus more!

      • Allison says:

        Yeah, its really hard to know where to start, but I’m learning that just beginning is best. Even is its not a sure bet for future income, it may lead you something that will be.

  26. Lara Buelow says:

    Goals for 2013 off the top of my head: complete LYL E-course! Stop working at the jobs that I am not passionate about, complete Crossfit Level 1 training, decide if I want/need to go to Grad school, work/trade for Crossfit membership, plan a trip, take time off, hold a free standing handstand for a minute. YAY 2013!

  27. Kevin Miller says:

    Set the stage for an indefinite trip around the world in 2014. Hell yes :)

  28. Kecia says:

    Finish court reporting school and begin my internship.

  29. John G says:

    Lead a team on a Habitat for Humanity build in Mongolia in July…..just need to find the team.

    Power to us all as we achieve our goals. :)
    And power to you Scott for getting us moving. :) :)

  30. Tiffany Tito says:

    Have my freelance company become self sustained, This way I can work on personal videos, own a loft, and travel! (Oh, and to be able to pay my student loans) lol

    • Brian Hermelijn says:

      Currently in the same boat as you, Tiffany. But definitely not study loans, instead I need to think about an action plan to make my idea come into reality.

  31. Lower my BMI – ultimately to a healthy range.

  32. Dr. Carrie says:

    Bring easy to implement, effective tips and tools based on neuro-psychology (sounds intimidating, actually really cool stuff) to the internet so thousands can improve their lives!

    • Brian Hermelijn says:

      Looking forward to see those Practical tips, Dr.Carrie. :D After all I am a person that loves to learn more about the mind.

  33. Ben Siemens says:

    Finally find my passion and start a business with it.

  34. Yoni Moskowitz says:

    Complete graduate school, receive my DDS, and find a job that allows my inner voice to be expressed, while providing the best possible care for my patients.

  35. Guest says:

    Form 15 friendships with peoples that’s passionate and positive
    I always wanted to form more ideal, real friendships with peoples since I do not have any friends, neither talk with peoples face to face. So this will be like , top priority of this year.

    Earn $35,000
    Well I am going to earn this amount from working at home. I do not know how I am going to achieve it, but I know that I will achieve it. Just in case, I am a web designer. But of course I am still walking on the road of improving my ability. ;)

    The reason I want to earn that amount of money is due that I want to help my mother get out of debt, and I want to start living with my own income, instead of living off parents income.

    Be pure vegetarian
    I am already a vegetarian, but sometimes I get off-track etc. Lets say occasionally bit then again, at the current present moment going full time vegetarian may not be the ideal choice, due of funds and such. And besides that I am merely a student.

    Be more connected with my sub conscious
    I have always wanted to know more about my mind. Because I have been researching on different topics related to mind such as, lucid dreaming, day dreaming, visualization etc.

    Be more aware and conscious
    Same principles from sub conscious mind.

    Be compassionate
    Another thing that I am going to do this year.I am kind of looking forward to the result of this one :)

    Frequent Computer Breaks
    Definitely need this one, hahaha.

    Exercises 3-5 times a week
    Again, definitely need this one as well. After all moving your body makes you feel more alive :D.

    That’s my intentions of this year, and I am going, I MEAN REALLY FOCUS on this intentions in this year. After all this is one of the most ambitious year for me, due that I went to many transitional events, kicked out old beliefs, learned more about myself (still am). SO yeah….to all of you reading this, life is a journey so don’t settle for just one time, but rather adventure life to the fullest. Be like a kid that’s exploring his backyard :)

    • Brian Hermelijn says:

      It seems I double posted by accident, might as well try to delete this one since it’s a guest post, hahaha! Wow, see what excitements do to peoples, haha.

  36. Grant Millin says:

    I am here to share in the work leading to the achievement and promotion of the betterness goals most people really, really desire in the hearts and minds. These are the goals that are best achieved through principles of kindness, sharing and positive, ethical innovation that create real and very large alternatives to violence, inequity and that address complex macro issues like anthropogenic climate change.

    I am that change because I am a betterness explorer, designer and cultivator.

    Further, i support the goals of my community strategy:

    “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” – The Preamble to the US Constitution

    A common defense can mean safety for more people. It does not require armaments to make us safer. Betterness means more engaged minds focused on civilization innovation.

    When we meditate on such words of guidance and help from the generation ahead of us—and work at being part of the authorship of a better future at the same time—our reflections can then more readily visualize, articulate and deploy the betterness nuances that further perfect civilization. A more perfect civilization comes from capabilities and activities that add more harmony to our relationship with each other, nature and the faith of our choosing.

    We have to be good enough.

    We have to being willing to jump into the fray. We have to do it all again one more time.., even when it would be easier to do less, or the energy or the resources don’t seem to be in front of us first.

    I have to. I can.

  37. Brian Hermelijn says:

    Form 15 friendships with peoples that’s passionate and positive
    I always wanted to form more ideal, real friendships with peoples since I do not have any friends, neither talk with peoples face to face. So this will be like , top priority of this year. And this will let me step out of my comfort zone and start meeting new peoples.

    Earn $35,000
    Well I am going to earn this amount from working at home. I do not know how I am going to achieve it, but I know that I will achieve it. Just in case, I am a web designer. But of course I am still walking on the road of improving my ability. ;)

    The reason I want to earn that amount of money is due that I want to help my mother get out of debt, and I want to start living with my own income, instead of living off parents income.

    Be pure vegetarian
    I am already a vegetarian, but sometimes I get off-track etc. Lets say occasionally bit then again, at the current present moment going full time vegetarian may not be the ideal choice, due of funds and such. And besides that I am merely a student.

    Be more connected with my sub conscious
    I have always wanted to know more about my mind. Because I have been researching on different topics related to mind such as, lucid dreaming, day dreaming, visualization etc.

    Be more aware and conscious
    Same principles from sub conscious mind.

    Be compassionate
    Another thing that I am going to do this year.I am kind of looking forward to the result of this one :)

    Frequent Computer Breaks
    Definitely need this one, hahaha.

    Exercises 3-5 times a week
    Again, definitely need this one as well. After all moving your body makes you feel more alive :D.

    That’s my intentions of this year, and I am going, I MEAN REALLY FOCUS on this intentions in this year. After all this is one of the most ambitious year for me, due that I went to many transitional events, kicked out old beliefs, learned more about myself (still am). SO yeah….to all of you reading this, life is a journey so don’t settle for just one time, but rather adventure life to the fullest. Be like a kid that’s exploring his backyard :)

  38. ibrente says:

    Shift from working for some large corporations dream, to creating and working for my own.

  39. My 2013 goal is to connect with more people who are on the personal development journey. Like-minded people that I can have deep and inspiring conversations with, even if it is only over skype! Perhaps I need to move where the people are.. :)

    • Hi Elise! What an awesome goal! I’m very much into personal development myself. You can add me on skype if you like: mich.monkey83 Would love to have deep and inspiring conversations with you

    • Brian Hermelijn says:

      That’s one awesome goal, Elise. Since me myself, needs to connect with passionate and positive peoples that’s exploring their journey to happiness :D.

    • Anatoly says:

      Same intention here :)

      Go out and explore the place where you are, there are chances you find such a person nearby, too!

  40. Komal says:

    In 2013 I want to gain the tools, mentorship and
    resources (financial and otherwise) needed to help me launch Feeding Forward into a successful and profitable company that will end both hunger and food waste in America (and eventually abroad as well). I am blessed to have already found what I love and am passionate about — my hope is that it will enable me to make the largest social impact possible and rally others to the cause as well.

    • Ryan says:

      Nice one, there are opportunities to be able to make a good business that supports yourself, gives help, and cuts waste. All the best.

  41. Jane Marson says:

    I want to figure out where in Canada I want to live, finally – to settle there. I also want to recognize my greatest work-passion – to be really clear about it and to pursue that single mindedly towards making a good living from that passion. I want to think bigger and I would like to help others more – quietly, though. I want to live off-grid – likely in an ‘Earthship.’ Having said all this, I believe that we have destinies here on planet earth that are unfolding as we speak, and we just need to relax into ‘what is’, trusting that things are already working out and that we are learning what we need to despite the messy-looking lives that most of us have, and inwardly (or outwardly) complain about, holding out for something that looks more pulled together even while we are living it.

    • Summer Perkins says:

      Awesome! Hubby and I are looking to help on an Earthship community in the Ogden, UT area. The leader is still working on permits, which are a bear.

      • Jane Marson says:

        That’s great that you are getting into Earthships. I see that as so the way to go. Yes, the permits and codes can be the main issues. Good luck with that.

  42. Fred says:

    I must lose 20 more lbs (even though I already lost 150+) so I can become the best runner I can be.

  43. joker159 says:

    my goal is to learn how to learn
    (learning the best technique for learning, reading,note taking, memorize, organisation, time managment).
    I think it’s the best investment that I can make for the future :)


  44. Luan says:

    To earn money from my new business from a TOTAL STRANGER by my birthday July 25th…

  45. Luan says:

    Hey Scott if you are wanting to learn how to surf, consider joining us on the Under30CEO Microfinance Surfcamp to Nicaragua!

  46. So inspired by everyone else’s fabulous goals. For me the main goal this year (which I am already doing) is to adopt a completely gluten-free, dairy-free and egg-free diet as I have just been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease, and my doctor has advised that this diet will reverse all my symptoms. Have started already and am experiencing so many benefits already: more energy, clearer skin, losing weight and feeling healthier. Think 2013 is going to be a great year!

    • Anatoly says:

      All the best for your health, Michelle! With the diet change, it may become very difficult at times, keep your reason in mind and go forward!
      And try to stick only to this change until it settles (one habit at a time! @ZenHabits)

  47. Adina says:

    My goals are:
    1. to find my passion – the work i love doing and create a strategy to start earning money from it.

    2. to start exercising on a regular basis :)

  48. Rj Hallsted says:

    Finish a marathon. I’m gonna prove to myself this year that I can do what I set my mind to.

  49. Patrick says:

    Create an email newsletter for affiliate marketers advertising software and tools that they can actually use.

  50. RosieBLive says:

    Do 100 “Hopes & Dreams in 2013!” homeshows for my Premier Designs jewelry business–by doing so I will find out 1,000 dreams of women all over SoCal and be able to support these dreams through my life coaching.

  51. RosieBLive says:

    Scott, I LOVE your #9 idea. Go for it!

  52. I will be generating revenue from a new business offering support to single women over 40 in living happily ever after.
    Wow. That was powerful.

  53. Swediepie says:

    Figure out what it is that I really want to do with my life and start on the path to get there!

    • Anatoly says:

      Dream without any limits, write down all your wishes for the future! Then you may probably see a trend there. Or at one moment you will just stumble upon one thing and feel that it is really yours.

  54. Tom Dixon says:

    Grow my career coaching business by focusing on serving others.

  55. Mike Grooms says:

    Be genuine, vulnerable, and authentic. Don’t wory about being perfect…be real.

  56. Vicki Zerbee says:

    I love everything about being an entrepreneur and creating my own income. My goal for 2013 is to increase my business in all facets so that I am helping to improve many other lives in addition to my own.

  57. Aaron Koral says:

    To lose 20 pounds by the end of the year so I can be at my ideal weight of 200 pounds by the end of 2013 and keep it off with excercise and a change to the foods I eat (processed foods, be gone)!

  58. Laurene says:

    Quit my current job for rather than just quitting, doing something with real and meaningful purposes, feeling great, proud and useful about it! “Take bigger risks”

  59. Wow, everyone is so inspiring! I’m new to the program so my goals are to sift out my passion(s) from the huge list of interests I have and throw myself 100% into it. I want to quit my job by the end of the year.

  60. Anne says:

    My goals for 2013 are to make time to actually think about what I am passionate about for I am interested in a lot of things but I do not know what I really wanted to do and finish the LYL E-course!

  61. Adriana says:

    I fired my boss and it feels great! My dreams are bigger than my fears and I am ready to do something bigger in life.. I believe to have found my way. I will keep you posted and would love to share this opportunity with others.

  62. To quit my dayjob (I’ve already done that, tomorrow is my last day!) and to then really persue my goal of becoming a (payed) actress/filmmaker.

  63. Be the change I want to see in this world. Starting with Project Experiences not Gifts..

  64. Contribute financially to my family so that my wife can quit her job and live her legend.

  65. Ryan says:

    My main Must is to inform, encourage and to live and lead by example for my family, friends, community and country. In ways we can live a more sustainable lifestyle, promote and create renewable energy sources, use the resources around us, try and influence profit driven companies to have a more community approach, get the government behind community projects, and drive out poverty in my country New Zealand.

    I will do this by living what I say, continued education, being an active voice and presence in my community and like minded groups/organisations, nagging officials and politicians, empowering and educating the youth on all their options on the way they can influence and live.

    I didn’t use to think it is possible to really make a difference, but that has all changed. I feel with passion you your self change and therefore anything is possible.

    I am no corporate worker but believe that multi national companies have a place in our world creating opportunities for plenty, I believe their greed has no place. I am no hippie spiritualist either but believe society needs to break down barriers and be at least accommodating of everyone who means well, extend a hand and look after mother earth. Although I admire them both.

    I am your run of the mill wage earning citizen, who believes that everyone can prosper by looking at our different societies, cultures, religions etc, and negotiating which are the lesser evils that can be tolerated and mitigated, and then taking the best qualities, ideals, ways of living and focusing on these.

    I have my thoughts, opinions and beliefs that have stirred my passion, created a mission and proposed a challenge.

    I am not 100% clear on how to do this, but that adds to the excitement.

    2013 is here and so am I.

    • Ryan, thank you for sharing. I’m inspired by your words, and will incorporate some of them into my own goals for 2013. I think it is absolutely true that you can change the world just by doing what you’re doing now, but in a way that you live authentically and lead by example by never compromising your values and encouraging others to do the same.

    • Susan McKenna says:

      Inspiring Ryan ! I too believe in being the change we want to see in this world. If we can reach even one person then we have made a difference. Goodluck with all your plans…

  66. Anatoly says:

    This year I want to find friends. This is the one thing I can’t not do any longer. I want to connect in person with like-minded, inspiring people. Also, find people who can be my mentors and people who I can help with my skills and knowledge.

    I go to WDS2013 from Europe, to meet all these wonderful people. Bought my ticket in October :) And since I am going to the US, I also want to fulfill my long-time, almost irrational dream of visiting San-Francisco. Feel myself terribly insecure whether I will have enough money for the trip, how to navigate in the US, where to stay…
    Anybody going from WDS to San-Francisco who can give me a lift? :)

  67. Anita says:

    Start a business (I’ve just left my job after 7 fairly uninspiring years). Travel and volunteer in Africa (using my coaching skills). De-clutter my life (across a number of areas!). Be kind.

    • Kaka XVII says:

      I love the last statement. I think kindness is life changing (both for the giver and the receiver of the act). All the best! :)

  68. Kaka XVII says:

    Scott, thank you for this avenue. :)

    I live in the Philippines and over the past few years, I’ve received multiple text messages from people asking me if I knew someone who was willing to donate blood. Dengue fever is the most usual cause of this need. And this illness causes the platelet count of the afflicted to plummet, thus causing haemorrhage. The person would need to be intravenously hydrated and in worst case scenarios, given fresh blood.

    I intend to make a database or repository of information of people who are willing to donate blood when necessary. It should include details like blood type, location, age, etc. I’m not sure how to go about it yet.

    Any suggestions? Maybe we could do this worldwide. I’m sure there are others in different countries and continents who have the same challenge.

  69. Jim Krenz says:

    Talk with her. It may not seem like a big goal to you, but it is for me.

  70. Mike says:

    God are you in luck on personal goal #3… Before heading out on your surf trip to Jaws or Teahupo’o, make sure you spend some time at Uncle Shooter’s Surf Camp in Santa Monica. Free lodging, board rental, and waves!

  71. Keith Kehrer says:

    Land a resident DJ gig

  72. James H. says:

    Fix writing. We can find a better, faster way to writing careers than toiling over countless unread drafts!

  73. 1. Apply for jobs in Latin America this fall and ship off in 2014.
    2. Do a front and middle splits!

  74. Vimal says:

    -To get a new job that matters to me as well as to the world at the end or middle of this year & also to get expertise in Violin that I am practicing now by hard work- it’s my main Goals of 2013 that I MUST do, and I can surely achieve more and something big in the coming year since it will motivate me to pursue and do more.

  75. Start a side gig (which will develop into something bigger) teaching a 6-week fitness course designed, not to put people through workouts and keep them as clients who are dependent on me, but to give people the knowledge and tools to independently take their fitness into their own hands.

  76. Levi says:

    Great video. Thanks for the insight.

  77. Erin Jones says:

    To change my life and the lives of others by educating myself in integrative nutrition and the mind-body -soul approach to overal lhealth and wellness and to share that passion so that others will experience increased health and overall well being.

  78. Alex Echols says:

    - Share my personal weight loss story of a total of 142 pounds and begin educating those around me on the importance of balanced living, healthy eating, great exercise habits and daily gratitude and affirmation.
    - Connect/collaborate with upcoming influencers and designers on key projects
    - Do at least 15 photoshoots by year end.

  79. David K says:

    I must be creative. Beyond that I’m a bit lost. Currently I paint and draw as a hobby, it would be nice to make art my livelihood but I have a hard time seeing how that’s possible. I have much to do to develope my artistic skills anyway. However I’ve learned that to be successful in the business of art it’s almost more important that you be good at marketing yourself than be able to create good art. I don’t have much stomach for marketing.
    One thing I wonder about is in Scott’s blog posts the idea that you need to find a way to help people is the way to find what you “must” do. I’m not much of a people person so I’m not sure I fit in with this concept. I really just want to become self employed, (preferably as an artist). The company I work for does good things for humanity but it is a coorporation with your typical coorporate BS and I’ve been there for 20+ years and am just burnt out. Not sure what to do about it though.

  80. Rob F. says:

    Speaking of TED talks, I just watched Simon Sinek’s TED talk about leadership and the concept of the Golden Circle. Now, I want to identify my Why and build outward from there.

  81. Malavika Thirukode says:

    A ‘MUST’ for 2013,

    1. Read through the ‘Live your Legend’ newsletters more often, thoroughly and REFLECT.

    2. MUST find funding for my PhD studies.

    Stop looking at the ‘if’ and ‘but’. Embrace the opportunity. Stay fearless.

    3. Travel through Tamil Nadu and Kerala to meet people with similar career and life interests as me.

    4. Keep a journal of all the upcoming adventures in the year.

  82. Rebecca says:

    Hey LYL-ers! Read some of the comments below and they are simply amazing!! (Candice, Karen H, Kevin Miller, Allison, Erin Waterman..just to name a few) So glad to know that there are many people out there with passions and are pursuing them! You are I.N.S.P.I.R.I.N.G.! Hats off to you guys!

    Now I find that the biggest thing holding a person back is our selves. That keeps us from achieving the impossible and keeping us in mediocrity. Each one of us are extraordinary beyond measure but due to fear/worries of all sorts we dare not take that step. That first step. So, for accountability purposes I’m putting my MUST goals for the year here. For 2013 I’m going to conquer my self and live my life.

    Being a full-time student I’ve always restricted myself to not “go out there and do things” (due to meeting deadlines, preparation for upcoming exams, funds etc) Any reason under the sun has kept me from DOING things so I’ve really missed out on what life has to offer. But no more, every week I’m going to do one thing I wouldn’t normally do.

    It can be something as simple as catching up with random people more than just once a week (to build more meaningful relationships) to going on a random backpacking trip to discover Europe. Anything that keeps my life colourful and moving to inspire others to live their lives on a daily basis!

  83. Joe Hall says:

    Starting a creative collective to help social causes engage people in brilliant new ways!

  84. Sarah says:

    My most important goal is to find and choose a career path that I am passionate about and to dedicate my time and energy to gain the required social, technical skills to be one of the best at it

  85. Luke Sparaccio says:

    I want to change this world we live in, and make a legitimate healthcare system not a “sickcare” system!

  86. Work for a world-class institution dedicated to saving wildlife and the environment.

  87. Vimal says:

    To complete my research on “how to reduce the road accident deaths in India”. More than 1 lac people are dying in India because of road accidents as per various studies, so I strongly believe that it’s necessary to do something in this regard.

  88. Running the Tough Mudder to raise money for the A21 campaign. Oh yeah, and I am not a runner or an athlete…yet.

  89. Iris Barzen says:

    Biggest goal: Launch my coaching business and change people’s lives so I can make enough money to support myself and my brother with it.

  90. I am a bit late to this game but I wanted to contribute to my local community in a way that I can leave my job eventually and focus on this full time. To do this I determined that I will offer services around social media, web presence, and internet marketing for small local businesses. I launched my website, established the LLC, and now I am moving toward getting my first customer which were parts of my LYL Goal Setting and Action Workbook. My goal is to generate enough revenue this year, through this business, to pay for my VA.

    • Oh I forgot to add the meaning behind what I am doing for local businesses. I want to bring back that personal connection that local businesses used to have with their customers and show them that this is the way to compete with the major players. It is sad to see so many local business closing daily and owners losing that dream they worked so hard to live. I know this because my father was one of them.

  91. Summer Perkins says:

    Pay down debt and simplify my life so my husband and I can each spend no more than 1,000 hours per year working for money.

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