Build An In-Person Community of Inspiring Passionate Supporters & Become The Host!

Here’s the recording of our live webinar on how to build an in-person community of inspiring passionate supporters – as well as some additional resources. Enjoy!

1. Full Webinar Recording:

2. A 4-minute webinar summary in the form of a brilliant rap/poem created by our talented community member, George Hardwick:

Live Your Legend Power Peer Rap

3. Want to host or attend an event in your home town? There’s no better way to genuinely and naturally connect with passionate and inspiring people in your hometown than to become the one who brings them together! Just send an email to events [at] liveyourlegend [dot] net and we’ll send you everything you need. We’ll even do all the promotion for you!

4. Download the free Live Your Legend Live Event Field Kit here for a step-by-step guide to transforming your surroundings (the design files are gorgeous and big, so be patient as it downloads!)

Live Your Legend Live Event Field Kit banner small download


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“It was 18 months ago when I came across Live Your Legend and it just completely blew my mind. I was living this life thinking I have to kind of just do this. Then it was like a kid on Christmas Day with my wife thinking ‘we don’t have to do this anymore.’ It was literally a life change. It opened so many doors. Thanks for everything you’re doing.”

- Simon P., Singapore