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The Dirty Little Secrets About Failure

Written by Leah Hynes and Nazrin Murphie April 27, 2016

As someone who is looking to make their mark, make a difference, live true to their potential or make their impact in the world, then it’s likely you’ve faced the ‘F’ word at some stage: Failure. At Live Your Legend we are all about taking action on your ideas, dreams, passions and making real progress, no matter how small… Read More

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10 Ways to Do Your Own Impossible Daily

Written by Chelsea Dinsmore April 20, 2016

As some of you may have heard, I spoke at the University of California, San Francisco a couple of weeks ago. At about 10:55am, I swore to myself I would never public speak again… by 11:55am, I thought ‘That was kinda fun.’ Ha!  The conference was about Empowering and Connecting Students Towards Sustainable Global Health – a… Read More

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The 2016 Start-A-Blog Challenge: Win a $650 Ticket to World Domination Summit + A Very Exciting Announcement!

Written by Chelsea Dinsmore April 6, 2016

This past Sunday, April 3, was Scott’s 34th birthday. I spent the day celebrating him in true Scott fashion. He was a man who was not afraid to wear pink and loved nothing more than a good picnic, specifically a picnic that included rosé wine – because there is nothing that says ‘living in the moment’ like sipping rosé in the… Read More

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The Science Behind the Need to Belong + The 2016 LYLL World Party Video Debut

Written by Chelsea Dinsmore March 30, 2016

Live Your Legend Local, San Francisco Have you ever wondered where you belong? Or maybe just felt like no-one totally ‘gets’ you? Alternatively, perhaps you’ve experienced the unparalleled joy of being around like-minded people that you could just talk with for hours! I’ve definitely experienced both but a few weeks ago I touched on the topic of… Read More

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9 Connecting Faux Pas to Avoid at all Costs (& the Connection Solutions to Make You Instantly Memorable!)

Written by Leah Hynes and Nazrin Murphie February 24, 2016

“Personal relationships are the fertile soil from which all advancement, all success, all achievement in real life grows.” – Ben Stein  Have you ever wondered why some people seem to make their impact with ease and speed while you feel like you’re spinning your wheels, grinding it out day-in, day-out and working your butt off with seemingly… Read More

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