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Car Crash Spurs Lawyer’s Transformation to Entrepreneur: Matias Salom Transformation Case Study

Written by Live Your Legend Team October 29, 2015

Before Scott left for Africa, he was putting the finishing touches on this second LYL Transformation Story. In the first Transformation Story (Alyssa), Scott explained that part of the change he’d kicked off in LYL in late 2014 was a focus on YOU, the members of the Live Your Legend community. And these LYL Transformation Stories are a double-whammy: these stories… Read More

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Letting our Lights Shine Together – Live Your Legend Global Memorial Meetup Roundup (+ Some Videos to Share with You!)

Written by Live Your Legend Team October 22, 2015

‘Ubuntu’: I am what I am because of who we all are. Over the past week it has been extraordinary to see many hundreds, if not thousands of you come together in different locations across the globe to pay tribute to Scott Dinsmore, either in person or virtually, as part of the Live Your Legend Global Memorial Meetup. As… Read More

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Meet the Team: The Legends Behind Live Your Legend

Written by Chelsea Dinsmore October 15, 2015

Hi! I am Chelsea Dinsmore, The Chief Inspiration Officer of Live Your Legend. The Live Your Legend movement was founded by my dear and late husband, Scott Dinsmore. Over a decade of research led him to create a process for making discoveries about what lit him up and for finding and doing work he loved. He started helping others find the same through… Read More

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Keeping the Revolution Alive: Live Your Legend Local Global Memorial Meetup – 15 October 2015

Written by Live Your Legend Team October 8, 2015

“Environment. Is. Everything. The fastest way to do the things you don’t think can be done is to hang around people already doing them. Choose your friends wisely and brainwash the impossible.” – Scott Dinsmore If there’s one thing we know about Scott, it’s that he believed the world would be an altogether different place if we all did work that actually mattered to us. Read More

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We Are So Much Stronger Than We Think We Are

Written by Chelsea Dinsmore October 1, 2015

To the amazing LYL community, First and foremost, I would like to thank everyone for the outpouring of love and support. While I have needed to focus my efforts elsewhere right now, please know that every single word will be read. Every single thought is appreciated. And every single well-wish is felt by me and by all of Scott’s friends and family. This community is… Read More

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Community Call and Written Tributes For Scott

Written by Live Your Legend Team September 22, 2015

Living Legends, Thank you so much for your tremendous outpouring of love this past week. We continue to be moved by your incredible stories, sharing and support for one another. First and foremost, we want you to know that this community is still here for you, thanks to what Scott created for us. We want you to know that Live Your Legend is here to… Read More

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Thank You & A Video Tribute For Scott

Written by Live Your Legend Team September 18, 2015

Dear Living Legends, We have been blown away by the incredible outpouring of love and tributes in the Tribute to Scott Dinsmore Facebook Group – in particular your support of each other as we move through this difficult time. We also wanted you to know that both Scott and Chelsea’s family and friends have… Read More

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Scott Dinsmore: In Memory Of The Greatest Living Legend Of Them All

Written by Live Your Legend Team September 15, 2015

Dear Living Legends, It is with deep sadness and heavy hearts that we write to let you know that the incredible Scott Dinsmore has sadly passed away after being hit by falling rocks while nearing the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. He was traveling with his wife, Chelsea, who is uninjured and has safely returned to the United States. As we all grapple with this devastating… Read More

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I’m Going Off the Grid: Therapy for an Addicted & Over-Connected World

Written by Scott September 4, 2015

Note: For the next two weeks I’m taking my first digital sabbatical (in five years!) as I head to Tanzania to attempt to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, track the Great Wildebeest Migration and do some volunteer work at a local school and orphanage.  But before I go off the grid, I’d like to explain why it’s so important (for all of us), and offer up… Read More

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How to Feel Rich (Even When You Think You’re Poor)

Written by Scott August 20, 2015

 “Some people are so poor, all they have is money.” ― Patrick Meagher Rich: A New Perspective Last week we talked a lot about money, and put some of those ideas to work with a formula and worksheet for figuring out how much you need to do what you want and be happy. It was the most comprehensive free… Read More

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