brainwash the impossible

“The fastest way to do the impossible is to hang around people already doing it.”

-The Live Your Legend Way of Life

**I need your very quick help: I am contemplating launching a HUGE (and free) project next year that I think we could all have a ton of fun with. But I need your quick thoughts on whether it makes sense and if you’d enjoy seeing it happen. I’ll give you the details at the end of this article. Thanks in advance!

With that said, today is all about YOU…

Nothing Happens Without Inspiration

Lately I’ve come to the realization that my biggest job here at Live Your Legend is to inspire possibility.

In fact, our whole existence can be boiled down into three simple steps…

Step 1: Inspire people that the impossible is indeed possible.

Step 2: Provide the tools and support to make the possible probable.

Step 3: Change the world.

At Live Your Legend we give tremendous focus to all three.

But none of it happens if you don’t believe it’s possible.

If you don’t think it can be done, you will never try.

Sure, we provide plenty of powerful tools, both free and paid, but until you believe in possibility, even the best tools in the world are 100% worthless.

But as soon as your thinking shifts from “How could I possibly do this,” to “How could I possibly not,” your whole world starts to change.

When you know it can be done, this ridiculous motivation sets in and you become resourceful as all hell.

That’s why I run The Accidental Marathon with a few friends each year – we ran the 2012 Accidental just a couple days ago on Sunday, and one of our buddies who joined us, Brandon, had only run 13.1 miles up until Sunday. It was a hell of a cold and rainy day of bonding in S.F!

This is also why I created our Live Off Your Passion career course (which will be going up in price by $70 at the end of this month – so if you’re interested, be sure to grab your spot before 2013 hits).

It’s why I did everything in my power to get a chance to step onto the TEDx stage to tell our story (which thanks to you guys, just passed over 100,000 views!). [Update: Nearly 1,700,000 views as of August 2014!]

It’s why I am strongly considering launching the biggest project in the history of Live Your Legend early next year (more on that at the end of this post).

And it is why we launched our Living Legends Reader Spotlight earlier this year.

Every month we pick a handful of our readers who are doing inspiring and world-changing things and we profile their stories to our community of over 50,000 monthly readers.

We do this for a few reasons:

  1. I personally love to promote people doing interesting and inspiring things that truly matter to them and the world.
  2. We want to give our whole community a chance to offer help as these people pursue their dreams.
  3. We want to inspire you to believe in what’s actually possible.

And #3 is the real kicker. That’s what can change it all.

It’s like a marathon….

The fastest way to motivate yourself to run a marathon (if you don’t think you can do it) is to sit at the finish line at 26.2 miles and watch the shapes, sizes and ages of the people who finish in under 4 hours (or even 5 or more). I guarantee you will find someone who will make you say “Holy shi*t! If that person can finish this, then I know I can!”

All of us have so much more power than we realize.

The more we can see seemingly ‘ordinary’ people doing the things so many only dream of, the faster we can start to hold ourselves to a new standard and lay bricks to the castle we’ve always wanted to build.

It reminds me of an email I received just a few days ago from Steve up in Canada:

“I crossed paths with LYL about 8 months ago while in a job that brought no value to the world. Since then I have quit my job, motorbiked around Europe on an impossibly small budget, :) started in an entrepreneur training program, developed one amazing business plan for a not-for-profit in Calgary and I’m developing another one for a super innovative business back home in Ireland. I’m aiming to have them both fully funded and launched on January 31st 2013, my 26th birthday. :)

Please always know that you’ve had a brilliant effect on my life and I’ll buy you a pint or three when I see ya.

– Steve W., Canada

I’d say he gives me a little too much credit – because like a small snowball on top of a very high mountain with freshly fallen snow, all he needed was a slight nudge. I’m glad we could be that for you Steve. The rest was on you. Nicely done.

Although I’ll still take you up on that pint next time I’m out your way. ;)

So without further ado, it’s time to show you what’s possible…

If you want to tell the world your story, please fill out the Living Legends Reader Spotlight form to get a chance to be featured in one of our upcoming monthly articles.

3 Mini Case Studies of Live Your Legend Members Brainwashing the Impossible (could this be you?)…


1. Created & blended her own brand of Scotch Whiskey to create a way for people to connect on a deeper level

Carin Castillo Sia Scotch Whiskey Living Legend: Carin Castillo

Location: San Francisco, California

Why and How Carin is Making an Impact:

I’m setting out to break a stereotype, to build a new audience around something unexpected, to introduce people to a new (old) spirit.

When I settle in for a conversation with a friend, I like to take my time and cherish the conversation. To really pace the time together, when I think about what drink to order, it’s usually a Scotch. It’s a drink that takes years to age and mature, one to be cherished.

I set out to create a new type of Scotch that breaks the common misconception that a Scotch is just a drink for old, rich men. My dream has been realized in my creation of SIA Scotch Whisky. A dream I’ve worked hard over the last few years to make into a reality, my legacy, my legend if you will, after running tasting events with hundreds of men and women and finding out what turns people off (and on) about this category of spirit.

Through the simplicity of a good Scotch, I want to inspire people to truly connect and rediscover the lost art of spending focused, present, quality time with those they care about.

How you can help: 

  • Support our Kickstarter campaign – even a few dollas can make a huge difference. We only have until this Friday!
  • Share the Kickstarter video and project on your Facebook page
Check out Carin’s awesome product trailer and Kickstarter video below – Her and her husband Gabe have a gorgeous home above an antique shop in S.F. where the video was shot:

Don’t see a video? Click here.

Learn more here: Carin’s SIA Scotch Whiskey Kickstarter Campaign 

Fun fact: I love adventure! I recently achieved a lifelong dream of becoming a private pilot. Flying is one of the most incredible experiences I could never describe. Sharing this smile with a friend is one of the biggest sources of my happiness.


2. Composing music to help people face the unknown, lean into fear and do what matters

Ian Hoge Warriors SongLiving Legend: Ian Hoge

Location: Los Angeles, California (and off and on in India)

Why and How Ian is Making an Impact:

I am composing music to help people better understand and relate to their world. Warrior’s Song is an album of 13 songs written to help shine a light through tough times and empower everyone to live and be their authentic selves. My music is not about hot girls and breakups. It’s about searching for the love within and through life’s experiences.

I used to write songs to try and be famous or make some money. I learned that even if you win the rat race, you are still a rat and you will still feel empty. Helping others through my talent is so rewarding and fulfilling in itself. So my inspiration to help is simple, don’t want to feel empty – ha! Instead I try to pursue my passions in service to others.

Warrior’s Song is a reflection of my journey over the last couple years: Some good, some ugly, both love and vulnerability. I’m still working on accepting that I don’t have all the answers. These songs helped me face the unknowns and I hope they can be of service to you as well.

How you can help: 

I’d love for this music to get out there into the world and help heal and inspire. You can benefit from and enjoy the music by purchasing the CD on iTunes or CD Baby, while at the same time supporting me, an artist, to continue to share his passion.

Learn more here: Ian Hoge

Fun fact: I have a fun drawer in my apartment. Whenever I see something fun, like a star trek potato head man or see behind you glasses, I buy it and put it in the drawer. I may be an adult now but I don’t want to ever stop having fun like a kid.

Note from Scott: My wife and I LOVE Ian’s work. We listen to his albums on repeat as we cook dinner almost every night. Makes for the perfect cooking music!  I’m listening to Warrior’s Song as I finish up this post. :)


3. Writing a science science fiction novel to inspire kids to pursue a life of innovation and create new dreams

Andy OrrLiving Legend: Andy Orr

Location: Auburn, WA

Why and How Andy is Making an Impact:

I believe kids need quality science fiction to fuel their imaginations, because today’s kids are tomorrow’s builders, designers, innovators, and dreamers.

So…I’ve written my first book! It’s a science fiction novel for kids about a 12-year-old boy who lives on Mars. The story fuses many of my own childhood interests: life on the frontier narratives, rockets, robots, and the Red Planet. I have a stellar team assembled around the project including an artist who created art for the HALO video game franchise, and an editor who is an award-winning children’s author.

To fund completion of the book, I took a DIY approach and launched a campaign on Kickstarter. The campaign is going strong and there’s a fun community of space geeks (like me) already forming around the story.

The reason – the WHY – motivating my book project is simple. Kids need as much inspiration to experiment and create as possible. My assumption is that imaginative storytelling leads to real-world innovation. Maybe a book like mine can fuel the imaginations of young readers, spark interest in STEM fields, and inspire the innovation we’ll need to go to Mars and beyond!

How you can help: 

I have a project budget goal of $4,000. I’m already 30% funded, but need 150-200 new Kickstarter backers to help me reach the finish line. Hitting the $4,000 goal provides me with capital to complete my book and begin getting it into the hands of young readers.

Learn more here: Andy’s Book, Jett Smith and The Alien Grave

Fun fact: I love folk music and play the guitar, and when I’m not in my right mind, I’ll play a set LIVE at a local open mic, in front of REAL people.

Note from Scott: Did you notice how Kickstarter is starting to become the go-to platform for funding a dream?? Wait until you see some of the Kickstarter and passion-funding resources and guides we have in store for you all next year!


Thank you all for doing what you do.

It’s an honor to have you a part of what we’re building. This community, this movement, is nothing without you.

So much more is possible thanks to the path you all have shed light onto.

We are grateful.

And for the rest of you, I hope they make you want to do something crazy.

So…what impact are you going to have in 2013?

I can’t wait to feature more of you next year.

It’s time to do something that matters – to you and to the world.


And for the comments…

Now I Need Your Very Quick Help – Should I Launch this Crazy Project Next Year?

I am considering taking on my biggest, craziest project ever next year. I think it could be a tremendous help to our community, and it will be totally free to you all. But I need to know if you think it’s a good (or terrible) idea.

Ever since I read The 4-Hour Work Week, I’ve wanted to follow Tim’s step-by-step process for creating what he calls a “muse” – an online business built around a physical (or digital) product that’s fully outsourced and automated. I’ve always imagined his detailed steps would work, but I’ve never had a real-life product idea to test the process.

Now I do.

So… I’m considering launching a physical product as a fun way to test the 4HWW muse creation process.

This would be a totally separate site from LYL, and it would document the full process, with 100% transparency (the good, the bad, the ugly), of what it takes to go from idea to product.

Do you have any interest in seeing the real-time live case study as we attempt to test, build and sell a physical real-world product, and watch the product and company creation process either succeed or fail? This would include everything from A/B concept and landing page testing, to launching a Kickstarter campaign, manufacturing and (hopefully) selling a product!

Just writing this down scares the hell out of me, but this could be really fun and I know all of us would learn a ton.

So what do you think? Should we do it or not? If so, what suggestions do you have or what things would you really want to be included? And if you think it’s a terrible idea, please please let us know :).

Now take 20 seconds and tell us what you think of our idea in the comments below!

Here’s to walking the talk…


P.S. Oh, and have you decided if you’re going to join us in the “Make 2013 the year I take a stand and do work that actually matters” challenge?

Remember, the price of our Live Off Your Passion career course is going up by $70 on January 1, 2013. If you plan on checking it out, be sure to do so before the end of this month – I’d hate for you to have to pay 35% more just because you missed the reminder. Either way, I hope you’ll decide that 2013 is YOUR year. Because you and I both know it is.

All you really need to make that happen is the belief that it’s possible. I hope today got you one step closer.


Images courtesy of my talented friend James Clear

  • Ricky

    Create the muse. The most important part (for me, at least), is to see the full muse creation process, to understand how it works, all the ins and outs. So create that muse, Scott.

    • Scott

      Agreed! It would be full disclosure and we’d try to cover every little step. Could be a ton of fun!

    • Iris

      Agree! I’d love it if you made it in a way that allowed readers to start their own muse project as well and follow the steps you take real time. Wouldn’t it be fun if a bunch of LYL readers had a new side business, their own muse at the end of 2013?

  • Ian Hoge

    Thank you Scott! Im truly grateful for your continued support. Im Very excited to share my project with the live your legend community. I believe theses songs can be of great service to the world, especially in these times.
    And to comment on your article, Id love to see a step by step product buisness be created. I say do it! We would all learn so much from watching.

  • Adam Hathaway

    I would love to see the making of your muse! I am currently outsourcing much but would be interested to see how you do it because I know I have a lot of room for improvement.

  • Shola

    Wow, there is so much to respond to in this post! First of all, the three cases that you presented are fantastic. After reading their stories and checking out their Kickstarter campaigns, there is little doubt in my mind that all three of them will find enormous success. All three of them are in it for the right reasons (to make the world a better place), and they’re all doing it in their own unique ways. I love it!

    Secondly, just like Ricky said in his comment above, PLEASE create the muse! Seeing the creation process unfold would be an amazing thing to see, and even better if you did it with full transparency.

    Lastly, to answer your question “what impact am I going to have in 2013?” I can say that without a doubt that I will take my community’s message of making work a more enjoyable and epic experience, and I will use it to help a worldwide audience. Additionally, just like you successfully did in 2012, I will speak on the TEDx stage in 2013–mark my words. To be honest, the previous two sentences wouldn’t even be possible without the constant barrage of inspiration that I’ve received in 2012 from the LYL site. You are making an enormous difference Scott, and you are teaching the world that the impossible really is possible. For that, I am very grateful. Here’s to making 2013 the best year ever for all of us..

  • Ben

    Man Scott. I think this is a no-brainer! We all will have an incredible resource on our hands after you create the muse! Good luck! Looking forward to checking it out!

    • Sandra

      Absolutely! Do it.

  • Lara

    Scott, have you read Improv Wisdom by Patricia Madson? Either way, the answer to your project: YES. Do it.

  • Jorge

    Hi Scott.
    I’d love to see the whole process.
    There is a Mexican guy doing the same thing:
    He runs a similar site to LYL (in Spanish).
    In his blog ( he is documenting the process of creating a new business out of one of his passions working only 7 hours a week. The new site he created for this business is
    I hope you both succeed and we all can learn from it.
    Good luck!

  • Fab

    Hi Scott,

    in my opinion, that kind of project (launching a physical product as a fun way to test the 4HWW muse creation process ) is completely offtopic with who you are and what you have made with “Liveyourlegend”, “Connect with everyone” and the other businesses (Cumbria Capital is the most important of them ) you had set up in the past!!

    It’s not consistent with your personal brand that you’ve been building with passion and creative thinking!!

    Apart from that, I can’t understand the reason for which you still look at Tim Ferriss as a reference model in business and life!!

    I repeat what I have said in a previuos post: he is a genius marketer but nothing else, he isn’t changing the world at all, he is simply enjoying his life with the money of his raving fans!!

    In other words, he has built a faithful tribe and periodically he feeds them with a new book that they like very much!!

    Are revolutionary, innovative books??

    A normal person would answer: you must be joking!!

    Or like John McEnroe: you can’t be serious!!!!

    In conclusion, by now, you have proved to anyone in the world that you are much more authentic, far wiser and smarter, hence, keep on being original and coherent with who you are, with who you have been and what you have made!!

    All the best!


    PS an interesting new project which is in relation with your personal history could be a project about physical training to gain explosive physiology to exploit in personal and in business life!!

    You had mentioned something similar about that in a previous post!! You had guessed the right topic for your next winning project!!

    It’s still under your nose!!

    • Jon Wilburn

      Fab – I have to respectfully disagree. Living your Legend shouldn’t and cannot be shoved into a box. It should have many “boxes.”

      I think this project embodies what Scott has built here at Live Your Legend.


      • Scott Dinsmore

        I always appreciate you giving these posts some real thought Fab. But to be honest, I have to disagree with you on this one. LYL is about doing work that truly matters to you and making your own impact. There are infinite ways to do that. I believe that learning how to start, create, launch and sell a physical product is something we could all learn a ton from(me included!).

        Also I have to respectfully disagree with you on Tim. Yes he his a brilliant marketer. But he also has helped tons of people stand up and make a change. I have noticed that many very successful people eventually get attacked in certain ways- some are for good reason and others aren’t. I have had the fun chance to spend some personal time with Tim over the past years at workouts, dinners, parties etc and I’ve gotten to see him a bit more unplugged. I believe he is out to do good and he’s doing good. We had wine and dinner two weeks ago as he explained why he did what he did- to teach people to be better people. I believe it because I’ve experienced it.

        Do you think LYL has changed any lives?

        Well it would not have existed if I had not read Tim’s book.
        I do not think his way is the end all be all. And I know we are following our own path at LYL and I love it. But credit should be given where it’s due. Seeing the more personal side of him, I think he’s gotten a tough wrap.

        But for the sake of today’s topic none of this even matters. I want to follow his muse process because it’s the only published product creation process I’m pretty familiar with and a lot of you already know about it. It’s not about Tim. It’s about the process.

        And that is a process I believe the world could benefit from better understanding.

        Hope that makes sense Fan. Please keep voicing your opinion on this stuff- I love it!

        • Fab

          Hi Scott,

          I’ve appreciated your detailed response very much!!

          Anyway, let’s say that there has been a misunderstanding for what I had understood about you and your way of thinking about this project!!

          You say that you are mainly keen on the process and for this reason you’d like to launch this new project and it doesn’t depend on the fact that you are fond of Tim Ferriss!!

          I believe in what you’ve just said and I must say that this is the best approach, better still:it’s an excellent approach!!

          As fas as the fact that Tim Ferriss is a genereous man and he has changed people’s life and so on.., I don’t agree with you at all!!

          At this point, it’s totally useless that I sum up ( already pointed out something with some posts in your Blog!) several objective facts about him!!

          Apart form that, I remind you that I’m not the only person on the web who doesn’t like Tim Ferriss!!

          There are a lot of guys!!

          Weird coincidence?? I don’t think so!!

          In conclusion, I wish you the best of the best for your new project!!!!!

          All the best!

          Fab, greetings from Italy.

        • Fab

          Hi Scott,

          in the previous reply I was in a hurry and for this reason I’ve been diplomatic and sincere at the same time!

          Now I want to treat you like a real friend ( you deserve it very much!! ) and so I’ll be outspoken!!

          1) You said “It’s about the process”.

          Which process?

          You said:

          “Ever since I read The 4-Hour Work Week, I’ve wanted to follow Tim’s step-by-step process for creating what he calls a “muse” – An online business built around a physical (or digital) product that’s fully outsourced and automated. I’ve always imagined his detailed steps would work, but I’ve never had a real-life product idea to test the process.”

          I also read that book (4HWW) and the real purpose of a project like that is to build an online cash cow and in the end ( if possible ) to sell it at the best price!!

          Hence, the real purpose of that kind of process is only to make money and not live off your personal passion and as a consequence to make money!!

          It’s a concept pretty different!!

          In fact, if Tim Ferriss had been really passionate about the personal product of his muse, he would have been very keen on expanding that business because he would have been very convinced about the real benefits of his product, his Why ( Simon Sinek docet!!!! PS Docet is old Latin and it means “teaches” ) would have been authentically strong, instead he was so stressed about the product and the process that he sold the business very soon at a very good price!!

          2)As far as “Do you think LYL has changed any lives?

          Well it would not have existed if I had not read Tim’s book.”

          I bought your ecourse and your credit has been given to Scott Fox and not to Tim Ferriss!!
          (There is even an interview with Scott Fox!)

          And the reason is quite simple: you were almost closing down “Reading For Your Success” but you read “Internet Riches” by Scott Fox and you changed your mind.

          Apart from that, the business model of your two digital products are much more similar to the approach of Scott Fox and are very different from the approach of Tim Ferriss who ( in 4HWW ) never spoke about passion but only about spotting a lucrative niche and make as much money as possible, in his book(4HWW) he even boasted a chap who made money with dwarfs for entertaining people as a very smart example of lucrative niche!!

          ( I’m not a dwarf! I’m 190 cm!! )

          PS approach of Scott Fox:

          ( I also read this book, so I know the radical different approach in comparison with FHWW by T.Ferriss!! )

          3) You personally are living off your passion through 2 businesses:

          a) Cumbria Capital

          b) Two digital products which are related each other: “Live Off Your Passion” and “How To Connect With Everyone”.

          In the second case ( b ), obviously it’s your own merit to have developed these products but in so doing you have launched a very meaningful and powerful message and now you are a leader of an online audience!!


          a) Do you think that most of them ( online audience and people who bought your ecourse) )are already living off their passion ( with only one business not two!) and are making a good life at the same time?

          I don’t think so!!

          b) Hence, is it educational for them to teach how to set up an online cash cow system only to chase money per se?

          I don’t think so!!

          4)In my first post I wrote:

          “an interesting new project which is in relation with your personal history could be a project about physical training to gain explosive physiology to exploit in personal and in business life!!”

          In reality I meant:

          “an interesting new project which is in relation with your personal history could be a project about mental and physical training to gain explosive physiology to exploit in personal and in business life!!”

          In other words,not only the physical aspect of the training but the mental aspect of the training for a project like that is also really crucial and so it should be considered very seriously!!

          Apart from the above project just mentioned, another interesting new project which is in relation with your personal history could be “Meta Learning and Meta Cognition” because effective and quick learning skills are strategic tools to reach sooner the aim of living off your own passion!!

          In conclusion, as promised I’ve been outspoken and I repeat that I’ve behaved in this way because I wanted to treat like a real friend who deserves the best possible suggestions!!

          All the best!


        • Fab

          A final note!!

          “In the first Build-A-Business mentor lesson, author of “The 4-Hour Workweek” explains the “muse” and how to find yours”

          (August 3, 2012)

          The main focus is on making money and having more free time and not on living off your passion and as a consequence making money!!

          I repeat: the concept is pretty different!!

          All the best!


  • Logan


  • Jon Wilburn

    Um … Totally think that is a crazy and radical thing to do. I love it and can’t wait to hear more about it.


  • Dale

    Yes, I think the project sounds like a fantastic idea. I, for one, will be diligently looking over your shoulder. Be sure to make a lot of mistakes so I don’t have to!! ;-)

  • Allison Ruffing

    Short answer: DO IT!! :-) Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

  • Nathan

    Do the Muse. I too have been on the fence about creating a business based on the model of 4hww. All of the internal debating about if the model would really work, seeking other digital product marketing products and theories, and self doubt have put me in a stalemate. I have now been sitting on an awesome concept for over a year now.

    Do it and inspire others to do likewise.


  • Marco

    Please, please, do it. Everyone would benefit from that experience. And I’m sure you will succeed and/or learn a lot. Who can be against that?

  • Sherrie St. Cyr

    Yes – I would love to follow along

  • Bryce

    I think this is a great idea Scott. I completely disagree with the comment above especially the, “It’s not consistent with your personal brand that you’ve been building with passion and creative thinking” part.

    Kickstarter is the perfect platform for people to actually fund their passion and I have yet to see a project on their website that lacks “creative thinking”. By documenting the process you will inspire many others to see how feasible it actually is (regardless whether you meet your funding goal or not).

    I am definitely interested in this, but what would make it even more interesting is to make a truly creative product. This would not only show the naysayers (above commenter), that this is full of creativity, but it would also increase your chances of getting funded.

    Perhaps getting your readers involved and getting their input/ideas of what kind of product to make? Or even better, find someone in your audience with a specific passion and join forces to create a product with them. They would get a chance to build a business around their passion, and you would get the footage of the whole process, win win. … Just my two cents.


  • Andy Orr

    Hi Scott,

    I’m so EXCITED to share my book project with the LYL community! Thanks for the spotlight, support and encouragement.

    To comment on your article, I love the idea of a real time case study that puts the 4HWW muse creation process to the test.

    Finally, congrats on the TEDx talk!

    – Andy

    • Liz

      Hey Andy!

      I just backed your book on Kickstarter. I’m a HUGE fan of science fiction and fantasy. I love jumping into other worlds and I’m glad I found you here.

      I hope that your project is successful!


      • Andy Orr

        Liz, you just made my day! I can’t wait to get a copy of the book into you hands. Thank you for backing! I’m especially excited about piloting the story in a 4th grade classroom at Stevenson Ranch Elementary (Update #3 on the project page).

        Wishing you the best,


  • Slavomir

    That’s a fantastic idea! It would bring us such great value and a point of reference for our own journeys towards our muses.

  • Efi Maryeli

    Do it, please. I’d love to follow along!!!!

  • Liz

    Great idea Scott!

    I love that you’re branching out and exploring new and even more innovative ways to help your community live their legend.

    If you do go ahead and kick off this project, the resources and lessons will be invaluable for anyone who’s trying to live off their passion using Tim Ferris’s model.


  • Deanna

    After reading the 4 Hour Work Week, I thought it seemed ridiculously unrealistic. Of course, if anybody can make it work, I certainly think it’s you. I think I’d like to see the process.

  • Eva

    1) why do you have to raise the price by $70? For those of us who read your emails, live on beans, because we can’t find the courage to do something besides impoverishing (spiritually, materially, and physically) work and can’t afford your course … what does that serve but to further disenfranchise us from LYL?

    2) Why do you say “it scares the hell out of me” when you’ve proven time and time again that you can bring success to the table? You’ve proven time and time again that you’re a risk-taker, that you pursue challenges and difficult things, that time and time again you go full-speed after the impossible. Is it just a figure of speech to you or honest fear? Does it scare you the way a single unathletic bullied woman facing attackers feels fear when she realizes she is outnumbered and overpowered? That isn’t the same kind of fear that you’re talking about, I think. You’re talking about whether or not you dare to have your light burn as bright as it can burn (referring to Marianne Williamson’s quote below.) So, Scott, tell us this: Does it really scare you to follow in Tim Ferriss’s footsteps and to achieve what is possible to achieve (since by your logic, if he’s done it so can you.) and if so, why?

    Quote by Marianne Williamson:
    it is our light not our darkness that most frightens us
    Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
    Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
    It is our light not our darkness that most frightens us.
    We ask ourselves, who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous,
    talented and fabulous?
    Actually, who are you not to be?
    You are a child of God.
    Your playing small does not serve the world.
    There’s nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other
    people won’t feel insecure around you.
    We were born to make manifest the glory of
    God that is within us.
    It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone.
    And as we let our own light shine,
    we unconsciously give other people
    permission to do the same.
    As we are liberated from our own fear,
    Our presence automatically liberates others.

    —Marianne Williamson

    • Scott Dinsmore

      I LOVE this Eva. Perfect quotes for the situation. These are getting printed out! As for fear, I am scared a lot more often than you all probably think. Especially with big new projects. Will it fail? Will it be a waste of time? Will it leave me less time with my family? Will it hurt a friendship that turned into a business partner? Am I biting off more than I can chew?

      These thoughts all fill my mind and they are real. But thankfully I’ve been able to develop a pretty consistent habit of Leaning into those fears and recognizing that those feelings are usually a sign that what I’m doing actually matters. The fear is no doubt real though.

      As for the price of LOYP going up, I see where you’re coming from. The main reason is I have big plans to enhance the course next year and it will not be cheap for me to do(video crew, design, development, etc). The value of the course and the benefit will go up tremendously. But that takes investment on my end. Investment I can’t wait to make!

      I was going to raise the price last month but I felt like it was only fair to give you plenty of notice so that you could get the course at the lower price if it was something that really mattered to you.

      Plus the timing is perfect with the new year. I want to you all to decide that 2013 is your year to start doing work that matters. Giving you a better price in the course will hopefully be helpful for some of you.

      Hope that helps clarify Eva. I’m hear to help you guys however I can and remember that 95% of what we offer is totally free and that alone can make all the difference if you’re really willing to do the work.

      Either way, we are in your corner!

  • Crt

    A very good idea. I think everybody who likes to learn new things would love to check this project!
    So like they would say at Nike:


  • Sharon

    Scott, i think you should go for it. What’s important is the process and that you try. You sound excited by it and i thing your learning outcomes from the experience will help add to LYL. Best to you abd yours- i look forward to following the process and probably wanting to be a part of something that is an unknown result – but has such an upside for experience.

  • Sarah Marshall

    DO it!! I read the 4HWW and watched how quickly my mind said, “Sure he could do it, but could I?” Show the impossible is possible – and it sounds like tons of fun.

    What Id want to see:
    The team – how many people do you have working on it, really.
    The technology – what are the best resources of the internet, apps, and software that make the difference.
    The behind the scenes – telling your authentic story about the process, fears and doubts and triumphs. You are always pretty good at this – and it makes it real, plausible, and possible.

  • Cynthia Ware

    I would love to see this process from beginning to end. There is so much to learn in the ‘not-that-ways’ that inevitably happen from conception, to birth, to maturity. And being part of someone else’s dream makes the idea of my more ‘doable’.

  • Anni Poppen

    Heck yes, you should do it! At the worst, we’ve all learned something, so it can’t go wrong.

    My suggestion, maybe reaching out to members who can help. For instance… I’m a graphic designer. I’d volunteer my efforts to help with the learning process in exchange for an amazing collaboration, with out a doubt. I’m sure others would too.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Roger

    I would follow the process of that very intensely!

    However, “outsourced and automated”, does not contribute happiness in the world.

    You need to create more value. Hire a local programmer, one that we can all identify with. Hire a local server, one that hosts other awesome things.

    You’re so good at making connections with people, I don’t think this would be too hard. Stretch!

  • Matias Salom

    Dear Scott,

    I´ve meaning to write you for a while. I´m from Salta (in the north of Argentina), and I´ve been following LYL for the last 3 months. I´m going trough all the free toolkit, reading the weekly posts and saving up in order to get the courses. I wish I could find the words to describe the impact all of this is causing in my life.
    I think the muse idea is great, and I believe that reading your insights, reflections and experience it will help a lot of people to take the leap and do it themselves. Hey! Maybe we could organize someway that allows readers to go trough their own muse-creating process at the same time you are doing yours, sharing their experiences, similar problems and making the process that much rich for everyone.
    I would also like to propose something to you. I don´t know how many people from Latin-america follow your work, but I´m sure we could make that number grow by workin on some sort of spanish version of your courses and blog posts, breaking the language barrier. If you think that could work, or are interested, you can count me any time! I believe it could improve a lot of people´s life around here!
    Here´s to you, for giving those that follow LYL a space to participate…
    PS: English is not mi native language, so I hope you´ll forgive the grammatical mistakes I may have made…

  • Gonzalo

    Hi Scott!!!!!

    Go for it!! Please!! I’m actually discovering Tim Ferriss’s work these days and that’s a beautiful coincidence. Last week I read some examples of muses in his blog. A concept that I didn’t know two weeks ago. I haven’t read any of his books yet because I don’t even have money for that! But I’m happy and I still can read your fantastic blogs.
    I don’t know very well what idea to give you but tell us everything about the process. The shadows and the dark side too ;) We’re here to support you. Maybe one thing you can do are short and micro posts to tell us briefly different moments and events.
    In the following days you’ll may have news from me because Im planning to start a blog. If I finally make my minds up.

    Un fuerte abrazo!

  • Jonathan

    Hey Scott,

    The short answer is yes! Go for it – I’m sure that many including myself would love to follow the process, and gain the confidence to do it ourselves.

    Merry Christmas!

  • Robin

    Scott, I can only repeat what the others are saying – of course you should do it! You have an amazing following of readers and can make such an impact on the world.
    I will be making prints of paintings I create from my cruise to the Baltic next summer. I would love to see information for getting art work out to as many people as possible and using these prints to raise funds for Visual Arts programs. Children and adults feel such a sense of accomplishment when they can create something for another person’s enjoyment!

  • Sara

    First, thank you for introducing us to these three awesome living legends! Love the reader spotlight and learning about how others are living their passions and changing the world!

    Second, the muse project sounds fascinating. Would love to watch from beginning to end and know that plenty of my friends and aficionados of Tim and the 4HWW would too!

    As always — go with gusto and what comes will be SO worth it.


  • Shelley

    Just Do It!

  • Patrick

    Yes, would be very interesting ! good luck :)

  • Katie

    Yes, please do it. So many people could benefit from watching how the process works, including me! Please do it!

    Also, I must say it doesn’t seem “off-topic” at all. Part of your purpose is to inspire others, and this is a huge way to do just that.

  • ev

    Great idea! Can’t wait to hear more about it!

  • Delisa

    I think you have a grand idea. To me, no-brainer. Do it, ship it, put into practice every motivational quip you know. Launch, don’t be afraid of failure, etc.

    I believe you will find a high interest level.

    Don’t offer it for free. We are not entitled to witness your risk for free. You don’t have to charge a lot. But you need to model what should be available online for free and what is worth investing in. This is how you make your living. Let us invest in you.

    You are a generous soul – too generous.

  • Caryn

    Not sure exactly how that would work, so…that makes it an excellent idea!

    We could see how the process works-
    Beautifully messy-


  • Debby

    Will be fascinating to see!

  • JT Schonhoft

    AMAZING idea! Can’t wait to follow along because I know you’ll get an overwhelmingly positive response and decide to do this ;)

  • Philip

    I want to see the muse. Who cares if it fails? Then we know what doesn’t work. But if it does, I’d like to see how it works.

  • Blaine Ford

    While I’d definitely be curious to see how the Muse idea turns out, it would appeal to me much less than the content you offer here on LYL. I don’t really aspire to offer people a physical product of any kind (not that there’s a problem with physical products — my dreams just lie in other directions).

    It would definitely be cool to see the whole process of building a business from the ground up, and it’s awesome that you’re planning to offer it for free, but it wouldn’t be very relevant to me. Plus there are already a ton of resources out there for product-based entrepreneurship, although I don’t know of any that would offer such a complete and transparent view of how a person might go about it. It’s a very cool idea, but not really up my alley.

  • Trish

    I’m 100% interested in being the metaphorical fly-on-the-wall while you go through that process. I just finished reading the final chapter of 4-hour Work Week tonight, so accompanying you on your journey as you publicly test the methodology Tim Ferriss outlined would be enormously beneficial. And hopefully having us looking over your shoulder would help keep you accountable and focused as well!

  • Curtis

    I would be very interested in following you through the process. After reading the 4-hr workweek and discussing the book with others who have read it, I came to the conclusion that what was missing was a more transparent description of the steps Tim Ferris took in creating and marketing his own product and the company he built around it. I believe there are numerous more people out there who feel similarly and that your proposed project would fulfill this need perfectly, regardless of whether it fails or succeeds.

  • Jason

    Go for it Scott. I have seen what you can do and I am sure you will make a great go of it. Show us how it is done, inspire the questioning few, and kick some goals along the way!

  • Seth

    I think it is a great idea to document every step because I think even people who succeed in creating a muse forget half the struggles along the way and documenting it can help them remember all the little things that they can do different or improve on next time. Plus it will be great info for newbies to learn from.

  • Stacey M Brown

    I think it sounds like a great idea!

    I read 4HWW a few years back, and have attempted the ‘muse’, and would really love to watch a real live case study, which I think could be of tremendous assistance to many people (myself included).

    For me life got in the way, and it became an excuse for fear to take over, so I only went half way – 2013 is the year to make it happen, and start doing things that matter!

  • Dan Meyers

    Scott – this would be a great way to challenge yourself and continue growing… and we’d get a lot out of it too! I’ll be most interested in learning the process you use to come up with the initial idea / product. Good luck!

  • Paige | Simple Mindfulness

    DEFINITELY do the muse! I’ve carried around the idea (and hankerin’) to do the same since I read 4HWW a couple years ago. Just haven’t made the time YET. I’d love to watch your process and that may be my kick in the pants to make it happen (along with many other things) in 2013.

    I’m guessing that you may have an “in” with Mr. Ferriss given your friendship with Leo and his with Tim (and the fact that you’re all in SF). Use whatever resources you have!

  • Gary

    Absotively, posilutely…as long as you don’t leave out any of the gory or glorious details.

  • Tammy R

    Yes, I would love to see this process. My husband and I both read 4HWW and are very interested in seeing you test the muse creation process. We also have two friends who would most likely follow you too.

  • Maya

    That’s a “hell yes!” Scott. Get it done.

  • Iqbal Hakim

    One word.


  • Iqbal Hakim

    i wish i could have say much more.

    I just get to know you yesterday and today I’m standing by you with full faith.

    Prove it, only the sky is the limit.

  • Paula

    Go for it Scott. It will be inspiring not to mention educational for us to share this journey with you..

  • Larry

    Would love to see you do this Scott. I’ve had an idea for a product in my head for a long time, but have no idea where to begin to move forward with it.

    It would be a great help to watch you go through the muse process step by step.

  • Alixandrea

    Definitely do it Scott! Detailed step-by-step instruions are exactly what I crave, so seeing you go through a process with all its ups and downs would be very useful indeed.

  • Jonathan

    This is a very interesting concept. Would love to see this happening in real time. After reading the 4HWW 2 months ago, I was all in to build a muse. Unfortunately, I didn’t finish or took the time and the effort into it. So having a chance to live it with you would be amazing and inspiring.

    All the best,

    Jonathan, Qc, Canada

  • Rob

    I would like to see the project as it unfolds. There seems to be a lot of vaporware on the internet lately and if we can follow the evolution of an item from concept to finished product, then it doesn’t matter if the result is a success or failure. We get to use the process as a learning experience in our own endeavors.
    The rapidity with which we must digest new material in order to stay relevant never ceases, so reinventing the wheel is not an option. Allow us to learn from your mistakes.

  • Aaron Black

    Step 1: Inspire People that the impossible is indeed possible.
    “I envision a day when leaders and managers can say “We need to solve problem X”, and they hire people to solve problem X not based upon qualifications but on calling. They’ll say “You’re hired. Now go do what you were born to do”.” -my blog

    We need people who allow themselves to be inspired, and who are passionate about inspiring others. The impossible is never impossible, our thinking only makes it so.

  • Dennis McIntee

    Scott… I’ve been following your blog for the past couple of months. Thanks for inspiration. I love the Free Passionate Toolkit. I’d like to promote it to my clients… you should be hearing more from me in the future!


  • Eddy Azar

    Oh man, I would love nothing more than to see you blog about creating your own must business. Definitely do it!

  • Clayton Elliott

    Please. Do. It!

    I read the 4HWW years ago and was inspired by the muse process and the case studies Tim presented. I was working on my labour of love start-up that didn’t fit the “muse” model at the time, but was fascinated by the possibilities that having a “cash cow” could make available to people. I hindsight, if I had had a more detailed model to follow I likely would’ve turned my passion project into a side hustle, got my muse cash-cow lactating, and used the revenue to fund my passion project.

    In response to Fab’s comment on Tim, I sat beside him at Summit at Sea during a keynote and chatted with him only briefly, so I cannot honestly vouch for his character. I’ve read about what some critics online think of him, but from what people I know as well as yourself have said about him, his heart is in the right place.

    I think that the experience-based lessons that could be gleaned from your proposed project would be very valuable for anyone interested in building an online business that will allow them to escape the standardized 9-5 work-til-your-dead model. I’ve heard others refer to it as the 67-year plan (in Canada they’ve up’d the legal age of retirement so that people now have the benefit of working until they’re 67 instead of 65. What a benefit. Not! :s)

    Being 100% dependent on an employer and at the mercy of their policies and practices is no way to spend this short and beautiful thing called life, and anything that can potentially help people become more financially free and less dependent on the employment model is hugely beneficial IMHO. To me, one of the things Live You Legend is about is personal freedom, in the broadest sense. This project would help gain access to a proven model to help pwople achieve just that.

    So yes, I definitely think you should tackle this project. Thanks for thinking of us, Scott :)

  • Wendy Krueger

    I think it is a great idea. Now, I just need to read the 4HWW to keep up with the process. Yeah, I know I am the only person who has not read this book yet.

    If you decide on a physical product, check out if you haven’t already. It is a great site to see the whole process from idea to product generation.

  • Ruben

    Just do it! Cannot wait to see the results.


  • David

    every day is another day older, Get On With It. Do the Muse, you know it will work, 100000 followers from TEDX cant not be curious.

    We are all on your side. the process and transperancy will be inspiring enough but the results at the end will be a major bonus to all your LYL followers.



  • Mark

    Go for it, man! Now is the time!

  • Iris

    Really inspiring reader spotlight.

    Let me know if you decide to ship the scotch to Germany, I’d love to taste it :)

  • M is for Misha


    I applaud you for charioting the lost art of being a conscientious, authentic and audaciously illuminating person. You represent all the good that’s possible in humanity- and I would love to see you take a leap of faith into a new project this coming year, and realise that you were meant to fly amongst the stars!

    Thank you for sharing 3 amazingly gifted, creative and inspirational people who are making the world a better place!
    Happy holidays \(^o^)/

  • Nicholas Kahler

    Don’t do it. There’s no impact in watching someone repeat a process they’ve been successful at. You’ve eliminated the most important risk that a true novice suffer from, which is the belief that they are capable. Here’s my alternative.

    The story would be infinitely more powerful if you took a random person who purchases the Live Off Your Passion course and documented their journey instead. The act will be a hundred fold more authentic, and it will truly validate the mission of Live Your Legend.

    So don’t do it. Coach someone else to do it.

  • Abby

    I think the Create A Muse follow-along is a great idea. And do it in 4 hours a week.

    I have an idea that’s been in the back of my head for a few years now but can’t figure out how to turn it into a muse, despite reading Tim’s book. Watching someone else actually do it would help, and following along and doing each step would be even better.

  • Scott Distasio

    Now that you have publicly declared your desire, you have no choice but to do it.

  • Joe

    What I learned in 2012 having retired is that if you have truly enjoyed your work you cannot plan properly for retirement. The void left by not having to care for many other people is loneliness and guilt.

  • Grant T Zabielski

    I agree with Nicholas that although it would be nice to look over your shoulder, it’s more helpful if you coached a newbie from the start of their idea to the end. And if you need someone to coach, I’m trying to the “build your muse” myself with wEVOLV, but I’m just at infancy and have never does this before, so it’s going rather slowly. For everyone, it will be really inspiring and educational to show you coach someone like me who is already going in the direction to create those products or courses that will change the world, but hasn’t the foggiest idea of how to get it done. With your guidance, people will see that even though it may seem impossible, there are people out there that have the knowledge and resources to help them achieve their goals, and that if someone like me can do it, they can do it. You can contact me through my site at

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