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Communication & Rapport

The Surprising Truth About Introverts (& What the Rest of Us Can Learn About Connecting)

Written by Leah Hynes and Nazrin Murphie February 3, 2016

“All personality traits have their good side and their bad side. But for a long time, we’ve seen introversion only through its negative side and extroversion mostly through its positive side.” – Susan Cain Do you freak out at the thought of social situations and meeting new people? Or are you the life of the party running around connecting… Read More

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7 Steps to Perfect Your Story (and Inspire People to Want to Listen!)

Written by Leah Hynes and Nazrin Murphie January 20, 2016

Paris Street Scenes – July 2015 “Words that are carefully framed and spoken are the most powerful means of communication there is.” – Nancy Duarte Have you ever had that awful experience of meeting someone new (whether in a business or a social setting) and shared your story only to suddenly notice that person’s eyes glaze over? Or even… Read More

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7 Questions to Ask (& Befriend) Interesting People

Written by Scott June 18, 2015

“From everyone, I learn something.” – Unknown Image caption: A jovial Italian man crafting his organic tomato bruschetta at his little café along The Path of The Gods – 3,000 or so steps above the Mediterranean Sea, en route to Positano. If my Italian was sharper, I would have loved to learn a bit more about the source of that… Read More

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Serendipity 101: How I Create Luck (take this ONE golden step)

Written by Scott October 15, 2014

“…when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” — Paul Coelho, The Alchemist This article is shorter than usual, so to add to the fun, I filmed a video and linked to a handful of our most popular articles on the topics discussed. Take some time to soak them in.  … Read More

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How to Become a Main Stage TED Speaker: Interview with TED Content Director Kelly Stoetzel

Written by Scott September 17, 2014

Stepping Onto the World’s Stage Most of you probably already know my obsession with TED. Their 1,700+ free videos from the smartest, most talented, influential, creative and crazy people in the world provide more useful education and inspiration than just about anything else I’ve found on the Internet. To date their talks have been watched well over 1… Read More

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Congrats, You made it to the bottom! Let’s Connect on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram

“It was 18 months ago when I came across Live Your Legend and it just completely blew my mind. I was living this life thinking I have to kind of just do this. Then it was like a kid on Christmas Day with my wife thinking ‘we don’t have to do this anymore.’ It was literally a life change. It opened so many doors. Thanks for everything you’re doing.”

- Simon P., Singapore