Debra Russell

“God grant me the creativity and willingness to make the most of the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”

- Debra Russell’s take on the Serenity Prayer

Today we have a very special article and interview I’ve been dying to publish for months (plus there are a few free tool downloads down below too!).

Life is not meant to tackle on your own!

Which brings us to today’s topic…

Who’s Debra Russell?

Most of us know who the author of Awaken The Giant Within is. In fact, most of us have learned a ton from him and his work. His stuff has changed my world in more ways than I can count — from starting the businesses I have to switching to eating mostly plants, and plenty of things in between.

But as I’ve realized the power of teams, I’ve come to pay more attention to the people who support the rock stars.

Many of you probably hadn’t heard of Debra Russell until earlier this week.

She gave top-tier support to one of the top personal growth figures for decades.

She was the one on stage pumping up over 4,000 people at his live events and changing their lives when he wasn’t on stage.

She was one of his biggest coaches and the general manager of his company for years.

She’s known him for 29 years … and somewhere along the way, even decided to jump ship to dance tango in Argentina for three years.

Maybe you didn’t know that she used to be a hair stylist who never graduated from high school, was married at 16, was a mother by 18 and had zero direction…

But then she figured a few things out.

Debra is living proof that anything is possible. Even the things people don’t even know how to dream about.  

And I am honored to introduce her today as my good friend, trusted mentor and support person in more ways than I could list.

This is an interview I have been wanting to publish for years. And with us in the heart of goal-setting season, the timing is perfect.

I first met Debra as a neighbor and friend in Santa Barbara. Within a few months I managed to convince her to take me on as a client, and she’s been my coach for all things life and business ever since I quit my job back in 2008.

The experiences she has had and the depth at which she understands people and the issues we face will blow your mind. Her stories are also pretty hilarious.

She’s opened my world to more possibility and dreams than one could imagine. I don’t believe LYL or many other things in my life could have seen the light of day without her.

And today happens to be her birthday, so please send some love her way!

Here’s a taste of what we cover:

  • How to go from cutting hair to leading his 4,000 person seminars — the ultimate Connect with Anyone story!
  • How to set goals you can actually achieve — and the power of the big vision
  • How to keep momentum for a massive project long after the honeymoon phase dies
  • When big goals will help you, when they’ll kill you and how to know the difference
  • Her ultimate productivity hacks and a very powerful Weekly Planning Process still used to this day (very similar to the one we offer in the LYL Passionate Work Toolkit)
  • Why she absolutely hated planning, how it almost made her quit and how it later created the ultimate freedom
  • Leaving her general manager position to dance tango in Argentina for 3 years — and then pick up right where she left off
  • The biggest pitfall that causes people to fail at finding their dream job
  • The criteria that makes doing work you love all but guaranteed
  • Her exact goal-setting and goal-achieving process
  • One practice that will allow you to charge any price you want for your services
  • And … some stories that will blow your mind and have you in hysterics all at the same time

Now it’s time to party. Grab your favorite tea, shut off your phone and enjoy the show!

Oh and be sure to watch until the end to get access to some of Debra’s most powerful online tools, that she’s making available for free just for all of just. Damn, this woman is the best!

Debra Russell Reveals How to Achieve the Goals Most Only Dream

Don’t see the video? Click here.

Was that Helpful? Download Debra’s Free Tools Exclusively for LYL

God, that was SO much fun to film! I hope it helped.

It is such an honor to have Debra so squarely in my corner and in the corner of the whole Live Your Legend community. And it’s a good thing, because none of this would exist without her.

As the Ubuntu saying goes, “I am what I am because of who we all are.”

Thank you, Debra.

You’ve had more of an impact than you could ever realize.

And to further show you how awesome she is, Debra has created a whole set of free resources just for our community.

You can access all of her Live Your Legend tools on here site here.

They include:

And if you’re at all interested in hiring Debra as your coach, you can find all the details via the links above. I’m not getting anything for promoting her. I just love her way of helping people and I hope it can do the same for you. You won’t regret it.

I’ll end this with the same words Debra pounds into my head every time we talk …

Remember to always enjoy the ride!


For the Comments: Do you have questions for Debra? Please leave them below and she’d be happy to respond. Email readers click here.

  • Scott Dinsmore

    Thanks again for doing this with us Debra. It’s been so much fun having you a huge part of the adventure the past few years!

  • Deborah

    Hi Scott. I have just joined your LYL community after finding you through a search I did on you tube for how to find your niche. Link to link to link – then sometimes you forget how you got to where you are :). Anyway thanks for this post, it has inspired me even more to make this a big year. If I can’t make this year huge (seeing it’s the year of the water snake and I’m a water snake) then I’ll never be able to. Besides I’m an Australian grandmother who has one more subject to finish my Psychology degree, started a blog last year and doing all sorts of things I wish I knew about 30 years ago. Luv ya work!

    • Scott Dinsmore

      Huge congrats on the start Deborah. That is where all the magic comes from. I can’t wait to hear what comes of it. Please report back!!

    • Guest

      Hey Deborah, You have chosen a great place to hang out! The community Scott has built and the value he adds to people’s lives everyday is phenomenal! Life changing really! It is great to see another Aussie on board. Best of luck with your final subject and what your are creating over at PinkPowWow. Smiles, Naz

  • Brian

    Scott & Debra,

    This was great. Thanks for doing this. Debra’s perspective is a great reminder to never lose touch with the spirit of goal setting while embracing the process. It’s our responsibility to create our own ‘future pull,’ so we have to be able to find the joy in simply doing whatever we can in the now to keep moving forward toward our vision, especially given the fact that most of the time we probably won’t be able to see very far in front of us. I really liked the comment right up front of being content knowing the “elements” of what you want and not to get hung up on the precise “job.” Many in this tribe are likely trying to combine aspects of their passions to create something fresh and non-derivative, so there may not even be a label for what they’re doing until they create or discover it.

    Scott, any chance we’ll see MP3 versions of these kinds of longer interviews available this year, whether released with or after the videos? I’m thinking along the lines of how Jonathan Fields is handling his GLP? I almost always apply Tony’s NET Time concept when in the car and love listening to important interviews etc. that are sometimes harder to block out time for in front of the computer. Just a thought…


  • Maria Yerukhimova

    Thank you Scott for this wonderful video with Debra! I am new to this blog but got so much amazing information in the last 2 days! I am a huge Tony Robbins fan for the past 7 + years now and I am excited to learn that you also count him as your mentor and excited to learn that Debra worked with Tony and lives close to me Calabasas/Thousand Oaks. I am very inspired to take action but sometimes feel something holds me back and/or my motivation goes down an a goal. I would love to have a face to face mentor and have a question on how to approach a well known successul person to have as a mentor. Thank you so much for all the amazing free downloads and I am looking forward to becoming a regular on your blog. Thank you! -Maria

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  • Miles Kotsiris

    I absolutely love this site. It’s helped me move forward and focus on what I want out of life and finding my true passions. Even so much so that I started a blog!

    This article is yet another great piece. The line, “But as I’ve realized the power of teams, I’ve come to pay more attention to the people who support the rock stars” really resinates with me. People forget the sacrifices other people (family, friends, etc.,) make when you’re trying to achieve your dream. You can’t do it alone. Finding your passion is one thing, but you have to have a rock solid support system in place to truly succeed. I look forward to making 2013 the year I live my legend!

    The tools offered on the email list have been amazing as well. This site is a gem!

  • Sarah Corbine

    I was not prepared for how much Debra’s story resonated with me. What a fantastic role model! I’m new to LYL and don’t know where this journey will take me but I feel lighter and more optimistic after watching. Thank you, Scott and Debra!

  • beachmama

    Great interview Scott! I really like Debra’s energy and her down-to-earth, upbeat outlook. Watching and listening gave me a nudge to move forward. Thanks so much!

  • Terri Henry

    This interview had so many nuggets of wisdom, so many inspirational thoughts to follow up on and ignited many ‘aha’ lightbulb moments for me. Thanks.

  • Ngoc Khong

    Thank you so much. The interview has really blown my mind! One of the key insights that I find very interesting is VISUALIZATION. Now that I understand how important it is. Can’t believe I always wanted to skip that part and just do the planning. :)

  • Debra Russell

    Hi Everyone, it was a real pleasure to be interviewed by Scott and I’m honored to be a part of his journey and yours. The concept of ‘Live Your Legend’ is fantastic and just remember YOUR legend is YOURS. Comparisons have no place in this. Your BIG is YOURS. The most important thing is (well, AN important thing) is to live your life in a way that fulfills you. I’ve shared with Scott my absolute favorite quote… “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do that because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~Howard Thurman My wish for you is that you be, do, have, and create what makes you come alive! ~Debra

  • Jeana Pin

    It is so great to hear that following your heart will get you where you want. I’m the type of person who really feels that there is a spiritual side to goal setting and that the universe will bring to you what it is you truly want in your heart while you’re in the midst of taking tangible steps toward your goals. Thank you for this interview!