$1000 lemonade stand

“The first billion is the hardest. So is the first thousand…”

- Adapted from T. Boone Pickens

Making the First $1k…

What you are about to read will allow you to make an extra $1,000 or more next month – if you decide to apply it. I fully believe that. So I’d suggest that you pay attention.

But before we dive in, I want to give a huge sincere thanks to all you guys for being a part of the biggest product launch and course creation in LYL’s history last week as we released How to Connect with Anyone to the world.

It’s been a crazy month and I appreciate you all bearing with me as we went through all the fun. The course ended up selling out, and we now have over 200 passionate Founding Members who started How to Connect with Anyone on Monday! I could not be more excited and I’ll be sure to share the progress in the weeks and months to come.

Now it’s time to get back to our regular weekly articles to help you fully Live Your Legend.

With that said…

“How Do I Fund My Passion?”

I hear this all the time. People know what excites them but don’t have the resources to get it off the ground.

It’s time to change that.

How would you like to earn an extra $1,000 this month, on the side, while you’re still at your regular job?

Stupid question I know.

But I feel like it’s a topic we’ve kind of missed lately on Live Your Legend.

Our primary focus is doing work you love and making that transition.

But often the most empowering first step is to start making more money on the side.

Not just because having extra money takes a little financial pressure off, but even more importantly, as soon as you start making some money doing something new and creative, you begin to show yourself that something more is possible. That you’re capable of more than you probably give yourself credit for.

This creates confidence.

And confidence (or lack thereof) is the single biggest limiting psychology that keeps us in jobs we hate.

  • We need confidence that we will find a job that truly sets us on fire.
  • We need confidence that we can make the transition while still supporting our family and our lifestyle.
  • We need confidence we can make money helping people and doing what we love.

It all comes back to confidence.

Two years ago I would have thought you were crazy if you told me I could make an extra $1,000 on the side in a month. That’s a significant amount.

But now I’ve realized it’s just a limit of our creativity.

So today I’m going to expose you to five simple things you can do this month that will consistently make you at least an extra $1,000 a month. You will not believe how doable and even, dare I say, ‘easy’ these things are once you commit to doing the work.

Btw, a few of the below links are affiliate links, meaning LYL will get a small commission if you decide to use them. But I hope you know by now that I never mention things unless they will blow your mind with how useful they are (and if they’ve changed my life in a meaningful way- that’s my ongoing promise to you). And with most of the services below, they are free to set up an account anyway. Either way, I just like to be sure we’re on the same page with this stuff, and as always, I appreciate your support in our mission here.

Okay, now let’s get into the fun!

5 Not-So-Obvious Ways Anyone Can Make an Extra $1,000 a Month:

1. Rent your home out on Airbnb.

This has been the most exciting website and side business I have seen all year- and possibly ever. Airbnb.com has made it ridiculously turnkey (and safe) to turn your house into your own little bed and breakfast (no matter how big or small it is). They are in 30,374 cities in 192 countries and they will even have a professional photographer come out to make sure your place looks awesome.

You list your place, pick the price per night and watch what happens. I have never a seen a side business opportunity that can be up and running faster than this. Just this month alone I’ve rented our place and brought in over $1,000 (just from two weekends). We also brought in over $3,000 while we were traveling Turkey in June – it paid for a huge part of our trip!

And since you’re paying your rent or mortgage no matter what, every extra dollar is profit. Seriously this site will blow your mind. Even if you don’t think you’ll rent your place, at least spend the hour or two setting up your profile, have a free pro photographer out and publish it. Something tells me that the first time you get a request for $500 for a few nights, you might change your mind ;).

I have another buddy who travels for work a lot and brings in about double his rent many months (over $40k this year alone). No joke. No matter your situation, you must check this out. Rent your room, your house or just a couch. Afraid someone will steal your stuff? Every person is peer reviewed, plus Airbnb covers any damages up to $50k and has a million dollar insurance policy to back it up. But you’d be surprised how well the average guests treats your place – after all they don’t want to get a bad review!

Of all the things listed here, this is the only one you really need to care about. Here are the details to create your free account and listing.

2. Become a freelancer on Elance.

What do you get paid to do at work? I guarantee there are people out there who want the same help. If you can become a contractor, freelancer or consultant on your expertise while you’re still at the office, you might realize you could make a bunch more money with more freedom.

Wondering how to get clients? I got you covered. There are amazing freelance and outsourcing services out there. Elance is probably the best place to start selling your services within a matter of minutes. Go browse the site a bit, see what talents people offer and then create your profile.

I cannot express how important it is to prove to yourself that you don’t have to be dependent on your employer to make money from your skills. Elance also is the perfect spot to find help for all kinds of projects if you’re looking to hire someone. Just having a profile up there shows others you mean business, even if you’re only planning to offer your services to people you already know. Plus, the act of creating your profile and identifying your skills is hugely beneficial in and of itself.

Create your free account on Elance here.

3. Teach someone.

We all know something that others would like to learn. Maybe it’s something complex like coding or graphic design. Or perhaps it’s something as simple as knitting. No matter the topic, there are very simple ways to monetize it. And no you don’t need a blog or some massive audience. Online course creation and teaching platforms are popping up all over the place. Some popular ones are Udemy, Skillshare and Ruzuku.

There is no faster, more risk-free way to test a passion or side business than creating an account and building out a course. Even if it doesn’t sell much, the value you get from going through the process and getting your knowledge out of your brain and into the real world is priceless.

One company I’ve been thinking about working with to create an interactive version of Live Off Your Passion is the local SF company Udemy. They have a super simple course creation tool that seriously does everything for you – from creating the lessons, accepting payments and here’s the kicker, they will even promote your course to their community of over 500,000 users. So you don’t even need your own audience! Top teachers are making well over $1m through this site and a ton more make upwards of $50-$100k a year.

You can set up a free account on Udemy here.

4. Sell your crap!

This is how my buddy Adam Baker of Man Vs. Debt first funded his around the world trip with his wife Courtney and newborn baby girl Milli. They mastered the art of using tools like Craigslist, Ebay and Amazon to literally turn their unused crap into cash. They even created a guide called Sell Your Crap to walk people through the process.

I love this technique because, most importantly, it gets you to declutter your living space and realize you can do with so much less than you think. That is so damn liberating. Then you can sell it to someone who actually wants and needs it. Totally win/win. Plus the person buying doesn’t have to buy something brand new and add to the already overflowing mess of crap so many people fill their homes with.

You know you have a bunch of stuff you don’t need. Spend 30 minutes this week collecting some of it up. Then just do some searches on Craigslist, eBay and Amazon to see what things are selling for. Then start posting. Learn as you go.

Did you know that there is even a thriving market for broken electronics like cameras and iPhones? Turns out people just want the parts and are willing to pay up for them. Who would have thought?!

A good family friend of mine started selling some old brand-name clothes on eBay a few years ago. Within two years she was bringing in over $200k a year running the business out of her apartment! I’m telling you, now more than ever, the only limit to possibility is our imagination.

If you want some help with this, check out Adam’s Sell Your Crap guide to get started.

5. Help people do random things (that they don’t like doing themselves).

What do you love doing that other people hate? Can you plan crazy world-travel adventures or put on an event like no other? Maybe you happen to love spreadsheets, budgeting or even wearing a green eyeshade and doing taxes. Anything goes. The key is to take something you’re really good at and that you love doing, and find someone who’s really bad at it and hates doing the work.

All your services and people you help fall along this continuum. The bigger the divide – the more you love the work and the person you’re helping hates the work – the more of a premium you can charge, and more importantly, the more people will absolutely love you for taking it off their back.

An accountant friend of mine does taxes for a ton of his friends and colleagues every year (usually just by using TurboTax). He makes an easy $5-10k in a month and they are incredibly happy for his help.

Start with the people close to you – you likely already know where they’re in pain and how you can help. Post your skills on Elance at the same time just for good measure. Get your first few reviews and referrals from friends and then parlay that into working with people you don’t know.

You have something people will gladly pay you for right this second. Often the only thing between you and a paycheck is your decision to hang a shingle and open up shop.

Two great platforms for this are Task Rabbit (if you sign up through that special Task Rabbit LYL link you’ll get a free $10 credit) and Who Can Help. Both of these were courtesy of reader comments below. Thanks guys!

The first $1,000 changes everything.

Nothing is harder than going from zero to something.

This post is designed to bridge that gap.

Because once you figure out how to make the first $1,000, then making the next $1,000 or even $5,000 becomes a lot easier.

The all important part is showing ourselves that it’s possible. Once that mindset shift happens, it ripples across your world.

Then watch out.

Get focused, commit to one of the above, start helping someone and I guarantee what’s possible will blow your mind.

As usual, the only thing holding you back is yourself.

I can’t wait to see what you do with it.


For the comments: What clever ways have you made extra money on the side? Have you tried any of the above? Share your ideas and experience in the comments!

Can I please have 30 seconds of your help in the next week or so?

As many of you know, two weeks ago I gave a TEDx talk in San Francisco on The Work You Can’t Not Do & Surrounding Yourself with the People Who Make Failure Impossible. It is the exact message and mission that I’ve dedicated so much of my energy and life to at Live Your Legend.

I have never been more proud of a talk in my life – fingers crossed that it gets reflected in the video, which I haven’t gotten to watch yet. ;)

The video of my talk should be live within the next week. At that point it will be uploaded to YouTube and this is when you come in. (Update: It’s here!) For reasons I can’t get into right now, the success of a video on YouTube has everything to do with how much activity it gets in the first 36 hours – this includes comments, views, votes and shares.

And how well the video does on YouTube will dictate whether the video and our message at LYL get picked up and featured on the main TED site.

So as soon as the video goes live (Watch here!) I’d love to ask that you take the few minutes to watch it, and if you believe the message could help the world, then please leave a comment on YouTube, share it on Facebook and Twitter and send it to those close to you.

I thank you in advance for helping move our vision at LYL to the next level. That time is almost upon us…

And please realize, I am not asking you to do this just because I want my name to get out there. I want the video to be seen by the world because I believe it is a message that, if heard and acted upon, will begin to change the world for the better.

That has always been why we do what we do at Live Your Legend.

Thank you for being such a big part of all we do here. This revolution would be nothing without you.

More to come soon.

Now go starting making that extra $1k!


Thanks to my good friend James Clear of Passive Panda for inspiring this post.

  • Fab

    Hi Scott,

    I was very curious to watch your TedTalk but it wasn’t available!

    Now you’re saying that you’ll send us an email when the video goes live, I look forward to receiving it!!

    I’ll be glad to post a comment straightaway!!

    Anyway, I’ve recently bought your “LiveOffYourPassion ecourse” ( Full Version ) and I’ve already sent you an email with my first comments!!

    At first glance, the contents are very interesting and above all you are the first authour of this kind of books who is able to pass true passion to his readers!!

    I had already read 3 books about the subject and to be honest one of them make the things too much complicated, another one make the things too much easy!!

    At the moment, it looks like that you are the first who puts the things in the right perspective!!

    Sincere congratulations!!

    You finished writing the course in Bargecchia, Italy, which is a small village in Tuscany.

    An old Italian famous poet, Dante Alighieri, who spent his life in Tuscany, wrote in his masterpiece, Divine Comedy:

    “Considerate la vostra semenza:
    fatti non foste a viver come bruti,
    ma per seguir virtute e canoscenza.”


    Consider well the seed that gave you birth: you were not made to live as brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge.


    ( at the end )

    All the best!

    Fab, greetings from Italy.

    • Scott

      Wow Fab! This quote speaks to me in a crazy amazing way. Almost too fitting given the fact that I finished the course while staying at a little countryside house out there. Thank you for sharing this!

      And thanks for being a huge part of the LOYP community – I’m so glad it’s providing some new discoveries. Your comments and experience go a long way.

      I cannot wait to hear what comes of the course for you!

      Grazie Mille -

      • http://www.CritterWisdom.com Carmelo

        Parla Italiano? Molto Bene!

        Italy is my favorite country! (at least to visit and travel. So many historical and beautiful spots and cities. Wow.

        Nice ideas in your email today. Focusing on one idea should make it happen. And congratulations on your new course as well as your Tedx talk. I too will watch it and respond accordingly.


        PS. Tahoe got some beautiful snow!

        • Scott

          Thanks for the support Carmelo!

          Can’t wait to get up to the snow up at the lake either…

  • http://30daycomeback.com Coach Comeback

    You are right Scott.. . . the first $1000 is the hardest.

    It is sad but most will give up before they get to that point. So many good ideas out there floating around without any action behind them to spread the message. To those people about to give up… Just pick ONE of these steps and see it all the way through. Pick one method that sounds like you would enjoy it the most and get that first $1000. Your message is worth the effort.

    Thank you Scott and James

    • Scott

      Excellent point. I should have added that in the article. Don’t try to do all of these. At least not at once. The most successful people in any space find something that works well for them and then they put their head down and go to work on doing that one thing non stop.

      If I were to pick one to start, I would pick Airbnb and start renting your place. We all travel and leave our place unattended. And there are constantly people in our town who’d love to stay at a home instead of a stuffy studio hotel room.

      It is so fun and easy to set up. I’ve really never seen a faster more turnkey way to launch a side business than what they’ve put together. It gets me giddy just thinking about it!

      And it’s totally win/win. How cool is that?!

      Enjoy it guys :)

  • http://www.mayacolemanphd.com Maya Coleman

    Hi Scott-
    I can second the airbnb recommendation! I just started renting out my office space on the lower level of my house on weekends and I’ve made $850 this month. I’ve had great experience with the company (this is one of those companies I wish I had founded!), and the professional photographer who came out to take pictures of the space, for free, was great. This has given us a cushion as I start my own private practice, and the times we make the space available can be adjusted in the future based on my increasing client load. I’m going to check out Udemy too, thanks for the heads-up!

    • Scott

      Now that is what I call a success story Maya!! Congrats to you. Not only are you making some extra money but you are putting it directly towards funding your own project.

      Music to my ears!

      Btw, I also happen to think airbnb is the sexiest, most well designed, fun to use website I’ve possibly ever seen. I mean how fun would it be to rent one of their tree houses, surf shacks or igloos offered on the site?!

      Nicely done Maya!

  • http://www.brightlittlesocks.com Iris

    Thanks so much for sharing these tips, Scott.
    I’ve heard of Udemy before but hadn’t checked them out. Guess what, when I went on their site I’ve found the perfect course I need to start my own business. Really excited.

    I really like the idea of selling my crap. I’ve been selling old books, clothes, jewelry and cosmetics a lot lately. After reading this post I immediately jumped to my camera and spent the last few hours taking pictures and uploading the stuff on a German selling platform. You definitely inspired me to take action. :)

    Thanks for all the value you’re giving away for free. I really appreciate it.


    • Scott

      Now we’re talking Iris!

      Come back a share your progress (and a link or two to the stuff you’re selling) – it might turn out to be treasure to one of us!

  • Svetto

    Thanks for the awesome stuff Scott!
    I’m already making 1k+ a month as a freelancer on sites like Elance. I want to share one more site that may be helpful to your readers – https://www.taskrabbit.com.

    Wish you all the best!

    • Scott

      Congrats to you Svetto and great addition with Task Rabbit! They are based in San Francisco and I’ve met some of those guys in the past. Great tool for sure!

  • http://www.byjanet.net/purple Janet

    I’ve been struggling to make past that $1,000 mark for probably a year now, in various states of unemployed, funemployed, self employed, and working a 9 to 5 but this month I’ll finaaally be breaking the first $1k and I think you’re right.. it DOES change everything. I design ebooks and websites. I’ve never had to use sites like eleance, odesk, etc. In fact, I completely abhor those sites and am grateful that I skipped all that and went straight to working with my right people!

    • Scott

      Awesome to hear Janet!

      I agree- if you can go straight to working with people who already know and trust you, I think that’s the better move. You’ll have stronger client relations and likely be able to charge more of a premium since they know you and the quality of your work.

      Sites like Elance are a great place to get started or to fill your hours during down times. Or to find clients if your live some place remote. So many options…

      Thanks for sharing!

  • Vadeem

    Hey Scott great post. Craigslist is a great way to get rid of unwanted items, too bad the pile is shrinking. Have you heard of http://www.whocanhelp.com? This web site would fall under #5 in your post.

    • Scott

      Good to hear you’re decluttering Vadeem.

      Great call on Who Can Help. I never knew about them. I’m going to add them and Task Rabbit to #5 right now.


  • http://www.clickmillionaires.com Scott Fox

    What helpful, practical tips, Scott.
    Sharing this one to help others get their monetization started.

    • Scott

      Thanks Scott – Every time I think or hear from you I am reminded that it was your book, Internet Riches, that caused me to start a blog in the first place. That blog has now become our movement at Live Your Legend… wow.

      Thanks doesn’t even describe it my man!

  • http://www.adventuresauce.com Benjamin

    Sick list!

    Knew a number of friends who volunteered for medical research… cities with nice hospitals (Ann Arbor and Austin come to mind) have a lot of opportunities. Although… the side effects might get you. :/

    I’ve been able to fund my adventurous lifestyle completely by writing articles through Elance. I found a sweet spot in pricing between the people who have been doing it for 10 years and the folks from Pakistan and India. Then I focus on a specific niche, only go for the best jobs, and knock their socks off with my proposal and work.

    • Scott

      Wow man – sounds like you’ve really figured this space out. And it’s a space that can be very challenging to find a way to get paid what you’re worth. You should write up an article on your process for nailing this down! So many people would benefit from that.

      Btw, can’t wait to share your How Introverts Can Connect with Anyone article and video in the Connect with Anyone course next week! Thanks again…

  • http://www.simplemindfulness.com Paige | simple mindfulness

    Awesome list! Airbnb.com is one I need! We’ve been considering renting out the downstairs of our house (it’s like a little apartment) but don’t think we could get much for locals living out here. But offering it in the B&B market would be completely different given what we have to offer (quiet getaway in the mountains of Colorado with a mountain lion refuge out your back door!).

    I just agreed to my first gig on Elance which started as a simple financial model for someone’s business plan. It looks like it may blossom into ongoing web design services as well.

    I’ve sold tons of stuff on ebay over the years (corporate wardrobes, old jeans and boots, saddles, electric guitars, high end camera gear, kids toys, anything). Besides local thrift stores, it’s also a great place to shop for things you truly need.

    I’ll definitely be checking into the sites for teaching others.

    Can’t wait to tell the world about your TED talk! Your message needs to be spread far and wide!

    Thanks again for all you do Scott!! You ROCK!!!

    • Scott

      Wow Paige – you are seriously the total power LYL community member and success story. You are firing on all cylinders!!

      And YES you have got to get your place up on Airbnb straight away. I bet it will rent out like crazy. You described the perfect scenario.

      I’d seriously make it your top priority before this week ends. Just spend 30 minutes creating an account, profile and scheduling a photographer.

      I am SO excited to hear how it goes!

  • http://www.manvsdebt.com Joan

    LOVED this list. I was talking in a post a few months ago about not just making the money, but the people who claim it just isn’t possible to make MORE. I feel like that’s such a common misconception, and I love that you’re helping to break it!! :)

    • Scott

      You nailed it Joan. All these limits are only ones set in our own mind. You can find examples of people killing it in any space imaginable.

      In my TEDx talk I talked about how even if you’re into something as simple as knitting, you can find someone who’s killing it in knitting.

      Then at the after party, a guy came up to me and told me a story about how his friend has an online knitting business and brings in over $8 million a year. No joke.

      Crazy things are possible. And they can start to become normal. If we’ll let them…

      Thanks for all the work you do at ManVsDebt and in creating the Sell Your Crap guide. Those are tools that SO many of us need!

      • Stephanie Rogers

        I loved the article as usual, Scott. I’m really interested to learn more about that knitting business that earned 8 million dollars! Do you happen to remember the name of the company? I have several friends here in Atlanta who knit and would find this info very interesting.

        Joan, thanks for all you guys do at Man vs. Debt. I just visited your site for the first time because of Scott’s articles and I’m really impressed. I want to get started with selling my stuff on eBay, Amazon and other places and plan to use your guide to help me get started!

  • http://www.pointcontentmarketing.com/blog Anna Brown

    This is a great list! I do freelance writing on the web directly for marketing firms who use my pieces as guest posts attributed to their clients. I may have had one month that was $1000, but most of mine are $400-$600. I’ve been steady for almost a year now. I also abhor Elance – I make $30+ an article and Elance seems to keep people believing the rate should be $10 or less.

    I am working on a teaching course, and I’m interested in the resources you listed! Thanks for the community you provide, and all the work you’re doing on Connect With Anyone. I’m in that course too!

    • Scott

      Awesome success Anna. There’s nothing wrong with a consistent extra $500 or so a month!

      Thanks for sharing about Elance too.

      Could you (or anyone else here) please share your favorite online tools for freelancing? I am all ears on learning about the best services. I know many of you know this stuff better than I do. Especially when it comes to freelance writing.

      Let us know!

      So fun having you inside How to Connect with Anyone too. You’re adding a ton to the community!

  • http://factor50blog.com/ Joe

    Super, super cool post Scott, I’m going to look into the online course thingy as I’ve been a bedroom guitarist for the last 8 years and would love to set up a really simple, down to earth (and cheap) program it would be so amazing! I’m heading to Aus in about 2 months and it would be a perfect income passive income stream to really make the most of it!

    You are a LEGEND

    • http://liveyourlegend.net Scott Dinsmore

      Love it Joe. Can’t wait to see what you build. Please come back and tell us about it – and enjoy that trip!

  • http://savvyscot.com Savvy Scot

    Great post.. wasn’t aware that online teachers were make such huge amounts!!

    • Scott

      Yeah it’s wild. But to be clear- those are of course the few at the very top and there is still great money to be made helping people in different ways online. That was just a taste of what’s possible.

  • Fab

    Hi Scott,

    thank you very, very much for your encouragement!!!

    It doesn’t matter if it is a short, average,long or very long journey, I’ll do my best of the best to make it!!!!

    All the best!

    Fab, greetings from Italy.

    • Scott

      All that really matters is you have fun along the way right? Sounds like you have that box checked!

  • Matt Derkrikorian

    I have to say, between joining your How to Connect with Anyone course and finally reading through your site, I don’t know that I can think of the last time I was this fired up about doing huge things!
    You’re truly inspirational and for that, I thank you.
    I’m looking forward to making my first $1k on the side and these services are a great way to finally reaching that.

    • Scott

      Yeah Matt! You just got me fired up too. So glad to have you a part of what we’re building!

  • Anita

    I used airbnb to book the apartment I am staying in right now in New York, best decision I could have made! Cheaper than a hotel, lovely, clean and safe (I’m on my own so safety is important!) and the owner of the apartment makes £800 from my stay. I love the airbnb concept. I’ve just read your post and as soon as I get back to London I’m am going to try out the ‘sell your unwanted stuff’ idea. Love your work Scott :-)

    • Scott

      Love it Anita! You should really try the other side of Airbnb as a host too. Isn’t it a wild world we live that all this is actually possible and very doable?!

      Enjoy your stay :)

  • http://www.superchargeyourlife.net Kate

    Love this post, Scott! I really enjoy how much you break things down so that anyone reading this article (and others that you write!) would know exactly how to take action today and make some money!

    Selling your stuff really works… I have never had that much accumulated because I move a lot, but even now when DVDs appear to be becoming obsolete, when I sold about 100 of the ones I owned I made $325. It can take some time, but considering I spent 3 hours total organizing them and bringing them in to a second-hand store, that’s over $100 an hour.

    Also really excited to check out Udemy– I’m full of marketable skills and I love teaching!!

    Thank you so much for everything you do and for your continued inspiration and excitement!

    • Scott

      Love hearing about the success Kate and thanks so much for sharing! You add a lot to what we’re building here. Good luck on Udemy!

  • http://inionnmathair.wordpress.com Inion N. Mathair

    Hi Scott:

    I wanted to thank you for your post,”Five Not So Obvious Ways… After I finished reading the post, I immediately found myself agreeing with your suggestions, but also saying…”Why didn’t I think of that?!” Simple yet Brilliant! My mother has two beautiful homes, in South-West Florida,(Punta Gorda,FL.)In Between, Tampa and Ft. Myers, that she out-right owns. When my father passed away, she relocated to North Carolina, to live with us, and be closer to her grandchildren. Living without my father, after 50 years of marriage took a toll on her, but beside the emotional pain, the financial stress did its number on her as well, trying to live off of Social Security, even with the modest contributions we give to help her. Needless to say, it’s been hard on her. At first she used the homes as supplimental income,by renting them out, but was left with a bad taste from rental nightmares, and tennants who would not keep up their payments, nor take care of her properties and homes. This will be a nice option, for her to try. I want to thank you for your suggestion as I’m sure it will help her greatly.

    • Scott

      Thank you for sharing this Inion. I’m glad we’re seeing the world in the same way ;).

      Sounds like this could be the perfect option for your mom. I’m actually managing our families lake house in Lake Tahoe over Airbnb too. You could do the same for your mom – and it can all be done totally remotely. So freakin cool.

      Can’t wait to hear how it goes!

  • http://www.mauricelindsay.com Maurice Lindsay

    Great Post Scott,

    So many people sleep on the skills and gifts that they have. Site like Elance.com is filled with people making a great living using their skills while working from home. I hired a designer from Greece from the site to design my blog, and since then we have built up a nice outsourcing service.

    We should NEVER underestimate what God has already placed inside of us!

    • Scott

      You said it Maurice. I love hearing your story!

  • http://widism.com/ Clayton Elliott

    Great post Scott!

    This is a very important topic to consider for people looking to boost their income. For some, it’s not about making a substantial living off of a passion project, but rather, making enough on the side to fund experiencing their passions thereby enhancing their quality of life. The content in this post is exactly what people need to know to immediately start making some extra income on the side.

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