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LYL 2014 Goal Setting & Action Workbook CoverThe Official 2014 Goal Setting and Action Workbook (PDF). My full goal-setting process I use for my clients and me, including 28 pages and 11 detailed steps. Fully-interactive PDF version for printing and filling out by hand or for typing directly into.

2014WeeklyPlanningMy Full Weekly Planning Process and Template (PDF). The template Tony Robbins uses to plan every week. I’ve used the same for the past 5 years and it’s made all the difference.

The Connect with Anyone Creed High-Resolution Poster (Image Download). The 32 core principles from our How to Connect with Anyone course in high-quality printable format to serve as a reminder of how to interact with the world and create the connections that change everything.

The $31,000 Product Launch Checklist (PDF). The 8-page, 135-item checklist I used to create and launch Live Your Legend’s flagship product, which lead to over $31,000 in sales in 30 days.

The 3-Step Traffic Guide (online report). How I got 10,000 subscribers and grew this site by over 160x in less than two years.

The Self-Guided Education Manifesto (PDF). The full Manifesto in PDF format along with an inspiring image for you to print and put in a place where you’ll never forget the principles that allow us to learn what matters.
Free Passionate Work Tool Kit
Self-Guided Education List of Online Resources (PDF). A list of over 30 of some of the top online tools and resources for constructing your own practical curriculum.

The 27 Questions to Find Your Passion Workbook (PDF). The best questions for digging deep and discovering what lights you on fire.

Find Your Why Workbook (PDF). An in-depth 3-page workbook to help you understand your strongest beliefs and how to build a business that embodies them.

Finding Freedom eBook (PDF) 70+ pages dedicated to defining your success, living on purpose and maybe even quitting your job. An eBook of top posts from my prior site ReadingForYourSuccess.

Prioritize Success Like Warren Buffett Workbook (PDF). Learn Warren Buffett’s 5-Step Process for Prioritizing True Success.

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Get Immediate Access to the Toolkit and
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