How to Start a Non Violent Business Revolution

“Don’t just build a business, start a revolution.”

- Jonathan Fields, Founder of RevolutionU

*Time Sensitive: Next Tuesday my good friend (and long-time mentor) Jonathan Fields and I are giving a live web presentation on How to Build a Revolution around Your ‘Crazy’ Idea. It will be totally free, but will likely fill up fast. If you’re looking to build your idea into a movement, be sure to register here asap.

Now onto possibly my biggest business lesson of all…

The Hidden Power of Giving Your Gifts Away

About four years ago, I met two people that dramatically transformed the way I approached not only business and career, but my belief about the impact I could have on the world.

The first was Leo Babauta from Zen Habits. We met at a blogger’s meetup in SF, and since then he’s become one of my closer business, tea-drinking and running friends in SF (We somehow even talked ourselves into signing up to run a 50-mile footrace, which we’re taking a crack at in a week from Saturday! Our goal is to come in under 14 hours and we are very under-qualified…).

The other is Jonathan Fields, the man pictured above and a guy I’d learned from and tried to model long before we ever met. Leo introduced us over tea at the first World Domination Summit in 2011. As we sipped some loose-leaf, I timidly explained my plans to launch a new website and create what I hoped to become a powerful movement helping people find and do work they love. Live Your Legend was still a month or two from going live.

I remember walking into that tea garden in Portland with Leo as we went to meet Jonathan. I felt out of place. I was nervous. Even scared. Here I was with Leo, one of the biggest single-author bloggers in the world (whom I’d only recently met), and I was about to sit down with an entrepreneur and author I’d admired from afar for years.

As we were about to sit down, this almost hollow feeling came over me.

“I don’t belong here.”

That statement slammed into my head.

“Why would these two guys want to hang around with just another dude claiming he was going to build the next big new blog?” Talk about a broken record.

But then we sat down and everything changed.

The fear of not belonging changed to excitement and possibility.

Jonathan blew me away with his enthusiasm for my “crazy” idea (and Leo had been doing the same for months).

“Man, I’d love to help you any way I can. I’d be really cool to see what it’s like to launch a blog in today’s environment.”

And Jonathan went on and on. Like he didn’t have anywhere to be or anyone else clamoring for his time (even though he was giving the keynote that weekend and he was about to launch his second book and soon-to-be bestseller, Uncertainty).

I was in disbelief.

A week later I followed up with Jonathan, half expecting not to hear from him. I mean, how could a guy that busy really have time for every new blogger?

He wrote right back.

He offered up his process for building the movement he had.

He even offered a guest post spot on his site for when I launched Live Your Legend.

Fast forward a little over two years and he had me on his Good Life Project TV show and insisted on publishing it the day we opened our Connect With Anyone course for the third time.

The same went for Leo – he opened his arms and ideas to help me build the movement I’d dreamed of. He even convinced me to rebrand from ReadingForYourSuccess to something more focused and inspiring.

And stepping back, that was the biggest lesson these two guys ever taught me. And I don’t think they ever even put it into words.

Just actions…

Give It All Away.

These guys constantly and fearlessly share their ideas, their tools and even their time and audiences. As long as it’s for someone who believes what they believe and is out to do good, they do all they can to help.

And as I’ve studied movements and revolutions over the years, I’ve noticed that this fearless giving is at the heart of nearly every successful business or movement of today.

I see that as the most powerful and beautiful aspect of a blog – it’s the fastest, easiest, cheapest medium for openly sharing your ideas and talents with the world.

It’s simply a tool for building trust and adding value.

And when leveraged that way, the right way, it becomes one of the most powerful movement- and revolution-building tools in the world.

The amazing thing is that fearless giving works everywhere. Blogs just make it waaay easier.

Look at Gene Sharp, the 85-year-old, three-time Nobel Peace Prize nominee and author of a dozen books including From Dictatorship to Democracy. He’s the world’s leading expert on non-violent resistance, and his books and tools have been behind almost every political revolution and regime change in the past three decades.

A few months ago, I spent half a day at his office in Boston with his executive director, Jamila Raqib. I wanted to learn how I could take what they’d learned about political revolutions and apply it to our Revolution at Live Your Legend to help people find and do work they love.

Jamila showed me their small two-room office in East Boston. She proudly walked me through their bookshelf and the hundreds of versions of From Dictatorship to Democracy.

It’s been published in dozens of languages with some unbelievably creative designs – including book covers that look like comic books or sketch pads because citizens don’t want the authorities to catch them with the book.

After all, if you get caught with his book in Burma, you go to jail for seven years.

It’s that powerful.

The most amazing thing of all?

Gene’s books are free.

He openly, freely and eagerly gives his life’s work away to any and everyone he can. Gene’s group will even pay for language translations (although many happen on their own, by citizens frustrated with their government).

And as a result, Gene Sharp has not only been able to crack the code on launching successful non-violent political revolution, but he’s also freed millions of people in dozens of countries.

And he’s done it all from a tiny office in East Boston.

And the only reason it happened was because he gave it all away.

Btw, there was recently a documentary done on his work that’s very worth checking out. Here’s the trailer for How to Start a Revolution

Fearless Giving + Passion =

This concept of “Fearless Giving” was further brought to my attention last month as I attended a TEDx event at the de Young Museum in San Francisco. The theme was The Passion Project and one of the speakers was Dr. Sadie Allison, bestselling author and world-renowned sex and pleasure coach (yes, that is a real profession!).

She gave a talk entitled Fearless Giving – Turning Sexual Passion into Action.

She did an amazing job, and yes, it was as intense of a pattern-interrupt as you’re probably thinking!

And regardless of the specific topic, the theme was spot on: Give yourself to others and help change their world.

This talk is a bit graphic, but you’ve been warned. Powerful stuff…

Don’t see a video? Click here.

The World of Business & Value Has Changed

In a very big way…

The Old World: Spend a boatload of time and money to get certain credentials that convince people to trust you and pay you for your services. Then only help people who pay you first.

The New World: The only credential that matters is this: Are you changing lives? Are you applying your talents and skills in a way that is adding value to the world and changing the lives of those around you? Build your trust by being open, sharing value and making people better.

But if you insist on charging someone as the first step, you might never have a chance to change a life.

The world is no longer willing to trust you, let alone pay you for your services, sight unseen.

You have to earn that trust.

Stop Keeping Your Superpowers So Close to Your Chest

If you ask an internet marketer (I hate that phrase and despise the profession!) how to build your business (which I never ever would) they’d say something like this…

“Do all the things to build up perceived credibility and then write or create just enough to get them hooked to buy.”


“Give just enough of a hint of value in your webinar so that they feel like they have to buy.”

I know this because I’ve had them tell me this a lot – that was before I could see them coming. Now I just run for the hills anytime I smell a hint of the BS talk and approach.

Do you know how disgusting and misleading this advice is?

They tell me most my posts are too long and I give way too much away for free.

You know what I say back? Or at least what I’d like to say…

F*?# that!

I built this community here to help change the world by getting all of us to find and do work that makes us come alive.

That is my #1 goal here.

Sometimes it will lead to another dollar in my pocket and sometimes it won’t. But that’s not what drives my decisions.

That’s why I spend a few thousand dollars every few months to create a product-quality tool or workbook (the kind most people would try to sell), that I then go out and give away totally for free. Our Passionate Work Toolkit is full of them.

It’s why I’ve hired a developer to create a Connection App (due out in the next month!) so that our community here can easily find each other and connect with other like-minded, passionate Living Legends in their hometowns in the real world. We’re not charging for that. We’re just doing it because I believe it is the most impactful thing we can do for our Revolution at this moment.

Here’s the thing…

95% of the people reading this will never buy a product from Live Your Legend. That’s just how it works. And I’m fine with that.

But if you all had to pay in order to get value around here, then that would mean that only 5% of you would ever have a chance at Live Your Legend changing your life and career.

I’m just not okay with that.

What about the other 76,000 of you?!

100% of the people who join our free community here deserve to get results. And if you’re dedicated and driven enough, our free tools are more than enough to change your world.

Sure maybe I could make a little more money by doing some of that scammy don’t-add-real-value BS stuff. But what would be the point?

We’re not just building a business here. We’re building a revolution.

And I’m not doing that alone. I can’t.

We’re building that Revolution together. And whether you ever decide to buy something from us or not, I will still do everything in my power to help you find and do work you love.

That’s my simple promise to you.

So…What Could You Be Fearlessly Giving Away?

Take a minute to really answer that question.

What do people thank you for? What unique passions, talents and strengths are you keeping from the world either because you don’t think you’re worthy or because you insist someone pays you before they get any value?

I challenge you today to draw a line in the sand – to start leading with value.

To make your number one priority be changing lives in a way you know only you are capable of doing.

Service to others is where it starts.

And when you think about it, it’s also where it ends.

A revolution can’t exist without a leader committed to openly sharing his ideas and beliefs. And it can’t exist without everyone else, either.

At this point, you are as much the leader as I’ve ever been. And that’s how it should be.

All I ask is that you take that responsibility with the respect it deserves.

And go out and help people in a way only you can.

Happy Thanksgiving.

And in case I don’t say this enough, I am deeply grateful for all of you.

Thank YOU for making this possible. Not just for me, but for all of us.



You Wanna Really Learn about Building Your Own Revolution?

I know many of you have ideas and value you’re dying to share with the world, but you’re not exactly sure how to go about it in the most impactful and widespread way. I get that. I’ve been there. And I’m thankful I have friends like Leo and Jonathan who have shed light on the path that changed everything.

So that’s why next week Jonathan and I are doing a special presentation on…

The 18-Step System: Tap Revolution-Dynamics to Fuel Rapid Business Growth, Build an Army of Evangelists and Change the Damn World!

You can thank Jonathan for the rather provocative title. ;)

And the thing is, he’ll deliver on just that. He always does.

If you think I’ve been researching Gene Sharp, just wait until you see what Jonathan has done. He’s spent the past couple of years deeply studying Gene’s work to see how it can be applied to building a non-violent revolution around your own business or idea.

The crazy thing is I had no idea Jonathan had been conducting this research project until two weeks ago. I got chills when I found out how aligned our hearts and plans were.

He’s also created a super in-depth training program on the same topic, which some of you may decide to check out.

But if you’ve learned anything from today’s post, and the way Jonathan and I do things around here, you know that you are going to be blown away with value.

In fact, it’s the same slide deck that Jonathan has been paid over $10,000 to give as a keynote to rooms full of CEO’s of multimillion dollar businesses.

Anyway, you’re going to love it, and I cannot wait for next Tuesday.

The event is totally free, but it will likely fill up very fast.

So here’s the link to reserve your spot.

I’d take 5 seconds and it right now.

Then go out and give your talents to someone who needs them!


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58 Responses to “A Beginner’s Guide to Fearless Giving: The Difference Between a Failed Business & a Flourishing Revolution”

  1. Lee says:

    I am completely hooked on this and looking forward to it! It’s a fantastic way to live and I’m trying to do the same thing over here! I have even signed up to be a host on the 7th Jan!
    I have been trying to find a way to help people learn from some of the stuff that I have experienced, tell my story, connect people and just about everything that you cover in Live your Legend. It feels like the universe is starting to offer some answers to the questions I have been asking.
    It all started after watching your interview on ThinkTraffic, just 2 weeks ago!
    Anyway, I won’t ramble on. I shall watch, learn and take action!



    • Scott says:

      Welcome to the party Lee! And awesome to see you not only making some discoveries but also diving straight into being a host!! Amazing. Glad that Corbett pointed you our way too. He’s an amazing guy, friend and mentor.

  2. Lee says:

    To be clear. I didn’t start looking for answers 2 weeks ago! That started a long time ago. I watched the video, then went to LYL, signed up and things started happening:)

  3. Kate says:

    Thank you so much for posting this article. I can’t even count how many webinars I used to listen to that would be uber pitchy and such a waste of time. People who give freely and fearlessly are absolutely amazing. When we are scared to be our best just because, we close off to potential community and connection. I saw this all the time in the yoga community, which was so sad- something that I believe to be all about love and service, the gift of yoga, was being withheld and teachers would get so competitive with each other- wow if everyone gave fearlessly and wholly, even for just a day- so many lives could be changed! Fearless giving- my new mantra. Thank you!

    • Scott says:

      Well I think we’ve all sat through some of those webinars Kate. And I think that’s an important step in the process. It certainly showed me exactly what NOT to do. Always a useful side to see. The interesting thing is that it also feels so much better to lead with value. Because no matter what, you know you’re doing your part to help people. So you’re winning right from the start. What if you take the scammy tease-you-in approach and then not that many people buy anyway? Then you’re an ass and you didn’t get to help anyone.

      Time to stack the deck in all of our favor!

      And the crazy and sad thing is that if you really do take on Fearless Giving as your new mantra (and I fully believe you will) then you are going to stand out from the crowd and competition like no other. The bar is so low that just offering value and helping in a genuine open way will differentiate you like crazy. Have fun with it!

  4. Scott, I know exactly how you feel. That feeling inside like you don’t belong because you’re surrounded by people who have already gone on to do amazing things, affecting thousands and thousands. I’m in that position almost every day. On top of that, I’m always the youngest at the table and least established.

    I look at these moments as an opportunity to learn and digest. People (generally) don’t care if you’ve already made millions. They care about helping any way they can. That’s a beautiful thing.

    • Scott says:

      You said it perfectly Vincent. That was what Jonathan really showed me that first day we all had tea together.

      And the amazing thing for you is that you are sitting at the table. You’re showing up and being the youngest one. You have no idea how much that is going to transform your world and potential – not to mention the people you’ll touch and help.

      Awesome to have you fighting the good fight with us!

  5. Bullion Grey says:

    Really diggin your info & ideas!
    Can more viewers see my last 4 FilmShorts?
    Been working on my 5th one,
    The Cloud of Imagination, title of the book that
    is a collection of an artist’s notebook selected entries
    Covering the first decade of our new millennia from 2000
    to 2010.
    As a Creative I promote The Ministry of Imagination,
    dedicated to helping people develop their own
    expression of Imagination…. Just a wondering…
    From Somewhere in Imagination,

    • Scott says:

      Hey Derek – sounds interesting and congrats on what you’re creating. One thing you could do is fill out our Reader Spotlight form and we could see how your project might fit into one of our upcoming spotlights.

      Here you go!

  6. Kevin says:

    Alright Scott – I gotta commend you for subverting the capitalist paradigm, man. If the current socioeconomic structures of North America are a prison, you are obviously one of the guys who has found a way out. Kudos for being willing to share your map.

    • Scott says:

      Well thank you Kevin. And this is OUR map btw. Happy to share any and every way I can. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  7. Alex Mill says:

    Hey Scott,

    Your generosity was the first thing that attracted me to Live Your Legend. I gave you my email address and you opened your treasure chest of free, amazing, QUALITY content. I was in awe. And now I’m part of a community of creators that inspires me daily. Free again.

    It’s contagious, you know. Good deeds beget good deeds and so I find myself opening up, offering my talents and skills for free to benefit others’ visions. People are sometimes taken aback. I was told – there aren’t many people like you. But you know what? I see those same people bitten by the open-heart bug and doing good right back. How would the world be different if we were compelled to see giving and receiving as two faces of the same coin? How painful it is to live in a world of taking and getting for oneself.

    Keep modelling generosity, kindness, passion, quality, and goodness. For that is priceless!

    In lovingkindness,

    • Sarah says:

      Hey Alex, Hey Scott,

      Alex you spoke the words I was thinking as if I wrote your post myself – thank you :) I totally agree with your sentiments.

      Thanks Scott for being a “Living Legend” – your work has inspired me to no end and I’m now on a journey to find my passion and share it with my world (Melbourne, Australia), and then maybe ‘the’ world eventually too!

      I also wanted to share that I’ve just been the recipient of a ‘fearless gift’ from my friend Tina. It was amazing how she was unreservedly willing to make a simple introduction to a friend of hers who has already found success & to share her budgeting tips with me. All of this after I mentioned in passing my recent decision to truly follow my dreams & find my passion outside the world of corporate marketing. So I’m now a few steps closer to chasing my dream of becoming an Interior Designer.

      The traits of a ‘fearless giver’ you described in your post Scott, I believe are in each and every person – you just have to be courageous enough to ask for help from the people around you:)

      Cheers to ‘Fearless Giving’,


      • Scott says:

        You said it Sarah! And I’m so glad to see you’ve already experienced the results. Crazy how powerful and simple this is.

        And yes, it’s absolutely within all of us! And the best part is that it’s 100% in our control. No one can tell us who we can and cannot help. That’s on us. Pretty awesome to realize how in control we are of the things that really matter. There’s plenty out of our control, so let’s focus where we can make a difference.

        Your recent experience reminds me of a quote from The Alchemist:

        “When you really want something to happen, the whole world conspires to help you achieve it.” ― Paulo Cohelo

        Let the world know the impact you want to have, and the world will suddenly start to find ways to show up in your corner!

    • Scott says:

      So so awesome to hear the way you’re applying this to the world. And you’ve realized the best part of all – not only do you break peoples’ patters and stand out like crazy, but your actions inspire the actions of those around you and suddenly you have ripples intersecting other ripples and on an on. That is what begins to create a revolution. So excited to have you leading that charge!

      When you take away all the noise, I really see that as all of our core mission. To help and inspire others to go on to help and inspire others. Yes, I like the sound of that. :)

  8. Monica says:

    Hola Scott!

    Happy Thanksgiving and truly appreciate what you are doing. It is very good to see people like you and others helping others to transform their lives by doing work they love and ultimately serving others. I am stepping out of my comfort zone to be a host Jan. 7th in the San Fernando Valley/Los Angeles.

    I am in the process of getting my blog together thanks to the link on LYL for Fizzle.

    Truly thank you.


    • Scott says:

      Welcome to the party Monica! And thanks so much for taking a stand to host your own down in L.A :). I know we have plenty of folks down there. Sounds like perfect timing with what you’re working on too!

  9. Richard says:

    Hi Scott

    This article came at a perfect time for myself and a friend. We have been trying to create a tool that helps people by viewing them as a whole person.

    We’ve been held back by the ‘money’ paradigm that everyone else has wanted us to conform to.

    We are going to press on unbounded by such a restrictive and outdated idea.

    Our goals

    To help people.
    Build a tribe.
    Enjoy the journey.

    Thanks for inspiration and motivation.

    Richard and Big Al.

    • Scott says:

      Awesome guys. Glad it was helpful and congrats on charging forward.

      One thing I do want to be clear on is that while Fearless Giving is the way to build just about anything of meaning, it’s still very important that you think through the tools and products you plan to create to serve the people you’re out to help. The best way to figure that out is to interact directly with your target market that’s actually in pain and needs real help. You can learn a lot about that through the fearless giving process. So while it’s not at all about pushing products and services from the start, you still want to do your thinking and planning to know what you’re planning to create to serve your community on a bigger level. For me I’ve always learned that by asking the people who know best – all of you!

  10. Kate says:

    I am really excited by this vision of passionate giving and I love the passion with which you write about it!

    I’ve been amazed by how passionate giving has changed my own life. A year ago, I decided that, no matter what, I wanted my music to make a positive difference in people’s lives. I created a website and invited people to request free, improvised, instrumental blessing songs to respond to anything in their lives – pain, grief, celebration, desire… During the last year, I’ve sent out 46 songs and hope to reach 100 over the next year or so! This feels like the work I came here to do.

    And is it a coincidence that during this year I quit my old job, became a Reiki Master, and am building a new life as a musician and healer? I never planned any of that when I started my project – never even glimpsed it! But I think that’s the beautiful point of all this: when we give passionately and freely, we change the world AND ourselves.

    Thank you for the vision and inspiration of LYL. I feel befriended and accompanied as we all do our work together.

    Good wishes to all passionate givers on this day of thanks!

  11. Chimpy says:

    So when you have drained yourself dry of energy, enthusiasm, effort and passion giving them away for free to other people who in return have given exactly fuck all, what do you do?

    I’m genuinely curious. Here in the UK the general view of anyone who gives anything good away is that they are an idiot, or at best an easy mark. People will take what you give for free with no thanks and give nothing whatsoever in return, because in their view if you are stupid enough to give it away for free they are stupid enough to keep not paying.

    So when people have drained you dry and then ignore you because you have nothing else to give away, what do you do?

    • Nathan says:

      Hey Chimpy, I hear you. I’ve been reading Scott’s blogs for a good year and a half now. His passion, optimism, and occasional direct appeals to social activism and flipping capitalism over all keep me coming back. However, I sometimes wonder if there’s a missing step for those who are coming from low income or flat out broke backgrounds. Not just cash poor, like myself, but also those who grew up in poverty, see through the economic system as it is, feel inspired by Scott’s message – and yet aren’t able to break free yet. Not from lack of effort or work on changing their attitudes and approach to life, but because of systemic, oppressive barriers blocking their way.

      I’ve spent much of my adult life studying systemic oppression – the -isms (racism, sexism, classism, etc) – and how they play out differently in each of our lives. One of the reasons I love Scott’s passion is because I’ve seen folks at the total bottom of the pyramid overcome those barriers, and become living legends. But the path for someone at the bottom is usually much different than someone who is a from the dominant racial group of a nation, middle or upper class, and of other normalized social markers. It’s this piece that feels missing, and the inclusion of could be a way to expand the reach of message’s like Scott’s to an even broader audience.

      Your comment, Chimpy, points to one area of major struggle for folks from economically precarious and marginalized backgrounds: the fact that the potential drain of giving is more dangerous. Especially if it’s about giving away material items, although even giving too much time and non-material help can become highly problematic. Because you’re probably in survival mode, working multiple jobs, caring for children and maybe elderly parents, regularly dealing with petty and not so petty forms of discrimination, missing sleep and meals, and the like. The amazing thing is that some people in these conditions are still highly generous, even more so sometimes than the rest of us. And yet, moving from there into a place of thriving and spreading your dreams – well, there’s a lot in between going on.

      Scott, what do you think of all this?

  12. Scott Bowers says:

    Hey Scott,

    Love your stuff and this post was great. I was on the webinar that Fields did on Start a Revolution and I am psyched to implement those concepts…also the TedX video with Dr. Allison was tremendous…BUT I do take issue with the warning you gave…”This talk is a bit graphic, but you’ve been warned.” What exactly was graphic, her uses of the word orgasm and masturbation?? I know you, being on of the nicest guys in cyberspace, don’t want to offend anyone…but really if anyone is “offended” by that talk, well, god bless’em…

  13. Marcos Moura says:


    I’m truly thankful for you. Your posts are so good. Your content stays with me weeks after I read. You provide much needed fuel in a long journey.

    Our love to your family from the Mouras is Orange County, CA.

  14. Neil says:

    Hey Scott

    LYL – inspiring – thank you.

    A question, what to do if you think you’ve worked out a way to change people’s lives in a way only you know how (which for me would be to help stroke survivors gain independence by getting more physically able, and which I’d love to ‘fearlessly giveaway’) – yet there are other things which you believe are more important for example saving the planet, helping to ensure all children live without fear, but you don’t think (based on your skillset) you’d be as successful at. Which would you do, focus on the former or try to work out how you can help achieve the latter?

    Thanks Scott
    Kind Regards

  15. Justin says:

    Sounds great Scott. I too believe that the business world model is changing right before our very eyes, for the better I might add.

    Good luck!

  16. Tom says:

    Hey Scott, I just wanted to say I couldn’t agree more with you. For me, success isn’t defined by the amount of money you make but by the positive impact you make. And so yes, money is a necessary factor to continue, but not at the expense of giving any less value to our following :)

  17. Adrian Georgel says:

    Hey Scott,

    I started a business a while ago with my only goal being able to work from home or anywhere in the world from a laptop + internet.

    I have been able to quit my job and run my business from home as I became the top person in my industry within only a few short months by offering 10x times more value to my customers than anyone else in my industry thanks to your blog.

    The problem I have now is that I am not very passionate about it anymore, I was more passionate about doing anything to earn money so I can work from home and now that I have a ton of Internet Marketing Knowledge, specifically SEO I want to transfer to something im passionate about but I just really don’t know what that could be as I haven’t really found anything in life that im super passionate about except for the fact I am passionate about working for myself and not getting stuck in the rat race that society dictates upon us.

    Love the idea of a blog but no idea what I would write about, haha its a hard life!

    Keep up the good work mate.


  18. Alexis Meads says:

    Hi Scott,

    I was so so so inspired by this post. Screw those internet marketers, your long posts are the poster child of fearless giving. I loved the TED Talk, particularly that she said to give even with your imperfect self.

    I’ve done the degrees, went to Harvard, etc. and STILL didn’t feel “qualified” for starting my own business and giving away my vast knowledge. I had to start doing it, imperfectly, and slowly become more and more comfortable realizing that I have a ton of experience and knowledge to help so many others.

    I completely agree that the new way of doing things is to give it away, since thats the whole point anyways, and usually as a side-effect how you’ll be the most successful.

    Alexis Meads – Self Love Coach

  19. Shoaib says:

    Hey Chris,

    I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for the immense work you put in here. Thank you so much for inspiring me and the many of us who need it.


  20. mark says:

    how’s the ego doing

  21. Scott, you are doing the damn thing!

    I have been back and forward to LYL for the past year and I have watched you morph into becoming what you believe, congratulations…you got me!

    We have a couple of things in common, the love of Leo and Jonathan! I pray that like you, I get the chance to share a cup of tea with them!

    I’m so excited about RevolutionU, It’s just what I need right now.

    Thank you and Jonathan for giving!


  22. Fanny Lam says:

    THANK YOU, thank you, thank you =D!!! Just got out of the webinar hosted by you and Jonathan Fields and I have goosebumps(!) from how useful and inspiring the material and discussions are.

    Really grateful for your sincerity, care and leadership! I’m ready to tackle revolution building.

    Much love and thanks! =)

  23. Evan Kearney says:

    Hey Scott, keep up the good work. And good luck on that 50 miler. Just started running this year and decided to do a 50. It was en epic game changer for me. It was the topic of my first blog that I started with your motivational help. Thanks!

    If you get a chance to check it out:…first-50-miler/

    Great work your doing!I’m always inspired.

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  40. Trace says:

    Dear Scott,

    You inspire greatness in others. Thank you for creating this community and giving so much. I can’t wait for the App (to find you other LYL Aussies!), I am signing up for the 8 week program, and I just want to thank you again for showing that there is an alternative to the fear-driven rat wheel that has become the norm in our society.


  41. Alina says:

    You are truly in the purest sense a man on a mission to guide others to their human potential. You encourage me to share my gifts with the world to make it a better place!!!Thank you for sharing yourself and challenging me to dare fearlessly.

  42. Scott says:

    Well it’s an honor to have you here Trace. The way I see it, every day I have to earn your trust. That box is never checked (in fact the trust box is never checked no matter who it is in your life – it’s simply a way of living and showing up in the world). And every day that is one of the first things I think about as I decide what to create and build. So glad you’re with us and welcome to the adventure! You are going to love our Aussie crowd btw. There are a lot of them!

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