What would be possible if the people around you refused to let you fail?

“Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable.”

- Kenyan Proverb

The free Ultimate Mastermind Workbook is live!

Today is huge! Our Mastermind Maven Liz Seda and I just released The Ultimate Mastermind Workbook: A Comprensive Guide to Surrounding Yourself with the People Who Won’t Let You Fail. This gorgeously designed 56-page guide is our 100% free gift to you. We hope you enjoy it – and put it to good use!

Note: Download link at bottom of this post

Now read on to understand the power of the right mastermind & the five steps needed to make it possible…


Those Who Make Failure Impossible…

Behind every successful person is a team of support and inspiration to make things possible. I have never seen an exception to this rule.

I am no different, as I’m sure you saw with our recent post about the LYL team.

One anchor for me (and many of you) is Liz Seda.

Let me explain.

Liz never graduated from high school. She also never took the SAT.

Yet she was accepted into the University of Miami with a $25,000 scholarship as a biomedical engineer major. Once in college, she quickly decided that focusing on good grades was a joke, especially if she wanted to learn something practical. Instead, she focused her energy on kicking ass at the things she applied herself to.

Within two years she became the President of the University of Miami Society of Women Engineers as well as the College of Engineering student body president.

When she graduated, her 2.0 GPA got her hired by Proctor & Gamble as a process engineer. This is a company I couldn’t even get an interview with when I graduated university, despite my high honors 3.8 grade point average. (I’m not bitter though, I promise.)

She lasted a year before corporate frustration caused her to spin off on her own to start A Life On Your Terms.

Thankfully, she eventually stumbled upon Live Your Legend.

Six months ago, her then-shy self almost didn’t write me a message on Facebook to ask if it would be okay if she helped put our private Facebook group into mastermind groups based on their goals, interests and time zones… all for free. You can imagine my response!

She proceeded to knock the cover off the project, changing a lot of lives in the process.

So I asked if she’d do the same for our How to Connect with Anyone course. She jumped at the chance and proceeded to literally quadruple the value and benefit of the course by individually placing nearly 300 members from 25 countries into just under 50 mastermind groups. This girl defines over-deliver.

Liz is now an official part of the LYL team (and a big one at that) and manages many of the operations and projects we’re working on over here. At this point, it scares me to say I’m not really sure what I’d do without her.

And it all started with her almost not sending me that one little message…

Obviously, she’s now a much bigger expert on masterminds (and most things) than I could ever hope to be.

After months of research and experimentation…

how to create your ultimate mastermind team WorkdbookShe has bundled up everything she’s learned and put it into the post below, as well as a 56-page comprehensive mastermind workbook, that we are both confident is the most in-depth mastermind guide on the Internet.

And as a celebration for the upcoming Connect with Anyone launch, and because we love you so much, this Ultimate Mastermind Workbook is 100% free. This is 1/100th of what we offer in the course, so let this be just a small taste of how we roll at LYL and CWA! (download link at end of this article)

I have mastermind groups for LYL, for my investment business and even for fitness and my personal life. I would be nowhere without them.

Thanks for pouring your soul into this, Liz.

I have a feeling this is the start of something great – for all of us.

Without further ado, please welcome Liz with open arms!

the mastermind principle

The people around us have everything to do with our success.

That much we know.

And in the next few minutes, you’re going to learn about one of the cardinal principles of that success. What you decide to do with this information can change your life forever, as it has for Scott, me and countless others.

I’m talking about the most celebrated concepts in Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich: The Mastermind Principle.

When you think about the history of the Mastermind Principle, it’s not difficult to see why.

The Inklings: Composed of poets and writers who helped to deliver The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings. A few of its members were C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Owen Barfield.

The Junto: Founded by Benjamin Franklin. There were twelve members, and they came together to discuss self improvement, politics, theology and science.

The Vagabonds: Composed of Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Warren G. Harding, Harvey Firestone.

The Chicago 6: A group of 6 men who met every Saturday evening. None of them had any money when they started their mastermind. Within a few years, they were all millionaires. William Hertz and Charles Wrigley were the most successful of this group.

The Graham Group: More than 50 years ago, Warren Buffett began hosting an annual gathering with a few close friends in the investment space. At first, it was just a day to talk about stocks, but it soon grew into annual weekend or weeklong events around the world with business leaders in all industries (including Bill Gates) to discuss ideas far bigger than just stocks.

These are only a few examples of endless mastermind alliances throughout history.

But the fact that these folks became unbelievably successful is just the beginning. Simply put, the power of a mastermind group allowed them to change the world.

The Unlimited Power of a Mastermind Group

What is it about the gathering of minds united in harmony that generates a level of mental stimulation which no single individual could experience alone?

If I asked you this question, you’d probably say that mastermind groups give people access to more information, provide support for projects, and hold members accountable. While that’s technically correct, it’s not the whole story.

It is true that the more people you have, the more information you’ll have access to; but results of mastermind alliances prove that they aren’t just a gathering of people to exchange ideas and offer knowledge. In fact, mastermind sessions often lead to results in a depth of knowledge no single person had access to before that interaction!

But the true power is this:

When a group of people come together in harmony to achieve a definite purpose, the increased mental prowess and capacity for intelligence created through this coordination becomes greater than the sum of the intelligence of the individual minds. This intelligence can be tapped into by any member of the group.

No two minds ever come together without, thereby, creating a third, invisible, intangible force which may be likened to a third invisible mind.

 – Napoleon Hill

Have you ever been a part of a collaborative project that was so in the flow that it seemed as if your group was capable of anything? Did you notice ideas and thoughts coming into your head out of nowhere? Thoughts that you never knew you had or that you were even capable of that left you feeling unstoppable?

That’s the third mind. Without your group, you’d never be able to tap into those thoughts. When you’re collaborating in an environment that naturally brings you into that flow, you can’t help but think differently.

Just the act of being around such surroundings will totally change your game, and that of everyone around you. Your energy, your inspiration, your creativity all of it rockets to a new level.

If I lost you with all of that new-age speak, allow me to sum it up for you nice and simple:

By participating in the right mastermind group, you instantly become way smarter than you could ever be alone, even on your best day.

None of us is as smart as all of us

The fact of the matter is, you can’t achieve great things all alone.

Whether it’s a formal mastermind or just you and two buddies using each other for feedback and guidance, it is imperative that you make use of this resource if you want to have a chance at hitting your potential.

Although this workbook is about the benefits of forming and participating in a formal mastermind group, the value of associating yourself with individuals you respect, admire and want to emulate is just as important. After all, that’s probably the biggest value of our community at Live Your Legend!

Let’s get to it!

The 5 Crucial Steps to Creating Your Ultimate Mastermind Group

Over the past four months, I’ve spent dozens of hours creating and organizing mastermind groups for Scott’s Live Your Legend community and Leo Babauta’s at Zen Habits.

Since I’ve started this whole process, I’ve created over 100 mastermind groups for more than 600 people from dozens of countries.

I’ve seen groups flourish and flounder. I’ve seen what makes a great group, and I know why groups disband.

I’m going to share everything I’ve learned with you, but not here in the blog. Scott and I have created a 56-page Ultimate Mastermind Workbook chock full of everything you’ve ever wanted to know about creating a mastermind group and more. You can download it at the end of this post for free, no signup required. Participating in a mastermind group is so essential that we don’t want anything getting in your way. Including us.

To be honest, after scouring the Internet for mastermind resources, I’m confident that this is by far the most comprehensive free resource on the web. I cannot wait for you to read it!

For now, here are the 5 crucial steps:

Step 1: Choose Your Most Effective Mastermind Group Type

Will it be based on topic, mission or business based, or related to specific goals or accountability? Maybe a combination?

Step 2: Define Your Purpose

Agree on a focus, purpose, or mission for your group. You and your members need to know why you’re meeting, and more importantly, you all must truly believe in your group’s reason for existing and desired outcome you hope to produce.

Step 3: Define Your Expectations, Ground Rules & Penalties

The right expectations are crucial, both for effectiveness and productivity, as well as handling the occasional tough situations that inevitably come up with group and team dynamics. Nail down the fundamentals, like how often you want to meet and anything else that’s non-negotiable to you. What will happen if you don’t deliver on what you committed to, like a penalty donation to Kiva or 25 pushups? Define what matters.

Step 4: Find, Recruit & Build Your Team

How many people will you include and what backgrounds will give you the best chance at accomplishing your purpose? What are the criteria of your ideal member? Will they be in your hometown, over the Internet or a combination? Where will you find them? How will you invite them?

Step 5: Establish & Host Your Ideal Meeting

What meeting structure leads to the most success? What’s your routine agenda? How often will you meet? Will you rotate who gets the majority of the focus each meeting or will it be equal each time? How will you set goals and accountability for the next meeting?

*Note: Each of these steps can be huge and quite in depth, which is why I went into massive detail on each of them in our Ultimate Mastermind Workbook guide below. We want to give you the absolute best chance at success!

On Finding Support: If you want more information about how to create an environment filled with people who will inspire you and believe in your ability to make the impossible possible, be sure to get on the waiting list for Scott’s How to Connect With Anyone course, where I will be personally interviewing and putting every participant into hand-selected mastermind groups based on who you are as an individual, and what you’re looking for in a team.

small groups of people change the world

Choose Your Destiny

It’s been said that choice, not chance, is what determines your destiny.

That’s a truth you get to face right now.

What you do with this information is up to you.

Will you do nothing and choose to continue to go at it on your own – putting yourself out of the game by default?

Or will you take a stand and create the surroundings that change everything?

If do you choose the latter (And I’m pretty confident you will!), I guarantee that over time, your results, and that of your mastermind, will speak for themselves.

If you find the prospect of tracking down an entire mastermind team sort of like your own nightmarish version of Ocean’s 11, remember that you don’t have to have a whole team. Having just one other person is enough to start a revolution. Literally.

James Watt and Matthew Boulton developed the steam engine and started the Industrial Revolution.

J.P. Morgan and Andrew Carnegie built the U.S. Steel Corporation, which became the largest steel company in the world.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen started their mastermind group in 8th grade.

I’ve seen three total strangers come together and change each others’ lives forever. Rock on, Team Amigas from Connect with Anyone – Leah, Nazrin and Melanie – you make us proud! These three girls just announced they’re making the trip from Australia out to Portland this year for World Domination Summit – can’t wait to meet them live! They’ve also started a coaching business together.

I’ve seen five guys from five different countries get together and support each other on their missions for success. Shout-out to Joan, Andrew, Michael, Eugene, and Marcus from Team Mordin, also from Connect with Anyone! You inspire us with your progress and your stories. This is truly a team of superheroes!

And most recently, one of our members from Israel landed a dream gig with TED Global in Edinburgh, Scotland with the support of his mastermind!

I have people in dozens of groups in the Zen Habits Sea Change program helping each other create the type of lasting change that most spend their whole life trying to achieve.

Scott and I are both in multiple mastermind groups and I can honestly say that mine have made my business exponentially more successful. I’m grateful every day for my team.

Hard Work is Always Required – Might As Well Have Some Company!

I’m not going to lie to you and say that putting together a wildly successful mastermind group is easy.

It requires real effort.

Just like anything worth having, it takes work to find the right people and circumstances to form the group that will help you change the world.

The only thing you have to do is give every ounce of your conviction to your mastermind. Then add a little more. What follows will blow your mind.

It doesn’t matter where you live, who you know, what you do, or how old you are. There’s a group of people out there that are waiting for you to connect with them.

Here’s to making magic happen.


Liz Seda

Liz is a corporate dropout turned lifestyle designer and pithy personal development blogger. She’s also the Community & Operations Manager at Live Your Legend. To find out more, go to her blog at A Life on Your Terms and download her exclusive members-only Life Lovers Guide to the Galaxy. You can also find her on twitter at @elizabethseda.


Need Help Forming Your Ultimate Mastermind Team? Download our Totally Free Workbook.

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  • How to Define Your Purpose + 4 Real Life Examples
  • Defining Expectations, Ground Rules & Penalties: The 12 Crucial Questions to Ask
  • How to Define Your Perfect Member & Build Your Ideal Team
  • A Comprehensive List of Resources for Finding & Recruiting Members (In Person & Virtually) and Leveraging Today’s Technology
  • The 5 Meeting Structures & Choosing the Best Fit
  • Best Practices: The Not-So-Obvious Actions Consistent with Success
  • Worst Practices: The 10 Most Common Reasons for Failure
    how to create your ultimate mastermind team Workdbook
  • Mastermind Group Interactive Worksheet + Real Group Example Template
  • Defining Team Members and Purpose Worksheet
  • Word-for-Word Email Templates to Prospective Members
  • Mastermind Meeting Preparation Worksheet + Real Group Example Template
  • The Top 19 Questions to Ask Prospective Members (Including Yourself)
  • The Mastermind Resource Repository: A List of the Most Powerful Online Tools for Creating, Conducting and Managing a Successful Mastermind
  • Finding a Coach or Mentor to Help You Build the Perfect Team

Seriously, it’s our free gift to you. No catch, no games, no strings attached.

All we ask is that your promise to put it to good use!

Click here to download the totally free Ultimate Mastermind Workbook

Would you like us to personally place you in a mastermind group based on your goals?

That’s exactly what we do for every member of the How to Connect with Anyone Course. If you’re interested, be sure to sign up to get early access. There will only be 150 spots available, and if it’s anything like last time, they’re going to go fast. Join the pre-launch insider’s Team here. Only those on this list will be given access to the discounted private launch before we go live.

This is going to be so much fun!

Image courtesy of the talented James Clear

  • http://twitter.com/OuttaTheBoxTV OuttaTheBoxTV

    If i had help from anyone i wanted and the right support I would believe in myself so much more. I would never second guess myself about what I was doing I would just stay focussed on achieving my goals and dreams, and negative people would have no impact on me because I would know the positive group of people I’m surrounded with would believe in me. It would also be great to have a group of like minded people work on similar projects because, after all, you are the average of the 5 people you spend most time with.

  • http://twitter.com/AndreeaVis Andreea

    What I’d do with the right support?
    It’s easy for me: I’d help people. I’ve struggled in the last four years to discover what drives me and what I’d dedicate my life to doing and it all turned around helping people. I’d like to help people discover themselves and live better lives, focused more on actualization than transient or material desires. I’d like to help them gain confidence and start taking actions to achieve their dreams, while through this I’m accomplishing my own.

    That’s what I’d do if I got the right support. Start building something that would benefit others and me at the same time and stop wasting time working on projects that don’t have a soul (I refer to corporate life).

    • Anna


      I think there is a Global hunger for people like you! Your dream could be an explosive!



  • http://tradlands.com/ Jeremy

    If I had the proper support:

    I could provide the space of transformation to every one in my family whether being with them in person or providing financial support to allow them to complete the same personal development and communications courses I have in the past couple years.
    My life would be different because they would all recognize the power of endless possibility in their own lives which would effect our relationships positively as well as it would reach out to all their own personal relationships like business, work, romance, family, etc.
    Their lives would be different as they would hopefully realize the personal power in living the created life.

  • azmat

    If I had the help of anyone I wanted….I would learn how to maximize my potential to achieve my goals AND help other people achieve theirs. Over the past few years I’ve realized how precious life really is and I can’t afford to waste time not making an impact in this world. I’ve made significant progress thanks to people I’ve met, storied I’ve read about online, inspirational blogs etc. But I’ve only just started. I think about how different my life would have been if people hadn’t been generous with sharing their experiences online to help me shift my mindset and actually care about improving myself and the world. They realize it’s not a zero sum game. One person succeeding will create a ripple that will impact the rest of us. That is why I want to be connect with other people who are driven and committed to helping ALL of us succeed.

  • GP

    I would enhance my life beyond measure and inevitably inspire others to do the same. I would develop and learn pricinples that forever would be instilled in which I would master being better able to guide and provide others the opportunity to change their lives if they so choose. I understand the uncertainty and frustration with life as everyone else could relate yet I would have the belief that the person I chose would lead and teach me to the point that i will be sure in my formula and implementation for success and be able to accomplish this in a quick amount of time as long as I put in the effort. This, would therby allow me to go on, on my own, and become a great leader as well paying forward with gratitude the greatest gift a man could ask for. The ability to control their life with confidence and action. I want to enhance major areas in my life.

  • Jeremy

    Other people are like mirrors–one way or another, they reflect honestly. Working with other people prevents me from rationalizing and fooling myself (which I am absurdly good at doing). The right people don’t just hold you accountable, they can reflect back answers already inside.

    From there, the answer is patent: I would have the tools to be able to move forward without the fog of self-deception and rationalization. What better map could there be?


  • Robert Monteux

    How would my life be different if I had the support of anyone I wanted? This question fits in perfectly at this stage in my life. Just turned 60, having hit financial bottom and starting over, I have had time to think about what I really want to be doing in my life. Helping others help themselves by connecting them to the resources and answers they already have in their life, rather than looking for the “magic bullet.” Moving from a problem focused life, to a solution focused life, moving from a life of REACTION to a life of CREATION.

  • http://www.RuthRidgewayPhotography.com/ Ruth

    For me the biggest change would be time. I’m not looking for a tonne of £000,000’s in the bank, financial freedom yes, but I’m not in it to be money rich. I’d have time. Time to pursue my passions, to give more to others than what I’m managing to do now (and again – I mean something more valuable than money). And I guess that also answers the pursue question! Experiencing everything I can possibly fit in to this life of ours, and energising others to do exactly that also. I’d attempt in all ways possible to go as anti socially acceptable as possible for myself and others to follow their dreams (i.e. you don’t HAVE to go to school, go to uni, become an accountant, go on 1 holiday per year, have a wife/husband and 2.4 kids. Do what YOU want. Live YOUR life.

  • zshepp

    Due to being someone with eclectic interests and talents, I have never received full support from those around me due to the atypical life path I’ve followed. This has ultimately damaged my sense of self and motivation to pursue such ends. If I had full support I would strategically formulate a path that utilizes my unique abilities and desires to better the world and those in it. As a cancer survivor and someone who battles mental health issues, I feel a distinct need to work with and empower others; to support people thriving, as opposed to just surviving. I would love to become a mentor to those who feel different and out of place in the world, by honing in on their talents and unique interests.

  • Joe

    If I had the help of anyone I wanted, I’d quit my corporate job and work toward launching small but connected Christian churches in the Bay Area. Mega churches have some nice benefits but it’s hard to really connect with people, so I’d work toward taking the benefits that happen in larger churches to smaller audiences and venues. These churches would be close, more service oriented demonstrating with actions rather than megaphones what being Christian means.

  • Rob

    Connections are the foundation of every relationship both at home and in business. With the right support and mentorship the ability to form connections makes any endeavor that I undertake that much easier. I would move forward with occupational dreams that add value to society with out regard to my ability to earn income. Many of the best missions that I have witnessed are either voluntary or non-profit.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509404716 Traci Strong Burnett

    I would teach. I have always wanted to but have had problems with finding ways to finance my education in order to pursue that dream. The only time I have enjoyed my work has been when I have helped a student understand a difficult concept.

    • Anna

      Bless you! I hope you will as you should teach! There are not enough people like you! Don’t let anything stop you!!! Money has so often been a stumbling block, it has no final word!

    • Anna

      Ken Robinson’s book: How finding your passion changes everything is a massive encouragement!

  • http://twitter.com/FranDavis1 Frances Davis

    If I had the ability to connect with and learn from anyone in the world, the outcome is really unimaginable! Since I started my business 2.5 years ago I have connected with a number of wonderful people that have motivated me, pushed me, and taught me. The connections have increased my confidence and are leading me to reach out to an ever widening group. Through my connections I hope to build a better platform to educate and help people to live heathier, more balanced lives.

  • Deirdre

    Strangely, I feel torn about who I’d try to connect with. On the one hand, I’d want to reach out to some of the best life coaches to help confirm and/or further cultivate my ideas/dreams about what I’m meant to do in this lifetime. On the other, I’d want to just go for it and find a group of like-minded individuals who share my interest in starting a small scale resort business on an island. I suppose the best approach would be to connect with both! And since I’d now have the luxury and privilege of connecting with ANYONE, why not?! It would be awesome to finally have “permission” to believe in the dream (haven’t given it to myself yet :( and even better to actually make it a reality by finding my “tribe.”

    It’s probably worth noting that my vision for the small scale tropical resort is of an eco-retreat where groups and/or individuals can come to reconnect with each other, with themselves and with nature in a spiritual and restorative environment. There are many yoga and nature retreat centers similar to this around the globe. However, I’d like to add another dimension to this retreat center by intentionally including exercises based on laughter and play; exercises that lead to sustainable happiness.

  • http://www.facebook.com/malatyuhr Adam Malaty-Uhr

    I am currently in a job that I do not like and am
    considering one of two roads. I have been sitting at this crossroad for well
    over two years. I am just now, thanks to many of the LiveYourLegend products,
    beginning to take steps towards the direction I would really like to pursue. I
    believe in the mantra that “you are the average of the five people you spend
    the most time with.” I want to be more of an expert at relating to people in
    this new direction I am working towards.

    I have been an educator in one capacity or another for over
    five years and have found it very limiting. I am very interested in leveraging
    technology to improve the world of education in America. It is there but it is
    still a lot of guess and check to see if things work out. In short, I want to have an impact on the implementation of technology as it applies to school and curriculum design. I went out to my first meet-up with a technology start-up group and found it hard to relate to these people, although much of what they are striving for are very
    similar to the things I am. I look forward to gaining improved skills to be able to walk into a room and get far more out of my experiences there.

  • Michael

    If I had the right support I would assemble or join teams that were making a real difference in the world. From the broadest and most profound impacts to the most acute and finite improvements would be possible by assembling these groups of uniquely talented people. Infinite change would be possible with the right support. Not only individual change but social and economical change on a global scale. Change has to happen everywhere for humanity to continue to thrive on this planet; change in everything from education, transportation, food, economics and environmentalism. So in short I would spread my passion for bettering the world and making sure I always pay it forward.

  • Tony@YouOnlyDoThisOnce

    I grow and learn when I surround myself with incredible mentors who admit that they weren’t always great. I would surround myself with the greatest musician I know (name withheld) and listen to him model for me. I would want to spend as much time speaking to him more about his failures than his successes! It’s how I operate best. Thanks for this!

  • Martha Taranto

    I would figure out how to turn our waste and recycling into the things we need. I don’t mean melting plastic or reprocessing paper. I mean use the original properties for a new purpose. I would travel around and have competitions at elementary schools, high schools, colleges, and science centers. I have some innovative ideas about using paper and cardboard that I would develop. Our throw away culture is not making the best use of our resources. I would change that and make funky recycled the hippest, coolest, (pick an adjective that makes you need some), way to get what you need.

  • NA

    With the right support, we would teach others how to help themselves.

    I don’t believe there’s a one size fits all solution, so providing help tailored to the needs and skills of those we are helping would help people efficiently and effectively get from point A to point B. And enjoy their growth along the way.

    This would also help people balance their lives. This is crucial since many are successful in certain realms of their lives but frustrated in others.

  • Harveen

    If I had the help of anyone, I would like their inputs on starting a CSR consultancy that enables organization’s to channelize their funds effectively towards social impact in a measurable manner. And I feel this would be a life changing for me as I feel that the work I have been doing has not been yielding the kind of social impact that I aim for.

  • GIP

    If I had the help of anyone I wanted, I’d have a baby :)

    • http://alifeonyourterms.com/ Liz Seda

      You can borrow my husband!

      haha just kidding.

      • Anna

        hahahaha, that’s maaaad!

  • Brenda

    If I could connect with anyone in the world I would gather a group of highly talented musicians who are committed to create music to record and play live that inspires the listener to be their best and highest self and to inspire them to action to be a beacon of light to all they come in contact with in their lives, activists, familes and community members. I have been doing this solo for a number of years as a recording artist and now that I am motivated to take things to the next level it’s interesting how my landscape is suddenly void of folks that are interested in this…but, I see this as an opportunity to find these new people because I know they are looking for me, too

  • SA Ramsey

    My goal is to become a full-time fiction writer. My new writing group is a great asset to me; however, we are all unpublished authors. If I had access to published authors to help me, my learning curve would be lessened, time freed would be plowed into butt-glued-to-the-chair writing, and my writing group would be impacted positively as well. With the assistance and knowledge of a writing mastermind group, I have no doubt I will become a successful published author. As a full-time writer, not only will I experience more of the joy of the writing process (which gives my soul breath and life), but I will be able to pay it forward via my dream of teaching writing to middle- and high school students. Writing is becoming a lost art, and success in life, I believe, is highly dependent on being able to read well, write well, and speak well.

  • Demjan Vester

    My life would be different if I had anyone I wanted around me.

    I think we live in a time where having a wonderful idea or a beautiful dream is not enough anymore. What you really need is a half-good idea and the right people around you to make it happen. It could be a stupid idea as well, but it’s more important to be part of a community where stupid ideas are permitted and learned from than a community where all ideas are critiqued and denied fruition.

    If I could have anyone I wouldn’t pick names, I would pick character traits, to surround myself with people that are like me, people that aren’t like me at all, and everything in between, as long as they were all crazy enough to believe nothing is too crazy…

  • http://www.facebook.com/brandon.kamp.3 Brandon Kamp

    If I had a group of committed, encouraging, driven people around me, I think I could finally get my interests off the ground. There’s too much I don’t know. Sourcing a wider pool of talent might be just the trick. I could find some of the direction I need.

  • http://www.meetanais.com/ Anaïs Teresa Bock

    If I had the help of ANYONE I wanted, I would put together a team to run a massive research project on AUTHENTICITY in business and re-gaining BALANCE in life. I would host a free teleseminar with some of biggest walk-talkers on the planet and create a no-BS, empowering video training series with the awesome results. Then I would meet Scott & some other Legend-Livers to celebrate!

    • Anna

      Oh, maaaan! I would LOVE to see thaaat!

  • mads

    After becoming a avid reader of your webpage/toolkits/workbooks I know believe in the saying “if its going to be, its up to me’ . That’s not to say that I don’t want support -I will need a lot of it- and help from mentors but to truly achieve my dreams (Vegan Wellness Solutions). But the buck stops with me, I have to go out there and make it happen. My passion to achieve my dreams will then in turn attract the support and people I need to tread the path less walked and influence the world.

    • Anna

      This may sound childish, but let your buck be your courage and your belief/passion in your product! Doors will open where u least expect!

  • http://twitter.com/beth_odonnell Beth ODonnell

    If I had the support of anyone I wanted, I would create an outrageously successful national talk radio show discussing the challenges faced by single women over 40. I’d like to effect social change by furthering the dialog about alternative lifestyles (i.e., not married, living solo, no children, “Golden Girls” living arrangements, etc.) and help reduce the negativity and discrimination faced by singles, especially single women. I’d like to help women feel like getting married is a choice not a fate and that being single is not unnatural or lethal. The constant stream of media announcing the personal and societal costs of single people needs a counterbalancing source of information that can reach a vast audience.

  • Naveen

    my passion is to help others to improve their productivity especially who are under educated…I am I could create a right group to help me to do this..Im looking forward to it

  • M. Storm

    I would like to connect with the English Physicist – Stephen Hawkings. He is a man who had every reason in the world to give up on life and yet he embraced it with a passion and has contributed immeasureably to the knowledge store of the human race by immersing himself in the truly difficult questions of cosmology. I am concerned that our store of knowledge will become ephemeral in the transition to bits and bytes. In Bradbury’s dystopian universe, governments were able to recreate history by simply burning the books. Governments in our future will simply send out global edits to our e-book readers or tablets and unless you have an eidetic memory you will be none the wiser and even if you do notice… you’ll be unable to prove it. I would like to create a system whereby our current repositories of knowledge, the libraries, will act as caretakers for archival “1st Edition” files of e-books and provide a mechanism for validating copies of those books against those archive copies to ensure that no unauthorized edits can be made by govermental or non-governmental entities.

  • Micah

    If I had a strong, resilient support network, I’d be able to balance out my own ebbs and flows. Working with an incomplete support network feels a bit like being adrift at sea – sometimes I can hit the current and travel towards my destination quickly and effectively, while at other times I am caught in the doldrums and feel myself stalling out. Building the right network would be akin to an outboard motor in how much it would help me get to where I want to be.

  • Alexander Reif

    I would have access to people able to give me faster access to knowledge and money. This would save me time, because I’ll arrive anyway.
    About the what: I’ll be a life coach helping people being happy.

  • Ian Gerald King

    Hi Scott,

    I don’t think I would benefit the most from your course as I’m pretty connected within the Toronto tech scene. Nonetheless, I was wondering if you have any strategies for stutterers. My stuttering has been an inhibition for me for some time and even though I do attend networking events quite frequently, it’s always embarrassing when it happens. I have a feeling that the stuttering is more psychological than physiological. If your course could help me overcome this barrier, I think that would be incredibly powerful and life-changing. I’d be a lot more active than I currently am and would be more bold in my pitches and networking in general. (As an analogy, I feel like I’m a sprinter who’s currently wearing ankle weights… I need help getting these shackles off my feet so that I can run more freely). Anyhow, I really like your blog – you’re always an inspiration.



    • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.sakian Jonathan Sakian

      I knew a psychologist that worked on coaching individuals who felt this way. There is training for this out there, as well as a device that echoes what you say in your ear with a delay and it works like magic! Sorry I couldn’t be more specific.

      • Ian Gerald King

        Yeah, I guess I should get on it and actually find myself a therapist/coach – don’t know why I’ve been holding back for this long. I know the device that you’re talking about but I don’t think my stuttering is severe enough to merit using it. I really feel as if it is just purely psychological because I have no problem acting as an orator (I read at church as a lector) but always mess up in a social/dynamic context.

        • Cara Whitehouse

          Check out David Coury. He’s a top voice coach and might be able to help you.

        • Anna

          Have you heard of the Alexander Technique? Frederick Matthias Alexander, a swimmer and reciter, that have helped people, that could not be helped by doctors. There should be practitioners of the Alexander Technique around Canada…
          Found one, that might help???

  • Angie

    I’m not sure about the “who” of anyone I wanted, but I know that if I had the support of a group of like minded individuals who shared a particular passion – say film in my case – we could redefine what the very limited world of film and television deems marketable. I want to bring the stories of nontraditional voices to the screen. Pixar has one female protagonist. Disney has one African-American Princess (and while we’re at it, let’s redefine “princess”). People are more complicated, children are more complicated and the media we consume simplifies what shouldn’t be made simple. If I had the support from anyone I wanted – I’d take on Disney/Pixar and win.

    • Stephanie

      This is a great goal Angie and important work. I am tired of not being represented in the media, I want more for my daughter. Good luck!

  • Kathleen

    How would my life be different if I had the support of anyone I wanted? Well, for one thing I’d be living in a city that values creativity and ingenuity and intelligence, someplace like Portland, OR, or Raleigh, NC, or Stockbridge, MA. I’d be surrounded by people who have the vibrant imagination of Cliff Stolle, the whole-soul devotion of Krishna Das, the energetic compassion of Jurian Hughes, the business acumen of Bill Gates, and the depth of love of the Dalai Lama. We’d work together to make real a vision of integrated health care that truly enables people to live healthy, delicious lives. I’d interact daily with people who understand the liberating and life-changing qualities of yoga and meditation, especially when combined with traditional western and eastern therapies, to achieve optimal health for that person. I’d live each day grounded by the beauty of nature around me and lifted up by fulfilling my life’s purpose.

  • http://www.facebook.com/divrdrew Andrew Gold

    As a college professor, I would assemble a team of today’s leaders in business and social responsibility, and bring them into my classroom to meet with my students. My passion is teaching…it’s my purpose in life…so I would use my group of people to improve the classroom experience and provide an inisight that the students couldn’t get anywhere else.

    • http://twitter.com/_Scott_Dinsmore Scott Dinsmore

      Man Andrew the university systems needs more guys like you. Makes me so happy to know you’re doing your part – thank you!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mikegau Mike Gau

    Anything would be possible & I would be free to pursue my most outrageous goals. For me, that happens to be starting my own business.

  • serge

    In general terms, if I had the help of anyone I wanted, my life would be different in that I would more readily see opportunities I can move forward with and what things are holding me back. I would regularly have someone asking me the kinds of questions that bring clarity to the decision making process. I would be creatively challenged to take risks and do things that I might have been unsure about my ability to do so from my own limited perspective, I would have better direction to tools and resources, and I would have support and feedback through the process of experimentation, learning, and assessment.

    With the right support group I would share my thoughts and ideas more openly and vulnerably as I am not able to do elsewhere. I would listen to counsel, pick people’s brains, share my experience as I’m learning, apply myself not only to listening to others and receiving their counsel, but at learning to coach, ask good questions, and be that helping voice for others as well. With the right support group, I would be fully invested in not only showing up for my own success, but also for the success of others. I love the aspect of reciprocity in this context. My desire to be successful and be better becomes just as driven by the desire to see others grow and become successful, for others to see themselves and the world differently, in ways they hadn’t considered or begun to imagine!

  • Gordon Lanpher

    Life is about relationships. Rather it is a life long marriage or a three second smile at stranger walking by on the sidewalk, its is about connections. This belief is why I place high value on my networks and building networks. I think we interdependent beings. Therefore, its life-changing to have this help from anybody because I believe I have something to offer them that they would not otherwise. We can enter into a mutual beneficial relationship. If I could do this more often I would be more healthy both in social, personal and career matters. Its a not just a stepping stone but a launching pad life skill. It provides foundational element to to almost all parts of life.

  • Jaspal Sandhu

    I have a wonderful llife. My family, my health, my career and my social life are better than I could have dreamed of when I was younger. I don’t have much money, but that doesn’t overly concern me. As I see it, money is an infinite resource. But time isn’t. And now that I’m in my fifties, it is becoming more valuable to me. I’m just beginning to realise my purpose, my Why, and it’s not related to my day job. So, with the right person’s help, I could shake off my fear of change, and get busy doing things that will make a positive difference in peoples’ lives.

  • Christina Perez

    “How would your life be different if you had the help of anyone you wanted? What would you do with the right support?”

    I would have my own creative business up and running! I would be out in the local community trying to bring back local activities and getting programs back in place for after school tutoring and just have fun activities going for any age.

    I’d be encouraging people to try something different, even if it’s a little bit of something. Most people here think arts and crafts are macoroni necklaces and ‘granny quilting’. I always wanted to get out and show people that art can bring people together, and we can all work together to make a real awesome community.

    It’s pretty lacking right now…and I’m still on the outside, but I’m trying to get moving. I hope that doesn’t sound naive…but I’ve learned to call this place home, and I’d love to give back to it and get involved.

    Not quite sure how to do it, but I’m asking around.

  • Aarti

    My one aspiration is to revolutionise education by enabling people to progress through acquisition of knowledge that is not constrained by the demands of prospective employers or society. In other words, I wish to make knowledge and wisdom a second nature to humanity, rather than something rare. I want people to be able to learn and pursue anything they like, just for the sake of it.

  • Alison Lewis

    If i had the right support, I would expand my network of fellow bellydance teachers, deepen my connections and get help to develop both my teaching and performance skills in order to be able to inspire women around the country (and further afield) to get involved in Egyptian Bellydance. This dance is an incredibly rich, vibrant and creative artform that encourages women to develop a positive body image and self-esteem regardless of shape, size or level of fitness, explore their creativity through improvisation and connect with their emotions through expressing the music. I love teaching it, but could do with some help to get to grips with the practicalities of taking this to the next level, in terms of teaching workshops and residential courses around the country, and possibly creating online resources for the dance form (with the benefit of my 24 years in IT). Emotional support too, as I’d be getting to grips with a major career/life change (I’ve already taken voluntary redundancy from my last job) as well as the lingering after-effects of depression.

    (A similar comment may have already been posted, due to technical problems!)

  • http://www.valueofsimple.com/ Joel Zaslofsky

    I’ll tell ya this Scott: if I had the help of anyone I wanted, I would permanently break any selfish bone in my body. Imagine a life where everyone wanted to help you and you had access to help amazing people. Imagine a world where you could tap your resources where and when you needed in order to help everyone else. Because you wouldn’t need to benefit anymore. You’re already set for life with all these wonderful friends.

    As selfless as I try to be, there are still impulses in my bones to do certain things for selfish reasons. With the help of anyone I wanted, those impulses vanish. Poof. Gonzo. That could be the power of How to Connect with Anyone for me.

    P.S. Liz, you knocked this one out of the park and your resource is going to help a TON of people! It’s almost a shame that everyone is commenting on Scott’s question (which they should, I did too) and not commenting on the awesomeness you just cranked out for our community. Look out Keith Ferrazzi! Liz just increased the stakes on the best mastermind/lifeline resource out there.

    • http://alifeonyourterms.com/ Liz Seda

      Thanks for the shout out Joel! I was worrying that no one saw the workbook, but I’m glad you think it’s useful.

      And yea. Keith Ferrazzi can bring it on! (Seriously Keith, let’s talk this out like adults. You know where to find me.)

  • Jerri Clemons

    I’d say if I had the right support, I would pursue my dream of becoming an artist. I’ve been writing a blog for the past 8 months as well as writing/singing/playing music most of my life, but never had enough support to pursue it as a career. This has resulted in me working various jobs, but never enjoying my work. Being in a group of folks that wouldn’t allow me to fail would help me to do this full-time and make a living with it as opposed to being a ‘cubicle slave’.

    Thanks, and good luck to all the dreamers out there!

  • http://www.2have2be2do.com/ Darius Belejevas

    Actually I think I’ve just got all the help that I am looking for at the moment and by this I mean the “Ultimate MM Team” ebook (guess it’s just my lucky day :) ). Just wanted to drop by say special thanks to Liz and LYL team!

    I’ll report back after putting the advice from the book in action

    • http://alifeonyourterms.com/ Liz Seda

      Thanks Darius. Let me know what you think ok? And definitely report back!

  • Kelly Pietrangeli

    My life would be different if I had the help of someone who knew how I should go about dissecting the entire contents of my huge digital program project into smaller, truly helpful blog posts. It’s a daunting project and I want to do it right. I also want advice on which parts of the program to hold back on and save as smaller ebooks. If I had the right support I’d feel confident about launching the hell out of my website and could properly begin to pursue my passion to help busy mothers everywhere to feel more productive, focussed and fulfilled. I just need the perspective and guidance of someone outside of the project to help make this dream come true!

  • Raja

    Connecting with Educators around the world …… Education can be greatly enriched through Authenticity, Clarity, and Synergy. For this to happen, we need to integrate PRACTICE OF WISDOM and the WISDOM OF PRACTICE (Science of experiential wisdom)…..

    This would result in millions of teachers and students receiving the inspiring gift of Self-understanding–Knowing one’s strengths, resources, goodwill, and how to align these with one’s life purpose… This will also result in unleashing the optimizing spirit of team synergy when people will align based on common purpose, common principles, and common priorities.

    We would be delighted to connect with LYL team to convert this vision into a reality….

  • James H.

    I would pursue ground-breaking animation – films, series, shorts – in a way that let me exercise creativity every day even as I empowered others to develop their own artistic expression in the medium, all while challenging entrenched thought in the pursuit of larger truths.

  • http://www.transpiral.org/ Yasmine Khater

    I have been helping people for years, its made a huge difference especially when I get text and messages of people doing things they wouldnt have done without me connecting them with the right people and helping them explore the right options. There is a chinese thing in tai chi about the watermelon, and the wise man says have the watermelon yourself you wont enjoy, share it with your friend and you will get satisfaction

  • http://twitter.com/AlanJacksn Alan Jackson

    When I have the help of those whom I share a similar vision, lives will be improved , inspired, moved by passion first, & lived with love. With the right support, I would focus, on my lifelong desire to inspire others, follow my passions for travel, art & music, and learn and teach along the journey.

  • Nita Roberts

    For as long as i can remember, I’ve always had the dream of becoming a fashion designer and stylist but not just an ordinary one that will fade away in a matter of time but one that will be tattooed in the hearts of every individual for as long as forever is. I believe so much in fashion and everything about it that I have a massive priceless plate of ideas of what to do with it so it isn’t ordinary but unfortunately I am one of those that aren’t fortunate enough to have parents that can afford a good, valuable and quality education abroad. I have been lucky enough though to be enrolled in a very good fashion school in Ghana but I know I need more. There’s that particular education I need to jump start what I want to become. All I just need is the right support. I have hoped and prayed endlessly for such luck for the past 9 years of my life but it’s been like wishing for rain as I stand in desert. I believe a lot in myself to make my sponsor/supporter very proud but I just need someone else to believe in me the same way enough to help me get there, I just need that rain to come down someday.

  • http://www.thenakenoise.com Joshua Gonzales

    If I had the help of anyone I wanted I would create a business centered around sustainable living and creating jobs for veterans. Both of these issues are near and dear to my heart, but I don’t feel like I have the skills yet to be able to accomplish these goals. I’m still a university student and, while I have created a 10 year plan, being able to connect with anyone would accelerate my plans exponentially. Thank you for creating this program Scott. I look forward to working through your program whether it’s through your scholarship or through my own funds.

  • H. G.

    “It’s not what you look at
    that matters, it’s what you see.” – Thoreau

    In the spirit of Simon Sinek and re-animated play, I would like to change the
    questions. =0)

    1) “What groups do you associate with
    during the course of a day? How do these groups influence your values
    and beliefs? How do these groups restrict or expand your thinking
    about yourself and others?”
    – Building Cultural
    Intelligence, Richard. D. Bucher

    2) When you look for support

    and authentic connection, do you find grand schemes to move a
    hemisphere? Or do you find real and gracefully flawed individuals who
    have skills in resource management and practice the retrospective
    care, creative forethought and delicate habits, which must be present
    in economically organizing teams as well as environments?

    3) How would other’s lives be changed if you had the capacity to connect
    with and help everyone you yearned to? What does giving right support
    look like when you’re standing at that faithful intersection between
    the needs of the world and your own?
    *Look up Parker Palmer’s for
    more on this matter.*

    My answer is:
    I’m a small town girl
    and I will smile at everyone I passed, on the way to anywhere, until
    the day I die.
    “I truly believe that if I had the whole
    story, enough time, and the opportunity to really know the person
    sitting next to me – there would be no one I could not love.” –
    Laurie Helgoe

    Agent H.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=504905938 Justin Harmon

      that quote’s awesome!

  • Kala

    Even as I type this comment, I’m contemplating if I should even send it! I clearly am in need of a bit more support than I think. If I had the help of anyone I wanted my life would be unstoppable. Excuses are the common reason I have not completed a task or project, I don’t have time, I don’t have resources, its way too much work, I already do too much, no one wants to talk or hear from me and so many more. With the right support team I could conquer it all. I could be the amazing Mom I am committed to being, while having a passionate, fun marriage with my husband, all while helping and encouraging others to be their best self as well as successfully fulfilling my vision for our company and how it can help others (Whewww..thats a long one). I am by nature attracted to helping others and have noticed in doing a few of the exercises from Live your Legend that I surround myself with people that need my help but don’t want to help me. I know now looking back on a few of my failures that a huge problem was a lack of support and encouragement and courage. It’s been a humbling experience to say to myself that I need the support of others to accomplish any of the profound goals I’ve set for myself.

    With the right support I could make things actually happen like I envision them. I could ride the kite of someone else’s courage and do the things I dread doing. Having that kind of support excites me beyond words.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jonathan.sakian Jonathan Sakian

    Here are the questions: How would your life be different if you had the help of anyone you wanted? What would you pursue?

    After 3 hours to critically think about the true scenario

  • Lessie S

    How would your life be different if you had the help of anyone you wanted? I would ask for answers to inquiries on any discomforts or productive things to learn. What would you pursue? From medical advice, to father and mother figures I never had, to professional mentors who can show the ropes, to finding true love and friendships, I would know someone cares about my education and support and will take action in giving. My life would be richer and I would give back to others. I already have met some people who have successes but they can be stingy about sharing resources or not find me relevant or not understand–then there are times I’ve been afraid to ask.
    You just remined me there are many people out there (not everyone though) who can help but fear and miscommunication are hindrances. Thank you for your help.

  • http://www.facebook.com/karen.sawrey Karen Sawrey

    I’m a musician from Ukraine. And if I had the support from all the people I dream of working with one day I’d be able to fulfill my dream – start a band that will redefine the way showbiz works these days and connect those many now-lonely and miserable people out there in the world relieving their pain and the feeling of disconnectedness at once.
    Kind regards, Karen.

  • http://www.facebook.com/yessica.sillekens Yessica Alaya Sillekens

    With the right personal and financial support I would start my own radio show and Conscious Global Leadership Coaching Business to guide global political, corporate, social and spiritual leaders to clarity in their overwhelm, confusion and inner&outer conflicts and distractions that keep them from inner clarity, peace and resolve for making the clear and courageous, conscious and mindful decisions that are known to solve humanity’s problems and will establish more world peace, end of poverty, end of abuse and violence and the end of environmental and social problems. The answers exist, there is just too much noise to hear and implement them…

  • Kristin

    The timing of this opportunity couldn’t be better. I’m wrapping up a year and a half long road trip that has taken me through 48 states, that’s allowed me to drive over 35,000 miles, and dine at more than 450 completely vegan restaurants (which was the goal at the outset). A couple of weeks ago I got a call from a new publishing company and we’re in talks of my very first book, ever. I’ve also started planning an end-of-trip party in NYC, featuring some of my favorite eateries, a dance party, and some other digital product launches. Because of this crazy, donation-based, life-changing, van-dwelling adventure, I’ve got a ton of new and super exciting things on my plate. That’s the great news. The not so great news is that I’m feeling overwhelmed. If I had help from anyone I wanted I would (continue to ) fiercely follow my dreams of creating digital products, learning how to live nomadically for an indefinite period of time, become a published writer, AND learn how to better manage my time so that I don’t get overloaded and stuck. In addition to all that I have coming up, that’s been inspired by my current road trip, I also have another website that’s building passive income – but it’s been put on the back burner while I’ve been on the road. In addition, I LOVE helping others figure out how to quit their jobs and do what they love. So, there’s consulting potential here to. As you can see I’ve got a lot of ideas, and a lot to work on. All I need is a little direction from the right people. <3

  • Kristin

    (not sure this posted the first time, re-trying) The timing of this opportunity couldn’t be better. I’m wrapping up a year and a half long road trip that has taken me through 48 states, that’s allowed me to drive over 35,000 miles, and dine at more than 450 completely vegan restaurants (which was the goal at the outset). A couple of weeks ago I got a call from a new publishing company and we’re in talks of my very first book, ever. I’ve also started planning an end-of-trip party in NYC, featuring some of my favorite eateries, a dance party, and some other digital product launches. Because of this crazy, donation-based, life-changing, van-dwelling adventure, I’ve got a ton of new and super exciting things on my plate. That’s the great news. The not so great news is that I’m feeling overwhelmed. If I had help from anyone I wanted I would (continue to ) fiercely follow my dreams of creating digital products, learning how to live nomadically for an indefinite period of time, become a published writer, AND learn how to better manage my time so that I don’t get overloaded and stuck. In addition to all that I have coming up, that’s been inspired by my current road trip, I also have another website that’s building passive income – but it’s been put on the back burner while I’ve been on the road. In addition, I LOVE helping others figure out how to quit their jobs and do what they love. So, there’s consulting potential here to. As you can see I’ve got a lot of ideas, and a lot to work on. All I need is a little direction from the right people. <3

  • A Bishop

    Hey Scott,

    My life would be different if I could
    connect and get the help of a couple of the people on my connect list.
    It would be different in this way – I believe that by mentorship and
    strategic guidance I could continue to build and accelerate The 365
    Effect. My ability to execute at a higher level and with complete focus
    would allow me pursue my vision at a more robust pace. “I have never
    wanted to change the world….but I do want to lead a movement where
    people change themselves”. Connecting with the right people where I
    can truly ADD Value and BE Valued is an essential step in this process.

    I welcome any help you can suggest or provide.

  • Stacy

    Young women today are faced with unbelievable stressors on a regular basis: “friends” anonymously tweeting things your most ashamed of, best friends killing themselves at your July Fourth party, parents verbally abusing you daily, not feeling good enough bc you aren’t supermodel thin.

    These are just a few stories from the young women I talk with on a regular basis. I am sure their stories are not unique. How are girls suppose to go after their dreams when they are dealing with major issues and feel so alone at times. I want to make a major difference on a worldwide level to help young women overcome the ridiculous amount of crap they deal with on a daily basis so that they are able to not only dream big, but achieve them too!!

    I have been a teacher for 12 years and am leaving teaching to start a company called Girls Dreaming Big. I know the “why” but am still working on all the details on the how. With help I know I can make a major impact on countless young women’s lives!!!

  • Jorge Sivit

    Hi Scott,

    Sure, it would help me achieve many of my goals and I would be less afraid to pursue my dreams, but I really hope it would teach me how to help other people too and be a more open person.

    Kind regards,

  • MehdiRene

    (It’s only 2 simple questions, I know. Apologies for the excessive verbosity, just tend to get carried away!)

    For the past few years I’ve been fighting forward to self-discover, develop and apply to the world with game-changing positivity. As enriching as it’s been, it’s been rough and continues to be for one main reason – I’m going it alone. With a strong drive, focus and knowledge I work like I’ve never worked before. All my free time devoted to what I’m passionate about – learning essential life lessons not taught in classrooms through experiential self-discovery and mental fortitude, but it’s seemingly lost without people who think and act along the same lines.

    After growing up deconstructing society’s wrongs, I realized it gets me nowhere and helps no one. So I switched up my game and refocused my life on positivity, optimism, growth and action. Everything is going well, but I’m isolated in my endeavor. Friends and family don’t understand completely and see how I see. I’m thinking about taking off for another country or stray from the East and plant on the West Coast to engage with ambitious minds on the progressive front lines of a mentally sound good life revolution.

    It’s my goal to liberate from convention and live with extraordinary intention making it priority number one to help others free from the mental confines our minds trick us into and breaking into the land of optimism, health, possibility and purpose; a world where people do what they do best with enthusiasm and success.

    If I had people on my side, that’s what I’d do. I’d also have some fun with them, challenge each other, test physical and mental limits, chat on life, think up phenomenal and funky things to positively breach the status quo, whatever.

    Thanks for all you do. Thanks Liz for that mind-blowing Mastermind Workbook. Thanks to everyone else in this community who dares to dream.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=504905938 Justin Harmon

      I’m on your side man. Everything you said resonates with how I feel. My friends and family understand what I’m doing, but don’t really seem to want to care about it. I can’t wait till I achieve my dreams and more to show them and everyone else I can reach, that dreams are no longer dreams. It’s just up to me to change and take action.

      It’s about the journey and doing something that gives me a sense of purpose in the world. Now that I know what that is, I can never stop pursuing. At the end of the day, if I have failed for the 10,000th time, I ‘ll know that I was living my way. It doesn’t matter if I make a dime from it. What matters to me is knowing that without pursuing my dreams, I get sucked back in the matrix and need to do everything I can to find my way back out.

      Sorry for going on a tangent. Thank you also for daring to dream. It’s in all of us, we just need to wake them and set them free. And you’re right, it’s hard doing it alone.


      • MehdiRene

        I’m sure they want to seem to care, they just aren’t thinking on the same level. Our minds get caught and tangled in the fishnets society trawls throughout our lives. I agree that feeling a sense of fulfillment in the form of success is a worthy milestone to prioritize your actions, but also believe it’s beneficial to pause and dream-check – asking what about your passion has a purpose, meaning how can your particular interests apply to benefit others. Keep plugging away and you’re bound to stay afloat. Cheers.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=504905938 Justin Harmon

    How would your life be different if you had the help of anyone you wanted?

    I would be a hell of a lot more busier. I would be able to spread my message a lot further and to more people who need to hear it.

    I would be able to contribute substantially to the cause of helping people live their passions, on their own terms, and make a difference in the world.

    Being someone that has been fairly poor (financially) my entire life, I have seen the damage it does to the human spirit and dreams. Having found my “why” in doing whatever it takes to help people wake up and live a life of fulfillment, I have discovered a new perception on life.

    Looking at the world from the bottom up, it’s hard to believe in dreams, and living on your own terms. It hardly fits into the reality that so many of us live. By being someone who has seen the absolute worst in life, I have come to understand the importance of either reaching for the sky, or giving up.

    All I want from life is for the world to change. I want to help create a world, where creativity, ideas, and dreams are the norm. I want to help those around me see the vision I see. A vision that let’s them see unlimited possibilities for their lives. To help people believe again, find their purpose, and take actions that have another’s best interests in mind.

    I can’t imagine not doing what I’m doing now. Having a hand to grab onto when I feel like I’m so close, after I have come so far, I believe would take my life, message, and others perceptions of what is possible, to a whole new level.

    If I already haven’t told you before Scott, your doing something amazing here and Liz, you know I think your freaking ridiculously awesome! No matter what help I am able to get, I don’t care as much as I do that I keep moving forward on my dreams and doing whatever I can to change the world–one post at a time.

    • http://alifeonyourterms.com/ Liz Seda

      Love you too Justin!

  • Peter Dupuis

    How would your life be different if you had the help of anyone you wanted? What would you pursue?

    My life would be different in that amazing things would happen if I had the help of anyone I wanted as roads less traveled rose to greet me.

    I would peruse multiple streams of income ranging from participating in sub-regional farming, engaging in micro and market farming and viticulture, online properties, a sustainable capital investment business and the acquisition of real estate. All of this has the underlying goal of working to become successfully independent so as to pay it forward and make those around me secure for the long term.

    To paraphrase C.C. Chapman, I want to learn how to “be a passion hit” and show the world that anyone can Live their Legend!

  • Andrew Fonceca

    How would my life be different if I had the help of anyone I wanted?

    Dreams shall come to fruition, work will blend with play, fulfillment will pulsate from my heart, and all these things will be shared with the world in turn.

    Thank you Scott, Liz, and the LYL Team. I wish there were better words to thank you for the life’s work you’ve put out here so far, but for now “thank you” will have to do.

  • http://twitter.com/LivingUrBliss Bliss Magazine

    Hi guys,

    The essence of who I am is healing energy, loving inspiration and smiling
    sunshine. I launched http://www.livingurbliss.com last month and it is still a
    masterpiece in progress. My intent is to have who I am come through this site
    by living my bliss. This site is going to capture people (Blissfuls) who have
    made a conscious decision to create bliss filled moments. I want people to be
    passionate and on fire for the things they love to do. I want the site to be a
    community that inspires, encourages and uplifts people to be their highest
    potential. I want people to realize that the here and now, in this present moment you can create the life of your dreams. This will be and is my way of being of service and adding value to the lives of others.

    How would your life be different if you had the help of anyone you wanted?

    First of all my vision is very clear – my purpose is to add value by
    capturing bliss filled moments and encouraging others to do the same. Where I need tweaking is the business aspect of it. So if I had help in this area than I could
    focus more on the creative aspects of livingurbliss. Most importantly we would
    serve a lot more people. It will be like having my own mastermind group. A
    collaboration of some sort that will create an empire that will allow us to be
    of service. The bottom line is that I just want people to realize their worth
    and potential.

    What would you pursue?

    Well, the sky would be the limit at this point. I could focus on growing
    the brand whether it’s by writing a book or having retreats or seminars where I
    can connect with others who are like minded. Maybe even creating a series of
    curriculums that focus on livingurbliss and doing the thing you are most
    passionate about. It could be a series of unmasking limiting belief-systems and
    paradigms. The list is endless because Livingurbliss has infinite potential.

    Thank you for the wonderful work you do.

  • Traci

    I’m not sure, yet, how my life would change if I could be connected to anyone I wanted to… I have the opportunity to connect with a lot of people, but sometimes the connections fall flat. I might be brave and try and connect with someone “out of my league” if given the opportunity.

  • http://twitter.com/verochai Veronica Chaidez

    If we had unlimited support from people as passionate and more passionate than I, we would be strategically positioned around the globe to pass policy on climate change that would save LIFE on this planet. This I believe to be true.

    I have a degree in biology because since the age of 9 I have feared for the continual existence of life, in its myriad of forms, on Earth.

  • Brian Lawler

    Wow, how much time do you have to read what my answer would be, I’ll give you the short version.
    If I could connect with anyone, the benefit to my life would be to become a sponge & learn & keep learning in the areas of nutrition, fitness & wealth generation so I could pass this on to others who would not necessarily have gotten the chance. I’m passionate about health & wealth & I’d want show how positive life would be for the individual & people around them by eating better & being fitter. I love the rich dad poor dad books & would love to help people create their own wealth with out the exuberant prices something like rich dad costs. My focus would be on young people, to positively influence young people today means to positively influence the world tomorrow. I may not change the world, but the people I can help will be the ones who can.

  • Anthony

    The work you are doing is great, alongside those like Leo Baubauta and Tim Feris. I think the interesting thing about all these lifestyle design websites (if you don’t mind being called that!) is that you all bring your different personalities into it. Leo is more measured in his habits approach, Tim Ferris is goal orientated and very thorough in his approach, and yours is very passionate and, if I may say so, a tad more emotional. It’s a great quality that I really like personally, since my field of work is the performing arts, and where emotion is really valuable and adds so much to a performance. So thank you for your genuine passion, in your aim to help others make the most of their talents in a way that is meaningful.

    • http://twitter.com/_Scott_Dinsmore Scott Dinsmore

      It’s an honor to be included among such people Anthony. Tim and Leo have no doubt taught me a lot. Thanks for this and for being a part of the Revolution!

  • Ruhi Zandra

    —> Educate budding, young scientists to be filmmakers!

    My parents taught my sister and I about Mastermind groups when we were very young. My group consisted of Albert Einstein, Abdul-Baha, Martha Root, Booker T. Washington, Black Elk, Mahatma Gandhi, and Sally K. Ride. I would have imaginary conversations with each of them and note down their thoughts and suggestions. I am grateful to my mother and father for introducing them to me via books. All but one lived on earth before I was born. While still in primary school I longed to meet Ms. Ride. My dream was either to become an astronaut or a filmmaker. Or maybe both?! One day my family took a trip to Disneyland when I was still just a kid… and guess who was on one of the floats? That’s right it was Ms. Ride. She was a special guest of the park. My passion for becoming an astronaut went from a spark to a flame in an instant. I became obsessed with science. All the while making short films along the way. One summer I went to Space Academy back in Huntsville, Alabama and decided I would attend university wherever there were former astronauts researching/teaching. Long story short, I enrolled at the University of California, San Diego where Ms. Ride was offering physics courses. I signed up for her class and went to her office hours the first chance I got. After chatting for sometime about my dream, her research work, asking questions about the astronaut program, going over my physics homework, and finally sharing that she was in Mastermind group — she smiled, with a gleam in her eye, and said “It has been a pleasure talking you… all these years.” I laughed but seeing how many mistakes there were on my paper I felt a little disappointed. She noticed and mentioned that there would no doubt be a need for filmmakers in space in the future — and that I should just enjoy the class. I did. Fast forward to now: perhaps I can help educate the first generation of space filmmakers? Did I become a filmmaker instead of an astronaut? Yup. Am I crazy? You bet. But I have a feeling my new Live Your Legend Mastermind group won’t think so. We have the power to bring all things good into reality. Here’s to everyone’s success — enjoy the journey!

  • jason magama

    I think that for me, I would like to find someone who would have made it in life with the help of someone who would have worked his way up to fame and having also been able to touch the lives of millions of others. With that I can say that I would be transformed in many ways. Firstly , since I am a christian I will be prepared spiritually and I will be groomed mentally. The way I see it is for one to make it in life you have to be knowing your goals and once have made up your mind you have to not only look at yourself on your way up but also consider on helping those who are also starting out.

    In most cases you will find out that you are not the only person who has that same vision and with the support you would have been given you must just pass it on to someone else. Some once told me ,”Those who make it in life are not the ones who got to the top of the mountain by themselves but with the help of others”. The thing with life these days is that most people who make it take all the credit and forget that their success was partly due to the support you got from others and the ideas you shared.

    I think that what is wrong with most people who would have made it is that they forget where they would have come from and think that it is all about going forward and not looking back. There will always be someone who has a great idea but will not have anyone who believes in that person mentally and spiritually. I think that if people were of that way of thinking this would be a different would and the poverty size would be very small. My father told me once that ” Life can either break you or it can make you”. At first I did not understand it but , now I understand.

    If you were to ask anyone on the street what they wanted , I think 99% would say that would want to be successful but you can gave a desire for that but it will not go anywhere if you are not willing to working and fight for your dream. The moment you tell yourself that you want to achieve you goal and no matter what situation you may face and no matter what they say it should not put you of course for you line of success.

  • WB

    How would your life be different if you had the help of anyone you wanted?
    I would think my life would be such a joyous, fun and most importantly, an ever expansive affair! If I had the help of anyone I wanted, I would also try my best to help others back. It’s not because of “you scratch my back and I scratch yours”, but because It’s satisfying to help others and it’s fun to rendezvous with like-minded people. Not only my life will grow, others will, too. I always think if everyone lives a positive and contributing life, the world will automatically be at a better place.

    What would you pursue?
    I would pursue what my talents, skills and interests command me to pursue. I’m into healthy living, sports and well-being. My ultimate goal is to empower people to actualize their potential in a positive way, 1 person at a time.

    I’ve just recently discovered your site. I love your enthusiasm and ways to promote people into action. Thank you for showing us the way.

  • Jan van Baardewijk

    At the start of this year I connected a good friend of mine who is a constructor (26 years old) and 2 years without work already to an engineer I know. At this moment he is finding life back and working again and both are really happy. I was touched by this situation, it’s so simple yet it doesn’t happen often enough.

    If I got the chance to connect with anyone, I would bring loads of people together. At this moment I’ve so much people around me who can’t get a job, or can’t get started with their business because they’re not connected to the right people. And in that way they can do the same!

    When I would have the possibility to connect with anyone, the world would be a better place…

  • Daria

    There are so many things which hold me back and I work so hard to fix them. Therefore I believe having a strong mentor or a support group will definitely accelerate my growth and help me to reach my true potential. I have a strong feeling that I want to be a part of the movement that changes the world by raising global awareness and education. I hold colossal ambitions related to education for sustainable development as well as I am aware of the fact that prioritizing education as a primary asset in shaping ecologically stable and healthy future is one of the cornerstones of the movement I want to create.
    Having powerful and influential people helping me to change the world by introducing new system of education will assist me to make an impact not only on a micro level but reach to as far as all countries of the world. It is a global project and I am sure people have started to realize that it is time for a change.
    Fortunately, there are strategies developed by me that I would like to give consideration to with influential people. To give you an idea of a huge project: building a special school far from a city area where kids would learn to connect with environment in a more healthy and fundamental way using new generation technologies for optimizing learning strategies and as a result shaping future through young generations.
    If I had a help of a host of influential figures I would change the world for better!

    • Scott

      I LOVE this vision Daria!! And it’s so fun to hear, see and feel your passion for it when you explain your ideas to me at Samovar. So excited to have you a part of this movement. The world needs what you’re doing!

  • Leah Hynes

    Scott & Liz – Before joining the How to Connect With Anyone course I had no idea what a mastermind group even was! So the fact that it has ended up being completely life-changing still blows my mind! I can’t imagine life without my beautiful team Amigas.

    I love what you say, Liz, about the ‘third mind’ – I certainly resonate with that from hands-on results through my first and only mastermind group with the Amigas. Ideas flow, excitement remains steady and inspiration abounds.

    Everything seems possible and life is damn good right now! I couldn’t do it
    without them, and without you and Scott – what a journey this continues to be!

    • liveyourlegend

      Your story makes me SO happy Leah! I probably watched you success story video six times yesterday. Amazing to see what you and the Amigas have done. Can’t wait to publish the video for everyone else to see! Thanks for being such a huge part of our our community – and the inspiration for other members!

    • http://alifeonyourterms.com/ Liz Seda

      Yea! So happy you make that decision to join the course. It wouldn’t be the same without you!

  • Sarah

    If I had the help I wanted, my life would be perfect. I have been struggling to find the advice I need on how to define my path in life and how to reach my goals.

    The reason why my life is messed up right now is because I asked the wrong people for advice. I know that with the right kind of help I will be able to be the person I want to be and contribute to the world.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mhawthorne64 Michael Hawthorne

    Hi Scott,

    Here’s my responses to your questions…

    >>>How would your life be different if you had the help of anyone you wanted?

    One of my greatest life-long stumbling blocks has been the idea that I should be responsible for myself. Self-reliant, self-motivated, self-actuated. I was sort of forced into an early adulthood when, at age 8, my folks divorced and I became ‘the man of the house’. A horrible role to foist upon an 8-year old (I am the 2nd of 5 kids). I took that idea with my 8-year-old mind and warped it into “I should know the answers”, so if I couldn’t figure it out myself I avoided it (whatever “it” was). Mom liked her wine and beer, so my most immediate resource at that age was rarely available,and that was the basis for a pattern of fear-based avoidance behavior that I carried with me for most of my life. I don’t know how to answer this question than to say EVERYTHING about my life would be different. If I had readily-accessible mentors and sources of information and feedback, I would have continued with many projects and activities started but quit when things got difficult or scary (music lessons, dance, judo, tennis, anything else that required me to stretch myself and step outside my comfort zones). Finally, here at age 48, i’m making a lot of changes, study, and learning things that most would think obvious but for me was always hidden – I’ve got a lot more control over my life and circumstances than I ever realized. Things that feel like they are happening to me – I can change those with persistent and directed effort. So my immediate goal is learning about myself and how I can direct my own life and how my own attitudes, decisions, and actions can create my own world. Finding you, Scott, has come about as a direct result of those efforts. You’re just what I needed right now, and I found you on purpose. I didn’t know it, but I was looking for YOU!

    >>>What would you pursue?

    Again, my immediate efforts are toward self-realization and discovery – continuing the development process and becoming the man I’ve kept bottled up inside for so long. I’ve spent a lot of years worrying that I’m wasting my life, “I wish I’d never been born”, but all those years brought me exactly where I am. (I actually saved a kid’s life when I was about 10, so I’m glad I was born…) Today, I like who I am and where I’m going and the potential I see. I need help with getting clarity of intention, setting my goals, and figuring out how to get from here to there. I’m certainly on the right track, but with more to be revealed. I’ve always enjoyed being a performer of sorts – making people laugh and feel good. My ultimate goal, I think, is to get to a point where I’m not worrying about my own situation and getting to a place where I can do for others and create a way that by doing that I can sustain myself.

    I hope that all makes sense. ;-)

  • Lauren

    I’m still in the process of trying to discover what it is that I even want to pursue. I’m working through LOYP but am still struggling to pin down an idea. This idea of pursuing passion has been a game changer for me, and honestly your website has been the biggest contributor in my search for more. (Thank you for providing so much value!) I know there’s bigger and better things out there for me, I’m just not sure what that is yet. If I had the help of anyone, it would be some sort of coach or mentor to push to me to discover what it is I want in life. I believe I have a lot of passion and value to share with people but I need to figure out what the best outlet is for me to do this. Love this community!

  • http://twitter.com/AWishComeClear Caroline McGraw

    First and foremost, thank you for offering this opportunity to us, Scott!

    Just a quick intro: I’m would-be childhood paleontologist turned storyteller / copywriter,
    digging for treasure in people with autism & special needs &
    empowering others to do the same.

    My site, A Wish Come Clear, is devoted to helping people find meaning in their most challenging relationships, particularly when it comes to caregiving.

    With the right support, I would grow and expand the community of parents, friends and advocates at A Wish Come Clear. I would empower more caregivers to ‘dig for treasure’ in people with autism and intellectual disabilities.

    I am so thankful for how the community has grown in the last two years (from a small personal blog into a place where thousands of readers gain hope and inspiration each month), and yet I also know that I need to build additional relationships with thought leaders in the disability world in order to really reach out to the community as a whole … and I know that How to Connect with Anyone would be invaluable in that effort!

    Thank you for your time and consideration, Scott!

  • lynne

    With the support of others, my life’s purpose could possibly become a
    tangible product, beneficial to society, rather than remain an unheard-of

    Twenty years ago, I discovered a theory I still believe could diminish
    the divorce rate — that music can predict compatibility between two people.

    In 2005, after creating a compatibility algorithm based on years of research, I built a music dating site to showcase the matching system. However, I naively ran the business entirely on my own, stumbling around with different business models and little funding. I tried to enlist social scientists, web engineers, music industry folks, angel investors, and other entrepreneurs. Despite everyone’s general support of the concept, their attention was short-lived.

    After five years of spinning my wheels, I had to let it go. It was time to pay back debt. It saddens and frustrates me to know I have a tool that could possibly help singles make better mating decisions, but not the means to make it happen. I feel
    disappointed and distraught that I cannot figure out the next steps. However, my passion for it remains strong.

    p.s. Your messages inspire me daily. Thank you so much.

    • http://alifeonyourterms.com/ Liz Seda

      Wow that’s crazy!

  • http://twitter.com/jeffreybunn Jeffrey Bunn

    Scott, the LYL team, and Liz – thanks for all that you do!

    I’ll keep this short and to the point. I’m an idea person. I have them written on notebooks all over my apartment, in several mobile devices, and on random documents on my computer.

    Small ideas don’t interest me. The ideas that matter to me must matter to everyone – to be capable of a systemic change for the better. I can chip away at these goals for years – which I most certainly will – and build connections the best I can.

    With the right support, however, I can speed up this process; make the ideas better and bigger than I can dream – and make them a reality.

    And that’s the goal. An idea by itself is worthless. To have a fantastic network to help give an idea wings, now THAT’S something that’s valuable. And that’s what I would do :)

    • http://alifeonyourterms.com/ Liz Seda

      Thanks for all YOU do jeffrey!

  • [email protected]

    How would your life be different if you had the help of anyone you wanted?
    I have pretty much pulled myself up all my life – got the highest level of education in my field, the first one to do so in my entire extended family; had a successful career in my field, raised my child by myself. So I know how to get myself motivated and achieve goals by myself really well. That’s the hard way to do it! What I haven’t fully experienced yet is doing something with a supportive team where everyone is pulling together. I think I could multiply my impact exponentially. I am deeply committed to holistic health and people becoming informed so that they can stand responsible for their own health.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lindsay.hong.808 Lindsay Hong

    With the right support, I would start a company that helped change community and work environments to promote better mental and physical health, more local food sources, and better exercise habits. The ultimate goal is to increase preventive health behaviors to decrease overall health care spending in our country. This would mean we could focus more energy and resources on helping others pursue their passions.

    • http://alifeonyourterms.com/ Liz Seda

      Indeed Lindsay!

  • http://www.facebook.com/heather.hope.3958 Heather Hope

    My life would be different because I won’t be so hard on myself. I have been programmed that we must be independent, that we have to do it alone, that if we don’t excel with the ‘important’ things, we’re useless…..Having the support of a community would be amazing. To freely speak my mind and my truth without repercussions, to collaborate on something great. It would mostly be amazing since as they would be helping me, I would be helping and inspiring them. I want my world filled with joy, how can this happen if I don’t share my love/joy/light to help others spark their own? With a group to support me, I would have a much stronger foundation than I do now. A chair stays balanced with all it’s leg, but if it only has one, it will always fall. Having a group to help inspire me and motivate me and also push me to not get too comfortable for too long would be phenomenal.

    I want to pursue helping others realize their dream. Having a group to help me narrow down exactly how to do that is great. I tend to get so many ideas, that I don’t always implement them all. I want others to help me do so and for me to be the inspiration they need when they need ideas. Finding my purpose and my passion has been a struggle for me. I always knew, just never clear on the how. As this image is becoming clearer in my mind, I want to help others do the same for others. I have been helping others start the search of their passions/dreams, but I want to be more impactful. I want to do more than just start the spark of imagination. I want to heal, I want to be present and I want to learn and acknowledge when my inner guidance is guiding me.

    Embracing interdependence fully is a challenge, as well as trusting others to do the same. It’s a risk I’m willing to take to aspire to living my life filled with joy and purpose, not dread. A group would be great to help share the burdens, but more importantly share in the joy of success with each other, changing the world, one person at a time

  • Thomas

    Last month I entered a contest at LYL which invited each of us to share our
    passion(s) in life. Through this I was able to contact others with passion
    including a gentleman in Illinois, another in Romania, and two others in,
    Canada. We are in contact with each other are building a community of
    passionate people wanting to change the world.


By becoming a member of this group of passionate individuals, I will be
    able to 
accelerate and fine-tune the passion in my life to help children learnto grow their own vegetables this Spring. My goal is to design and distribute
vegetable plants for children to nurture this Spring, Summer,
    and Fall. In the
process they will learn responsibility, nurturing a living
    responsibility, nurturing a living thing, self-confidence,
sharing with
    others, and nurturing their body with fresh organic produce.


Just think of the possibility of children producing thousands of pounds of
    fresh organic produce that would not have existed had they not planted and nourished
 these seeds of change. 

Through a website, they can learn to

share what they have learned with others 
and grow thousands of pounds
    of “real food.”

    With the help of this community, we will be able to replicate this program throughout the country.

Working with others to help them achieve their
    passion(s) is the other benefit of
 being an active and engaged part of this community. 

    I look forward to sharing my passion(s) and helping others achieve theirs.

  • jon

    Now that’s a huge question. I’m new to this whole ‘Live your legend’ vibe… but, if we all had the help of anyone we wanted : I don’t know if Scott and you guys realise this right now, but this movement has the potential to raise humanity up a few notches in terms of a shift in the way we think. There would be no more need for work, because the drive to amass personal wealth would no longer have a hold on us. Instead, our world (and our son’s and daughter’s world) would be more like that whole ‘star trek’ concept, where money no longer motivates us because it would be irrelevant, and the only thing that would drive us would be a desire to make humanity better. I’m 42. I’ve seen science fiction become science fact; why not ‘make it so’ for Live Your Legend

    • http://alifeonyourterms.com/ Liz Seda

      I with you Jon! That’s an adorable baby you’ve got there :).

    • http://twitter.com/_Scott_Dinsmore Scott Dinsmore

      Could not agree more Jon. I love reading this and seeing us sharing the same vision!

  • Darlene Hildebrandt

    Liz you rock! Add me to the list I’d love to participate!

    If I had the help of anyone – I’d have a website with 20,000+ subscribers, at least 5 ebooks, a few products to sell and a membership site. Making me at least $10K a month passive income. That is my ultimate goal.

    With that web site I’d be helping 100s or 1000s of people ignite their passion for photography and helping them improve their work. I’d also be leading photo travel tours and helping people experience new places, new cultures, and helping people in charities in those countries to the tune of 20k a year.

    • http://alifeonyourterms.com/ Liz Seda

      Darlene! Fancy seeing you here!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jenny.wadsworth Jenny Wadsworth

    With the right support, I would set up a dance project / program with Indigenous communities around the world that not only physically connects them with their traditional landscape but enables them to express and communicate that connection to people from other cultures. Respectful inter-cultural non-verbal communication about who we are and where we are from!

    • Stephanie

      Love the sound of this!

      • http://www.facebook.com/jenny.wadsworth Jenny Wadsworth

        Thanks Stephanie… it feels great to publically express this vision!

  • http://www.facebook.com/laure.merlin Laure Merlin

    Thank so much Scott and Liz! I struggled so much to make my entry short… I didn’t quite succeed. Have a great time with all of our dreams!

  • Stephanie

    Firstly congratulations Liz! Amazing work and I can’t wait to try it out.

    Secondly the exciting thing for me about this competition is I remember so clearly the first time it came around. I entered it because it was an amazing opportunity but really had no clue what I wanted to do. Since then I have become clear about what I am working on.

    I am passionate about stories. I believe the stories we tell ourselves and others are central to our identity. I also believe in the importance of staying connected to creativity and the imagination. I think our young people have a great challenge in our media saturated world, they are spoon fed stories through television and film and while these have there place I think they are killing off imagination.

    I am working on a website which will have original stories recorded in podcast form for children to listen to. I am also planning on creating a story club.

    I would love to connect with people who could help support me in the business and marketing side of things. I am a creative person at heart but recognise I need to learn new skills to make this project work.

    • http://alifeonyourterms.com/ Liz Seda

      Thanks Stephanie! I can’t wait to hear about your results!

    • http://www.facebook.com/jenny.wadsworth Jenny Wadsworth

      I really agree… the more we can do to foster our children’s imaginations & creativity, the better. Good luck with the website :)

  • http://twitter.com/SpartaJen Jen BrownMangulabnan

    Hi Scott, thanks for the opportunity to enter.

    My life would be different because I’d be a bucket list enabler, helping (even more) women to use sports to realise that they are capable of achieving far more than they imagine. I’d pursue teaching women, through sports like triathlon and running, to challenge any preconceived notions they have about what they are, or are not, capable of. These sports over the years have taught me that my actual limitations have always been very different – and far greater – from what I perceived my limitations to be. And I want to help others realise this too as this knowledge (and the confidence that comes with it) is a gift that changes lives. It overflows into other aspects of our lives – work, family and relationships – and helps us make difficult, and often life-changing, decisions. And once the ripple effect kicks in, it changes not only the lives of the women but the lives of their children and partners, not to mention their relationships and the wider community. Using sport to change the world one woman at a time!

    • http://alifeonyourterms.com/ Liz Seda

      A bucket list enabler! Sweet!

  • http://www.facebook.com/debashish.das.96 Debashish Das

    I want to start off with a thanks to Scott Dinsmore for starting this project. I came across it 2 days ago when I watched the TedX talk by Scott on Youtube. It is unbelievable what an effect it has had in those 2 days. I finished working on a project in these 2 days, which I couldn’t even get started on earlier. Just knowing that there is a community of people who believe in this idea of doing what you love to do is an amazing inspiration.
    I have been in a situation where I have asked for help and have been denied or ignored, in doing something I knew I’d be good at but just didn’t know how to get started. Now, if i could have the help of anyone I wanted, I’d be waking up every morning with a big smile on my face. Eager to head out into the world to leave my footprints in this world. Even a train carrying the most precious diamonds from the mines in Africa would get no where without an engine to guide its way. It’s that guiding hand that would help me unleash my potential and help it reach the people all over the world.
    Being in a position like that, I believe that there would be a group of individuals who are in the same place as me. And, thanks to Liz, I realize that a group of such individuals could really be a force of change to reckon with. If we could help the people in this world realize that pursuing what you love is the shortcut to happiness, through the live examples of our lives, the world would surely be a better place to live. For there is a power in passion and it multiplies as more and more people share in it. Once people realize that, tolerance would automatically find a place in this world, as people would recognize every individual as a person who truly lives what they love. And then united by this love for living their passions, all these minor issues like nationality, race, caste etc. will seem irrelevant, I believe this truly might be the mantra for “One world, One people”.

    • http://alifeonyourterms.com/ Liz Seda

      You’re welcome Debashish, and beautifully said!

  • http://www.facebook.com/drearodroj Andrea Rodriguez Rojas

    “How would your life be different if you had the help of anyone you wanted? What would you do with the right support?”

    I am a big live your legend follower! I am from Mexico, and I know that my passionis to bring inspiration and a guidance to latin world. Online and lifestyle business are huge in english speaking market, but not yey in the spanish market and we have huuge rates of unemployment or salaries just don´t allow people to have a good life! I want to give to the hispanic market a new opportunity to live their dreams, I am new in this, I have reading and taking course but I still need more guidance and support so I can give the same to Latin people! My goal is to coach, support and guide 10,000 hispanic online entrepreneur to have a succesfull business by 2015.

    • http://www.facebook.com/drearodroj Andrea Rodriguez Rojas

      I already start a blog and I am building my community. I know I can also help all the migrants that master spanish but struggle with englis that are living legally in the USA

      • http://www.facebook.com/drearodroj Andrea Rodriguez Rojas

        You can visit http://www.viajeroemprendedor.com
        I am 23 years old and I really want to change the lives of thousand of people and I need the guidance to do that, i NEED to connect with them so they understand the huge opportunity that online businesses are and how they can have a meaningful life!

    • http://alifeonyourterms.com/ Liz Seda

      I love this Andrea! I’m hispanic and my family has no idea what I do. Thank goodness my mother is supportive, but there was definitely a lot of resistance in the beginning. I think this is an awesome mission :).

      • http://www.facebook.com/drearodroj Andrea Rodriguez Rojas

        yes ! my parents keep telling me to get a real job! but I love my blog and I am learning new stuff everyday and I apply it …I love online businesses and I really think we are here to enjoy life!! I just finished the e-book! is great!! congratulations! I am already thinking of who I want my mastermind group to be!

  • http://www.facebook.com/laure.merlin Laure Merlin

    Thank you so much Scoot, Liz and everybody commenting and seeking to benefit the planet!

    1) Know thyself! Starting with myself to my surrounding to hopefully everyone in the world : get a handful of coaches from various worldview (health&fitness, family advisor, business/trade mentor, spiritual guide, lifestyle designer…) help me figure out my strong and weak spots to pursue the most suitable path and know what to improve and what to delegate, with whom to partner. Inspire others to give this service to anyone in the world for free or almost.

    2) Positive Parenting! One huge of a task cannot be properly delegated though, parenting. My main target is to help a very new generation to grow respected. I already started building a very efficient yet fun tool to help all parents and educators deeply understand kids and act with them to the best of their wishes – so many great parenting books out there but we can’t apply except the lousy ones, why? So the tool would be released worldwhile in months. Free or almost.

    3) Unschooling! Initiate an Unschooling Fundation to enable any family in the world who wants to let their kids follow their own very personal path to do so with the best information, support, tools and human network. So the kids would learn and do what they want, where they want, how they want so as to be and become fully the efficient and fulfilled individual everyone is meant to be. Success in my goals 2&3 would cancel the need for help on goal 1 (well, that’s at least a generation from now!). All of it is already existing to a small extent in my personal life.

  • http://twitter.com/JPaavilainen Jyri Paavilainen

    If I could connect with anyone, it would help me immensely in a project I’m planning. My aim is to make the world just a little bit less broken, one tweak at a time. With the right connections, I could help people improve themselves, their lives, their work, help their friends and family and come together to make the world a better place. Idealistic? Perhaps. Necessary? Definitely. Awesome? Awesome.

    • http://alifeonyourterms.com/ Liz Seda

      Idealistic? That’s the best way to be!

  • http://www.facebook.com/clint.salter Clint Salter

    We all want help. Help to find a partner, help to find a new car, help to find a home, help to stop eating chocolate, help to save money, help to speak up, help to exercise more, help to put down that alcoholic drink or cigarette, help to become the best version of ourselves.

    I don’t know about you but I’ve wanted help in all of the above ways for most of my life. What I’ve realised over the last 12 months is that you can simply ‘ask for help’ or you can be ‘ready to receive help’. I’ve realised that the best place to be in is to be
    willing to receive help with an open mind then be ready to take action. This is where the magic happens.

    12 months ago I was living overseas in my so called ‘dream job’. On the outside my life was a shiny disco ball but on the inside I felt completely discounted from myself. 6 months into feeling like this I quit the extremely well paying job overseas, the relationship with my then soul mate broke down and for the very first time I had time to just think and be. When was the last time you turned off the engine and just sat with your vehicle (body) for a while. It was one of the hardest things I’ve done in my life to date. I was not in a great place so I asked for help and for one of the very first times in my life I was ready to receive it.

    At that stage in my life the help I received turned my life around, allowing me to step into my full potential and head on the journey to fulfilling my Soul’s Purpose.

    When you ask how would my life be different if I had the help of anyone I wanted… My answer is that by allowing me to have this opportunity to access wisdom and experience from others anything is possible. It would allow me to gain real clarity on my offering to my clients in my professional life. I’d love to explore more about who I am, what I know and what I love and really make that into in super sleek offering. Having created and sold two small businesses my mind is always focusing on the next best idea, so a true sense of clarity and having that focus to really define my offering is crucial at this time in my life. That’s just the very beginning.

    To sum it up in one line:
    My life would be different by accessing the wisdom and knowledge (help) from
    others as I would gain clarity on my offering to clients which in turn would create a more definitive focus, multiple uhuh moments, a clear vision of the business, confidence to be able to deliver what it is I do and how I help my clients and quite simply a clear direction. Once these light bulbs start being turned on the flow on effect is more paying customers which means more money in the bank and an awesome feeling knowing that my work is making a difference.

    As I mentioned above there is asking for help and there is being ready to receive the help. For me I’ve been in many situations when I’ve been given help that I wasn’t ready for. When you ask what I would do with the help my answer is TAKE ACTION. I’m ready to take that next stage in my life. I’ve completely turned my life around over the last 6 months and am ready to continue on the journey of being the best version of myself and would love to take this journey with you.

    Thank you for taking the time to read through my story.


  • http://Zentivity.com/ Jim Krenz

    How would your life be different if you had the help of anyone you wanted? What would you pursue?

    My life would be different because I would be doing the work that I love: entertaining people with sleight-of-hand magic. To pursue this, I would want the help of Ricky Jay and David Mamet. Ricky and David created a show that exemplifies the best that magic has to offer: Art that touches your heart.

    Most audiences treat magic as something trivial. If you experience Ricky’s show (Ricky Jay and his 52 Assistants), you get a feel for the history of magic, the skill, breadth and depth in magic, and the art in magic.

    If I could connect with Ricky and David, I know that we could create a show that is worthy of inspiring people. The fact that I could make a living off of performing art, would be the proverbial icing on the cake.

  • Wayne Bryant

    Hey Scott,

    “Satori”- Japenese for instant awakening or knowing. That’s how it was for me eleven months ago. I lay on my bed while working in Africa sick and barely able to move. This can’t be it, there’s no way I’m going out this way!! Satori!!!

    I recovered, made it back to my awesome wife and swore that I will never take anything for granted again and start “living life on my terms.”

    So as of the 23rd of May, 2013 (one day before I turn 50) I will re-tire and start re-living!

    Funny thing is that when you find the “why” and what truly resonates in your soul, the passion that stirs in each and every one of us, things start to eerily fall into place. At least that’s the way it has been for me.

    My goal – “to inspire a million people to break the barrier to their own personal freedom.” My website is almost live and the response from friends and family to this point has been quite remarkable and motivating.

    It’s a short spin around the earth and time has a way of slipping by way too fast for regrets. We owe it to ourselves to wear out this carcass we are given and use it to its max. I want my last breath to be one of relief for what I accomplished, not one of regrets!

    It really is that simple. The hard part I have seen with we share our upcoming journey with is the “what if” syndrome! Remarkable what a paralyzing effect this has on people. I guess the years of being programed to be a good sheep and follow the herd go very deep within. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

    I know that the right opportunities, circumstances and people will show up when I need them. How else would I have ended up on your site and continually get nudged in the right direction. It’s my job to pay attention and take action…which is what I am doing right now!

    A sincere thanks for inspiring and providing us with this opportunity.

    So to answer the question: “What could you do if you had the help of anyone you wanted?” What couldn’t you do!!!

    “It is better to try and fail then to settle and regret”!

    Wayne Bryant

  • Molly

    Thank you for sharing this valuable information Liz & Scott- I’m just making my way through the workbook now, yet I already know it’s going to open some big doors for me…and, given this, I plan to revise my answer to these questions after I finish reading. For now, I can only tell you how I feel: “How would your life be different if you had the help of anyone you wanted? What would you do with the right support?” I feel like with the help and support of the right people, I would be able to believe in myself and my deepest dreams enough to make them a reality. I guess that’s the simple answer.

  • deirdre duff-allen

    HHi Scott and Liz!
    Thank you for offering schalorships-this act of giving is so beneficial to all, as we receive inspiration and energy from those leaving comments-WOW!

    My life would be different because I would CONNECT to those I’ve been contacting, from Queen Noor, Brad Dwyer(Hatchlings), Oprah, John Hendricks, and Craig Ferguson…and BE the drop that began a huge CANCERTAINLY ripple for those impacted by cancer.
    My strategies and business plans originated from necessity and experience of surviving-infertility, cancer, stem-cell transplant, marriage separation, and many moves in four states-I am ready to ROCK the world of survivor ship and truly turn the ripple into a TIDAL WAVE.
    I have created and developed a five component unit, centering on existential, diverse doctrines, entitled CANCERTAINLY and it is ready to be supported and built in a mastermind group and launched. This scholarship means fulfilling a promise to help shift the perspective and LIVE the life I have fought to LIVE, passionately.
    My dream will launch others’ dreams through laughter, creativity, exploration, wishing, and connectivity.
    I’m like a kid on the sidelines, jumping, screaming,”Pick me!! Pick me!! Pick me!!” Ha!
    Thank you for your time and…I REALLY am thrilled for an opportunity like this.
    Blessings and Happy Landings to all,
    Deirdre Duff-Allen


  • http://www.facebook.com/iain.wilson8463 Iain Wilson

    Hi Scott & Liz,
    Wow what an inspiration you have been Scott and in conjunction with Liz, creating the Ultimate Mastermind Team is a fantastic project. I have had no knowledge of “Live Your Legend” until a week ago when I joined the TED group and saw Scott’s video “How to Find and Do Work You Love. Since then I have immersed myself in the literature and workbooks that are on the site and can already feel a turn around in my life. It’s not that I don’t like my job, but I had lost my passion; I’d lost sight of what it meant for me to be doing what I do.

    If I was able to connect to Anyone I would dedicate my life to helping people travel through their life’s journey. Help give guidance & direction to people who want to rediscover that those dreams they had as children are as achievable now as they have ever been.

    I cannot wait to get on board with your seminar and look forward to developing and growing through your guidance and tutorials… This is just fantastic! I’ve set my alarms so that I’m there on Australian time!

    Cheers guys

  • Uday Krishna

    If I had the help of anyone, I would try to build a coterie of realistically selfless sharing and giving individuals and perhaps facilitate arbitrage of data, second-hand experience, advice to deliver definitive and measurable outcomes.

    Of course, the bond, relationship and the things to pursue would evolve over time. But to have a cause to join hands together is important at first. So, I’d probably get the problem of “funding” for early stage entrepreneurs in India, a solution.Yes, I’ll pursue that one, if there is one thing that should be pursued. Due to a lot of things – no past history of entrepreneurs, social acceptance etc, India although now has some awesome people around building startups do not really see the kind of growth seen in Valley, London, Singapore, Israel, Amsterdam etc. Especially for early stage entrepreneurs. Most of them who receive support in India are people who return from abroad (US mainly) and/or second-time entrepreneurs. I’d like to change that with the help of “those people”. So, we’d put that cause into action and of course it would have a lot of things involved and on the way, the organic cause and set of people would probably solve a lot of things.

  • Tara Haggerty

    It would be great to have the support of people who had the same mission as me! I’m like Lauren, and I’m still on my way to discovering what that mission is. I love all the positivity and encouragement everyone has here! It seems that anything is possible with a little strategic planning and a great team!

  • http://twitter.com/ElanaMD Elana Miller, MD

    For most of my life I’ve preferred doing things on my own. I’ve always had support from my parents and friends, but it was 90% my own sheer determination and will that got me so many of the things I’m proud of – through Harvard, into medical school, and now through residency at UCLA. To be honest, I never really wanted anyone else’s help – I wanted to do it myself.

    But then year and a half ago, right at the end of my intern year, my boyfriend Peter was in a serious motorcycle accident, and I was able to help him through it because of my knowledge and training. I took him to ER, practically wheeled in the gurney myself, communicated with (obnoxiously demanded things from?) the doctors, waited him for hours in the waiting room while he was in surgery, held his hand when he came out, made sure he got the right medications, slept on the windowsill of his hospital room after he had fallen asleep.

    Suddenly I realized what a gift it was to be a doctor! To have a knowledge base that allows me to help others in such a powerful, intimate, and important way. I started to wonder, why was I limiting myself by insisting on doing everything on my own? How much could I accomplish, and help others accomplish, by making better connections?

    Apart from just honing my craft as a psychiatrist, could I fulfill my dream of writing self-help books that positively impact thousands (or millions??) of people, or building my own specialized clinic that treats patients with a holistic focus, or practicing telepsychiatry at least a few months a year from my beach-front property in Nicaragua? With better connections I hope I could spread the message farther and wider that the greatest pursuit is not medicating away mental illness, but striving for happiness, joy, and fulfillment of our greatest human potential.

  • Tia

    I’m a self-employed woman in a work area where there are a lot of competitive men and very, very few women. While it already is a very demanding work field that requires continuous (self) education, it also is very tough to be successful as it can be quite a lonely and tedious endeavor to get accepted as a woman in the field. As most men around me don’t know any women working in this area, they are very confused to see that I am a woman and can’t help but throw a lot of prejudices at me as the women they know are completely different from me. So, even if I wasn’t socialized as a women (however, unfortunately, I was :-)), it’s no wonder that insecurities rise.

    Even in my spare time it’s hard to find like-minded company as most women are not interested in the same topics like I am. My work is a passion and I love to talk about it also in my spare time. But the women I know don’t want to talk about these things because it’s an area most women don’t have a clue about and, hence, don’t feel comfortable talking about. Spending my spare time with my male colleagues would be an option but most competitive men in a man’s world unfortunately aren’t on eye level with women.

    If I’d had the help and advice of anyone I wanted, I’d turn into Superwoman in short time because I’d start to believe to be capable and behave accordingly as well. There is no better foundation of success than to believe in yourself, behave accordingly and to have support by people who have “made it”. Furthermore, I’d definitely put a lot of effort into bonding with more of the very few women in my work area that are distributed all over the world and building up a support network. In this way, the self doubts and the loneliness that come with being a lone women warrior in a competitive men’s work area would disappear as well. This would be the true path to superwomanity. :-)

  • Tia

    I’m a self-employed woman in a work area where there are a lot of competitive men and very, very few women. While it already is a very demanding work field that requires continuous (self) education, it also is very tough to be successful as it can be quite a lonely and tedious endeavor to get accepted as a woman in the field. As most men around me don’t know any women working in this area, they are very confused to see that I am a woman and can’t help but throw a lot of prejudices at me as the women they know are completely different from me. So, even if I wasn’t socialized as a women (however, unfortunately, I was :-)), it’s no wonder that insecurities rise.

    Even in my spare time it’s hard to find like-minded company as most women are not interested in the same topics like I am. My work is a passion and I love to talk about it also in my spare time. But the women I know don’t want to talk about these things because it’s an area most women don’t have a clue about and, hence, don’t feel comfortable talking about. Spending my spare time with my male colleagues would be an option but most competitive men in a man’s world unfortunately aren’t on eye level with women.

    If I’d had the help and advice of anyone I wanted, I’d learn how to bond easier with my competitive male colleagues. I’d surely turn into Superwoman in short time because I’d start to believe to be capable and behave accordingly as well. There is no better foundation of success than to believe in yourself, behave accordingly and to have support by people who have “made it” (and these are mostly competitive men in my area). Furthermore, I’d definitely put a lot of effort into bonding with more of the very few women in my work area that are distributed all over the world and building up a support network. In this way, the self doubts and the loneliness that come with being a lone female warrior in a competitive men’s work area would disappear as well. This would be the true path to superwomanity. :-)

  • Trisha Saha

    Imagine a world where a girl of only 7 years cleans public toilet, completely soiled and infested with bugs, so she can earn less than a dollars worth so she can buy a tattered notebook to use in school. Imagine a world where instead of being showered with love, support and confidence a 13 year old teenager given off for marriage, or worse sold off as a laborer, because her family just cannot afford an extra mouth to feed. Imagine a world where instead of enjoying her hard earned retirement an elderly woman goes around looking desperately for work because she devoted her entire life to her husband and her children, never saving a penny for herself because of it.

    Unfortunately this world is not a surreal world transcribed in a book, but the world we live in now. Right now there are millions of girls who are robbed of their right to education, to their dreams, their freedom because of poverty. There are young women who are treated as possessions to be bartered, sold, or used until they forget they have a voice. As a society we empathize with them, we grieve for them. And there are few extraordinary souls that devote their lives to

    I want to create real options for that will empower women, because I believe empowering women will in turn empower all of humanity. CWA will give me the tools to reach out to others who can help create a web of practical resources for them. First off education- for those in countries where over half the population is in poverty access to basic education is absolutely essential. There are many wonderful organizations that teach women hands on skills, such as in the arts, so they earn enough to support their families, Along with that I think it’s important to teach women how to manage finances as well. Even in America there are too many women who do not know about insurance, loans, mortgages, or even opening their own bank account. By collaborating with those who provide educational resources to those who are powerful in the finances I hope to provide practical tools that will help women not only become independent, but also allow them to create businesses of their own. By connecting with other philanthropists I also hope to find a way to create centers in major cities around the world where both women and children can find support. These centers can be the culmination of many different kinds of people- educators, volunteers, etc that hopefully provide support in times of desperate need. I believe there are many things that are still undone because groups of people just have not reached out to one another. By creating a global platform of conversation I hope to combine the ideas of others and in turn create hubs where those resources can be provided to women in need anytime, and anywhere. I know this idea is very grand, and I know it entails a lot of great minds. But I know it can be done, and the best way to do it is via effective communication. With CWA I will pursue this idea of collaboration from various feels to create practical solutions. And in turn I will pursue turning the ideas that are formed into actual resources that can be put to use by anyone. I want to erase the idea, and more importantly the situation that creates the idea, that a woman’s right to their freedom is compromised because ‘their is no other option’.

    Thank you Scott for creating such an amazing course. I have always believed amazing things can be accomplished if great ideas are shared with the right people. Your course is also so essential in this day and age when the scope of communication has increased exponentially!

    And thank you Liz for your amazing workbook! You have truly poured your heart your soul into creating it- we are very lucky indeed.

  • Guest


  • Lasse

    If I would be able to enlist anyone for help, or get the participation from anyone, I would push forward in uniting people in groups, and groups with groups.

    I have some abilities that sets me apart from the rest, about being able to quickly envision the ideal potential of a person or a group – and also see alignments and mis-alignments between these parties. I usually catch mistakes or predicts/prevents future problems long time before others.

    I want to develop these ideas into some “methods” and “concepts” that can be used by people all over the world. To strengthen/quicken alignment and cooperation and form stronger teams and higher satisfaction + productivity.

    But I need to develop it and grow with it through real-life work (coaching in person and/or information product) with people and groups, before it can materialize. It cannot be developed in an ivory tower.

  • http://www.facebook.com/corrie.kessler Corrie Kessler

    Scott: I’m new to your world and the idea of masterminds but it resonates deeply with mine.

    Tonight a great friend and I talked. We rested in this “meta-level but freeing practical” perspective: At all of our core-of-being is a universe that expands when we become potent, centred, intentional, aware (that “I am” is the present tense of verb ‘to be – to exist”) and contract the more we cloy, scrabble and layer ourselves (with shreds of should and consignment could)…

    We grow when we know that ideas, dreams, values or causes-championed are all inherently real when we are aware of their possibility (independent of whether or not they actualize into tangible form or remain as a perception filter). And especially because the world we all share together is so old now, most “things that will ever exist have already existed”, and therefore are real in an even more poignant way.

    We shrivel when we force ducks in a row, competitive edges, and mantras of “superhuman” measuring methods… when we bleed ourselves dry to water the world or starve ourselves to make time to consume. When we loose ourselves under microscopes of planning and miss the beauty of the worlds rarely observed.

    I hold many “reals” (not dreams) that emanate from a overarching value of wanting to expand internally and wanting to facilitate that expansion for others. However, because I often find a lot of “monkey chatter” in others’ company that revolves around planning and executing and not a lot of “peaceful knowing what already is will make itself touchable”… I have changed my interactions to introvert status unless I find new life possible near another person. I have enough baboons in my own background… This has allowed my “reals” to remain intact and watered but with rather more cloudy days than sunny. I feel that isolation from a mastermind group that understands the above freeing meta level practical perspective has often been the deciding factor in whether I do or do not experience the physical realization of what is “real”.

    This has given me the time and experience that the biggest blessing is in standing in the now, in a centred state and being willing to let other realities and universes just be what they are (expanding/contracting/a hybrid), without it sending me into a position of polarity that distracts me from my “reals and value”.

    That lesson understood, I feel that being able to enter back into a more balanced extroverted interaction with others would help physical atoms realize the conceptual “reals” alive currently in my internal world.

    Details of what might happen If I knew anyone? Reals like:

    1) I would bring myself and my other artist/metal working friends to team up with this guy, http://www.engadget.com/2009/02/13/diy-prosthesis-all-the-rage-in-tasmania/ and figure out a way to make the design ultimately accessible for the Cambodian land mine victims I encountered while living in S.E. Asia for 6 months to make their own and ones for their children .

    2) I would hook up with marine biologists and people with financial/physical resources to make steel art/statues to sink all over the ocean where there is deficiency and/or harm done to the base coral structure so that the flora/fauna will have a chance to rehabilitate itself slowly eating the iron … and thereby helping to replenish the ocean all the way up the food chain. I would try to do it in place where divers could come and a sustainable eco-tourism could help the local land-lubber economy in that capacity rather than mining the sea when it has no resources left in that area at the time. (Win win!) -Kind of like this guy http://www.underwatersculpture.com/

    3) I would teach women and their kids (who’s universes have been forcibly contracting through whatever circumstances, in whatever global location) first about the above philosophy then any or all of the skills I have in art, metal work, psychology, language acquisition, health care, religious studies, basic learning fundamentals and creative entrepreneurial spirit -preferably in “permaculture” / “earth ship” facilities . I would LOVE to do this through hands on experiences that explores new perspectives practically first (ie gardening or photography or sailing can say a lot about stages of life, being in a storm but not surrendering to it, looking at things from a different angle, waiting for the moment of truth to hold on to and what to ignore etc.) I would particularly like to focus on the idea of “resource use” and what up-cycling can teach us about being centred and whole in whatever environment we find ourselves. I would also LOVE LOVE LOVE to know what their internal universes are full of. I want to meet other people who seek to expand themselves and want to facilitate others’ expansion who could give/take their gifts the way I want to. I’d also want resource partners and dreamer/mastermind strategics/friends.

    4) I would be a hang glider pilot and learn the birds’ skill of letting invisible currents carry them rather than always fluttering/flapping to get somewhere. I would become a great rock-climbing photographer to learn how to capture the moments when I and my teammates have to put the reality in our heads of reaching summit into the space between our toes and the crevices of cliff face. And I would be an underwater explorer – so I could know how to thrive in a world where light and sound and all other senses are entirely irrelevant in all the ways my neurons currently expect to interpret them… (and because people know more about the surface of the moon than the ocean floor and I want to explore one of the last great places on earth). I need teachers and partners and resources…

    Those are big ones… but there a zillions more…

    Thanks for asking about our dreams and what would happen if we made the right connections… huge… and rare for that to be empowered on a day to day basis…


  • http://melannmorales.com/ MelAnn Morales

    Wow! This has amazing content… Both the article and the workbook! Thank you so much!

    • http://alifeonyourterms.com/ Liz Seda

      Thank you so much MelAnn! This workbook is so close to my heart. Let me know if you think it’s missing something or if you think it can be improved. I want it to be the best out there!

  • http://melannmorales.com/ MelAnn Morales

    Now for my scholarship entry…

    Question: How would your life be different if you had the help of anyone you wanted?

    The bad days would not be so bad. The chaos would not be so overwhelming. The fear would not be so paralyzing. It is all temporary but would even be more so (even less time spent dealing with bad days, chaos, overwhelm & fear paralysis).

    And for those pesky obstacles? Ummm yeah, I would blow right through them!

    Thank you for the opportunity to enter to win the scholarship!

  • Eileen Hofs

    Thank you for the freebie. Can’t wait to see what’s inside.

  • Eileen Hofs

    What would I do with the right support?

    A friend and I are at a cross roads with our careers. We are both tired of what we have been doing, but don’t know how to make a change and what that change needs to be. With the right support, we would figure out what we should do next, make a plan to make it happen and have the support to follow through. The follow through is always the hardest part.

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