Simon Sinek Start with Why

“The goal is not to do business with everybody who needs what you have. The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.”

- Simon Sinek, Start with Why

Early last year I came across one sentence that turned out to be the single most profound business concept and tool of 2011 (and perhaps my lifetime).

It caused me to fully rebrand and reposition Live Your Legend as well as my investment business.

I believe it has everything to do with why Live Your Legend has experienced the rapid growth and success it has. It’s only fitting that I share this with you as the closing to our “Monetize Your Passion Online” series.

The man who taught me this lesson was Simon Sinek. 

In 2009 he wrote a book called Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action. Within a few years that book, and the concept behind it, literally swept across the world. Simon Sinek is now considered one of the preeminent thinkers both on leadership strategy and passionate work around the world.

He often speaks upwards of 20-25 times a month and does much of his work with the United States Military.

He’s been invited to do work with groups like Microsoft, Dell, SAP, Intel, Chanel, various government groups and Members of the United States Congress. He’s also presented his ideas to the Ambassadors of Bahrain and Iraq, at the United Nations and to the senior leadership of the United States Air Force.

This guys’ the real deal.

Simon stumbled upon a concept that literally changes everything. Whether it’s building a business, leading a movement or connecting with a loved one.

My friend Jesse Jacobs, founder of Samovar Tea Lounge in San Francisco, first turned me onto Simon’s work (Jesse built his very successful chain of tea houses based on this core idea). I then happened to cross Simon’s path on the boat at Summit Series (by chance, we sat next to each other at Richard Branson’s keynote).

I’m now fortunate to call him a friend.

Maybe because our Why’s are quite similar…

His goal is simple “To help build a world in which the vast majority of people go home everyday feeling fulfilled by their work”.

Sound familiar?

And I’m especially grateful that he took a few minutes out of his totally insane speaking and travel schedule to relay the concept that completely changed my business.

If you’ve been a part of our community at Live Your Legend for any duration, you’ve likely heard me reference him more than a few times. In fact the first module of Live Off Your Passion is all about his Start with Why concept.

I credit him with a great deal.

Get ready to have your world turned upside down (in a very good way). If you decided to learn and implement only one concept this year, I’d suggest it be what Simon shares in this video.


If you’re reading this in email, you need to click here to watch the video on Live Your Legend.

Here are some highlights from the interview:

  • 2:25 – People don’t buy what you do they buy why you do it – the single most powerful business principle (possibly of all time)
  • 4:19 – Why Simon does what he does & why 90% of the world doesn’t like their work
  • 5:05 – How passionate work (or lack thereof) effects raising children
  • 6:32 – The massive benefits of starting with Why
  • 7:06 – Why so few people and businesses start with Why
  • 9:16 – How to blow your own business up before someone else does
  • 9:42 – What separates truly great leaders and CEO’s
  • 10:42 – Prioritizing vision over profit & how the right Why can magnify the bottom line
  • 11:48 – The process for identifying you and your company’s Why
  • 13:15 – The difference between Passion and Why
  • 15:05 – Can a person’s Why change over time?
  • 16:20 – Simon explains Richard Branson’s, Steve Jobs’ and Bill Gates’ Why’s
  • 17:20 – Using modern technology to communicate your Why
  • 18:47 – Why Simon agreed to do this interview totally for free ;)
  • 19:25 – How do you get others to believe in your Why?
  • 19:45 – Why starting a business is supposedly ‘stupid’
  • 20:25 – The fate a company faces when they put profit over Why
  • 21:05 – Why the U.S. Marine Corps is such a remarkable & powerful organization
  • 22:15 – A window into Navy Seals training and why the most unsuspecting trainees succeed (and why shoo-ins fail)
  • 23:40 – Why the standard business reward and bonus program is completely backwards
  • 24:10 – When inheriting a team, how do you get them to align with you on the same Why?
  • 25:25 – How do you turn people into leaders & how is loyalty created?

Some Tools for Understanding Your Why – Why University

Simon has also provided a ridiculous amount of totally free and uncopyrighted videos and contents on his site, Start With Why.

On top of that, Simon has distilled his core concepts into an online course he calls the Why Discovery Course. If you want to take it a step further and make this stuff a part of your world, I highly recommend you check it out. It’s full of videos, exercises and stories to help you nail your Why, and is currently being used by individuals and companies all over the world.

I recently completed Why University and it lead my business partner and me to come up with the most powerful positioning and point of differentiation for our investment business since we started it nearly four years ago.

I also highly recommend you watch Simon’s 18-minute TED Talk: How Great Leaders Inspire Action. It’s gotten over 3.9 million views (at least 12 of those are mine).

Here’s to doing work we love and inspiring others to do the same.

Thanks for doing what you do Simon.


 p.s. You have questions for Simon? Leave them in the comments below.

  • Alexander Heyne

    Scott, freaking loved the interview.

    Simon is probably my #1 dude to go to regarding having the feeling of everything “click” and make sense in what you do.

    And re: his saying that passion is a by-product of doing meaningful work you believe in: couldn’t agree more. Sometimes we trick ourselves and make it harder than it should be by saying “what’s my passion?” when in reality we should be asking what activities we do that naturally are meaningful.

    He definitely has some seriously important stuff figured out.

    I’m going to have to re-watch this a couple times to get all the notes down I need .


    • Scott

      Yeah Alex!! I felt the exact same way when I came across Simon for the first time. It literally blew my mind! You have got to watch his TED talk and his Officers Eat Last talk from EO Alchemy. Do a google search. I honestly feel like everything, l literally mean everything, starts with Why. Business, relationships, passion, connections, all of it.

      I actually just wrote an email to my outsource team in India about a new project and I started with Why. No joke.

      He’s a genius.

      Very fun doing that interview with him!

  • Ryan Ferrier

    Wow! This interview blew me away. I’ve just started my own business. The idea of starting with vision and mission and having profits follow as a result really hit home. I also love the idea of looking to your past for what your business/work should look like. Truly inspiring.

    • Scott

      Awesome Ryan. We cover looking back a lot in Live Off Your Passion and I know Simon does too in Why U.

      This interview is perfect timing for you just launching a business. At the heart of business is people and if you are going to get people in your corner they have to believe what you believe, simple as that – whether they are employees, customers, investors, you name it. But you first must be able to properly articulate what you believe! In order to start with Why, you must know your Why ;).

      Have fun with it!

      • Ryan Ferrier

        Thx scott! I’m going to look into both of those.

  • Tamsin

    Absolutely brilliant interview Scott – left me completely buzzing with ideas. I hadn’t actually heard of Simon and, as he says, when you come across someone who believes in what you’re saying, doing, the connection is instant, no need for a ‘sell’! I’m so in tune with what he’s saying, and his way of describing it, is second to none. That’s defintely just happened for me so many thanks for this post today. I was also feeling a little stuck about the ‘why’ of something I was working on – and the lightbulb went on instantly after watching your interview. Love what you’re doing too and look forward to future posts.

    All the best


    • Scott

      Awesome to hear that light bulb went off Tamsin. Simon has a way of flipping that switch! I’m excited to hear what you think as you get into more of his work.

      Welcome to the action!

  • Mars Dorian

    Wow, what an amazing interview, Scott !

    I’m glad that Simon shared more examples and went a bit deeper into his process >> luv the marine corp / Navy example (even though I don’t like the military)

    KICK_SS inspirational stuff, my friend !

    • Scott

      That says a lot coming from you buddy. Glad it stuck with you. Simon has so many amazing real life examples. That’s part of what makes his work so powerful and influential. He’s done his homework in a big way.

  • Cherilyn

    Wow. This interview is an absolute stunner! Many, many thanks to you and Simon for putting it together. I especially loved the gold about the medals, bonuses and helping others at the end. I’m going to be quoting that one forever.

    A lot of hard news has come out this week, and it’s easy to get cynical about this old world and the people in it. Ironic how a burst of optimism can come from a guy whose last name sounds like “cynic.” :)

    Thanks again to you, Scott, for all you do. *waving to Simon!*

    • Scott

      I’m sorry to hear about the tough week but I’m glad the timing seems to have been right on with Simon!

  • Rose Byrd

    Scott (and Simon), as soon as I answered the why question back in late September, I gained instant focus and pinpointed, channeled passion to work on my goal and open myself up wider and wider to those who would join with me, or at least be constantly supportive. Hooray! Yes, Simon (and you) are absolutely correct about knowing the why and then sharing it. The emphasis on following your passion, your dreams FIRST and clarifying to yourself FIRST the”why” is definitely placing the correct priorities in line for one’s business plan.

    • Scott

      The Why can help a TON with priorities Rose. I guess that’s why we have to start with it ;)

      • Sharron

        Wow, Rose – powerful story. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me! And Scott, thank you so much for this wonderful interview.

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  • Joel D’Souza

    The interview was amazing, Scott. I first read about Simon in an earlier post of yours. I then checked out the video at TED. It was incredible. I purchased ‘Start with WHY’ around 2 weeks back and went through a few chapters (which were great!)…but i think i’ll read it completely now after watching the interview.

    Thanks, Scott and Simon.

    Joel D’Souza.
    Mumbai, India

    • Scott

      That’s actually how it happened with me too. I heard about him, saw the TED talk then finally dove into the book. Definitely on this list of rereads for this year…

  • Todd Kuslikis

    “Finding the strength deep within to help the guy next to him.” That is astounding…. Almost brought tears to my eyes. Amazing interview Scott. Not totally convinced that your Why can never change but everything else was mind blowing.

    Great job with the interview!!


    • Scott

      Thanks Todd. Simon’s ability to tell a story is pretty unreal. I think what changes the most over time is how you apply your Why to the world. There’s a million and one ways to do that – that’s the fun part!

  • Catherine McKinney

    Scott and Simon, what a great conversation. I was enthralled. Many, many years ago I was told to enjoy, to truly surmount, the climb up the corporate ladder you need to turn around and offer your hand to the person below you. Success demands assistance. As I start a freelancing career I found myself asking why but was not sure where to go with the question. This interview offers that direction. Thank you

    • Scott

      From my limited experience, everything, and I mean everything, comes back to helping people. Good to see us all seeing eye to eye on that one!

  • David Moore

    Scott, too many one-liners and quotes to count. Anyone of them could be a motto to live by. Love the military analysis being ex-military. Heading over to the TED talk now. Think about how many times the WHY is answered by HELPING OTHERS. Seems meaningful work always boils down to the people and making a difference in the lives of others.

    Well done, my friend.

    • Scott

      Thank you David. As for my response, I defer to my comment to Catherine above ;). Agreed in a big way!

  • Amit Amin

    Agree with all of the comments above – I usually hate watching video, but that one was definitely worth it.

    I do have a question, and I expect some or all of it comes from ignorance (it’s the same concern I raised with Scott months ago) – How can you so definitely claim that our Whys solidify by the early teen years?

    From a scientific perspective, are you suggesting that neuroplasticity doesn’t apply to the section of our brain that forms our Why?

    From an anecdotal perspective, the past few weeks have easily been the most passionate of my life (thanks Scott!). I believe that the Why that this passion is built off of comes from my post-teen years. Are you suggesting my passion will fizzle, as I ‘realize’ my divergence; that I am simply hovering around my true why formed much earlier?

    My gut disagrees, but I’d like to understand this better before I commit further along my current path.

    Thanks again for the great interview!

    • Scott

      Great question Amit. I’ll see if I can get Simon to jump in on that one but I know he’s off on his crazy travel schedule again…

      I think it’s safe to say that a lot can be learned by looking back on your experiences and reactions to different things in life. I especially think past career experiences and noticing how others’ careers and projects inspire you. That all comes together to help better understand a Why.

  • David Moore

    Scott, went to Simon’s website. Listened to “The Definition of Purpose” NOT knowing it was “Officer’s Eat Last”. POWERFUL. It made my day. What an incredible message. Dude, you’ve hit a homerun today.

    • Scott

      I think I’m going to go watch that one again too!

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  • Viola Tam

    Hi, Scott,

    You are right! Simon is the real deal!

    I have never encountered anyone who can articulate this subject matter so well. Great leaders do inspire others to take action!

    A passion-driven journey is the most fulfilling one. Whatever obstacle along the way cannot stop what is driven by the clear vision!

    I do appreciate your bringing Simon to us all :)

    Viola Tam

    • Scott

      My pleasure Viola! The biggest thing I take away from Simon’s method of communicating his message is his ability to tell such deep, emotional and powerful stories. Let that a be a big lesson for all of us as we go to inspire those around us.

  • Cherilyn

    Here’s a link to more info on the submarine captain that Mr. Sinek mentioned at the end of the interview. I had to Google a few spellings of the name before I found it.

    • Scott

      Great find!

  • Suzie

    Wow, what a great interview. I’m speechless. So much to think about. Thank you for sharing. I was so impressed I’m actually leaving a comment, which I never do. Will definitely be following up and going to his site to take advantage of all it has to offer.

    • Scott

      Great to have you jumping into the comments. Enjoy the rest of Simon’s stuff Suzie!

  • Lela Hartsaw

    Last spring, I stumbled upon Simon literally via I have been a follower ever since, finding more and more alignment with every article, post or snippet of wisdom from him I read.

    I was pleased to have had the opportunity to hear him speak and to meet him in person recently. What I took away from that brief encounter (and is evident in this great video interview) is that Simon is not only brilliant and well spoken, but he is genuine and very real. The way he spoke to me, shook my hand and seemed (like so few people these days) to actually engage in the conversation with me made for a truly delightful experience and has only given his work all the more legitimacy.

    His insights (especially those highlighted in this interview) I find to be helpful to so many people in varied walks of life: from work from home mothers like myself to corporate directors all the way to my own children (ages 7 & 4… The ones most keen on asking “why?” about everything). We all have benefitted from Simon sharing his breakthrough.

    Thank you for this thoughtful interview, Scott!

    • Scott

      My pleasure Lela! Awesome to hear you’ve gotten to spend a little time with him. I certainly have noticed the same presence and genuine interest in the time I’ve spent with him too. That’s unbelievably rare. Especially for someone with as much going on both in his head and with everyone wanting his attention. It says so much. Another lesson very worth hanging onto – and living by.

      Thanks again Simon!

  • @cdstern

    The part at 26 minutes when Simon described building leaders hit me hard. It made me ask myself, what am I doing to contribute to my team’s leadership skills? I bet if I asked ten different leaders I’d get ten different answers and discover a few new resources.


    • Scott

      Sounds like a pretty worthwhile task Craig. I like it! Let’s us know what you learn…

  • Noch Noch | be me. be natural.

    very cool

    i particularly admire your generosity in sharing so much with us

    Noch Noch

    • Scott

      So do I!

  • Miguel

    Great interview!

    Question: If we all buy and decide based primarily on why (through our primitive brain), and selling/communications tactics that “start with why” make us even more likely to buy on why, then isn’t that like taking a step back in evolution? Doesn’t reasoned decision making depend on WHAT!? The strategy of starting with why seems to be most useful to people who are selling things and looking for ways to establish stronger connections with customers. But should consumers be careful about buying based too much off of why? They could literally go through their life acting like a lizard…

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  • Alan Reeves

    Starting with why is such a simple concept but it has powerful results. His TED talk, when he used Apple as an example, is amazing. Such a simple idea and look at the results.

    Thanks for doing the interview Scott and introducing Simon’s work to me. I may have found him on my own, but I am glad it is sooner rather than later. I can’t wait to learn more, changing my perception and implementing all the great ideas

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  • Luke Middendorf

    Great article and interview. I’ve watched his TED talk several times as well and it was helpful to hear him talk more about the concept of “Why”.

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  • Lisa Munoz Fell

    Thank you, Scott! Great interview – thank you for turning me on to Simon. I am excited to delve more deeply into my why.

  • Fab

    Hi Scott,

    nice article!Congratulations!

    “If the why is strong enough, the how will take care of itself.”

    by Jim Rohn.

    “Tony Robbins who worked for Rohn in the late ’70s, was mentored by Rohn during the early years of his career. Others who credit Rohn for his influence on their careers include authors Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup book series), author/lecturer Brian Tracy, T. Harv Eker, author/teacher Vincent’s Genesius Evans, from Indonesia.”


    Apart from that:


    2) 5 Whys
    Quickly Getting to the Root of a Problem

    In other words, finding out the deep reasons for which we do/want something can be a powerful tool that was already pointed out by Jim Rohn, the foremost American business philosopher.

    Anyway, Simon Sinek has made an oustanding job bacause he has explored all the variables of this concept!!

    All the best!

    Fab, greetings from Italy.

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  • zimt-peppermint

    I have to say that I buy from you Scott, because of your Why. It seems so honest and powerful that I would never even consider that your products might not be worth it.
    So, I guess I need to go find my own Why now :)

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  • David Hamilton | Everlution

    Wowsers, Simon is awesome! I also just read the post on his blog about how to talk about your weaknesses, a problem I’ve been having for a while on my blog. All cleared up now!

  • saltna

    Scott and Simon, what a great conversation. I was enthralled. Many, many years ago I was told to enjoy, to truly surmount, the climb up the corporate ladder you need to turn around and offer your hand to the person below you. Success demands assistance. As I start a freelancing career I found myself asking why but was not sure where to go with the question. This interview offers that direction. Thank you

  • Leah Hynes

    Wow! Scott – after watching this and Simon’s TED talk I feel like a light has been switched on for the first time. I have already started to brainstorm to get to the ‘heart of why’ for my interests/passions and I cannot tell you the difference in perspective.

    I’m just getting started (week 1) into the Live off your Passion e-course and already it has given me so much value!!! I’m so excited to continue on this path and totally inspired!!!

    Keep up the fantastic work!
    Leah :)

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  • Kate @eatrecyclerepeat

    This was so wonderful. Scott, I’ve been using your workbooks and downloads to define for myself what my beliefs are and how I want to live my life and channel my values into my work. But it didn’t all really connect until I watched this video! Please keep doing them from time to time – obviously I need to familiarize myself with all of Simon’s work now, but also it is great to connect with you through a different media. (I live in Japan so I can’t usually attend conferences or places where you might be speaking). So cheers and have a great day!

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  • Christopher

    Awesome! I especially love the military references. Growing up in a Marine Corps family, these principles were pervasive in our lives from a young age and I’m so thankful to have been under the influence of that organization.

    Great video.


  • anuj

    thanks scott, i love watching your videos as i am noticing you are getting into more videos, i think it is a far better medium than text and will encourage our cause. moreover the interviews are really great and add much value as well as are educating, informative and entertaining. keep it up and god bless you!!!

  • brand

    Yea, thats the thing that gets me. Why make such a substantial purchase if youre in the position where you need to reorganize due to cost and revenue

  • brand

    Thank you for using the time and energy to jot down a little something which is invokinThank you for employing the time and effort to jot down some thing so exciting.

  • Anaïs Teresa Bock

    THANK YOU for this incredible interview, Scott. The notion that passion is a RESULT of investing in the things you believe in has been a huge AHA moment. I am really excited to dedicate my masters research in Organisational Behaviour to analyse authenticity! Wohooo!

  • Jared Latigo

    Love Simon’s work. Thanks for this awesome interview! He has certainly inspired me to find my Why and keep it at the forefront of all that I do. Thanks for the reminder to double check where I’m at right now.

  • Staycee Bloom

    Thank you Scott Dinsmore for finding this piece of puzzle that fits. This was one of the misplaced pieces. I see a clearer picture due to this find. ForeverBlooming

  • Cat

    Beautiful. A friend had sent me a video clip of Simon Sinek this morning (the first time I have ever heard of him) and I find him to be brilliantly inspiring. I also, own my own company and have recently lost sight of my ‘why”.

    After watching several of his presentations…I feel as though I am back on track.

    Thank you :)

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  • Dee Copeland Patience

    Glad I saw your email and watched Simon again today. I don’t think I ever watched all the way through. Brilliant ideas.

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  • Joshua Watts

    Hey Scott!

    Just an Fyi that your affiliate links to Simon’s Why University are not working.


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    The Golden Circle – no corners to get stuck in. Love it!

    And I’m definitely buying this book. Thanks for the name drop:


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  • Robin

    Hi Scott,
    Started as an embarkologist, (to help others embark) and I get so much out of your clear messages of Live Your Legend and now Start with Why. So cool you got this interview and shared it with us: incredibly I wouldn’t have known about Simon Sinek otherwise for another undefined period of time. My business is all about the why…helping people find it.

  • Sal

    Scott I’m a first time visitor to your site and all I can say is so far I’m impressed. I found your site by looking for a quote by Simon Sinek on Google. I was fortunate to read his book Start with Why about a year ago and it has fundamentally changed the way I think. I’ve used it to mentor my team and colleagues.

    I’m at a pivotal point in my career and look forward to engaging with more content on your site and participating in the conversation so I can derive passion from how I live my life day to day.

  • Raymond Clatterbuck

    Thank you Scott, these posts continue to inspire me in my day to day endeavors. Keep it up!

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  • Alexis Meads

    Love this article Scott! I agree, think its so important to start with your why. People want to buy if its something they believe in.

    Alexis Meads

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  • James Fierce

    You just changed my life Dustin. I will report back in a few weeks with the results. I am at the very beginning stages of living my legend but the finding your why clarifies a lot of things for me and points me in the right direction and is the message i most need to hear right now.

    You are right…Simon is the real deal and I can’t thank you enough for turning us on to him.

    I hope one day soon that I can interview you in one of my G+ weekly HOA shows.

    By the way I’m not sure if you are active on the plus but if you are not…you should be and I’d be more than happy to show you the light and give you some pointers :)

  • Alex Mill

    Hi Scott,

    I took Simon’s teachings to heart and explored what “my why” is. Thanks for the opportunity!

    I believe in the passion of goodness coming from doing something I love. I believe in practicing what I preach and that my preaching consists of my actions and that my actions represent compassionate practice. I am not here on earth to elevate myself so I can become comfortably secure. I am here to selflessly serve in whatever way Life dictates. I am constantly on the lookout for anything that gets in the way of possibility so I can step past that and live in possibility. Compassion, generosity, kindness, enthusiasm, selflessness, and possibility over all.

    In lovingkindness,

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  • Lindy Flynn

    Thanks Scott for this video, PERFECT, wasn’t part of your crew last year. Really appreciate your posting this again. Quite inspiring and absolutely part of My Why! Blessings from Northern Idaho and British Columbia. Lindy Flynn

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  • Critique_Create

    Hi Scott
    I’ve been reading your blogs and e-mails for a while now and they have been very helpful.
    I already loved watching TEd Talks, but after I came across yours I started watching new ones every week. They are so inspiring, as are you. Thanks so much!

    I finally wrote a (lengthy) post on my “Why” after coming across this blog of yours again.
    It’s over here: or at least the translated version is. The original is in Dutch.

    I would love your input, or that of anyone coming across this comment.

  • Vaibhav Singh

    Hey Scott
    Really appreciate your adaptability. L remember talking to you once over chat, how your Ted video helped me know you. You have taken that really seriously and have done a lot of work around it. Really appreciate it.

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  • Hils

    Perfect timing, I’ve just quit my steady, ‘not-my-purpose’ job to work as a coach and group facilitator, inspiring people to live a life they love (through emotional freedom, appreciation of the present moment, connecting with others more deeply, letting more of life in, doing what they love etc etc)! And yet I feel lost as to where to start, what to do (as my vision and what I’m passionate about is all a bit broad). I need to connect to my why again, start from scratch rather than waste weeks or months going down a road that is totally off course!
    Thanks Scott, love what you do!
    Hils, UK xx

  • mieke

    Thank you so much for this interview… Why is my beginning, I was searching for! Back on track! x

  • Cévennes

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    for my knowledge. thanks admin

  • Lyn Bowker

    Thanks for this interview Scott!

    I’ve come across Simon Sinek’s fantastic work in the past but I’m so grateful you’ve re-introduced me to him right at this moment because your conversation with him is so much more relevant to me right NOW as I prepare for my launch and have been thinking a great deal about sharing MY why.

    I was doubting the relevance of my WHY. Not to me, but to others. This interview has completely resolved for me my concern about talking about my WHY. It’s very personal but everyone’s WHY is personal though.

    Just wanted to thank you for inadvertently – through your own WHY – helping me to make the decision to share my WHY. Now instead of feeling I’ll be making it “all about me” I realise by sharing my WHY I am taking a stand for others to find theirs and be ever present to it, embrace it with all their heart. As I have done.

    I truly love your passion – the payoff you get for living and working from and for your WHY!

  • Ujjwal Anand

    Well, I can’t watch the video as I don’t have wired network at home. I use cellular network. I’ll probably watch ‘em when I go the library, next time.
    Anyway, I want to ask you if I can write a post for your blog. I have devised an easy method, using which, anyone can find their passion. I found mine using the same. I thought about sharing it on my blog, but that way I couldn’t reach a vast audience, as my blog is not commercial. Actually, I started it just just to write and express, not for business, and I don’t have many readers. However, this time, I want to sharing something, with a bigger audience.

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    The purpose of this video is inspirational; please feel free to share this video within and outside of your organization. We hope this video will enable more people to think and act starting with their why!