31k product launch checklist

*Note: In the spirit of full disclosure and helping in any way I can, I am filling you in on both the below details and my full private product launch checklist.  I only disclose this information because I feel it will allow you to further Live Your Legend. Sometimes real numbers help people listen a little more closely.



On November 8th, 2011 I launched Live Your Legend’s flagship product – the Live Off Your Passion self study eCourse.

In the following 30 days the course sold 369 copies and made $31,355.50.

I was blown away.

But in a way I believe I (with the guidance of some very smart folks) created much of that luck.

I believe that at least 70% (if not more) of my success came from my detailed development and launch strategy.

After the launch settled down, I spent a full day deconstructing my full product creation and launch process for two reasons:

  1. To understand what worked & why, and
  2. To make the experience repeatable

The result was a 7-page, 135-item checklist of tasks and events that took place over the course of about 3 months from product creation all the way through to launch and post-launch.

I thought about keeping this private but in the spirit of helping you any way I can, just last night I put it into a free PDF download as part of the Epic Work Toolkit that all subscribers have free access to (download your copy at the bottom of this post – if reading this in email, click here to get access).

Warning: this checklist won’t be any use unless you are genuinely helping people.

Remember, it all comes back to helping those around you.

None of these product creation and launch strategies matter even an ounce if you do not do the things we’ve discussed in the past few weeks.

You absolutely must: 

  • Find a way to massively help people using your passions and gifts
  • Build it into an incredibly compelling and different positioning and online offer
  • Surround yourself with passionate people doing the impossible

If you need a refresher, go back and read the last four articles on this site. Seriously take some time and meditate on that stuff.

Then come back to this checklist and watch it blow your mind.

*Note: Before creating my product, my friend Corbett Barr said I absolutely must read How to Launch the *** Out of Your eBook. The guidance in that book was absolute gold and it works for most any online product launch. Much of my launch checklist came from the things I learned in that book. The problem was the book didn’t provide an easy-to-follow checklist, so I decided to make one myself!

Download the full checklist that lead to my $31,000 product launch:

Ok, now for the really fun part. All LYL subscribers get this tool 100% for free.

To get the PDF download just enter your email in the form below.

**Some clarity for those of you new to Live Your Legend: Just so you know how things work around here, every couple months I create a massive workbook or tool in the form of a PDF, Word doc or online test to help you further do work you love, and I make it available totally for free as part of the set of tools every email subscriber gets access to (I call it the Epic Work Toolkit). It’s a way of me saying thanks for your support.

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I hope this launch checklist is even half as helpful for you all as it was for me!


  • Anna

    This is really helpful, Scott! In my experience, when a task seems impossible, it’s only because the steps to get there haven’t been defined. Once I get a clear idea of the steps, it doesn’t matter how long it’s going to take, I can and will make it if I really want it. Your checklist just turned something that looked impossible to a newbie like me into something that I can do. I have plans to launch a product sometime in the future and when I do, I’ll definitely be using this. Thanks for the guidelight.

    • Scott

      That is exactly why I created this and decided to share it Anna. I’m so glad you agree. Seeing steps can make all the difference. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!

  • Christina

    Thanks for sharing something so incredibly useful! I hope to use the Internet to work from home someday, and this checklist will be insanely helpful when I’m ready to create my own products. Now that I’ve seen an example of your stuff, I’m excited to follow your blog and read your other resources. Thanks!

    • Scott

      Welcome to the party Christina. We’re here to help any way we can!

  • http://teachingthefuture.net Rachel

    Talk about epic- you are amazing Scott! I am at this very moment in the middle of my first launch, and this is going to be super-helpful, I’m sure. I am +1 this post.

    • Scott

      That’s what I call timing! Have fun with the launch!

  • http://www.espressoenglish.net Shayna

    Question – It seems you had a pretty big subscriber base to which to launch. Would you recommend launching something even with a small audience (about 300 email subscribers and 4000 monthly visits) – or wait until it’s bigger?

    In any case, this is an excellent list; thanks for putting it together!

    • Scott

      I’d say the sooner you can have something out there for people to buy, the better. You might not sell a ton at first but at least you’ll have your best foot forward and be helping people. It will show the world you’re serious about this and wil increase your credibility a lot. You can always relaunch once your following grows a bit more. I wouldn’t wait. There’s always an excuse to wait…

  • http://www.journal-addict.blogspot.com Dolly


    Thank you for this invaluable check-list. As someone who is just at the beginning of this journey with Trailblazer, I am glad that I got to consider how much work is involved.

    As a newbie, it’s also bit daunting because a lot of it depends on people you know. Affiliates, testimonials etc. depends on these people, and as they are already successful people, it makes me wonder how difficult it would be get to a stage where you have that sort of relationship.

    I am sure people such as yourself, Jonathan Mead, and Corbett Barr get a lot of comments, emails etc. from online world and wouldn’t necessarily be able to make connection with all of these people. So I think it might need people without connection, longer time to build those connections.

    • http://www.simplemindfulness.com Paige Burkes | simple mindfulness


      Scott started growing his connections by joining the A-List Blogger Club run by Leo Babauta and Mary Jaksch at http://www.alistbloggingbootcamps.com/alist-blogger-club-join/

      It’s an amazing resource (membership site) with forums to talk to and work with some awesome people. You also get access to the extremely informative bootcamps they offer every couple of months and libraries of articles on anything you ever wanted to know about blogging successfully. And it’s only $20/month which is freakin’ amazing given what you get.

      I joined last fall and have made some awesome connections that are really helping my blog. Kind of like Scott, I’ve had a blog for a year with a list of about 50 that was going nowhere until I joined and took the initiative to reach out and talk to and help other bloggers.

      With what I learned on the site, I understood why my site would go nowhere. I totally revamped and rebranded my site and got very focused and started networking with other bloggers. Since then my subscriber base has been taking off.

      I’m not an affiliate for the program. I’m a huge fan.

      Bottom line – you have to reach out and take the initiative to make the connections. If no one knows who you are, why would they try to contact you?

      • Scott

        You’re so right Paige- thanks for sharing. The A List club was HUGE for me, especially in the very beginning. I spent like 15-20 hrs a week (mostly at night) going through all the material and putting it to use. Very worth checking out.

    • Scott

      It’s a great point Dolly. And to be honest, I did not know a single person online two years ago. Seriously no one. So you can start from scratch. Many people do. I hope that doesn’t discourage you. But yes, the connections make all the difference in the world. Everything is about relationships. Online or off. But I’ll have you know that less than 15% of sales have come from affiliates.

      I’m actually strongly considering building a product/guide this year that’s all about How to Connect with Anyone and how to surround yourself with passionate people. So many readers have been asking about this lately! Will let you guys all know more soon.

  • http://www.askscottpope.com Scott
    • Scott

      Sorry about the trouble Scott- did you get it working? Let me know if you still need help and we’ll get you all sorted out!

  • http://www.diy-investors.com Mick Pavey

    Hi Scott,

    Once again, thanks for your inspiration and really useful checklist. Having written my book “Picking Winning Shares” and now produced the eBook formats (kindle & epub), I’m ready to move to the next stage.

    I’ve formed a meetup group DIY-Investors (first get-together on 28th February 2012), see link: http://www.meetup.com/DIY-Investors/ and will then look to create my next products (a one day course on investing and possibly an on-line group).

    Here’s to your continued success!

    Best wishes, Mick.

    • Scott

      Congrats Mick and I’m excited to see how this checklist can help you take it to the next level!

  • Brian

    You always continue to amaze. Thanks for such simply and important advice.


    • Scott

      You’re too kind Brian. It’s my pleasure to offer this stuff up to all you!

  • http://happymumsathome.com kirri

    Thanks Scott.
    Kicking ass as always :)

    • Scott

      You keep it up and I’ll do the same!

  • http://www.simplemindfulness.com Paige Burkes | simple mindfulness

    OMG! I just printed off this checklist and it’s EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for! I’ve been trying to piece together different things I’ve read about launches but you’ve done it for me right here. Glad to know I’m going in the right direction as I’ve already completed most of the steps on page 1 and was wondering about the timing of the steps I hadn’t taken yet.


    • Scott

      Awesome Paige! Now all you have to do is launch something EPIC with it! Can’t wait to see :)

  • http://www.ravisagar.in Ravi Sagar

    Hi Scott,

    I am also working on creating an e-book. I use google docs for writing it. Which tool do you use for creating your ebooks? Google docs is good but is limited in terms of features. Can you recommend any tool for writing books?

    • Scott

      I actually just wrote my in TextEdit for Mac – I say just go with the simplest text editor there is so that you don’t get distracted. MS Word has too many features for me. Too slow too. Then for all the design and formatting, I had my design guy do all of that. Hope that helps.

  • http://www.mazzastick.com Justin Mazza

    Wow, that is some incredible results with your product promotion. Thanks for sharing.

    • Scott

      My pleasure Justin. I only share all that I do because I think it will help all you have that much more success. I really hope it does!

  • http://davidamoore.com David Moore

    I keep reading and reading and reading down the checklist. Such good stuff. Things you think about but never jot it down or organize it. I had to stop and say THANKS and I’m only on #40. Thanks for pouring yourself out for us.

  • http://www.lionsforchange.com Andrew Speaker

    Great job! Congrats on the fantastic roll out of your product launch and you keep delivering really good content. I also really like the way that you’ve set up your site and the design. I’m trying to figure out how to put a background behind my post, footer and primary toolbar like you did on here, looks great!
    Stay Strong!

  • http://ww.annieandre.com Annie Andre

    What a wonderful gift this is. It’s like serendipity. I was talking on skype with my friend Benny Hsu from getbusylivingblog.com and he recommended i come over here to your blog and check out your launch guide.

    I’m so glad i did. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I had so many questions answered reading through the guide.

  • http://hoor.saltna.com saltna

    OMG! I just printed off this checklist and it’s EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for! I’ve been trying to piece together different things I’ve read about launches but you’ve done it for me right here. Glad to know I’m going in the right direction as I’ve already completed most of the steps on page 1 and was wondering about the timing of the steps I hadn’t taken yet.

  • http://www.LTTCOM.com Rani Wemel

    Hello…I tried to download your The Full Checklist Behind My $31,000 Product Launch (free PDF download)…unfortunately was not able to…will be very grateful if you will be able to email me a copy…thanks for your help…take care…have a lovely day always :)

  • http://www.nonstopawesomeness.com/ Nathan Agin

    thanks for this, scott! even if i only use 1/10th of the items, and am 5 weeks out from launch, having a strategy (and outside ideas) is immensely helpful. keep up the great work!! :)

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  • Ivan

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  • http://www.theloveofood.com Mandy

    WOW. What an incredible resource. I can’t thank you enough for sharing this. I will most definitely be putting this to use. I will let you know how it goes!


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