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“If you don’t know what you want, pick something that might be it, and practice it. Real, deep, profound passion requires your focus, engagement, and daily practice.”

-Barrie Davenport

*Time Sensitive: As a little Christmas and New Year’s bonus, today my good friend Barrie Davenport and I are giving away five free copies of her new book, The 52-Week Passion Project (which happens to make for the perfect compliment to our Live Off Your Passion career course).

All you have to do is leave a comment telling us one of your interests, passions or hobbies – we want to get you thinking about what excites you in the new year!

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Now it’s time to hear from one of my favorite passion experts!


Learning from the Right People…

When starting out in a new industry or career, we all have people we look up to. Those we constantly study and admire (and whom we might even feel a tad of envy for here and there).

Barrie Davenport was one of those very first people for me online. Her and I were one of the first few people in Leo Babauta and Mary Jaksch’s A-List Blogging Club. Barrie seemed on fire right from the start. She had been a certified passion and career coach for years, and had decided to take that talent to the web.

I remember the day she announced that she had reached over 1,000 subscribers. I was in such awe of her accomplishment. Up until then my lifetime stretch goal was to someday hit that 1,000 mark…

That was less than two years ago.

Since that day I’ve continued to constantly learn by example. And it’s an honor to get to have her on Live Your Legend today to share the very best of her recently published book, The 52-Week Life Passion Project.

Barrie Davenport is the real deal. She’s a certified life passion coach, author, and founder of, a site devoted to helping people uncover and live their life passions. She is also the founder of Live Bold and Bloom, one of the leading personal development blogs on the Internet.

Without further ado, enter Barrie…

52 Simple Steps to Making Life’s Biggest Discovery

Scott: There’s a ton out there on passion, and to be honest, it’s hard to sort through what’s worth spending time on. I know you took a bit of a unique route with this, so how has your approach to discovering and living on passion different from so much of what’s out there?

Barrie Davenport

Barrie Davenport

Barrie: I guess I take a more holistic approach involving mind, body, emotions, and environment.

So much of the effort of finding your passion involves preparing yourself to uncover it and make room for it. That involves addressing the things holding you back from shifting a dream or faint hope to real action and forward movement toward your dream.

These roadblocks are fears, perceived limitations, old beliefs, debilitating emotions, a cluttered and over-complicated life, and a lack of understanding about yourself, your motivations, and your capacity for growth and change. You have to work on these things to be ready for passion to enter your life.

In addition, I focus on practical passion, meaning that I don’t promote the law of attraction or manifesting or flowery words that have no substance. People live real lives and have real concerns and real obligations that must be addressed, worked around, or revised. For many people, just creating the time and space to do the work of finding passion is a daunting proposition. It feels nebulous and directionless to those who have no guide or insight into how to go about it. So why devote time to something when you don’t know what you are doing? I give very specific small actions that are easily managed and clearly defined. And I let people know why they are taking the actions and how the actions will move them toward passion.

And finally, I view the process of uncovering and pursuing passion as a passionate endeavor on its own. We can delay happiness until the day we find it and live it, or we can see every step along the way as a microcosm of living passionately.

Everything we learn about ourselves during the journey is part of our growth and can be savored and appreciated if we choose to view it that way.

Scott: What was your reason for creating this book and tool? How do you hope it will help people?

Barrie: I’ll answer that by telling my personal story.

I had my own life passion awakening a few years back. I had spent most of my professional career as a public relations professional, helping other people promote and live their own passions. And I worked with particularly passionate people – actors, dancers, artists, and other creative types who had found what made them come alive. Also, I spent several years supporting my oldest daughter as she pursued her own passion to become a professional ballet dancer.

I spent hours of my day for several years driving her 60 miles round trip to her studio to train, twice a day. So I had plenty of experience with life passion – just not my own! When my daughter left home, I was left holding the bag. I couldn’t reignite my enthusiasm for my PR consultancy. It just had no meaning for me any longer. But as my role as a publicist was going away and my role as a mom was winding down, I didn’t know what the hell I was supposed to do with my life.

I knew I had to find my “something.” So I began a search in earnest – taking courses, assessments, workshops, reading books and blogs. Through all of this work, counseling and coaching kept popping up as suitable careers for me. I did more research and really resonated with the coaching model. Even thought I wasn’t 100% sure that “this was it,” I signed up for a strong coach certification program and spent nearly a year getting certified.

I started to build a business and created a very basic blog to market the business. Then I started learning more about blogging and found I had a passion for that – for reaching out to millions of people around the world in order to help them create better lives. My work as a coach and online entrepreneur combines many of the things I am passionate about: helping other people, writing, research, creative design, connection, community.

So through my search, opening one door led to another, and then another. And that’s how life passion often works.

So to answer your question, I created this book because I have some unique qualifications that can help people streamline the effort of finding and living passion. I spent years learning the “formula” for finding and living passion. I have taken everything I’ve learned through my PR work, my own passion search, and my work with coaching clients and have distilled it into the lessons and actions in my book.

Scott: What is the biggest challenge that keeps most people from experiencing and living their passion on a day to day basis, and what’s one thing they could do to get “unstuck”?

Barrie: Fear and confusion.

Fear that you will fail, make the wrong choice, lose all your money, be rejected by family and friends, look stupid, not be able to follow through. Making change like this passion work requires, wraps you in one big ball of fear and insecurity. The words “What If” are plastered on your forehead every minute of the day. And even if you can get past the fear, the confusion about how to go about finding and living passion stops most people. This is particularly true if you have made some feeble or even profound attempts in the past to find your passion, and it hasn’t worked out. You don’t have a level of certainty that passion really exists.

But here’s the deal – I see passion as an equation. It looks like this: strong interest + practice + engagement + purpose = life passion.

  • You have a strong interest in something.
  • You begin to practice it to gain proficiency, and either you do or do not become increasingly engaged in it.
  • If you do become engaged, you continue to practice and pursue it more fervently.
  • It takes on a meaning in your life and fulfills you in ways that support your values.
  • It then has a larger purpose for you.

On a day-to-day basis, I would strongly recommend that people pick something that interests them and practice it.

If you want to be a writer, practice writing. If you want to be an online entrepreneur, then practice the skills involved. If you want to be a great parent, then practice great parenting in the minutiae of your daily interactions with your kids.

If you don’t know what you want, pick something that might be it, and practice it. Real, deep, profound passion requires your focus, engagement, and daily practice.

Practice connects you to that flow experience that separates you from time and space and imparts feelings of fulfillment and joy. And when you are practicing, there is no room for fear. If you want to release fear, stop thinking about the “what ifs” and start taking some action toward finding your passion or practicing what you think might be your passion.

Scott: You talk a lot about “Life Passion” in your book. This is a term I’m not directly familiar with. Does this refer to hobbies and interests, a passionate career, both or something else altogether? Can you explain the difference?

Barrie: I usually add the word “life” in front of passion to distinguish it from physical or romantic passion.

To me, life passion refers to that something, or several somethings, that make you come alive – that provide the feeling of deep engagement, joy, fulfillment, interest, fun, and purpose. How that something might manifest in one’s particular life is determined by the person’s life circumstances, responsibilities, obligations, and desires.

Since we spend so much time on our jobs, it is optimal if your job is your passion or at least supports your passion. It is really sad when you spend 8-10 hours a day doing something you don’t like or even hate – or that you just feel blah about. But sometimes that is necessary.

But I equate the feeling of having a life passion to the feelings of having a new love in your life. You’d prefer to spend 24/7 with that new person. But life sometimes dictates you can only see them once a week or just on weekends. Even so, the joy and excitement of the relationship spills over into everything else in your life. Every part of your life is better because you are so happy about the new person.

This is true for life passion as well. You’d rather enjoy it all day, every day. But if you can’t, you can enjoy it through a hobby, an avocation, a volunteer effort, etc. And quite often, we become so engaged in our peripheral passion endeavors that unexpected career opportunities open up for us as a result.

discover your passion

Scott: How can someone start to find passion in their current career if it’s something that isn’t especially exciting, but they can’t just up and quit quite yet?

Barrie: Of course I’d suggest reading my book!

Getting really clear on your personality, aptitudes, skills, intelligence type, and values (all of which I cover in the book) will help you narrow the field of what is most important for you and your life and work. Knowing yourself really, really well and having a solid grasp of your top priorities and motivations will help you know where to begin with making shifts in your current career.

Once you gather and understand that information, use it to begin asking for and making changes within your current job. If you know of positions or projects within your organization where you would be better-suited, then show your boss or human resources professional the results of the assessments on your personality, skills, intelligence type, and values. Show them that you would be more productive and more valuable to the organization if you are in a position that supports who you are — or at least if you can be involved in projects or tasks on occasion that support your aptitudes.

If that is not possible, then try to bring more of who you are to the work you are doing.

If one of your top values is love, and you’re an accountant, how can you bring love to the work you do? I know this sounds silly, but it is better than actively loathing your work. Find ways to bring passion to even the most mundane parts of your job. Be completely mindful and present when doing these tasks. Bring your values to the tasks and make them more interesting and engaging. And be sure to pursue passionate and interesting endeavors outside of work to fill your cup.

But, if you are truly in a mind-numbing job with little room for growth or change, I would do everything possible to make a change. Life is too short to suffer this way for long. It isn’t worth the security or money. It will eat away at you in the long run.

Scott: What’s the most surprisingly useful technique or practice you’ve found for helping people lock in on their passion and start living it as a consistent part of their life? What’s something our readers can start doing right now to get closer to experiencing this?

Barrie: Daily action.

It is so easy to get caught up in over-thinking the details and the potential pitfalls. We get caught up in planning and preparing and running the numbers and talking to friends about it. But the real catalyst to change is action – doing something toward uncovering or living your passion every day.

Spend some time on your due diligence. Read, research, plan, weigh the pros and cons – and then get off the pot and do something! And then do something else. And do that every single day. Yes, you might take some wrong turns, you might make some mistakes, but all of those mistakes are part of the journey toward finding your passion.

There is trial and error and experimentation involved – that’s a necessary part of the process.

Be patient with yourself and the process. Try to enjoy the ride. See it as your passion for now. Say to yourself and others, “My passion is finding my passion!” And then “chase down your passion like it’s the last bus of the night.”

There is no more important work you will ever undertake.


Passion Is a Way of Life

A huge congrats to Barrie on her new book and an even bigger thank you for the inspiration and guidance she’s provided over the years.

It’s honor to host her at such a crucial time for change being right at the end of the year – and especially since as a community at LYL we have all committed to 2013 being the year we take a stand and start doing work that matters.

I also love how her new book makes for the perfect compliment to our Live Off Your Passion career course, which I know many of you have been joining this month before the price goes up at the end of the year. These two tools really do go hand in hand!

I hope Barrie’s work will get you in the right mindset. It always has for me.

You can learn more about Barrie on here website, and about the book on Amazon: The 52-Week Passion Project.

Also, be sure to keep an eye out next week for the totally free Live Your Legend 2013 Goal Setting and Action Workbook. I’m putting all the finishing touches on it this week and it will be available to you all just after the new year. I can’t wait.

Happy New Year – there are big things to come!

Leave a comment to win a free copy of The 52-Week Passion Project

52 week live passion projectAs a New Year’s celebration, Barrie has been kind enough to give away five free copies of her paper book and workbook, shipped to you anywhere in the world.

All you have to do is leave a comment telling us one of your interests, passions or hobbies. Even one sentence or just a single well-chosen word will do.

You must do this by the end of Friday – at that point we will pick five of your comments, at random, to receive a free book.

Also, each of you who leave a comment will received a free PDF copy of the companion workbook if you decide to purchase the book.

Alright guys, the new year is almost upon us.

It’s time to start doing something that matters.

Now please tell us about it!


P.S. Email readers click here to leave a comment and win a free book.

P.P.S. Remember, there are only about 5 days left before the price of our Live Off Your Passion career course goes up by 55%. I’d hate for you to miss your chance if you’re interested.

Next stop – the totally free 2013 Goal Setting and Action Workbook. I cannot wait to share that with you!


Images courtesy of the very talented James Clear

  • Lucas Blanck

    I love making computer mods! I’d love to make a living building computers.

    • Brian


      I can identify with this somewhat because I’ve built computers since the 286 days (ouch!). These were for myself, family, and my employer. Never really got into extreme case modding and such, but I always felt for those inclined (I’m thinking about some of the builds I’ve seen in Maximum PC) that there was a nice little boutique market that could cater to those who wanted a truly unique, possibly one-of-a-kind system. Even a system that was custom built with care and had a couple enhancements to make it special over regular store-bought systems could have some potential. I’m moving in a different direction myself and will use my computer knowledge to help support my creative projects, but I’m sure you can succeed following your passion so keep thinking how to give it your own special signature and stay with it! Good luck!

  • Jen Zeman

    The book sounds interesting! While I had fiction writing on the brain for the past few years, one of my goals for 2013 is to spend a lot more time drawing and painting. I miss it!

  • Charles Thor

    I love traveling and the outdoors. Still trying to figure out how to make that something I can live off.

    • Ademir Souza

      Hello Charlea, if you find somethingin this area,let me know, because it is exactly what I am looking for.

      • Sulthana

        Maybe look at Chris of Art of Non-Confirmity – he’s used his passion for travel with his blog.

  • lucy smith

    Would love to have the outdoors….animals…and yoga in my daily life….is it possible???

  • Nikki

    Wow, this book sounds fantastic! I’m not 100% sure what my life passion is yet, but I know it isn’t sitting in the cube farm for 8-9 hours a day, 5 days a week…

  • Liberty

    I think my passion is exploring new passions. LOL I usually come back to creating with fiber, cameras, or food.

  • Kelley Byrdsong

    I read a quote a little while ago that said “It’s never too late to change the road you’re on.” I’ve always had a passion to inspire others to be the best version of themselves, and to live their best life. I think a lot of people become complacent and feel it’s too late to do the work they were put on this earth to do. My passion is transform people’s minds and remind them that it is NEVER too late to change the road you’re on.

    I know this from experience.

    • Joyce Li

      Interesting Kelley. I am from Canada and I share the same passion with you. I’m all for life-long learning and yes, it’s never too late to live our dream!

  • Hanna

    I have too many interests to count and I’m truely a free spirit. One of my passions is learning. I would love to get paid for it.

    • Amber

      Hanna – I feel exactly the same way! If you find out how to get paid to learn let me know!

      • Benjamin

        What about teaching what you learn ?

  • Bill

    I’m looking for the perfect social network for radio interviews; the evolution of the podcast. If I’m successful, I’ll be redefining media for the 21st Century.

  • Joseph Ratliff

    I have a deep-rooted passion to write about technology and its impact on people, society as a whole, and our networks.

  • Julia Brae

    My passion is exploring liminality.

  • Terry

    I love to run with my husband. I also love photography. My current passion is working to combine the two into something fresh and new.
    BTW – wearing a GoPro camera on your head while running is NOT the best way to capture the excitement of a 5k!

  • Joyce

    I also think the book sounds useful. My passion seems to be related to encouraging others, coaching, identifying strengths and making improvements in all areas of life (balanced living).

  • patty

    After 32 years of teaching I will be retiring and love to write…will have the time,the question is can I?

    • Joyce Li

      Yes, Patty. You can. There are many tools out there to help you to become effective in writing. But to get started, all you need is to make a decision. A decision sets you on a path. I made that decision a couple of years ago and now I’ve completed a 50,000-word non-fiction manuscript. My book will be in print in Feb 2013. I am not a trained writer and English is my second language. I work in IT for over 30 years.

      I do my writing part-time. The journey is long but it can be done. For me, I took time to complete a book proposal; then wrote a chapter-by-chapter synopsis followed by a string of hard work to complete the project.

      It’s all worth it at then end. The biggest reward to me is the journey. I discovered who I am through writing. Patty, you have over 32 years of precious experience to share with people around the world. Go for it. Get started with your writing. You can do it!

  • Dionice

    Practicing and teaching yoga to those who can’t afford classes.

  • Elizabeth

    Writing is my passion and I am more excited about my work in progress than I have ever been. 2013 feels as if it’s going to be MY year, and whatever it takes, however much work, I’m going to make it so!

    And yes, I would LOVE to read your book!

  • john meldrum

    Already part way there when back to school a decade ago and got a PhD now working as a Leisure and Recreation prof on the beautiful west coast book on the way just remember it isn’t always fast but have a destination and the path can be fun!

  • Lynn

    Been working hard on trying to find my passion and would love to make 2013 the year I finally do.

  • Derek WOod

    Health, primarily focused around diet is my passion. The writing is on the wall, and our country is the leader in going in the WRONG direction. There are so many great people/organizations who are trying to make change, create an awareness about getting back to basics, backyard farming etc. I’d like to write about and find a way to bring all of these great ideas together

    • Thomas Chock

      Hi Derek,

      Hope that you will consider working with me to achieve this same goal through my website and programs. It is all about having people with the same or similar passions begin to change the world. I’m involved with children and adults who are overweight.

      • Yohann

        Hi Thomas,
        I share your concerns about this issue. Do you have a site address? Would welcome the opportunity to connect.

  • Annette Naber

    I am passionate about health – the health of the soil, our food, and consequently human and animal health. I am passionate about the health of the planet.
    I am passionate about beauty in all its shapes and forms, capturing it (thru image and words), and sharing it with others.

  • Darrin

    I am passionate about the martial arts, particularly fighting with the long stick.

    I am passionate about the Philippines, rum, sleight-of-hand magic, and empowerment for men.

  • Brenda

    been doing it my whole life.

  • Evergreen

    My passion is living life more fully by exploring the best, most satisfying way to do things.

  • Heidi

    I love science and art but have not yet found a way to combine the two. Any ideas?

    • teresa

      Would illustrating science books interest you? I have a friend who did this with a professor writing a textbook.

  • Anandi

    My passion revolved around creating beautiful healing spaces and placemaking.

    • Zoe

      Anandi, I hear your passion :) are you ready to make it happen?? How have you been preparing for it and what will it take to make it real? I have these questions of myself, of course….anything you have to offer will be welcome.

  • Crt

    building innovative sailing boats! That could be my dream!

  • Gwen

    I am passionate about my art and my process of exploring the systems we live in.

  • Tania G

    I am passionate about early childhood development and about providing life’s basic need to the poor

  • Pearce

    My passions are mainly focused around Exploring. My writing takes me through the realms of fiction and all genres. My hobby (when it’s warm enough) is geocaching which makes me search for new places and experiences. I love food and my tongue craves culture shock on a monthly basis.

  • Linda

    My passion is helping educators, counselors, and health care professionals recover from burnout and compassion fatigue by re-igniting their passion for self-growth.

  • Ricky

    I have been practicing as a hypnotherapist part-time for the last two years. Back in November, I took the plunge and made it my full-time career. In this career, I get to help people change their mood, quickly and easily. That’s why I do it – people come tio me depressed or upset, and they leave my office feeling light and happy.

    • Thomas Chock

      Hi Ricky,

      I’m not sure where you practice but would be so grateful if you could help me change my negative view of life which gets in the way of working on my passion.

  • wendie

    I am passionate about teaching, coaching and helping others. I do that now, but in a public school where I feel stifled, limited… “I wonder if they’ll let me make a difference today” is a common thought as I drive to work every morning. I am sure I make a difference for my students, but I feel ignored by the rest of the policy-makers.

    • Thomas Chock

      Hi Wendy,

      I’m not sure what grade(s) you teach but your input would be appreciated as I am trying to find the right approach helping students who are overweight. There are over 20 million of them just in the US.

  • DSB

    After spending 11 Years in IT industry, I have finally woken up and feel that I have killed my passion and dreams in lieu of money and secured job. My current passion is to rediscover my passion. Though I am going slowly but I know I’ll find my passion soon and live it. Now am passionate about trying new things in life and not having fear of failure.

  • Nicole

    My passion is teaching! I love when students experience the “aha!” moments. Teaching is really just spreading passion!

    • Thomas Chock

      Hi Nicole,

      Just left a note for Wendy and asked her for insights on how to reach the over 20 million children 18 and under who are over-weight. I have a website but and seeking others who share my passion.

  • Tim

    I love breaking very complex things down and looking at their pieces.

  • Emily Bowers

    I am overwhelmed with the number of passions I have: art, writing, reading, dancing, learning, spiritual seeking, loving, exercise, nutrition and food, surfing, yoga. Some of them are higher up on the list, such as spiritual pursuit (meditation, contemplation, oneness community), art (sketching, painting, collage), writing, learning. I plan on practicing all of these top passions regularly in 2013. I’m hoping all I need to do is schedule time for them, and stick to my schedule. I was really good at school–schedules, deadlines, etc–so I’m hoping that means I can be good at self-discipline too. May mean giving up a good deal of socializing, or computing, facebook, or my iphone, but I’m ready to give up what it takes to practice my passions and feel fully fulfilled in my life!

    • Zoe

      Emily, this list resonates so much with me. I used to believe (sometimes still do) that we are meant to ‘pick one thing’ and become really expert at it – but I suspect that, for some people, being interested in many different things is just another way of approaching this – finding something that can encompass all of these smaller passions, in a bigger way. Perhaps not literally, but finding the key to enjoyment and passion and then transferring it somehow….? It feels truer to me, anyway. Good luck with your journey :-)

  • Patricia

    I know what my passions are. I’m not searching for them. I just don’t seem to be smart enough about business, to do anything with them, at least not enough to create a living wage. I don’t need fame. I don’t need fortunes. I just want to live my life as a creative human being and not have to work for someone else. Especially at my age, it just seems like a waste of time and effort.

  • Sandi

    My passion is in storytelling, myth making (and breaking)and as a guide for those those who wish to truly heal their childhood wounds so they can live consciously.

  • Tejas Parekh

    I recently became interested in spirituality and living towards reaching my full potential, and I think this is great because it helps motivate us to do more things with our lives and contribute to a community that just helps each other on a consistent basis. I want to contribute!!

  • Nan Spiers

    My passion is in doing something that is worthwhile, and I am trying to find what I can do that is!

  • Chirag Moradiya

    I would love to become a Equity Trader. I want to trade for living. People say that this is not possible but I want to make it happen.

  • Glenn Costa

    Adventure – This Bicycle Touring. Also, Adventure Coaching for those over 50.

  • Sue

    I love solving problems and figuring out answers–mathematical or otherwise.

  • Glenn Costa

    Adventure – Sorry my first comment had the wrong email address.

  • Ana

    My passion? I’ve known what it is for years but there was never a true opportunity to do it the way I’d want to — in total freedom. It’s never been enough to write about Spain and expat living as some weekend venture. I have to be free to live there to really make that kind of contribution.

    More and more people, at least from the U.S., are investigating ways to live and work in another country. I’ve done it in Japan a few times and now I want to pass on the knowledge I’ve gained about the value of expat life.

    But at the moment I’m stuck at 58 working in a factory stateside, making so little I never know if I’ll make the rent. So I must disagree with Barrie about the main obstacles being internal fears, etc. At least not anymore. There’s nothing internal about layoffs, ruined credit, homelessness, or fruitless job hunting in your 50s.

    Yet … I keep the dream alive. I went for it a decade ago and even though I didn’t achieve it, it never left me alone.

    When it’s your true dream, you didn’t really choose it. It chose you. Honor it in the practical realm if you can. If you can’t … keep it alive anyway. If it’s real, no matter the circumstances, it’ll never leave you alone.

    • David

      Ana I’d like to read your expat living blog. I have been living the expat life for the last 20 years. Also I will setting up a business in a Mediterranean country in a couple of years, so perhaps we can run some ideas together.

      Best luck Ana. It is hard in the US as it is in Spain right now but you are brave by keeping the dream alive and thinkg about heading to Spain.


  • Thayer

    Bicycle advocacy
    changes the world.

  • Alex Chua

    I’m passionate about capturing beautiful moments to create fond memories.

  • Stacy

    I am passionate about making a difference in young women’s lives. I want to help them to be smart, strong, and successful.

  • Jason Locey

    While I have not found what my true passion is in life, my philosophy is to never stop learning.

  • Brad Harrington

    The only times I have had the “flow experience” mentioned by Barry is playing volleyball and writing software. I would love to create a career out of coaching volleyball .

  • Daniela

    I’m passionate about many things, unfortunately there is not enough time to pursue them all. So, at this point in my life, I’m directing my passion to creating something with my hands in the form of pottery. Turning a piece of clay into something beautiful makes me happy and provides me with a sense of accomplishment.

  • Marc

    I am passionate about helping people live the life of their dreams. I love doing this through using fitness and health as a way to help them experience success, improvements in self esteem and confidence which enables them to transfer the confidence and success they experience through achieving their fitness goals to other areas of their lives. I feel extremely privileged to be able to learn from the people that I work with and this in turn helps fuel my passion and keeps me going. I firmly believe to experience anything in life on the highest level that you have to be healthy and feeling your best to get the most out of the experience – you have to be growing and becoming better each day.

    • Thomas Chock

      Hi Marc,

      Would like to know more about you and how you are pursuing your passion to see if we could work together. Fitness is one of the components of my passion.

  • Andriy

    I collect old classical vinyl records that didn’t made it into the “digital age”. This way I discovered many great performances I would never heard of if not on this LPs.

  • Ben

    I’m passionate about inspiring others!

  • Brent

    My true passion is photography, especially outdoor/nature photography.

  • Abhash Kumar

    I am trying to build a business around my passion in Education. I am working towards finding out what makes for a perfect education for a child. I am experimenting and tinkering with the process of incorporating Empathy into their learning mechanism and finding out if this can lead to them growing up to be well-rounded individuals in the true sense.

  • Teri

    I’m a seeker. I have spent my life seeking when there is more I want to know about something, especially myself. I am an artist, writer, creator. I love to make things, first in my imagination and then in reality and problem solve as I go. I’m in transition in my life. I’m 55 and determined to live the last decades of my life in a passionate way. I don’t see the point otherwise. Zeroing in on the path that leads me to that passionate life (and maintaining financial independence)is what I’m seeking right now.

  • Dawna Martin

    My passion I would have to say is fitness and health. I have had the opportunity to learn a great deal in the last 7 years that have helped me to lose 60+ lbs and get “strong”. I would love to be able to share that with others!

    • Thomas Chock

      Hi Dawna,

      Hope you will contact me as I am trying to find people like you to build a community that encourages others who are overweight to begin to lead healthful lives. Part of this process is featuring stores like yours to show people that it is possible to be healthy again.

      There are over 120 million adults who face the same problem that you took action on 7 years ago.

      Great job!!!!

  • Georgia

    I love to listen to the dreams and hopes others have for their businesses and then help them express those dreams by designing websites that reflect their inner vision. When I’m “in the zone” it’s almost as though I can “see” through their eyes and it is so easy at that point to put the building blocks together to “put a face” on their vision in the form of a website.

    • Thomas Chock

      Hi Georgia,

      Your help would be deeply appreciated. I have been seeking someone with passion who can work with me to create a site
      that can truly help others who are overweight lead a healthier life. It’s up but needs lots of help.

  • Elenna

    ‘There is no more important work you will ever undertake’
    This resonated deeply with me- Thank you for reminding me

  • http://www.cambiadevida,com Paula Alvarez

    I love coaching and counseling people.My passion is inspiring others to change their lives and go for their dreams.Also I love promoting personal wellbeing.

    I love connecting with people from all over the world and all kind of backgrounds. I love learning new things, I am an eternal student and a very curious person.

    I love traveling, I love running, biking , yoga and meditation…

    I guess I would love to be like Scott Dinsmore for the Spanish speaking population. Hope I can make that dream true in 2013!!
    anybody interested in helping me ?

    • Thomas Chock

      Hi Paula,

      I would like you to contact me as there is so much to be done to reduce the problem of children and adults being overweight in the Hispanic community. Having someone like you to help and be culturally respectful to this community is one of my

    • David

      Of course. I love to help you. And just like Scott promotes in LOYP let’s start right now by getting some people to look at your great website in Spanish (or translated with google translator)It is inspirational.

  • Donald Overlander

    TRAVEL! Writing about it, photographing it, sharing it…with family, friends, MY KIDS, and everyone I can! and – I think I found a way to make it work as a business… now I just need to get out of my comfort zone and fire it UP!!

    Looking forward to learning more from you guys!

    **PS – this ‘comfort zone’ thing is a huge issue for me and the people I know… plenty of ‘time for dollars’ income that’s relatively easy – but – no time to use it. Something MUST change.

  • Nikky Johnson

    I have a lot of interests but the thing or things, since it’s 2, that I am most passionate about is Crafting/Creating. Nothing makes me feel better than just getting lost in my fabric, glue, paints, etc. I love seeing people’s smiles when they see an item I have made. The second thing I am passionate about is being able to uplift and inspire other women to be able to fulfill all their dreams and goals

  • Sera

    Only last week I was reading the book $100 startup (genius book I highly recommend) and discovered my driving passion which is to simplify. To clarify and simplify life for as many people as I can so that we can focus on what really matters.

  • megan

    My passion? Circus, specifically aerials like silks. Passionate enough that I took a month off work and went to the Dominican Republic to go do flying trapeze at circus school. Would love to be able to pursue it more, not sure how to make it work… Yet! :)

  • Charissa Struble

    I aspire to inspire before I expire!

  • Siegfried Emme

    My passion is helping people get low cost , affordable healthcare. One way I can see this happening is by educating everyone, providers and patients on ultrasound.Ultrasound is done at the bedside, does not expose anyone to radiation, and is the wave of the future. How can I turn my passion and hobby into something I can make a living at ?

  • Donna

    I am passionate about the virtues Project I learned it 12 years ago and became a master facilitator so I could train trainers. As read about successful businesses like Zappos I can see that they have as their foundation the “five strategies” of The Virtues Project. I would like to reach into the business world more and have this program taken up by the workplace in a more conscientious way. In my experience bringing spirit into the workplace through these five strategies builds more engagement, better communication, stronger relationships, and higher level leadership.

  • Isobel

    My passion is lifelong learning. I can’t imagine *not* wanting to learn, stretch, grow and challenge myself.

  • Juste

    Discovering me, discovering others and being surprised is what drives me..along with tons of interests:)

  • Sophia

    Looking forward to reading the book! I’m one of those who thought I found my passion (languages), saw it dwindle, and am now asking myself a lot of questions. In the meantime, photography is becoming more and more important to me… maybe it’s time for a new passion?

  • Bertha

    I believe my biggest passions are visual abstract art and personal spiritual growth, both I personally do not seperate. My art helps me to stay connected to who I feel is the real, authentic and honest ME and only then I strongly believe I can be a blessing to others. It’s sort of persuasive way to touch others’ souls without being preachy.

  • John Leonard

    Despite my best procrastination efforts, I always come back to two things – writing and programming. I’d love to learn how to program properly, and already have a detailed project lined up in Omnifocus that I’m already getting started on. As for the writing, well, practice makes perfect, and this comment is a great start!
    2013 is the year in which I make my own dent in the universe.

  • Mike

    I love robots, because they are a physical connection between programming and mechanisms. The ability and awareness to capture those qualities that make us human and re-create them.

  • Thomas Chock

    I have a passion that is similar to some of you who have posted comments. It is to help those who are overweight to gradually become proactive and take charge by learning to eat healthfully and exercise.

    I would like to invite any of you who share this passion to contact me and join our community of people helping people through sharing information and support of one another.

    I am selling all of my “things” to pursue this passion with its limited prospects for financial return but knowing that my message could impact the lives of countless individuals. But knowing that even if it is only one life, it will be worth it, for
    this is what I must do.

  • Bert Remmerie

    My passion is creating land exploring gps-enabled adventures:-)

  • Molly Hayward

    My passion is changing the world through innovative business models that create positive impacts on people and planet. I kind of stumbled on that one, but I want to find more! Looking forward to this book! Molly

  • Laura

    Dance, language, learning. And something else I haven’t quite put my finger on, yet.

    • Ademir Souza

      Tbe same with me, lets talk more aboutit.

  • Mika Okusa

    I am typing this message from a computer at the APPLE store in Vancouver, BC amidst the Boxing Sale madness all around me. More so then landing a hot deal on a pair of suede boots or a fabulously warm winter scarf, what matter to me, is getting my hands on anything that will help me take steps forward to actualizing my dream and life’s purpose work. My passion is developing people and helping them achieve what they may think is impossible or unfeasible. More specifically, I am passionate about supporting the change-makers of society (eg. those in helping professions via the public sector-teachers, nurses, social workers, police officers) who more then often, struggle with compassion fatigue, early burnout, low wages, health issues from stress and a lack of appreciation. As a social worker with lived experience, I can attest to this and also currently exploring the feasibility of creating a non-profit organization for social workers/social service workers which provides funding for ongoing education, counselling and self care activities for wellness. I am also a founder of an accountability group in the city of Vancouver (over 75 members) in which I help people achieve their personal/professional goals with a wide array of tools such as a support group, accessibility to speakers and high impact networking sessions. We also have a focus on community development/social impact and support social enterprises/charities=)

    I’d like to pay off my student loan (from my masters of social work degree), take a life coaching certification course, quit my day job and become an entrepreneur who is dedicated to assisting helping professionals find wellness. As a diligent graduate of the live off your passion course, I have found clarity and now preparing my foundation for action. I am ready for the exciting opportunities that 2013 will bring. Live your Legend, you rock; Scott, thanks for doing the work that you do. It makes the world of difference.

    Forgoing a pair of hot boots and scarf for the possible chance of winning a life changing book? I’m game. My fingers crossed.

    Happy New Years everyone!

    Mika Okusa
    Vancouver, BC

  • Anne

    I am passionate about working with youth to reach their full potential. When I am not at work, I like to take photos of nature, people and whatever captures my attention.

  • JenP

    I absolutely love coaching youth sports, you get to teach them so many life lessons and tangible skills.

  • Daniela

    My passion is learning And teaching

    • Ademir Souza

      Me too, lets share some experience..

  • Nilsa O.

    I am passionate about working with inner city youth so that they can see the potential that I see in them

  • Russ

    My passion for the coming year is to help improve the health and happiness of my friends and family.

  • Justin Harmon

    My passions are reading, writing, and trying to change the world. I have been doing all of these the past year through my site. I am trying to inspire people to change their lives, follow their dreams, and make a difference in the world.

    I am strongly passionate about making the world a better place. I have been stuck in an environment where poverty, sadness, and depression go hand-in-hand.

    I refuse to believe that there is nothing more for the lives for those who live in these circumstances. Although most people that I have ever known believe that this way of life is “just the way it is”.

    It’s sad that so many people look at life as something to get through. I hope to change that by helping them see that there is another way.

    A way of life that allows them to be fully happy, awake, fulfilled, and free.

    People like Scott and Barrie make it easier to keep moving forward on my journey.

    • Kate

      I am passionate about children and art. Children are brave powerful people; working on the frontiers of their knowledge and perceptions, tomorrow’s thinkers and shakers. They are the best artists and the best teachers.

  • Barbara

    I am passionate about learning languages and meeting people. I love pampering them and show them I really am there 100%. I love smiling from the bottom of my heart and I listen to someone’s life projects. I try to put myself in his shoes and help him with my experience or ideas… That is my passion.

  • Chana Kaszemacher

    I am passionate about G-d and the way my religion tells us to live life in the service of G-d. I want to share my views and knowledge in this area with those who are confused, have questions, are struggling, losing faith in G-d and – or their religion. My goal is that they should find a path to G-d that brings them more faith and more peace of mind. If everyone serves G-d the way He wishes to be served, we will have world peace.

  • Jenny Fedei

    I would love to start a blog and earn a living from it, but I see that there are so many other blogs out there with the same topic of interest. This of course means that I would need to differentiate myself and offer something unique. I would be most interested in reading your book to help narrow down my focus a bit more. Thanks for all the great information. Best, Jenny

  • Fehmida Kapadia

    Three years ago, I took a leap of faith and left my full-time job to go back to school. I have a PhD in Biochemistry and was working in the research environment but was not inspired by my work. I felt the job was dead-ended and it didnt allow me to do what I wanted to do to make the world a better place. I have always been passionate about doing work that would bring innovative products to market to improve healthcare. However, as a researcher, I didnt feel I was doing work that would allow me to fulfill my passion.
    So I left my job and went to school to study biotech entrepreneurship so that I could translate research discoveries into real-life products. Today, I am working with a researcher to do just that.

    Since my career change I have had many PhD candidates and researchers ask me how they can follow in my footsteps. I meet with people on a regular basis and provide them with guidance and advice on how they can use their training and what are the alternative careers available to them.

    I have been meaning to start a blog/video-blog where I can interview people who have chosen alternative careers. I want to help people who are struggling with the same questions that I did when I wanted to make a career transition. I could not find any resources that would provide me with the guidance I needed and there is still no such resource available. I hope my blog can be useful guide for people who are interested in exploring alternative careers in science.

    My goal in 2013 is to start that blog!

    • Cosi

      Reading your comment I felt like I was reading about myself :-) Currently I’m a PhD student (bioinformatics) and yet a degree is to be obtained, but after that I would like to launch a biotech business to do something that would matter.
      Can’t wait to read your blog!

  • John

    I have started with my new life, ,you know the one I always craved for inside my mind , body and soul.
    After a nasty divorce, working the “corporate life” at senior levels I had a opportunity to seize the new life in a positive productive manner.
    I am now on my path and feel great in mind, body and soul.
    Now All I need is to stay on course with a great book like this one. :-)

  • Justin

    I currently work in refugee resettlement, and while I am genuinely passionate and excited by it, I’d be interested to see how I could modify it into something slightly more fulfilling. I’m also passionate about the outdoors/conservation and simplicity in everyday life.

  • nicole

    I love to travel, explore, and write about it, and I love to help people improve their health, well-being and wholeness. How do I parlay this into meaningful work rather than the draining legal work I’m currently engaged in?

  • Todd Reed

    I’ve always wanted to define my passion to such an extent it became a defining motivation in my life. Still looking for the answer to that.

  • Cindy

    I enjoy the type of work that I do (digital content management) but desire to use it to help others and be a part of something much bigger than myself. I recently took the Strengths Finder online assessment and was not surprised to learn three (Analytical, Discipline and Responsibility) of my top five strengths. The other two (Maximizer and Individualization) somewhat surprised me. I see myself with these strengths but they are not really developed. Through this assessment and Scott’s 27 questions to find your passion I see a door opening. I’m not yet sure where it will lead but I am determined to find out and to live my passion and have a greater purpose.

  • Peter

    Sounds interesting. I’m so positive It will help find youngsters their mission in life. Thanks!

  • Michelle Bredine

    I’ve written 2 books in the last 2 years. I’d like to see them published, but I also need to get my platform created. I’m also trying to figure out how to create a website for tween girls that can help them build self-esteem, confidence, etc. This stems from wanting the same for my 2 girls.

  • Michael Day

    Lifelong learning and teaching and finding ways to help every person (1) be a good student/listener and (2) be a good teacher/mentor. Everyone has things they know well and things they wish they could improve upon.

  • Mark Hahn

    Photography – my interest – I want to make it my passion. I am told my work is good; I need to move my belief from my logical head to my passionate heart and excel and start making statements or asking questions instead of “taking pictures”. They can be so much more than that – but I don’t know how to let myself go there.

  • Vicky

    one of my passions is adventuring and exploring the outdoors

  • Eileen

    I started down this road of helping people find their talents-what they are good at-and I am SO interested in mixing it with their passion as well!! I am dying to learn more!!

  • Andrea

    I am passionate about possibility and growth. I am taking my first steps now toward a possible way for me to live that passion—getting a master’s in psychology so that I can become a counselor and help people improve their lives.

  • David

    Thanks for the interview. Powerful comments and reassurance that the journey to find and live your passion may take time and perseverance and to remember the incredible award that awaits every person who takes the challenge on and never gives up.

  • Dori

    HORSES are my greatest love and passion!

  • Laura

    I love to run

  • Christina

    I’ve been working on a digital design/graphic design Associates degree so I can learn how to communicate through my art on a professional level.

    I enjoy traditional art, digital art, mixed media, and crafting. Anything that has art in it, I am there.

    I just received a diploma in digital design. I don’t know where to start, but I have been asking around my local community recently. What can I do for the community as an artist, How can I help contribute, what can I do to help spread the word?

    It’s a small community here, but I am just starting on my path to doing something I am passionate about. I am still in school, and I am constantly learning and growing.

    I’m not quite sure what exactly I want to do, but I want to use my skills and talent to help my community, to help spread the word about important issues…small or big.

  • Sabine

    I’ve been working all year towards my passion of becoming a Ignite Your Spirit therapist and my intention is to take the step and make it my career in 2013.

  • Don

    I am still trying to find my passion for the last 8 years and so far no luck.
    Once I think i found something I explore it and somehow get bored very soon and start looking for something else.
    but I will try not to give up and keep learning
    One day….one day

  • Phillipa

    Recycling craft books on,upcycling thru my art work, and information junkie (follow hundreds of blogs)
    How to combine the 3..:)

  • David White

    How do I combine a mix of fitness coaching and adventure guiding into a life embracing career ?

    • Autumn

      Fitness Adventure retreats?

  • Sharon F., CA

    Business Development
    Helping others achieve their goals

  • Katie

    I am passionate about what is wild and creative.

  • Dan Overlander

    Before I had “responsibilities” I enjoyed making things like games, or sites to help people. I created (no site there, at the moment), and had a lot of fun doing it, and was thrilled when I learned that some people actually got married after meeting each other there. Now, I’d love to resurrect that site, and create other things that would help kids learn and have fun doing it.

    • Thomas Chock

      Hi Dan,

      I am developing a website that focuses upon children and adults who are overweight and helps them become more health conscious. Your input on making this an enjoyable activity would be appreciated.

  • Michelle

    I remain passionate about physical health and fitness. It is essential to a healthy life.

  • Trish

    I’m in the same boat as Don (above). I don’t really think I have a passion. I love learning new things, but I get bored relatively quickly and move on. I’ve also been 8 years looking for something that sticks and keeps me engaged and excited in the longer term (though, to be perfectly honest, I’ve been mostly waiting for it to appear in front of me). In 2013 I’m going to take concrete steps to find and test multiple potential interests/passions and hope that sheer volume will help me identify something that keeps me interested for more than a few months.

    • Zoe

      Trish, I have been in the same boat for a long time and I have friends who also feel the same – we are repeatedly advised to ‘pick one thing’ and stick with it. But what if that’s not playing to our strengths? What if we are meant to gather together all of the small particles of interest and ability we have and view them more as a whole than a series of dead ends? I had this understanding last year and I have lost it and found it a couple of times since. I’m determined to keep it in the forefront of my understanding from now on. Accepting what I am and allowing it to grow. Following the real dream and not what I have been told to love ;) peace and good wishes for your journey. Zoe.

  • Angie

    I have always been keen on interior design but now I find ‘consumer/high-end market design’ upsets me and I would like to refurbish my new home with secondhand finds, ecological products and recycled stuff, educating my kids at the same time.

  • Seon

    helping ppl to see the truth in they can drop the self-defeating dialogue that can be so paralyzing, and make living ‘the life they dream of’ seem impossible & out of reach. i want to show them that it IS possible, (with hard work, committment..) but most importantly, if they’d just let it happen & get out of their own way!

  • Sarah

    My passion is authentic relating and helping others build authentic relationships and authentic lives.

  • Angela

    I want to help Mothers, especially those that are in abusive relationships, or have escaped abuse to be able to find something that they love doing (which is hard for them after the psychological abuse, the put downs and name calling). They have lost all their confidence and self esteem I want to help them get this back and help them to start up an online home business, doing what they love, teaching them the what they have to do online, website, marketing etc. So that they can be home for their children, start making money, have something positive to focus on for the future and for them and their children to be safe and empowered.

  • trudie

    My passions are travelling, photography and doing crafts.

  • RJ

    I enjoy web design and computer programming. I’m considering going to college in the fall for Computer Science.

  • Greg

    My passion is world-wide traveling. I want to inspire everyone to experience the beautiful sites and people across the world. Through travel, I help create peace through education about and connections with different cultures and people.

    • Zoe

      I know a very inspirational Greg that does exactly that – if it’s you, then hi! And if it’s not, then know that you are in good company. Peace and best wishes for your journey. Zoe I.

  • Chris George

    Reformulating our political economy based on ecological sustainability.

  • Abby

    I have too many passions but the current two biggest are quilting (winter) and food-gardening (summer). They both provide “profit” in the form of usable/consumable goods, but I’d sure love to pay the bills with them too.

  • Jena

    I’m have just begun with my road on finding passion, so I am the stage of establishish what I like and what are my strenghts. So far I really understood that helping people and making positive changes happen is what gives me energy to act!

  • Sally

    I love making things, and recently tried my hand at jewelry. Best fun I’ve had in a long while – creating pretty things is wonderful :)

  • Chae

    My passion is traveling (especially adventure travel), photography, and raising my 4yo son. All of this gets in the way of my day job!

  • Paul Smedley


  • Darrell

    My purpose and intention is to ask the question of What Are You Doing With Your Time. By asking this questions I am asking are we following our authentic life purpose or living at the effect of our society, family or childhood story?

  • Karen

    cycling and hiking in the outdoors
    languages & communication

  • Jeff

    I would love to discover a real passion. If I had to pick an interest to pursue right now it would probably be telling stories through photography. This is book I really want to read.

  • Deanna


    Improv, script writing, comedy writing, stand-up.

  • Samantha Glauser

    I’m passionate about volunteering! I love helping others, and spend a lot of time volunteering with different organizations helping seniors, teen girls and animals. You GET so much when you GIVE!

  • Alexander

    Kids, teaching, blogging and a need for contribution.

  • Tim

    Love spreading ideas about how people can live more meaningful, fulfilled lives. Particularly get turned on by accelerated learning techniques.

    Happy New Year!

  • Wayne Bryant

    Hi Scott & Barrie,

    Love the site and the book looks awesome! I am in the process of taking a year off starting May 2013.

    You stated it perfectly- stop over analyzing, get off your butt and do something!

    Since I have committed to our Journey everything else has been falling into place! The right people, opportunities and inspiration show up right under your nose. It’s our job to pay attention and act upon it.

    So thank you for showing up along my Journey and providing inspiration and motivation to keep going.

    Bring on 2013!


  • Suzanne Stormon

    I love travel and writing. I’m passionate right now about getting to Vietnam this spring to join my daughter. We will put the final touches on our joint memoir.

  • Jeremy

    I’m passionate about living life, moment to moment, from my heart, and inspiring others to live from their hearts.

  • Dexter

    I love my job but I haven’t been very successful this last two years. I’d like to turn my passion into success and become a highly respected expert in my field. I’m also passionate about my kids and want to be someone they can look up to. I hope to inspire them to live their dreams, but I think I need to do it first. I think your book could help me do this.

  • Katie

    My two big hobbies right now are knitting and tracing my family tree – my goal for 2013 is to make my first hand knit sweater and put together my family history discoveries into a family history book =)

  • Brian

    As Barrie said, my passion will be finding my passion. I have a burning inside me to do something with meaning & purpose so I can leave an imprint in this world no matter how small or large that maybe :)

  • Adam Hathaway

    My passion is helping family members, friends, and people within my local community.

  • Heather

    I love green design and green buildings in urban settings. I’d love to trade in my travel writing career to write about Environmental Urban Design.

  • Melanie

    My passion is helping children in need and adoption. I have traveled to orphanages in developing nations in the past–but have not been able to for almost 8 years. I need to reconnect to this, but I am not sure how to go about it. I also would like to further explore my art. This scares me for some unknown reason. I would like to paint more–and take up pottery making.

  • Paula

    Dear Barrie and Scott,
    What a wonderful gift for the new year to be offering a chance to win.
    I feel more and more passionate about providing an easier way for people to access information if they are wanting to/or are advised they need to change to a healthier lifestyle. I know from personal experience it can be extremely confusing to research and implement, however, I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with how to pull all this together. Your e-book sounds like a wonderful tool to break it all down and decide if this is truely my passion.

  • Matt Walker

    My passion is demonstrating the relevance, reasonableness, and coherence of Christianity, pointing people to the beauty of God. I have a website where I’m working on this, but I don’t have the time or resources to make the videos and produce a ton of content that I wish I could.

    I’d love to make this my full-time gig and be able to write books, speak all over the world, and create videos on this.

  • Leanne Overlander

    Learning and traveling this beautiful world we have all around us and sharing that with my loved ones and friends.

  • Nicole

    My biggest passion is music, listening to it, seeking out something new and different all the time.

  • Gabrielle Lilly

    I love living an eclectic life and inspiring others to experience new things, or experience old things differently. I fancy myself an iconoclast. :) I make my living selling botanical supplies on ebay, and there are many aspects of my business I enjoy. I don’t want to give up my business, but it is time for it to evolve into the next phase, as my son is almost grown up, and will be ‘leaving the nest’ for the first time this coming summer. Lately I am obsessed with snowboarding, alternative buildings, permaculture, trees, and giant sculptures. I have always enjoyed writing and singing simple songs, and I think dancers, storytellers, and comedians are the people I admire most.

  • Teresa Bolen

    I’m multi-passionate. One of my more recently re-ignited passions is for knitting and crocheting.

  • Michaela Hamajova

    This sounds like the perfect tool to manifest my passion in the new year! I am a dancer and ready to take my teaching and performing to the next level, expand beyond my limits, my city and my country!

  • Rob Y

    I’ve always liked to exercise through dance and martial arts (not usually at the same time)!

  • Ademir Souza

    I was hippie around 1968, and I love to travel. My dream is to find a job where I can fly around the world. I have two citizenship, US/Brazil, I speak portugues, English, Spanish, understant Italia and studing Mandarin. If someone know something, let me know.

  • John Gergeos

    I am passionate about drawing sacred geometric designs. My designs have meditative, soothing and healing qualities just by their basic design qualities. I would love to be able to make a living of this instead of my daily grind.

  • Wendi McGowan-Ellis

    My interests lie in marrying my skills in digital marketing and strategy to my passion for the art world… specifically paintings, whether fine art or street murals. I’m working diligently to revamp my website by the end of the year to be “the” destination to discover your “Art Affinity”… an online collector profile that succinctly explains the types of paintings/artists you are attracted to, and how to tie your Affinity in with your home/office decor. I’m a few days into the Live Off Your Passion ecourse, and I’m loving what I’m learning. Thank you both!

  • Adi

    Hi..I am from Indonesia.If you open my blog, you will find that it was inspired by this blog, combine with zenhabits.Become legendary..I’ve been searching and choosing my greatest passion and I have found that writing, training and farming has been my greatest choice.I am now focus at one of them, while doing others bit by bit daily..I have a dream that one day I will invite Scott to conduct training here about living your passion, since here, people mostly still having conventional thought about chasing career and traditional success which I think it was poor and stupid :D…Thanks Scott!!u r trully a legend

  • yayen

    i am still finding time and focus for the course live off your passion. i am a full-time mom with a nursing toddler; used to love reading and writing but am finding it hard to focus for any of it at all. an interesting thing was i was able to sit and read anytime, anywhere the past few weeks when visiting our big family in Asia where we had support and surrounded by many people. as soon as we came back to our quiet, peaceful(and a bit lonely) home i lost the clarity of thinking. ..

  • Matt

    My passion is learning and connecting with others in hopes of fostering the same passion within them.

  • Karl

    My purpose is about art. I have a deep passion for creativity, productivity and personal potency and I make this useful by inspiring people to take purposeful action to make their work meaningful.

  • Chris

    I have multiple engineering degrees, but for the past two years I have been working in business. This is my first career job, but I’m 27, young, and lost. My biggest passions are the remote wilderness, extreme sports, and running. If I could somehow find a career that would allow me to pursue all three whilst still contributing to the world, I’d be thrilled! Hope you can help me find my way :)

  • Scott

    I love CrossFit and Scuba Diving. I’m in the beginning stages of attempting to create a business within the CrossFit community, and I just finished my Rescue Diver Certification last weekend. One step closer to Divemaster. My dream is to travel while someone living these passions.

  • Liz

    I am at a crossroads right now and am at the stage of “what DO I love to do???” I would love to figure that out! :)

  • Kim I

    An emerging passion is helping equip parents to homeschool, even in the face of adversity. It’s something I’m living personally & it fits with my degree. I’m trying to figure out how to get back to that passion & make some money too.

  • Bryan

    I am still trying to figure out my passion. It almost seems like there are too many to choose from. I always have pet projects going on – from books (one published) to movies to games to business (really). All this while managing my 9 to 5 career and family! Looking forward to finding my focus and getting my life on track!

  • barrie petersen

    inspirational interview
    my hobbies that inspire me are gardening, exercise and volunteer work

    happy holidays

  • Tiffany

    I’m passionate about helping people become the very best version of themselves by sharing my journey of personal growth and development.

  • Marie

    I love making art with children.

  • Michelle

    I’m passionate about Design & Architecture, and Photography.
    I’m working towards making it what I do every day!
    I completely understand Barrie’s point about Fear and Confusion. I’m past the fear part, I’m just confused on how to implement.

  • Jose Suarez

    I would love to be a full time entrepreneur and to leave the 9-5 cubicle

  • Ruth C

    I am passionate about defining the causes of addictions. I am also passionate about writing and hope to soon publish for Kindle.

    I appreciate the difference you are making. I am getting on in age and have little time left at best. I want to make my life count for something.

    I am also passionate about creating heirloom quilts. If my grandchildren will slow down with the greats, I may get everybody one made before I’m called to the big quilt shop in the sky..:)

  • Deirdre

    I too am still looking to find my true passion and have vowed to myself to make 2013 the year I discover and act upon it!!!

  • Alena

    My passion is finding little treasures in every day life…making simple moments unforgettable and magical, sometimes it’s easy sometimes it’s hard, but it’s priceless-)

    • Thomas

      Hi Alena,

      I could use a little of your passion. Could you share with us how you go about “finding these little treasures?”

  • Seah Ying Cong

    My passion is coaching people to lead more spiritually rich and connected lives :) Oh, and forex trading as well.

  • Andrea

    I want so bad to find my passion and am making that my goal for 2013!

  • Gina

    Thought I had my passion all locked up — now I find myself searching for more. 52 weeks? I’m in!

  • ram

    I want to start my business in 2013 in the wellness industry.

  • http://www.anthonyjdiaz Anthony Diaz

    My passion to to reach every person who is not living a life of purpose and meaning to help them discover how NOW!

  • Awais

    My passion is too build strong meaningful and intimate relationships with people. I love to leave people in a better state than when I found them, and put a smile on their faces and just be inspiring. I disregard superficial and generic conversations and try to have real conversations with people about who they really are and what their all about.

    • Thomas

      I would appreciate a meaningful relationship that comes with a smile. “Real” conversations are so hard to find.

  • Carly H

    My passion is my current volunteer work I am doing mentoring female engineering students. I would love to combine that with my passion for conflict management into a new career.

  • Lisa

    Live your life doing what feels good and with an open heart always. The passion will find you.

  • Dith

    My passion revolves around shopping, fashion, online marketing and encouraging/inspiring people to live a empowering and positive life. I am going to start a blog to share about these things, and I’m now in the midst of narrowing the theme and mapping out the content structure.

  • Amber

    I am passionate about the arts! Painting, drawing, music, and more. I would love to give people/children who do not have access to the arts the opportunity to create something!

  • EvaJ

    My current interest in making chemistry education accessible to all people. What I really wish I could be doing is film and glassblowing, but I don’t have the credentials for each. Ideally, I’ll find a way to blend all four things together -chemistry, chemistry education, film, and glassblowing all into one thing. I haven’t figured out yet how to do that. I know I have immense creativity though and I want to turn these deep intense interests into a cohesive direction that allows me to help make a difference in the world, helping kids to build confidence, to build their understanding of the world, and to build their ability to think logically and reason about science in their everyday lives.

  • Trista

    Color and aethetics are my passions. Either pushing pixels around in a digital medium or painting in a style where abstract & pop art meets art nouveau on good old canvasses. Illustrations of nature and the fantasy that lives in my head or searching for the perfect color scheme, color and aesthetics tickle and delight my soul.

  • Vicky

    I would love to find what I want to be in my second life, I just turned 62!

  • Fred

    I am passionate about weight loss and lifestyle changes. I have lost 150+ lbs and I am now a runner. I want to help others succeed with these type of changes. I have started a blog and want to build on that in 2013.

  • Valerie

    My interests (and maybe goals) are swirling around discovering my purpose for being here. Although my current job has nothing to do with it, I would love to help others in some fashion and I’m starting to find that I seem to be very interested in health issues, maintaining a healthy lifestyle in order to prevent future chronic health conditions. I think the Passion Project might help in discovering my true purpose and then how to make it happen.

    • Thomas Chock

      Hi Valerie,

      If you are interest, please come an join my community that helps children and adults who are overweight and or obese learn to lead more healthful lives.

  • Iqbal Hakim

    I love the idea of chasing up one’s passion. BIG Time!

    My passion is in the area of self improvement, particularly in choosing one’s career in life. The career chosen have to be one that suits one’s passion and interest. Taking into consideration one’s personality profile and intelligence, everyone have the rights to choose what they would like to do and achieve in life.

    And I am here to assist people acknowledging the fact that they have the choice and they are 100% responsible for it. Not anyone else.

    My hobbies are practicing martial arts- Traditional Ju Jitsu and Aikido, as well as outdoor adventure- hiking and rock climbing. However, funny things happen when one didn’t get many chance to do it that often. Haha

  • Joshua kim

    Helping people to render thier weaknesses irrelevant by utilizing thier strengths, using the best strategies/technology and finding the right people to work with. I love ideas/strategies, technology and art. I’m not very clear about how I can do any of this, so I hope the book can help.

  • Mari

    One of my passions is working with creative people as a therapist–helping them affirm who they are and use their creativity to improve every single area of their lives. We often forget in this very logic-oriented, left-brained society that the ability to be creative and “think outside the box” is a strength, not a weakness. Many creative people (including myself) grew up with the message that this part of their life was not important. I recognize this and help my clients build a stronger sense of self.

    I am about to graduate with my Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and hope to do this type of work for the rest of my life.

    • Jessica Nowacki


      I am right there with you! I followed my passion for words to a PhD in English and ended up with no job and a lot of people telling me to take courses in computer programming of all things! My second BA is in Psychology and I always loved helping my students feel encouraged, rather than teaching then about basic English composition. The only thing is, I am really afraid to go back for more school after going for so long and having it not pan out. Much to think about!

    • Thomas Chock

      Hi Mari,

      I’ve always been a right-brained person and every one else in my family is left-brained and thinks that I am irrelevant.

      Please contact me. It would be nice to talk to someone who understands.

  • Justin

    I’ve got five months left until I graduate from college. I know that I love food and cooking. I also love learning about other cultures (food, of course, is one of many amazing ways to learn about a culture). I’m not big into settling down; I’m too restless. So I’m trying to figure out how to work food, culture, and possibly writing into something nomadic. I’m trying to not be “just another food/travel blog,” so discovering a fresh twist on an old idea is something I’ll be thinking about in the new year.

  • Tash

    Would love a copy of this book. It would be an excellent way to kick off the new year!

  • Jen

    Passion…I am passionate about so many things I think on the top of my list of things I am most passionate about is Rwanda, I have a deep love for that country and the people there, I love volunteering there and would love to be able to make it more of a long term thing instead of just a few weeks at a time. The other thing on the top of my list is Random acts of Kindness, I have so much fun doing them and would love to do more.

  • Davis

    I love helping people accomplish their New Year’s Resolutions.

  • JM

    “My passion is finding my passion!”

    It hits home!!

  • Itatiaia

    My passion is to change the public’s old way of thinking to a more current updated model of achieving the same goal.

    • Itatiaia

      ….Smarter model of achieving the same goal.

  • Zoe :D

    Wonderful answers to exciting questions – I am so glad a joined up! My ultimate passion in life is to understand people, their motivations, passions and perceived problems. And then through understanding to be able to help them help themselves to achieve balance, perspective and pretty much whatever they dream of. I’d like to be able to help kids in this way before they begin to learn limiting beliefs and habits and I would like to do it in a wholistic way, integrating the learnings with outdoor activities. I know that in order to do that, I first have to learn how to do it myself, so a big thanks to you for getting me started!

  • Alice

    Well I really want to be passionate about something, ANYTHING and that’s why I’m here. But You’re right I know it’s fear holding me back. I LIKE lots of things, but passion is elusive, but 2013 is my year to find it!!

  • aurora

    I discovered my passion to running in this way: I started to go walking and appreciate the life outdoors..and then very slowly I start to run..everyday..with sun adn rain.. I really didn’t Know I’m passionate for run…but I practice this activity everyday and then this is a fuel for my body!

  • Paula Tobar

    A Colombian living in New Delhi – India, i started this journey in September and I’m on my way to find myself and my true passions in life, the conventional life doesn’t fix in my set of mind, the only thing that I’m sure about is that what I will do with my life is going to be what I love and with people passionate about their lives too.

  • Pieterjan

    So I have been in the corporate world for about 17 years now and a few years ago I decided I needed to get out of this. It is eating my soul day by day, minute by minute.

    I started with a passion of trading but it is a long and slow process due to still running the corporate job to keep a roof and food on the table for my wife and girl.

    It is not just emotional on the job but also in my personal life due to extra hours investing in learning a totally new career and not spending the needed time with family who matters.

    2013 will be a turning point to a better me.


  • Efi Maryeli

    I love making small illustrations and writing children’s stories…

    Funny thing is that for 37 years I thought I can’t draw and now I can’t stop myself from playing with colored pencils and pens…

  • Nuno Lisboa

    I am still trying to find my passion and with your help, I beleive 2013 will be the one!

  • P Osman

    I write to you from South Africa. I am told I inspire people to do more for themselves–especially those who are survivors– and to follow their passion. However, I have let myself down. I have not followed my passion and am paying the price. While working through your 27 questions workbook, I realsed I am in big trouble. I need to find my own passion and am hoping that your material and your book will assist me in this journey. Thanks for putting your material on email for people like me.

  • Wayne

    My passion is healthy living (personal development + nutrition + exercise.

    • Thomas Chock

      Hi Wayne,

      Would you like to share our passion with the people who come to my website?

  • Anjul Khera

    My passion is travelling. Discovering great wine and food from various places in the World.

  • Rene

    My passion is seeing the world by travelling around.

  • Aaron

    I am a student almost finishing my first degree in architecture. It is my passion and I hope to continue to pursue it into the future.

  • mark

    My passion seems to be ” raising peoples awareness ” of the unfair world we exist in… and trying to install a sense of hope of a future without needless suffering of humanity and unnecessary destruction of OUR planet. What i am here to do.. i dont know… but when i talk on these subjects …i feel passionate.

  • Charles Esene

    My passion is to maximise my potential and use it to positively impact people with passion. Then coach and influence others to do same.

  • Lee

    Exploring, being around creative people, creating myself, art, books, the countryside, my friends and family, dogs and riding horses; these things i love.

  • Gareth

    My passion has always been teaching.

    I still love to be in the classroom – but I have come to hate the teaching profession, and that negative emotion is spoiling what I most enjoy.

    At 54 I am looking for a way to bring new life to my work and life and put the passion back into my teaching.

    • Thomas Chock

      Hi Gareth,

      I could really use your insight in teaching to help children and adults who are overweight become more healthy.

  • Akshay Nanavati

    My passion is exploring the most hostile environments on the planet from diving into caves to climbing in the Himalayas and sharing the wisdom gained from a life on the edge with others all around the world through public speaking.

  • Silvia

    Writing and traveling.

    Discovering different cultures and helping people with different points of view (cultural, religious, or other) respect each other.

  • Jan-Kees Mons

    I found out my purpose for existence is to inspire people to realize their maximum potential. Obviously I myself want to realize the maximum possible as well. Sports is one of my biggest passions and therefore I have created the following challenge for myself: can a 51 year old be ready in 300 days to ride the tour the France. Simultaneously I am writing a book (something I always wanted) on this adventure


    I am 28 and I was diagnosed with lupus 5 years ago.It is my dream,wish and passion to get CLEARED OF LUPUS AND SPREAD AWARENESS ABOUT LUPUS IN MY COUNTRY(India).

  • Marta

    I am passionate about making my 3 boys happy,inteligent and good adults. I want to show them the world and the ways of different people but most of all I want to show them that there are ways to be good and happy, that the world needs more good happy people. But I struggle with daily chores and loose sight of this mission often..I wish I had a job that allowed me to focus more on this goal. To find that way is my plan for 2013.

  • Kayll

    I’ve had the same passions rolling around in my head since I can remember. I’m passionate about music, art/design, and writing. Combine all of that with helping other people follow their creative dreams and make them a reality and I’m a happy lady. I’m going to dedicate 2013 to following my passions and helping others follow theirs.

  • Ashleigh Conkey

    My two main passions are working with dogs and baking. I opened a dog bakery in the winter of last year, but am having trouble staying focused on it.

  • Maxim

    My passions- reading and writing. A day without them just feels wrong now.

  • Sondra Raines Brooks

    I am a writer.
    Also, gardening rarely fails to give me that “At this moment, I am completely, entirely happy” feeling.

  • Boniface

    My Passion is to become C.E.O of a fortune 500 in africa and to help people succeed in their lives.
    I will be reach my destination if Barrie send me her workbook because i will use it as an inspiration and roadmap.

  • Marguerite

    My passion is quilting – I want to teach a class and write a book on art quilting.

  • Kavya

    I’m passionate about life, and theatre. Nothing gets me as happy as being on stage, performing something that’s never been seen before and will never be seen again. :)

  • Alex

    My passion is helping people discover the benefits of life-long-learning and give them the necessary tools to become great.

  • Autumn

    I have many interests- nutrition, fitness, trying new things, self improvement, learning… hope to pin down my passion in 2013.

    • Thomas Chock

      Hi Autumn,

      If you would like to share your passion with those who come to my website, please contact me.

  • Vickram

    My passions & hobbies include App programming, writing, counselling, training/coaching, Adventure sports.

    I already have started TRAINING/coaching and making 40% of my previous 9-5 work salary but working only 4 hrs a day.

    I am looking forward to combine all my passions and have not more than 3 gigs that I can concentrate and handle at a time by the end of 2013.


  • Matias Salom

    I’ll have to say that I’m yet in the path to find what my passion is. For now I know that I love helping people unleash their potential trough creating teams that can really work together, helping them find the money to start a project or simply getting them closer to knowledge, principles and people that make them live better and stronger. I also love running, reading and teaching. Happy new year to Scott and everyone in the LYL community!

    • Thomas Chock

      Hi Matias,

      I would like to learn more about your work through teams and helping them started on a project

  • Barrie/

    Wow Scott!What an amazing group of readers you have here at Live Your Legend. I am so honored to be featured here today. Thank you so much for sharing my story and my book with this passionate group! Wishing all of you a peaceful and passionate 2013!


  • Nick Card

    Over the last years I have felt the walls of my cubicle closing in and the panic grow. I came to realize that I had allowed my ‘passions’ to be shelved and hidden away, in favour of making a living, family etc.

    But now it is time to escape and rediscover those things that made me feel alive, and in doing so breath again.

    My passions are drawing & sculpting.

    2013 is going to be interesting.

  • http://Google Nicky Shaw

    Live everyday, and don’t join the swamp of pressured achievement and academia, born out of guilt and a feeling that it is what we are ‘supposed’ to be doing. This only leads to stress and unhappiness. Do what YOU want to do, find what fullfills you and turn it into you life passion. Self-respect is paramount. Spend you time on earth wisely, and only then you’ll have no regrets.

  • Rachel Schip

    I’m still trying to find my passion in full, but engaging with new music and music artists really fills me with happiness. If I could get paid to listen to and review music, to hang out with musicians, that would be awesome.

  • Maggie Palmer

    I thought my passion was farming and I have a small farm in very rural Wyoming, but recently I’ve been having doubts if that is really what I’m passionate about.

  • JR

    I love working with small non-profits to get the financial things working to support their purposes: keeping it real going after ideals.

    • Thomas Chock

      Hi JR,

      I have my fore profit company but am in the process of establishing my non-profit and would appreciate your help.

  • Akshay

    My hobbies are photography and landscape design. I want to make a shift from my 9-5 job to pursue a free-lancing career in my areas of interest mentioned above but I’m not sure how.

  • Dan K.

    My passion is helping small businesses use IT and simple strategy to perform to their full potential.

    • Thomas Chock

      Hi Dan,

      If you could contact me, it would be appreciated.

  • pat simon

    My passion is nurturing the earth and its creatures through organic gardening and care and feeding of the birds and other creatures I encounter.

  • Amanda King

    My passion is singing jazz/standards and preserving the music of the 30’s and 40’s.

  • Heath Mohawk

    Helping others in any way possible is my passion in life. It gives me the greatest sense of accomplishment and well being.

  • Madeline

    I would absolutely love to receive a copy of this book. I work in nutrition research at a University and my goal for 2013 is find the courage to break away and start my own health promoting business.

  • Jeremy

    I started a thriving tattoo shop her in New York state, and offer cutting edge procedures as well as a world class apprenticeship program. In addition I began my engineering consulting business. Both of these I hope to move into a teaching role in the new year and pass on the passion I have for what I do to those around me. LYL has been long time cornerstone of my movement, even when they were under their previous name. In this year I am hoping to streamline and focus on one passion to completion


  • Fab

    Hi Scott,

    never happened a huge number of posts ( 268 till now ) for an article of yours or for an interview in your blog!!

    Food for serious thought!!

    All the best!


  • Jenn

    My passion, as Barrie said, is finding my passion! I’ve been on a search for years, and I’m getting closer every day. I truly just want to find work that will be rewarding, fulfilling, fun and pay the bills! :)

  • Don

    I am going to detail a biz plan for a charitable foundation by April ’13. This foundation will enable me to combine personal interests in a professional setting.

  • Jean

    I’m not jumping into exploring a passion, but I am leaning into helping others not able to buy or read fitness or health books, or blogs, become more knowledgeable about how to improve their health.

    • Thomas Chock

      Hi Jean,

      Would like to learn more about your helping others.

  • Jaspal Sandhu

    In 2013, my goal is to set up a foundation that not only supports the causes that are closest to my heart, but which also recognises the great work that others are already doing.

  • Eran

    Helping others play their best game is my passion – which made me realize that I should explore …Coaching

  • Andrea

    I guess for 2013 my passion is finding my passion. My follow-through sucks and I’ve been feeling disconnected and disjointed for a while now, so I’m undertaking an effort to find focus and deeper connection and see where that leads me.

  • Sandy

    I have a passion for paper arts. I would love to travel and teach art journaling techniques. I would love to create cards for a major rubber stamp manufacturer.

  • Eric

    My goal for 2013 is to truly pursue discovering my passion and finding a way to make that my life’s work.

  • Gonca

    My job is my passion :) I will be doing it in 2013 and in many years to come…

  • Jeremy

    My current life passion is being a stand for the transformation of my friends, families, and all those I am in current or future relationships with.

  • Jenna

    My life passion which I have discovered recently is kaizen -continuous improvement. I love learning and growing and writing about things I notice every day in my journal. My hope is to take what I have learned and share that with the rest of the world so that they might be inspired to “be the change.”

  • Thomas

    I´m passionate about Painting.

  • Pete

    I am passionate about taking care of my autistic son.

  • Sharon Hudson

    I’m passionate about helping new Moms learn to have supported, fulfilling transitions into motherhood and parenting.

  • Ronald Whited

    My hobby is writing. I like to try to bring people together and see that we are all more alike then we are different.

  • Don

    I am passionate about starting my own creative agency.

  • Phil

    My passion up to the middle of this year was excellence. I then realised that it was not the road, it was just a vehicle – a great vehicle, but still just a vehicle. Thankfully, I also realised that empowerment was the road that I wanted to travel along. So now my passion is excelling at empowerment and then helping others to empower themselves

  • Gonzalo


  • james

    i want to leave a truly positive contribution to the world. I feel i am not putting my talents into good practice and to their full extention.
    I am passionate about writing, massaging, i love photography and cooking too :)

  • Michael

    Starting over – every Day

  • Jonathan

    This book sounds helpful! I have so many interests and find it hard to thing of using one as a means of paying the bills, think I would get board. Currently I am enjoying brewing beer and would like to see where this could take me, because I enjoying the art of creating, but also to share and enjoy the fruits of labor! Cheers

  • Brandon K.

    I have been working on my photography for years. It’s one of those things that I think about almost on a daily basis and I look forward to crafting new images. — Could I make it a bigger part of my life? Could I actually turn it into an income? Those are some of the thoughts I wrestle with as 2013 approaches.

  • Iz

    Yup, nailing down exactly what my passion might be is my current passion and obsession! I’m not sure that stitching pot holders is ‘it’ but I sure do spend a lot of time making things with fabric and thread. But I need to know WHY!

  • Ayub Ofulla

    My passions are reading, writing, doing research, and developing myself, my home projects and my business projects. I also like publishing and I am still striving to be a better writer. I read all kinds of books, I write about all kinds of things, and I carry out all kinds of research – from social research to scientific research. I also enjoy mentoring people who needs it – from my children (whether they need it or not) to my students (sometimes my employer or collaborators pay me for mentoring students) to my friends and relatives (I have discovered most of them do not need mentoring – they seem to know all and are somehow OK even if you can clearly see they are still struggling and have a long way to go). I find this approach to be somehow the best approach to living a happier, fulfilling and progressive life.

  • Chad Solomon

    My passion is landscape photography, I’m still working through the Live Your Legend course but already have so many ideas and motivation on how to convert it to a full time career. I have started setting up a blog which will help new photographers learn the ins and outs of seascape photography. I hope to launch it very soon.

  • Stan

    My passion is to keep finding innovative ways to fight hunger and empower struggling communities. Let’s get everyone engaged in this mission!

  • CC

    passion is practicing my photography at my crossfit gym — being able to take people in motion and freeze it – sharing the results on our gyms’s web site and FB page (and a few members have asked for copies once they’ve seen the results – they think they look fat or sweaty or clumsy and the picture shows their strengths, dedication, muscles & grace! love changing their mind about how they look and how we see them!) — feels good!

  • Edwin Jansen (@EdwinJnsn)

    My passion is to motivate the ambitious, yet unfulfilled to do truly meaningful work, so that the institution of business can live up to its potential for good.

  • Sky

    Traveling, exercising, hot yoga, photography, social media and entertaining!

  • Anthony Pedersen

    After reading through the majority of the comments above I can see that we all are truly seeking for that one thing that brings joy to our lives. It takes on many different forms, and I have to say that it was inspiring to read about the different forms listed in all the comments above. Thank you all for sharing your passions and dreams. I have to say that my passion would fall into the category NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE. I have always been a firm believer that the only limitations in life are those we place on ourselves. If we would only “LET” ourselves be great we would rise up and change the world.

  • Ellen

    A passion of mine is traveling by bicycle. Carrying just what I need and slowly experiencing landscapes and communities as I ride through them, feeling empowered to be using my own body to move myself through space, connecting easily with others as I go!

  • Mercedes

    I am a musician, but also deeply involved in fine arts and lately I discovered I have a passion for writing too! So I am definitely a creative being wanting to bring together all these passions and contribute to inspire others by sharing the things I have discovered in the process of living them.

  • Eileen

    I’m passionate about words, and the power they hold to impact someone’s life profoundly in a matter of seconds. This can happen through a particularly beautiful passage in a novel, an inspiring essay or blog post, a meaningful lyric in a song or a much-needed comment of reassurance for a friend. The right words have a way of transforming us irrevocably, and of forging a deep human connection between the speaker and the listener.

    I love writing short stories, poems, and songs that capture something real and true about life, and passing my creations on to other people.

  • Alixandrea

    I want to make 2013 the year my band really start to make an impact. It would be amazing if I could quit my job or at least go part time by the end of the year in order to concentrate more on my music. The thought terrifies me, especially as I have other band members to rely on as well as myself! I hope that the 52 Week Passion Project, should I win it, would help me move past this fear & simply go all-out for my lifelong passion.

  • Zoe

    Art. Rooms. Community. Eyes closed, I walk through it’s entrance way, trailing my hand along the smooth wood of the wall; the hallway feels like a return to earth.

    Light filters in through eyelashes and I step out of a close space into the heart of the centre – a domed, organic gallery, glowing peace; staircase to heaven spiralling out of it’s core; up to studios and therapy rooms, a rainbow of colour encompassed by their interiors; soft space held by life.

    The gardens sway in soft sunshine; herbs and flowers that lean towards the kitchen; a small cluster of tables basking in the scents of earthy, homely food; our chef at the helm, friend and confidante to all.

    A circle of the smooth outer wall brings us to rooms alight with creativity; soft sweeps of brushes in silk and the dampened buzz of ink on skin; the gentle embrace of care and understanding, time within time. A room, full of messages, enriched with thanks and awareness and focus, for all of the experience that has helped us to feel our way to this place. We are a team, though we have not yet met.

    In my head, there is a centre and it serves as the foundations for a community of those who feel. The idea grows and multiplies and I try to keep up and I hope that it is a dream that will support me with its curving, caring walls. I hope and I hope and I hope to be able to meet it, to be enough for it, to have the energy it needs to be brought to life. I hope and I dream and I trust. I let it keep me from despair, when all has gone black and full of nothing. I don’t know how to get there but I am drawing the map every day.

    With love and thanks for giving us this space.

  • John

    Aviation and photography! Bringing my two passions together and making a business out of it! I’ll have my pilots license soon, need to figure out what / how to take the next steps.

  • Lilian

    I am passionate about not being confined by expectations and the supposedly ‘practical’ limitations we impose upon ourselves, encouraging myself and others to explore how our most ambitious dreams might be realized.

  • Richard Merrick

    I think Passion is like Michaelangelo’s approach to sculpture. The passion is always there inside, we just need to cut away the excess to reveal it. my passion is creating the tools and environments to allow people to do that; to help release individual genius.

  • Dania

    I believe my passion lies in personal-development endeavors, specifically, working with the youth and women empowerment. I also love nutrition and helping people live a more healthy life. Now I’m trying to figure out how to cultivate these passions into potential careers :).

  • Matt

    Mixed Martial Arts and fitness related to it.

  • RoByn

    My passion is painting people and shooting them! I’m a body painter and photographer. I love the transformative aspect of my work.

  • Patrick

    I love to be with friends and family

  • Mónica Gómez

    I think my passion is to writte poetically about life and use that skill to move others towards becoming more happy.

  • Jonathan B.

    I have a passion for storytelling. I would to enable other passionate people through the power of storytelling. Essentially, I’d like to help you become like Scott ;)

  • Chi

    I LOVE connecting: connecting people to other like-minded people, connecting people with old friends and long-lost loved ones, connecting people to different cultures and foods, connecting people to and connecting people to different aspects of God and spirituality, and connecting people to their passions.

    I also like connecting ideas to different forms of media: writing, making music, documentaries, etc.

    Of course, ironically, my dilemma is that my connections seem disconnected professionally. How do I connect all of these things into one clear, comprehensive, yet cogent career? I guess that’s why I signed up to LYL the day before Christmas Eve – to finally unwrap this gift that few others seem to enjoy!

    • Chi

      Please, excuse my typos! I’m too excited and nervous about connecting to all of you! Plus, it’s still pretty early in the day! :-D

  • Maritere

    I love to program and develop solutions.

  • Joseph A. Jusay

    I’ve heard about the book for about a month ago. Regarding my passion, I’m still looking for it. I know the things that I have a good time doing, but I’m not exactly sure if that’s my passion or how I can possibly live off any of them in the future. Seems like the book could help me out. :D

  • mom1

    as a mom of a talented child, i relate to ms. davenport’s story. feel a bit challenged time-wise to dig for passion. love baking and photos.

  • Ismael

    I’m in the process of creating a games developer company, we just need to find an investor associate, we believe in a strong relationship with the community and build a 2 way communication channel with our users, we believe that is the recipe for success, to create a community of passionate gamers like us and give them our best, all that stands in our way today is the lack of time (and money) to give it all our energy and passion (we need that money to buy us time). Just wish us luck. We are on our way.

  • Jorge

    I am passionate about teaching Spanish and creating good teaching materials.

  • Stephanie

    Writing and telling stories. I found out by accident after I did nanowrimo. The book sounds great.

  • Susanne Iles

    I am passionate about art, mythology, folklore and ancient history. I would love to find a way to combine my passions with helping others in a creative capacity.

  • Tam

    I am trying to find a way to discover myself in new year. Hope this book will help me with this stuff.

  • Mark Barton

    I think passion should envelop family and spirituality. Everything else is second place.

  • Kerstan

    My passion is working with my hands. I would love to become a blacksmith, glass blower or something else that helps me unite art with that physical side. I use to be a massage therapist which was great, but your body only can handle so much and I feel that I’m completely falling apart now that I work in an office.

  • Edgar Valdmanis

    M passion is to finish an ebook I’m writing about business networking, and publish this to share my experience with others

  • Eric

    I have a passion for aviation! I am 46 years old, but still want to get into that field. I want to become a flight dispatcher. My goal is to somehow get trained for that in 2013 at Sheffield School of Aeronautics.
    Currently I suffer 8 to 5 every day in a call center. I have outstanding customer service skills, but am bored to death and depressed on top of it. I hate waking up in the morning and usually cry daily. This year, I am changing my outlook and attitude and getting something done!

  • Tan

    My interests include, quilling, cooking and reading!

  • Robert

    At 7 years old I knew I wanted to be a jeweler, just by holding in my hand a piece of jewelry my mother had won at an auction. 49 years later I am still a jeweler. There have been times I have drifted away from it, but never has the passion for designing, making and again holding a finished piece in my hand changed in intensity. True passion is a pulse, and when one discovers that pulse the fun is just beginning…Thanks for a great post.

    Be well,

  • sharath venktesh

    Passionate Service!

  • Charissa van der Vlies

    My passion is colour!

  • Michele

    2013 will be my year to find my passion. The first thing I am trying is writing. I have had a blog off and on which I is now going to be “on” :-)

  • Jackie Irvine

    I am learning as I go… a mother of 3 teens, living in the VERY REMOTE far north of Canada. I am living my DREAM. I am an Artist and am PASSIONATE about what I do; it is what I have always wanted. I would like to grow more, learn more. I know your book will help me. Want to see what I am doing …visit my blog Thanks so much for sharing your PASSION with me. I really enjoyed your post today.

  • Kari

    I have had an aching passion for horses since I was a little girl. Over the years, I have taken every opportunity (within my budget) to become a better rider/owner by enrolling in courses, lectures, workshops, networking with professionals, and reading every book imaginable. I enjoy it so much that for about 15 years I have tried to figure out how to create a livelihood that integrates my love of horses. I have not been able to do so yet and am wondering if maybe I have an additional passion I am not aware of that might be used in conjunction with my hobby to create something really great.

  • Shea

    I love making paper products, primarily greeting cards. I do it in my spare time and opened a little Etsy shop to sell them. Would love to hit it big and devote more time to this!

  • http://NonYet Juan David

    Hi, I’m form Colombia and I love this blog. I’m working right now on building my internet lifestyle. I want to create my website looking forward helping people to grow their business applying new methodologies and strategies. For now, I’m dedicated to learn and to prepare for that. So I hope this new year bring a lot of blesses and fun.

  • Vesna Mitchell

    I love helping people regain their health and find their path to happiness:).

  • Tony Mazzocchi

    My passion has always been playing and teaching the trombone, but it has grown into a burning passion for building music education programs all throughout our country, specifically in areas that are impoverished. Thanks to you and other websites, I will soon be able to quit my job (June) and work on helping people to develop schools and after school programs focused solely on the arts.

  • Jessica Rea

    I am passionate about connecting to people and ideas that feed the soul. In feeding what we most hunger for at the core of our being, we are able to express the very best version of ourselves. Through this expression, people are able to live happier, more fulfilled lives and in doing so, they are making a greater contribution to the world.

  • Jeff

    Great interview…Barrie established her credibility not only via her credentials/experience, but also with this comment:

    “I focus on practical passion, meaning that I don’t promote the law of attraction or manifesting or flowery words that have no substance. People live real lives and have real concerns and real obligations that must be addressed, worked around, or revised.”

    plan to buy the book but would love to have access to e-book.

    Thank you both.

  • Lynn W.

    I have a lifelong passion for horses and a strong desire to assist women and children who are/have been in abusive situations. I am collecting ideas to start working on in 2013 to combine these two things into an equine assisted therapy program and to start an online community/website dedicated to teaching natural horsemanship and sharing inspiring stories offering inspiration to those who are or have been in bad personal situations.

  • http://none Ellen Lentsch

    Since I was little, I have always wanted to be a writer. I would write small stories – usually featuring horses – and bind the pages together with my mom’s red yarn. I found my “voice” and my writer’s world when I was in 9th grade, and started writing story after story. Then grown-up life – bills, job, bills, the world’s insidious negativity – caught up to me, and I let go of the dream. This past year, I’ve woken up again to the truth that I can only be happy in my life as a writer, and I’m proud to say I’ve been making changes that will support my ultimate goal.

  • Garland

    I really enjoy giving.

  • Iris

    My interests and passions have changed over the last little while – these days I am most passionate about splashing paint and gesso on paper to create colourful art journal spreads.

  • Adam

    My passion is designing video games that are appropriate for all ages and which help strengthen problem-solving, literacy, and other cognitive skills. I’ve worked on a few games and a blog about ethical game design, but fears are holding me back from releasing it to the public. I know the fears are silly but I need help overcoming them.

  • Julian

    I am passionate about a few things. One being strength training. I believe that chasing a certain strength goal can teach you something about the dedication of chasing a career or life goal. Another is the profession of pharmacy compounding. I am on my way to becoming a pharmacist and I don’t want to just become another 9-5 chain drug store pharmacist. I want to actually help people by giving them the medications they NEED, in a customized fashion. I aspire to own my own compounding “specialty” pharmacy as well.

  • Bryony

    Connecting with and inspiring people to be the best that they can be! Through Community, languages, travel, yoga, energy. Doing a massive bike ride from Seattle to the end of Argentina, learning more about myself and the world. Finding a way to live the adventure, even in my day job at my desk, while I learn the skills to help and heal others full time. Never stop dreaming!

    Thank you to Barrie, Scott and the rest of the LYL community for your inspiration and stories.

    • Yohann

      Thank you for summing up exactly what I’ve been trying to come up with for so long! I share your passion but due to certain circumstances lost my way until joining LYL. Looking forward to a amazing 2013 ahead.
      Thanks again.

  • JT Schonhoft

    I’m obsessed with outdoor adventure and many, many other things in life. I’m making my 2013 resolution to chase down my passion and narrow it down to something that I can make money online with. Reading Scott’s work (and now Barrie’s) is helping me to reach this goal. I’ll never stop until I get there. Thanks for the extra motivation!

  • Patricia

    I need to draw, to capture beauty daily with pen and ink. I love the process of creating illustrated journals. Hiking through forests and along beaches fulfills me.

  • Kira Withers-Jones

    My passion is textiles and clothing. I’ve just moved house to give me more room for my sewing and I plan to make clothing for myself and start creating upcycled and funky clothing over the next year.

  • melanie

    I want to make media: films/tv that will educate and entertain the world for the better. It’s such a huge platform, and it was my escape growing up. I also want to travel, and encourage others to do the same = )

  • Rita

    There are so many avenues to take, many are under construction, many are blocked. I am at either at a standstill, going around in circles, and or retracing my steps. Being passionate is not the problem but I am wondering if energy focus is needed.

  • Jenn

    My passion is music and to be able to work with it in some form of a career.

  • Susabella

    I am absolutely passionate about learning and teaching — through connecting with others, and helping them connect with themselves and others as well.

  • Yasmine

    I am soo passionate about learning and enabling ambitious young professionals to gain a clearer purpose, achieve their goals to live happier and thrive at work. I live life as if tomorrow was my last day and blog about the experience as it comes along

    I stumbled across this website from the 100$ change program and this is such a beautiful interview and post. :)

  • Mari

    I’m very excited about new 2013 year. I’m going to run my own translation business, write my blog about hapiness and organisation, eventually visit London and get rid of being affraid speaking English :)

  • Jeremy Storton

    Hi Scott:

    With enormous thanks to you , Chris Guillebeau and several others, I am beginning to define and build a business model around my passions. I am a real estate agent and paramedic who is passionate about Faith, family, health and fitness, music, homebrewing and aquatics (surfing swimming, freediving, etc.) Essentially I want to guide people through each step of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs beginning with a roof over their head and culminating in a life filled with community, good health, great experiences and a feeling of fulfillment.
    Thank you for the work you are doing. Behind you is a trail leading to a whole new world.

  • Susan Ingram

    My passion is photography and taking classes to get better at this right now, but want to step it up this year.

  • Debbie Huntington

    PASSION. LOVE. LIFE. GIVING!! :-) (ps: everyday)

  • Jamie Valle

    My passion is organizing… things, people, etc. This year I’m planning to explore how to turn this into something more than just ideas floating around my head!

  • Steve Blackburn

    My passion is learning in all its forms, and helping other people to learn. Online education is part of this passion, too.

  • Mary

    Still trying to figure out what my passion is… so for now my passion is finding my passion and dabbling in lots of new and different things along the way. Sometimes it overwhelms and frustrates me that I can feel boiling energy and passion somewhere within me but can’t put my finger on what it is that will bring that energy out.

  • Melanie

    I want to give other people happiness everyday! I want to give them motivation, inspiration, good food, good health, pet advice, raising teenager advice, and great ideas for staying creative! :)

  • Kaxxina

    Wow… I’ve been eyeing this book for a while. A free copy would be nice. :)

  • Michael Johnson

    I want to learn woodworking without power tools.

  • Beau Blackwell

    Great interview!

    My passion is studying philosophy. My goal for 2013 is to help others by teaching them how they can apply philosophy to their lives to be happier and more fulfilled. Even though I’m already a member of the course, I’d still love a copy of this book!

  • Heather

    I love baking! I feel lost of I haven’t had my hands in dough, or dipping chocolates, for a few days.

  • Caryn

    I would love to be able to help people organize and declutter their stuff to be calmer and happier in their life.

    I don’t know how to make the transition to that, with my full-time job as a teacher, but I’d love to teach people to clear clutter!


  • Ben

    I love sports.

  • Matt

    I would love to find my passion, as I just lost my job and feel as though I am sinking. I know I should be more thankful that I have a loving family and my health, but I am struggling to find that miracle right now.


  • David

    I enjoy playing tennis. Last year a group of friends decided to organize a better tennis tournament. We were successful in hosting two tournaments. The second included an exhibition match hosting 4 professionals including the Men’s doubles gold medal winners from the last Olympics. We also raised $20,000 for The Wounded Warrior Project. We plan to put on 4 tournaments in 2013 including another exhibition/fundraiser.

  • Sean

    This is something sorely needed in the world. I for one do not know what my passion is and to be honest haven’t taken the time to discover it either. Resources like this (and this site) are invaluable to myself and others like me struggling to discover their true passion. Thanks to both of you for what you do and for sharing it with the world!

  • Chase

    I’ve never posted a comment before. I’m a professional fighter, martial arts instructor, and aspiring writer. I feel like I (mostly) know what I’m truly passionate about, but actually making money off of it is proving challenging. I really enjoy this website, programs, and the ideas on it. I’d love to read the book!

    • Yohann

      There is a lot of opportunity out there with MMA! For the past year I’ve been helping up and coming fighters with mindset and nutrition. I’m sure with being a professional fighter you’d have a great insight into what it takes and what o look out for!

  • Debbie

    I am a former scientist now working in financial services. My passion is sustainable living, so I am working on a sustainable business degree and learning more about socially responsible investing. I followed my husband into the career though, so I worry if the business side of it is my passion or his…

  • Reeti

    I am currently on a quest to find my yes my passion is to find my passion! I do have a few ingredients like I love to write love reading inspirational blogs like live bold and bloom, live your legend, zen habits, love everything Apple :).. to name a few. I believe God sent us all with a purpose and I am determined to find mine and live each day passionately! Looking forward to get closer to this dream in 2013! Cheers to Scott & Barrie for the awesome work you do!

  • Lori

    My passion is helping people and animals heal through my Reiki practice.

  • Kirsten Ogden

    My passion is writing, and in help people understand that tapping into their deeper, true selves through writing can CHANGE THEIR LIVES.

  • Stuart

    Eating well seems to be my passion.

  • Dee

    I am a life and business coach; I work with astrology, the tarot and other divination tools and I love helping people clarify their goals and reconnect with their Source!

  • John Thomas

    Music crafting. Songwriting, but with more care often for the music than the lyrics. I love a song whose sound I am just immersed and subsumed in. Can’t get enough of it. Oh, and playing bass guitar. The more I do it, the more I enjoy it. :-)

  • Denise Johnstone

    Hi, I found Scott’s website about 7 months ago & WOW…like so many others it has already changed me. I only just purchased the course & started it yesterday, but I resigned from my office job & in 2 weeks I start my passionate journey full steam ahead! I have always been passionate about creating, wasn’t academic inclined. I have been dreaming for at least the last 10 years, about how I could make a business out of my card making/stamping. I held classes earlier this year in my home & to say I loved it is an understatement! I realised that teaching card making etc is where my passion lays and possibly a few side lines from there. My husband and I are about to buy a warehouse & set it up for me to hold classes. They say once you start something it can snowball, well I have pending students already! Yay.. Oh lastly, yes we’re never too old, my Scottish father finally learnt to play the bagpipes at 70 and he plays in the local pipeband – he’s now 88!!! Thanks for the opportunity to win the wonderful prize, usually been overseas rules me out – so a huge thanks from Australia.

  • Kelly Dodge

    I’ll leave my comment here for a slim chance of winning a book. I’ve been looking for my passion for years. Mostly I’ve found several things that it isn’t, and have had a hard time not just giving up on the whole thing. Accepting my blah life often looks better than the discouragement and depression I get when I look and fail.

    But hey, maybe maybe the twenty-third or whatever time can be a charm, right?

    • Denise Johnstone

      Hey Kelly, don’t give up – you say “twenty-third or whatever times” – I was literally up to my 100th time & have since stopped counting. Search the Internet & you will find nearly all the successful people (& passionate) all had a hard time to start. I remember 3 vividly- J.K. Rowling of Harry Potter fame, tried I believe 100 times to get her books published, so hard to believe now!! James Dyson of vacuum cleaner fame made over 5000 prototypes before getting it “right” and last of all Walt Disney was fired from a job and decided to work for himself – can’t begin to imagine the world without Disneyland….can you? So from someone who has really struggled & wanted to give up so many times……please keep positive & passionate and as Scott says it will happen!!! With much kindness, Denise :)

  • Ravi Kumar

    Hi Scot,

    Its been just few weeks and I figure out a very basic difference in my life which has been there all along. Activities are much more meaningful when they are directed , fulfill a purpose and orient towards a bigger and purposeful cause. Realization of such a thing has made a good difference.

    Your Ted Talk is really inspiring .Let me thank you again for providing insights to me and others too..

  • Keith Kehrer

    I have been struggling with building a sustained musical career for most of life and have reached the point where I need and want to live my passion where I wake up into a creative space and sustain my life and my family’s like through my creative spirit.

    Thanks for what you are doing.

    Keith Kehrer

  • Yohann

    Scott & Barrie,
    Thank you for the post. Working though your course Scott and its opened up my eyes and mind.
    Barrie, thank you in advance for a copy of the workbook, can’t wait to explore your life’s work!

  • Sandra

    My passion is playing outdoors (rock climbing, canyoneering and backpacking) and photography.

  • Claudie

    I am passionate about languages and I would love to find a way to make a living while learning to speak different languages!!

  • Kim

    I am passionate about living simply, the environment, growing my own food, writing and learning to BE.

  • yohann

    Once we’ve bought the book, how can we get access to the pdf workbook?
    Many Thanks again!

  • Angie

    My passion is helping/teaching others.

  • Jeff

    I love photography. The idea of grabbing pieces of time to hold onto is just amazing!

  • Reid

    My current passions are sailing, unicycling, and holistic health and wellness. Thank you.

  • Lamisha serf

    I love reading and writing and hope to incorporate more of that into 2013 as well as begin my journey helping people reach their dreams.

  • marina bellini

    That is perfectly the best first read in 2013! I want a copy for sure =)

  • Renata

    Amazing post, thank you for sharing! :)
    And as for the passion… I am getting more certain every day that it is bringing support and joy into people’s lives. Every time I see someone smile or feel better when I do, give or say something makes my heart sing with joy and gratitude. The best gift ever or what! :)

  • Alexoaia Codrut

    Well, aside from the fact that some of the things said here are common sense (I do believe in them myself and act accordingly), I do love to find some more insights on the subject. This is the beauty and this is why I came here, to find inspiration and move on, make another step.

    We do need to do something after we think for a bit. A plan has no use if you do not follow it and make some steps on that path.

    Thank you for your words. And I also would love to read the book. I think it will help me move forward a bit faster, but that’s because I am running already.

  • Joy

    I love creativity, freedom, coaching, connecting and simplicity.

  • Tom

    Finished 20 years in the tech world and creating metaphors to help people understand how computers and communication tools could improve work lives.

    Leaving that work now. Passion to find some way to use my language and metaphor skills for the next phase.

  • Sarah

    I have enjoyed drawing and writing since I was a child and I found that I liked creating things in general. I also like learning languages and do this during my free time.
    I started taking martial arts and music lessons and I am enjoying both.

    I love spending time with my friends and chatting about useless things and playing video games

  • Rick Fischer

    I love your program!


  • Sarah Corbine

    I love learning and researching new things but have no idea how to make a living doing it.

  • Ben

    My passion is helping people create solutions to move them forward.

  • Vicki

    I hope I am not too late to join in? I have started the new year with a new blog to record my journey in creativity in 2013. I would love the book to supplement my journey. Thanks.

  • shawn

    I love music, travel, family, and new new adventures.

    Happy New Year everyone!


  • Leela

    passionate about living grounded yet lightly on Earth.

  • Kshitij

    Well, my passion is experimenting with change and writing, the first is newly acquired, and the second, I’ve been into for a year….Would love to have a shot of passion and energy :D

  • Marc

    I’ve just signed up to live off your passion ecourse so have been doing a lot of soul searching. My main passions are learning programming, walking in the country with my dog, drawing and painting. I would love to bring them all together to create a way for people to discover the country side or art online.

  • David

    Finally I am retiring in 4 1/2 years. I am taking the Live Off Your Passion course (LOYP) right now to reinforce and enable my dreams to become true. Once I am free of the mundane job routine and slavery I will devote my time to work for a better world by increasing emphathy among different / opposed groups of people. Also through education and media I will enable new generations to live a healthier sustainable life if they choose it. All it takes to change the world is one generation. It is time for a real revolution we only live once rehearsal time is over. I can’t wait. The next 6 months will be critical for me, but the start is the harder part, isn’t it?

  • Jim Krenz

    I love sleight-of-hand magic.

  • Kriszti

    Have you noticed you tend to find ‘things’ when you stop looking for them…? I think it works just the same way with our passion… It’s like the glasses you are already wearing… Thank you all for sharing your inspiration.

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