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“Do nothing but put a group of passionate, inspired, crazy people in a room together, and the world-changing will take care of itself. “

- The LYL Creed

The Power of Having the Right People in the Same Room…

Today is a big day for all of us.

We are launching a free tool that I think will dramatically change the impact that our community and this revolution has on all of us (and the world). It’s been in the works for months and I’m damn excited!

As of this morning, the Live Your Legend LIVE Event Field Kit is available to download. And it’s 100% free to all our community members (you can download it at the end of this article – and the kit also includes a graphic poster of the LYL Creed which has never been published on LYL!).

The Field Kit is a very comprehensive step-by-step guide to hosting your own LYL live meetup anywhere in the world. But more importantly, it’s a tool for dramatically transforming your surroundings.

If you’re interested in hosting or attending an event, please leave your city & country in the comments!

Now let’s talk about why I believe this project has so much damn potential to help us…

Community. Is. Everything. Now You’re In Control.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the 10-30+ year vision of Live Your Legend.

And I can sum that vision into one word: Community.

I used to think the purpose of LYL was to provide you with the tools to find and do work you love. Sure that’s a huge part, but over the past few years I’ve realized the tools are secondary.

By far the most powerful ingredient in doing what matters, is surrounding yourself with the people who make it possible.

If we can put ourselves in an environment where the people around us inspire, support, help and encourage us to push limits, pursue our passions & ideas and make our own impact, magic starts to happen.

In the right environment I believe anyone with enough conviction, can begin to move mountains.

That’s how marathons get run, businesses get launched, and the world starts to change.

So that is the real purpose of our community, movement and Revolution at Live Your Legend: To provide the environment and resources to help you find and do work you love, by building a supportive community of inspired people to make it possible.

I believe this community is one of the core pillars that sets us apart from the thousands of other generic “follow your passion” type sites out there.

That’s why we created the Ultimate Mastermind Workbook, How to Connect with Anyone and now the Field Kit. It’s also why the future of LYL will be laser focused on building and connecting the most passionate and supportive community of Living Legends on the planet.

Because people transform our potential.

YOU are that community.

That’s the beauty of it. Without you, LYL would be nothing more than text on a screen.

But add 37,000 passionate people (from 177 countries) to the equation, who believe in possibility, and we start to have a legitimate revolution.

This community began online, but the true power comes when we meet face-to-face in the real world – When we spend time around each other on a day-to-day basis, sharing ideas and making real progress.

I noticed this first-hand during our LYL LIVE event last year at Samovar Tea Lounge in San Francisco. The energy of the 100+ of you in the room was like nothing I’ve ever felt. People were in tears. They were inspired. Their thinking started to change. And as a result, so did their actions.

But it wasn’t because of Scott Dinsmore or even Live Your Legend.

No, it was because for the first time in many of their lives, they were surrounded by people who believed what they believed. For the first time, instead of being told they were stupid for thinking differently, they were encouraged and supported. And that is when everything starts to change.

It’s All of Our Responsibility to Become the ‘Host’

My goal is for these in-person meetups and events to start happening all over the world.

And they already are.

Four weeks ago, Leah, Naz, Melanie and Nikki, from our LYL and Connect with Anyone communities decided to host their very own LYL meetup in Sydney, Australia, at a pub near the Opera House. Nearly 30 Living Legends showed up and spent hours trading ideas and, well…partying. And it was all their idea, not mine. They did it all on their own! My eyes began to water when I got on the live video feed during the event, along with people from four other continents. You can read more about their Sydney event here.

Oh and these women met as a result of our Community Maven Liz Seda placing them in a mastermind team through our Connect with Anyone course. They’ve since launched The Pursuit of Purpose, a business they founded together (and they’ve done a damn good job with it!).

All Liz and I did was connect a few passionate people. They did the rest…

The power of putting the right people in a room together cannot be overestimated.

They even had a videographer there. Here’s a 2-minute video from their event.

This is so far beyond what I’d dreamed about when I first launched Live Your Legend.

And weeks ago another group met in Vancouver. A week before that Yaron hosted a meetup in London, and his next is this Sunday at 1pm (you all are welcome to join!). Plenty more have happened over the past months. A group of PhD students even formed a LYL club at their university last year!

Other members of our community have offered to host events in…

  • Montreal
  • The Dominican Republic
  • New York
  • Columbus
  • Raleigh
  • Munich
  • Buenos Aires
  • Hong Kong
  • Just to name a few…

Just think for a minute what this community and movement could become if every one of us became the leader and began to host their own events in their hometowns?

It could start to get crazy very very fast. And something tells me that’s exactly what’s about to happen.

Because with the right community the impossible becomes possible, and people become unstoppable.

Download the Step-by-Step Guide to Transforming Your Surroundings

So today I’m asking you to become the host in your own town – not for LYL but for yourself and for the people around you. To be the person who decides to bring those people together who can make all the difference.

I plan to host a lot of events in the months and years to come, but you do not need me to change your surroundings. I don’t want to be the bottleneck.

So I’m transferring the power and control from me to you. Actually, from me to US.

This kit is a year in the making and has taken weeks of creation and design work by half a dozen people. In fact Leah, Naz and Melanie created the first 23-page draft after they hosted their Syndey event. And I didn’t even ask them to – that’s the power of a common vision! Thank you for everything ladies. You’ve helped change the game in a big way. Oh and Michael Paradise also crushed it with the sexy design.

The kit is comprehensive and is designed to provide everything you need to transform your surroundings by hosting your own live meetups in your hometown. Feel free to follow every step or none at all. Whether it’s for two people or 200 makes no difference. You don’t even have to mention LYL if you don’t want to.

All we care about is that you do your part to bring people together to help each other make an impact and do work that matters. That is what makes the impossible not only possible, but probable. We can’t wait to see what you do with it…

The field kit includes 8 rather gorgeously-designed tools:

  1. The Quick Start Guide: General guidance for hosting successful events.
  2. Core Values to Guide Your Event
  3. Live Event Detailed Agenda & Guide: More specific step-by-step guidance on agenda ideas, talking points and just about everything else you could imagine
  4. Email Templates: Specific scripts for getting the word out and building excitement
  5. Event Checklist: The specific things you want to be sure you have on the big day
  6. LYL Creed Poster: A high-res graphic representation of the LYL way of life, that you could print for the event (no one has seen this until today!)
  7. LYL Logo Banner: A high-res printable LYL sign to let people know they’re in the right place!
  8. Access to our community of 37,000+ people to promote your event: I’m happy to send an email to the members of our community who live in your city or country!

You can download the full LYL Live Event Field Kit here.

I hope to look back on today’s post as a tipping point.

In order for a revolution to reach its full potential, everyone must take on role of the leader. I want to do everything possible to put the power in all of your hands.

I see today as being the biggest step in the that direction in the history of LYL.

Environment is everything.

And it’s 100% in our control.

You are the only one who can transform your surroundings.

I’m doing my part.

And I appreciate you taking the next step to do yours.

We are here to help any way we can.


Now, as a member of this community I ask that you do two things:

Live Your Legend Live Event Field Kit banner small download

1. Download the free LYL Live Event Field Kit here and spend a few minutes browsing through it (the design files are gorgeous and big, so be patient as it downloads!)

3. If you want to host (or attend) an event in your home town? Please fill out this Meetup doc in our LYL Facebook Group. You must be a member of the FB group to edit the doc. If you’re aren’t a member, just request access on this page and we will grant it to you. We’ll do everything in our power to make it successful.

P.S. Also you can access the recording of our free webinar on How To Transform Your Surroundings & Create Your In-Person Passionate Community here.

Thank you all for making this movement what it is.


    • Evan Murnighan

      Hey Scott, I’m in the Phoenix area and would love to be involved in a group. I just downloaded the Live Event Kit and can’t wait to read it!

      Thanks for all you do!

      • Nix Robins

        Phoenix, eh?
        Me, too!
        I haven’t been on LYL in a few weeks, but something drew me back to check in today…then, read this article + the linked article by Nazrin, “No Goals?…,” was scrolling thru comments for Phoenix, & your comment was the first to pop up (!!) and at Nazrin’s prescription to not have goals and just say “Yes!” to stuff that would normally scare the sh!t out of you, I’m gambling here to connect in cyberspace w/a perfect stranger…or friend unmet yet, as this website fosters similarly-minded people…?
        Maybe there are other interested Phoenicians out there?? Perhaps we are the group, in its infancy??
        To embrace an LYL creed:
        Learn by doing. There is no progress without action. There is no failure, only learning.

        Here’s to action and learning, cuz I don’t know what the heck I’m doing right now!
        Weeeeeeeeee!!!! ;)

        P.S. Just read p. 9 of the kit after writing this comment, & it just encouraged me to submit this as I think I just embodied each sentiment w/o even intending to. <goosebumps, deep breath, #vulnerability, #synchronicity, phew!)

        • Nix Robins

          Scott/Evan/Fellow Phoenicians,
          Half-way through the Quick Start Guide, & I am buzzing w/ideas for an LYL event! I think a fire has just been sparked!
          Things are about to get real around here!
          & every time I resist hitting send on this comment, to share/connect, or to tamp down my enthusiasm right now, I’m leaning into this resistance, feeling this vulnerability and pressing ahead anyway with my authentic, vulnerable self. I want a legendary life (and have for far too long now to let this opportunity pass me by), I want my struggles to have purpose/meaning and inspire others to live their legends, too! I left Chicago 3 months ago for Phoenix to “find myself,” stop sleepwalking through life, “existing” on the sidelines and rise from the ashes like a Phoenix!
          If this is the beginning of that, then thank God for all my (perceived) struggles. They have been worth it! ;)
          This kind of momentum is contagious!
          Thank you, Scott! I feel quite alive right now! Holy beautiful, delicious re-frame!
          This metaphor is popping into my head:
          The LYL kit is like a KitchenAid Mixer: a fairly useless countertop appliance (brimming with potential for indescribable yumminess!)…until the special ingredients are added (the like-minded people sharing a passionate purpose to LIVE their Legends)! Then, your LYL kit becomes the Mixer fostering the movement to combine/connect us all together in a cohesive, guided, intentional way. And that, my friend, is when the magic happens! We are each a container of this magic, and the LYL kit allows our magic to be realized through authentic connection & spread throughout our communities! Excited & charged with a feeling of infiniteness… :) Infinite possibilities of abundance abound! No telling what could happen!

          To co-creating EPIC alchemy! Let’s mix it up!
          P.S. I love Brene Brown and have been sharing her for years, too!!
          P.P.S. I even have 3 cool venue ideas!
          *One last thing, please help me maintain this momentum outside of cyberspace, in practice, in reality as I transition from the sidelines (where I comfortably can’t fail since I never tried before) to the spotlight and squelch my terrified ego who is feeling pretty nekkid right about now, preparing to make an a$$ of herself, squirming and squealing as I hit send!!

    • Sara

      I very inspired by Scott and LYL and love the idea of hosting an event in Gloucestershire, England. Please give me more information and consider coming other counties in England!

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  • Brigid @ The Inspired Notebook

    Hi Scott, I haven’t downloaded this yet but am about to.
    I just want to comment on the photo you’ve used for your Field Kit cover. That is an awesome, awesome photo – so clear to see the passion, inspiration and positive energy in the room on that night!! I can’t wait to read about how to make that happen!
    Congratulations on the inspiring work and your LYL Field Kit launch.

    • Scott

      Thanks Brigid! We actually went back and forth for a while between two pictures. In the end this one had the most energy and passion flowing out of it :). It’s from our LYL LIVE Event in SF last year. Can’t wait to see what you do with the Field Kit!

  • Ricky

    I’d love to host an event in Montreal. Anyone who’s interested, please contact me.

    • Scott

      Awesome Ricky. We definitely have some of our community up your way! Check out the Field Kit and let us know how we can help! Oh and I love your city btw :)

    • Claire

      I would be happy to help out too!

      • Ricky

        Claire, I’d love to get in touch with you. Please contact me at and we can set something up.

    • Yuichi

      Nice, I’m in Montreal, too!
      But I will stay in Montreal until end of this summer, I think!

    • Ana

      I’d love to help organize a Montreal event as well. When can we discuss?

  • Anthony

    Hi Scott, I’ve been reading your writings for quite some time and those are helping a lot. But for now, I’m still gathering the strength I need. Well, I am the breadwinner of the family, so I can’t just quit, like most people. Nevertheless, I wanna find out what my passion is. I don’t know if anybody here in Manila has the same sentiment as mine. If there is anyone, I’d be glad to organize a meet up.

    Thank you, Scott. You’re doing a great job. Cheers!

  • Joel Zaslofsky

    I checked out the Field Kit and… oh my. I am freakin’ jazzed!

    Scott, I’m down to host a LYL event in the Twin Cities (a.k.a. the Minneapolis/St Paul metropolitan area). Based on the lead time you recommend, it will probably be somewhere between late July and mid-August. Basically, before the “having my second child any moment” count-down begins. :)

    Thanks a ton for putting this Field Kit together! In typical LYL fashion, the quality of design and content is amazing. I have literally zero questions after reading it. It’s just perfectly laid out, step-by-step, as advertised.

    • Jessica V. Lindgren

      Joel – I would totally be down to help you organise a Minneapolis/St. Paul LYL event! I’m very new to the LYL community, but this sounds like a great way to get more involved.

      • Scott

        Now we’re talking guys!! Thanks for putting yourself out there. And glad you’re digging the kit Joel- we spent some extra time doing our best to make it especially comprehensive (and pretty ;). And welcome to the family Jessica. Sounds like you joined up just at the right time!

        • Jessica V. Lindgren

          I’m really excited to know more! Thanks for the warm welcome.

          • Andrea Imsdahl

            Count me in to help in any way that I can. Super excited there are other LYL members in the Cities. WOO HOO!!

          • Jammi Hansen Blair

            Twin Cities count me in! I’m near Stillwater btw…

          • Joel Zaslofsky

            Jess, Andrea, and Jammi,

            I’ve contacted each of you about coordinating this Twin Cities LYL live event effort. I hope you can help because, well, I’m going to need it! I also have two other people who have contacted me directly through email and offered to help.

            The more people that can collaborate on this, the faster we’ll be able to pull this off (and the better it will be). I’m excited folks!

    • Janet

      I’m in Minneapolis, MN too.

      Would love to meet other like minded people.

      And the Dominican Republic event mentioned in your post would be interested in attending as well… I will be there all summer. Santiago or SDQ.

    • Megan Larson

      I’m a little late to the party, but I’m in MPLS and want to get involved. Let me know how I can help!

  • Susi Masarweh


    This is awesome! My mind is reeling with possibilities from reviewing the kit. You literally walk us through all the baby-steps and leave no room for excuses. So exciting the momentum that just keeps building…and building.

    I would love to co-host an event in Northern California – Sacramento area. Anyone out there live in my area?


    • Jen McArdle

      Hi Susi!

      I don’t have the time to co-host, but my roommate and I live in Sacramento and would love to attend!

      • Scott

        Love this momentum! And Susi I can only imagine what you’d put on given all the energy I’ve seen coming from you in CWA. YES! And I’m glad you think we hit all the steps. Let’s be sure to give Naz, Melanie and Leah the massive credit they deserve on that. They mapped out something amazing with this.

        Like I’ve said many times before – no one does anything on their own. Especially me!

    • Thomas Chock

      Hi Susi,

      Would you like to help me host a meetup in the Bay area
      in June?

  • AJ

    Love your work Scott. It’s inspiring and challenging.

    Although we’re just a small town of 150,000, I’d love to see an event in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. There’s a good core of people, and a real entrepreneurial spirit here.

    • Caandice

      I live in North Bay, so let me know if you will be hosting one so I can make the drive down! :)

  • Jocelyn

    Hi Scott,

    Would love to host LYL in downtown Toronto, Ontario Canada. I am well connected with a lot of “entrepreneurial-spirited” individuals that are “living their legend”.

    Let me know!


    • andrew

      hi Jocelyn!

      I’m in downtown Toronto, too! I see we also have some people in Barrie and surrounding area.

      Would love to be a part of your event/meet up.

    • Polina

      Hey Jocelyn,

      I would love to attend/host a LYL in downtown Toronto, too!
      I’m just north of midtown.

      A friend of mine from Hamilton might be interested as well!


    • AJ

      I’d be in for an event in Toronto

    • leeorr

      I’d love to attend a LYL event in toronto!

    • Tate Besso

      Id love to hear more about a downtown Toronto meetup! Or be happy to help putting it together Jocelyn

  • Jeffrey Bunn

    I missed it in Vancouver!? In for the next one! Anybody hosting, let me know!

    • Anastasia Sapelnikova

      +1 for Vancouver, BC! :)

  • Isis

    Is anyone here in Albuquerque? I’d love to help make an event happen.

  • Mike Herzog

    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada – it is time to Live Your Legend! Lets do this!!

    • Ricky

      Mike, I’m organizing something for Montreal. Would that be close enough for you?

  • Patricia

    So excited to read on Scott’s text that there is already people in Buenos Aires planning to meet. I would love to cohost or attend!

  • azmat

    I would love to host an event in New York City. If anyone is interested in doing this, please let me know and we can work towards making this happen.

    Let’s do this baby!

    • Michael Charles

      I live in Bay Shore, NY and would love to collaborate on this. I was thinking about doing that and saw your post. I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Tony D

      Hi azmat,

      I live a couple hours out of NYC, and I would love to be involved with an event like this.

      • Cesar

        Hi, I’d love to attend an event in NYC.
        Please keep me posted!

  • Mel Findlater

    Some of my favourite parts of this desscription are:

    “stop existing, start living” in the video

    “Community. Is. Everything.”

    “Do nothing but put a group of passionate, inspired, crazy people in a room together, and the world-changing will take care of itself. “ – The LYL Creed

    All of these capture so very well what excites me and what we at The You Can Hub are trying to do in Cambridge, UK. We already run free monthly socials which are all about getting passionate people in the right place (with an effort to ensure people who are normally excluded are included…for eg people with disabilities). I’m thinking that some of the tips, phrasing, techniques, tools and inspiration of this booklet could give a LYL twist to things and bring in even more incredible people. Can’t wait to share with you and really look forward to riding this wave of life, together!

    Thanks so much!


    • Leah Hynes

      Hey Mel!

      That sounds amazing! Sounds like you are well ahead of the game with The You Can Hub. It is so powerful providing people with a way to connect and in-person…there’s nothing like it! I wish I could do it all over again…oh! Hang on…I will!!! Can’t wait for WDS and many many more meet ups.

      Glad you like The Pursuit of Purpose’s catch cry ‘Stop existing and start living’.

      Big hugs,

  • Dani Dane

    Hey! I’d love to host an event in Columbus, Ohio! I want to meet people that think like me & get inspired to live my dreams! Get in touch :)

  • Matt

    Hi Scott,

    I have thought about doing exactly this for too long already.

    I have a lot on my plate right now, but your field kit has brought that up quite a lot in my todo list, and right now I’m trying to decide when I can make the time to host an event here, in and for New Zealand…

    …and I’m freaked out by the question whether there’s anyone here who would show up aside from myself. You know, if there currently is one in a million people who would be interested, that would mean four people in New Zealand, and I can’t be sure to reach them all – disadvantages of living in a small country that’s surrounded by the sea.

    I’m not sure if you would feel comfortable to do that, but if you could give me some idea as to how much LYL-affin activity you see from your side of things here in New Zealand, that could help me get some perspective. Am I your only subscriber from here? Please tell me that’s not the case!

    Also, how much notice would you need to be able to notify your New Zealand subscribers, as you so kindly have offered?

    Thanks for all your hard work!



    • alice

      Hey Matthias, I’m in Auckland and would love to be part of it!!!
      Lets figure something out if you are in AKL.

    • Simon

      Hi Matthias, I live near Tauranga and am keen to connect. If one in a million people in NZ are interested It looks like you’re already 3/4 of the way to finding the four people in New Zealand! :-)

      • Matthias

        Haha, thanks for your replies guys! I’m not the only one here then after all, fantastic!

        Let’s go find the fourth person then, shall we? And who knows, maybe we’ll find more! Plus there surely must be a bunch of people who just haven’t heard of LYL yet, let’s try and find those too.

        As for location: I’m in Christchurch and very tied down here at the moment, but I’m not saying no to doing it somewhere e.g. in Auckland – or maybe a more central location forthe entire country, like Wellington or such? What do you think?

        Do you guys have any thoughts on when? I’m undecided myself right now, very tied up with… well… a lot of stuff that has to do with LYL philosophy and reshaping my life and work. However, I can make the time I think, if we pick a good time.

        In any case, let’s not make it any sooner than we can work out and apply some half decent plan of making sure “the unknown others” in the country hear of it early enough so they can come, too.

        Anyone else out there from NZ reading this? Speak up so we know where you are!



      • Matthias

        Of course, we can always do one in AKL, one in Wellington, and one in Christchurch, to give more people the chance without much traveling and cost associated. Maybe the easiest for a start?

        Just for fun, we could do all three locations on the same day and time, and connect all three events via video calling.


        • Kellie Annesley-Smith

          Oooo! I’m in Auckland – sounds great if we do a collaborative meetup in all three cities. Count me in!

          • Matthias

            Hi Kellie,

            my best compromise due to limited time but wanting to get something started is that I’ve just set up a meetup event for Christchurch (see my other post here).

            We’ll see who shows up, and take it from there I’d say!

            Maybe you can just do the same for Auckland in the meantime – and if some people come forward, we do the web-linked simulataneous session a month later or so?



    • Matthias

      Hi again,

      sooo… I’ve set up a event for Christchurch (or anyone who wants to come to Christchurch) here:

      Now, come out of the woodworks, people!

      See you soon at the Addington Coffee Co-Op!


  • Kami

    This is so exciting. I’ve always wanted to do something just like this! As a theatre artist, I’ve learned that the sheer power and creative force that comes in a group setting can be a catalyst for amazing achievement. I would LOVE to host an event in my city- Fort Worth, TX. Yay!

    • Destri

      Hey Kami,
      I just jumped on to see if there was anyone in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area – I’m in!

      • Ashley Josephine

        I’m in Wichita Falls and would be willing to drive down to Fort Worth for an event! Keep me posted :) @AshleyJoYoga

    • Katherine

      I’m in Dallas and would love to attend! Would definitely come to Ft. Worth for it and I have 2-3 like-minded friends I bet would want to come with me. Let me know! :)

  • Matt

    PS: I just realised that a google map or a google earth layer with approximate locations of LYL members on it, or one that shows how many are in which city or town, would be fantastic – although that may mean you’d be giving away too much back end info that you need form a business perspective, not sure.

    It would just be fantastic if I could just fire up google earth, tick a box, spin the globe, and instantly see where everyone else is located – and possibly even get in touch with them by click on the marker ont he globe!

    Just a thought.



    • Matthias

      Hey Scott,

      in case you want to quickly and easily publish something like “all locations with LYL subscribers” both in Google Maps and Google Earth, and even integrate a Google Map with the location markers into your web page, check this out:

      It’s super easy. You could pretty quickly put something basic together that, for example, just puts a dot on every city or town where there is one of us, with a number in that dot that shows how many LYL people are in that location.



  • Sandra

    This is AWESOME!!!

    And yes I would love to host one for Singapore.

    It’s past my bedtime here and so I will download it tomorrow. I have been building my tribe of like minded people who are ready to take it to the next level. It would be great to add a more collaborative win-win-win spirit to the culture here. I have been wanting to do more to hype up people, without the hype, to really do what they love. And know it’s all possible! Thanks Scott + everyone!

    • Berni

      Hi Sandra,

      Wow! I was wondering if anyone else was in Singapore!

      I just found LYL a month ago and excited to discover what’s in store and meet with others who are creating and living their dreams in Singapore.

      Would love to get to know you better and learn about what you are doing as well!

      Hope to hear from you soon!


      • Sandra

        Awesome Berni! Let’s put something together in Singapore then.

        • Yuheng


          I would love to participate in an event in Singapore! Great to see people from Singapore here. :)

          • Rob Leonardo

            Gotcha! Count me in! I’d love to join a Singapore event!

  • Patricia BT

    AHHHHHHHHH I’ve been waiting for that :)

    I’m glad it’s now out and yes, it’s in my plans to host such an event for next September/October, and bring some already existing communities together

    I’m in Geneva, Switzerland, but this is valid for the whole Romandy (French-speaking part of Switzerland) as well as the surrounding France.

    and why not do something as well with people anywhere in France. we could co-host or do something synced. I can even do another one in Paris if necessary. Can be the LYL French voice.

    I’m very excited about it all now.

    Thx :)

    • sylvie

      Bonjour Patricia,
      I am in France (I am french). I joigned the LYL but I am still “stucked” in my dayjob :-(
      I love the idea of being part of such an event. I am in Brittany (west of France) but I often go to Paris. Maybe we can get in touch and see what is possible to do in France ?
      à bientôt !

      • Patricia BT

        Très volontiers Sylvie, montons le LYL francophone! :)

    • Leah Hynes

      Oui Patricia!!! Fantastique!

      Please give me another reason to visit France or Switzerland. Can we fit some skiing in too?!?

      It is a dream of mine to live in France again with my husband (and now with my 2 yr old son!) so we can be part of your French-speaking movement too (I just have to work on my french!

      Big hugs,

      • Patricia BT

        Hi Leah!

        so you do plan to leave Australia?!

        For sure we can plan a skiing day :) or a meeting in the Alps!

        See you in 48 days

  • Ryan

    Des Moines, IA!

  • Roseann

    This is awesome! I’d definitely be interested in hosting in NYC…possibly Maryland/D.C., as I also spend time there.

    • Scott G

      I’d be interested in attending & possibly helping get an event together in the Washington DC area.

      • Heather

        Scott G, met too! Do you know anyone else who would be interested?

        • Tishia W.

          I live in Virginia, but would love to help plan an event in the DC area.

          • Tishia W.

            My number is 434-825-1923.

      • Ryan Riehl

        Looks like we have some good interest for a DC event. I’m up in Baltimore. I can’t really host, but I’d love to come and help out as much as I can.

        Who wants to step up and host (or co-host) in DC?

  • Jim Krenz

    I would love to attend one in Los Angeles!

    • David

      Follow me on twitter and send me a message @Passion4ALiving. I’ll send you a direct message and grab everyone’s emails that wants to do one around LA.

  • Debashish

    LYL meetups all over the world? I think the world is going to be shaken up a little bit. Love it!
    BTW, are there any LYLers in Tokyo, Japan? Would love to participate or host a meetup here.

    • Yuichi

      Hello, I’m moving back to Tokyo this summer (currently live in Montreal), I’m interested in LYL happening in Tokyo! It’ll be cool!

  • Thomas Chock

    Hi Scott,

    I would be willing to host the first meetup in the Bay area in June. I just moved back and am excited about the possibilities of working with others in our community to share our passions and skills.

    With gratitude,


    • http://notyet Alexey Silin

      Hi Thomas,

      Count me in, please. I would love to put my effort in making it happen as well.



      • Colette Hannahan

        Hi Thomas and Alexey,

        I live in San Francisco and would love to attend and help out with planning a Bay Area meet up. Keep me posted!


        • Leolani D

          Hi, Thomas, Alexey and Colette –

          Count me in too! I’d love to attend and help out with planning.

          Looking forward to it,

      • Thomas Chock

        Hi Alexey, Colette, and Leolani,

        Please give me a call at (805) 845-2115 or send me an
        email so that we can get started.

        Anyone else who would like to join is welcome. I’m thinking of have something at the end of June, but we could do a
        hangout on google+ to get things started.


  • Lik

    Hi Scott!
    Here is my hand from Bremen, Germany! I will take a look at the kit, but it seems a very good idea :) I think I’d like to host such event around early October, in Bremen-Nord, Bremen or Hamburg (depends on technical requirements :) ).

    • Patricia BT

      Hi Lik,

      just to let you know, there will be a WordPress bootcamp in Leiden, NL, 5-7 October,

      I don’t say LYLers are all into WordPress, but maybe better not to collide the 2 events… ?

      see you in 50 days :)

      • Lik

        Well… For me these two events are like from the totally different worlds %)

        I wonder: Is there some specific quality, some character trait of WordPress users, that really unites them and allows such events as WordCamp? Just the idea seems strange to me at first. Although I probably could understand the idea behind MacWorld. Maybe I am just not into WordPress yet, I am only starting with it.

        • Patricia BT

          Hi again
          I understand you, it was just to let you know people like me would like to attend both…

          But I don’t know if there is a lot of people like me, lol

          Bloggers usually use WP, and if some are interested on the tech side of their blog, they might want to go to the WordCamp, and then not be able to attend the LYL event…

          And yes, WP users do meet :)

    • Veronika

      Hi, I’m from Bremen too. Maybe we can get together. How about we contact via Facebook. I am “Frau Pachalatschi”.

  • Jana

    Hi Scott,

    I found LYL via en*theos/Sensophy/Jacob Sokol and so happy to discover your work! I’ve glimpsed the power of community & surrounding yourself with people who push you to the next level. Amazing!

    I saw in the prior posts that Roseann and Azmat are interested in hosting a NYC event and would love to help and attend! :-)

  • Sean Penrith

    Would love to attend an event in Portland OR if that came to pass.


  • Molly

    I’d love to host/attend a LYL event in Philadelphia!

    • Beth O’Donnell

      I’m in. I’m near the Art Museum. You?

    • Jenn Gonsalves

      I’m in the Philly area too, and would definitely be up for atteneding and/or helping to put it on!

      • Beth O’Donnell

        Hi Jenn,

        Just signed up for your newsletter. Philly chicks gotta stick together ;) Saw that you have an FB page. Are you on twitter? I’m @beth_odonnell

  • Olufemi Omotayo

    Hi Scott,

    I admire your work man! You inspire!

    Is there a possibility of hosting this event in Africa? I’m based in Lagos, Nigeria and have connections with several entrepreneurs and institutions.

    I would love to host LYL, if you will tell me what it entails.


  • Erin McNaughton

    This is a great idea–I love mastermind groups and inspirational meetups! I’m in Phoenix-metro and would love to organize/attend an event in the area.

    • Evan Murnighan

      Hi Erin,

      Me too! I’m in the East Valley, how about you?

  • Trudi Claxton

    Absolutely amazing work you do- been following this since last August as I was depressed and anxious in my job. Finally, last Thursday I handed my notice in. I want to work with horses and help people to feel empowered in their own lives enough to have work they love and be in great relationships too. You’ve inspired me for sure! I’d love to host something though not sure I have the confidence right now but will keep watching to see if there’s anything going on in my area.
    Thank you
    Trudi, East Sussex, England

  • Josephine

    I’d love to join the Hong Kong group if there’s already one? Scott, how can I get in touch with them please?!

    Thanks for the inspiration

    • PHL

      Please give details of the LYL group in Hong Kong as I would like to attend their events.


  • David

    I’d be up for an event in SoCal – especially if it’s around the Los Angeles area. I’d be happy to help organize the event, if there is someone else who wants to join in – organization is not one of my strong points, but I can definitely help out. ;)

    Jot me an email or head to my site and tweet me, if interested.

    • fran

      i could help out in west LA.


      • David

        Follow me on twitter and send me a message @Passion4ALiving. I’ll send you a direct message and grab everyone’s emails that wants to do one around LA.

        • Rolando

          I’ll be in LA until July, but I’d love to go to an event here before I take off!

  • Gary Riger

    Hi Scott!

    I run a number of networking events in New York and Long Island. I have become a big fan of what you stand for since I stumbled upon your material not too long ago. I am currently building a website/blog using your tips/techniques called (it’s not live yet) and would love to host a live LYL event here in New York City, Brooklyn or Long Island. I look forward to connecting with you and making this happen!

  • melanie

    amazing stuff!
    I’d love to attend an event in munich/germany :)

  • Sam

    I’m totally down for hosting a LYL event in Jersey City, NJ!

    • Michael Charles

      I live in Bay Shore, NY and would love to collaborate on this. I was thinking about doing that and saw your post. I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Thijs Deschepper

    Anyone who would do something around Belgium/The Netherlands?

    • Ilse

      Ha Thijs,
      This is Ilse from The Hague. I’m definitely interested in (co-) hosting or attending.
      Gr. Ilse

      • Wannes

        Thijs, Ilse,

        i’m interested in attending your event.

        Wannes (belgium)

    • Filip Roeckens

      I run the Yes Group in Belgium which has similar goals and mindset; we can use our platform to host specific LYL meetings. NB we have a meeting on 21 May in Brussels.

  • Scott

    Wow! The response is already overwhelming – in an amazing way!! I can’t tell you how happy/excited it makes me to see how excited you all are to host and bring people together in your town. I really believe that this is going to make all the difference.

    **Also on important thing to remember: These meetups can be as absolutely simple as you want to make them. That could be just a few people meeting at a park or cafe, and that would have a huge impact. The field kit goes into a lot of detail on how you could host big and involved events like in Sydney, but realize the only thing that matters is you get people together. Keep it crazy simple to start. I just want us spending more time together. I leave it up to you all to decide how you want to do it! And we’re of course here to help :)

  • Maria Kayumi

    I’m in Derby (East Midlands) UK. I love the kit! I’ll read through it all again slowly but just wanted to say that I’m definitely interested in hosting an event here in the Midlands :) LYL really made a difference to me and I’d love to meet others on a similar wavelength.

    • Alex

      I live in Staffordshire UK so could attend an event in the Midlands. :)

      I could also make it to Manchester, UK.

    • mark

      Hey Maria, i am a little away from you on humberside, but i love scott and LYL community and take a lot of inspiration from here. I also would like to meet others, You can count on me being at your or any UK event.

      • Marie Houlden

        Hi there,

        I am very new to this site, but really loving it and would love to keep in contact with like minded people. I am based down in Dorset but hey there is always Skype!!

  • Ana

    Awsome!!!This is really very exciting!
    Scott can you tell me who were the guys that organice this LYL club at their university?
    Congratulations! for those who are making these meetings comne true!

  • Theodora

    I live in the Cayman Islands and would LOVE to host an event here – I’ve been trying to put ideas together to host community meetups so this toolkit is PERFECT – so much I hadn’t even thought of!!! Such a gift guys – thank you!

    If ANYONE is out there in Cayman, please drop me a line!!

  • Anita

    Would anyone like to talk about doing one in London, UK? Could be a great summer thing to do (if we have a summer this year!) :-)

  • Vic

    Lima, Peru

  • Sarah

    I would love to organize a more informal meet-up in Chicago!
    If anyone is interesting in meeting up or co-hosting, shoot me an email :)

  • Lisha

    Great concept, Scott! Would love to host/attend an event in Tampa, FL. Please contact me!

  • Abby Benton

    Boston, MA!

    • Deirdre

      Would love to join you in putting together a Boston event!

    • Lissa

      Southern NH is in on the Boston event!

      • Rachael

        I would definitely go to a boston or southern nh event!

    • Chris

      I’m from Eastern Connecticut, but I’d love to come up to the Boston event as we have family in the Cambridge area.

    • Brad Powell

      I’d like to help/host an event in Boston/Cambridge

    • Adam Hathaway

      I am down for a Boston event as well!

    • Samantha

      I would love to attend a Boston event!

    • Adam Hathaway

      A meetup is planned and there is a suggested date and venue in July:

  • Harry Lewis

    I will attend and help set-up an event in the eastern half of the USA. I live in Niceville, Fl.

  • Eric Young

    I would like to attend a LYL event in my city, but I’m not ready to host one myself. Anyone hosting an event in Denver?

    • Megan

      I’m in Denver… maybe we could make something happen?

  • Leah Hynes

    Hi Scott & everyone!

    So honored to be part of this event guide and to have hosted the first ever LYL Aussie meetup (first of many!).

    We continue to be humbled by Scott’s generosity and inspired by his genuine passion for not just helping do work that matters, but for making people matter. I am in awe.

    At The Pursuit of Purpose we span the eastern coast of Australia (Brisbane, Sydney & Canberra) and are busy facilitating more meetups – we could think of nothing more awesome than getting together with like-minded peeps and changing the world! We can’t do it alone!

    Exciting times!!! See you in person very soon!
    In pursuit,
    Leah :)

  • JT Schonhoft

    I want to host one in Indianapolis!

  • Ernesto Cervantes

    I’m willing to attend; I live in Los Angeles.
    I’m excited to meet people with the strong passion to do the things they love! Let’s do this!

    • David

      Follow me on twitter and send me a message @Passion4ALiving. I’ll send you a direct message and grab everyone’s emails that wants to do one around LA.

  • Yuan

    What a great idea! I am in Olympia, Washington. Really look forward to getting connected with others who share the same passions. Thank you!

  • Laure Merlin

    Thanx a ton Scott & team & community!
    As I’ve done something similar in Paris before, I would love to host or attend such event in person. To fly to London to Yaron’s I need a minimum of 200€ I’d happily spend when I have them.
    In the mean time I’m beside Decazeville, within one hour drive from Figeac (46, France) or Rodez (12, France) or Maurs (15, France). And if no closer I can and do go to Toulouse sometimes. I can’t go to Paris more than once a year nowadays.
    Neighbors, are you live???

  • Ilse

    Anyone here from the netherlands?

  • Nikki Smith

    Thanks Leah, Mel, Naz and Scott for the meet up guide.
    Wow, I can feel the surge in momentum! SO exciting.

    Some news from Melbourne;
    We had an informal catch up last month in Melbourne – YAY! I met up with two other LYL and members of Connect with Anyone – Erika and Paula who reached out to me after being invited to the Sydney event. It was fun!

    Informal and fabulous. I echo Scott’s words informal is also worth considering. It took maybe 30 minutes all up to co-ordinate. We went to a yoga class, then had a two hour breakfast at Kamel cafe. Ridiculously delicious breakfast…. corn zucchini fritters with poached eggs! yum! We decided to hold the next one in a month.

    Looking ahead……
    Australian LYL and CWA, please put this date in your diary.
    Why January? There are a few factors for this date.
    18th January. Harry will be in Melbourne in January, he has been hosting online monthly catch ups and we want to meet him in person.
    The Australian Tennis Open is also on which is fab to go to but also means the weather is hotting up.
    Have a great week!

  • Michael Paradise

    Anyone in the midwest / Missouri area? I’m in St. Louis and think this could be pretty rad.

    • Scott

      Btw everyone- it was Mike’s handy design work that made the Field Kit what it is. Thanks for doing what you do Mike!

      • W Brian Duncan (AKA IPBrian)

        I am in Springfield…probably a bit far, but I wanted to give both of you guys a shout out…the field kit looks awesome!

        • mike paradise

          ha! thanks man.

          Springfield, MO? My sister has a law office down there & I went to msu too. i make it down there a bit.

          • Vicki

            Great job Mike! Brian, Springfield is my hometown :-)

  • Shannon Lagasse

    I’m in upstate NY in Rhinebeck, but I’d love to get together with some folks in the city!

  • Enrico

    I am definitely interested in attending a LYL Live Event!

    San Diego, CA

    • Nancy Ulrich

      Enrico, I also live in San Diego and would be interested in a LYL Live Event. I’m also willing to host it. And would be happy for any help!

      • Andrea

        Nancy and Enrico,
        I am also in San Diego and would love to be a part of a local LYL event!

        Nancy – if you are up for hosting, I’m happy to help organize. I will post a comment through your website so we can get in touch :)


        • Kelvin

          I am also interested in attending an event in SD.

          • Irwin Dominguez

            Hello everyone,

            Having an event in San Diego sounds like a fantastic idea!

            I’d be willing to host it, or help in any way.

            Let me know – Let’s make this happen!


  • Stacy

    Ann Arbor, MI anyone?

    Scott, you seriously read my mind. Here I am, reading all your amazing info about living an awesome life wondering where the heck I can FIND people who are as fired up as me, who want to punch fear in the face and go for it, and you come out with this! Magnificent!

    I’d love to see a page on the LYL website with a map “Find An Event Near You” where we could submit bigger events for public viewing.

    Until then, I’m gonna rock this thing.

    Thanks a million!

  • Solana Foo

    Hi Scott,

    So is there an event happening in SF then?


  • Kai Wilder

    Im in New York City. I will absolutely come out to every event until I finish planning one of my own. So Happy2hear & Honored to be one of the 37k Just the beginning Everyone !! Cant Wait To Meet You !!!

  • Deacon Bradley

    Cool Scott! I’m in Austin, Texas and would love to be a part of this. I haven’t seen anyone else nearby so far in the comments, but I’m all about helping put this together if there’s interest.

    Also, I miss disqus :).

    • Dawnielle Castledine

      Hello Deacon! I am in Austin too. I would love to help you organize this. Let me know how it’s going :)

  • Mike /Rick – Twincome Boys

    My twin brother and I are looking to host this AWESOME event in LONDON, ON, CAN.

    Anybody else in London want to jump in to help organize or attend?

    Love this SO much! :)


    Do Good, Smile & Be Awesome,
    Mike & Rick

  • Mercedes

    Scott congratulations to you, Mel, Naz and Leah for the wonderful work,and the inspiration to go beyond and make the impossible… possible! Amazing to see the response! What a special community, Thanks. I am in Birmingham AL for now, I can host, co – host or attend, let me know how can I help.

  • Trung Mai

    Hey Scott, I will host an event in Calgary, Canada. I would love to create a community of supportive friends, especially with creative types and entrepreneurs.

    • Carrie Fair

      Hey Trung…..I’m in Calgary too. Would love to be apart of hosting the Calgary event!

  • Eugene

    I’m in Cape Town, South Africa. :)

  • Lars Peter Thomsen

    Anyone interested i Aarhus, Denmark?

  • Marc Allred

    Stafford, Virginia. I might be able to make this work.

    • Ray Hall

      Mark, I was was hoping to see Central Va. weigh in here. I’m in. Let’s do this.

  • Heidi Thompson

    I’d love to come along to the London (UK) group but I was wondering if anyone is based near Cambridge UK. It’s only about 15 minutes from where I live and I’d love to start an event there.

  • Flo


    is there possibly anybody from VIENNA / Austria within this community?

    If so, would be great to hear from you!

    And Scott, thank you so much for all your truly inspiring work here at LYL!

  • Hannah

    Anyone for Chattanooga, TN? I’d be willing to host an event if we settle on a place.

    Thanks, Scott!

  • Aecio Neto

    I am definitely interested in attend, host or co-host a LYL Live Event! Please, if youlive here, let me know! This is very exciting and scary at the same time hahaha

    • Aecio Neto

      Belo-Horizonte / Brazil

      • Tuiã

        Olá, Aécio!

        Também estou em Belo Horizonte e tenho total interesse em contribuir com a realização desse evento por aqui.
        Se estiver realmente animado, entre em contato comigo (você encontra meu e-mail e telefone no meu site).

        • Paulo Fernandes Garra

          É uma pena que só encontrei o pessoal de BH.
          Sou de São Paulo!

        • Paulo Fernandes Garra

          Pessoal de BH.
          Boa sorte!! E quero depois saber como foi o evento.

          • Aecio

            E aí Paulo, tudo bom? Cara, vc fez algum comentário falando do do seu interesse? Caso não tenha feito, sugiro que faça um, pois é comum ter alguém de SP. Caso não encontre ninguém, é só vir pra Bh no dia do encontro hahahaha.


  • Jeremy Poland

    It would be thrilling to be a part of an LYL event in Houston, Texas. Please email me if your interested.


  • Jon Wilburn

    Scott –

    Not sure if there is a Meet up planned in Greenville, SC or not, but (while it makes me nervous/scared/fearful to say this) I’d like to try and set one up and host it.

    Looking forward to this process.


    • Rick

      I live In Charlotte and would be willing to travel if we could get something going.

  • Sebastian Lora

    I’d love to host one in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. I know of a few people who’d be delighted to be part of it, but the more, the merrier. Anyone in the Balearic Islands?

    • Vane SM

      Hi Sebastian! I live in La Palma, Canary Islands. So the two are into Spain, but a little far apart! Maybe if there’s more people interested in Spain, we can find a spot where las Palmas could meet? Abrazos!

  • http://[email protected] Annicken

    Ever since I stumbled upon your work a few months ago, I´ve been feeling so alive!

    Please, anyone in OSLO, NORWAY who wants to hook up ?

    I want to spread the fire

  • Vicki

    I’m in Kansas City. Is anyone interested in meeting here?

  • Steve Hayes

    You listed on this article two things that are really great the first is about having the right people in the same room and how power that can be, in addition I also liked when you said that if you are thinking in doing something that can really make a difference, one of the best ways to achieve that goal is surrounding yourself with people who can make it possible.
    That is so true!
    Great article by the way! Thank you!

  • Szilvia

    London meet up was fantastic and gave me loads of energy. Thank you for Scott, Yaron and all who participated! :)

    • Trudi Claxton

      Hi Szilvia,

      Just spotted this! Do you know how to find out if there is anything going on locally in the area? I’m in East Sussex so wondered if there was anything here or if London would be the closest….

      Glad to hear the meet up was a success!!

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  • Emma

    Hi there,

    I am so excited about this. Do you have anyone organising this in London, UK. I would love to or to be involved.

    I am about to leave my corporate job and step into living my passion and purpose by starting my own coaching practice, so this really couldn’t be more timely.

    Look forward to hearing more


    • Trudi Claxton

      Hi Emma,

      Just spotted you’re in London – i’m in East Sussex so not so far away! I’d be interested in setting up a meet up in East Sussex. I think I saw somewhere that there was one happening in London but not sure when….

      Good luck with your coaching business! I’m trying to do something similar, but with horses!


  • Natalia

    Anyone in Melbourne, Australia keen to be and create a legend?

    I have read the kit and interested in the field of creating Legendary Blogs! I am currently studying life coach which seems fitting. But I am also open in creating mastermind of The Good Seed Planter which basically cultivates the growth of love and compassion in people.

    I recently ran workshop in story sharing and the result has been amazing. People’s life changes when they know they are heard and listened without judgments. I would be interested in exploring more possibilities/venues in spreading kindness in people.

    Looking forward to connect with like masterminded people :)

    Nat x

  • Trudi Claxton


    Apologies if I’ve missed it but is there anywhere set up on the website here to say where events are being held and when? It would be great to have a world map that you could click on to see what is going on in your particular area? :-)

    Thank you ;-)

  • Preeti

    Hi Scott,

    Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!
    You have helped me become bolder :-)

    I was in US( a US citizen now) for 10 years and have just relocated to CHENNAI, INDIA.

    I really really need friends as well as meet people who want to change/improve themselves.

    Can you please help me host my own in Chennai? I am familiar with meetups and can easily organize one.

    I just need to know who to contact to come to the meetup.

    Can you please help me?

    Thanks for being the best :-)

  • Matias

    Hi Scott!

    As always is great reading your post, and I’m most absolutely gratefull to you for creating and sharing this tools for making dreamos come to life.

    I’m from Salta (Argentina) and would love to host a LYL event later this year (I should finish some exams first), is there other people from my City in the community? If not, do you have any ideas on how to I help spread the message over here?

  • Roger Williams

    I am in Minnesota. I think creating a community is great.
    Passion is huge for sure. Finding the right balance between passion, income, and family (or other responsibilities) is what I have struggled with for years.
    I quit my job back in December 2012. In the last 4 months, I created a podcast interviewing dads like me, who have been there and done that. I have since found another job that I really like. I credit Scott for the inspiration. Also, Ramit Sethi has some really great strategies about finding your “dreamjob” on youtube.
    Accept failure. Accept rejection. Do not accept regret.

    • Joel Zaslofsky

      Hey Roger,

      Just a couple of quick things. If you’re free on Saturday, I’m co-hosting the Twin Cities first Live Your Legend Live Event with some lovely folks. Check out the details of our Eventbrite tickets if you like:

      Second, I’m a fellow podcaster, dad, and former corporate dude who quit his gig about a year-and-a-half ago (partially with Scott’s help). I think we’re in each other’s target audiences… so if we don’t connect this weekend at the LYL event, we should find an alternate way to connect.

  • Lana Phillips

    Anybody up for shenanigans and excitement in the Asheville, NC, area? I know I have a lot of kindred spirits–are any of you reading this?

  • Kshitij Gondhalekar

    Hey Scott! I’m interested in attending any LYL events. ( I’m in Hyderabad, India) I’m trying to work out the details.

  • Eduard Lopez

    Hi Scott, I’m living in Romania and I’m really excited to see what is going on here! :-) I would be interested in creating or participating in a face-to-face event.

    Thank you for bringing this level of energy to all of us.

  • Julia

    My friend Carrie and I want to start a LYL meet-up group in the Vail Valley here in beautiful Colorado. The toolkit is so helpful and we can’t wait! Any more help is greatly appreciated. Is there anybody in the LYL community in Eagle County?

    • Megan

      Some in Denver… :-)

      • Shelley

        I’m in Buena Vista and would be willing to come to Vail for a meet-up.

  • Shanda

    Hi Scott, I would love to host in Oakland/Berkeley, CA area!

  • Gregory Dsouza

    I would love to host/co-host a Live Your Legend meetup in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

    I will quit my job end of June to try in some form to Live my legend. :-)

    connect with me and we can figure how we organize and build a community in Amsterdam and the Netherlands!

  • Jacques Snyman

    Anyone interested in helping arrange one in Johannesburg? Let me know and we can arrange… we could also combine with Cape Town, or do it in Cape Town? Greetings, Jacques

  • Charlie Harper

    Any interest in Cincinnati? I know a great venue and am ready to host…

  • vimal

    Hi guys :)

    I am in Tamil Nadu , INDIA :) I would love to host or be part of one in Tamil Nadu….do i hav any company ?? :)

  • Rafael

    Hello Community LYL,
    I live in Portugal and interested me enough for personal development and would like to make an event at Porto or Braga, there will be more people interested?

  • Dawn Marchant

    I’d love to attend or host an event near me – Bath, Bristol or Swindon in the UK would be my closest cities/large towns.

  • Toi Mcdaniel


    I’d love to host or co-host or attending LYL live event in Louisville, near Boulder, or Denver Colorado USA. :-) I’m ready!

    • Megan

      There’s a couple of us from Denver above as well….

  • Deborah Mulholland

    Hi everyone,

    I’m in Orange County, CA and would love to attend a local event here. If there isn’t anything planned for OC I could also make it to LA or San Diego, depending on timing. Would love to meet more LYL’ers!

  • Paula Grandon

    Hi Scott,
    I reside in West Bloomfield, MI., a suburb (sort of) of Detroit & Ann Arbor. I would like to join a group of other LYL thinkers/creators.

    I discovered you and LYL on Ted Talks a number of months ago. I felt a connection with you and your message b/c I have had the same kind of work experiences as you. Freud said, and I’m paraphrasing, that the purpose of life is to love and to work. I am committed to finding work that I makes me feel proud and passionate to perform.

    Thank you for taking the first step, after all great minds think alike. I’ll take it from here.

    Paula Grandon

  • Monica Peters

    I am interested in hosting a fun LYL event in Akwesasne NY. The borders of NY, Ontario, and Quebec are in this community. Akwesasne is about an hour drive from Montreal, Ottawa, Plattsburgh NY…

  • Erika C

    I would be interested in co-hosting an event in Copenhagen, Denmark. Anyone else around here?
    Thanks Scott for the constant inspiration!

  • Ronald Renwick

    Is there one in Pittsburgh yet?

  • Joy

    Santa Cruz, CA – let’s make a connection!

    Today’s webinar listed Monterey as a LYL meetup location. I’d also love to find out details and maybe head south to participate.

    With aloha,


    Hello! Definitely looking to connect with anyone in the New York/ North East area to make this happen I am a fan or this site. I use all of the tools and would love to spread the word. Lets change some lives!!

  • Krista

    Hi Scott! Enjoyed your webinar yesterday and was inspired to host a LYL Live event in the Hampton Roads Area of Virginia (Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Hampton, Newport News, Suffolk, Portsmouth). I even have a location in mind! I have been following your site and spreading your story to many. Thank you!

    • Becky

      I’m in Krista! Let me know how I can help!

  • Jason Goldberg

    This is freaking awesome! I can’t wait to read this! I am in Orlando, Florida. Any other ambitious, passionate Central Floridians living on purpose that wanna get this going?


    Yearn More, Learn More, Earn More!

    • Jennie Allen

      Jason Goldberg,
      I live in Daytona Beach, fl but I spend most of my weekends in Orlando. Im so excited and I can’t wait to get this started! Are you interested?
      Let me know,

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  • Cam H.

    Scott this is amazing! Was actually thinking of doing something like this on my own, glad we are on te same page!

    I’m in Baton Rouge, LA, USA

  • Tony D

    Hello LYLers,
    I want to announce a meetup in New York, NY on Friday, August 2, 2013 from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM(EDT). The planning team has a few venues in mind and will decide two weeks prior to the event based on the response we receive. Please sign up for the event at

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  • Terrie Brookins

    Oshawa, Ontario anyone?

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  • Nadine

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