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Introducing Living Legends Reader Spotlights!

We created our Reader Spotlights for a simple reason: To inspire.

To give our community the opportunity to share your stories, projects and accomplishments as a way to inspire the rest of the community, as well as get help from everyone else, in achieving your goals.

I also want to push you to do something meaningful to further Live Your Own Legend.

So please tell us about it.

Each month I’ll pick 10 stories to feature and promote to our 40,000+ monthly readers. I will also give away a free coaching package to help make your quest a success.

Please fill out the form below and inspire us – the more unique the better!

For a full explanation of our Living Legends Reader Spotlights, feel free to read our recent announcement post here.

Here’s to having an impact…

Living Legends Reader Spotlights

  • Country, state, city - the more specific the better!
  • Be specific and to the point -what exactly are you setting out to do? Response must be 150 words or less.
  • In one sentence tell us why people should be excited, pay attention and get behind your project.
  • What about our community at Live Your Legend (if any) has inspired you to make the impact you're making? If your inspiration came from elsewhere, please tell us where!
  • Please briefly describe how Live Your Legend and/or our community could help your project be successful. Response must be 75 words or less.
  • Make this measurable and controllable by you. Good examples include: I will quit my job, I will help 25 people, I will reach out to 40 colleagues to raise $1,000 for a cause, I will run across the country, I will visit the state next to me, or I will visit every continent...you get the idea. (*Note: no need to fill this out if you're discussing a past accomplishment)
  • If your project doesn't have a website, please provide your blog or any other link where people can learn more about you (at the least, a link to your LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter profile will do). The more relevant this link is to your project, the better!
  • *Note: no need to fill this out if you're discussing a past accomplishment
  • The more unique to you, the more genuinely we can all connect. Anything goes!
  • We want people to see who you are when we share your project with the world! Ideally the picture should be a headshot that's about 250x250 and less than 1mb. But if you upload something different, we can make it work :). *Note: If the picture is not uploading after clicking submit below, you can skip this for now.
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