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“I have learned, that if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”

-Henry David Thoreau

Two weeks ago I wrote a post about ‘how to know when to quit your job’. The response was pretty big. A few of you even decided it was time to pull the rip cord and stop doing mind numbing work. Hat’s off! It’s an admirable step.

Then last week’s Ask the Reader post – “What fear is keeping you from doing work you love?”, went off the charts. Out of the 520+ responses many of them pointed to confusions of passion and purpose. Whether you’re leaving a job or going through a massive life transition (or think you will in the future), this article’s for you.

Oh and in your honor, I just put together some very powerful free tools. You can access them below. I think they’ll help!

Now let’s dig in…


Life transitions are ridiculously fragile times.

Especially when they involve being fired or quitting a job you’ve had for years. Emotions often go crazy. Feelings of fear, uncertainty and panic start to flood. We’ve all been there.

But it also happens to be the most powerful opportunity many of us are given when it comes to doing work we love – if used properly.

The problem is that we tend to make awful decisions when grounded in fear. Long-term thinking flies out the window and we immediately start thinking survival – “What can I do right this second to solve this seemingly terrible problem?” But in sprinting for an immediate solution, we can completely miss the chance of a lifetime.

We need to change that.

It’s time to talk about the smart thing to do the moment you decide it’s time to go (and what to do in the weeks and months leading up to it, so you don’t panic when it’s time to change).

Coincidentally the morning I published the post about how to know when it’s time to quit, I happened to have breakfast with a close friend and loyal reader. He had just gotten laid off from a finance job he was very proud of and that he worked his ass off to get.

We spent the next hour talking next steps – the advice I gave him is not typical and very contrary to human nature.

You deserve the same.

After endless experiences with myself and those close to me, I’ve realized there is only one thing worth doing the moment you quit, get fired or make any big transition. It’s something I tell every one of the now thousands of folks who have faced this challenge and come to me for help. Ready for it?

The one thing everyone must do the moment they get fired or quit is…


Don’t do a damn thing. Nothing at all. Got that?

For at least the first 2-3 weeks (and ideally a few months) DO NOT do any of the following:

  • Find any job you can get your hands on
  • Start interviewing like crazy
  • Take the first offer that comes to you
  • Panic and run around in circles

The worst thing you can do, and what almost everyone does, is scramble to immediately find something else.

Avoid the temptation. All this is going to do is put you in the same place you were before you left. That is not what I call progress.

First off, deal with the fear by realizing a couple things:

  1. It’s never as bad as you think. You’re not going to starve and go homeless. And there’s likely something a lot more interesting in store.
  2. You have more options than you realize. If you got fired, then you’re likely getting severance or unemployement. Ok great, you’re not going to die of hunger. If you quit or otherwise chose your transition, remember you saw this coming. So calm down. Take a breath or two.

Now that you’ve stopped freaking out, realize that you have the rare opportunity to be unhurried and intentional about what you do next.

You have a clear and open widow to actually understand what you’re here to do. To slow down, think, reflect and take stock of what you’ve learned and do something meaningful with it.

This opportunity is better than gold. The problem is most people piss it away.

Respect it. Then do something with it. Here are a few ideas…

how to do nothing

7 Ways to Do Nothing (and have a chance at finding your purpose in the process):

1. Travel. Take off and get as far out of town as possible. I still trace my year and a half in Sevilla, Spain as the most defining experience in how I see the world. Without experiencing an entirely new way of doing things, I would surely still be listening to what everyone else says and Live Your Legend definitely would not exist.

Go alone or grab someone close and just explore. The more foreign the better. Get out for as long as you can. At least a few weeks but ideally a few months or even a year. You’d be surprised how much cheaper many places are around the world than your hometown and regular fixed cost-filled routine.

2. Check out a meditation retreat. Have you ever felt what it’s like to sit and do nothing for a few hours, a day, or a week or more on end? Now that life has finally slowed down, take some time to embrace it.

Check out spots around your area or maybe find one out in a place like India or Bhutan and tie it into your travels. If you want to get really into doing nothing, pick a silent retreat. It’s time to get in touch with parts of our minds and bodies that have long gone neglected.

3. Write. Buy a journal or open up a blank doc on your computer and begin to write what comes to mind. Make it a daily routine. Better yet do it on your meditation/travel adventure. You’re welcome to use a blog or forum if you’re used to it (here’s a video I made on how to start a blog in under 10 minutes with zero tech experience).

Start in the morning when your mind is clear and take notes throughout the day as things come to mind. Maybe you’ll come back to what you wrote. Maybe you won’t. What matters is you start to reflect. The key is to constantly get your ideas out of your head. Only then will you be able to make real sense of them.

4. Do a cleanse or take on a physical challenge. Do something you haven’t done but have always wondered about. Maybe a Master Cleanse, a juice fast, eating vegan and raw for a few weeks or attempting your first urbanathlon or half or full marathon. Push yourself. See how you feel. Write down some thoughts as the experience unfolds.

5. Get inspired. Surround yourself with people you admire or go off all alone with your favorite music or motivating movies. Dust off Rocky I or Vision Quest if the underdog story is what fires you up. Listen to one of Tony Robbins’ CD programs such as Get The Edge or attend one of his seminars like Unleash the Power Within. Pick anything that’s been on your list or you know will get you inspired. Take note of where your mind takes you.

6. Dream. When was the last time you sat down and dreamed huge, without someone telling you were crazy? Go out in nature, maybe lie out on your back and stare at the clouds. Think of the craziest biggest (and smallest) dreams you’ve ever imagined. What did you use to imagine before the world told you it wasn’t possible? Go back to your days as a five-year-old if you must. Write everything down. No filtering. Notice how it feels.

7. Learn about yourself. All these steps are designed to help you better understand who you are – to help you find the things you may have never realized you were looking for. To understand your values, strengths, natural talents, passions and figuring out how you actually define success (instead of the BS scripted societal version most of us are running off of). Something that most people never make the time to do. That’s not going to be you. Learn with no expectation and no agenda. Only under those conditions is where one’s purpose can emerge.

To kick things off, I’d take a few minutes and watch my TEDx talk on How to Find & Do Work You Love.

In it I dissect our proprietary 3-step Passionate Work Framework and how you can start to apply it to your world. So far the talk has been viewed over 1.7 million times, ranks in the top 20 of over 40,000 talks and seems to have helped a lot of people. I hope it gives you the start you need…

You might also want to check out our Live Off Your Passion Guided-Discovery course. Most of the above steps, the TEDx framework and a ton more are covered in some deep detail. It’s not a bad place to start, especially to serve as a roadmap during a time where specific guidance and step-by-step directions can help a ton. But more important than anything is that you start learning, any way you can. More details below.

“Great minds have purposes, others have wishes.” – Washington Irving

Realize you have the biggest opportunity in the world.

Losing your job is not a disaster. Quitting is not the end of everything certain in life. There is a better path for you. Now you get to find it. Take it seriously and it just might change your life.

Or you could just roll right into whatever comes your way next. That’d be the easy way. But I think you know better by now.

And beware, many of you will read this and perhaps feel inspired for the moment, but when the sh*t hits the fan you’re gong to be tempted to scramble in a furry. This is normal. Recognize it, but don’t give it control. It is not as bad as you think. Find a reason for it. Let it serve you and be inspired to do something with it.

Be intentional. The sleepwalking has gone on long enough.

When I left my soul-crushing job seven years ago, I went straight to the ATM to get some money out for dinner that night. That’s when it really hit me – that was the biggest my bank account would be in a long time. It was at that moment where I wish I had the above advice.

After some painful worst-case thinking, I accepted my situation (which I had created). I embraced it. Then I promised myself I wouldn’t do a thing for 3 months – no matter what. All I did was read, learned and explored.

What resulted could not have been better scripted.

I want the same for you.

After our breakfast, the next stop for my buddy was a four-day mountain biking retreat. I wonder what he’ll realize while he’s out there… It’s impossible to know. But doing nothing is the only way to find out.

Update: A couple years later he’s now running a successful mountain bike touring company in Northern California. Beats the hell out finance. ;)

I give you this advice because there’s nothing I care more about than helping people take the steps to live a life and create a career of meaning. Often this means acting against human nature and against what the majority tell you.

Get used to it. Where we’re going, there’s no room for average.

So, are you ready to do nothing?

Remember to check out our free tools to help out:

And if you want some very in-depth guidance…

Check out Live Off Your Passion – a resource to find and do work you love

As mentioned above, I recently released an update version a powerful award-winning career change course called Live Off Your Passion Guided-Discovery: An Unconventional Guide to Finding Passion and Building a Career around Work You Love. I’ve spent the last few years doing countless case studies and interviews in developing the course. It’s turned out to be pretty useful tool for those of you at the ‘do nothing’ purpose finding stage (or are still at that job you know isn’t you).

Of course only consider buying it if you truly plan to do the work involved. For those of you ready for some self-discovery, this may be a good place to start.

It’s seriously time to start doing what matters. When is now the best time?

Check out all the details or try the course risk-free here.


Images courtesy of ethermoon and Kr. B.

  • Henrie M


    You are right, but I wonder if this advice wouldn’t also work well before you lose or leave your job. Being in the job (and raising kids, etc etc) makes it difficult to dream and stretch. But the steps you describe can give you the courage to step out into something different.

  • Will

    Another great article. Going to forward it to my girlfriend as she is currently in a job she’s not enjoying and I think some of the advice here might help her out.

    Cheers Scott!

    • Scott

      That’s what I love to hear. Good luck to her!

  • cindy

    Having just been “released” from my job 4 weeks ago I applaud the advise. I got that the person’s job that fired me was to release me so I can get on with the next step in “the plan” Universe and I have created – what that is at this moment is unclear and I am peaceful around that. Thank yoU :)

    • Scott

      Congrats on seeing your situation in the valuable light that you are. Sky’s the limit now. All you have to do is figure out which direction to go next. Try not to hurry and enjoy the exploring.

  • Rick Mulready

    Awesome advice, Scott, as usual. Having a deadline to make a change in your “career”, even when it’s self-imposed, can be crazy scary. I know because I’m experiencing it myself! But, having a plan and steps like this can ease that transition and aid you in finding your true path and purpose.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Scott

      The fact that you know you’re in the middle of it and that you have a plan, is the most difficult part to get sorted out. With what you’re working on, I have no question that you’ll be onto someone big and exciting as soon as you decide to jump. Keep me posted!

  • Gail Smallwood

    This is an interesting column, and for some it would be very helpful advice. What about the person who is laid off/fired, has no unemployment compensation, high debt and monthly bills that must be paid; in other words, someone who could soon be homeless and hungry? Shouldn’t that person take whatever job he/she could get? What should that person do? I fear there are many more people in that position in our country today.

    • Scott

      You bring up a good point Gail and very worth exploring. The short answer is that no matter how dire or extreme your situation is, you must take steps to understand yourself and know how you could best help the world going forward. If you have to take something immediate and short term then so be it but commit that it will indeed be short term and in the meantime reserve a set amount of time daily to really investigate what lights you on fire.

      Best to have this done in advance of getting laid off but of course hindsight is always 20/20. Most importantly, be intentional and realize there is someone who needs exactly what you have to offer–whether they are a future employer or a customer!

  • Zani Dyer

    Scott – You are always right on with your timing! After being bombarded by fears last week (see my post on “scarey monsters” on my blog decided to “do nothing” this week just as you explain in this post. I was frantically trying to keep busy so I wouldn’t have to face that empty place. But doing nothing is pretty fulfilling and really involves doing quite a lot, like you say: reading, writing, working on health, dreaming, playing music–the list is endless! You have to build the energy within you that’s going to catapult you into your next situation.

    • Scott

      So glad you got to take some time Zain.

      The thing is, Doing Nothing is the hardest damn thing most of us could attempt to do in the middle of our over achieving, keeping up with the jonses, multi-tasking obsessed world. At least it is for me…

      Enjoy it!

  • Marie

    saying a person may not starve and become homeless is not true for everyone. Perhaps for your general audience…but not for me. I’m in school full time with a hated weekend job. If I lost it, I WOULD be hungry or homeless. Just sayin’

    • suzie

      I agree with you, Marie. This is not “blanket” advice for everyone. Maybe do nothing for 24 hours, but you then have to evaluate your life situation. If you have a family and all that entails you need to make sure they are provide for. My 91 year old father has Alzheimers (plus going blind) and has started to decline rapidly. I have (willingly) made major changes to my life with the support of my husband. If I lost my job I would need to find something else quickly.

      • Scott

        Marie and Suzie, you are both right. No question that this advice cannot apply exactly to every situation, but the message is much more important than the specific prescription – that message is to take time for yourself and understand what matters to you. See my response to Gail above. Do the exploring now so you will know a lot more when things go wrong (because as life goes, things will definitely go wrong at some point). Thanks for bringing up the other side.

        Also, I guarantee that many of the people that say they ‘can’t’ take the time to reflect, really mean that they won’t or they don’t want to get creative enough to make it possible. I am not saying that’s either of your cases but part of why I wrote this is to get those people who are on the edge to realize they can do more than they give themselves credit for.

  • Zebra IO

    Great advice. Indeed there are times beyond getting fired that a job could not work out for an individual. I’ve personally worked some jobs that ran me a bit ragged, even if it weren’t physical labor, the intensity of the mental expectations went a little too far, so I just walked out.

    Explaining why I left is something difficult to share with prospect employees. (seems like a sign of unreliability). However, I work partly for the pay, but mostly for entertainment since my blogging provides me the income I mostly ‘need’.

    Anyone who takes anything too serious is a fluke. Great article though.

    • Scott

      If you felt it was time to walk out, I say you were right to do so. Nice work on taking that ever challenging step. As for sharing it, there is always a creative/empowering/honest way to tell your past stories to build rapport, credibility and genuine connection with whom you’re talking to. Explore those a bit and don’t be afraid to be open. If it’s not a fit for them then it’s probably not a fit for you anyway.

  • Jacob Sokol

    Love it dude. Thanx for shining bright!

    • Scott

      You were big inspiration for this one Jacob. The perfect way to tie in your latest stroke of genius in Living On Purpose too. It’s an honor to be a part of it!

  • Casey Berman

    Another great post. It’s true – we all really have much more time than we think . . . to relax, catch out breath, assess our opportunities, plan our next move.

    • Scott

      Right on Casey. In nothing is where we often find everything…

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  • Olesea

    The first advice with the travelling – from my experience it’s the best thing one can do for his life.
    2 years ago I quit my job here in Romania and I went to US. I lived there for 1 year and it was absolutely the best decision I took in my life.
    It changed my personality completely. It made me have more confidence in myself and in my powers. Since then I truly believe that if you want something really bad, there is nothing that can stop you from getting that.
    I plan to move to Dubai in January. I just don’t think I can stay in the same place any longer.
    Thanks for this amazing article;)

    • Scott

      Sounds like you’ve caught the bug as much as I have Olesea (or even more!). The moment I realized the value of world travel, was an epic turning point for me. I have my parents to credit for that in a big way.

      Excited to hear about your plans for Dubai. I was out there a few years ago – blew my mind!

  • Executive X

    Thanks for the article, Scott. I particularly like how you end it with “when is the ‘now’ the best time?”

    When you look at job loss or quitting as an opportunity and really savor it, then it really opens up the possibilities.

    • Scott

      Imagine how powerful you can feel if you turn something as typically terrifying as getting fired, into an opportunity to find purpose and live on passion!

      As for the last line, I must give credit to my boy Tony Robbins for that one. Love it.

  • Bhuvnesh

    Dear Scott

    I heard of your blog in an article by Stephen Rhymer (Help Wanted project) in Washington Post. This was the first article that I read on your blog and it hit the bull’s eye straight off.

    I left my job some months back after an year of planning. Since than I am doing nothing and still doing a lot. While others around me see this as ‘shot-your-leg’ move, I am incredibly happy and content with my decision. I am spending the most wonderful time with my family especially my two young children, reading all that I missed, blogging & writing, meeting all my friends & colleagues and finally getting down to taking care of my body. The other interesting part is being invited by some of my friends to be ‘counselor at large’ for their businesses. It keeps me intellectually stimulated.

    I do have my moments of panic and fear about the future but I force myself to calm down. I tell myself that this is what I wanted and nobody forced this on me.

    I am glad that there are people in this world who endorse such a decision,.

    Thanks for writing this wonderful article.


    • Scott

      Wow, awesome to hear you stumbled over here from the Post. Can you please send me that article? I haven’t been able to find it.

      The key thing that jumped out in your comment was “…after a year of planning…”. Awesome that you were able to think through things so clearly while at your job and know that you had a plan to leave. Makes leaving so much more doable.

      That’s fantastic advice in fact. If you have a plan to do something more meaningful for work then set a date to leave (maybe six of 12 months out) and then plan, save, act, learn and explore accordingly. To the extent that you can do some of this learning on your employer’s dime, all the better (while still doing good for the company of course)!

      Hats off to what you’ve been doing since you left. It’s going to make all the difference. Cant wait to hear what you stumble on next!

  • Homeless Guy

    This advice is great if you’ve got a large savings account. Clearly you are no economist, as a huge number of people across this planet have lost their job AND their home AND are going hungry. Who is going to bankroll my self-discovery sabatical?

    • Scott

      The biggest message is to take some time to think about what’s important instead of just going one step at a time and never really being strategi about what you want and what you could really help someone with. For some that’s a 6-12 month exploration, for others it’s nights and weekends. I realize some people are in much tougher spots than others. The key is to be intentional. I appreciate you chiming in from the other side.

  • Stephanie Henke

    Just wanted to let you know that this is EXACTLY what I did (and am still doing).

    In March, I quit my job with absolutely no prospects on the horizon. While I still enjoyed a lot about my job, after 7+ years I was burned out (Project Coordinator for an animal shelter).

    I said I had 3 months of funds. It’s now almost September, and I’m still ok. MORE THAN ok!

    In a stressful job, one tends to compress/squash/push down the hard feelings in order to get through the day. And, of course, in the process, a lot of other stuff gets squashed down, too.

    In taking some time off, many parts of me have started to peek out from the abyss: my creativity, my feelings, my spirit, my good mood!!!! In this open space of time off from a 40+ hour/wk job, one’s true self can slowly emerge.

    In the last 5 months, I’ve traveled to England, meditated, listened, read, gone to theatre productions, created art, created my own web site, written, “imagineered,” envisioned, tried new things, met new people, visualized, etc. At this point, I’m beginning to put together a possible business for myself. I’m not there yet, and debtor’s prison is perhaps still one outcome of all this, but I have faith that this is not the case. It just feels too right to be the wrong thing for me.

    You are dead spot on and I wish for everyone on this planet a chance to take 6 months to a year off to allow themselves to BEcome who they are.

  • Courtney Carver | Be More with Less

    Hi Scott,

    I’ve really been enjoying your new site and especially this article. I lost my job this week (on purpose)! While I won’t be taking much time off, I will be working on projects that I really care about and can’t wait to get started.

  • Dan

    I have to agree with Homeless Guy. I did all the thinking a long time ago, and have been spending the last 10+ years trying to do work I love. After all this time I’ve got $30,000 in school loans and have only been able to find part time work. I’ve sent out 500+ applications/resumes for full-time work and am still looking. I agree that you won’t starve, as I lived on nothing but a few cups of oatmeal a day for almost 2-months last year. As far as homeless, well I had to live in my car for 6-months several years ago, so that is possible.

    I agree that self-reflection is VERY important, but many of us do have to take what we can get just to pay the bills, and let the “dream work” wait until we can afford to get to it. In my case that will be another 10-15 years, if I can ever get my school loans paid off.

  • Tricia(Geeky Explorers)

    Great article – I was just ‘reorged’ out of a job a few weeks ago. Now, it came as perfect timing since we were planning on taking off & traveling, but still surprising (I was actually thinking of continuing this particular job as we traveled – silly me) I’m not rushing into another job, challenged myself to run 5k’s in all 50 US states and will just see what comes of some time off & reflection.

  • Tim Wisleder

    Great post, Scott, and great timing! I’m just getting ready to leave my job. Having had some practice at this, I was already checking out my travel options. Now you’ve given me some more good stuff to think about while I’m on the road.

    Oh, and I even signed up for a meditation retreat. Turns out it’s in your neighborhood. Let me know if you’re interested… :)

  • Marya | Writing Happiness

    Scott, I am a qualified lawyer, and I teach for a living. When people hear this they look at me as if I have got horns coming out of my head. Seriously? they ask me. Yes! I always assure them.

    I did do my Law degree but that was not right profession for me to be in. Then I did MBA and started teaching in a university (Business Writing) and started work as a business writer on the side.

    When I got married and had kids, I stayed back with them for 7 years. Who in this day and age does that? I did and did nothing else except read, write and learn – and also did my school teaching degree. Now I have gone back to teaching, only working as a teacher in a school now and writing at other others. And I am not 35 yet.

    Looking at my life, I have changed so many things when it came to career and doing things that I absolutely love. (They are not always mutually exclusive). My path has been so twisted that at times I have had struggle getting my head around it. I did quit my law job, I did quit my marketing/teaching job, and I am going to quit my day job as a teacher at some point – when I can afford to write full time. If I could, I would do it today. The only thing that has been a constant in my life has been a passion for books, learning, teaching, writing and my family n friends.

    That’s my story.

  • marquita herald

    Good advice … when someone goes through any life transition they need to allow themselves time to 1) let go of the past, 2) work through the emotions of the change and 3) accept their new reality. Thanks!

  • Kristi

    I absolutely applaud this advice. I recently gave my “two week notice” (but I’m here till December because we struck a deal so that they can replace me and I get a “severance” package in return) at a job I have been at for almost 12 years, of which a majority of those years I have been colossally unhappy. In the past, I had always had some reason or another for staying- good insurance, good bonus, being the breadwinner of the household; however, at the end of this past year, my reasons for staying didn’t justify even the paycheck. I was burned out and the three-hour commute was a killer, and the free time I DID have was spent lying on the couch and not doing much of anything. Then one day I finally stopped to think- what would be the worst thing that could happen if I quit? My husband and I would wind up on the street? Between the two of us, we have too much ambition and would find SOME way to make money one way or another, even if it meant working two minimum-wage jobs till we got back on our feet. That realization made things seem not so dire, and now I’m two and a half months away from beginning a new life. Like you said, I’m taking the time after I leave to step back and do some introspection, and really look into my heart to find what I was put on this earth to do- it would be a terrible disservice to myself and the world to let fear push me into another situation where my talents and enthusiasm would be squandered! We each have too many gifts to give the world to be held back by fear and inaction.

    • Natoya

      Oh Kristy, I certainly hear you loud and clear! So December is over, how are you transitioning? I just quit Dec 15th. In this economy, I had no idea wasn’t the only person crazy enough to quit! I mean people are getting fired everyday and I would leave a job w/ bonuses and insurance. I’m starting to learn what seems crazy to others is usually just right for me and I’m starting to be okay with it. I pray all is going well for you and your husband! Be blessed.

  • Mary

    I was just fired on Monday and I absolutely feel like I was kicked in the stomach. It was not my ideal job and I even got to the point of not liking what I did any longer, however I still did work hard at this job. I have also been put on high blood pressure medication recently thanks to this job. I have a student loan to pay back around $15,000 and I feel like I have wasted my time and money pursuing a career that I have recently found out I do not like. My husband says to start working on me and leave the job hunting until after the holidays. Your advice is truly inspirational but how do I pick myself up and start? I don’t know what the next step is and I feel so lost.

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    This is very helpful to secure future employment.

  • Kemp

    Hi my name is Kemp, Im a 58 year old who has been working in electric motor rewinding for the past 33 years. I have done other things as interests wwood working, I have done a lot truck driving and other heavy equipment. I grew up on a farm/ranch so I have done several other types of skills. I currently work in a electric motor shop in which I started 7 months thinking it was going to be good but it has turned out be a real challenge its a very controlled evvironment with suveylance camerasHaving a good morale is very important unfortunately the men I work around are always arguing back and forth, belittling back and forth. The swearing is extreme, its actually one of the most difficult jobs I have had. I know you are ready to pull out the violin, but I would like some advise on these last 4or 5 years of my work ,Im planning on retiring at 62 then just working part time. What is your advise? Thanks Have a great holiday, Sincerily yours Kemp

    • Ashton Fourie

      Hi Kemp,

      If I may chime in here.

      When you are that close to retirement, and at the same time in such a difficult environment, it really calls for wisdom!

      When I went through something somewhat similar, someone gave me a copy of Awaken the Giant within.

      I read it very slowly, taking one principle at a time and using it to help me cope with my environment and simultaneously work on my future plans every day, until the time was right to make the move.

      The process of learning to overcome the effect the environment could have on me turned into a great sense of victory , and the abovementioned book gave me those skills.

  • Natoya

    You have no idea how much I needed to read this! I just quit my job of 4 years since undergrad on Dec 15th. My wheels were starting to turn…”Okay God, I know you told me this was the time to let go and start a new path, but umm, how am I supposed to survive? Don’t I need a part-time job or a night time job, I have bills ya know.” I kept wondering why He was not leading me to search for a new job. All I knew to do was ration the money saved after quitting to survive. I thought that idea was frivolous and irresponsible, but after reading this, I know it’s the best thing to do. Like you said, you realized your account was only going to be “this big” for so long….I plan to do a lot of NOTHING. Nothing but learn more about me, why I truly want to become a physician, begin to see the true beauty that I have something to offer the world in that profession and just dream. Dream bigger than my hopes of starting a free-clinic and gourmet soup-kitchen for the homeless and…I don’t know. My spirit is so full right now. I kept praying to God, “Show me what it is you want me to do other than study for school during this time off from work.” And bless you, He lead me to your page for the 1st time today and told me…NOTHING! I can’t thank you enough for allowing yourself to be transparent so that I could receive your story and use it for my life. I will be a devoted fan forever, LOL! Have a blessed New Year and thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

  • Jacqueline

    Thanks for this article Scott! I read it at exactly the right time today. I quit my uninspiring sales manager job in early November 2011 and decided to take the remainder of the year off to relax and regain my sanity. Over the last few days I’ve woken up in a panic several mornings thinking that I need to start looking for a new job now but so worried that I’m going to end up in the exact same situation (unhappy at a meaningless office job). This morning I decided I would start sending my resume to job hunters and for some reason ended up checking my e-mail instead. Your update about reflecting on 2011 was there with a link to this article. I almost cried at the end of it. I am not ready yet and I have to honor the process of really finding my passion instead of just getting any job I can get my hands on. I have been doing some of the things you mention as part of doing NOTHING (writing, meditating) but I’ve now decided that my time to relax is over (relaxing was so easy during the holidays). What I will do now is spend time reading more books and searching the internet for resources which will help me learn more about myself and how I’m meant to serve others and bring more meaning to my life. And of course, despite the bad economy and my dwindling bank account balance, I will continue to dream!

    • Dilip

      Hey Jacqueline, I’m in a similar state of mind.. jobless..confused.. still soul searching for answers.. for last 6 Months. As you were in similar state, I would like to know what you did in last 10 months, how did you do it.. So I could take inspiration and do it. Pls help me.


  • Anonymous

    In this day and age, you shouldn’t even give notice when you quit. I gave 2 weeks notice and Andrew Burkly of Brown Brothers Harriman decided to be cheap and petty, not letting me work the last 2 weeks.

  • varsha shaktawat

    my slf varsha shaktawat…..i m fed up from every thng not jst becoz of d any kind of studies fmly or boy frnd sort of pressure…..i m fed up from dis dirty nd heartless man kind…..why peoples get so much slfish nd rude….on dis earth here is still a vry good nd beautiful thngs r alive…..
    smjh nhi aata ki bs negativity he kyu reh gai…. cm on ever one see d human inside ur heart….!!

  • paul

    This advice only works for people who have their shit together financially, meaning those with little to no debt, and lacking dependents. For a newly-fired someone making very little with mounting debts to “go find themselves” by traveling or dilly dally around while thinking of a new inspiration would be foolhardy at best, suicidal at worst.

    I think you severely underestimate the misery of a large percentage of the population out there that have either recently lost their primary income source or have lost their income source for an extended period of time.

  • Rachel

    THIS is the most amazing page I have bumped into and it was by mistake… I also lost my Job but was 3 weeks before Christmas, when it happened all I could say was shit over n over again in the office and thanked them for the really nice christmas gift and I did exactly what the article said. Panic, rush, panic, rush straight on the internet and flew my CV to so many company’s and then got to the stage I started applying for shop work, anything I could get my hands on but that stage for 3 weeks into silence. As days went by so did the stress of my Job took few weeks to officaily recover from the high level of madness I felt in my Job. though it was, what I though I had always wanted to do. I am still everyday looking cause I dont have the money to do nothing but some how it is just happening out of my control. I have even had my CV looked at by career advisor as am even confused with my experience how is my phone not ringing and my emails aint beeping… I finaly received 1 interview the other day, not my dream Job. It is as if my Jobless life is happening for a reason and people keep saying it. I feel guilty for feeling joy to not be working, I think my 2 years got me to a stage were now I feel a relieve for being off all this time. I sleep like I havent in years, alot of other plus points for having the break, I had the most relaxing christmas ever. part of wants to stay in this bubble but one must pay the bills and so on cause that is the reality of life and I did not save for the bump that has hit me!

    Thank you Scott for your honust article, its very inspiring just like the movie… eat, pray, love For you article to be on the same level of my most inspiring movies, well I would take it as a compliment ;)

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  • Natasha

    Well thanks for writing this !!

    It is true that doing nothing is great and so is dreaming one’s dream.. think of the great things one can do or can be but the truth is what many here have said…

    The life we live and the world we live in makes a joke of the the big dreams.. you think of doing something on your own, changing the world , writing a great piece .. but the irony is at the end you need to pay loans and save money for family and be ‘responsible’ !!

    That is why I like to say that life makes a joke of all momentus ideas : )))

    I want to be a poet and write (though I just finished doing an MBA!) but I do not know if i ever will be as great as I became in my dreams

    But anyways cheers to us dreamers and those who have the courage to put their foot down to peer pressure.

    Thanks for inspiring yet again !

  • Shanshuprophecy

    Having experienced both sides of the divide, I am inclined to agree with those who have pointed out that being able to leave your job by choice is a privilege that not everyone has access to.

    I can assure you that for many people there is a very real possibility of homelessness and poverty and sadly, these are often the very people who need this advice most of all.

    What I got most of all from this post and the responses is the relief of knowing that I am not allne or crazy in wanting to leave my well paid, FT job. What price our souls?

    I hope that everybody who is truly stuck due to family or financial circumstances keeps chipping to find a way through to some happiness AND security. The two should not be mutually exclusive.

  • Josh

    Guy who wrote this article – who are you and what fantasy land do you live in? I must say I’m a little jealous hearing that you can afford to quit your job and do nothing for three months, not worrying about food or rent, plus still have money to travel the world. Many of us aren’t as fortunate, in which case your advice does not apply, or could be potentially dangerous. Despite what the author says, if you quit your job and don’t have any savings, there’s a chance you WILL become homeless and starve to death.

  • U. N. Owen

    I recently quit something that I had put hundreds of hours into and was well attached. I read your advice and I really helped to calm myself down and take a better approach to life. Thank You.

  • miss eliotte

    lordzula did an amazing spell for me to help me deal with a really difficult
    boss who was abusing me at work. I didn’t know what to do until Michael
    promised that his spell would fix this abusive situation so I would not have
    to deal with my boss again and feel safer and less stressed at work!
    Only a month later, I saw really amazing effects, my boss was finally
    starting to get what she deserved and not get away with things anymore…it’s
    still continuing so good things are coming out of lordzula’s spell and now I
    can go to work with peace of mind and concentrate on my job without getting
    Thank you lordzula you are an angel
    you can contant him @ ( [email protected] )

  • Evan

    I do have a problem with one thing:
    That is, for the past three years I have been hired as a contractor, for 3 month stints. I do well, collect references, spend my down time looking for a new gig and interviewing like mad!

    I laugh at “losing job stories” sorry, I “lose my job” every three months (not fired). I have to start over again every time, the longer it takes the longer I don’t get paid. There is no unemployment insurance for contractors.

    I don’t get to be very choosy about assignments but at least I get to keep my skills up and work in my field, Web design and UI design. I don’t need a “sexy” job I just would like stability. I am tired of a project ending and having to worry about being stigmatized for taking any longer than six week to get my next gig. I would like to go on vacation but cannot afford one, I am too busy trying to find my next job.

    Don’t scramble? If I do not it’s a missed opportunity. I have standards, If I get really negative vibes EVEN if they want to bring me on -I decline the offer, I also don’t take anything shorter than 3 months -It doesn’t pay. Anyway I would like to have benefits again and be able to build a lasting relationship where loyalty is an asset!

  • Philli

    Well…Really hope this works, I’ve been hating all my jobs since I was 16. I’m turning 24 next month, I’ve been in a call center for a year, and am about to go nuts, I just got a new car, and it broke down a week after i bought it, no warranty, bad credit, blown head gasket, so working on that and not having a ride to work most days has been hard. Well, I missed work today, and it just happened to be my last absence, I have to admit i didn’t try to hard today to find a ride. I’ve been thinking about quitting and following this advice for weeks now. Unfortunatly I’m pretty broke. I have a by weekly car payment, so if i miss that, they will repo(the car that doesnt run). My credit will be even more shot, the more i think about it the more I think, well how much worse can my credit get anyway. And I got this car without credit, when the time comes for a new one, I’ll get another without credit. All I’ve wanted to do my entire life was start a band, I don’t even care if we “make it big” or whatever. It just never seems to work from the beginning tho :( Here’s to day one with nothing to do…I’m crossing my fingers and no matter what anyone says I’ll do my best to do “nothing” and find out what life is all about

    • Philli

      Any advice for someone with about 1000$ to my name and no transportation (hopefully i fix it this week) would be nice…I’m pretty scared and just trying to calm myself, I know that whatever happens, I could always move back in with my dad
      -_- hopefully not

  • trey

    I know this will sound petty compared to the others experiences, but I just need help…I’m 22 years old and it took me forever to finally find me a job after I got laid off from a factory. I am always nervous that I will be fired and today, after only working a couple of days at my new fast food job (Nobody laugh), I was asked to come in on my off day. So I agreed and I was told before I learned fast and that I was doing an exceptional job by the manager. Today was different, though as I was placed on an area I had no idea how to even begin and was just left there during crazy busy hours…well after awhile I was being told to do this by one person and then asked by another why I was doing that and to do something else. When I went to do that another person asked why I was doing that and to do something else so the first person and second person were asking why I haven’t done the first and second thing. It was a rough day that I can’t put into detail but to make a long story short, I felt overwhelmed and confused and left without telling anyone…even though it was the time I agreed to work anyways, no one told me to leave yet so I’m afraid they might think I quit…or that I don’t belong back. I need this job and I realize what I did was so stupid it’s not even worth trying to make an excuse over. I’m always too nervous and high strung and it will be a long time before I can find another job. I’m only 22, how am I supposed to start a life if I can’t even hold a fast food job? I write all the time and I’m always trying to calm down but wtf its just too much

  • trey

    I don’t understand why things are the way they are and I’m just trying to figure everything out. It’s not as important as some rich guy losing his job he held for ten years, but I won’t ever be him. I’m just a dude but I need help. My favorite thing to do is write rap…I know that sounds queer, but it’s fun. I like putting codes and stuff in it with it still rhyming or at least having similar sounding vowels. Like “I have mastered the crafts faster, have discreet math” and “faster have discreet math” have the same letters as “I have mastered the crafts” stuff like that. It’s not normal rap and nobody cares lol but it’s what I do and I enjoy it. Not really sure why

  • Candace

    I have worked for a major ins. company for 16 years. I have amazing relationships throughout the company with high ranking officers and associates alike. My role is in an office manager function. Three years ago a new Director came to this location. He resents that I have relationships/friendships “up the line” and is constantly caustic and condescending and has finally put me on a PIP – which is basically just a way to polarize any misstep at all to force me out of my job. I am a walking bruise. I am a single mother with a mortgage, a child in braces and another child who is an honor student who is slated to go to summer camp for gifted writers. I am sick with fear. Add to this for the last year I have been helping to care for my sister who has terminal Brain Cancer. Change and more stress are so NOT what my spirit needs right now. My job has been the glue keeping me together. I am so afraid of changing the landscape of my childrens lives behind something I could not overcome. Nothing I did or didn’t do made a difference to this man who just fundamentally did not like me.
    Trying to just breathe through it…

  • Katie

    Well. I am in a different situation. I am 54, almost 55 and have been at my current employer for almost 26 years. I have been in my current positon for 7 years. I am having a very difficult time at work. They (management) are trying to force me out. I have gotten written up and put on probation for the first time in my working career. I am a nurse. I really want to leave and could take early retirment but, I want to work. I am scared and I don’t want to work as a nurse anymore, but don’t know what else I would do. What to do??

    • James

      Hi Katie
      No advice I’m afraid. Just to let you know, you are NOT alone. I’m 56 and an RN and I could have written what you have written (exactly to the word!). My manager (Linda) is someone I have worked with for 27 years and suddenly because I do not conform to her new direction I am in the same position as you. I am now at the penultimate stage of disciplinary with absolutely no shred of truth in it. Because it has made me unwell, they now use this as evidence that after 30 years I am no longer fit as an RN. If you read Candace’s message above yours, I think I can identify with her story as it meshes in parallel to ours. I do not know what the future holds for either you or me but perhaps we may have found some insight with Scotts message here. God Bless!

  • Greg

    Hi Scott and all readers,

    This is a site I have just stumbled upon and I certainly find it interesting. I am a guy in his early 40s with extensive experienceof his field, gained over the last 20 years.

    I want to ask others if their situation is recognisable in mine, namely that I hate the field I’m in and passionately hate what I do, yet I need to pay my bills like everyone else.

    Part of me wants to just resign and go and study for a few months or a year, in a field that interests me. The aim being to expand my thinking and gain new life perspective, something I desperately need. Trouble is I am stuck in this (dated) notion of never leaving a paying job and I am becoming more tired and more jaded by the day.

    Who else feels this to be the case and does anyone think it is ever advisable to just quit mid life, and go re-invent yourself a little?

    Looking forward to enjoying this site and hopefully gaining insight from all your thoughts.

  • john smith
  • Raymond Lumsden

    [...]the time to study or check out the content or sites we have linked to below the[...]

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  • Irene

    Lucky girl. You have a retirement! Quit your job; find out your life passion, and go for it.
    Once you are fired in nursing, no one will hire you. I know because it happened to me, and I have only social security retirement. I have looked for a job for 2 years; and I have a BS in Nursing and a Master’s Degree in Biology. My age doesn’t help. I personally have been wondering if I should give up hunting for a job and do art (I have a BS in that too. But I am terrable at selling. I hate anything to do with it. Oh well. All I can say is cut your losses; don’t burn your bridges.

    • Stephen

      Hi Katie and Irene!

      We are on the same boat. My employer have gotten me into a position where I am in limbo. Looks to me that I am not going to be practicing nursing again. I have invested too many years in my life just to be able to do nursing but seems like the odds are on my side. There has been a lot on my plate lately and I am on the verge of finding a more meaningful thing to do. It’s a matter of survival, I have no savings whatsoever and I also have a degree in Biology. It is really disheartening but I know that things are going to get better. There’s too much politics in nursing and I sense that finding my passion and pursuing it with hardwork and dedication I should be able to shine again.

  • Bunny

    Hey Scott! Great post again ! i ahve been reading you since readingforyoursuccees’s early days. I like your work a lot. LYL played a huge role and I just put in my papers. In next 25 odd days ill be totally free with just a 2-3 months(maximum) money to support myself. I would really like to know what your take is when one doesnot have a bank balance. what approach do you suggest? and if i go on a vacation ill be short of another months expenses.

  • Jodie

    I would LOVE to quite my job right now and then “do nothing” for a few weeks, while I kill time before finding a way to live off my passion. The problem lies in the fact that I have about $500.00 to my name, no savings, bills to pay, and a daughter to feed. Sounds good in theory but I can’t imagine it working for too many people. I really love your stuff Scott but I just can’t wrap my head around this one. I don’t care what anyone says, I believe that Money IS Everything and you can’t do a damn thing without it. Including traveling, meditation retreats, cleansing, eating raw… they all require money to do them.

    P.S. Are you available to meet me for lunch or tea at Samovar sometime Scott?

  • Lucinda

    Great advice. I am on the cusp of leaving, and have been/am doing all of your suggestions as part of my preparation. The traveling part is my reward for taking the time to strategize my next step. Six months in South America & a career I love are fantastic motivation to be proactive now! Thanks for the post.

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  • Rob Barham

    I LOVE the video!

    One thing that comes to mind, a feeling a lot of people may recognise – have you ever been “between jobs” for a while?, it’s only when you are into another job that you look back at the in between period and say “Oh, I wish I had done xxxxxx”.

  • Foz

    Thank goodness for this post, pretty much exactly what I was looking for! I handed my notice in last week after being in my well paid job for over 2 years, more importantly being miserable for the last one year. Everyone’s been asking me what I plan to do & all I’ve said is..nothing.. because it’s true. You have just confirmed my every thought Scott, I plan to do nothing until I figure myself out. I’ve never stopped & taken the time to think about what I want to do & how I can get there. I leave in 3weeks & can’t wait to focus on myself for the coming months. I really have no idea what’s in store but I know if I start looking for a job, I’ll end up taking something & quitting my job will have been pointless (it’s taken me a very long time to pluck up the courage to leave).

  • Will

    Scott, awesome post. You’re right about basically decompressing after quitting. You need time to interrupt the “going to a job I hate pattern” and clearing your mind for the next chapter in your journey.

    You site is one if the factors in quitting my job at the end of 2011. I started 2012 jobless and ideas. I did nothing for one month – literally. I did some reading and cleared my head. One month helped Interrupt that pattern.

  • Izzy

    This is the last piece of advice I expected to read. Haha! I guess that is why I enjoy this blog so much. You speak the truth. I think this is fantastic advice.

    When I was a teacher a few years ago we went through some pretty extensive layoffs. I was shocked that some of the teachers that clearly hated their jobs were the most worried about getting laid off. I remember thinking “You hate your job… Why would it be bad that you have to get a new job?” But the only thing they seemed to hate more than their job was the idea of being fired from their job.

    Just taking the time to step back, and really think about my life is what forced me to leave my job about a year and a half ago. I used to teach in America but I now live in Japan and work in Japan. I am thrilled and excited about everyday. But this never would have happened if I hadn’t taken the time to really assess my life.

    Great Post.


  • A

    This is wonderful advice… for someone with a savings account, and no family.

    How do you have the income to travel or go to retreats if you have no income? You have seen gas prices right? And who the heck with no job has $127 to spend on a course about getting inspired? Shouldn’t they be more interested in eating?

    My husband lost his job in October of last year, and he pretty much did everything you listed… guess what happened? We almost lost our house. My income is not enough to cover all our bills (even with cutting our groceries down to eating beans and rice every night, and cutting all entertainment expenses). While he was waiting for that perfect opportunity that was just for him I was struggling to find a second job while going to school for my Master’s full time. After four months I put my foot down, and he found a part time job.

    Essentially you’re preying on the helpless people that have just lost employment, and feel they need someone to tell them that everything’s going to be “ok.”

  • Lisa

    Scott – terrific advice, and very timely for me. I have drawn a line in the sand and intend to give my boss his marching papers on 8/31….looking forward to reading more great stuff from you.

    I enjoy your methods, your teaching, and your insight into how it CAN be done!


  • Jayson Birchfield

    Thx for information.

  • StellaJ

    I feel as thought I have lost my soul over the last 4 years; the job itself is fne, but the environment, the micro-managing, demoralizing, undermining, unclear and confusing instructions, directions, lack of learning opportunities has put me in a state of constant unhappiness, angry and complaining. I’ve applied for other jobs almost since Day 1; no bites. I’m almost 61 and see no chance of an escape. Lack of money is achuge issue. I hear myself say often that the last job I had is the one I hated the most – and I just don’t want my working years to end that way.

  • Jess

    I am so glad i stumbled across this article. I just quit my job today due to health issues and honestly, I was freaking out! Allot! This article made me realise i will survive, i will be alright, and to just take things a step at a time. I applied for a college and already completed fafsa! Im extremely motivated to actually make something of myself! Thank you!

  • Retard

    Yeah. What a good idée! To do nothing! ….
    OH What is these papers in the mail? Oh, those just silly bills that I “have” to pay. I don’t need to pay those, lol! …
    OH, what is this? I’m in a dept for not paying the bills?……I shouldn’t have found this stupid website…

  • Sarann

    I quite three of my jobs in the past three months. We have barely any money to survive, but some how have made it through. I am a recent graduate, and feel so down on myself. But I am not happy doing anything I was doing. At least, I was not happy with the job environment. The first two jobs where great. This most recent one I only worked a week. I have a few things to do to tie up loose ends on it, but after that, I’m done. I will probably make a check that will carry us through so, I’m not too worried now. I saw this and just wanted to say though I need to look at jobs I have to find what I’m completely passionate about. This gives me a lift to find what I like. To get going on doing what I love, and to infuse more passion into my daily life. So I am going to start slowly and do this. I may have to read this article over and over again for help through this time. But I thank you for this.

  • Jam

    Great article. It’s what we need is another voice at times and yes taking 3 months off for people is sometimes just not an option. You’re right they won’t starve but having no abode can for some only lead to more misery. But the essence of what you say is positive it’s a balance on that scale.

    Doing something you love can be equally as hard-work and at times stressful from my own personal experience but what is different is your being feels different in that what you do is good. Even though it still requires you to take stock and not create your own overloads within it.

    Thank you so much for sharing….oh just one more thing anyone who has had the gift of taking on a silent meditation retreat knows that sitting is definitely not ‘doing nothing’ ;)

    Probably the greatest gift you can give yourself. But by no means without a lot of work. Great that you included it as I think internal travels are just as important as flying all over the world.

    Every country has great meditation centres don’t worry about having to travel to India or Bhutan. A meditation cushion is a meditation cushion where ever it is :)

  • Amanda

    I recently just quit my job, I was at the point of a break down and so miserable. I thought all I needed was a break, so I took a three week vacation in Europe to clear my head to see the bigger picture. So eventually I had to come home and come back to work…nothing changed. I felt even worse.

    So I finally muddled up the courage to quit.

    So here I am jobless, and free. I don’t have a plan, I don’t have very much in my bank, since my European vacation…was an extremely fun one lol. But I am free, my head is starting to be clear. At first when I gave my notice though, I was panicking applying at every place that I could, taking interviews, for places I know I wouldn’t be happy at. People say you don’t have to be happy at your job, it’s just a job that you bring home the paycheck to pay your bills, but why can’t it make you happy? I’ve always thought a job is a definition of who you are, so why not make it what you want to be. I want to be happy, I want to be able to enjoy my life, and my career. So I am still looking for a job but I am looking for something that could be enlightening or something that will have meaning, not only to myself but others. And when it feels right I’ll know, good things come with time, and until then I’m going to enjoy the absolute freedom that I remember having when I was a child, making the most of everything.
    Thank you for that article, it made me feel a lot better about my decisions and how I am choosing to use my time.

  • Carisha

    I resigned recently after working more than a decade at the same place for a decent salary. I don’t have another job lined up, nor do I plan to get one.

    I am in no great hurry to plan the next phase of my life either. I am just going to enjoy living a simple life and learning more first. The cost of being employed is greater than many of us realize – and I am not just talking about money.

    The article is inspirational. Thanks.

  • Paul

    It took 8 months for me to let go of my past and remember what it was I wanted to do.
    I was so wrapped up in what I had been working so hard for (and paddling the wrong way I might add) that I spent too much time trying to get back there. Glad I didn’t.
    Then suddenly I remembered what I talked about doing with my life all along, and all I had to do was remove the limiting thoughts about why I couldn’t do it. (some areas I felt I wouldn’t like, or be capabale of in the new role) but on the whole, it ticked so many boxes I realised/remembered why I should do it.
    My advice? If you are in your current situation and you want change, try to detach yourself from it, imagine you are already without it, what would you do instead? Then takes steps to make it happen.

  • Melanie Campen

    I quit my job after being in it many years, but the only reason I really left is because mhy health completely broke down, not once but twice – after the first health breakdown I went back for “round two” but burnt out even faster, my body basically made the decision for me being so ill I literally could not work otherwise I would still be there.. it happened because the economy in Australia is going to hell and people when they quit or are fired are simply not being replaced letting the remaining people do all the work until they are over worked to the point of being physcially sick.. it’s been two months now, I have been to a few interviews for jobs that I would have happily accepted as a uni student but as a grown women feel like I am taking a step back, every interview I have gone to so far they are either $10K less than I was making before or I freak out and don’t even attend the interview because my heart isn’t in it and I simply cannot force myself (oh and believe me I try) to attend because I know I will not do the job so what’s the point of the interview? Iwas so burned by the last situation that I even said to myself I will NEVER work for SOMEBODY else again because it is simply too open to abuse whether understaffing, micromanagement, demoralising or other psychological tortures where there is a power imbalance AND now I have no idea what to do, I am 28 years old and had just gotten a promotion before my health broke down for the second time and now I am left with nothing! I see the same thing happening in other people’s work places too- they simply work people to burn out and then wait for them to get too sick and then the people either leave of their own accord or ge3t fired at which point they bring in fresh meat to work to illness and breakdown leaving the other people with shattered lives WHERE is there an employer who is not so self-ish that they can provide a job that is sustainable to health long term. People leave jobs more often these days NOT because they want to leave, but because employers work them as close as they can to absolute breakdown.. not to mention the psychological shit you have to swallow day in day out.. I am feeling completely lost and have no idea what to do now. We are trained from school age to be someone elses’s servant or lackey or employee no wonder now when left to my own devices I have no idea what to do- it’s been beaten out of my over so many years- HELP what the hell do I do with my life?? We really want to start a family but don’t have the money or housing situation and it makes me miserable- i have been working since I was 15 years old BUT housing is still so expenisve iin Australia that we cannot even afford a family home

  • christina

    I totally agree with this article.. but how am I supposed to do nothing when I need money to live? If I quit my job, I quit making money. How am I supposed to hang around without any money?

  • Matilda Gelencser

    Wow, I just stumbled across this website today, and I have got to say that I agree with it 100%. I quit my job just the other day, and feel confused because I sometimes feel that I did the right thing, but then feel like I’m a failure. I now know that quiting my job was not the end of the world, they weren’t treating me well at all. I know I will find another job on day that I will love.

    Thank you thank you thank you so much… :)

  • Dith

    Quitting my job to do something on my own online was never an issue. The issue is I got bored working solo after 8 mths with lesser people to talk to/hang out and there’s no motivation to dress up because I’m at home working on this all the time. Not to mention the earnings I made is just not enough to sustain me.

    I went back to work eventually and gave up on the site. But one day I realized my site is still generating income on its own despite being dumped for 2 yrs and its even increasing. That’s when I realized my 8 mths of hard work were paying off and what I’m building is not just a site, its a virtual property.

    I am still working f/t and doing my internet thing on the side. I still struggle with my own demons at times, but I can never bring myself to give up on completely, because its something I can call my own and have control over its destiny, unlike a job.

    In fact, my site got hit by Google’s new changes recently and took a bad turn, which cause my earnings to drop by 90%. But I’m not giving up. I’ve revamped it into a blog and starting things afresh, so I’m a student again re-learning to do things the right way from successful people. I’m also going to start another blog soon, so I will succeed in crossing over f/t someday.

    I think the point is you have to start something now, be it on the side or whatever, if you don’t want your life to depend on a job. Nothing happens if you do nothing. Period. If you already have dreams and plans, that’s good, but action is even better!

  • Ryan

    This is great finding your purpose. In fact, one should have faith.

    However, if one has read ‘The Art of War’ upon going into battle, Sun Tzu mentions all the ships at sea are burned down therefore they have no other choice but to win.

    I recently resigned and have no other choice but to win as the bridge has been burnt. This is great for introspective learning however, in reality there’s that little necessity called food and shelter.

    If you are your own responsibility, then I’m sorry, yes, you will starve. Yes, you will go homeless.

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  • Jeffrey

    I am currently working less hours at work in order to write my book. Once I finish my book I plan to go viral with it on the internet and sell them to my other music colleagues as a new dedicated income. Thanks for the advise Scott! :)

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  • Jean

    I early retired from my nursing job of 35 years. (Burnout and change in working environment). Taking a few months off to regroup before I start travel nursing. I would like to go on another trip to Hawaii, but when friends find out (second trip this year) everyone will have a fit, be jealous, and I will never hear the end of it. How do I get over this feeling of “I am not worthy?”

  • Ashton Fourie

    Simply quitting is not always wise.

    If you are unhappy, learn some coping mechanisms. Then begin to cut your expenses to the bone (read about personal fin management), while you still have an income, and begin to read about finding your purpose. Save up like a squirrel. Begin to look for people and organisations that seem to inspire you because they align with your passions and purpose. Read about them. Make some connections.

    That way you will be better positioned to make the best of post-quit opportunities.

    Positioning and preparation are very important phases of a personal change agenda.

    • Mihaela Bacanu

      I find that this is the most sound advice from what I have read till now!

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  • Jafety

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  • jess

    I got fired from my job three months ago and to be hones I was happy to be stay at home mom and take care of my kids. However, even when money is not the issue at this time being lonely and not knowing what to do until kids get home from school is just killing me. Finding a job is very hard as well, I have applied for at least 30 part time jobs and no one is calling me back regardless of experience and the fact that I have earn MBA degree from great upstate University.

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  • Shardul Biswajit

    It’s hard not to do anything if you really need money. Yes, unemployment may be collected, but a lot of times there is a grace period that takes up to 6 weeks collect. If you were let go from a job that paid low compensation, left one to be struggling to make ends meet, then there is not a lot saved. Six weeks of not being able to collect unemployment could be devastating depending on the situation. Other times, the hardest part of being fired, is the co-workers that one has developed friendships with.The thought of not having them as a friend on a social network, not having the personal phone number and or e-mail, this leaves for no opportunity to keep in touch. Yes, one may be able to call the employer, but technically, if an employee was let go, it is not wise for the ex-employee to reach out to their former co-workers as this could upset the co-workers and just drags along. In reality, the co-workers are also at a disadvantage, because they themselves never had the opportunity to say goodbye and this could be depressing on them well as you; however, the co-worker will be able to better mange, as the work will keep them occupied, while you yourself will have a harder time, because the thoughts tend to reflect back on the recent employer one worked for.

  • Elishevah Healthyhotenergized

    Thanks for following your dream and showing others how to follow theirs…just a heads-up: the links for your Passion course are not working properly.

  • Shannon Lagasse

    I’ve been living and working in community for the past 2 years. You can learn so much from the people you live with and, if you’re working at a retreat center or the likes, you get a host of free personal growth and education materials! I worked for 7 months at The Omega Institute in New York – their Ram Dass Library has over 7,000 books! I’ve been volunteering at The Option Institute – in 4 months I have busted a shit ton of major limiting beliefs!

  • sBoxman

    I can speak from experience, when talking about the mind numbing fear that once came with leaving a job I did not love, or the uncertainty of what would happen after I took the step. To my surprise, I didn’t starve to death, nor did my family. But what did happen every time I left a job I found where i found no satisfaction, an opportunity to meet new people and learn new things. Which in turn moved me forward, ever closer to my goal.
    So, for the commenters who say, “It sounds good in theory, but I can’t imagine it working.” That would be the fear, anxiety and uncertainty of not knowing where you may end up or what it will take from you to get there, making your choices in life. The only value in having free, is in the use of it. I will share a secret that I have learned and shared with any and all who may need, life is about choices, astronomical amount of hard, gut wrenching, faith testing choices, that ultimately defines the length and time it ultimately requires to reach the point of contentment everyone should be racing towards. Most of the people I have met over the years are quick to list what their long term goals are, all the while not having a clue what is required to get their, (I find myself guilty of this more often than not). But the fact that I know I am lacking in the knowledge of what steps are needed, is the first step to taking back your decision making ability. The second step, is knowing that the more actions

    • sBoxman

      taken, lessens the fear. And with a little faith and a lot of heart, you can do what you believe is impossible, due to the lack of an imaginary dollar amount, starts sounding less crazy than the act of requiring an imaginary dollar amount to Live your Legend.
      Thanks Scott, you are a life changer.


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  • Anjo Coronado

    Okay. I was actually in that Freaking Out phase for a while and that ATM thing made me crack, I could live off a month or two so that’s what I am going to do. Thanks Scott.

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  • Pippa

    This post is great. I quit yesterday after having a breakdown in front of my colleagues and just walking out. Truth is I’ve been feeling lost for years and worked in finance thinking it was good money and felt pressurised to do it as I come from a ‘finance family’. All I ever wanted to be growing up was an author. I’ve sat down several times and tried to write but felt too preoccupied with work, so got major writers block. As soon as I walked out yesterday I headed straight for my computer and wrote more pages in a few hours than I have written in six months and woke up this morning to do the same. I have never felt so happy. I’m living the dream! I’m going to get my book published and earn enough to keep writing! I don’t care how crazy people think I am! The only person who can stop me is me. Keep going people there is light at the end of the jobless tunnel and life is far too short to be doing a job you hate.

  • Alex

    Great article, and even better timing. I recently put in my resignation and my last day of work is May 10th. I’m not going to go into specifics, as it is too toxic to even discuss. I have made the plans to go to Costa Rica in July to backpack and “find my purpose.” Yesterday I had the overwhelming feeling of anxiety come over me as I thought about bills, food, and all the other crap we have to worry about. I reminded myself I made this decision, and that the end isn’t what I’m looking for. I needed to slow down and embrace the life changing journey that I am about to embark on. A good book never ends well without all those other pages. This article just reinforced everything I have been telling myself. Thanks!

  • Brian

    I just lost my job today and am glad to be leaving a very toxic environment. On one hand I’m relieved, I never have to see them again. On the other I am a little bit scared because I am the provider for my family.

  • Merve Hoşgör

    Hello Scott,
    i am reading you writings for 8 months. I am graduated in 2012 june and working for 8 months.ı studied italian language and literature , literature always been my passion but i did’t find a job as italian teacher so i started to work as a ship broker in a company also i was promoting used ship pats but it was like a nightmare. I didn’t want to wake up, take an hour just for bus to go to office and the time never pass in the office. Then reading your blog make me wake up. I am 25 years old but i know life is too short.On the other hand i didn’t now what to do , what was my passion. and i started to think what makes me happy the most. and i decided to continue on looking for a job in education sector because teaching makes me happy. also i applied to a volunteer proget in Italy(european voluntary service-EVS), Florence and the project is approved and i quit my job 10 days ago :) i fell FREE!! i suggest everybody to do volunteer work it make your soul richer. not to think always about money. so my life changes. i made a list of schools in which i can work in Italy so when i go i ll apply to works. maybe i can find my dream job. ı couldn’t know where to write to thank you so i wrote here. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Also sorry for my english, i am turkish and read your blog with the help of dictionary, if i made mistakes i apoligise. i also send your blog to my friens for inspiration. you are making a good job. You touched my life thank you

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  • Dave

    This is great material & I am going to try & make some if it work. However, it is much easier said than done in this day & age when you are over 50, worked for someone else for over 35 years, have to take care of a wife & kids. I gave over 12 years of my life & soul to a horrific huge insurance company that brags about making over 2 billionin profit just a week or two before canning me after I put up with their extreme stress, harrasment, you name it for the past few years as I seemed to have overnight gone from one of the best to one of the worst. To make it worse I was injured on the job a few years ago & what did I do, put up with the pain, never get a lawyer, try to do the right thing & keep my job & take care of my family. Then the harrasment, etc. started, but what did I do, continue to put up with it, always trying to please them, always trying to turn things around, going above & beyond to get the job done. Then they rewarded me just a few years from getting some retirement even though I intended to work another 15 years or so because I have to. We have been conservative & very self sacrificing all of our years, but there is no way we can retire, even though our fathers who with all respect retired easily at 55 & had not done 1/10th of what I have tried to do to make things right for my family. This is my reward. The when you get some unemployment to help out, they fight it with their henchmen over & over until they finally win permanently & the state changes everything to take sides with them. This is a company that is huge & someone somewhere makes a lot of money & they bragged about making over 2 BILLION in profit in 10 months of a bad year. Then they canned me. Then I found out they have done basically this very same thing to many other people, a few in this state, one or two in that state, & they know how to manipulate the law & everything very well & very cunningly. They have hurt a lot of people, a lot of families, some folks for a fact even ended their life over it. But I put up with everything even though I would have been much further ahead in every way including economically had I quite at least a year ago when everything really started compouding, but really several years ago when it all started. But her I am now, with just another experience under my belt. Thank God we were alays very conservative so we are surviving on our own. I feel for the other folks they did this to, they may not be as fortunate as we. But, never the less to say it is extremely depressing would be the understatement of the year. But we are surviving here now for 6 mos & I will look into what you say & combine it with what I have already tried to do & see what I can do. Yeah, travel & escape would have been real nice. But, try doing that with one in college that you had to bring home because of this. Another in high school wanting to chase the carrot on the stick (yes, I have a lot of education & beleive in knowledge, but am now really questioning many things promoted by our society), a wife at home, & at least some bills that must be paid (the govt & utility companies never seem to disappear & can’t seem to get independent of them these days either), try getting away with all that & traveling no matter how much you would like to. I will look forward to learning more from you.


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  • Francis

    Great article, Scott. I quit my job a week ago and I was aware of all those fear stuffs that would happen to me. I’ve been reading your articles, and it had a crucial influence on my decision to quit my job. I worked for 20 years in a bank, as a bank cashier, and I couldn’t bear this job anymore. I was feeling like a mummy, a real walking dead, lol.
    In the last years, I started to save all the money I could in order to quit my job and avoid the temptation to find any job out there. I’m not married, neither have kids.
    I’m a musician, a bachelor in music, and maybe it’s time to put this passion in action.
    I’m feeling a little scared, but I want to give myself the chance to do something meaningful about my life.
    Thank you!

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  • Lili

    love the idea of it…i am about to be fired, friday infact. I have a loan rent and obviously need to eat. i am also about a week off of a 1 month holiday…what do you do when you dont have savings a rich family or a partner and it is just you. severance will cover my bills for 1 month while im away…how do i do nothing when i have these responsibilities…

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  • Scott

    I am very glad to find this article as it hits very close to home with what i am going thru and was not sure how to proceed.
    I am in my mid 50’s at present and have worked 2 job since being 17 years old. The last one i was with 25 yearsd when we were brought out by a major firm which relocated us 40 miles south of where the company use to be. We were promised they wanted the 8 of us to go with them but only 3 of us ended up going(myself included). Well to make it short 1 year later after the 2 warehouses were merged and cleaned up the company let us all go and outsourced to a logistic company and i quote what they told us “why pay you guys 20 and hour when we can bring them in for 10 an hour” so after 25 years,its gone. being out of work after so long is an unnatural feeling so i did exactly what you said not to do, to the point of having heart problems form the stress involved and really not knowing what i should do. As a comercial driver for so long it has takin its toll on me and not sure i want to do driving again. But this article has refreshed me and i think i can now understand. thank you for helping me free my mind on this issue

  • joyce

    I share my experience, I leave my job as a cashier it because of the attitude of my co workers in more than 5 months ago..I’m trying to see a job almost a month a ago. They have more company and agency that I applied but until now I cannot hired. ..I scattered because until now I have no work.

  • ikhwan

    Wow this is the greatest article I ever found after quit university. I often to be at library before quit, read some books about education until I made decision. I just feel the case of fish and monkey taking tree climbing examination, by Einstein. After read education’s end, i quit. My mom feel sad I dont attain scroll even already in last year, and finish her almost $25000 for study mechanical. Since then, it has been almost 2 month i quit. Yes… do nothing. Clear mind first. Find the real path. And then step on it. Dont take a move first, or not we gonna keep quit. Ohh now i still feel that fear. Fear my friends, family, community, world, system, and my self. Please pray i can face tomorrow. :(

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  • Mounia

    Hi Scott, this article is amazing!! I quit my job 4 months ago and had an awesome time travelling, doing seminars, reading, learning etc and building a whole new thinking. I also decided recently that I want to wok on my own terms asap. My biggest challenge (and question to you) however is: what do you do to support yourself troughout the transition? What happens when your savings start to run out but you dont have another job lined up(nor are particularly fond of getting one because most of them involve boring, sould cruhing tasks at shitty pay) but still need money to pay your rent, food etc?! What would you recommend? Just risking it and not jumping on the next best thing? (Ie a job offer) Im very tempted to just say “fuck it”, money will come my way. Would be great to get some advice on what to do when your savings are running low but you dont want to go back to doing boring or tiring work for the sake of supporting yourself..
    Thanks, Mounia


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    • Anthony

      Hi Rebecca,

      I submitted my notice on Monday (3/24). Although I was supposed to work until April 7th, I received a phone call later that night and was told that it was in the best interest of everyone that I not come back and just use that time to figure out my next move. At this time I am overwhelmed with emotions, but I am doing me best to stay calm and do nothing. Fortunately I have a supportive spouse and I believe that I can get through this change successfully.

      Thank you for sharing. It was good to know that I’m not the only one.

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