Live Your Legend | 20 Uncommon Lessons from My Weekend with Warren Buffett (career & life advice most don’t talk about)
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20 Uncommon Lessons from My Weekend with Warren Buffett (career & life advice most don’t talk about)

20 Uncommon Lessons from My Weekend with Warren Buffett (career & life advice most don’t talk about)

Career advice from Warren Buffett

“Take a job that you love. I think you are out of your mind if you keep taking jobs that you don’t like because you think it will look good on your resume. Isn’t that a little like saving up sex for your old age?”

– Warren Buffett [Tweet this Quote]

The Power of Continued Education

On Friday night I walked into the Omaha Marriott to check in for the weekend.

The first person I said hello to was Bill Gates (yes that Bill Gates).

He didn’t exactly respond to me by first name, but the brief exchange (and shot of adrenaline that came with it) reminded me of the potential of the weekend ahead.

When in Omaha you never know what’s going to happen. That’s why I go.

The next day I spent over eight hours with Warren Buffett.

What I learned blew my mind…

As it always does.

I wish it were just the two of us, but there were actually about 35,000 other passionate Buffett fanatics who joined me to learn from the most wealthy investor of the modern world.

This was my 6th straight year attending his company’s Berkshire Hathaway Annual Shareholder’s Meeting, and it certainly won’t be my last.

The weekend is packed with inspiration and possibility (and more See’s Candy than my body can handle), but the main event kicks off at 7am Saturday morning. This is where Warren Buffett and his partner Charlie Munger answer every question under the sun – for nearly seven hours.

I know of no other event in the world where you can get this type of access to two of the smartest and most successful business men of all time – and they’ll literally answer anything you ask.

It’s one of my favorite ways to surround myself with passionate people who believe what I believe about the world of business, investing and more importantly…life. As far as I’m concerned events like this are a requirement for truly Living Your Legend.

Without it I never would have started my investment fund nearly 5 years ago. And that’s just for starters.

The equation is simple: hang around enough Living Legends and you start to operate on a new level. 

But my favorite part about this weekend isn’t the dinners with friends, the very late nights, the lessons on business and investing, or even the surprise run-in with Bill Gates.

For me, my favorite part is hearing the life and career lessons from some of the most well-read and experienced two men on the planet.

So that’s our focus today – only the stuff that’s most relevant to us Living Our Legend.

I won’t bore you with the finance and investing details – we’ll save that for another place.

While many of these yearly lessons aren’t new (in fact they’re often far from it), each trip reminds me that often times the things most worth learning are the lessons we’ve already been taught so many times in the past.

Here’s to learning (and relearning) what matters…

The 20 Uncommon Career & Life Lessons from My Weekend with Warren Buffett:

1. Lose money for the firm and I will be understanding. Lose a shred of reputation and I will be ruthless. This is covered every year. Money can always be made again. Reputation doesn’t recover quite so easily. It’s all too tempting to trade long-term respect for a little short term gain. The world constantly tries to seduce us. Here’s an easy reminder: imagine whatever you do will be reported by an informed reporter the following day in your local newspaper for your family, children and closest friends to read. Act accordingly. [Tweet This Lesson]

2. Don’t expect people to change. Berkshire Hathaway owns over 70 businesses. They buy a few more every year. But they only buy ones they won’t have to improve (contrary to what happens in acquisitions elsewhere). They’ve realized how futile is to try to changes others’ behavior. We love to paint a rosy picture that things will be better after some special event happens (an acquisition, a marriage, kids, a move, a new job, whatever), but for the most part, how people act is out of our control. Make sure the people you surround yourself with are the right fit from the beginning. [Tweet this Lesson]

“If we thought the success of our investment depended on them taking our advice, we’d move on.” – Charlie Munger

3. Conventional wisdom is often an indication of what not to do. 99% of business schools teach their students that the type of investing Warren and Charlie do is impossible. Who do you think’s right? (side note: it’s funny for two guys crazy about learning, to so openly put down business school, given 30% of the audience probably has an MBA or is trying to get one). The road less traveled still does make all the difference. If everyone’s doing it then it’s usually time to reassess. Be careful taking things as fact just because a bunch of other people do. Like we’ve seen before, everything was impossible until someone did it. [Tweet this Lesson]

4. Fighting the tide can be brutal, but it’s usually the only fight worth fighting. Enough said. [Tweet this Lesson]

5. Start as early as possible. When a 26-year-old asked Warren what he’d do in the man’s shoes, Warren said “If I had to do it over again, I would have done the same but earlier.” It is never too early to start something. The sooner you begin, the sooner you get your experience. [Tweet this Lesson]

6. Don’t expose yourself to steps that can keep you from tomorrow. It can take a lifetime to build a masterpiece, but only an instant to destroy it. Very smart people have failed this way all throughout history. No matter what the possible benefit, these two guys refuse to do anything that opens them to the chance of going back to zero. That’s why they don’t use debt, and in their last 50 years have never faced a truly dire situation. In fact, when things are the worst for the world, is often when they do best. Nothing’s worth risking everything. [Tweet this Lesson]

“Never risk what you have and need for what we don’t have and don’t need.” – Warren Buffett

7. Tell the truth to a group of people who believe what you do, and things will work out. I do everything I can to run Live Your Legend the same way. Align with the right people and do it in an honest way. Pretty simple. [Tweet this Lesson]

8. Great things are built as a result of the combination of time and consistency towards a cause you deeply believe in. Find what you’re good at – what you want to build. Then put your head down and allow a lifetime to build it. 40 years ago Buffet wrote out 13 principles of what he wanted to create and how he wanted it run. He then built a culture that executed on that every day. Just about anything can be done with the right focus, time and consistency. As long as you care enough and aren’t in too much of a hurry. [Tweet this Lesson]

9. Be your own market of one. As a result of the culture they’ve built, Berkshire is often the only company a business owner is willing to sell to (even despite other more attractive offers). Those who think of Berkshire first, don’t think of anyone second. Instead of going out and trying to replicate those around you, go out and create a category. Then be the first guy to hang a shingle in that space. Be willing to do the things others won’t. Standing out will come naturally. [Tweet this Lesson]

“The goal is not to do business with everybody who needs what you have. The goal is to do business with people who believe what you believe.” – Simon Sinek [Tweet this Quote]

10. There’s little progress without failure. These guys quickly admit not only that they’ve had plenty of failures, but that they wouldn’t have what they do if it wasn’t for the screw ups. Unsuccessful people avoid failure at all cost. The successful ones embrace it, learn from it and keep building. If you’re not screwing up every once in a while, you’re not trying hard enough. [Tweet this Lesson]

11. You don’t need to be able to do that many things right to succeed. In fact, success is inversely proportional to how many things you try to do. Do a few things really well. Focus on that. Hire others to do the rest or don’t do it at all. The most successful businesses and people have a much longer list of what they aren’t willing to do, than what they actually spend time on. Warren is notorious for how many things he’s says no to. Stay within your circle of competence. When in doubt, do less. [Tweet this Lesson] 

warren buffett taking life too seriously

12. In business and in life, incentives make all the difference. Understand the incentives on both sides before engaging in a transaction. Most investment managers get paid for how much money they manage, not how much money they make you. Real estate agents are more encouraged to get your house sold as fast as possible than they are to get you the best price. Even the best natured of people can get lead astray by misaligned incentives. Align your incentives with the people you work with (clients, customers and partners) and you’ll get a lot more done, with a lot less frustration. Most importantly, only engage in activities that incentivize you to act in line with what you believe. [Tweet this Lesson]

13. The first $200 billion is the hardest. The 2nd is relatively easy. The hardest part is starting. Achieve small victories, build momentum and watch what happens. The first time is always the most daunting, there are always more excuses and it certainly takes the most courage. But once you know it’s possible, it becomes your new normal. That starts with starting. [Tweet this Lesson]

14. Purpose is the ultimate compensation. Job satisfaction and loyalty come from the autonomy to do the work that matters to you, not from a lofty salary or bonus. Every manager at Berkshire is independently wealthy, yet they can’t wait to come to work every day. “They get to paint their own paintings,” as Buffett says. Give people autonomy and trust to do things they are good at. Avoid micro-managing. Don’t think you can do their skill better than they can. Give them the paintbrush and freedom to build upon their vision and that’s what they’ll do. Daniel Pink has an excellent TED talk on The Surprising Science of Motivation.

The same goes for why Warren and Charlie, in their 80’s, have no interest in retiring:

“We get the opportunity to paint our own painting every day and it’s a painting that will never be finished. We love it.” – Warren Buffett

You can’t infuse passion into someone, but you can certainly create a system that takes passion out. When in doubt, give those around you the brush. [Tweet this Lesson]

15. The most powerful investment is the one you spend on yourself. As Charlie puts it “Berkshire’s record would have been terrible if Warren didn’t keep learning.” These guys are crazy about going to bed slightly smarter than when they woke up. Read everything you can get your hands on. Learn from those around you. Be a sponge. Everything is a lesson. Despite all kinds of advanced formal education, Warren’s #1 diploma in his office is the one he got from completing a week-long Dale Carnegie Public Speaking course. You never know where you’re going to find the best nuggets. Just keep learning. [Tweet this Lesson]

16. Be a student of other people’s folly. The first seven pieces of art on Warren’s office walls were the seven biggest financial failures of the past century or so. These guys study failure like a med student would study for the Boards. They absolutely refuse to take steps that have even the the slightest chance of leading to financial ruin. The more you learn about the brick walls others charged into head first, the more likely you are to avoid them. [Tweet this Lesson]

“Learn a lot from other people’s mistakes. It’s a much more pleasant way to live.” – Charlie Munger

17. Think huge. When Warren was in his 20’s, he told his wife that one day they were going to be incredibly wealthy (despite having no real wealth at the time). He wasn’t exactly sure when, but he was sure it was going to happen. He told her to prepare and think about what she’d do with a great deal of money. Then he slowly made $50 billion dollars. Have your vision of what you want your life to represent. Visualize, animate and create it in every part of your world. Give yourself something inspiring to build towards. Sketch out your castle in the sky – then start building the staircase to get there. [Tweet this Lesson]

18. A brand is a promise. People all over the world buy a can of Coke over the generic options because they trust what’s inside. That it will be of the consistent quality they’ve come to expect. What promise does your brand represent? What do you want it to represent? What about yourself? Every one of us is our own brand. The things we say and do, the way we treat people – all of it is building our own personal brand. The promise that we will deliver to the world. Are you representing a promise that makes you proud? [Tweet this Lesson]

19. Stop saving up sex for old age. This is my all-time favorite analogy. Working a job you hate, just to build up a resume to hopefully do something you enjoy later on, is just like saving up sex for old age. There is no sense in waiting. If you’re going to build your resume, then build it with things you enjoy, or better yet, take the steps to start doing things you are excited about, with people you admire, right now. There is no waiting. Happiness not spent today does not equal more happiness tomorrow. [Tweet this Lesson]

“Take a job that you love. I think you are out of your mind if you keep taking jobs that you don’t like because you think it will look good on your resume. Isn’t that a little like saving up sex for your old age?” – Warren Buffett

20. The most powerful tools cost nothing. Last week we talked about how today it’s possible to build a meaningful business for less than a $100. You don’t need huge investors, you don’t need an Ivy League education, you don’t need a huge office or a bunch of employees. The most powerful and enabling tool required to run a passion-based business in today’s world is totally free: The Internet. So is most every other key ingredient… Meeting passionate people is free. Learning through books, studies and videos is all free. Hard work on something you love doing, is also free. Have you been embracing the tools that make what was previously impossible, possible?

Buffett recently mentioned how he’d give up his private jet long before giving up his Internet access. And who wouldn’t? But think what that means. A billionaire has access to every tool in the world, yet the most important is the one that all of us have equal (and free) access to. No one needs the jet, but we all need the information. We need the tools. Because the access is what makes everything possible.

Stop thinking you need something more to pursue a dream. [Tweet this Lesson]

The things that can change our life are right here.

They’re either inside of us or accessible at the click of a button.

They don’t cost anything.

This leaves us with very few excuses not to do what matters.

Aside from my flight and hotel (which I split with a few buddies), this weekend, this 7-hour session with Buffett and Munger, cost me nothing to attend. But as a results of what I’ve learned and experienced in the past six years, my life operates on an entirely new level.

Thanks to a free weekend, I have an investment business I run with people I enjoy.

I have a set of principles that all but ensure success.

And I have the kind of stories most only get to read about.

And the cost of admission was exactly nothing.

Are you spending your resources the right way?

Tell us in the comments.

Mr. Buffett and Mr. Munger, thanks for doing what you do. It does not go unnoticed.


P.S. Anyone free this Weds night in San Francisco? I’m hosting a meet up with a few good entrepreneur friends of mine (whom you’ve likely heard of) and I’d love for you do join us. It starts at 7:30pm at Dalva at 3121 16th Street in the Mission. Everyone’s welcome. Hope to see you there!

Oh and here’s last year’s life lessons from my meeting with Buffett if you’re curious.

  • Mohamed Tohami
    Posted at 01:11h, 08 May Reply

    You never fail to impress me. “saving up sex for your old age” is a mind blowing metaphor. Thanks for sharing the wisdom.

  • Cheryl
    Posted at 02:05h, 08 May Reply

    Great post Scott. Warren Buffet’s biography is one of my favourites. Definitely a reminder that ANYTHING is possible.

  • Amy
    Posted at 06:18h, 08 May Reply

    That conference looks amazing, Scott!

    Every point you featured in this article, I agree with!

    #7 “Tell the truth to a group of people that believe in what you do, and things will work out” – this is an interesting point and very well said here. Recent research shows that by telling your hopes and dreams to EVERYONE you come into contact with actually makes you feel like you’ve already accomplished it, which leads to lack of action and, therefore, lack of results. By telling a trusted, like-minded group of people, you will have the support as well as people to bounce ideas off of, and keep the motivation to get things done! Really great tip there.

    Awesome post all around, Scott. Thank you!

  • William Mize
    Posted at 07:57h, 08 May Reply

    The whole “Click To Tweet Lesson” is a bit annoying. I’m new to the site and to your RSS feed, so I’m not sure if it’s a new ‘improvement’ or one that’s been in place for a while. Great post and I’m truly jealous, but my .02 on the CTT thang.

  • Nando
    Posted at 09:29h, 08 May Reply

    Thanks for sharing, Scott. Really precious insights here and, perhaps more importantly, bold affirmations of what this guy believe it works without a doubt. And he’s got some good points.

    Again, thanks for sharing and opening your learning experience to more of us.

  • Akshay
    Posted at 10:01h, 08 May Reply

    Sounds like poor Charlie’s way with words is rubbing off on the buff-man!

  • Andreas Kopp
    Posted at 10:19h, 08 May Reply

    great post again Scott. But you your posts are always that long that they get stuck in my inbox because they take so long to read. I cant digest more then a view lessons in one article.

  • Stanley
    Posted at 11:39h, 08 May Reply

    Thanks for taking the trouble and consolidating all the information over the weekend into 20 bite size nuggets for us. All 20 points were amazing. Personal favorite: #10 There’s little progress without failure.

  • Paige | simple mindfulness
    Posted at 12:07h, 08 May Reply

    I actually really like the Click To Tweet addition. I tweeted at least half of the lessons and quotes. Great stuff and I wanted to share it!

    Keep sharing the amazing things you do. The more we all read about it, the more real it becomes for us and the more we can believe it’s possible for us. Thanks Scott!

  • @cdstern
    Posted at 12:14h, 08 May Reply

    Absolutely awesome! Love the intro quote. I am inspired.

  • Rachel Denning
    Posted at 12:44h, 08 May Reply

    This is incredible!! What an awesome experience to have. That’s one of the things I miss while we’re traveling – being able to Mastermind with incredible people. I really wish I could come to your Mastermind group in SF!


    Guess I’ll just have to do what I can here in Panajachel, Guatemala…

  • Sheyi @
    Posted at 14:39h, 08 May Reply

    Scott, just like you mentioned, 19. Stop saving up sex for old age is also my all time favorite as it realy speaks my mind too. I hope some Americans will read this and apply it. It’s better to earn $1 from what you believe in and gives you joy than $10 for a dumb ass job which you dont know what happens to you tomorrow!


  • JCov
    Posted at 15:55h, 08 May Reply

    I thought this was great! I have never in my life heard of a 7 hour Q & A! Thanks for grabbing the nuggets and sharing them with us. I never thought of studying people’s folly. It’s kind of obvious to follow success stories, but to learn what ruined people surely is just as important! I also like your prose the “think huge” lesson. Sure we all know that, but visualizing is one of my favorite topics and I love what you wrote there. I also appreciate how you insist that it doesn’t take a lot of money encouraging Everyone to go out there and get started. I personally enjoyed this post, Click to Tweets, Length and all.

  • Christy Hadford
    Posted at 15:55h, 08 May Reply

    Thank you so much Scott! As a new entrepreneur myself I was having one of those “what the hell am I doing” days. Your post gave me the pick me up I needed. I am sure there where hundreds of lessons learned – great job putting them in 20 concise and enjoyable snipitts. Btw-I like the ” click to tweet” feature.

  • David
    Posted at 15:56h, 08 May Reply

    Great post, Scott! It was fun meeting up with you at the Marriott and I hope we have opportunities to get together again! It was my first BRK meeting but it definitely won’t be my last!

    Interestingly enough, it was also my first Manhattan, and probably won’t be my last 😉

  • Ben
    Posted at 17:02h, 08 May Reply

    Thankyou! That is one of the best articles i’ve read in a while.

    I am on a similar path so it is awesome to read this.

    I have regularly been investing in myself and my own learning, investing most of my money in certain courses to further my own learning and to get further in my business. At the moment it leaves me with little money, but I know in the long term it is definately paying off!


  • Bob C
    Posted at 19:16h, 08 May Reply

    This was really a great post as it gave me a look inside the man I respect above most, in a light that surprised me. Warren Buffett is a legend and I can only imagine listening to his insight on those questions that are totally candid and not edited. Thanks for sharing.

  • JW Ginn
    Posted at 19:20h, 08 May Reply

    Fantastic post. I wish I knew you were here in town. I know it’s busy but I’d love to buy you dinner next time you’re here in Omaha.

    I love your perspective about the low cost in comparison to the return on investment. I look forward to reading more in the future!

  • Noch Noch | be me. be natural.
    Posted at 02:32h, 09 May Reply

    Berkshire was always top of my list for investing when I was still in the finance industry – great access you have there
    and thanks for sharing what you learnt. All great reminders!
    Noch Noch

  • Izzy
    Posted at 03:10h, 09 May Reply

    Simply an awesome post!
    My two favorite lessons from the group are:
    10. There’s little progress without failure
    15. The most powerful investment is the one you spend on yourself.

    If I choose not to take action in my life, due to a fear of failure I will get no where. Recently, I have stopped being so concerned about failure, and more concerned with not trying. It is critical to be willing to fail. All of my biggest mistakes have lead to my greatest lessons. In fact the most difficult and painful experience in my professional career (having a job that gave me so much anxiety I woke up every night at 2am and couldn’t fall asleep) lead to the decision that I must find work I am excited and passionate about. I moved to Japan (as one of my dreams was to live and work in another country) and am thrilled about my life everyday! But this never would have happened if I hadn’t “failed” in my previous attempts at finding a fulfilling career.

    A few years ago, I heard on a podcast “people will spend tens of thousands of dollars on a car, hundreds of thousands of dollars on a house… But then they won’t even buy a $20 book for themselves!” This among some other experience really drove me to start investing in myself. I now read multiple books per month, take online courses, and do everything I can to grown and develop.

    Fantastic post Scott!

  • Christopher | Humble Observer
    Posted at 07:49h, 09 May Reply

    #1 rings so true.

    Be a man of character, the money follows.

    When we feel good going to sleep at night, we treated people with respect that day, and the “Law of Attraction” brings more of what we want to us.

    Appreciate you Scott.

  • Helen
    Posted at 08:58h, 09 May Reply

    SCOTT — Awesome recap of the meeting…you must have been taking notes…. something I should do next year! Also, for those reading the comments — anyone who owns the stock can attend – even if you only buy one share. Do it now! This is a life changing event. Take advantage of this rare opportunity. Thanks for the post Scott!!

  • Tim
    Posted at 15:32h, 09 May Reply

    I’m going to swing by Dalva, hopefully I’ll be able to find you and your crew.

  • Aly Balagamwala (@DiscoMaulvi)
    Posted at 04:36h, 10 May Reply


    Buffett never ceases to come up with something new to learn.

    Thanks Scott for helping those of us who can’t reach Omaha get a gist of the weekend with Buffett.

  • Joseph
    Posted at 06:32h, 10 May Reply

    Scott, thank you very much for sharing this for the rest of us who did not make the pilgrimage to Omaha. This is the next best thing to being there. These are all truly inspiring and valuable messages to keep in mind on a regular basis. Cheers.

  • Jason "J-Ryze" Fonceca
    Posted at 16:32h, 10 May Reply

    O M G.

    This is it.

    Scott, I heard about you from my friend Alden-Tan (he has your product in his sidebar), and I’m glad I did.

    This is what I *love*. Wisdom from giant successes and people who’ve been there.

    Hearing these people half-dismiss the business school, MBAs and conventional wisdom.

    I want powerful, fulfilling results, and a powerful, fulfilling journey — and I’ll study powerful, fulfilled gentlemen like Warren + Charlie + Scott any day.

  • Darlene
    Posted at 14:46h, 11 May Reply

    Hi Scott, some great tidbits, I retweeted one of them and will share the whole post on facebook.

    What I wanna know is, how does one get an invite to this event?

    Thanks Darlene

    Posted at 18:30h, 11 May Reply

    Hi Scott, I just happened across your blog and I’m glad I did! This post is AWESOME.

    All 20 points hit home with me, but this one in particular: “Every one of us is our own brand. The things we say and do, the way we treat people – all of it is building our own personal brand. The promise that we will deliver to the world. Are you representing a promise that makes you proud?”

    What a powerful message for all of us entrepreneurs. Thanks for posting..


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  • David Hamilton | Everlution
    Posted at 21:29h, 14 May Reply

    Most certainly an awesomely incredible list. I had to tweet the one about working jobs you don’t like or want to build up your resume is like saving up for sex. I did that for too long, and I’m now onto my passions which is coaching people and creating online programs, and continuing to do weird personal development stuff (I’m trying neurofeedback very soon).

  • Mike
    Posted at 12:21h, 16 May Reply

    #13… The first 200 billion is the hardest? That’s not right. It’s supposed to be 1 million. Great post

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  • Andrea Swiedler
    Posted at 04:56h, 23 May Reply

    What a great post, and timely for me too. Recently the company I work for (real estate agent) was purchased by HomeServices of America, a Berkshire Hathaway company. It is a great boost when I step back and realize that I work for Warren Buffett. OK, maybe that is a stretch, but it helps me. It has been a rough few years in this business, and having Mr. Buffett believe enough in you to purchase the company is a boost. (And some might be wondering what I am doing on this site for entrepreneurs. Real estate agents are self employed.)

    Thank you for the insight into Mr. Buffett. This was a great read!

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  • David
    Posted at 17:53h, 21 June Reply

    Great post Scott! I love #11!

  • saltna
    Posted at 16:29h, 10 July Reply

    But my favorite part about this weekend isn’t the dinners with friends, the very late nights, the lessons on business and investing, or even the surprise run-in with Bill Gates.

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  • Anupam
    Posted at 18:06h, 20 December Reply

    Wow, this was incredibly inspiring! Thanks for capturing this timeless advice!

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