2016 Goal Setting & Weekly Planning Workbooks – Free PDF Downloads to make 2016 the Best Year Yet!

2016 Goal Setting & Weekly Planning Workbooks – Free PDF Downloads to make 2016 the Best Year Yet!

I am currently in Boca Raton, Florida on day 3 of a 6-day Tony Robbins event. Scott and I attended a different event of Tony’s about 8 years ago that drastically changed the trajectory of our lives.

It caused us to look at the world and our paths in a completely new way, to focus on the few things we can control (our thoughts, how we treat others, our contributions to the world, etc.) and to be intentional with our actions rather than just being victims to what life handed us.

I truly believe that event was the first step for us in creating the life we wanted to live rather than the life we’d been told we should live. It helped us to discover more about our own unique selves, to question the norm and to do the things that served us individually and as a couple. We learned (and continued to learn) many things about all sorts of topics—health, relationships, personal growth, and more—but I know that one of the things that stuck with both Scott and me was this… 

To clearly define the life we wanted.

It’s all too easy and simple to say “I want to travel more,” “I want more freedom” or “I want to be happier.” That sort of vague statement is the kind that you’ll find yourself saying for years to come… In order to actually create change, you have to get a crystal clear picture of WHAT you want, WHY you want it and HOW to get there. It is up to you to take the steps that are in your control to get the life you want… no one else is gonna do that for you!

Define Your Future

It was after that event that Scott became a goal-setting fanatic; so every year as a “Thank you/we love you so much/we think you are awesome,” we’ve released a new version of the Goal Setting and Action Workbook along with the Weekly Planning Workbook. And we make it totally free to all of you. There’s no opt-in or email required. Just a link you get to click to download!

Why? Because as Scott often said: “If you don’t know what you’re looking for, you’re never going to find it.”

This workbook was created to get you crystal clear on your vision, goals and the actions required to make them happen—so that 2016 can be the best year yet. There is no promise of tomorrow, so the time to take action is NOW!

This is the exact goal-setting process Scott used every year and I don’t know about you but I am amazed by how much he was able to accomplish in his short 33 years. I know that having a clear vision of where he was going, why he was doing it and knowing the exact steps of how to get there was a huge part of his success.

Sometimes it might seem easier to jump right into “the doing” rather than taking time for “the planning”—but that can be problematic because we often end up floundering from one thing to the next with no clear direction. I know I have certainly been guilty of that in the past and am trying to learn a lesson from Scott as I move forward.

If you put in the time and effort to get a clear picture of where you want to go, your path will be a lot smoother!

Facilitating Massive Action

We all know that massive change starts with small steps and that’s where the Weekly Planning Workbook comes in. Once you clearly define your goals and the actions you need to take to achieve them, it’s time to get to work!

The only way to measure forward motion of those small steps is to check in regularly.

The Weekly Planning Workbook provides you a framework to ensure you are making forward progress on a weekly basis. It gives you questions to ask, tips for planning and helps you think beyond the to-do list to ensure what you are doing is actually getting you closer to what you want to accomplish!

Tens of thousands of people have used these workbooks over the past few years to bridge the gap between their dreams and their reality. They continue to be the most downloaded items at LYL year after year! And because we love you and we care about you doing work that matters, we are happy to offer them to you totally free.

All we ask in return is that you actually do the work! And that you take the process seriously. Spend some time before January so you can launch into the new year with intention, with focus and with a chance at actually operating at your potential. We believe wholeheartedly that this will get you closer to living the life you want, which will in turn create a positive impact in the world. After all that’s really why we are here doing what we are doing!

And if you do find the workbooks useful, please share them with at least one person who needs it.

An Example from Me

And it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t walk the talk, so here goes…

Here are my main themes, goals and actions for 2016:

1. Expand the Mind: I have so much I want to learn!

  • Spanish: While I can “make my way” in Spanish, I want to become more fluent in speaking and understanding it
    • Do 1–2 Spanish intensive courses in Spanish-speaking countries
    • Practice with Duolingo when I am not in a Spanish-speaking country
    • Use it as often as I can: with the house cleaners, the man at the grocery store, waiters, baristas, etc. I often times hold back because I am aware that I am not “that good” but I want to use every opportunity I can to speak more!
  • Read at least 20 books next year: I was reading close to this many 2008–2011 but my average has dropped down closer to 12 the past few years.
    • Read 30 minutes every day. I generally do this most nights before going to bed as the computer shuts off when work is done but if I know I will not read at night, schedule time to do so during the day.
    • Always have the next book lined up before I begin reading the current book. This will be easy for a while since I am currently going through the number of books given to me but once I get through those, I want to focus on a specific topics including gratitude and spirituality.
    • Make sure at least 5 of those books are historical fiction—I love this type of book but with the quest I am on, I know I might not make time for it unless I set a goal!
  • Listen to at least 1 Educational Podcast or book on tape per week
    • Schedule a time each week to walk to or from a place or hike so I can listen while being in nature.
    • Anytime I am driving, listen to a podcast/book on tape rather than the radio
    • Subscribe to my favorites so new podcasts are always available—my current favorite is Ted Radio hour

2. Love Large: Scott and I talked a lot during our travels about giving back more and now I have more time on my hands than planned so I want to use that to give back to the world!

  • Contribute my time
    • Do 1–2 volunteer programs this year (Costa Rica and Africa)
    • Find ways to donate my time during my travels (such as Grassroots.org)
    • Perform Random Acts of Kindness weekly (and track them so I am accountable!)
  • Contribute resources
    • Buy one ditch one. I have always had the rule that if I ever buy any new article of clothing, something in my closet goes. This keeps me having fewer “things” and is a good way to contribute regularly.
    • Through LYL, we always donate to our partner charity, Impossible to Possible, but I’d like to find 2 other charities with causes that I believe in to contribute to each year.
    • Join a group that meets regularly (weekly/monthly) focused on giving back within my own community. 

3. Keep Scott Shining: Continue to find ways to keep Scott’s mission and message alive

  • Live Your Legend
    • Create Epic Content: I have stepped into help run LYL and want to keep that momentum going through offering amazing content for the community.
    • Re-Launch CWA: Connect with Anyone was Scott’s proudest product and he didn’t offer it at all during our World Tour so I want to bring it back in full force in 2016!
    • LYL Local: Continue to grow the LYL local communities and provide them with more resources to successfully host until we have a meetup in every nation’s capital!
  • Exploration and Adventure
    • Dinsmore World Tour Continues: Finish the trip that Scott and I had planned, starting next September!
    • Take 3 major trips this year: Each with a focus of consuming, creating and connecting.
    • Find adventure in my own backyard: I don’t plan to get an apartment anytime soon as I have a bit of travel ahead so I want to leverage the use of Airbnb and be a resident of many different places in the US.
  • Connect, Reflect and Appreciate
    • Meditate first thing in the morning 5–7 days a week.
    • Set a calendar alert to walk outside (even if it just for a few minutes) to watch the sunset. If I know I cannot watch the sunset because of other plans, do so for the sunrise. Basically be outside everyday for a few minutes with no plans other than to enjoy the beauty of nature!
    • Continue to practice daily gratitude through journaling but also enhance my knowledge of this topic through books, podcasts or other educational platforms.

That’s it for me—now it’s your turn!

2016 Goal Setting and ActionWorkbook: Live Your Legend

Download the 2016 Goal Setting & Action Workbook!

2016 Weekly Planning Workbook: Live Your Legend

Download the 2016 Weekly Planning Workbook!

It’s our pleasure to offer these to you for free. Please spread the love by passing them along to a friend or someone whose life could be a bit better with the right tools. Not only can you “be the change” but you can also be the person who gets to help someone else “be the change”! #winning

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And if you want a little accountability, let us know at least one major theme, goal or action you plan to take in the coming year!

Wishing you many grand things in 2016,

–Chelsea Dinsmore

P.S. Because you asked here are the Word versions of the Goal Setting & Action Workbook and the Weekly Planning Workbook.