27 Questions to Find Your Passion Workbook (free Download)

27 Questions to Find Your Passion Workbook (free Download)

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I’ve created a PDF workbook of the top 27 questions I’ve found that will help you find your passion and live on purpose. These come from what I’ve learned from everyone from Tony Robbins to the Dalai Lama and best-selling authors to business experts. One thing’s for sure, Living Legends know how to ask the right questions and I want to share the very best of them with you!

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For more on the power of these questions, read on…


Our home away from home in Tuscany

I’ve spent the last two weeks in Tuscany.

Our family rented a house in a small town in the Italian countryside and most of our days have been spent exploring hillside towns, cooking long meals (with ungodly amounts of pesto) and hauling numerous empty bottles of local wine down the hill (the garbage men are starting to wonder…).

As discussed in an article a couple weeks back, for the most part I’ve been doing ‘nothing’ and it’s been everything one could imagine.

From the outside looking in you could easily think a trip like this has been terribly unproductive from a business perspective.

I couldn’t disagree more.

Part of my yearly routine involves at least a few sessions away like this. In fact, I think it’s the most valuable part of living on purpose, building a business and keeping yourself doing work that matters.

It’s the only true way I’ve found to get your face out of the minutiae and fifty-item task lists that keep you from thinking global about what you want to create and the impact you want to have on the world. Big ideas like that don’t happen when you’re crammed in your office stuck in your daily environment.

That’s just not how the mind works. It’s certainly not how mine does.

In the last two weeks, among other things, I’ve come up with two new book ideas, the framework for a comprehensive course on living off your passion, some strategies on how to communicate it to all you and about 25 article ideas. I’ve actually found a pretty sweet spot to do my thinking too…

My little hillside office in the vines

Time like this is a requirement.

It’s time away, the more foreign place the better, that get’s your mind to consider the things that truly matter to you. To recognize the passions you take for granted and the purpose that may have been calling you for years, but had long gone ignored.

All this has got me thinking…

We need all the help we can get when searching for what excites us.

Over the past couple years of attending seminars hosted by Tony Robbins, talks from the Dalai Lama, social change summits with tomorrow’s leaders, reading hundreds of books, working with coaches and being a coach for many others, I’ve noticed one thing consistent with finding your passion and doing work that matters…

The people with the best questions win.

The gurus are not the people with the best answers to things. Who are they to know what’s going on inside your head anyway?

The gurus are the ones with the best questions.

The questions that dig to a place in your mind you’ve never explored.

Over the past year or so I’ve compiled a list of these passion-revealing questions. And I’ve come down to a list of the top 27 that will help you find your passion and live on purpose.

Download the free workbook: 27 Questions to Find Your Passion

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Take these seriously.

These questions can be some of the most powerful material you come across out here on the web, as long as you’re willing to do one thing…

Take the time to answer each question with the respect they deserve.

Don’t just read through them in 30 seconds and think you’ve done something worthwhile.

Print them out and take them with you for the next couple weeks wherever you go. When you have some down time, pull them out. Give them real thought.

Take them on your next adventure to Italy (or wherever you decide to go). Leave the books and computer behind. It’s time to think about what matters.

These questions will find your passion if you let them.

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Come back and tell me what you learn!

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