3 Tips That Will Make or Break Your Website

3 Website Tips That’ll Make or Break Your Website

3 Tips That Will Make or Break Your Website

Hi Legends,

Last week Bryce Eldridge joined us for an awesome interview about how he went from a freelancer to CEO. So take a listen if you haven’t yet!

However, we are taking that interview and diving in a bit deeper! Over the next few weeks, Bryce and his team over at Knowledge House are going to share some actionable tips on a few topics related to their expertise within email marketing. Today we are talking all about setting your website up for success.

Because let’s get real… everyone struggles a bit when building their first website (or second, or third!) 😭😭😭. But it really doesn’t have to be as complicated or overwhelming as it seems. Honestly—complexity is almost always the enemy of execution!

So in the spirit of simplifying—here are 3 quick website tips to focus on when you set up your website and bring your meaningful work into the world. Oh, and if you don’t have a website yet, check out our tutorial on how to set up your website in under 10 minutes with zero tech experience.

Over to you, Bryce!

I’ll cut straight to it Legends, the #1 job of your website is to create trust.

And in a world that moves fast, you’ll want to take today’s 3 tips and ask yourself, “am I creating or breaking trust on my website”?

Listen, there are no hard and fast rules for everybody, so writing to many Legends at once is a difficult chore, because of the vast (and beautiful) differences that make up LYL.

So I want to dive in with 3 core tips that will hands-down make or break the trust you are working to establish on your website.

If you have a website, then you care what people think of you. The entire goal of a website is for people to think of you. So it’s your job to give them the best thought possible, and you really can do that with these 3 really simple tips. If your website has been up for years, then this is your chance to ask, “have I implemented this as effectively as I can?”.

1. Get a strong, professional photo that accurately depicts you, your service or your product.
Listen, passions aren’t free and it’s OK to invest a little bit into your future. I know I used to feel guilty spending money on things that felt non-essential, but in today’s world of branding, you need to highlight what makes you unique, and photography is where to start. Get this, images communicate 60,000 times faster than words. Get creative, hire a photographer and get going on getting stand-out imagery that showcases what you’re selling (especially if you’re selling yourself as a service). You have everything within you to succeed.

2. Create a strong, creative and interesting headline + supportive body copy to explain yourself.
I don’t naturally have a way with words (I’ve had to work at it for years), and I’m constantly (like every day) getting feedback from my team and clients about how to improve the language we use in our marketing. Here’s a pro tip: whenever you find yourself explaining what you do, and you’re watching someone’s eyes gloss over in confusion and you interrupt yourself and say, “Listen—what’ I’m trying to say is…”—what follows that statement is always the starting place for your headline. I’m not sure why we torture ourselves trying to make things sound super fancy. The best headlines and copy come from natural, day to day conversations. You’re already writing headlines & body copy all day long without even realizing it, so pay attention to when those moments happen, jot them down and come back to them when you’re ready to fix your website.

3. Provide a clear email opt-in that incentivizes someone to join your list to start growing your list.
If you google, “how to create an effective opt-in” you will find all the answers you need based off of if you sell a service, a product or own a brick & mortar store. Here’s my point, get going. Having an opt-in live on your website shows you’re serious about not just having a pretty website, but converting traffic to loyal subscribers. After you google that question and pick 1-2 ideas, test them out. You cannot manage what you don’t measure, so start measuring its effectiveness each month and after 1 year you will understand more of what your unique audience wants from you and less of what they don’t. I always recommend Privy.com. It tracks data like a boss and is free to get started.

Do the above 3 tasks, then ask your friends to tell you what you do…
So before you pump your new website out to everyone, pass it over to a friend and ask them to explain what you do, based on your new updates. They’ll give you invaluable feedback that’ll help you tweak your positioning just right. People can tell if something sounds off or feels just right.

BONUS: Get my help for free if you HIT REPLY and ask : )
That’s it for today. Want extra help? HIT REPLY and send your current website over to LYL support and they’ll sync us up so I can give you top advice on how to make some massive improvements to your website, totally free. I’d love to offer some quick help this month as we share more on creating a website your readers & customers will love. LYL has given so much to me, and I’d be honored to give you some tips on the above 3 points.

All the best to you!

That’s it for now, but I am looking forward to hearing more about what Bryce has to say!

– Chelsea & Bryce.

P.S. In our interview the other day Bryce mentioned how his journey began at Live Your Legend, but after a few years in business, B-School was a huge part of his journey to building and bettering his business. If you are interested in learning more head over to B-School where you can register for their free three-part training series which includes: The Six Pillars To Growing Your Online Business.