The 5 Most Inspiring Dream Job Revolutions of 2014: Proof of What’s Possible from all of YOU

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The 5 Most Inspiring Dream Job Revolutions of 2014: Proof of What’s Possible from all of YOU

“I once did something impossible. Since then it’s been easy.”

– A boy who didn’t know any better

The most magnificent thing about this community is…


Hands down, that is the most incredible part about our movement here.

Live Your Legend has been around for over three years (and for another 5 or so before it became the LYL brand), and here’s the cool thing about that:

Whereas I used to need to convince all of you what was possible and what my goal was for all of you as members of our community…

Now, a few years later, we have actual proof from thousands of you, from every age and stage of life, from all over the world, who have shown us what’s possible.

Thousands of students have graduated from our flagship Live Off Your Passion Guided-Discovery course, and as a result, we’ve received endless stories of people doing what most of the world would consider impossible. And because of that, so many of us are now starting to see it as normal – that it’s actually doable, and even likely, to find and do work you love and make your difference in the world.

That’s assuming you do three things…

And they’re written on that image above of the guy jumping off what looks like a million-foot cliff with his buddy…

Our Passionate Work Framework

1. Become a Self Expert

2. Do YOUR Impossible

3. Surround Yourself with Passionate (and kinda crazy) People

These are the three practices that every one of the thousands of inspired employees, entrepreneurs and world-changers that I’ve interviewed, studied and interacted with over the past decade since leaving my ‘respectable’ and miserable Fortune 500 job have had in common.

These three sacred practices also happen to be 100% in your control.

So that brings us to today – to probably my favorite post of the year. 

This is where I call out some of our most inspiring stories from our community over the past year.

All of these people have taken our tools and actually done something with them.

And they have all graduated from our Live Off Your Passion Guided-Discovery career change course

I created this course as a way of offering, at scale, the exact step-by-step process I used with my one-on-one coaching clients.

This is same process I discussed in my TEDx Talk on How to Find & Do Work You Love that I’m humbled to say just passed the 2,000,000 view mark and still ranks in the top 20 of now over 50,000 TEDx Talks.

In fact, we’ve seen so many of our thousands of students find and do work they love as a result of the course, that we’ve recently changed our guarantee to further stand behind our results. 

The new “Do Work You Love” 100% Guarantee…

If you aren’t doing work you love within 90 days of applying what you learn, you get a full refund. I’ll even jump on the phone and coach you for free to be sure you get results.

Also, as we do at the end of every year to encourage all of you to finally draw a line in the sand and take a stand for doing work you love, we’re throwing a special end-of-year party.

While we never discount the price of Live Off Your Passion, we do like to add something fun to the mix here and there.

So if you decide to join Live Off Your Passion before January 1, 2015 (ending Dec 31st at midnight PST), you will get two special things from us:

  1. A free access code to the StrengthsFinder 2.0 online assessment & comprehensive results report, which comes with a 20-page results breakdown on how to apply your natural strengths and talents in your current job, and what future jobs might embody those strengths. This test has been nothing short of priceless for me over the years and I’ve since bought it for hundreds of people. So we’ll buy you your own Strengths Finder access code.
  2. Free lifetime access to our First Steps to Finding Work You Love Workshop, which usually sells on its own for $79. I’m adding it in free until the end of this year because I think it’s the perfect way to kick-start the process, especially in the new year.

Click here to check out Live Off Your Passion and try it out risk-free.

This is my way of saying I love you, and that I want you to get massive results in the year to come – just like so many other of our community members already have.

So, with that said, let me step aside as our inspiring LYL Success Stories enter the room…

BTW, many of the short stories you read below will be written up in full case study form, including in-depth video interviews, just like we did with Alyssa a few weeks ago, who kicks off our stories below. These deep transformation stories will be a huge part of the future of LYL. Who better than your own fellow Living Legends to show you what’s possible?!?

The Most Inspiring Career & Life Transitions of 2014: Proof From All Of YOU

Alyssa, The Internationally Sought-After Wellness Rock Star

Alyssa 2014 Transition
The backstory: Alyssa was a burned-out nightclub waitress and hedge fund executive assistant who ended up in the hospital for what turned out to be stress-induced health issues. She was also the first person to ever purchase the first copy of the first version of Live Off Your Passion.

She then went on to kick ass in just about every area of her life. She’s now a Certified Integrative Nutrition and Health Coach, Mind Body Bootcamp Teacher, and the Director of Wellness at Circuit of Change, an innovative mind-body wellness studio and thriving community named “Best Zen Bootcamp” by New York Magazine. Read her full LYL Transformation story and case study here. And she also met her fiancé, and now business partner, along the way.

“I really felt like [LYL] was the perfect guidance and motivation for me at the time. I needed support, I needed to hear ‘you can do this’, I loved knowing that Scott had gone through it too, and I wanted someone to tell me what steps to take.

“I loved feeling supported and like someone else knew exactly how I felt. LYOP helped me face certain fears and helped me to take real action. Ideas are great but meaningless unless we do something with them. I was feeling so ‘stuck’ and LYOP helped me create momentum.”

– Alyssa Rasul – New York, New York

Jon, The $250/hour Corporate Productivity Guru

Jon and adam

The backstory: Jon is a successful family man and sales manager who has always loved his job. But he wanted something more. So, on the side, he started leading productivity trainings at his company. He now gets hired out at $250 per hour and also helps challenged children live their dreams (in his “free” time).

Jon is on the left above. The guy to his right is Adam Helbling, who was left a paraplegic after a car accident. Jon helped Adam find his way and become a published author and motivational speaker at 70 events and counting. This picture was taken right before Jon flew to Portland to tell Adam’s story in front of 3,000 people at World Domination Summit 2014. I have no idea how the guy does it all.

He was also the first person to purchase one of my LOYP 1:1 coaching packages years ago.

“Something magical happens when you follow a simple process and can articulate what’s probably stuck down in your consciousness. I think LOYP is perfect for uncovering what’s inside a person but maybe not yet on a conscious level.”

– Jon Giganti – Columbus, Ohio

Ben, The Published Author & ‘Quit Alternative’ Trainer

Bens transformation

The backstory: Ben went from stress-induced corporate employee, including panic attacks that also led to emergency room visits, to a totally new career as a trainer, speaker and published author in his own organization. He recently wrote an article on LYL how to live your legend without quitting your day job, to launch his new book, The Quit Alternative. He was also one of our very first Connect With Anyone graduates and LYL Local Hosts in Charleston.

“I knew I wanted to serve others, but what was the best way for me personally to do that? LOYP helped me hone in on that unknown. I started coaching inside of my organization, then speaking to groups, then coaching outside my organization, blogging under my own name, podcasting, writing a book, and now I’m planning to make it more interactive by doing interviews, and hosting live events.

“Through LYOP, I connected with others doing things they were passionate about. I suddenly had people I could go to for help and also be supportive of them. This helped me keep going even on those days when I didn’t feel motivated.”

– Ben Fanning – Charleston, South Carolina

Matías, The Habits Entrepreneur & TEDx Speaker

Matias and his TEDx dream

The backstory: Matías was studying to be a lawyer, unhappily heading down the path he was “supposed” to travel. Then he almost died in a car accident, woke up and discovered Live Off Your Passion and Connect With Anyone soon after. He went to town and quickly started an online business with his girlfriend to teach people how to change their business habits – that now has hundreds of paying customers.

Along the way he dreamed of giving a TEDx Talk one day. Then, due to his newfound success, he was invited to give one (see above picture). He’s since spoken at 1,000+ person events and is rocking his online business and kicking ass as a LYL Local Host in Salta (which I plan to visit in a month or so!).

“LYL really helped me by constantly pushing me into action, eliminating excuses, showing me how real people were doing this kind of stuff, and giving me my first group of inspiring people.”

– Matías Salom – Salta, Argentina

Naz & Leah, The Unstoppable Aussie Coach & Entrepreneur Duo

Scott Naz and Leah livin the dream at revu

The backstory: You couldn’t make this stuff up. Naz was a gun-carrying police officer in Sydney who discovered LOYP and applied it to make huge changes in her organization. Then she decided to join the first round of Connect With Anyone. Leah stumbled upon LYL around the same time out in Brisbane, and joined the first CWA class as well.

Since they were both Aussies with similar goals, we paired them in a mastermind group, and they went on to become best friends, business partners and some of the most talented coaches I’ve ever seen. They’ve blown up their own speaking, training and coaching business in Australia and have also been coaching our CWA and LYL students for over a year. Everyone they’ve worked with seems to have turned to gold. I love these ladies!

And they put on the first ever LYL Local event (without me there – so cool). That single event in Sydney was the birth of what’s now happening each month in 300 cities in 70 countries. That picture was taken at Jonathan Fields’ RevolutionU event where they were attendees and I was speaking. A year later, Jonathan featured their story as his prime case study.

“This year we both left our corporate jobs where we were earning in excess of $160,000 combined. We now run our own business, RYPL, where we help people everyday bring meaning to their lives through live events, speaking, writing and coaching. In 2014, we are tracking to turn over our first million dollars.

– Leah Hynes & Nazrin Murphie – Sydney, Australia

And a few other quick stories…

“I just wanted to say thank you for all you have done and provided. You have helped me to start to find focus in my life and get myself out of a relentless job that was slowly killing my passion (and my soul).”

– Sam A. – New Zealand

“I found you guys at the perfect time and so far the experience has been life changing. Thanks again.”

– Darius M. – Birmingham, AL. USA

“I’m just finishing up my Live Off Your Passion course, going through the bonus module. I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to the work of all the amazing people featured in LOYP and your great resources to get closer to my passion. The ‘values’ exercise was life changing for me.

I was stuck being an actor/director and not really feeling happy about what I was doing. And only after taking the LYOP course I was able to connect the dots. It was a catalyst in my understanding what was important for me. Everything started making sense.”

– Alex B. – Los Angeles, California

“You and your work at LYL is what gave me the courage to start a blog in the first place. Since then, I have fallen in love with my subject matter, and figured out what I want to do with the rest of my life!”

– Bethany S.

“You were one of the big inspirations for me to start my entrepreneurial journey. In the past 2 years, I’ve destroyed my cubicle, gained location-independence, and moved to Vietnam! Live Your Legend helped me break through my limits and take the leap.”

– David P.

Oh, and how could I forget a few world-adventuring LYLers…

  • Akshay is raising 1 million dollars by running across every country in the world to promote global connection and help orphans around the world.
  • Paul took a serene vacation in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia and Iran to explore the good behind the headlines.
  • Kasha, a 15-year-old filmmaker & social justice advocate, launched a 6-month world tour to profile people standing up for their beliefs.

You see, living your legend can mean anything, as long as it actually means something to YOU. Because when you show up to the world doing what matters to you, people feel it, it’s contagious and it makes others want to show up in the same way. 

And that’s what starts to change the world.

Let’s look at the Passionate Work Framework one more time…

The Live Your Legend Passionate Work Framework

But you know the coolest thing of all?

Other than the fact that LYL has gotten to play a small part in these folks putting a dent in the world?

It’s that I can honestly call many of these people friends. When we’re in each others’ towns, we send a text and usually find time to meet up (if not find ourselves out most of the night…).

I had no idea who they were until they stumbled upon our community here.

And since then, they’ve become my source of inspiration. They are the stories of possibility I tell to friends and family at dinner parties and to audience members when I’m on stage.

When I say these words (as I do so often)…

The fastest way to do the things you don’t think can be done is to hang around people already doing them.

These are the people I am talking about.

And there are so many others whose stories I can’t wait to share.

These people are no different than you.

They simply decided to use Live Off  Your Passion and the other LYL tools that have been proven to work for thousands of us (as well as a few other tricks I’m sure they picked up along the way).

They had a reason to put what they learned to work. They found a Why bigger than themselves.

Then they did something every single day to execute on it. 

That’s where the magic always is – in the baby steps that are so small that they’re impossible not to take.

That’s why we’ve built the Live Off Your Passion Guided-Discovery Framework the way we have. Because without clarity on all the little steps, most of the world never finds the courage to start.

I want to do everything in my power to avoid that.

Because there’s no reason this can’t be you.

That’s the whole point here.

Happy holidays and thanks for doing your part, showing up and committing to making your difference in the world.

2015 is almost upon us.

Time to set the world on fire (in the best of ways),


Click here for details and to try Live Off Your Passion Guided-Discovery risk free

With our 100% results-backed “Do Work You Love in 90 Days” guarantee, there’s nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Then, keep an eye out for A LOT more in-depth LYL Transformation stories and interviews from our friends above, and many others – hopefully you’ll be one of them!