Live Your Legend | 57 Living Legends Expose The Moment that Defined their Passion
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57 Living Legends Expose The Moment that Defined their Passion

57 Living Legends Expose The Moment that Defined their Passion

Living Legends

“No one ever got anywhere by themselves. Find your support and keep them close.”


Who inspires you? Who pushes you to places you couldn’t get on your own? It’s time to start spending more time around them…

Live Your Legend is dedicated to helping you find the work you love. To discover passion and spend your time doing what matters. To putting a dent in the world that only you are capable of making.

This comes down to a simple formula:

Learn who you are + get inspired by others + take action = Live Your Legend

If I’m not spending my time in one of those categories, I’m not living. I surround myself with passionate people everyday. They push my limits. They inspire me. They teach me the impossible is possible. We are not meant to go at it alone.

I get to live my legend, work on passion and wake up excited because of what I’ve learned from those who’ve taken the world by the horns and done something with who they are.

Recently I asked a handful of kick-ass entrepreneurs living their dreams (aka: Living Legends), one question:

What’s one defining life experience or belief that’s allowed you to find your passion and live on purpose? 

The responses blew my mind – I hope they’ll do the same for you.

I’m grateful to say the below are all people I’ve met, spent time around or been in touch with in one way or another along the journey. Many of them have become good friends. Whether they know it or not, they’ve shed light on a path I could not have walked alone.

They have built businesses and sold them, written bestsellers, lived and worked all over the world and most importantly helped people in a way only they could. And they did it all on their terms.

They’ve created lives of meaning that, however big or small, are changing the world. And the best part, we are all capable of what they’ve done. You just have to want it badly enough.

Doing work that matters is scary sh*t. One few decide to tackle. You are here because you think differently. We all do.

We all have moments that change us. We all have times where fear and uncertainty stare us in the face. It’s what we do at those moments that defines us.

I have not gotten here alone nor will I go any further without the right people in my corner.

From the shoulders of giants, enter the Living Legends…


Chip Conley – CEO of Joie de Vivre Hospitality & Author of “Peak”

In college, I only took one psychology class, but I distinctly remember how drawn I was to Abraham Maslow’s iconic Hierarchy of Needs pyramid, a precursor to today’s positive psychology movement. More than two decades later, when my San Francisco-based hotel company was struggling with the dot-com bust, I reconnected with Maslow’s theory of human motivation and reinterpreted it for my company and then in a book PEAK.

In essence, business is meant to be pleasure and the ultimate work experience is when you’re feeling self-actualized (a Maslow expression). Maslow was famous for foreshadowing the human potential movement, but, honestly, in business, great leaders visualize potential and actualize it into reality. Business is meant to be the ultimate human potential movement.

Keith Ferrazzi – Relationship Master & Bestselling Author of “Never Eat Alone”

The act of service has been transformative in my life personally. I grew up being taught the power of “paying it forward” in my life by all those who were there for me as a child and young man. Then it became more evident after publishing Never Eat Alone. I began to stand in front of audiences and give my personal testimonial for a life transformed through a life of stronger relationships… I had to hold the mirror up and ask every day if I was living up to my books and talk? And the answer was not always yes!

But a few years ago I began a new chapter in my life of service. It started with Meals on Wheels and the weekly transformation I gained reaching out and touching individual lives so directly in such simple but powerful ways. I guarantee I got more out of it than anyone I delivered that meal to.

Service has now become a contagion for me! I make every effort to tie in acts of direct service around every major trip I do. My work to bring our message to individual children and to help those serving others use our work to better their lives and service… This is truly the joy of my life today.

Seth Godin – Bestselling Author & Marketing Genius

You have everything you need to build something far bigger than yourself.

Michael Bungay Stanier – Author of “Do More Great Work”

The catalyst for the work I do now – helping people and organizations do less Good Work and more Great Work – came when I rediscovered a scrap of paper in my files. It was a photocopied page from a coffee-table book, Art is Work by the designer Milton Glaser. My friend Kate had sent it to me – a four paragraph introduction to a book of photos – and it suddenly crystalized what I was trying to do. It was one of those moments when “inspiration is when your past suddenly makes sense.”

But that makes it sound like one flash of light and ta-da! it’s all sorted out. But more accurately for me, the process was much closer to those beautiful sand mandalas you see Tibetan monks painstakingly create. For years I’ve been probing, pushing, checking, trying, exploring, stumbling, feeling and trying to get closer to what I stand for, what I want to do and who I want to be.

That was the really hard work that allowed me to recognize what mattered when I picked up that piece of paper again.

Simon Sinek – Author of “Start With Why”

Six years ago I found myself in a place I’d never been before. I lost my passion for what I was doing. Waking up was a chore and going to work required all the energy I had. It was the discovery of this thing called the Why that restored my passion. It proved to me that I had the right to feel fulfilled by my work and that I didn’t have to suffer through a job I had. It was so powerful that I decided I was going to devote all my energy from that point on to proving to others that fulfillment is a right we all share and I was going to do my part to show people a way that we could all come home at the end of the day and say, with a smile, “I love my job.”

Richard Leider – Purpose Coach and Bestselling Author of “The Power of Purpose” & “Repacking Your Bags”

I met Viktor Frankl just after graduate school where I had, in fact, been moved by reading his classic work, Man’s Search for Meaning. His seminar shifted my world view and helped me find the voice in my vocation. I learned why it is essential, from cradle-to-grave, to have a “reason to get up in the morning.” My writing and lifework continues to be profoundly impacted by his life and work.

Leo Babauta – Zen Habits & Author of “The Power of Less” 

My belief in simplicity. It gives me the space to pursue my passion, to have only the things I love in my life, to cultivate the life I want. I’ve eliminated everything that distracts me from doing what I love.

Jonathan Fields – Speaker and Author of “Uncertainty”

Becoming a dad. It’s a huge reminder to lead with intention and action, not just words.




Chris Guillebeau – Art Of Non Conformity

Say yes to everything you’re excited about or afraid of.

Jim Cathcart – Bestselling Author & Founder of Cathcart Institute

The defining moment for me was when I was a government clerk at the Little Rock (Arkansas) Housing Authority in 1972 and I heard Earl Nightingale say, on the radio, that by spending one extra hour a day studying my chosen field, I could become a National Expert in that field in 5 years or less. From that day forward I believed that I was capable of living a significant life. Prior to that I expect much less.

Sean Stephenson – Motivational Speaker & Founder of Time to Stand

It took place almost a decade ago. I met a young girl (after one of my speeches) who showed me her ‘cutting scars’ and asked, “Why do I do this to myself?” Sadly, I didn’t know. That year I went back to school to become a therapist to find that answer and more.

Neil Pasricha – 1000 Awesome Things

Life is delicate, fragile, and short. There’s so much to learn and so much we’ll never know. Embrace the insanity.




Pam Slim – Escape from Cubicle Nation

Working with a group of exceptionally bright and talented young people when I taught martial arts. From outward appearances, they had lots of challenges: low income, rough neighborhoods, fractured family lives and pressure to do drugs and join gangs. But their spirits were so strong, and when they found something they loved, they willingly and powerfully changed their circumstances. Whenever I get down or feel pressure, I think of their courage and strength and it motivates me to keep going.

Danielle Laporte – White Hot Truth

Half of getting where you want to go is KNOWING WHAT IT TAKES TO GET THERE. Crazy ambition requires radical practicality. Otherwise, it’s just stupid.

Charlie Gilkey – Productivity Flourishing

Better to take one idea and do something with it than to file hundreds in the back of your brain. Go create something.

Scott Fox – Click Millionaires & Author of “Internet Riches”

A few years back I started writing my first book, Internet Riches, because I wanted to teach others how to succeed online like I have. It was ambitious and maybe even crazy to try to reinvent myself as an author when I had never written a book (or even a blog post) before. Standing in a Barnes & Noble in San Diego with my wife, we joked that I would like to return there someday to find my book on the shelves. But soon enough it was!

The great response to Internet Riches from readers worldwide has led to two more books plus the founding of This was not the result of simply “envisioning abundance” but of using my personal passion to help others through hard work, careful planning, and lots of marketing. This success convinced me again that you and I both can design our lives to be anything we want them to be.

Cori PadgettCori Padgett– Big Girl Branding

I became a mom at 17.  It pretty much defined who I am today because I had to grow up very quickly and learn what’s important in life and what’s not. Kids have a way of making you assess the person you are and the person you want to be, and they either inspire and motivate you to connect the two, or send you running scared into a life of denial.

Ultimately though it will be a life of regret too… because one day you WILL wake up and figure out what’s important and what sort of person you want to be, and by then your kids probably won’t give two shits about your sudden epiphany. Sad but true.

So my kids motivate me and inspire me to be a better person every day, to teach them about character and strength, to be an example they can be proud of someday and use my life as a light to brighten their own walk in this world and find their own way.  

Ultimately if they grow up being kind and caring, hard workers, successful in doing something they love and in serving God… I feel I did my job well. Definitely not perfect, but well. And if in the process I can inspire other people too into living a life they can be proud of and that God would be proud of, then that’s something I can be proud of as well.  Can’t beat that right? 🙂

Lewis HowesLewis Howes – Former Two Sport All American Turned Internet Mogul   

It was the classic class dodge ball game and two of my peers were the team captains. With my previous tether ball victories under my belt, I figured I was a shoo-in for a first round pick. Instead, I was picked dead last. I was even picked last over the nerds with glasses and EVERY SINGLE GIRL IN MY CLASS! In the fragile social stratosphere of 3rd grade, this was death. Needless to say, I felt hurt, rejected and extremely lonely.

As an adult, I can see now how that moment has impacted my life and career, because I decided right then that never again would I get picked last for a sporting event or game, or anything I ever undertake in my life. Since then I’ve always strived for excellence and to pursue my passion 100% along the way no matter who tried to bring me down.

Chuck Longanecker – Digital Telepathy & Creator of Hello Bar

Camaraderie. I had a moment at my bachelor party last year. I looked around and saw my closest friends and realized that my greatest achievement in life is the relationships that I have created.

True and authentic connections that create the space for our greatness and potential. Since then, I have established camaraderie as a value within our company. We only work with, for and around friends. It’s a simple formula – If you give care and support to those around you and are open to receiving the same, you will find the balance and fuel necessary to accomplish anything.

Corbett Barr – Think Traffic

The adventure that most defined how I live now was the six month road trip / sabbatical I took to Mexico in early 2009. That trip marked the first time in my adult life I pursued something so purposefully and long-term while putting my career on the back burner. The trip ended up changing all of my views about work and life and helped me discover what my real passions were.

Too often people accept others’ goals as their own simply because they don’t spend enough time away from societal influences. I highly recommend anyone thinking about a career transition to start by taking an extended sabbatical to think about what you really want, away from your normal influences and responsibilities.

Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income

Getting laid off in 2008 was the most defining moment of my life. The experience taught me that there is no such thing as absolute security and that the best thing I can do is work for myself and control my own destiny. It opened up a whole new world for me and I’m so happy now that I can do what I’m passionate about and inspire many others to do the same. 

Jonathan Mead – Illuminated Mind

Test your assumptions. Ruthlessly. The repercussions of doing what you want are vastly overrated.

Adam Baker – Man vs Debt

The biggest defining life experience for us was when we first sold everything we owned – and flew into Australia with our backpacks and one-year-old daughter.

We had little idea of what we were really doing, but quickly were thrown into situations where we HAD to be flexible. We were FORCED to have positive attitude and learn to adjust on the fly.

It wasn’t easy – but this environment taught me patience, control, and flexibility more than any other situation I’ve ever been in. I’m glad we did it – even though in the moment it seemed crazy!

Scott Young – Habit Hacker & Blogger

 I wouldn’t say I’ve had one defining life experience – it’s hundreds of little reference points that add up to the confidence to live how you want. Little successes build up your repository of examples that let you know you can accomplish things if you set your mind to it.

Maren Kate – Escaping the 9 to 5

Traveling to Italy for a month and reading a lot of Vonnegut. He mentioned that he believes only 17% of the population have lives worth living and that scared & saddened me. Standing in the train terminal, sipping a cappuccino – I decided that I would be part of that 17% and I would never settle for a life of mediocrity no matter what it cost me.

Jodi Ettenberg – Legal Nomads

The most defining attitude for me has been the belief that life is about learning. I am constantly propelled forward by this desire to learn about and experience other places, and it’s part of why I’m so thirsty to do things a little differently. As a lawyer I was definitely soaking up a ton of knowledge, but in leaving the law to travel and share my experiences I’ve found myself that much more curious and excited about life, wherever it takes me. That’s the magic in doing what you feel passionate about: seeing things in technicolour, all the time.

Steven Aitchison – Change Your Thoughts

The one thing that started my whole personal development journey and allowed me to live on purpose, was the day I found out I could change my beliefs, I was 14 years old. It’s amazing a lot of us think ‘This is my lot in life, and I can’t change it.’ and deep down believe it. If we choose to believe differently we get different results. Changing a belief is the reverse of how we installed the belief in the first place, and when you look at it like this you’ll realise there’s so much more you can do in life.

Jenny Blake – Life After College

“You can’t cross the Grand Canyon in two small leaps.” That’s an anonymous quote that my Dad shared with me many years ago, and it’s been a guiding principle in my life ever since. Yes, sometimes we need to take baby steps to start making progress on our goals. But more often, we need to dig deep and find the courage to take the great leaps in life — the ones that propel us so far forward that we become a bigger, better, more alive version of ourselves. My personal motto, “Live big!” reflects the belief that it’s our greatest leaps that define us and bring us the most joy. At least for all the go-getters out there.

Mars Dorian – Spread Your Influence

Two years ago I gave a stranger at a party some advice on building a creative business. He was still grinding at the 9-5 and soaked up every little word I came up with. Guess what? A few months later he wrote me a big, fat email THANKING me for my advice and telling how he successfully built his biz based on my ideas. I thought “Holy crap, I can actually POSITIVELY impact someone and epic-fy their life through my existence !”

That was the point where I put more passion than ever before into my own business – inspiring others to live & work on their own terms with ENDLESS FIRE INSIDE!

JD Roth – Get Rich Slowly

About five years ago, I made one simple change that’s helped me find more passion and purpose in my life. I started saying ‘yes’ to the things that scared me. Instead of turning down opportunities that seemed intimidating, I started embracing them. I began to talk with strangers. I agreed to appear on television. I swallowed my fear of heights and jumped out of an airplane. Basically, I stopped saying ‘no’ and started saying ‘yes’ to all of the things I’d been afraid to try before. This one change has made my life a thousand times more fulfilling than it was before.

Larry Benet – The Connector

After being selectively outsourced for the 4th and final time from corporate america and after asking Donald trump a question on overcoming adversity and pressure, I realized that I wanted to have the freedom to do what I wanted with who I wanted when I wanted. I knew I had a unique gift of connecting with people and building relationships, and realized that i could build relationships with anyone. Since that time I have set out to build relationships with some of the worlds greatest thought leaders and entrepreneurs like Tony Hsieh of zappos, Tony Robbins, to Peter Guber owner of the Golden State Warriors and created an organization to serve them and add value to them.

David Hassell – CEO of 15Five & Strategy Day

Discovering that we all have a unique gift or ability, like our very own super power, which lives at the intersection of our talents and passions.

You know when you’re using it when you’re in flow — you lose all sense of time, you’re more energized than when you started, and others wonder how you’re able to do it so easily.

It’s hard to see in yourself because it comes so naturally, but once I discovered mine, instead of comparing my weaknesses against everyone else’s super power and feeling bad about myself, I was able to focus on using mine wherever and whenever I could to help those around me.

Now instead of focusing on improving my weaknesses (which only leads to a set of mediocre abilities), I focus on using my strenghts as much as possible, and partner with people who’s super powers either compensate for my weaknesses or compliment my strengths.

Life is much more fun as every day I find ways to share my gift, and I get to discover and admire the greatness in everyone I meet.

Barrie Davenport – Live Bold and Bloom

For me there have been two distinct beliefs/experiences for two phases of my life, and both happened organically. When I graduated from college, I had no idea what I wanted to do – no clear career path and or sense of purpose about a profession. I accidentally landed in a public relations job which was a great career for many years. But the only thing I truly felt passionate about was having children and creating a stable and happy family life (something I missed as a child).

In my 40’s, and as my children got older, I had a relentless compulsion (mid-life crisis??) to discover my passion and life purpose beyond parenting. I read dozens of books, took self-assessments, enrolled in workshops, and ultimately discovered my passion is helping others uncover their own passions and make positive life change. I’ve since become a personal coach and run several blogs related to personal development and online learning. I wake up every day filled with enthusiasm for what’s next!

Satya Colombo – Fierce Wisdom

Getting to know some of the most amazing people alive right now through my work — many on this page — and learning straight from them how to live an immortal life. One thing we share in common is we’re not afraid to take huge risks to live the truth of our heart’s calling. Don’t fool yourself into thinking any of these people have had it easy. You’ve gotta be willing to stake everything and be a badass, even if it’s the most uncomfortable thing in the world. It’s a sh*t-ton of blood, sweat and tears, but it’s worth every last second.

Natalie Sisson – The Suitcase Entrepreneur

For me it was realizing I could sit down to lunch with fear and face it directly and talk to it just like any companion. Once you give fear a persona it no longer becomes this thing that can control and limit all that you’re capable of.

I learned that, along with fear, failure was also part and parcel of a long journey to being successful. That the thought of failure was often worse than the feeling of being at rock bottom. Even when I was down to my last pennies, having put everything into starting a new business, I realized I was still happy, healthy and lucky to be enjoying the best things in life – which are always free you know.

Once I’d taken fear to lunch a few times and become accustomed to failing fast and often, things just got better and better. As soon as you get really clear on what you want in life, you start to do everything in your power (and subconcious) to make  it a reality, and then Universe steps in and provides what you ask for. That’s when the fun really begins as you’re possibilities in what you want to do, who you want to become and what you want to achieve are only limited by your imagination. 

Jeffrey Riddle – The Give Give

Had I not given myself permission to go after a career in professional baseball, tour the country as a musician, try real estate, manage artists and produce albums, start a dot com, build a marketing company, and explore software sales, I would have never discovered my passion. It’s taken a  commitment to the relentless pursuit of self growth and exploration to find it; and there isn’t a day that goes by that I’m not incredibly grateful.

Suzannah Scully – Career Maven

I believe that we were all given gifts and it is our responsibility to share that gift with others. I believe in the most effective use of my soul and mind and what that means for how I spend my time. And I know that I have never felt more like myself than I have since I started listening to what was inside as opposed to following what everyone expected of me on the outside.

Laura Roeder – Social Media Marketing Made Easy

I believe you choose everything in your life. If you don’t like something make a different choice. (OR accept that these are the circumstances you’ve decided to put yourself in.) This belief makes you take responsibility but is incredibly freeing at the same time – every element is within your control.

Karol Gajda – Ridiculously Extrodinary

I don’t know that I’ve ever had a single great life epiphany. I’ve had a lot of “oh! this feels better” type moments. When I stopped chasing money and began getting rid of all my stuff (including my at-the-time-beloved BMW 530i and Gibson SG guitar) is when I feel like I really started to appreciate what life was about. That was a years-long process as opposed to a single moment. The way I’m living now is a culmination of those years of paring down and reflection on what truly matters.

Aaron Ross – Pebble Storm & Founder of Unique Genius

1) Patience, baby steps, patience, baby steps, patience and baby steps.  Be the tortoise, not the hare.

2) As you follow your callings and gut, learn from, but don’t imitate other people.  You must be a “first class you”, rather than a “second class imitation of others”.  If you constantly “compare and despair” rather than focusing on what your unique gifts and path are, you will never find happiness, fulfillment, or your Unique Genius.

Doug Hattaway – CEO of Hattaway Communications

I found purpose and focus when I committed my business to working only with “visionary” clients out to make a positive difference for “people and the planet.” When I began consulting I hadn’t set out with that mission in mind, but then I took the time to explore what I was really interested in doing – and why. I enjoy my work because it involves creativity, learning and challenge – but I could find that enjoyment in lots of endeavors. Ultimately, the chance to make a positive difference in the world is what gets me going. Doing meaningful work is motivating – not just to me, but to all the smart and talented people who work with me.

Shama Kabani – Marketing Zen

I live by this quote: “When you get to the end of all the light you know, and it’s time to step into the darkness of the unknown, faith is knowing that one of two things shall happen: either you will be given something solid to stand on, or you will be taught how to fly.” – Edward Teller. This is my belief when it comes to life and business. There is a grand plan to all things in the universe. I believe in always moving forward, trusting my intuition, and having faith in the unknown.

Jullien Gordon – Purpose Finder

I love potluck dinners and I host them monthly, but I also believe in the philosophy behind potlucks—Give more than you take. This has been my business strategy, relationship strategy, and overall life strategy. What you leave over in a business transaction is value. What you leave over in a relationship is love. And what you leave over in life is legacy.

Nicholas Reese – Author of “Traffic and Trust”

I was 22, in college, and running an email marketing business with hundreds of clients.Out of the blue my buddy Markus Urban called me and said, “I’ve got an extra ticket for a 7 day cruise, do you want to go? It leave’s in 3 days.”

Up until that point, I had never dreamed of leaving my business for a week, but I knew I had a choice to make. After much deliberation, I skipped a week of class and emailed all my clients telling them I would be on a cruise.

My business didn’t burn to the ground like I originally expected, but from that point forward I was dead-set on building a business around purpose, flexibility, and lifestyle.

Jacob Sokol – Sensophy

Letting go. That was the biggest move I made toward living my life on purpose. If you look at all of the responses to 48 Online Authorities Reveal Their Most “Unrealistic” Accomplishments, 80% of them are really saying the same thing – THEY LET GO!

Steve Job’s sums it up perfectly here: “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something — your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever.” Now it’s your turn… LET GO!

Benny Lewis – Fluent in 3 Months

Meet as many people as possible. You simply cannot find your passion by burying your head in books/websites alone. Interaction with the world, questioning others, discussing, socialising, travelling, dating, partying, joining clubs, exercising with others, and every other activity that lets you associate (ideally face to face) with people can ultimately expose you to THEIR passions and give you a better idea of what yours may be.

David Garland – Rise to the Top

My belief in doing things my own way and not conforming as to what I should do really came from my parents. Not because they are massive risk takers, but they instilled a healthy (possibly too much?) self esteem in me that has been my guiding force to start things without experience, take risks and live life to the fullest.

Sophie Chiche – Life By Me

My choice to live a meaningful life came from a shift in my relationship with myself. One morning, just like that (after years of searching) I woke up and I was done with the story of not deserving a great life. Done. I was now going to do what brings me joy and not what does not. My internal experience changed my outer life almost instantly. New opportunities, new offers. Some relationships fell away and made room for new ones that were better fitted to my new belief about myself. I am enough. I am lovable. I deserve to be happy. And therefore spend my days doing something that turns me on. All the way.

George Kao – Sustainable Productivity Coach

My defining life experience was when my parents took me to a third world country when I was a child.  The impression of abject poverty placed a deep passion within me to do something about it.  Hence my integration of social and environmental sustainability into my business (even if I’m not in that field, the values drive how I run my business).

John Greathouse – Venture Capitalist & Writer at Info Chachkie

My father passed away when I was 35-yrs old. He literally worked until the day he prematurely died. Upon his death, I told myself that I would not do the same. Thus, at 43, after helping take two companies public and selling another for a substantial sum, I took several years off. That time away allowed me to understand that real wealth is measured in the degree to which you have time to do what you want to do, when you want to do it, coupled with the flexibility to avoid doing things you find displeasing.

Tina Su – Think Simple Now

So many experiences have directed me over the years to discover my passion and to live on purpose. And once permanent shift happens, once you embody what you’ve learned, it’s hard to separate it from yourself as a single event. Two experiences made big differences in my recollection: 1. The rocking chair test. 2. A process of discovering and defining your core values. I call this “your essential qualities”. Both of which I talk about in detail in my new guide Discover You Now – how to find your life purpose and discover how to make a living doing it. 

Mary Jaksch – Good Life Zen & A-List Blogging Bootcamps

The first Zen retreat changed my life forever. Quite apart from the fact that I became a Zen Master 20 years later, the way Zen has shaped my life and work has given me a strong sense of purpose and a huge zest for life. The two main points of change are that my life is focused on being insanely useful to others, and the other is that everything I do has got to be ethical. What I didn’t expect was that I’d become an online entrepreneur and create things like the A-List Blogging Bootcamps – but my Zen background keeps me grounded.

Arvind Devalia – Get the Life You Love

The life defining experience that changed my life forever was when I was in an orphanage in India and looked into the eyes of this little orphan girl and then the Catholic sister looking after her. Time seemed to come to a standstill in that moment of bliss and though it only lasted a few seconds, it felt like an eternity.

I felt an all engulfing, deep sense of love and I was forever ingrained with the knowing that love is all that matters. Ever since that day over ten years ago, I have passionately lived a life of contribution and looked to make a difference to others in every way I can.

Indeed, love is all that matters.

Sean Ogle – Location 180

The most defining experience I’ve had is the realization that I can support myself, and do things my way. As soon as I left my corporate job, I quickly found that I could run a business, and make time for all of the fun stuff I like doing. It’s a much healthier way to live, and had I not faced the uncertainty of leaving my job, I never would have realized what was possible. Oftentimes the greatest success comes from taking the greatest risk.

Debra Russell – Life and Business Coach

There have literally been hundreds of ‘defining’ moments that have helped shape my life but one of the most important was the day I created “The Rocking Chair Test” for myself. Through this simple process I discovered and committed to two principles for guiding my life — I created my ‘mission’ as some may say. I think of these as my North Stars. They’re always there helping me navigate my life through good times and times I’m not as thrilled about living through. Some of my passions have come and gone over the last thirty years but the clarity I have on how I live my life is always in front, calling me forward and guiding my decisions.

Matt Gartland – Accidental Creative

There is no certainty, only opportunity.

This is no whimsical belief. It’s a battle-tested truth. It’s steeped in my blood, sweat, and tears from hand-to-hand combat on the front lines of health, career, happiness, and reason. I’m not alone in this battle. Everyday I fight. You fight. We win some. We lose some. But the campaign never ends. The resistance never relents. And our dreams shall never die.

For those that are unplugged from the lies of linear living, we know that this struggle to discover true passion and purpose is iterative. This proves beyond a doubt an all-important fact of the universe…

Life is a circle re-circling.

I’ve learned this well. From academic supremacy and career lavishness to mutilations of health and happiness, I’ve walked in both the light and the darkness. If I’ve learned anything it’s this…

Everything and nothing are equals. There are no coincidences. There is no certainty. Only opportunity. And it rests on a knife point.

Sean Patrick Simpson – Songwriter and Publisher

There is no true right or wrong, good or bad, there just is. Be willing to live this life as an actor chooses his role to play – and realize that we, and everyone around us, are more than just their role, ideas, actions and identity. There is more to life than meets the eye. When you find yourself so bound to your own role and perspective, remember this grand stage of life, and be willing to see things from another perspective. Truth can be found in everything.

Lori Deschene – Tiny Buddha

I started living a life guided by my passions when I stopped believing that purpose meant doing something big. Previously, I thought I needed to change the world, or save the world, or travel the world, otherwise my actions wouldn’t be good enough. This paralyzed me because I had no idea where to start. I realized then that I needed to stop worrying about the big picture–how all the dots might connect–and focus instead of creating that first dot, following my heart. That first dot was one simple tweet, and since then I’ve taken it one passionate dot at a time.

Dharmesh Shah – Founder of HubSpot & On Startups

When I sold my first company and saw the money in my bank account. Money does not buy happiness. But, money does provide freedom, choices and the ability to pursue your passions.

Peter G. James Sinclair – Motivational Memo

Two experiences come to mind that can be simply defined as ‘locked away’ – the power of solitude.

At 28 years of age I locked myself away in a motel room for three days with a personal development book, the Gideon Bible – which came free with the room, a note book (otherwise known as a journal – and I have over 40 of these now in my possession – so you can say that journalling has become a habit that has overflowed into writing books and blogs) and a pen.

Then in my 30’s I locked myself away in the basement of a local university library and discovered the original works of Ralph Waldo Emerson and took notes furiously. Every word I devoured was like ‘liquid gold’ and impacted my life forever.

Tyler Tervooren – Advanced Riskology

The biggest defining experience I’ve had is realizing that as long as you’re not harming someone else’s life, no one really cares what you do with yours.  I used to be very scared of doing anything out of the ordinary because I was afraid of what people would think. Turns out, the more I tried it, the more I saw that most people are either interested in what you’re up to and want to know more, or they just don’t care and that’s the end of it.

The idea that you have to live up to some sort of outside expectation to live a comfortable, happy life is a myth. And, as long as no one really cares what you do with your time, you might as well do something fun, right?

Steve Kamb – Nerd Fitness

Above all else, I’ve put my focus into a single belief: help as many people as possible and the rest will work itself out. I spent my first 18 months writing articles for Nerd Fitness without making a dime – I built up an honest reputation for providing helpful advice and answering each and every email that came my way.  I didn’t worry about monetization, I didn’t worry about SEO, I didn’t worry about article length or keywords – I just worried about helping people. 13 months, two successful ebook launches, and one worldwide adventure later, things have worked out and I can’t stop smiling.

Suparna Bhasin – She Creates Change

I believe we were all born at this time with something we are here to do — it is our destiny and divine right – for me, I’ll stop at nothing to have it!

MeiMei Fox – Yoga Entrepreneur & Writer at Huffington Post

I believe in living the Life Out Loud. To me, this means staying true to your authentic heart path, as opposed to mindlessly reacting to events or making choices based on what you think you “should” do.

I only found my way by getting lost. As the great Sufi poet Rumi said, “Birds make great sky-circles of their freedom. How do they do it? They fall. And in falling, they are given wings.”

I married a man who convinced me, slowly but steadily over the years, to abandon my values. I wound up nearly a decade later in an open relationship – and miserable about it. After I left him, it took years of dedication to the spiritual path– therapy, yoga, meditation, reading books and attending lectures – to reconnect with my true self.

Now I am fiercely committed to doing the best job I can at being me, the MeiMei I am meant to be in the world. That includes speaking my truth in the interest of serving others, helping them to find their way out of their dark nights of the soul. My mantra is: Fear less, love more!


Thank you all for your EPIC contributions!

Your lives amaze us. Your stories inspire us. You make the important possible.

The bar has officially been set.

Now it’s our turn…

What one moment or belief defines you?

Please share at least one in the comments below. Even a single sentence adds a ton to the community!

Share the social love! Did anyone up there inspire you? Take 2 seconds and share this post with anyone who could benefit (just use the FB and Twitter links below). Thanks!

Images courtesy of Stuck in Customs and blog post inspired by Jacob Sokol
  • Scott
    Posted at 00:40h, 27 July Reply

    Alright, let’s get this party started! A HUGE thank you goes out to all of the 57 epic folks who shared their story. I thank you not only for your contribution to this post but for your contribution to the world. I live the life I do thanks to the example all of you set. It’s an honor to include you all on my list of friends, mentors and inspiration. You all are indeed Living Legends!

    Here’s to big things. Very big things…

    • Jon Giganti
      Posted at 11:56h, 27 July Reply


      Great post. New design kicks ass as well….love the name and mission.

      The defining moment for me had been brewing for quite some time and then it officially triggered once my first child was born (Gabe is 3 now). At that point, I started to think about my legacy in a big way, which led to my blog and is now a focus to do more.

      You’re coaching has been a huge inspiration as well and has helped my cultivate my “legend” and where I want to go from here.

      Kudos to you on everything.


      • Scott
        Posted at 16:16h, 27 July Reply

        It’s a real honor to hear you say that Jon. Sounds like you and Jonathan Fields and so many others share in the same defning moment of becoming a dad. I look forward to sharing in it one day as well (but not too soon ;). I can’t tell you how excited I am for the Legend you are building and the legacy you are already leaving behind you as you crush forward. Congrats on all of it!

    • Christa
      Posted at 09:25h, 31 August Reply

      I am brand new to your “passion” Scott and I already see tremendous encouragement to know that people like me do exist! I am in the middle of a life changing process, scared to death but the more I read, the more inspired I am to let go of my fears and attempt to discover my true passion. Thank you for leading by example. This is proof that I can do it.

  • Chris Stott
    Posted at 01:31h, 27 July Reply

    Wow Scott new site looks awesome (or should I say epic?!)

    This post I great, as it is always great to find inspiration from those who have greased or forged their own paths before us.

    Looks like you are stepping it up another gear. Looking forward to it.

    • Scott
      Posted at 16:18h, 27 July Reply

      I’ll take Epic indeed! Thanks Chris.

      Here’s to the next gear for all of us…

  • KK
    Posted at 03:04h, 27 July Reply

    Great job Scott. Reading For your Success has been a source of motivation. Looking at LiveYourLegend feels absolutely great. Appreciate your sincere efforts and awaiting your valuable posts.

    Wish you and all others here Success in all your endeavours

    • Scott
      Posted at 16:19h, 27 July Reply

      My success is no doubt what I share with all of you, so thanks for being a part of the revolution! So much fun to come…

  • Thea | Write Change Grow
    Posted at 03:18h, 27 July Reply

    Hi Scott
    Love the rebrand and the new design. Looks really great! What a fabulous post to kick start things with. Am very impressed and inspired to check out the list. Quite a few names that I recognise but also some wonderful new discoveries to explore. Looking forward to diving in.
    Good luck with the new direction. I will definitely be back again soon.

    • Scott
      Posted at 16:21h, 27 July Reply

      Thanks Thea. Feels so good to have this new, stronger foot forward. Definitely check out some of those names you haven’t heard of before. Everyone one of them is worth your time (and inspiration!). So glad you’re along for the ride.

  • Patrice
    Posted at 05:01h, 27 July Reply

    I think the moment that best defines us is based on courage. The moment when we are brave enough to step back and look at what we really care about and then decide how to live our lives around what we’ve discovered.

    Love the new look, Scott.

    • Scott
      Posted at 16:22h, 27 July Reply

      In a word, Courage definitely takes the cake Patrice. Nicely put. Once we step back, we usually realize there’s a lot less to be scared of than we thought…

  • sorrisi
    Posted at 06:29h, 27 July Reply

    I really like the new site design; the name is much more congruent with what you are achieving here. congratulations!

    To answer your question posed in this post:

    I can’t say I’ve had a defining experience that allows me to live my passion. My underlying belief is that no matter what I do professionally (from janitor to professor), I can make a difference in the lives of those around me just by being a good friend. This has evolved into realizing that it’s time for me to treat myself with similar care and respect. I’m doing the final proof of my phd dissertation, and when it’s done, I’m giving myself an extended sabbatical. Simply a break to become friends with myself again, reconnect with my passions, and hopefully making a transition to living on purpose.

    Thank you, Scott – the uplifting message in this blog has influenced that decision! Also, my husband resigned from his job this week, and largely thanks to what I’ve been reading on your site, I’m not worried. It’s an opportunity now for both of us to take time to connect with our passions and each other!

    • Scott
      Posted at 07:03h, 28 July Reply

      What an exciting place to be! Especially given that you know how much potential you and your husband’s situation has right now. Taking time for yourself is usually the best cure for digging deep into purpose and discovering what’s next. No better way than some long term travel or simple reflection.

      You are right on about being able to serve in huge ways regardless of your job. That’s Chip’s exact message in Peak (first guy profiled above). He founded one of the biggest boutique hotel chains in the world and managed to discover a way for even the thousands of employees cleaning toilets every day to find purpose in their work.

      All that’s required is deep thinking and some hard work!

  • Benny Lewis
    Posted at 08:46h, 27 July Reply

    Very nice list!! You’ve proven that sometimes all you have to do is ask 🙂 Thanks for including me among such true legends!

    • Scott
      Posted at 07:03h, 28 July Reply

      It was an honor to include you mate!

      And yes indeed, Asking is the most successful tactic that way too few people use…

  • Jacque
    Posted at 09:23h, 27 July Reply

    Fantastic new site and rebrand.

    My defining moment? Wouldn’t it be so freakin’ cool for both of us if it was reading this blog post?

    Always tuned in to your positive vibe…


    • Scott
      Posted at 07:04h, 28 July Reply

      WOW! You officially made my day. If this site has had anywhere near that effect on you, this all has been a tremendous success Jacque. Thank you!

  • Maria
    Posted at 09:44h, 27 July Reply

    Thank you Scott and for all the comments from the Living Legends. Everyone has a great life experience to share and they all touched me in one way or another.
    I’m looking forward to reading a lot more from Live Your Legend.

    • Scott
      Posted at 07:05h, 28 July Reply

      So much more fun to come Maria! Glad you had fun hearing from some of my friends. It’s an honor to have crossed their paths.

  • Susan Kuhn
    Posted at 10:27h, 27 July Reply

    Wonderful job! Nice to find your blog through Jonathan Fields; love the premise and the design.

    • Scott
      Posted at 07:07h, 28 July Reply

      Thanks Susan! Jonathan is a mentor and a guiding light in some amazing ways. It was awesome to get a spot on his site. Been on my list for a while. More than anything, I look up to his unbelievable ability to inspire a crowd on stage. Check out his TED talk if you haven’t

      Welcome to the adventure!

  • Michae
    Posted at 10:50h, 27 July Reply

    Scott: Thanks for sharing. These are very inspiring stories and people.

    Also, I love the new brand. It’s looking great!

    • Scott
      Posted at 07:07h, 28 July Reply

      Love it – Welcome Michae!

  • Mars Dorian
    Posted at 10:55h, 27 July Reply

    Holy crap man !

    What an epic post for an epic launch of your site !

    It’s truly an *honour* to get featured among those grrrreat ruckus makers.

    Me likey.

    • Scott
      Posted at 07:08h, 28 July Reply

      You belong here my man! You work has inspired me in more ways than you realize. Thanks for blazing a trail…

  • Rick Mulready
    Posted at 10:56h, 27 July Reply

    Wow, what a list, Scott. One could spend hours with all the great resources and inspirations here…and I plan to!

    One defining belief for me is how short life is. Embrace what you’ve been given and do what makes you happy. Losing my dad to colon cancer when I was 25 made me realize this.

    And, I’ll echo Benny’s comment above — this is a perfect example that sometimes all you have to do is ask.

    As always, thanks for sharing this amazing content.

    • Scott
      Posted at 07:11h, 28 July Reply

      Sorry for your early loss Rick. I can only imagine how eye-opening that is and was.

      I operate under the same philosophy — life is super short so make your dent in the world right this second, not tomorrow.

      I call it the “One-Life Challenge” –I consider everyone who joins this site as a member.

      Let’s take it seriously. This is not a dress rehearsal…

      Glad you’re having fun with the new site!

  • Arvind Devalia
    Posted at 10:56h, 27 July Reply

    Scott, fabulous new site and design. You are already a legend!

    I look forward to reading much more inspirational stuff from you.

    And thanks for giving me an opportunity to share my story.

    • Scott
      Posted at 07:12h, 28 July Reply

      Arvind I’m convinced this site would not exist if it was not for you. I mean that. You were the first guy I met in the A-list Club, you stepped me through my first major redesign of RFYS a year ago and you showed me what was possible. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  • David Siteman Garland
    Posted at 10:58h, 27 July Reply

    Scott- Great to be a part of the post. Thanks for including me.

    Looks like I might have to hunt down some of the other folks mentioned for an interview on TheRiseToTheTop 🙂

    • Scott
      Posted at 07:13h, 28 July Reply

      Indeed! Awesome to have you involved. You’re work over at TheRiseToTheTop continues to raise my standards. Thanks for that. No doubt all of these folks are worthy of an interview. Let me know if you want an introduction – although my guess is you already know then all 😉

  • Sean
    Posted at 11:00h, 27 July Reply

    Incredible list! Well done putting it together and congrats on the new site – looks great!

    • Scott
      Posted at 07:14h, 28 July Reply

      Thanks Sean. You stamp of approval means a lot. This has been a blast…and we’re just getting started!

  • Benny
    Posted at 11:07h, 27 July Reply

    Definitely a great post. To contact each of those people and then compile it in one post is amazing. It’s great to reach each answer and draw inspiration from there.

    • Scott
      Posted at 07:15h, 28 July Reply

      It was an unreal process. To be honest, it was a lot more involved than I expected but that made it all the more amazing to connect with these folks on a whole new level. Thanks Benny!

  • Luinae
    Posted at 11:08h, 27 July Reply

    Wow, what an absolutely fantastic resource and list! Also, thanks to the inspirational people who shared their story- massively beautiful and inspirational.

    • Scott
      Posted at 07:18h, 28 July Reply

      Agreed–a huge thanks to all these folks. That make this site what it is!

  • Barrie/Live Bold and Bloom
    Posted at 11:43h, 27 July Reply

    Wow Scott — I am humbled to be included in such great company. What a wonderful, inspiring compilation of wisdom. Thank you for including me and for all of the hard work it took you to pull this together. It was definitely worth the time and effort. Great stuff!!

    • Scott
      Posted at 07:19h, 28 July Reply

      You know you belong here Barrie! You are right there with Arvind in being one of the very first people I met in this online world, who paved a path to what’s possible. Your work has been that light in a huge way for me. Can’t wait to put some more of our ideas together. Thank you!!

  • Natalie Sisson
    Posted at 11:50h, 27 July Reply

    I’m not only honoured to be included but I have a new crush on your hot looking site! I’m predicting so many more great things to come on here Scott

    • Scott
      Posted at 07:20h, 28 July Reply

      Haha! A crush on my site…I LOVE THAT! I must say I’m blushing a bit right now…

  • Jacob Sokol
    Posted at 13:38h, 27 July Reply

    DUDE!! Stellar execution of astronomical inspiration creation. Looking fwd to linking up in more depth soon!! Keep it coming -=)

    • Scott
      Posted at 07:22h, 28 July Reply

      If you continue to keep your epic work coming, I’ll do the best to keep up! Deal?

      This post literally would not exist if it wasn’t for you. Seriously. I learned the format from you, you showed me the best way to contact folks, build it out and walked me along the whole way. Above and beyond. It was huge and I’m so glad I put in the work and listened to the expert ;).

      For those of you who did not see, Jacob’s post inspired this one in a monster way:

  • Meghan Kerner
    Posted at 13:58h, 27 July Reply

    Congrats on the evolution of your site, Scott! You are an inspiration too. I love this list of anecdotes…they speak to finding your inner peace and creating the life and business that allows you to contribute to the world in a meaningful way that works for you.
    All the best,

    • Scott
      Posted at 07:24h, 28 July Reply

      Well thank you Meghan! So glad you’ve been keeping up with it. I still remember back to our chat last summer all the time regarding how to make this stuff reality. Thanks for all the help!

      We need to connect live again soon, be it Santa Barbara, LA or SF.

      To big things!

  • Jonathan Mead
    Posted at 14:01h, 27 July Reply

    This is great stuff Scott. Congrats on the launch. I’m sure you’re going to inspire tons of people.

    • Scott
      Posted at 07:26h, 28 July Reply

      Coming from you that says A LOT my man. Illuminated Mind has connected with me and my inspiration in a way that no other site has. Thank you for that. You are leading a revolution that I must take part in. That’s what we’re doing here!

      Huge thanks for the support, ideas, coaching and all else along the way…

  • Matt Gartland
    Posted at 15:28h, 27 July Reply

    Terrific stuff here Scott! Congrats on the new brand, launch, and new momentum. Thanks for including me in such wonderful company to help with the big send off 🙂

    – Matt

    • Scott
      Posted at 07:27h, 28 July Reply

      Thanks Matt! It goes back to those first couple skype chats we had talking about the importance of a brand (and how bad ass Corbett and his work at is!). So much fun to come my man!

  • Jodi
    Posted at 16:21h, 27 July Reply

    Thanks for including me on this list of smart, fascinating people who’ve lived life on their own terms. Congrats on the redesign – site is looking great! Looking forward to seeing what you get up to in the coming months.

    • Scott
      Posted at 07:29h, 28 July Reply

      You’re leading that charge Jodi. I absolutely LOVE your story! And of course your ability to inspire (and get people out of their chair laughing) on stage. So much fun with you in Portland and WDS. I hope the next meet up is somewhere on the other side of the planet so I can really see your world :).

      • Jodi
        Posted at 08:09h, 28 July Reply

        You’re too kind. It was indeed a ton of fun to roam PDX with you and Leo and others. If you make it to SEA (my version, not the Seattle version 😉 ) anytime soon, I’ll take you on a street food feast of my favourite eats. Congrats again!

  • Satya Colombo
    Posted at 17:21h, 27 July Reply

    Nice work brother! Looks great. Happy to be a part of it. Cheers~

    • Scott
      Posted at 07:30h, 28 July Reply

      Happy to have you a part of it Satya. Thank you!

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  • Pascal
    Posted at 21:02h, 27 July Reply

    There are been several times in my life where I’ve taken a leap of faith to get out of my comfort zone (which was giving me a false sense of security and preventing me from living my dreams) and every time I was encouraged or inspired by a passionate person. What I love the most is seeing how you start with an idea and it leads to unexpected places. For example, I love photography and I started a blog where I put funny photos of my dogs with inspirational quotations. This lead me to writing a book “Paw steps to happiness” and now I am writing another book totally unrelated “dear France, sweet country of my childhood”.
    Great post by the way, I found some familiar names of some of my favourite bloggers.

    • Scott
      Posted at 07:32h, 28 July Reply

      You are right on with that Pascal! The absolute biggest key is to START. Then your passion starts to get fueled and takes you places you’d never imagine. That’s why blogs are so powerful. Even if no one reads it, it allows you to nurture something inside you that desperately needs and wants to come out! If you do that right, plenty of people will want to read it anyway 😉

  • Rorey Risdon
    Posted at 21:47h, 27 July Reply

    Thank you for such an amazing list. I really relate to Chris Guillebeau’s message. I have decided that 2011 is my year of saying “yes.” This will allow me to not only have amazing experiences but connect with amazing people. I have been in Tanzania for 6 days! I am living my dream traveling the world and doing my dream job at the same time. I am looking forward to not only two years of international teaching, but a lifetime. Thanks for the inspiring list!

    • Scott
      Posted at 07:34h, 28 July Reply

      I love that you are writing in from Tanzania–freaking awesome Rorey! Sounds like you are Living Your Legend in a huge way. Hat’s off to that! Enjoy the ride…

  • Kris de Leon
    Posted at 23:26h, 27 July Reply

    Thank you so much for these inspirational stories, and it’s definitely fueling more of my passion. I spent the past year working intensely on letting go of my mental and emotional baggage, so it’s time for me to move forward and create.

    I love helping people make breakthroughs, and connecting to their heart space and unlocking their inner power. I also love writing and communicating, so I’ve put a lot more energy into blogging. I’m also passionate about traveling, spirituality, and adventure sports, and I trust that this is all somehow going to tie in together nicely!

    I finally started writing my book, and creating a website for it. I’m very excited to see how all this evolves. Thanks again!

    • Scott
      Posted at 07:35h, 28 July Reply

      You are on fire Kris! Amazing to know your passions so firmly and to have so many to choose from! Can’t wait to hear how you web project turns out. Come back here and report on the progress so we can all see!

  • India Flint
    Posted at 01:05h, 28 July Reply

    i’m happy with how my journey is going…

    • Scott
      Posted at 07:35h, 28 July Reply

      And there is indeed nothing more important than that…

  • India-leigh @ aveganobsession
    Posted at 01:27h, 28 July Reply

    I’ve just discovered your Legendary blog through Leo @ Zen Habits. Two years ago I decided to live my Passion. I follow all the steps at you wrote about. But reading it here…authored by someone, and not seeing it as just a belief (sometimes I wonder if it is a madness) in my head has fired up the Passion within me even more. I CRAVE more Passionate people around me, I have known this is key for me for a long time. I pray daily for this..I have found it difficult to find these people in the my beloved US this action is effortless. Do you have any suggestions how I can develop this support further? I think I need geographical friends as well as being part of an online network. I LOVE happenstance and finding great posts such as yours. Today it was my spiritual breakfast! I have two blogs..I want to help others find the bliss I am experiencing too! Can you offer any more advice on top of your gem of a post today? Thank you. Your writing is valuable.

    • Scott
      Posted at 07:40h, 28 July Reply

      Leo’s a great friend and I’m honored that he showed you what I’m working on over here and more importantly that it hopefully helps in some way. You are clearly well on your way. I totally agree that offline friends are even more important than online friends. I am sure there are plenty of passionate people near you in the UK. You just have to do some real looking. Best to start online and search in all kinds of ways, look at lists like the above and then see how you can make live connections from there. Arivnd Devalia ( from the above list is a great guy to get to know out in London. An awesomely generous person and a huge connector. That should be a good start. Enjoy!

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  • Beth
    Posted at 06:24h, 28 July Reply

    I am inspired by my son-in-law who left a business job to follow his dream of marketing his own beer. (Most liquor stores in NJ have his first beer in store and he hopes to market his second one this Fall). Check him out on or you can e-mail him at [email protected]. He always loves to talk about his journey and beer! Because he is so enthusiastic, we are all excited to be a part of this adventure!

  • robyn
    Posted at 06:29h, 28 July Reply

    my moment? when i realized that my passion for knitting could ACTUALLY change the world. amidst so many marketers and internet businesses and ‘sell all your stuff to travel the world’ minimalists, all i wanted to do was knit through my yarn stash, making items i could give away.

    that day, i started the One Hundred Hats project. i knit 100 hats over the course of a year, and it changed me. now i’m knitting/crocheting 10,000 items for charity in my lifetime – and changing the world just a little bit with every hand-knit i give away!

    • Scott
      Posted at 07:42h, 28 July Reply

      What a freakin awesome story Robyn. That is what I call Living Your Legend!! The hat’s look good too :). How amazing it is to be able to build a business based on a passion for knitting and genuinely help people with it? What’s possible these days is mind-blowing!

  • Eric
    Posted at 11:12h, 28 July Reply

    Evolution of a beautiful thing is…er…a beautiful thing. Love Live Your Legend. It’s like sitting down into a nice chair of awesomeness.

    • Scott
      Posted at 12:09h, 30 July Reply

      I love having you along for the ride my man. Big things ahead!

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  • Lori Deschene
    Posted at 12:50h, 28 July Reply

    Hi Scott!

    Thanks so much for including me in this post. There are so many inspiring people here, and really, you belong with them. =) As you know, I’m a huge fan of your work, and I look forward to following your new site.

    Much love,

    • Scott
      Posted at 11:19h, 01 August Reply

      Thanks so much Lori. You’ve paved an awesome path. Thanks for the inspiration, support, advice and all else! Means more than you realize.

  • Peter G. James Sinclair
    Posted at 16:29h, 28 July Reply

    Honoured and humbled to be included in such auspicious company. You’re a champion Scott!

    • Scott
      Posted at 13:46h, 02 August Reply

      Huge thanks Peter. Fun having you involved!

  • Gary Arndt
    Posted at 04:10h, 29 July Reply

    This is a great list and congrats on the redesign!

    • Scott
      Posted at 13:47h, 02 August Reply

      Thanks Gary!

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  • Hyder
    Posted at 10:41h, 29 July Reply

    Im surprised that JK Rowling is not listed. You should make that 58 buddy 🙂

    • Scott
      Posted at 13:47h, 02 August Reply

      Thanks Hyder. Will have to give JK some thought for the next roundup!

  • Sophie Chiche
    Posted at 07:55h, 30 July Reply

    what a joy and an honor!
    May all that is meaningful to you manifest every moment of every day.
    Thank you for inviting me.

    • Scott
      Posted at 13:48h, 02 August Reply

      It’s my pleasure. It was at least as big of an honor being included on So, thank YOU. Love it!

  • Zen Habits: A copy « Tea and juice anyone?
    Posted at 11:10h, 30 July Reply

    […] I get out on barefoot runs in San Francisco every week or so and why I’m on a quest to document 1,000 people across the world living their dreams. We all need […]

  • Sudan
    Posted at 00:39h, 31 July Reply

    Hey scott!

    This is an amazing list. I am also inspired by so many of them but i would like to add few of mine in the list:
    1. Tim Ferris- The four hour work week
    2. Ramit sethi- I will teach you to be rich
    3. Josh Kaufman- The personal MBA
    It’s totally personal evaluation though. I really appreciate your list. I see you too in future list which might be created by the next inspired folk.

    • Scott
      Posted at 13:49h, 02 August Reply

      Thanks Sudan. You’re definitely right. To be honest, I had trouble tracking down some of those folks. I hope they’ll be a part of the next one, that’s for sure. They are no doubt Living Legends.

  • El Secreto
    Posted at 04:44h, 31 July Reply

    Man, I just got here from reading one of your post’s through Leo’s mail list… this is awesome, really nice piece of work and very inspirational!I have thought material for a long while…

    • Scott
      Posted at 13:50h, 02 August Reply

      Awesome. So glad Leo pointed you this way. I hope you’ll stick around!

  • Aaron
    Posted at 08:49h, 01 August Reply

    Scott: Excellent list of inspiring ideas! Thanks for sharing this. The one belief that is starting to define me is the power of karma. According to the Vedas, when one sows goodness, one reaps goodness. Your actions “sow what you reap”, both good and bad. I try, on a daily basis, to sow more good than bad by giving time, money, or advice to others. More days than not, I get back the goodness I share ten fold. Having a purpose, a “why” if you will, when sharing what is good about you to the world, can only enhance one’s good karma. Love the new site, and keep up the great work.

    • Scott
      Posted at 13:52h, 02 August Reply

      Right on Aaron! What a powerful belief and I completely agree. Things come around as they should so act accordingly!

  • Scott Fox
    Posted at 10:26h, 01 August Reply

    Hey Scott,

    Congratulations on this beautiful new site and the inspiring strategy, too. This is a big step forward in a great direction.

    Thanks for including me in this great list. With posts like this you are going to be “living your legend” more than ever before.

    I’m thrilled my work has been helpful to you. Looking forward to more – let me know how I can help.


    • Scott
      Posted at 13:53h, 02 August Reply

      Thanks so much Scott. Pretty amazing to have you and your work on this site, let alone your comment, considering it was your book that first inspired me to start a blog however many years ago. I look forward to working on something fun together in the future! Thanks for everything, seriously.

  • An invitation for failure | Being Primal
    Posted at 16:01h, 01 August Reply

    […] such, my first interview is with a guy who is a bit of a big wig on the internet.  In this post, he was cited as one of 57 Living Legends  in the online world. (Footnote: I am blatantly […]

  • michael
    Posted at 00:14h, 02 August Reply

    I feel like I’m in very good company here indeed.


    • Scott
      Posted at 13:55h, 02 August Reply

      You are indeed. You added a lot to this list Michael. Huge thanks!

  • August Miscellaneum « Life After College by Jenny Blake
    Posted at 08:56h, 02 August Reply

    […] Scott Dinsmore’s 57 Living Legends Expose the Moment that Defined their Passion […]

    • Scott
      Posted at 13:54h, 02 August Reply

      Thanks for spreading the love Jenny!

  • Karl - Stepping Into Wonder
    Posted at 22:28h, 02 August Reply

    What an inspiring list. Thank you for sharing this.

    • Scott
      Posted at 07:58h, 03 August Reply

      Glad you stopped by to check it out. Welcome to the adventure!

  • The 17 Habits of People Who Change the World (aka The Live Your Legend Operating Manifesto) | Live Your Legend
    Posted at 08:08h, 03 August Reply

    […] week we heard from 57 Living Legends who were spending their time putting their unique dent in the world. But how did they get there? […]

  • Lisa
    Posted at 12:42h, 03 August Reply

    After spending a full year in deep grief over a failed marriage….I heard Sheryl Crow’s song, ” Can’t Cry Anymore”….and made a decision….I’m going to do what my life’s mission is and that does not include crying anymore. I am totally done with being depressed. I’m so over it. I work with mentally ill teenagers and I was not living to my true self of being a role model…Now, if it doesn’t resonate with my core, I’m not settling, because I can’t cry anymore.

    • Scott
      Posted at 07:24h, 04 August Reply

      Congratulations Lisa! What an amazing story to hear. How good does it feel to be truly living your core, Living Your Legend? Thanks for sharing and can’t wait to hear more from you on the adventure!

  • Reinventing the wheel, not. « Earth Air Water Fire
    Posted at 20:52h, 04 August Reply

    […] Scott Dinsmore makes me want to get off the couch and go walking again! A recent post on this site asks 57 living legends (from Seth Godin to Simon Sinek, JD Roth to Jim Cathcart) to describe ‘the moment’ that defined their passion. Fascinating and diverse. […]

  • Simple Daily Habits to Ignite Your Passion | KnowResolve | The Detour Project
    Posted at 08:33h, 05 August Reply

    […] I get out on barefoot runs in San Francisco every week or so and why I’m on a quest to document 1,000 people across the world living their dreams. We all need […]

  • Lindsay
    Posted at 21:50h, 06 August Reply

    Thank you for sharing your list. This was a much needed discovery that I stumbled upon through your post on Last week, I moved from Philadelphia to Chicago to pursue a four month internship with one of the leading PR firms in the world. Last year was one of the most challenging times of my life and it forced me to rediscover my passion. I was an A student that just graduated college and started a fulltime job the day after. In a struggling economy, I thought it was best option to take the first job that was offered. I quickly realized that wasn’t case. I lost sight of myself and what I wanted, so I began looking for a new job. That search for my dream job, ultimately cost me my position. I went back into the restaurant industry, working two jobs, until I was able to find a job that sparked something in me. With that being said, this list is truly inspirational and reaffirms that I made that right decision even though I don’t know the outcome.

    • Scott
      Posted at 14:24h, 13 August Reply

      Awesome that you stopped by Lindsay. Sounds like your adventure is in full swing over there. No doubt, the tough thing about these decisions is you never know the outcome when you make them. That’s why you have to have incredibly strong reasons that resonate with who you really are. Do that and decisions become quite a big easier and much more exciting. Congrats on going after what matters!

  • Christopher
    Posted at 00:30h, 14 August Reply

    Life is not as serious as my mind thinks it is.

    Having been brought up in New Jersey, with loving parents, with money, with 4 limbs and ability to succeed, I continue to struggle with depressive moments, not as severely as the past, but still, more than I want to experience.

    Knowing how sad I could be enables me to act when confronted with fear, to realize happiness and freedom are there for the courageous.

    Appreciate you Scott.

  • Interview: Scott Dinsmore, Co-Founder Cumbre Capital and author of the inspirational blog, LiveYourLegend.
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    Posted at 13:28h, 21 December Reply

    […] probably know, the last few months have been pretty wild with Live Your Legend. First we launched the new brand and site. Then a few months later we launched Live Off Your Passion. This was amazing and a dream come true […]

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  • Monday Motivation |
    Posted at 14:21h, 09 January Reply

    […] 57 Living Legends Expose The Moment that Defined their Passion – How they crushed fear to succeed […]

  • Johnny Bennett
    Posted at 05:14h, 27 January Reply

    I am honestly at a loss when it comes to describing the inspiration I gained from one story to the next. It was one of the most addictive things I have come across on the web. From one story to the next, I became more enthralled with the basic idea each person here spoke of, living life on their terms.
    Your site was a much needed boost for myself. I am currently in the same turning point in life, as some of the Living Legends spoke of. Where I have began to question my ideas and beliefs of what is need to feel like a success and realized no matter the chosen path, great things are accomplished with the slightest of actions.
    Albert Einstein said so many moving things in his time and I live my life based on similar beliefs he held, “A life lived in the service of others, is the only life worth living”. The first time I read that quote, it struck a chord in me, that instantly answered so many questions I had looked for the answer to for years. It gave me the strength to continue having the belief that adding value to others is a blessed thing.
    I have been blessed to spend the most meaningful year of work in my life, the past year. To tell the whole story, it begins 15 years ago, in search of my passion. David Hassell describes it best, “we all have a unique gift or ability, like our very own super power, which lives at the intersection of our talents and passions. You know when you’re using it when you’re in flow — you lose all sense of time, you’re more energized than when you started, and others wonder how you’re able to do it so easily.” Well, 6 years ago I found it. And he was so right as to how he described it, it gave me chills to read his words. The career path, where I found my “super power”, to describe it simply, is filled with tens of thousands of people with 15-25 years of experience, that baffle me with their incompetency and inability to break away from outdated methods of performing a relatively simple concept. Not to say that there arent equivalent people to what I consider myself to be, because I consider the men I work with, some of the best in our industry, but they feel, like all others I have met, not as an equal to me. And it is these men that show me love, respect and loyalty, daily, that move me to push them apast their own boundaries and limits, they believe to be “unrealistic”.
    I consider my work environment, as the “monster factory” (cheesy, I know). I started calling it that 5-6 years ago, but never out loud, of course. And had never spoke of it to anyone, until about 3 months ago when a man I was blessed to have the opportunity to work along side of, for the past 2 accepted a job offer, to be closer to his family, that offered him benefits along with relatively the same monetary compensation he was making currently. Within 2 weeks of working at his new job, he called to tell me the exciting news that the CEO, COO and VP of Operations for the company called him personally to praise him for what they considered to be “unrealistic” capabilities he possessed. In being able to complete flawlessly in 1 day, what they had always considered to be 2-3 full days of work. They were blown away. He finished our conversation by thanking me and telling me of how much he has learned, just from having the good fortune and pleasure of working and learning from me, and how he could never thank me enough. I was floored, I truly believe I was more excited for him about what an amazing thing he had accomplished in such a short time, to become the talk of an entire company. His profoundly beautiful words of thanks and gratitude struck me in a way I never thought I could feel. It was the answer to the question i could never find. And ended the doubts that had plagued me for years. All the things I had believed in, were validated, true, and it no longer mattered if the opportunities and personal accolades for myself, were gonna come? Because you see, the crew I had the pleasure to call mine, had grown from 10 men, 3 being highly experienced, at the beginning of the year, to 20 men, 16 highly experienced by years end (with all of them accepting the deal). The industry standard for a company the size of this one, if extremely fortunate, usaully has 3-4 highly experienced workers, in the field I am in (and that numbers is inflated). And not to take anything away from the man who received such high praises from his new employers in less than 2 weeks time, but on my crew he was top 5 outta the 16 (5th or 6th best to be exact). This very moment was when I had the life affirming moment of realization that, by adding what knowledge, or how I view the entire concept of what we were doing everyday, not only gave me my most enjoyable year of work in my life, it also gave me the fulfilment I had been striving for.
    Then it became so clear to us all, we were all doing what we love…….and someone actually pays us to do this, everyday, all week long, and have been for the past year, it was a surreal moment.
    After so many years of searching for something I had a passion for, now looking back, every job I have had up to this point has helped to attain my “super power”. From my college years, waiting tables, I learned invaluable people skills, and a strong desire to give a customer more than he/she expected, so I could feel the pride that came with giving them more than what they expected, and in that, maybe changing their outlook and actions for the remainder of the night, in a positive way.
    To my job at an Environmental Construction Company, where as a labor hand, in a years time, I had made more money for the year than half of the heavy equipment operators. Because I always answered my phone on every oil spill, and every disaster. And not just because I disliked sleep or having a personal life, just mainly because I felt that me being there, would lighten the load on the others who accidently did answer their phones. And within 2 years time, there was only 2 other men at this company of 60 employees, that had more experience than myself on disaster response and oil clean ups. I used these hard lessons learned and numerous 120 hour work weeks to see how far a 22 yr old can push himself, and proved to myself, there are no limits.
    The valuable skills I learned came from spending 4 years of operating a D6 dozer, large excavators, motor graders, etc. Building oilfield locations, lakes, lease roads, and chicken house pads for a construction company. From my time spent here, I learned what it takes and what it means to truly be a heavy equipment operator, in every sense of the word, and with the responsible that comes with that distinction. My teachers were 2 of the best I had ever seen, and that statement is still as true today, as it was 10 years ago.
    The only things I lacked now, was what I would have to steal with my eyes and learn on my own. SO with all of these tools, I have been able to make deals over the past 4-5 years, with any and all I crossed paths with, as a batter if you will. To trade my abilities (me teaching what I know) for a persons back (their dedicated hardwork), so to speak. With the understanding, they assume the same obligation I feel to everyone I work with, in that, we are all responsible for ensuring each and every one of us, works with the understanding that we are our working hard so each and everyone of us have job security and feel personally responsible for the next man. And I have never had anyone turn down the deal in the past 4-5 years, hence the name, “monster factory”. And I can proudly say, I have had the opportunity to pass on what I know, and my methodical view and approach to line of work. And I have been witness to the things viewed as “unrealistic” expectations, get proven otherwise. I have been a proud aid and witness labor hands who have never sat, much less cranked an excavator, to within 6 months time (no exaggeration at all), becoming, in my honest opinion, more skilled and agile with an excavator than people I have personally met with 10-20 years experience. And I would love the opportunity to prove this claim. Because the amount of pride I feel, and the staggering amount of confidence and value he gained, deserves to be seen by any and all who care to witness it.
    To explain all this rambling, I try to pass off as a story, simply. Your site has helped me trust in that what I perceive as a life lived to help others, is not what I have feared it was, as countless missed opportunities for personal gain. To being thoroughly convinced the feeling of fulfillment I get from adding value to others, is truly not a path, only I have chosen to take in living my life.
    Thank you again for all the inspiring stories. The have uplifted my spirit, more than I could ever put into words.


    “Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason mastery demands all of a person.” Albert Einstein

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  • Joe Wong
    Posted at 20:04h, 22 April Reply

    Some of these guys I already knew from other blogs, including yourself. Very inspiring stories definitely.Hope to be at least somewhat close to that kind of success

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  • Looking for your purpose in life? Here’s how to find it |
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  • 20 Epic Entrepreneurs Illuminate the Path to Passionate Work
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