A Special Birthday Gift You Don’t Want to Miss in Honor of LYL’s Founder!

A Special Birthday Gift You Don’t Want to Miss in Honor of LYL’s Founder!

Happy Wednesday Legends!

Today, April 3, marks the birthday of Live Your Legend’s fearless founder Scott Dinsmore.

And every year on Scott’s birthday we like to give you a gift, because that is true Scott style. #whatwouldscottdo

We’ve been working avidly behind the scenes to make all that LYL offers accessible to more of you because we believe that there is no greater gift you can give to the people you love, than to be living your best life. And I know there is nothing that would mean more to Scott than to have more living legends out there! This is what drives everything we do at Live Your Legend…

So, in honor of Scott’s birthday, I am thrilled, elated, honored and proud to announce, the brand new Passionate Work Members Program… And as our gift to you, you get:

  • free 7-day trial, and
  • An option to join as a founding member at a 20% discount – that will never be offered again!


What is the Passionate Work Members Program?

Whether you are already living a life that you love, or you feel like things are a bit mediocre and know there must be ‘more out there’, this membership program is designed to add more inspiration and education to your life in a consistent and sustainable way.

This program is about meeting your needs on your time so it will give you access to all of our award winning courses for as little or as long as you would like.

There are over 45 modules and hundreds of hours of content, expert interviews, exercises and workshops designed to help you live your legend. This includes courses that walk you through all 4 pillars of the Live Your Legend Framework:

But because we believe in the power of surrounding yourself with passionate people, you will get so much more than course content.

This program includes: Courses + Community + Calls!

We purposely structured this to be an intimate community where you can get personalized attention versus being shuffled into an assembly line and never being seen or heard. You’ll get direct access to Chelsea two times a month live, and a community to support you… so that you are not going at it alone. Take a look at all the goodness that is included in the membership:

The Passionate Work Program:

Monthly Q&A Call With Chelsea:

An open live Q&A with Chelsea to ask personal questions about our courses, your current scenario, roadblocks, advice, feedback, etc. This group format is a fabulous way to learn more than you ever could alone!


Monthly Everyday Legend Interview and Q&A:

One call/month to spotlight members and your everyday legends that have turned their passions into profitable businesses, so you can learn tips, advice and best practices from the everyday people out there living their legends!


Module of the Month:

Once a month, Chelsea will share a video workshop diving deeper into a module from one of our courses. This will be a focus of the month and all throughout the month, the community will be encouraged to dive deeper and improve this area of focus, and share wins with other another so that we can all collectively grow as a team.


7-Day Start Your Passion Project Challenge:

A 7-day writing challenge to help you build the foundation of any passion project so that it can bloom and grow as you deepen your discovery and begin to test and experiment! Taking action, even if imperfect at first, is an essential step to get started!


21 Days to Discover Your Passion:

A 21 daily module course specifically designed to help you uncover, and discover the things that make you feel alive so you can start doing them. This is for the person who knows they want something different but have no idea what it is.

Value: $149

Live Off Your Passion:

A 10 module course designed to help you dive deeper into a “passion” you might already have identified and give you tactics to help turn that passion into a business. It follows the exact process that was used to build LYL from a hobby into a business.

Value: $249

Make Your First 1K From Your Passions:

A workshop that walks you through the process that gets you making money from your passions and talents, because when you prove to yourself that you can make $100, you can easily make $1,000.

Value: $67


How to Connect With Anyone:

A 15 module course that shares how to scale a business, a project or wherever you are by connecting with people and influencers around you. We can only do so much with our own effort but we grow exponentially from standing on the shoulders of giants!

Value: $349

Private Community:

We have our own private LYL community, much like a Facebook group but without the BS of Facebook! It’s all about learning, growing, improving where you are, and doing it with like-minded people.


Insider Access and Discounts:

You will be the first to know about all the happenings at LYL and receive insider access and discounts (when applicable) on any other programs offered at Live Your Legend.






Who is the Membership Program For?

Anyone who is looking to elevate or enhance where they currently are! More specifically:

  • Those who know they want or need a change but have no idea what their ‘passions’ are.
  • Those who have identified a passion but have no idea how to turn that into a business.
  • Those who want to scale to the next level of business, by connecting with and leaning on the shoulders of others rather than running the race alone.
  • Those who need and want to be surrounded by other like-minded living legends to get continuous hits of hope, support, feedback and encouragement.
  • Those who want a chance to pick Chelsea’s brain and the learn best practices of running an online mission-driven, passion-based business but aren’t in a place to invest in more individualized work such as 1:1 mentorship or a mastermind program.
  • Those committed to continuous learning and growth and want an easy way to expand their mind and knowledge on a regular basis, alongside a rad group of people!

Here’s what a few previous course graduates had to say:

“Best Passion self-discovery education online. It will literally turn your life upside down, in an amazingly good way, plus the LYL community is super supportive and mingles with same-minded people.” 

“I’ve been going through a bit of a “I don’t know what I want to do with my life” the past couple of months… stretching into almost a year now… I have always just done what other people told me to do – or backed down when they said I couldn’t do it. After Day 1 of the 21 day course, I started thinking about it seriously for the first time and decided to tackle the problem hands on. Thank you so much for this programme. It helps to know I am not alone, not crazy and not to old to change direction.” – Nadine

“This course truly impacted me to be the best version of myself and encouraged me to seek out what drives me, motivates me, and how I can be successful with those things. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is unhappy and searching for what they truly want to do, but realize it is going to be hard work to self-reflect on all of it.” 

“In a matter of 6 months, I went from ‘one day’ thinking to actually taking the leap with my new adventure, The Catalyst Project, which has grown by over 10x since launch and has a number of ongoing paid business coaching clients. Wow!Once I jumped into Live Off Your Passion, a spark hit. I went from hoping to actually taking the steps to turn my dream into reality. The easy-to-understand, yet intense, approach to focusing on what made me “tick” helped me get over the hump, get after it and do what I used to think was impossible.”– Jon

“I got my first client within two weeks and ramped up from there. Now, not quite two years later, I run a solid marketing communication agency – with a suite of clients that I adore. You’ve helped me make the transition in my life from employed to business owner. I expect to turnover $300K this year!”– Kristin

“I had no idea that one course could have the power to change my path, but Scott’s heartfelt encouragement along with concrete action steps and reassurance gave me the push I needed to start living on my own terms. If you’re feeling stuck in a life you don’t love and, like me, you want to change from a play-by-the-rules employee to an inspired career renegade, I highly recommend the Live Off Your Passion coursework. Thanks to Scott and Live Your Legend, I feel confident that I’m finally on the right path.”– Kirsten

“It changed my life, opened my mind to new possibilities, gave me a new mindset on what I was able to do. It made me look inside myself to find strength and will I never thought I had. Whether you want to change your job or not, this course can help you realize you have something to bring to the world that is worth it!”

And there are thousands more saying similar things, so join to take the first step to live your legend!



I’ll see you on the inside!

– Chelsea Dinsmore

Note: If you purchased any of our courses in the last 30 days and would like to join our membership program instead, please email us at support@liveyourlegend.net and we will get you sorted!