About Live Your Legend

Live Your LegendTo create more meaning in your moments by aligning who you are with what you do, so you can share your gifts with the world around you.  

The Reason Why…

We believe that the world would be an altogether different place if we did the things that created more meaning in our lives, if we spent our time (whether that is free time or in your career) aligning who you are with what you do. Because when you do, it not only positively impacts your life, but that positive effect ripples out to all those around you.

That is why Live Your Legend exists. To educate and inspire people to live their lives with purpose, and help people find meaning and fulfillment in all they do, so they can share those gifts with the world.

We are a community of over 160,000 people worldwide that has proven that when you take the time to figure out and live the most authentic version of you, you give a gift to everyone around you.

We believe in learning so we can lead, and growing so we can give.

People from every country in the world use our ‘Passionate Work’ and ‘Life Alignment’ tools on a monthly basis, and with free Live Your Legend Local meetings popping up all over the world, one thing’s for sure…

You are certainly not alone.

If this strikes a chord, then come join us and the hundreds of thousands of other readers already committed to doing all they can with this one very short life.

The name come from one of our favorite books, The Alchemist. It’s a story about a boy pursuing his Personal Legend – one’s destiny and reason for being. It’s something you never actually accomplish, but is more an inherent feeling of purpose you spend your life pursuing. This legend, more than anything, gives one a genuine reason to live and do great things.

We are all here to live our own legend.

What’s your Legend? Are you living it?

We all have unique passions and talents, and when we spend time sharing those gifts with the world, we are naturally fulfilled, and add value to the people around us. #doublewin

Your legend doesn’t have to be some earth-shattering thing – it can be anything as long as it’s meaningful to you. Maybe it’s solving world hunger or simply using your talent to teach algebra to the child down the street. It isn’t about size or fame or recognition. It’s about aligning how you spend your time with who you are.

Unfortunately, we are often taught to follow what is logical or safe rather than what is actually fulfilling, only to end up wondering why we aren’t happy. So that’s what Live Your Legend is all about…

  1. Understanding your truth
  2. Designing a life that allows you to live more of that!

Live Your Legend was founded by the late Scott Dinsmore and, today, is run by Chelsea Dinsmore. You can find out more about the full story behind Live Your Legend here: