Join Your Align & Design Mastermind: 10 Weeks of Direct Support, Only 18 spots Available!

Join Your Align & Design Mastermind: 10 Weeks of Direct Support, Only 18 spots Available!

Hey Legends!

Over the years, we have placed hundreds of Masterminds at Live You Legend, and years of working with people has taught me that you can have ideas, dreams and desires; and you can have information and courses with amazing tools, but if you aren’t taking action, you won’t get very far… and relying on will power alone sets us up for a whole lot of effort with little results.

We have received great testimonials from many of our masterminders as they have seen unbelievable results from the program. There is no doubt that when you surround yourself with people who are also thinking, dreaming and doing big things, that you automatically elevate what you are capable of.

“I had heard about masterminds before but I had no idea which group would be the best for me. Since I already had good experiences through LYL, I jumped at the chance. It became clear quite early that although we all had different lives and came from different places (and even different time zones), we were an amazing fit. I couldn’t have wished for a better group!

Every call, we seem to be more open and honest with each other, which helps us overcome barriers in various areas of our lives. An example of a barrier that I have personally overcome through this group is that I finally started writing short articles about my travel experiences.” – Niels, The Netherlands

At Live Your Legend, we want to set you up to get the best results possible, and that’s why I am taking things to the next level and offering full facilitation in an Align & Design Mastermind Accelerator.

The purpose of this program is to accelerate the process of aligning who you are with what you do, so that you can design your days to be living a life you love. I will sit down with you and your mastermind every single week for 10 weeks so you will get consistent personal attention in combination with the instant elevation that you get from being surrounded by and learning from others! This is a facilitated mastermind, an accountability elevator, a group mentorship program and an opportunity to accelerate where you are (no matter where you are!) so that you can boost your progress more in the next 10 weeks than you have in the last 10 months, or, ahem, 10 years.

Here’s How it will Work:

Over the years of participating in masterminds and running them, I have honed in on what I believe to be the sweet spot. Due to the individual attention you will get in this accelerator, the groups will have a maximum of 6 people, so that you get personal attention every single week from me and your other mastermind members.

The Program Includes:

  • An Align and Design Life Plan Template: Before the initial call, you will receive this to help you get clarity around where you are, versus where you want to be and how to get there.
  • Weekly Calls: Every week for 10 weeks, you will meet with Chelsea and a maximum of 5 other mastermind members at your chosen time slot on a virtual call. We will meet as a group every week for 60-90 minutes to discuss what went right, where you need some help and what you will commit to before we meet the following week. There will be time for a Q&A on every call and there will also be a ‘hot seat’ for every single member of the group where you’ll get the spotlight for a deeper dive into where you are, where you want to be and how to get there. If you are unable to attend the calls live, they will be recorded for you to revisit in your own time.
  • A Private Facebook Group: While your weekly mastermind will be limited to 6 people, this will be a group of all Align & Design Masterminders so you have a place to share wins, ask questions and get feedback in between calls.

The following 90 minute time slots are open, so there are only 18 spots available. Calls will start Wednesday, February 20th and go until Wednesday, May 1. Note: You pick one time slot and meet at that same time every week for 10 weeks.


The Align and Design Life Planner will help you determine where you are versus where you want to be, and what is in the way. This will set the stage for what we will talk about in our calls and then every week for 10 weeks, you will hop on a Zoom video call at the same time each week live with Chelsea and your mastermind members to celebrate what went right, discuss what you are working on/where you need help/questions you may have, and commit to something you will accomplish before the next call.

Calls will take place at your designated timeslot on the following dates:

Week 1 Feb 20
Week 2 Feb 27
Week 3 Mar 6
Week 4 Mar 13
Mar 20 – Note there will be no calls this week
Week 5 Mar 27
Week 6 Apr 3
Week 7 Apr 10
Week 8 Apr 17
Week 9 Apr 24
Week 10 May 1


“Today is the 10th call of our group and amazingly it keeps getting better. My group is blessed to have been brought together through the mastermind. We have grown to know each other better but ourselves even more.

Our main focus at the start was clarity of what we are looking to achieve, then we progressed to why. We committed to once a week meeting and every single one lasted for at least 1hr45mins. We gained accountability to one another, shared ideas, stories and resources on different areas of our lives.  The level of trust continues to grow and all of us now share a lot of positives from our work.” – Anthony, Jersey 

I believe alignment is all about finding harmony with your internal and external world, which means taking a deeper look at your beliefs, mindset, thoughts (internal world) as well as the habits and routines (external world) you have. So, ​there will be a lot of new material, knowledge and homework as a part of this program but it is all about aligning your internal and external systems, and taking steps so you can make real progress to design the life you want to live.This doesn’t happen overnight (and I would be very wary of anyone who is promising you that!) but this accelerator is designed to give you an intentional kick-start to find more alignment within your current scenario. Because when we start to take a more intentional look at why we do what we do, focus on the things we do have in our control (instead of what we don’t!) and have a system in place for reflection and review, we set ourselves up for success so that we can constantly align and design as things change around us, because there is no denying that change is the only constant!


Who is this For?

  • The person who feels like there has got to be something more or misaligned with where they are and what they are doing but doesn’t know what to do. Or knows what they want but simply doesn’t know how to get there.
  • The person who constantly second guesses themselves, procrastinates, self-sabotages or questions whether the life they want is “just for other people”.
  • The person who feels lost, confused and/or like there is no way out, and/or has undergone a life change (loss of career, relationship, new to retirement, etc.) that has left them feeling unfulfilled or hopeless.
  • The person who feels like they are playing small, are their own worst enemy or feels like they are going at it all alone, and wants support and accountability from others doing the same.
  • The person who wants to be a constant student of life, and enhance where they are today, even if things are pretty great. When we learn, we can lead more and when we grow we can give more!

“Being a part of my mastermind group has been one of the best and most unique experiences of my life! I’m beyond grateful for the new insights and knowledge I have gained from my group. I’m ecstatic and proud of the momentum we have built thus far, which is helping us on our quest to be the best versions of ourselves. The experience and group synergy only gets better with each new meeting.

As a person with a strong preference for individually undertaking projects aimed at personal growth, admittedly, I had my doubts as to what extent this experience would work and how effective it would be. Yet, this program ended up far exceeding my expectations. It positively changed my views on the effectiveness of collaborating with others, even (and perhaps especially) when it comes to goals around personal growth. A big thank you to Live Your Legend for this wonderful opportunity!” – Milad, Spain

Doing things on your own will only get you so far, and that’s why I am part of groups like this myself! However, I always preach to “be where you are” and know not everyone is in a place to commit 12 months and thousands of dollars for a mastermind or coach. Which is why this accelerator is the perfect boost for the people who aren’t there… yet!

Because I am sitting down with every person and group on a weekly basis to take a look at the things that are holding you back from what you really want, and provide tools and support to help you overcome those roadblocks, there are very limited spaces available (18 max) and enrollment will close Friday, February 15th so if you know this is the boost you need, grab one of the 18 spots available today!


If you want further details, head over to our frequently asked questions page.

Often times the only thing standing in our way is ourselves, we just need to set ourselves up in a way that facilitates designing our best life!

I look forward to seeing you in the Mastermind,

– Chelsea Dinsmore

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