How to Be An All Star in Business and Life – A Live Your Legend Workshop for Highschooler’s

How to Be An All Star in Business and Life – A Live Your Legend Workshop for Highschooler’s

Hi Legends,

Back to school, hey? It sure feels like the changing of times and the start of a new season here!

Life in London this summer kept me busy! I spent a lot of the summer doing more small group work through our Mastermind Program (which won’t run again until January though we are accepting applications now) and more 1:1 mentoring which has evolved into some consulting work. It has been a joy to work more closely with people and businesses, and still continue to interact with the members of our Passionate Work Program!

I flew to New York to meet with book publishers, (which is still in the works), I got to visit Italy and Turkey (oh the joys of living in the UK) I got engaged, (which is beyond exciting!) and I also had the honor of being an opening speaker for a Business Bootcamp that took place in Kansas.

However, because I am based on this side of the world, we decided to do a virtual summit – a first for me, but it was very fun! I absolutely loved speaking to students at this stage of their journey. So if you are a highschooler, know a highschooler, or teach highschoolers – feel free to check out the workshop I held which was focused on how to be an All-Star in Business and in Life!

What’s coming up? I have some exciting Everyday Legends Stories coming your way and look forward to keeping the small group/community work going for the rest of 2019 – and set you all up to kick off 2020 with a bang!

Talk to you soon,

Chelsea Dinsmore

P.S. I really enjoyed speaking on this topic and to this age group, so if you think this is something that would be a fit for you or your organization, please feel free to fill out our media requests section and we’ll be in touch!