Meet Your New Superhero: The Anxious Nightclub Waitress Turned Global Wellness Rockstar

Alyssa Rasul Live Your Legend Superstar Transformation

Meet Your New Superhero: The Anxious Nightclub Waitress Turned Global Wellness Rockstar

“Often just one decision, one conversation, one thought, one act, one smile…. one small step forward, can go a long way.”

– Alyssa Rasul, Direct of Wellness at Circuit of Change & new LYL Superhero

Live Your Legend Transformations Launches Today!

And I could not be more excited – or inspired.

Once you read Alyssa’s story below, you’ll know what I mean – and why she’s our new superhero.

One huge focus of the new Live Your Legend site and positioning is… YOU.

Since LYL first hit the scene years ago, I’ve heard some downright surreal stories from our members who have gone from despair to the top of their world.

And during my last round of nearly twenty 45-minute user interviews on Skype, one of the things every one of you said went something like this…

“I want to hear more stories of people like me who have recently done it. Not the ones who are huge entrepreneurs, influencers and authors, but those who just got through to the other side, are living their legend, and were in my shoes struggling only a few months or years before. Those are the ones who I can learn and apply the most from.”

Because the reality is that sometimes focusing on the stories of the well-known leaders, while incredibly powerful from a modeling perspective, can also leave us feeling like the gap between where we are and where they are is just too wide and deep for us to fill. (BTW, it’s NOT – it can just feel that way when looking up the mountain before taking the first step.)

So that’s where our LYL Case Studies come in.

But I prefer to call them Transformations, or better yet, Superheros – because it is the stories from all of you that can make our impossible not only start to feel possible, but normal. And that belief creates the ripple that can change everything.

So, your wish is my command. 🙂

And with that, I’d like you to meet Alyssa Rasul.

Alyssa was the first person to purchase the first version of the first product I ever created (Live Off Your Passion Guided-Discovery). Yup, I checked the purchase records – she was #1. My type of person!

What she’s done since then is the kind of thing you really have to hear for yourself, which is why you have to watch my video interview with her below.

Simply put, she went from a struggling, stressed, unhealthy and depressed hedge fund executive assistant and club promoter to Certified Integrative Nutrition and Health Coach, Mind Body Bootcamp Teacher, and the Director of Wellness at Circuit of Change, an innovative mind-body wellness studio and thriving community named “Best Zen Bootcamp” by New York Magazine.

Alyssa now shares her passion and knowledge of plant-based eating through online detox programs, nutrition workshops, and one-on-one personalized health coaching. She recently launched an online 7-Day Detox Program, which includes a complete detox guide, over 60 delicious recipes, detox tools, suggested meals, grocery shopping lists, daily support, and access to a private detox Facebook group.

And to add to the party… she met her now fiancé and partner at Circuit of Change, Brian Delmonico, along the way. He might even be more obsessed with handstands than I am (and is certainly MUCH more talented). See – living your legend isn’t just about work, you know. 😉

She and Brian have literally built their own health revolution in the heart of New York City (Union Square) and are now being flown all over the world to offer their fitness programs to private clients, groups and businesses.

This woman is on fire!

Alyssa and I dig deep into every step of the process in this video interview. And then below that I’ve put the bullet-pointed 3-minute highlight reel of her story. We’re still toying with the format of these Transformations, so please give your feedback in the comments about what would be most useful to you.

My main goal is simple: To share stories of what’s possible, straight from the source, and cover in deep detail the challenges and roadblocks they faced along the way and the specific strategies they used to overcome them and get to where they are today – living their legend.

I think the combo of the video interview + highlights make for a good first step. Especially when you add in Alyssa’s incredible energy, passion and impossible-to-remove smile.

Now let’s hear from the master…

Alyssa Rasul on her massive transformation from nightclub waitress to internationally sought-after fitness guru

Note: We had a couple small issues with my mic in the beginning (I’ve since bought a new one!) but please don’t let that throw off the magic of Alyssa’s story. Enjoy!

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Now here’s Alyssa’s Highlight Reel, starting with a little more from her bio…

She’s on a mission to share how healthy is delicious and that by feeding ourselves with things (food, thoughts, relationships, lifestyle) that make us feel alive and energized, we welcome even more love, bliss, and beauty into our lives and the lives of those around us.

Alyssa has an intense passion and desire to help others thrive, and is so grateful to wake up every day with the opportunity to support and share this journey with those who are constantly reaching for their greatest potential.

What lights her up inside and out? Farmer’s markets, adventure, world travel, yoga, running, plant-based cooking, dark chocolate, green juice, her high-speed blender, time in nature and enjoying life with her fiancé.

Her work has been been featured in national and international publications including The New York Times, New Yorker Magazine, Well & Good and The Huffington Post.

Life Before Live Your Legend

I can look back and see so clearly breakdowns that I had, and looking back now, they were truly some of the most important breakthroughs that I could have had in my life.

I felt extremely disconnected and unfulfilled in terms of my job and work. My work environment was unhealthy, negative and somewhat toxic. I never felt connected or inspired by the people I was working with.

  • Exclusive NYC night club waitress turned executive assistant for the COO of a capital management firm
  • Sitting at a desk for 10 hours a day (including lunch!)
  • Running the unending career treadmill: wake-workout-work-home-sleep-repeat

The Wake-up Call

I found myself complaining, constantly feeling tired, and totally unfulfilled. I believe it even manifested into physical symptoms, as I got really sick.

  • Health problems and fatigue due to stress
  • That nagging feeling that there’s more to life than a restrictive desk job

Enter Live Your Legend…

I remember coming across LYL and instantly being connected and inspired. Right when Live Off Your Passion was announced, I purchased. Literally, I think I was the first one.

  • Started receiving the LYL weekly articles, then started digging into the LOYP course on the weekends
  • Got real with facing fears and moving forward
  • Once coaching with Naz and Leah started, there was no turning back! The LOYP Coaching changed everything

The Biggest Bumps in the Road

It was difficult to make the decision to let go of my bi-weekly paycheck, health insurance and the stability of a job, in order to pursue my passion. I thought a lot about “the worst case scenario”.

There are those moments when you feel like “What am I doing? I’m a total emotional wreck.” There is meaning in them, and it means that you’re probably going in the right direction.

  • Breaking out of a dead-end job and mismatched relationships
  • Figuring out how to find my passion and move toward it
  • Letting go of a “safe” job with a steady paycheck and benefits – after saving up a good safety net
  • Breakup of a significant relationship

Her Legendary Wins

LYL helped me get out my head and pushed me to actually take action on the ideas I had.

We really put our passion and our love into everything we do, and I think when you do that, people notice, they want to know what that’s about, and they want to experience it.

  • Realizing that I didn’t have to make it all happen at once
  • Trusting that I could find a way to make a life built around my passions workable
  • Having a like-minded group cheering me on each week
  • Giving back to charities I cared about – before I had it all figured out
  • Met my now fiancé!

The Live Your Legend Advantage

I realized that having the support of people outside my normal social circle of family and friends was so important.

Transition Timeline

The path wasn’t easy, the transition wasn’t easy, and I’m not going to say, “Oh, it all happened overnight.” It’s been five or six years and I’m finally feeling that alignment in my life.

Living Her Legend Today

“Pursuing my passion” and doing work I love led me to meet my now fiancé. We both were on the path of honoring and doing what we love, and we met right when I was making this big change and transition. : )

It’s been so fun to be able to work on something that’s about your own growth as opposed to someone else’s company and vision.

  • Wellness Director at Circuit of Change, a holistic health and fitness community in NYC
  • Teaching in-person Mind Body Bootcamp classes and online detox classes – both in NYC and being flown all over the world by clients
  • Training clients, one-on-one coaching, managing social media and the Circuit of Change community, hosting workshops, business collaboration, day trips
  • Living with love, a sense of accomplishment, fulfillment, progress, peace, excitement, joy, fun, adventure and passion

Alyssa’s Advice for Living Your Legend… Now!

Make it a priority to really investigate what gets you excited about life. How do you want to feel when you get up in the morning and how do you want to feel when you go to bed at night?

And to end with some passion, check out the highlight video for Circuit of Change. If this doesn’t make you want to move, sweat and breathe, nothing will!

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Connect with Alyssa and learn more here:

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And for the comments… Alyssa is happy to answer any and all questions, so please have at it and leave them below!

And let me know what you thought about our first Transformation story – was it helpful? What helped most? Do you like the format? Anything you’d like me to add or change?

Because there are a lot more of these to come. 🙂

And a huge THANK YOU to Alyssa for actually putting our tools to work and living a life you’re proud of. The world and I are grateful for the way you’re showing up.

Here’s to seeing what’s possible – and then acting on it!

Much love,

– Scott

Oh and be sure to check out Live Off Your Passion Guided-Discovery – our Live Your Legend flagship course that led to Alyssa’s transformation. Since she purchased it yeas ago, it has been updated nearly a dozen times and converted into its own private, interactive, multimedia membership website with over a dozen industry experts to walk you through every step of the process.

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