Announcing the Release of the Book “Live Your Legend” by Scott Dinsmore!

Announcing the Release of the Book “Live Your Legend” by Scott Dinsmore!


Today marks the three-year anniversary of the passing of our legendary founder, Scott Dinsmore. I never officially worked for Live Your Legend before he passed. Yet, being married to a budding entrepreneur means I unofficially worked for Live Your Legend for years before it even existed.

The early days of building a business can tap into your deepest fears and insecurities. There is no known path, there is no guaranteed outcome (or income), and often you aren’t sure if what you are going after is even possible. It is not an easy stage, to say the least. Most give up because it takes a certain personality, a huge amount of leaning into the unknown, and a lot of courage to get through it.

But… Scott had what it took to get through that period. He worked with more strategy, diligence and intention than anyone I have ever seen. When there was no guarantee and no one was listening, Scott still gave it all he had. In the years of building Live Your Legend, he penned over one hundred articles and more than 200,000 words in his quest to change the world.

He had always planned on writing his first full-length book upon returning from our around the world trip. But sadly, that book never came to be…

Until now.

With a tremendous amount of help from some amazing people (high-five Jake Taylor!), we have gone through those hundreds of thousands of words to create that book that Scott always dreamed of writing.
Today, I am excited and honored to announce the release of Live Your Legend: The Essays of Scott Dinsmore


This book is a collection of Scott’s best writings, arranged by topic, and lightly edited for flow. All words are originally Scott’s, finally achieving that dream of an author credit!

The book includes tributes and stories from friends and family who were inspired by the legendary example Scott lived. Contributors include: Leo Baubata, Lewis Howes, James Clear, Jonathan Fields, Steve Kamb, Chris Guillebeau, Corbett Barr, and several others. This book is a great supplement for getting to the next level (no matter where you are on your journey!), and if Scott helped improve your life in any way, it’s wonderful way to honor all the hard work he so humbly put into this mission.

I am delighted that Scott’s message of finding and doing work that matters is still spreading around the world, and know that he would be too! You can check out the full details and read a sample chapter here!

Here’s to continuing his legend, and to living yours,

– Chelsea Dinsmore