Articles for the Non Believer: How to Find and Do Work You Love

The first step in doing work you love, is believing it’s possible. The below is a list of articles and topics to help someone make that mental (and physical) transition from quiet complacency to unlimited possiblity.


First off, if you haven’t seen it yet, our TEDx talk on How to Find & Do Work You Love makes for the perfect primer for what’s possible. Click below to watch the video.

Articles for the Non-Believer

Why Do Something Meaningful:

The 3 Rare Requirements that Make Passionate Work Possible

Does What You’re Doing Actually Matter? (+ free workbook)

Do You Want to Be Your Boss? (or How to Know When It’s Time to Quit…)

How Complacency Killed the College Graduate (& the American Dream) + What YOU Can Do

How Business School Killed the Entrepreneur (and some worthy alternatives)

Motivation & Proof of What’s Possible:

You Can Have a Bigger Impact than You Think

How to Stop Failing (or How to Live a Dream)

10 Surprising Case Studies of Ordinary People Doing the Impossiblel

11 Quick Actions You Can Do Today to Successfully Start Doing Work You Love (or Anything)

10 Crazy Case Studies of Normal People Doing the Extraordinary

How to Find and Do Work You Love:

Follow this Process & I Guarantee You’ll Do Work That Lights You on Fire

How Living Legends Ensure Success: The One No-Brainer Thing You Must Do Daily (it’s not what you think)

How An Average Person Becomes Famous: The Path from Ordinary to Extraordinary (in 2 sacred steps)

27 Questions to Find Your Passion Workbook (free Download)

The One Thing You Must Do the Moment You Quit or Get Fired (Purpose Finding 101)

The Beginner’s Guide to Enjoying a Job You Hate

How to Hate Your Job (or 16 Things Not to Do)

How Confused Optimism & Money Disillusions Can Kill Your Dreams (+ A Simple Solution)

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