The 31-Book Birthday Giveaway Starts Today! Tell Us Your Passion Project & Win a Free Copy of The Alchemist

The 31-Book Birthday Giveaway Starts Today! Tell Us Your Passion Project & Win a Free Copy of The Alchemist

Tell us your Passion Project

“It’s the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

― Paulo Coelho, Alchemist

Today is A Fun Day…

This morning I turned 31 years old – and while I plan to spend the day outside playing, I first wanted to celebrate with all of you.

So I hope you’re up for a party!

One of the most amazing things about the past few years, and this past year specifically, is our community that all of you have created at Live Your Legend. It’s no question one of the most exciting, fun, rewarding and inspiring parts of my life.

And I want to say thank you.

So I’ve decided I want to give away 31 copies of my favorite book, The Alchemist

I don’t believe there is any more inspiring book out there for pursuing dreams and spending your time doing the things that matter to you – and to the world.

I read it for the 7th time while sitting next to a small river in Thailand last month, and it became even more obvious why the Live Your Legend name and movement was born out of the story told in this book. After all, the story is about a boy who’s pursing his Personal Legend – the work he can’t not do. The project, passion and adventure he can’t help but pursue.

While traveling I decided that even though it’s already sold over 30 million copies in 65 different languages, I wanted to get a few more out to the world…

Starting today until this Friday at midnight PST, I am hosting a simple Ask the Reader comment contest.

I will choose 31 of the people who leave a comment and mail each of them a free copy of The Alchemist.

All you have to do is answer the below two questions in 3 sentences or less:

1. What is your Passion Project?


2. What could Live Your Legend & I do to help you take the next step to make it successful?

Email readers click here to answer the questions.

Our primary goal at LYL is action and progress.

It always has been.

For you to discover your talents, skills and passions, and find a way to build a career around adding value to the world in your own unique away. That is what we consider a Passion Project. It could be anything – as long as it matters to you. If you don’t have one yet then tell us what you want it to be.

Every Ask the Reader post has a specific purpose.

The reason for these two questions is to understand the specific ways you’d like help in making progress toward pursuing your passion, creating value for others, building upon your idea and simply making progress towards doing what matters.

So many of us find excuses that kill our progress. That’s how ideas get lost and dreams stay dreams.

We want to change that.

We Want to Make Progress a Certainty

Over the next month we will be creating a very simple and inexpensive service to help you get results. It will be part accountability, part learning, part group coaching and all action. The pure focus will be on helping you make your Passion Project a reality.

Your answers to this question will help both you and me tremendously.

And I hope you would answer this question regardless of there being a free copy of my favorite book involved – after all, hearing from you is the only way we can really help you Live Your Legend.

I just wanted to add to the fun this time around!

And if you’ve already read the book and you win a copy, please give it to someone who needs it.

Thanks is only the beginning…

I love to spend this day each year around people I love, and outside reflecting on all the things I have to be grateful for.

So today I just wanted to say thank you.

I hope you enjoy your birthday gift as much as I do.

I can’t wait to read your responses!


Now head down to the comments, and in 3 sentences or less, answer these two questions:

1. What is your Passion Project? 

2. What could Live Your Legend & I do to help you take the next step to make it successful?

The contest lasts until Friday at midnight. We will announce the 31 winners next week.

Email readers click here to answer the questions and claim your free copy of the Alchemist.