Ask the Reader: What One Goal Is a MUST for You in 2013? (Plus the surprising plans for LYL)

Ask the Reader: What One Goal Is a MUST for You in 2013? (Plus the surprising plans for LYL)

LYL Goals 5 years ago

Dreaming Big: The Live Your Legend ten-year vision, long before the name even existed. Circa 2008… (Click to enlarge)

“If you can’t you must, and if you must you can.”

― Anthony Robbins

This week is all about YOU.

I want you to take 20 seconds and share your most important goal with our community in the comments at the end of this post.

Plus we have a cool new comment systems we’re testing that we hope will help more people jump into the discussion and connect with each other. Please try it out!

Hopefully, you’ve already had time to complete our 100% free Goal Setting & Action Workbook. But either way, I know you have at least one goal you could list.

Live Your Legend is not a resource to read about ideas. 

Live Your Legend is a community whose sole purpose is to inspire you to take action to do the work that most matters to you and to the world. And then to provide you the tools to make it possible.

If you don’t take action on those ideas and tools, then everything we do here is for nothing.

So today is about accountability.

Studies in psychology and persuasion constantly prove the same thing: The more we talk about things and the more we commit to others, the more likely it is that we’ll make them reality.

Robert Cialdini, author of Influence, calls it Commitment & Consistency, and we all succumb to it every single day. From Cialdini’s Wikipedia: If people commit, orally or in writing, to an idea or goal, they are more likely to honor that commitment because of establishing that idea or goal as being congruent with their self-image.

If We Must, We Can.

Tony Robbins has always said, “If you can’t you must, and if you must you can.” Think about the power in the statement. If we know we must do something, we do not question if it’s possible. We skip right past that step and start thinking of how to make it a reality.

On and to add to the fun, I am publishing a video interview with Tony’s ex-General Manager in the next week or so where we’ll dig deep into musts, momentum and accountability. Stay tuned!

For now it’s time to get clear on what is a MUST for each of us.

If 2013 is the year everything changes (and indeed it is), then please join us in sharing at least one of your musts in the comments. Bonus points for telling us why it’s a must, and for commenting on one other reader’s goal as well.

To get the party started, here are my biggest plans for 2013, separated by personal and business, although the two tend to feel more and more the same these days. 😉

As I do every week during my weekly planning, I’ll start with my personal mission and purpose:

Mission: To be an explorer. Make discoveries and put a dent in the world! Live a happy, generous, grateful, calm, unrushed and passionate life, with extraordinary relationships and better the lives of others. No regrets.

Purpose: To let my passion, energy and love for life be a guiding light to teach and inspire those around me to live the life they deserve and live to their highest standards.

visions become reality

Building & Helping the Live Your Legend Community – My 2013 Goals:

1. Launch a real-time fully-exposed case study on how to take a physical product from idea, to market testing, to manufacturing and to selling — all by using today’s online tools. This is going to be our biggest project EVER, and we are going to take you along for every step of the ride. Keep an ear out for the launch of the new site to track this project as well as what the physical product will actually be. I could not sleep this weekend because I was so excited for it.

The goal is to provide a very detailed road map for breathing life into your own idea and how to do it in a very low-risk way. We believe that with the right environment, anyone can be inspired to turn their ideas into action and reality. We want to provide that environment and the process to make it possible.

Imagine what would start to happen if we could reframe failure so that the only way to fail is if you never start. Where success is defined by whether you take a shot at your dream or not. Just wait until you see what we have in store — and we are going to want you involved in a very big way!

2. Launch two more live classes for our How to Connect with Anyone interactive course and community. The next opening will be around February 20th. There will be very limited spots and last time they sold out in under three days, so keep an eye out and be sure to sign up for the pre-launch group here!

3. Begin to partner with some of the biggest, most respected and influential people in the world to inspire others to do work that makes them come alive. The first person on my list to get on board is Taylor Swift (and this is not just because I’m a big fan of her story and music). The influence she has on the coming generation is more powerful than most anyone in the world. Imagine if that power could be focused on further helping kids pursue their dreams. I don’t know how I’ll do this, but I believe it will happen. If anyone knows Taylor, please let me know!

4. Do a full redesign of Live Your Legend to better focus our message, our ability to help all of you and add in a large free community network portion so all you can better connect.

5. Publish The Ultimate Guide to Creating Your Ideal Mastermind Group – a comprehensive beautifully-designed 52-page interactive workbook to show you how to surround yourself with the people who won’t let you fail. That’s coming in a few weeks thanks to our newest team member, Liz Seda, who I’ll tell you plenty more about soon. This tool will also be 100% free.

6. Host a large Live Your Legend LIVE event like we did at Samovar last year. But bigger and better…

7. Launch the Live Your Legend LIVE Field Kit – a series of documents and tools that will serve as a complete guide for anyone to host a LYL LIVE meetup or event anywhere in the world. I know a lot of you have asked for this and I hope we’ll have it done soon!

8. Create a fully redesigned version of our Live Off Your Passion career course, complete with membership site, HD videos, interactive community and step-by-step modules — very similar to how we’ve structured How to Connect with Anyone.

9. Create a comprehensive resource for exactly what to do before, during and after you quit your job to live your legend. This will include everything from how to pick the right health care package, what to do with your 401k, what budget and expenses to expect and ton of other stuff. I constantly get asked about this and it’s about time I leverage what my partners and I have learned in the investment and entrepreneurship world to offer you the resource I wish I had when I quit.

10. Create a service and/or more tailored tool or coaching program to help those making the very daunting transition from hating their job to doing work that matters.  It will cover the items above (and lot’s more) in a more personalized way. I’m not exactly sure how we’ll do this, but I know there’s a way, and we want to help as best we can. There’s too much I’ve learned from running an investment partnership for nearly five years that you all should get to hear about.

11. Host a contest to choose a handful of people and projects to mentor and support as you pursue what matters most to you. Think The Voice TV show, but for changing the world. Going to be SO fun!

12. Build and solidify a team at Live Your Legend that makes all of this possible. I’m excited to say that I can no longer run Live Your Legend on my own. I’ll be announcing some big additions to our team soon.

And a few things from the personal side:

1. Explore Thailand, Croatia and Greece with my wife and family, and hopefully get out fly fishing with my dad on the Kamchatka Peninsula in eastern Russia.

2. Take a weekly breakdancing class with my wife. The perfect date/workout/adventure combination!

3. Learn to surf. Ideally through a surf camp in Mexico or Costa Rica.

4. Run a 50 mile footrace.  Still on the fence on this one. 😉

So that’s a taste of what I have in mind…

As you can probably tell, I think 2013 is going to be HUGE for all of us. And in case you’re wondering, YES, writing out the above makes me a tad terrified, but knowing that I have all of you in my corner is what makes it even remotely possible. And that makes me crazy excited!

No one does anything alone.

Together anything is possible.

Now it’s your turn.

What’s your most important goal of 2013? Tell us your biggest MUST in the comments!

Just one sentence is all we ask for. Get accountable to what matters. Let us know your plans so we can find a way to help.

And for bonus points leave a response of encouragement for someone else too!

Time for some magic,

– Scott

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Here’s something I think will be a huge help for many of your goals…

Over a year ago, one my of my closest web friends and entrepreneurs, Corbett Barr, told me he had this huge and terrifying dream of creating a resource and community for teaching people how to build honest online businesses around their passion. Each week since then we’ve traded ideas as he built upon this vision.

And after months of private beta-testing, his dream, his MUST, is finally live and it has blown my mind. The name of this new site is Fizzle and as of this morning at 9am it’s finally open to the public.

Straight from Corbett’s mouth, here are the important details:
  • Fizzle is online business training (everything from core business concepts to tech/how-to to product comparisons and more)
  • From experts including the Fizzle Team (Corbett Barr, Chase Reeves and Caleb Wojcik) and special guests (including Leo Babauta, Pat Flynn, Brett Kelly and more).
  • In easy to watch videos broken into bite-sized chunks
  • Built for you to learn at your own pace all alongside a supportive, vibrant community
  • For one low monthly price

Oh and I also did a super fun 5-hour video shoot with them on the basics of How to Connect with Anyone, which just went live yesterday!

Fizzle is so new that they don’t even have an affiliate program set up yet. That means I will be getting exactly zero dollars for promoting it today. But that doesn’t matter to me because this is the best online training I’ve seen and you all have to hear about it!

The full Fizzle course library can be found on the main Fizzle page here.

They’re also offering a special 50% first month discount for 24 hours starting today at 9am today.

Congrats to Corbett and his team for building such a needed resource. Can’t wait to hear what you guys think!

Ok now please leave a one-sentence comment and tell us your big goal for 2013!

P.P.S. Oh and the final round of World Domination Summit tickets go on sale starting right now. By far my favorite event for meeting fellow entrepreneurs and world changers all year. They sell out fast. Grab a ticket here.