The Deeper Reason Your Habits Matter (and Why They Aren’t Just About Productivity): Interview With James Clear of Atomic Habits

The Deeper Reason Your Habits Matter (and Why They Aren’t Just About Productivity): Interview With James Clear of Atomic Habits

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“The real reason habits matter is because they reinforce the type of person you believe that you are… It’s one thing to say I want this, but it’s something very different to say I am this. So once you identify as the type of person who does that behavior consistently, you’re not even really pursuing behavior change anymore, but you are just acting in alignment with the type of person that you already believe that you are.” – James Clear

Hey Legends,

I have an interview today I am incredibly excited to share with you! I speak with James Clear, who is my friend and the author of the new book Atomic Habits: An Easy and Proven Way to Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones.

We talk all about habits (obvi!), identity, behavior and much more. There is a lot of wisdom and insight packed into this 45 minutes with James, so grab your beverage of choice and dive in because this interview not to be missed.

We cover how James’s habits (alongside a lot of courage!) helped him build what is his very successful business today, but we also go deep into:

  • How James’ consistency in writing allowed his site to grow to over 400K subscribers and the deeper things he gained from that consistent habit.
  • Finding the right balance between creation and inspiration when developing new habits.
  • Why there is always some point ahead of you that will be your next challenge.
  • The one thing you need to do to become an expert at anything because the imposter syndrome is real for most of us!
  • James theory of ‘seasons’ that helped him make tough decisions and let go of things that were no longer serving him.
  • My moment of realization while I was preparing for my last keynote.
  • Why your habits aren’t just for productivity but are actually tied to your identity, so best to choose wisely!
  • Why small habit changes can be far more successful than adopting big ones.
  • Why the best way to discover your direction is to take action and get feedback fast and often.
  • The 4 Laws that you can utilize to build new habits or break bad ones when life changes.
  • How your beliefs influence the interpretations of the events that happen in your life.
  • The importance of being a part of a group where your desired behavior is the normal behavior.  
  • The main habits James has adopted currently to be the type of person he is and wants to become.
  • How developing a habit of reflection and review has changed both of our lives!

I really hope you enjoy this interview. Let us know your favorite topic in the comments below.

And, to find out more about James book and pick up your copy, head over to his website and get your copy of Atomic Habits!

Here’s to building your best habits today,

– Chelsea Dinsmore