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How To Be Heard and Do What Matters (Part 2)

Written by Live Your Legend Team April 8, 2017

Hey Legends, So what was the one decision from Part 1 that changed everything for our Free Start a Blog Writing Challenge winner Melinda Stanford?  Let’s hear from her. Welcome Back Melinda, take it away! The decision I made in 2013, in response to feeling stuck and dealing with unremitting eye pain, was… Read More

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Happy Birthday to Scott Dinsmore + A Must Watch Video!

Written by Chelsea Dinsmore April 3, 2017

Dearest Legends, It has been awhile since I have written from my heart because my heart has been doing a lot of discovering, and often times during discovery a voice needs to remain silent for a bit… But today, April 3rd is Scott’s birthday, and I felt compelled to express my gratitude for this community. Scott was one of the most grateful and gracious people… Read More

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How To Be Heard and Do What Matters (Part 1)

Written by Live Your Legend Team March 30, 2017

Hey Legends, Today we are thrilled to introduce you to one of your very own Legends, Melinda Stanford, who was the winner of our last Start-a-Blog Challenge, and therefore today you get to hear her fascinating story of how she used Live Your Legend’s 4 Pillar’s to help discover, uncover and live out her passions. Her story is nothing short of inspiring, and… Read More

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