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The 80/20 Rule Revisited

Written by Live Your Legend Team August 18, 2017

Every December, Scott would lock himself in a cabin in Lake Tahoe with a close group of friends. Those three or four days, along with epic fishing trips with his father, would determine most of the strategy for the next year at Live Your Legend. That small handful of days would drive the focus that would make all the difference. Read More

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Pre-Enrollment for “How To Connect With Anyone” is Open – Online Self-Paced Course Starts September 1st, 2017!

Written by Live Your Legend August 18, 2017

Hey Legends, Do you have a “can’t fail, fear nothing, been there done that” mastermind team of people around you? One that refuses to let you fail? This is your chance to Pre-enroll in our flagship course “How to Connect With Anyone” – it’s a community based course for introverts and extroverts alike!… Read More

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You May Not Know This…

Written by Live Your Legend Team July 21, 2017

You may not know this, but our founder Scott Dinsmore was a huge fan of the StrengthsFinder 2.0 test.  In fact, he mentions how much he loves the book and the test at the 3:58 mark of his amazing TED talk. As a fun walk down memory lane and to see how powerful… Read More

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Join the Free 2017 Start-A-Blog Writing Challenge Until July 4th: 3 Winners Will Have Their Work Featured on Live Your Legend!

Written by Live Your Legend Team July 3, 2017

“Nothing feels better than knowing who you are, living it and sharing it with the world.” –Scott Dinsmore As some of you know from Scott’s TEDx Talk, the Live Your Legend framework for discovering and doing “Passionate Work” consists of 4 Pillars: Pillar 1: Becoming a self-expert Pillar 2: Doing your own impossible Pillar 3: Surrounding yourself… Read More

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