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“It’s a luxury being a writer because all you ever think about is life.”  - Amy Tan  The Free Live Your Legend Start-A-Blog Challenge is Back, permanently! Plus, we created a free writing course, just for you...

"A good leader doesn't get stuck behind a desk."

- Sir Richard Branson

Because Live Your Legend has been growing like wild-fire, many in the community haven't yet seen all of the amazing and timeless work our founder Scott Dinsmore created.  Today we showcase one of Scott's classic posts as part of a new series. These will be Scott's original words, unfiltered, to help you understand what made Scott so remarkable.

We need your help! 

In the comments, tells us what you think we should name this new series. Read to the bottom to see the names we've come up with so far. We know you can do better!

We'll also be following up soon with Part 2 and a fun 30 day challenge. Enjoy!


How Richard Branson Started Over 400 Companies: The Most Powerful Productivity (& Confidence) Hack of All Time

By Scott Luckey Dinsmore: Circa 2012

On discovering the ultimate source of confidence & productivity...

Not long ago I attended an event with Sir Richard Branson and a bunch of other entrepreneurs. Something about his message and his presence brought clarity to a concept I've inherently known & practiced for years. Now that it's clear, I'd like to share it. It's a topic I rarely write about, but it's a huge part of every one of my days (often before I check an email, write my first sentence or even open my computer). It's the primary foundation of not only my own confidence and productivity, but that of almost every successful lifestyle entrepreneur and CEO on the planet.

"So, how do you get more done?"

Why is it that so many successful people seem to be able to do so much? How is it that the more accomplished the person, the more it seems they're able to get done? Shouldn't it be the opposite? How is a CEO of one company able to found another one on the side, while administering his charity and still taking the occasional family trip? For years this has blown my mind. With how much effort it takes to do one thing well, I couldn't imagine how people who seemed even 'busier' than me could produce magnitudes more results. Then I figured it out.