How to Brainwash the Impossible: 3 Mini Case Studies of Ordinary People Changing the World (LYL Reader Spotlight #3)

How to Brainwash the Impossible: 3 Mini Case Studies of Ordinary People Changing the World (LYL Reader Spotlight #3)

brainwash the impossible

“The fastest way to do the impossible is to hang around people already doing it.”

-The Live Your Legend Way of Life

**I need your very quick help: I am contemplating launching a HUGE (and free) project next year that I think we could all have a ton of fun with. But I need your quick thoughts on whether it makes sense and if you’d enjoy seeing it happen. I’ll give you the details at the end of this article. Thanks in advance!

With that said, today is all about YOU…

Nothing Happens Without Inspiration

Lately I’ve come to the realization that my biggest job here at Live Your Legend is to inspire possibility.

In fact, our whole existence can be boiled down into three simple steps…

Step 1: Inspire people that the impossible is indeed possible.

Step 2: Provide the tools and support to make the possible probable.

Step 3: Change the world.

At Live Your Legend we give tremendous focus to all three.

But none of it happens if you don’t believe it’s possible.

If you don’t think it can be done, you will never try.

Sure, we provide plenty of powerful tools, both free and paid, but until you believe in possibility, even the best tools in the world are 100% worthless.

But as soon as your thinking shifts from “How could I possibly do this,” to “How could I possibly not,” your whole world starts to change.

When you know it can be done, this ridiculous motivation sets in and you become resourceful as all hell.

That’s why I run The Accidental Marathon with a few friends each year – we ran the 2012 Accidental just a couple days ago on Sunday, and one of our buddies who joined us, Brandon, had only run 13.1 miles up until Sunday. It was a hell of a cold and rainy day of bonding in S.F!

This is also why I created our Live Off Your Passion career course (which will be going up in price by $70 at the end of this month – so if you’re interested, be sure to grab your spot before 2013 hits).

It’s why I did everything in my power to get a chance to step onto the TEDx stage to tell our story (which thanks to you guys, just passed over 100,000 views!). [Update: Nearly 1,700,000 views as of August 2014!]

It’s why I am strongly considering launching the biggest project in the history of Live Your Legend early next year (more on that at the end of this post).

And it is why we launched our Living Legends Reader Spotlight earlier this year.

Every month we pick a handful of our readers who are doing inspiring and world-changing things and we profile their stories to our community of over 50,000 monthly readers.

We do this for a few reasons:

  1. I personally love to promote people doing interesting and inspiring things that truly matter to them and the world.
  2. We want to give our whole community a chance to offer help as these people pursue their dreams.
  3. We want to inspire you to believe in what’s actually possible.

And #3 is the real kicker. That’s what can change it all.

It’s like a marathon….

The fastest way to motivate yourself to run a marathon (if you don’t think you can do it) is to sit at the finish line at 26.2 miles and watch the shapes, sizes and ages of the people who finish in under 4 hours (or even 5 or more). I guarantee you will find someone who will make you say “Holy shi*t! If that person can finish this, then I know I can!”

All of us have so much more power than we realize.

The more we can see seemingly ‘ordinary’ people doing the things so many only dream of, the faster we can start to hold ourselves to a new standard and lay bricks to the castle we’ve always wanted to build.

It reminds me of an email I received just a few days ago from Steve up in Canada:

“I crossed paths with LYL about 8 months ago while in a job that brought no value to the world. Since then I have quit my job, motorbiked around Europe on an impossibly small budget, 🙂 started in an entrepreneur training program, developed one amazing business plan for a not-for-profit in Calgary and I’m developing another one for a super innovative business back home in Ireland. I’m aiming to have them both fully funded and launched on January 31st 2013, my 26th birthday. 🙂

Please always know that you’ve had a brilliant effect on my life and I’ll buy you a pint or three when I see ya.

– Steve W., Canada

I’d say he gives me a little too much credit – because like a small snowball on top of a very high mountain with freshly fallen snow, all he needed was a slight nudge. I’m glad we could be that for you Steve. The rest was on you. Nicely done.

Although I’ll still take you up on that pint next time I’m out your way. 😉

So without further ado, it’s time to show you what’s possible…

If you want to tell the world your story, please fill out the Living Legends Reader Spotlight form to get a chance to be featured in one of our upcoming monthly articles.

3 Mini Case Studies of Live Your Legend Members Brainwashing the Impossible (could this be you?)…


1. Created & blended her own brand of Scotch Whiskey to create a way for people to connect on a deeper level

Carin Castillo Sia Scotch Whiskey Living Legend: Carin Castillo

Location: San Francisco, California

Why and How Carin is Making an Impact:

I’m setting out to break a stereotype, to build a new audience around something unexpected, to introduce people to a new (old) spirit.

When I settle in for a conversation with a friend, I like to take my time and cherish the conversation. To really pace the time together, when I think about what drink to order, it’s usually a Scotch. It’s a drink that takes years to age and mature, one to be cherished.

I set out to create a new type of Scotch that breaks the common misconception that a Scotch is just a drink for old, rich men. My dream has been realized in my creation of SIA Scotch Whisky. A dream I’ve worked hard over the last few years to make into a reality, my legacy, my legend if you will, after running tasting events with hundreds of men and women and finding out what turns people off (and on) about this category of spirit.

Through the simplicity of a good Scotch, I want to inspire people to truly connect and rediscover the lost art of spending focused, present, quality time with those they care about.

How you can help: 

  • Support our Kickstarter campaign – even a few dollas can make a huge difference. We only have until this Friday!
  • Share the Kickstarter video and project on your Facebook page
Check out Carin’s awesome product trailer and Kickstarter video below – Her and her husband Gabe have a gorgeous home above an antique shop in S.F. where the video was shot:

Don’t see a video? Click here.

Learn more here: Carin’s SIA Scotch Whiskey Kickstarter Campaign 

Fun fact: I love adventure! I recently achieved a lifelong dream of becoming a private pilot. Flying is one of the most incredible experiences I could never describe. Sharing this smile with a friend is one of the biggest sources of my happiness.


2. Composing music to help people face the unknown, lean into fear and do what matters

Ian Hoge Warriors SongLiving Legend: Ian Hoge

Location: Los Angeles, California (and off and on in India)

Why and How Ian is Making an Impact:

I am composing music to help people better understand and relate to their world. Warrior’s Song is an album of 13 songs written to help shine a light through tough times and empower everyone to live and be their authentic selves. My music is not about hot girls and breakups. It’s about searching for the love within and through life’s experiences.

I used to write songs to try and be famous or make some money. I learned that even if you win the rat race, you are still a rat and you will still feel empty. Helping others through my talent is so rewarding and fulfilling in itself. So my inspiration to help is simple, don’t want to feel empty – ha! Instead I try to pursue my passions in service to others.

Warrior’s Song is a reflection of my journey over the last couple years: Some good, some ugly, both love and vulnerability. I’m still working on accepting that I don’t have all the answers. These songs helped me face the unknowns and I hope they can be of service to you as well.

How you can help: 

I’d love for this music to get out there into the world and help heal and inspire. You can benefit from and enjoy the music by purchasing the CD on iTunes or CD Baby, while at the same time supporting me, an artist, to continue to share his passion.

Learn more here: Ian Hoge

Fun fact: I have a fun drawer in my apartment. Whenever I see something fun, like a star trek potato head man or see behind you glasses, I buy it and put it in the drawer. I may be an adult now but I don’t want to ever stop having fun like a kid.

Note from Scott: My wife and I LOVE Ian’s work. We listen to his albums on repeat as we cook dinner almost every night. Makes for the perfect cooking music!  I’m listening to Warrior’s Song as I finish up this post. 🙂


3. Writing a science science fiction novel to inspire kids to pursue a life of innovation and create new dreams

Andy OrrLiving Legend: Andy Orr

Location: Auburn, WA

Why and How Andy is Making an Impact:

I believe kids need quality science fiction to fuel their imaginations, because today’s kids are tomorrow’s builders, designers, innovators, and dreamers.

So…I’ve written my first book! It’s a science fiction novel for kids about a 12-year-old boy who lives on Mars. The story fuses many of my own childhood interests: life on the frontier narratives, rockets, robots, and the Red Planet. I have a stellar team assembled around the project including an artist who created art for the HALO video game franchise, and an editor who is an award-winning children’s author.

To fund completion of the book, I took a DIY approach and launched a campaign on Kickstarter. The campaign is going strong and there’s a fun community of space geeks (like me) already forming around the story.

The reason – the WHY – motivating my book project is simple. Kids need as much inspiration to experiment and create as possible. My assumption is that imaginative storytelling leads to real-world innovation. Maybe a book like mine can fuel the imaginations of young readers, spark interest in STEM fields, and inspire the innovation we’ll need to go to Mars and beyond!

How you can help: 

I have a project budget goal of $4,000. I’m already 30% funded, but need 150-200 new Kickstarter backers to help me reach the finish line. Hitting the $4,000 goal provides me with capital to complete my book and begin getting it into the hands of young readers.

Learn more here: Andy’s Book, Jett Smith and The Alien Grave

Fun fact: I love folk music and play the guitar, and when I’m not in my right mind, I’ll play a set LIVE at a local open mic, in front of REAL people.

Note from Scott: Did you notice how Kickstarter is starting to become the go-to platform for funding a dream?? Wait until you see some of the Kickstarter and passion-funding resources and guides we have in store for you all next year!


Thank you all for doing what you do.

It’s an honor to have you a part of what we’re building. This community, this movement, is nothing without you.

So much more is possible thanks to the path you all have shed light onto.

We are grateful.

And for the rest of you, I hope they make you want to do something crazy.

So…what impact are you going to have in 2013?

I can’t wait to feature more of you next year.

It’s time to do something that matters – to you and to the world.


And for the comments…

Now I Need Your Very Quick Help – Should I Launch this Crazy Project Next Year?

I am considering taking on my biggest, craziest project ever next year. I think it could be a tremendous help to our community, and it will be totally free to you all. But I need to know if you think it’s a good (or terrible) idea.

Ever since I read The 4-Hour Work Week, I’ve wanted to follow Tim’s step-by-step process for creating what he calls a “muse” – an online business built around a physical (or digital) product that’s fully outsourced and automated. I’ve always imagined his detailed steps would work, but I’ve never had a real-life product idea to test the process.

Now I do.

So… I’m considering launching a physical product as a fun way to test the 4HWW muse creation process.

This would be a totally separate site from LYL, and it would document the full process, with 100% transparency (the good, the bad, the ugly), of what it takes to go from idea to product.

Do you have any interest in seeing the real-time live case study as we attempt to test, build and sell a physical real-world product, and watch the product and company creation process either succeed or fail? This would include everything from A/B concept and landing page testing, to launching a Kickstarter campaign, manufacturing and (hopefully) selling a product!

Just writing this down scares the hell out of me, but this could be really fun and I know all of us would learn a ton.

So what do you think? Should we do it or not? If so, what suggestions do you have or what things would you really want to be included? And if you think it’s a terrible idea, please please let us know :).

Now take 20 seconds and tell us what you think of our idea in the comments below!

Here’s to walking the talk…


P.S. Oh, and have you decided if you’re going to join us in the “Make 2013 the year I take a stand and do work that actually matters” challenge?

Remember, the price of our Live Off Your Passion career course is going up by $70 on January 1, 2013. If you plan on checking it out, be sure to do so before the end of this month – I’d hate for you to have to pay 35% more just because you missed the reminder. Either way, I hope you’ll decide that 2013 is YOUR year. Because you and I both know it is.

All you really need to make that happen is the belief that it’s possible. I hope today got you one step closer.


Images courtesy of my talented friend James Clear