When Small Projects Become Huge

Have you ever started a "small" project that ended up requiring about 10 times more energy than planned? Seems like that's more and more the story of my life these days ... A few months ago, I set out to make some improvements to one of our flagship courses, Live Off Your Passion. I thought it would be a "quick" update that would take about a week. Three months later, as of about 7 this morning, it's finally done. And between you and me (and Liz, Glen and Cherilyn, who put a ton of sweat into it), I am damn pumped about how it turned out! The changes ended up being so dramatic that we're even changing the name up a bit to "Live Off Your Passion Guided-Discovery," but we'll get more to that in a second ...

Live Your Legend Live Event Field Kit banner

"Do nothing but put a group of passionate, inspired, crazy people in a room together, and the world-changing will take care of itself. "

- The Live Your Legend Creed

The Power of Having the Right People in the Same Room...

Today is a big day for all of us. We are launching a free tool that we think will dramatically change the impact that our community and this revolution has on all of us (and the world). It's been in the works for months and we're damn excited! As of this morning, the Live Your Legend LIVE Event Field Kit is available to download. And it's 100% free to all our community members (you can download it at the end of this article - and the kit also includes a graphic poster of the Live Your Legend Creed which has never been published on Live Your Legend!). The Field Kit is a very comprehensive step-by-step guide to hosting your own Live Your Legend Local meetup anywhere in the world. But more importantly, it's a tool for dramatically transforming your surroundings. If you're interested in hosting or attending an event, please leave your city & country in the comments! Now let's talk about why we believe this project has so much damn potential to help us...

Tell us your Passion Project

“It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting.”

― Paulo Coelho, Alchemist

Today is A Fun Day...

This morning I turned 31 years old - and while I plan to spend the day outside playing, I first wanted to celebrate with all of you. So I hope you're up for a party! One of the most amazing things about the past few years, and this past year specifically, is our community that all of you have created at Live Your Legend. It's no question one of the most exciting, fun, rewarding and inspiring parts of my life. And I want to say thank you.

So I've decided I want to give away 31 copies of my favorite book, The Alchemist

"Sticks in a bundle are unbreakable." - Kenyan Proverb The free Ultimate Mastermind Workbook is live! Today is huge! We just released The Ultimate Mastermind Workbook: A Comprehensive Guide to Surrounding Yourself with the People Who Won't Let You Fail. This gorgeously designed 56-page guide is our 100% free gift...

2013 Goal Setting Guide

"The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we hit it."

~ Michelangelo

Update: Check out the 2014 Goal Setting and Action Workbook here!

The Big New Years Announcement: To celebrate 2013 and the official opening of goal-setting season, today I'm releasing the totally free (and newly designed) 2013 Goal Setting and Action Workbook.

Last year this was downloaded over 18,000 times in a matter of weeks and is consistently the #1 thing people thank me for.

The best part? It's 100% free to you. Like totally free. No email required. No nothin'. Just a good old fashioned no-strings-attached gift.

This is how we do things at Live Your Legend. Over 95% of what we offer is totally free and we promise to do everything in our power to make our tools as useful and directly applicable as possible.

And with what we have planned in the weeks and months to come, I promise you this is just a taste. It's just one of the many free tools in our Passionate Work Toolkit that's available to every email subscriber.

Read on for a recap of 2012 and a hint of what's to come this year, or download the full 2013 Goal Setting and Action Workbook by clicking here.

Some people claim they don't need to set goals to make big progress.

I am NOT one of them.

do something that matters

"The only difference between impossible and normal is choosing to hang around the people doing the things you thought couldn't be done."

- Anonymous

Yesterday a big dream of mine came true...

I stood up on the TEDx stage in San Francisco and gave an 18-minute talk (17:51 to be exact). The topic was "The Work You Can't NOT Do & Surrounding Yourself with the People Who Won't Let You Fail". It was the most invigorating/exhausting/terrifying/emotional/awesome/humbling/surreal day I've possibly ever had. It was perfect.

TEDx Golden Gate Park

And the best part about it? You guys made it possible. Without this community I could have never stood on that stage. In fact without you, I would have never even known about the event - one of you told me about it in our Facebook Action Group last month! As usual, I cannot express my gratitude enough. But hopefully this post is a start.