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 "By attempting what might seem impossible in our taking pushing and reaching out for the edge, we free ourselves from our own boundaries. We each have one trip on this planet – and making it count – feeling like we have celebrated and gotten as much out of life as we can – that’s what challenging ourselves is about. We are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for. Impossible is nothing more than a state of mind. Go out at test it." – Ray Zahab Founder of impossible2Possible

I have some really big news.

Today is a big day in the history of Live Your Legend and our quest to change the world. Not only did Live Off Your Passion pre-launch yesterday (people are loving it btw! Thanks for your support guys), but also today I am announcing that Live Your Legend has officially partnered with the youth adventure charity impossible2Possible (i2P). 5% of every sale of Live Off Your Passion, and any other product sold on Live Your Legend, will be donated towards the revolution Ray Zahab and his team of 30 or so epic folks are leading at impossible2Possible to empower kids to do the things that most say could never be done.

"Living a life of passion and getting paid for it is just that, a way of life. Those who wake up excited aren’t just the lucky ones, they condition themselves to experience and deserve it."

- Scott Dinsmore

Note: If you're reading this post in email I strongly suggest you click to read the online version to get the full effect! ******* I have something really exciting to share with you all today. As most of you know, this site has one purpose: to get you to start doing work you love. I believe this is a fundamental human right and we're all capable of experiencing it. It also happens to be something the world desperately needs. In last month's Ask The Reader post I asked you all one question: "What's the biggest challenge or fear keeping you from doing work you love?" The responses were overwhelming. The majority of your problems came down to two things:

1. I don't know my passion

2. I don't know how to make money from my passion

Between these responses, the surveys I've run, the comments, the emails and the coaching clients, the sticking point always seems to come down to passion. As it turns out, for the past 8 years I’ve run experiments on myself and others to better understand what lights us on fire. I eventually came across a process for making these discoveries. I have good news. Over the past three months I've taken all I've learned and developed a guide to help you all with just that - to find passion and make a living from it.


Announcing: How to Live Off Your Passion

An unconventional guide to finding passion

and getting paid to do work you LOVE.