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"Environment is everything. Surround yourself with passionate people doing the things you dream of, and magic starts to happen. There is no more powerful practice."

- Anonymous

It's time for another edition of "Ask the Reader" and I want to add something special to make it exciting. I am going to pick a few of your responses to be featured as case studies in the How to Connect With Anyone course I'm creating, as well as examples for the talk I'm giving at the World Domination Summit in Portland in two weeks on the same topic (if you plan to be at the talk, please let me know in the comments so we can connect!). This talk (and course) is going to be a blast and I'd love for some of you to be a part of it! All you have to do is answer one of these three questions. Just leave your response in the comments at the end of the post. (email readers click here to chime in). Remember it's your participation that makes LYL what it is.

1. What is your biggest challenge or fear keeping you from having a world-class network of passionate and inspiring peers, mentors and supporters?

or, if you already have a network you're proud of:

2. What is your best tactic or strategy for meeting new exciting people?


3. What is one success story of you meeting someone you'd always wanted to meet, and how did you do it?

**Note: Feel free to stop reading right now and go directly to the comments section below to answer one of the above. I can't wait to feature some of your responses! If you’re not usually one to comment, I urge you, if you only comment on one post, this is the one. Even if it’s only a sentence or two, and feel free to leave it under a fake name if you must. It will dramatically help all of us. 

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"If you were going to die soon and had only one phone call you could make, who would you call and what would you say? And why are you waiting?"

-Stephen Levine

Sometime last night our community here at Live Your Legend tipped over 10,000 subscribers. This has always been a dream but I knew better than to set it as a specific goal since I had very little control over it. You all are the ones with the control. You're why this site exists. You're why I'm able to spend as much time as I do writing and building things for the community. You're why I get to do work I truly LOVE.

Thank you for that.

This somewhat arbitrary milestone also got me thinking… Anyone who's been around this world for more than a decade or two has probably realized one very real and powerful fact.

Relationships rule the world.

Think back for a second to one or two of your most proud accomplishments. Think about where you were and what was going on. Really feel what you felt. Do you remember who was there? Now think of your most recent accomplishment - big or small. Anything you're super proud of will do. What was the first urge you had immediately after the accomplishment?

Build your army

"With the right audience, anything's possible."


A few nights ago I had the honor of attending a TEDx event in San Francisco. TED is hands down one of my favorite organizations. The things they've taught me are priceless. The theme of the night was Creating Your Own Government and the speakers blew my mind. More than anything, the biggest takeaway was simple:

 We  all absolutely have to take it upon ourselves to lead our own revolution.

I don't care whether it's to get your favored candidate elected, to improve nutrition in schools or perhaps change the world by getting people to do work they love, like we're doing here at Live Your Legend. It doesn't matter what topic you choose. What does matter is that you choose something, anything - and start broadcasting your strongest beliefs. The tools have never been easier and cheaper to use. I promise you that if you start saying things that matter to you, there's going to be other folks around the world who care just as much. It's on us to build that community and lead that revolution. With that said, let's get into the action. **********

The Pursuit of 'Ridiculous' Dreams...

Just over ten years ago a young British chef in his mid twenties decided he was going to change the world. He had a powerful message he wanted to share. All he needed was someone to listen. He was crazy about revolutionizing the way kids learned about and consumed food. More specifically he wanted to remove all processed food from kids' plates - a pretty tall order. He'd stop at nothing to do it. Ten years ago no one had heard of Jamie Oliver. Today his YouTube videos alone have gotten millions of views, not to mention his multiple hit TV series and dozens of restaurant chains. In 2003 he was awarded the Order of the British Empire, and recently Jamie won the TED Prize as he told the world his dream to teach every child about food. That video alone has been watched over 1.4 million times. The thing is Jamie isn't much different than any of us. The only difference is simple: Jamie found his voice and stopped at nothing to spread it. He had a passion rooted so deep he nearly brings himself to tears each time to speaks. Everyone has a message to spread. The thing is, a lot of us don't know what it is yet and few of us have taken the steps to get the word out. It's time for that to change.

Be Vulnerable

"He who trims himself to suit everyone will soon whittle himself away."

-Raymond Hull

Last week I attended an event called The Founder's Circle. Picture 35 founders from around San Francisco all in one place to eat great food, sip great scotch, snack on local dark chocolate and engage in some of the most inspiring chat I've had in months, all in the setting of a classic antique shop housed in what felt like a 1920's barn.

Accepting Others

"Acceptance is such an important commodity, some have called it the first law of personal growth."

-Peter McWilliams

Written by: Scott Dinsmore

Average Reading Time: 3.5 minutes

When was the last time your were frustrated by someone around you? Maybe they're always late, can't seem to follow through, missed another deadline, or perhaps you just don't see eye to eye. It doesn't make a difference what it is. The possibilities are endless and we all have a long list. By nature we expect life to just be the way we want it to be. When it's not, we don't like it. Many of us choose to carry this frustration around day to day. We quickly forget that it is indeed a choice to feel this way.