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Rejection Therapy & Creating Overnight Courage

"Our rejections make us who we are." - Jia Jiang

I fail a lot.

I pretty much always have. I get more things wrong than I get right. I try things and they blow up. I think I have something figured out only to realize I'm further behind than when I started. I've learned how to help people, but I do not have all the answers. In fact sometimes I wonder if I have any at all. I get reminded of this daily. So now that I have that off my chest, how about you? You ever been there? Most the world sees rejection as something to be avoided. But this past weekend at World Domination Summit, Jia Jiang gave me a different look at things. After investors turned down his startup, he decided he'd turn rejection on its head. He went on a quest to get turned down once a day for 100 days. He proceeded to ask people for things that seemed to guarantee a "no" (or slammed doors or slaps in the face). He called it Rejection Therapy. He asked a police man if he could drive his cruiser. He asked a pilot if he could fly his private plane. With ball in hand, he knocked on a random neighbor's door to ask a man if he could play soccer in his backyard (while dressed head to toe in his favorite team's uniform). He even asked a donut shop to make him a custom treat in the shape of the olympic rings. Anything was fair game.