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  "Don't just build a business, start a revolution." - Jonathan Fields, Founder of RevolutionU *Time Sensitive: Next Tuesday my good friend (and long-time mentor) Jonathan Fields and I are giving a live web presentation on How to Build a Revolution around Your 'Crazy' Idea. It will be...

"It's a luxury being a writer because all you ever think about is life."  - Amy Tan  ***** The Power of Writing: I believe a blog is hands-down the most powerful passion-discovery and career-transition tool on the planet. So I wanted to share a short video tutorial I filmed on...

Small changes can change everything

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Growing A Community Around Your Own Cause...

We've been talking a lot about the power of community in the past few weeks - both our community at Live Your Legend as well as the fundamental importance of the people in your own town. To take that a step further, today I want to give some very specific tools for growing your own online community around a cause you believe in. And it comes in the form of a special treat for you all - an insider's look into the workings of LYL. Whether you're currently building a career around your passions and the impact you want to make, or you're working towards getting there, building an online community is a huge part of making it possible. After all, nothing at LYL would exist without you all. So to teach us all a few things, I want to introduce you to my friend Derek Halpern. His site, Social Triggers, is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs use proven psychological principles to grow their business and communities. And he's damn good at it. In under two years he grew Social Triggers from 0 followers to a community of over 100,000 fans.

Live Your Legend Live Event Field Kit banner

"Do nothing but put a group of passionate, inspired, crazy people in a room together, and the world-changing will take care of itself. "

- The Live Your Legend Creed

The Power of Having the Right People in the Same Room...

Today is a big day for all of us. We are launching a free tool that we think will dramatically change the impact that our community and this revolution has on all of us (and the world). It's been in the works for months and we're damn excited! As of this morning, the Live Your Legend LIVE Event Field Kit is available to download. And it's 100% free to all our community members (you can download it at the end of this article - and the kit also includes a graphic poster of the Live Your Legend Creed which has never been published on Live Your Legend!). The Field Kit is a very comprehensive step-by-step guide to hosting your own Live Your Legend Local meetup anywhere in the world. But more importantly, it's a tool for dramatically transforming your surroundings. If you're interested in hosting or attending an event, please leave your city & country in the comments! Now let's talk about why we believe this project has so much damn potential to help us...

The experimenters manifesto

"Life is nothing more than a series of experiments. Test and share you ideas. Give them a chance to have an impact, and an impact you'll have."

Important Note & Warning: This is a special post — a manifesto and guide on experimentation & learning. It's in-depth and it's important. The whole thing will take you about 15 minutes to read and another 15 minutes to implement. I believe it will dramatically transform your career potential. That's exactly what it did for me. If you must, you can scan over the first part. But the next 9 steps are vital. I spent a lot of time making this as directly useful as possible. Please do something with it. I meant to write it a year ago. It's about time ...

Stacking the Deck in Your Favor & The Power of Feedback Loops

Just under seven years ago, I discovered a tool that completely transformed my career and ability to impact the world. It became the vehicle that allowed me to have the impact, lifestyle and experiences that I only used to encounter in the occasional book, movie or dream. And it took me four years to realize I'd found it. Without it, Live Your Legend wouldn't have a chance at existing.

Focus is the key to the world

"Focus is the key to the world."

- William A. Dinsmore III (my dad)

Admitting Defeat to Allow Victory...

I have a confession to make. For the last few months I've been working on launching a top-secret project that I think could help this community in a totally new and fun way. I've briefly mentioned it in the past, and many of you have showed serious enthusiasm - which further fueled my distraction, I mean excitement... This is also what I was referring to in my interview with John Lusk on Difficult Decisions last week - so figured it's about time we make it public. To recap, here's the first item from my 2013 goals post:
"Launch a real-time fully-exposed case study on how to take a physical product from idea, to market testing, to manufacturing and to selling — all by using today’s online tools. This is going to be our biggest project EVER, and we are going to take you along for every step of the ride. Keep an ear out for the launch of the new site to track this project as well as what the physical product will actually be. I could not sleep this weekend because I was so excited for it."
Since then, my partner Nic and I have invested a few thousand dollars in branding, design, setting up web sites, and even hired an architectural designer to create high-end CAD drawings so we can manufacture our first physical product prototype.

What's the top-secret product you ask??