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draw you line in the sand make a change

“When you really want something to happen, the whole world conspires to help you achieve it.” ― Paulo Cohelo, from The Alchemist

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Today I pose a challenge.

This small act that might change everything. You see, without a deadline many of us are nothing. We think and think about the things we want to do, like the dreams we have and the changes we know we need to make. Yet nothing happens. They remain in our future. They eat away at us - the things we wish we could do, but never actually take the action to make a possibility. And we wonder why we're disappointed they haven't happened yet... You're probably thinking of one right now. But why do we wait? We wait for the perfect time - which never comes. We wait until we're ready or when the next step feels certain. Unfortunately, that never happens either. How perfect is the timing of becoming a new mother or smoking your last cigarette? That's what I thought. But then again, perhaps that means it was right all along. Yet sometimes the smallest shifts can get us to take action on the things that have held us up for a lifetime.