5 Email Tips That Will Help You Communicate Better + Increase Click & Purchase Rate

5 Email Tips That Will Help You Communicate Better + Increase Click & Purchase Rate

Hi Legends,

Today we’re diving in again and hearing from Bryce Eldridge from Knowledge House. He and his team help craft and create email campaigns on a monthly basis for a large number of clients in a variety of industries. One of their areas of expertise is really communicating each brand’s story and objective through their email marketing.

And today he’s here to share all he has learned from sending hundreds of emails a year – and watching how those emails perform across different list sizes and industries. So this isn’t just a few thoughts put on paper, these tips are based on real, live data he has seen over the years about what works and what doesn’t. It’s no wonder his business is growing 30% year over year – and you’ll find out how below! Here are 5 elements you can add to your next email campaign to get actual results you’ll be able to see!

Over to you, Bryce…

Look–marketing is a lot. That’s why people make careers out of it. But still, as a passionate entrepreneur, you’re responsible to have this massive understanding of not just how to market yourself, but also—how to grow your business.

Yes, I’ve got some fantastic tips that actually work (below)–we use them across all our monthly client campaigns that produce tens of thousands of dollars monthly, but I’m not going to pretend that these tips alone are going to change everything because honestly, they won’t. Really committing to your dream isn’t about applying some quick email freebies to your next marketing campaign. It’s about truly understanding what you want, who it is for and how you’re going to deliver it and create a profitable business, while still keeping your soul at the same time.

If you want to dig way deeper, then be sure to sign up for B-School. Since taking B-School I grew my business 30% year over year and now am on track to hit $500K this year as a result of applying what I learned! Registration is now open through February 28th. And once it closes–it closes and won’t open again until 2021!

But now, as promised, I’ve got some very actionable tips you can apply to your next email campaign. These are the 5 core checklist items that our copywriters, designers (and myself) check off before hitting send on any client campaign. We find that combining these elements creates trust over time, and while they don’t massively increase click rates, they do increase purchase rate.

Apply these 5 email elements to your next email campaign to increase click rate & purchase rate:

  1. Data & Facts – We often overlook people’s understanding of what we’re selling. By strategically & casually placing in Data & Facts to a product or service description, you immediately can dispell what’s untrue in your customer’s mind.
  2. Benefits – Listing out simple & explainable benefits in your emails will allow the reader to see at-a-glance how you’ll improve their life. If I had to list out the benefits of benefits, I’d say it like this—listing out benefits in your email will:
    1. Highlight what’s most important quickly
    2. Provide a clear & simple list of what benefits they’ll receive
    3. Help you communicate your point more clearly
  3. Price – We have done significant A/B testing on eCommerce stores and have shown that by showing the price increases purchase rate on our client campaigns by 30%. It allows the reader to accept what they’re paying sooner. (More to come on service base price testing.)
  4. Testimonials – Social proof creates trust, which makes it easier for a consumer to make a purchase with you. Spiegel Research Center has documented that consumers are 270 more likely to purchase when they see a grouping of reviews first.
  5. Blogs – Education is king. People buy when they understand the benefits of what they are buying, so educating them is key. I wrote a free article last year called 5 Important Lessons From Reading Over 100 Email Marketing Blogs and have shared it with anyone I know who needs a great starting place. The power of adding in a timely blog to each email (that’s actually a good & relevant blog) will add a finishing touch to your email.

So whether you’re just starting out, or if your list is massive, these tips work. I see it across the board on clients who have 1,000 or 100,000 subscribers. Focus on the % increase of clicks & purchases and see how effective these tips actually were. I’d love to hear about it. (You should see at minimum a 2%-3% (minimum) increase in click or purchase rate compared to past campaigns in order to prove an actual change!)

Marketing takes time, and communicating *precisely* the way you desire is an evolution. Take a deep breath and enjoy what you’re doing, because it will show.

I hope you’re enjoying this new series, Legends – more to come!

– Chelsea Dinsmore

P.S. If you want to take your business or idea to the next level, be sure to head over to B-School today. Registration is open through February 28th. And once it closes–it closes and won’t open again until 2021, so don’t miss out on your chance to do what Bryce has done year after year since taking B-School…Here’s to growing your business by 30% (or more!) in 2020.